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Tamaki Shino
[[Image:Tamaki Shino]]
Tamaki before the timeskip.
Age 18
Birthdate Unknown
Height 4"5'
Weight 94 lbs.
Gender Female
Species Human
Partners None
Affiliation Peace Main Pirates
Occupation Pirate, Shipwright

Jorge Shino (Father, Deceased)

Tamaki Shino (known as Shino Tamaki in the Japanese dub), is a shipwright, pirate, and member of the Peace Main Pirates. She appears early on in One Piece: Pirate Legends and is the first to join Shiro's crew.


Tamaki is a cute, young, pink haired girl with blue eyes. Her long hair is done back in a ponytail, and she wears a blue vest with a golden cross embossed on it, as well as a brown skirt. She also wears leggings of the same color as her vest, and brown (though occasionally purple), sneakers. After the timeskip, she wears a bigger variation of her current clothes, and their is no ponytail, as her hair flies around freely.


Tamaki is perky and energetic. She rarely gets sad, and when she does, it's to the brink of despair. However, she does have a serious side that comes out during battles, and times when she is incredibly angry. Later in the series, it is revealed she dislikes the smell of sakura, and is illergic to peaches and tangerines. 

Powers and Abilities


Tamaki is an expert repairswoman, being able to fix a ship from even the worst damage. However, a shipwright is only as good as her tools, and Tamaki often bullies certain members of the crew to get her supplies in order to build her ship.

Weapons Creation

Tamaki is a genius at designing and making weapons, often with little or no suprise. In fact, she uses most of her strange weapons during battle.


  • Her first name and character appearence is taken from the epic manga series Blazer Drive.
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