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The Tate Tate no Mi (Shield Fruit) is Paramecia Fruit with empowers the user with the ability to create invisible shields of varying size and qualities.


The Devil Fruit is of a white colour and resembles bracket fungi. The swirls across the surface are so tiny and thin one can hardly tell the difference to an ordinary one.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Invia is able to form shield around certain limited areas and objects. The bigger the area or the object the harder the maintaining of the shield becomes. After provided by such a sphere the content is protected of any kind of damage be it elementary or physical. It depends on the condition of the user how long the shield last. Every time the shield withstands a blow the effect is transferred to Invia and negatively influences her state. She can also adjust her shields to living objects: Either to trap enemies inside a small sphere or to accompany their nakama in battles. To support allies effectively her shield is built flexible and strong at the same time. The user can hold up more than one shield at a time but this stresses the condition among a maximum. Furthermore the fruit has the usual Devil Fruit weaknesses.

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