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The Black Heart Pirates
Barry D. Brick.png
Barry D. Brick
Division Commanders
Donquixote.Doflamingo.full.2313934.jpg SVLL.png Avenger fha.png Profile.Elias.jpg
"First Commander"
Charlotte Berry
"Second Commander"
Kira Gilgamesh
"Third Commander"
"Fourth Commander"
Joseph Ainsworth
Admiral Snow Face.jpg 126238.png Unknown Admiral.jpg Spirit D. Tengu Face.jpg
"Fifth Commander"
Admiral Snow
"Sixth Commander"
"Seventh Commander"
"Eighth Commander"
Spirit D. Tengu
First Division
Second Division
Third Division
Fourth Division
Eri Face.jpg Hachiro Face.jpg Kettle Face.jpg Maka Akira Face.jpg
Mifume Eri Hachiro Hajime Mortas D. Kettle Maka Akira
Fifth Division
Tengen1.jpg Tengen2.jpg Tengen3.jpg Tengen4.jpg
? ? ? ?
Sixth Division
Rt1.jpg Rt2.jpg Rt3.jpg
? ? ?
Seventh Division
Eighth Division
Other members
TheWarden.jpg PetOfTheBlackHeart.png
"Warden of Impel Down"
The Warden
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