The Terminator Grandline Grand Fleet is a great massive fleet of ships owned and operated by the Terminator Pirates.


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The Termination (終了 Shūryō) is the most prominent ship in the Terminator Pirates' fleet.

It is a huge ship that is three times as big as a regular size ship and it is serve as the main ship of the fleet. The ship is about three stories tall and the figurehead of the ships a wolf's head that can open its mouth and push out a huge cannon and fires huge cannon balls and in front of the keel is a huge blade that is used to attack and destroy other ships. Each side of the ship has about 10 cannons each n each side and the main sail has a Terminator Pirates' Jolly Roger. The ship has about three masts the one in the middle serves as a observation tower use for scoping from the far distances and the in the in the main door it serves as a office for the admiral while down below the members stay under to prepare the cannons.

High Ranking Members Ships

Carina's Ship

Carina's ship is a sword themed ship that has a blade on the keel and the ship has two masts and one of them serves as a watch tower for the members that spots the enemy and numerous cannon and each side of the ship, and she has a office and down under the ship where the members of the crew prepare the cannons.

Marcos' Ship

Marcos' ship consisted of a figurehead of a rhino's head

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