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"Shennong" Thăng Long D. Yang (born as Tora D. Comet and unofficially Saint Topez) is a White Tiger Mink and an infamous pirate and the captain of the Yin-Yang Pirates. He is from the distant kingdom of Chau as one of it's kings two siblings alongside his sister, Thăng Long D. Yin whom he has a friendly rivalry with.[1] He strives to fine the One Piece one day but of course wanting to explore the world in sake of the adventure. Yang doesn't mind ruling Chau one day but says that being the "Pirate King" means being the "King of all Kings."

He was actually born to Tora D. Stars, an infamous pirate who was also known for openly opposing the Marines and a dedicated leader. He was then captured by the World Nobles to be their slave and, eventually, got back at them by disguising himself as one of the Noble's husbands and impregnated her eventually leading to Yang who was actually born as a full Mink.[2] After being casted aside into the ocean left for dead, Yang ended up in Chau Kingdom where he was eventually found and taken care by Thăng Long D. Pangu alongside Yin where they will live out the most of their lives. At the age of 25, Yang was given permission to become a pirate and set out for the East Blue to start off his journey fresh.

Yang is very well known for his brutality toward Marines due to an incident in his childhood where one of them injured his sister Yin. Ever since then, Yang has took every opportunity to take on the Marines even if they haven't done anything to him first. As a result, he has opposed many figures of the Marines including the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the Admirals. Yang would often take down Marine Bases himself and even disrupt major projects if he has heard they are the cause of them. Marines often refer to him as the "Bane of the Marines" because of this and always try to take opportunities to take him down or capture him.

Later in the story, when transformed as a girl, goes by Nuwa as the alias and also adopts the epithet Wahuang.


Early on

Yang is a very tall tiger Mink that has spiky hair. He wears a purple open jacket and black shorts and doesn't wear shoes but ankle warmers. Being a tiger, he has black stripes all over his body and his eyes were a purple shade of color. After being turned into a vampire, his eyes became red in color and has sharper fangs than usual. Whenever Yang activates his dragon powers, his height doubles and he looks more of a dragon but retaining his tiger ears.

Much later, after his training, Yang's appearance changes drastically. Yang now wears a more slicker shirt that is grey in color with armor plates on his shoulders. Both of the plates have the yin-yang symbol on it. Yang now wears large orange shorts with a large belt tied around the middle of it. He also wears large brown gloves and brown sandals around with feet with two silver rings around his ankles. Finally, Yang now wears a bell near the end of his tail that he keeps on as a gift. He no longer wears a hat due to losing it after his battle with Sol D. Neal which would be eventually picked up by Steel.[3]

During his first trip to Water 7, Yang had himself disguised as a female Mink that was orange in color. He also wore a waitress dress while doing this.[4]



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