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The Battle of the Gods
Date Started: September 24st, 2021

Date Finished: th, 2021

Setting: Yugeare Island

Characters Involved: Pirates


"Jail Island is mine and soon are the endpoints! However, there is an island that appears to be making a name for themselves lately! Said to produce a material that could rival and replace the dynastones the World Government has lost?! FUKA-HAHAHAHA! Like I'm going to let that happen! I think I am going to go there and give them hell!"
—Angrboda D. Seiryuu

A Reward Worth Reaping

On the island which is known as the "Island of Tomorrow", Yugeare Island is well known for being an island with many industrial constructs to them. The buildings are made of metal, every factory is powered by a steam engine, the walkways and paths are always lit up brightly with different colors of light. It is a sight that is quite to be behold when seen at night. Many of the denzitens are seen wearing rather unusual clothing mainly consisting of leather and numerous of metal items on their bodies. Usually watches, chains, keys, etc. This was a normal custom of Yugeare Island and outsiders are often drawn to this location. The island itself is worth a lot of beli especially with the rare and expensive metals. Many pirates, of course, were drawn here to the expensive items found here; but were often caught off guard when the Marines are revealed to be watching over the island. Yugeare has also been known for creating many types of inventions and often allowing the World Government/Marines to make use of them. However, the most useful that the Marines have been seeking to use is a type of material called "bakuyaku". Bakuyaku appears to be a material that has been experimented on by Angrboda Houshoku who visited the island in the past hoping to craft a material using the unique metals found on Yugeare. The scientists of Yugeare noticed the unique, pink substance that resembled gunpowder and decided to test it out one day. When they fired on a large metal battleship, it downed it in one blow. Impressed, the scientists would work on the substance for years hoping to harness it's true potential.

One day, they were about to be given a chance. After the recent loss of Jail Island and the dynastones to the Reaper Pirates, Admiral Fermi contacted the lead scientist of Yugeare, Professor Dyna, about an alternative to the dynastones that could help rival or even surpass them. Dyna remarked with a maybe but it can be as destructive when used correctly. Due to being occupied with the recent events of the war, Fermi sent one of his newest subornates to Yugeare, Commodore Nasiblu, to follow up on the Bakuyaku's development. Nasiblu had already arrived to the lead lab of the island where he was already investigating the material.

"So, if I am correct, this powder is apparently strong enough to warrant as a replacement for the Dynastones Professor Dyna?" Nasiblu asked as he was looking at it closely. "Yes sir! Bakuyaku is going to be the future! When loaded into a cannon, it can easily level a quarter of an island!" Professor Dyna stated with excitement in his voice. "Hmph. Good. Very good. Admiral Midorinari would be very pleased to hear this. That and the entire World Government. Though, this is where I would ask for a demostration, but we need to get this material out to Marineford at once." Nasiblu stated. "Yes sir! Very good sir! Protection from the Marines is good enough pay!" said Dyna.

Meanwhile, in the seas just outside Yugeare Island, a large onimous ship can be seen sailing in the fog that was suddenly there. In there lurks the Grim Reaper itself, the ship of the Reaper Pirates that have been making their presense known in the New World. They have conqured Jail Island under the command of their captain, Angrboda D. Seiryuu, as he is followed by his fleet. They appear to be taking their time this time; is this arrogance by Seiryuu? Even still, Seiryuu's presense is enough to make anyone tremble in fear, even though he isn't a Yonko. However, Seiryuu could care less about that and wants to disrupt the World Government as much as he can. He is accomplimed on his ship by Epsilon, a faithful follower of him with the powers of the Akum Akum no Mi, a devil fruit that strikes fear to many.

"Heh. Is that intel correct Epsilon? I want to be sure before I waste my time going to this island!" Seiryuu asked he was sitting on his makeshift throne he has made on his ship.

"That is correct my lord! I snuck into the dreams of some fools here and I can safely confirm that the Marines are after a substance on this island known as "Bakuyaku!" Something that is said to rival the Dynastones in terms of destructive power!" Epsilon said as they sat on Seiryuu's shoulder.

"Typical Marines! I copy them, now they try to copy me back! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!! No matter, we can't let the Marines have that power as well right? I think it's time we reap their sows!" Seiryuu shouted as he stood over his giantic ship as he prepared to leap forward.

"So what is the plan my Lord? Are we going to swarm this island with our troops?!" Epsilon asked with a very sadistic look.

"Not this time since we're on..."damage control!" I want you to open up the realm to the nightmare world and unleash your beasts upon those people! While they are dealing with that chaos, I will go to see where this place is located while you go another way!" Seiryuu commanded.

"Yes sir!" Epsilon said.

"Now then, LET'S GIVE THEM HELL!!!" Seiryuu shouted as he took one mighty leap from his ship while Epsilon was still hanging on. The two rocketed toward the island where Epsilon himself leaps further preparing to use his powers.

"Akum Doa - Kyōfu no gensō!" shouted Epsilon as a bunch of demonish doors opened and they soon released a bunch of beasts that started to reek havoc on one end of the island. THe people were of course running in fear as they are trying to get away from the monsters.

"Good Epsilon! Your powers are indeed frightening! Now, I will go seek out this lab! Keep those stupid Marines busy!" Seiryuu commanded to Epsilon.

"Yes sir! I will make them experience their worst nightmares before death!" Epsilon said with glee.

Back at the lab, Nasiblu can be seen hearing screaming from outside and a bunch of chaos inducing.

"What is that noise?" Nasiblu asked as he picked up his den den mushi. "Commodore Nasiblu here. Report!"

"S-Sir! This is bad! T-The Reaper himself is here! H-HE IS HERE WITH MONSTERS!!!" shouted the Marine on the line.

"Seiryuu! He must be after the Bakuyasu...And monsters? He must brought the user known with the Nightmare Curse with him...This is troubling..." Nasiblu said.

"W-What should we do?! We can't let that fall into that scum's hands!" Dyna asked in a panic.

"Alas, I am not strong enough to take on Seiryuu. However, I will fight for the inch if I have to! Stay here and guard it!" Naisblu said as he adjusted his gloves and ran off.

Not far from the island, the Ghoul King Belial Eldritch was sailing through the on the Ghoul Train when he noticed Kali who was in her full Meganeura form as she landed before him reverting back into her ghoul form.

"Have you found anything," Eldritch would ask looking down towards her with calm but sharp red eyes.

Kali immediately bent down on one knee as she bowed looking up at her father. "Father, there appears to be an island not too far from where we are that has some valuable resources that might be of value for our crew," Kali informed.

"Resources of value you say? Tell me, any chance we're able to change course and head there," Eldritch asked cocking an eyebrow looking down at Kali.

"It can be a possibility yes sir," Kali replied, "though I must warn you th-"

"What does this new island look like," Eldritch asked pushing Kali out of his way knocking her onto the ground. Once out of the train, he noticed in the distance an island was in complete disarray which both confused him and disappointed him.

"Ummm what the fuck is that," Eldritch asked.

Meanwhile, Seiryuu can be seen surrounded by a BUNCH of Marines as they all point their guns toward him. Seiryuu has his hands up but of course was playing around as he smirked at all of the Marines.

"Ooh! The Marines are here! You guys got me now!" Seiryuu said with a huge laugh.

"Shup up! T-This is your last time alive Reaper! FIRE!!!" shouted the Marines as they all started to unload on Seiryuu but find it that their bullets aren't working on him. "WHAT?!"

"You tykes opt to switch to seastone bullets! Just saying!" said Seiryuu as one of his open hands then closes itself into a fist. Seiryuu starts to glow with blue energy signaling his martial arts spirit. "Kazumorochi - Ganguro: Great Quake!" uttered Seiryuu as he punched the ground which such intensity as all of the Marines and most of the ground itself shot up into the air. Even other buildings wasn't safe as most of it went crashing down to the ground. "Heh! Now then where the hell is that damn lab at! It is quite the day for destruction! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed as he walked in the raining destruction as he moved forward.

Elsewhere, Epsilon can be seen causing trouble for the people with his nightmare creatures. "This place is too big! WHere is this stupid lab so we can get that material!?" Epsilon said as he suddenly had a tense feeling coming out from somewhere...I dont know why but it unnerves even a cute ball of nightmares like me..." Epsilon said as he looked out toward the sea.

As the Ghoul Pirates arrived on the island, they docked at the shore, then Eldritch stepped foot looking at the carnage that was unfolding before him.

"Ok, seriously when I woke up to go onto an island to scavenge for rare goods for our crew, I did not expect this to happen," Kali said with wide eyes.

"I've seen worse, let's get going," Eldritch replied as he proceeded forward.

"Father don't you think we should-"

"Shut up girl, think of our race," Eldritch interrupted walking ahead.

"Don't you even know what you're doing," Kali shouted towards Eldritch.

"I don't need to," Eldritch replied then stopped as he looked on ahead smirking, "I'm king."

Back at the other end of the island, Seiryuu can be seen taking a casual stroll throughout the destruction as he was laying waste to the Marines. His laughter booms across the area as he raised his arms in the air. "Come on you idiots! You got yourselves all of these materials and yet you don't decide to use them against me?! HOW FOOLISH! Come on! I want to at least feel some pain! FUKA-HAHAHA!!!" Seiryuu laughed until he is stopped by a sudden burst of carbon pillars that blocked his path. "Oh?"

Commodore Nasiblu can be seen on top of a building as he looks down at Seiryuu while fixing his glasses. "It seems you have been causing quite the ruckus: Seiryuu." Nasiblu said as his glasses shined in the sunlight.

"Oh yes! You're one of the Gamma Foxes underlings! The Carbon Logia fruit user! Listen Goggles, I got business to take care of and I know you can't beat me. Do us both a favor and just give me that explosive material and MAYBE I'll leave." Seiryuu said with a sinister smirk.

"The day that I decide to do what a lowly pirate tells me to do, will me the day I die." Nasiblu said as his powers started to activate.

"Then, looks like this day will be more special than your birthday!" Seiryuu said as he got into a fighting pose.

Back at the other side of the island, Epsilon can be seen riding across one of his nightmare creatures as he is looking at the Marines that appear to be running away from something that wasn't the monsters. "What has gotten into those worthless fools? Huh?!" Epsilon said as they then noticed Eldritch in the distance. While the creatures of nightmares don't feel any other than their own malice, Epsilon, who is often said to be malice itself couldn't help be nervous by the sight of a Yonko before him.

"W-What is HE doing here!? Don't tell me he is after this island's resources too! W-Why am I afraid?! I AM the nightmare itself! I won't let Seiryuu down as that stuff is HIS and HIS alone! Go Eeries! Try to slow them down as much as you can!" Epsilon ordered as the swarm of nightmare creatures soon started to make their way toward Eldritch. "He'll probably can easily kill them, but as long as I keep sending endless amounts of them toward him, even he will get eventually worn out. As long as I keep my distance and he cannot see me, I should be fine."

As Eldritch continued forward he noticed the nightmare creatures appearing as he tilted his head to the side curiously.

"Huh, this is new,' Eldritch commented still looking at the creatures heading towards him.

"Father, out of the way!" Kali shouted as she transformed into her hybrid form as she slashed through one of the creatures with her haki coated wings, "what are these things?"

"This is bad, I better call the Lord as soon as possible!" Epsilon as he started to dial on his den den mushi.

Meanwhile, Seiryuu and Nasiblu were having their battle with Nasiblu looking visually damaged with Seiryuu laughing over him. Nasiblu was cluthing to some of his weapons as a bunch of carbon rods in turn was just laying under Seiryuu's feet as he kicked them off to the side.

"Is that all? I used one attack and you're already down on your feet! Fools like you aren't worthy of my Devil Fruit powers! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed as he suddenly then turned his attention in one direction. "What's this intense onimous energy...?"

"D-Damn....This quite the monster...None of my attacks did anything to him and he is even restricting himself...I can't let him get the bakuyaku! But...this wonders me...What is he staring at?" Nasiblu thought to himself as he looked at Seiryuu.

Seiryuu's den den mushi then rings at that moment and he picks it up. "Epsilon, report."

"S-Sir...We have bad news to report...The Ghoul King Eldritch has made his way onto the island and is causing havoc already!" Epsilon stated with a hurry in his voice.

Upon hearing that, Seiryuu's eyes dilate, not out of fear but pure excitement. After letting out a mighty laugh that seems to last for minutes, Seiryuu calms down to finally speak once more. "So! One of those strong kiddos is after my treasure as well huh?! HAH! What a joke! I didn't think he would get off his royal ass to come here personally! Doesn't matter, I will kill that brat when the time is right." Seiryuu stated.

"B-But he is close to my location! I can actually see him! I-I'm sure to die against him!" Epsilon said with fear in his voice.

"Epsilon! Your fear, I can sense it from all the way here. For someone I deemed malice incarnate, you sure are acting afraid in the face of death. Knock it off, I didn't recruit you to be afraid of anyone. Even a Yonko. If you're that damn afraid, I'll be there in a moment. I just need to deal with this brat first." Seiryuu commanded as he looked back down at Nasiblu.

"Sir..." Epsilon said as he then remembered back to the time when Seiryuu first recruited him as he was the first people to ever "tame" his insanity. He was always loyal to Seiryuu since then and wasn't about to go back on his words right now. With sudden confidence, Epsilon suddenly showed himself in front of Kali and Eldritch with two large armored monsters by his side. "These creatures have came from me: Epsilon one of the top members of the Reaper Pirates! Even with your presence here, I will not yield to the likes of you! I can't drag Eldritch into the Nightmare Realm...he'll just kill every single monster there...I need to at least draw him out with as much monsters I can throw at him. These two are amongst my strongest so we'll see..."

"So from what it looks like these creatures that we're seeing were from that guy just a few seconds ago," Kali said while in her hybrid form with sharp red eyes.

"When I find that little shit causing these nightmares, I'll show him what a real nightmare truly is," Eldritch growled as he smirked slowly transforming into his feathered dragon hybrid form.

"That's not good...Dammit I cannot just back down now!" Epsilon said as he prepared to command his two creatures to attack. "General Eeries, you are the backbone of the Nightmare Army! Go and take out that monster! Nightmare Charge" Epsilon commanded as the two giant Eeries started to charge in fast toward Eldritch both are using powerful shoulder bashes that could easily topple a building.

Back at where Seiryuu and Nasiblu are at, Nasiblu was covered in more wounds as Seiryuu had has back toward him. He was looking in a direction that was where Epsilon was engaging Eldritch. Seiryuu's expression was serious and stoic. His usual playful self wasn't there and seemed to just be staring off. Nasiblu can be seen struggling to get to his feet as he was watching Seiryuu the whole time.

"Do you...Have regrets sending your own ally to their death? You do know he will not survive this encounter..." Nasiblu said as he was coughing up blood.

Seiryuu lets out a rare sigh as he shakes his head. "You don't know my crewmates. None of you stupid Marines could ever know. Epsilon is a true warrior, he will not go down without a fight. He's nervous now but he fought through it. He may die, but he would've died a fighter and that's something I respect." Seiryuu said as he looked at his fist and balled it up. "I think it's time for the Reaper to claim his next soul." He stated as he started to march off toward the direction of the battle.

"Ugh..I believe...those two...May kill each other...In the meantime...I better get the bakuyaku... away from here." Nasiblu said as he was able to walk off.

"Ohhh Nightmare on Freak Street where are ya," Eldritch roared out as his pacing went from him walking to now almost speed walking with a manic smile on his face noticing the Eeries heading towards him he used his claws coated in haki to slash them from his sight repeatedly, "IS THAT IT?!"

"These things," Kali said as she slashed through more of the Eeries before landing onto the ground, "where are they coming from?"

"I'm getting a strong feeling it's from further ahead and pretty soon, what they're going to pull isn't going to work," Eldritch smirked.

"Come on...Just need to push them much longer! Akum Doa!" shouted Epsilon as he opened numerous of nightmare doors that all soon started to open releasing more Eeries of many shapes and sights that slowly but surely made their way toward the two. "It's bad if they find me, so I'll just wear them out as much as I can! I'll throw the entire nightmare realm at them if I have to!"

"Just as I thought, more would be approaching us," Eldritch sneered as his eyes glowed red feeling his adrenaline pumping as he was about to loss it.

"How many more of these are there," Kali asked as she transformed into her full insect form as she zoomed towards the Eeries.

"Man...They're resistant huh? Well then, I think it is time for me to make the nightmare itself known!" Epsilon said as he rode on top of the large, dragon eerie as he looks down upon Eldritch and Kali suddenly gaining back his devilish confidence. "Mortals! Sinners! Prepare to face my nightmarish judgement! I am Epsilon on the Reaper Pirates and I will bring an end to your reign of terror! Aka-kakakaka!" Epsilon laughed as the creatures kept approaching more and more.

"You bring me the King of Ghouls down," Eldritch manically laughed as he charged forward coating his claws in Haki sprinting at the Eeries, "WE SHALL SEE!!!"

"Keep thinking that something like those creatures will keep us down," Kali called out as she slashed through a couple of Eeries with her haki coated wings.

"This guy is terrifying...No! Can't be afraid! Yonko or not, you will fall before my creatures! Even these! Kyōfu no gensō!" shouted Epsilon as he manifested four large Eeries that resembled Eldritch as he lays in the air flying on his beast. "These beings aren't as strong as him of course, but it'll be fun to see him fight himself. All the while...I prepare this toxic dart to shoot at him!" Epsilon thought as he had a small blow dart hidden as he had it aimed carefully at Eldritch.

"Well well, this is how you're gonna play now," Eldritch questioned looking around at the clones before he slashed through them laughing psychotically, "clones of me or not, you can't hide forever coward!"

"These creatures must be coming from someone...but where," Kali thought to herself looking around before she slashed through one of the clones decapitating it!

"Good you still don't sense me! At least I know I can do this! Nightmare Dart!" shouted Epsilon as he fired the dart filled with poison from his blowgun as he had it aimed right at Eldritch's neck traveling fast through the air. "It doesn't matter who or what you are. This dart is filled with the venom of nearly every creature I could mix together. One drop of this could easily melt through sheets of metal! He has no chance against this! I would've been the cause for a Yonko's defeat! Lord Seiryuu would surely be impressed and take his place!" Epsilon thought eagerly to himself.

"Hm," Eldritch said cocking an eyebrow with his Haki noticing the dart heading towards him he grabbed it with his middle and index finger with a smirk on his face. Then he licked the dart only to smile maliciously as a laugh escaped his mouth. "FOOL! If only you would've known, it would take more than this type of venom to take me down!" Then with his hand he crushed the dart as he dashed over to where the dart was from. "YOU'RE MINE!!!"

"Father, wait up!" Kali called out as she zoomed after him.

"S-Shit!! That didn't work!? That's a lethal toxin that can even down a giant! I-it's true this not human!" Epsilon shouted to himself as he was in the air completely frozen in fear as he noticed him quickly approaching him. "I-I better get to Seiryuu as fast as I can!" Epsilon said as he started to retreat even calling back his forces in the process.

Suddenly Eldritch appeared before Epsilon with a malicious smile on his face in his hybrid form, his eyes glowing red as poison dripped from his mouth, "SURPRISED MUTHAFUCKA!" Elritch shouted as he grabbed Epsilon by his throat.

"Father, did you fi-" Before she could finish her sentence, she saw Eldritch as her eyes widen.

"Geh...C-Cant breathe...H-He's that damn f-fast?! Epsilon struggled as he was trying to look at Eldritch. "Y-You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses will you?" he said as he suddenly had glasses on his face.

"No..." Eldritch replied then slammed Epsilon's head heavily into the ground before pulling him towards his face growling, "but beating every inch of your life counts."

"Gah...C-Can't take much more...of this...s-stop...." Epilson tried to struggle to get the words out as his body started to go limp.

"...Stop huh? When it comes to fights, the word "stop" doesnt' exist unless that is followed by death. Right?" Seiryuu said as he suddenly appeared with his arms crossed, hidden within his cape as he is focused on Eldritch specfically.

"S-Sir...y-you're here...t-this monster...i-is trying to kill me..." Epsilon said as he could barely get his words out.

"Hmph. I am aware. Hey, you brat, it would be much to tell you to let go of my suborinate there right? Though, considering how much of a kid you are to me, you probably will just defy me." Seiryuu said with one of the most stern and serious looks on his face to date knowing he is face-to-face with one of the Yonko. Despite this, his age and own power makes him view himself over the Yonko.

"Hmph Angrboda Seiryuu," Eldritch sneered as he loosened his grip slightly looking over to him, "to think I would actually meet you up close and personal...." There was a brief pause as he glared at Seiryuu before he continued, "Me? A kid? First off runt, your subordinate couldn't compare to my own, and she's my only daughter."

"Love you too father," Kali replied with a deadpan expression.

"Second, I couldn't care less about who's the older one here or other way around," Eldritch continued, "so if you're done wasting my time. Grab your crew, grab your shit, and GO HOME BASTARD!"

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Seiryuu let out a sudden laugh as he quickly calms back down after looking at Eldritch once more. "Well, the kid knows who I am, but apparently doesn't know to respect those that have been around longer than you! You Ghouls don't age huh? Like yours truly! That pisses me off you know! Can't have all of these monsters running amok!" Seiryuu said as he was joking around as usual but he quickly drops back to his serious side as he looks at Epsilon. "Listen, I don't want to repeat myself but I am not leaving without Epsilon. Don't comply, and I'll show you a true nightmare beyond the horrors of Hell."

"H-Heh...I-I always r-respect that q-quote..." Epsilon said as he was barely breathing.

"And if I decide to kill the little twerp," Eldritch asked tightening his grip once more.

"Gah....T-Too tight..." Epsilon said as was starting to lose fight.

"Then I am afraid that this nice little place will soon become stained with red...with your blood that is." Seiryuu said with a meancing smile as he slowly got to his feet.

Eldritch released his grip letting Epsilon go as he continued glaring at Seiryuu, "Fine, we'll do this your way," Eldritch snarled.

Epision was trying to catch his breath after being let go. "T-Thought I was going to die..."

Clash of the Titans

"My! So the brat listened huh?! FUKA-HAHAHAHA! Well now, I guess you do have some sense. However...I'm in a pretty pissed off mood and I need to let it out on someone! You have nearly killed Epsilon there! So I think it's only fair...THAT I DO THE SAME TO YOU!!!" Seiryuu suddenly shouted as he sprung up to his feet.

"Bring it twerp!" Eldritch roared as he got into his stance.

"Crap I'll die in this encounter...when Seiryuu gets serious like this...those around will get caught in the crossfire!" Epsilon said as he tried to drag himself away.

Seiryuu smirks as, despite knowing he is fighting a strong opponent, decides to keep his cape on but made sure to show off his fists. As he started to brim with a dark blue aura, Seiryuu stares at his strong foe. "This world will soon know my name even more! I won't let all of you strong brats get in the way of that! That stupid ape will fall before the World Government! Why? Because fate has chosen ME to take them out! And I'll destroy all of those that stand in my way! Kazumorochi - Ganguro: Shokkuueibu Hakaisha!" Seiryuu shouted as he punched the air itself sending a massive shockwave that went toward Eldritch. The punch was immense enough to blow back the buildings and other people that are still in the way! "And that's not even my STRONGEST punch! FUKA-HAHAHA!"

"WAHHHHHHH!!!!!" Epsilon shouted as his lifeless body was flung into the air from the attack.

Eldritch maliciously smiled as he braced himself for the attack. As the attack came towards him, Eldritch stood his ground as he looked to the ground until a small chuckle escaped his mouth then it turned into a thunderous laugh. "GHO-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Was that is?!" Eldritch laughed, "I've felt more excruciating attacks than this puny one! I barely felt more than a mere bite. Now, witness and behold the power of the Ghoul King before you!" Then as he closed his eyes, Eldritch opened his eyes as he unleased a powerful wave of Haki towards Seiryuu!

Seiryuu grins as he takes the massive wave of Haki that went toward him. The blue-haired warrior was taken aback by the Haki at first but was quickly able to stand his ground from it. Having fought in thousands of battles in the past, Seiryuu's willpower has been hardened to the point that conquerors virtually has no effect on him. Epsilon however was knocked out cold from the attack and lands very hard on the ground out of sight. Seiryuu himself erupts back with his own laugh. "FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! What was that?! Some kind of whirlwind!? I've been blown back by stronger forces you damn brat! And a King? That doesn't compare to a God such as myself. I'll show you the power of a true martial artist! Fight me instead of trying to intimidate Death himself!" Seiryuu declared as, in an instant, disappears and ends up behind Eldritch already preparing to hit him with a spin kick after coating his entire leg in Haki, with it's dark-blue hue showing his unique level of using it. "Ashisuz: Crushing Water!"

"Hehe something like that wouldn't be enough to take me down," Eldritch said in an ominous tone using his Haki to foresee Seiryuu's attack mere seconds before he was about to land it on him, "My turn." Eldritch disappeared then reappeared as his coated his claws his Haki then proceed to slash towards Seiryuu's torso!

"Future sight eh?! Not bad! Insta-Armor!" Seiryuu shouted as he immediately coated his entire body with Haki hoping to block the attack. The claw strike would slash at his armored torso but will slide backwards due to the immense force from the attack! Even after blocking it, he could still feel a stinging sensation from the area he was attacked at and started to let out a laugh. "FUKA-HAHAHAHA! Heh...I actually felt that! I guess being a dragon helps in that regard huh? Heh, you are a Yonko after all it's considered suicide to be taking it easy around you huh? I think it's about time for me to stop fucking around and get serious!" Seiryuu shouted as he ripped off his cape and, after doing so, reveals two large metal braces that are wrapped around his arms.

"GHO-AHAHAHAHAHA! NOW WE'RE FUCKING TALKING!!" Eldritch bellowed as poison oozed from his mouth glaring at Seiryuu like prey he was ready to hunt down with in an instant. His eyes glowed a deep blood red as he let out a guttural growl. He took his stance as he smirked laughing manically, "COME AT ME!!!"

"SEA STONE CUFFS YA DAMN BASTARD!!! I've been restraining myself this entire time but now, I'm not doing that anymore! I'm going to kill you with the POWERS OF DEATH ITSELF!!!" Seiryuu said as his entire body started to glow a violent dark blue as the seastone shackles on his arms bursted apart, showing he has Haki emission! After doing so, a large energy started to engulf Seiryuu as his true power was shown and even his hair turned white by this point. With a meancing grin, Seiryuu looks up at Eldritch with a look of bloodlust on his whole face. "Now then kiddo, time to show you why you shouldn't mess around with the adults! Shikyo Tanima!" Seiryuu shouted as he slammed the ground releasing a massive wave of bones that started to make their way fast toward Eldritch. The bones tear apart the ground like a starving crocodile through it's prey. "This is the power of the Kosshi Kosshi no Mi, FEAR IN AWE AT THE POWERS OF DEATH!"

Eldritch's widen as he noticed the bones heading towards him as he leapt into the air whilst turning into his full beast form. Looking down he let out a thunderous roar as he coated his fangs in Haki charging towards him! "Hope you like venom shorty!" Eldritch roared.

"HAH! Like venom can affect someone like me! I'm a living bone you brat no veins or blood to affect as long no seastone affects me! And even with THAT, Angrbodas like me are born with the blood of our ancestors! Especially with someone like me, I can most likely resist that! But even still, that looks like trouble huh?! Kosshi Armor - Spiked Hedgehog!" Seiryuu shouted as he coated his entire body in Haki while covering himself in a layer of very spiked bones! He smirks as he notices Eldritch apporaching him as he stands his ground with a wide smirk across his face. "So I heard that Ghouls are supposed to be able to crush human bones with their teeth! LET'S TEST THAT THEORY! I AM GAME!!!"

"YOU'VE GOT SPUNK SHRIMP!! BRING IT!!!" Eldritch roared as he dashed towards him as he landed a massive bite on one of the bones, "DON'T THINK SOMETHING LIKE THAT WILL STOP ME!!!"

Seiryuu could feel the massive force of the bite starting to crack his bones a bit. He smirks fiercely as he freed one of his arms pointing it at Eldritch's mouth at the roof of it. "Child's play! Whenever you break any bones, they only heal back stronger than ever! With me being a living one, that will only make ME stronger! Of course I have to survive this ordeal, but I know I will? Why?" Seiryuu said as his arm transformed into a large bone that soon formed itself into a drill that he soon coated in his jet-black blue haki. "BECAUSE I AM THAT DAMN SMART!!! Mictlantecuhtli's Doriru!" Seiryuu shouted as he then attacked the roof of Eldritch's mouth using his powerful drill attack!

"Think that's enough to take me down," Eldritch smirked letting the attack hit him then sharpening his fangs he sank his fangs into Seiryuu letting some of the venom seep into his arm. Knowing that it wouldn't do much, he continued gnawing at him until the bones began to break! "One thing I will commend you for is your wits shorty," Eldritch commented as he continued biting down on the bones applying greater force, each one harder than the last!"

"Heh..Heh...FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!! Think I'm some kind of chew toy you damn reptile?! I got other ways of putting brats like you down! Don't forget: I am a living bone! I can make bones appear from myself..." Seiryuu stated as he slammed his hand onto the roof of Eldritch's mouth. ..AND OTHERS! Kosshi Hariyama!!!" Seiryuu shouted as he started to sprout a massive amount of bones inside of Eldritch's mouth hoping to choke him from the inside out using his powers. "THIS IS THE POWER OF THE REAPER ITSELF! DON'T TAKE ME LIGHTLY IF YOU THINK YOU CAN KILL ME EASILY!!!"

"FOOL! YOU DARE UNDERESTIMATE THE GHOUL KING!!!" Eldritch roared as he coated his claws in haki glaring at Seiryuu, "THINK SOMETHING LIKE THAT IS ENOUGH TO KILL ME?! YOU'RE SADLY MISTAKEN!" Elritch then immediately slashed his claws towards Seiryuu's face ready to claw his face!

"Heh this brat is tougher than I thought! Looks like I better have to break out THAT soon!" Seiryuu thought as he coated his entire body in his haki and bones to hopefully block the attack and manages to free himself from Eldritch's clutches notices a steak of blood on his face and can feel some of his bones on the inside cracking. Seiryuu smirks as he finally felt being damaged for the first time in forever. "FUKA-HAHAHAHA! And yet you managed to injure me! You think you're being cute aren't you?!"

"If that's the way you think," Eldritch replied as he glared into his eyes with glowing blood red eyes, "bitch, I'm adorable." Suddenly without warning, he coated his tail in coat then slammed it onto Seiryuu's torso!

"Heh..." Seiryuu said as he took the attack directly on but it sends him crashing into the ground! It left a large crater in it's wake with Seiryuu lying at the bottom of it. "Fuka-hahahaha....FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA! A force like that would've stopped my heart had it not been made of bones at the time! Not bad kiddo not bad. But I think it's finally time to demonstrate THAT. All of you fools have been underestimating me long enough, but it is time to show you why wherever I go, DEATH follows!" Seiryuu declared spreading his arms out. "Land of the Dead!" he shouted as, all of the sudden, the entire ground started to reshape and reform as the entire ground itself, which will then spread to the buildings, all transformed into bone itself! The structures form around Eldritch as Seiryuu himself appears to merge with the bone ground itself. "FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!! This is my awakening you brat! This whole island will soon be a giant bone field in my name! You think you can stand up to the might of an entire island itself?! HAH! And good luck trying to find me as I can be here, there, EVERYWHERE!!! Hell Bones!" shouted Seiryuu as parts of the spiked bones from the ground started to get coated in Haki as they launched themselves at Eldritch.

Using his Haki he was able to dodge most of the bones that pierced through the ground just enough time for him to think of a way for him to land another hit on him. Eldritch let out an ear piercing screech as he coated his claws and fangs in Haki with venom dripping from both. Purple mist began to seep away from the venom as it dripped from his mouth as Eldritch drooled licking his fangs his eyes glowing an even brighter blood red! "Now then, it's my turn, say good-bye!" Eldritch shouted as he punched through the bones roaring loudly!

The bones will shatter violently as they made loud sounds similar to glass shattering. The part that Eldritch punched with immense force indeed broke through it, but Seiryuu himself was no where to be seen! "Looking at the wrong place brat!" Seiryuu uttered ominously as he suddenly emerged from the building that was turned into bone in a completely different state. His body was completely covered with bone, and he shaped himself to look like a white demon with wings made of bone sticking from his body. He is now wielding a large, jet blue scythe as he stares fierecly at Eldritch. "It's not every day I step into this suit. Reason because everytime I do, someone dies! This is one of my strongest states yet you brat, and I'm not going to go easy on your anymore. Marrow Marrow Transformation - The Reaper!" Seiryuu stated as he grips his blade frimly as he stares at Eldritch with a confident smirk.

"Bring it Boney boy," Eldritch sneered as he snarled before he swiftly disappeared then reappeared behind Seiryuu ready to claw towards his spine with haki coated claws!

"Hah! Like I haven't heard that before!" said Seiryuu as he quickly swung his scythe backwards as it collide with Eldritch's claws. "I know I am more of a martial artist, but every reaper needs his scythe! This is Cocytus, the legendary sctyhe that can freeze it's opponents to the bitter end! Fall to death by it's freezing power!" Seiryuu shouted as the ice soon started to coat around the scythe and soon Eldritch if he keep a hold on it. "Not even you will be able to withstand the freezing cold of Hell itself! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!"

"Heh, and that's when you're wrong there," Eldritch smirked as he used his tail that was still free smacking through the ice breaking himself free as he let out a loud ear piercing roar! He felt himself getting exhausted as the ice from the attack was getting to him. "Dammit, this twerp is tougher than I'd imagine," Eldritch thought, "I'll need to think of something to subdue him...find a weak spot."

Seiryuu can be seen staring at Eldritch with a smirk, but couldn't help but hold onto a specific spot on his body. He gets a brief flashblack to when Eldritch struck him hard on his torso earlier and appeared to be showing discomfornt. On the outside, he shows no pain but on the inside, it's practically unbearable. "Heh. That brat is getting tired. I do not show fatigue. However, that bastard managed to shatter a bunch of my ribs from that earlier attack. It just started to catch up with me and will take overnight to heal. I'll be stronger as a result, but as of now, I am damaged. Heh. That's the last time I underestimate them! I better end this quick here and now!" Seiryuu thought as he coated his arm in Haki and made a bunch of bones protrude from it. "Hell Crash!" He shouted as he swung his massive spiked arm over at Eldritch.

Coating his arm in Haki, Eldritch managed to stop the punch all whilst glaring at Seiryuu with rage and bloodthirst in his eyes. Blood trickled from his fist as he bared the excruciating amount of pain he was dealing with but he knew he had to put an end to this. "It's over, no matter how many tricks you try to come up with to defeat me, it's pointless, because for me," Eldritch punched the spiked arm with such verocity before he disappeared then swiftly reappeared in front of Seiryuu with a twisted smirk on his face before digging his haki coated claws into his torso, "I'm inevitable."

Seiryuuu was struck by the attack as a bunch of blood gushed from his mouth. His body nearly went limp from the attack as he noticed the rivers of blood pouring from his mouth and torso anad his body. Seiryuu, despite in this dire state, could only still smirk as he noticed probably for the first time in his life, he was near death. "Heh...Well looks like you hit the weak spot! Crafty brat aren't ya...? Heh heh heh...So this much how each and every worthless brat feels when they're on Deaths door huh? Except, in this game, I AM Death himself!" Seiryuu said as he dug his own claws made of bone into Eldritch. "I am here for your soul dammit, and I won't leave without it even if it means taking you down with me! Tsuukoudome!" Seiryuu shouted as he would make a ton of bones emerge from Eldritch's body, which each one spreading if they aren't dealth it!

Eldritch smirked as a chuckle escaped from his lips then a loud laughter as he glared at Seiryuu. "You think you truly won," Eldritch asked in an onimous tone, "you barely even noticed one little surprise." On the bones that pierced through Eldritch's body there was poison coated on the bones that began to seep into it!

"Heh. And have I told you that poison doesn't mean anything to an Angrboda?! That shit is useless against me! ...?" Seiryuu said as he started to notice his body starting to feel a burning sensation as he smirks from it despite starting to feel weaker. He was indeed near death but still stood tall as he felt the poison in his bony body. Seiryuu still stares at Eldritch as he lets out a laugh. "FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA! I never had thought I'd be pushed this far and yet here I am! Bones broken, deadly unknown poison in my system! A normal person would've died centuries ago, but of course I am not a normal person. I have a duty to make the World Government as a whole suffer and I intent to do that. Even now, I will not die! Your weakening kid! I can feel it! Do you think you have what it takes to survive one of my strongest attacks? I don't think so!" Seiryuu declared as he jumped backwards as he started to summon every single spiky bone that is around and started to form together a giantic spear made of bones that was easily twice the size of an entire island! Using his extreme proficeny in busoshoku haki, he coats the entire thing in Haki as he prepares to launch it downward toward Eldritch. "Everyone knows that time is Death, that Death hides in clocks. Imposing another time powered by the Clock of the Imagination, however, can refuse his law. Here, freed of the Grim Reaper's scythe, we learn that pain is knowledge and all knowledge pain! Now, I am about to show you all of that pain right here and right now! Even if you dodge this, this entire island is done! Abaddon Crush!" Seiryuu shouted as he let down his massive attack toward Eldritch.

"No...not here," Eldritch muttered to himself as he used his Haki to narrowly dodge the attack until he was in midair seeing the catastrophic attack from above while in his dragon form but felt himself bleeding.

"Heh...Avoided that too huh? Sorry about that Epsilon" Seiryuu thought the last part to himself as he jumped upwards as he noticed his massive attack soon starting to crumble majority of the island. He looks over at Eldritch who had transformed with a big smirk on his face, but could help but looked weakened himself. "What? Gonna run away you giant flying belt?! I still have plenty left in the tank! Heh...that's a lie. That bastard's poison is more potent than I thought. And I'm pretty sure all of my ribs are broken!"

"Something wrong there? Seems like you're not in the same shape you were prior," Eldritch sneered with a twisted grin on his face feeling weak himself.

Seiryuu has a slasher smile of his own as he stared at Eldritch starting to get weakened from the venom. "I can say the same thing about you! You look like you're about to turn into ashes! Oh wait, that's vampires! Fuka-hahahha!" Seiryuu laughed as the laugh didn't carry as much boom as it did earlier

"There can only be one victor," Eldritch smirked then looked around thinking, "Where'd Kali go? Eh she'll live."

"Heh you're right about that! So come on! Let's see what else you have!" Seiryuu said as he tried to sense out Epsilon's haki but to no advil. " is what it is..."

"Now boy, prepare for your impending end!!" Eldritch shouted as he coated his entire feathered body with venom then charged down towards Seiryuu letting out an ear piercing screech.

"Ain't that cute!? Gonna drench yourself in your own shit huh?! FINE BY ME!! YOU'LL NEVER END THE REAPER AND YOUR SOUL IS MINE!" Seiryuu shouted as he coated his entire body in a thick layer of bone and Haki and prodecded to rush toward Eldtritch to meet his attack.

As Eldritch collided his Haki venom coated fist towards Seiryuu, a huge smirk grew on his face allowing more venom to ooze from his skin. "This it is Bone Boy! You will slowly suffocate to death from the power of my venom!!!" Eldritch roared loudly!

"And I'll rot your bones from the inside out you arrogant brat!" Seiryuu shouted as he also had a big smirk on his face as he was intending to incase more of Eldritch's body in his bones, even using his own haki to harden them in the process.

"BRING IT BONY BOY!" Eldritch manically laughed as he used his Haki at the last second to dodge the attack appearing behind Seiryuu, "Like I said, I'm inevitable." Eldritch coated his claws in Haki then proceeded to slash towards his torso!

"Heh. That is what it is huh?" Seiryuu thought to himself as he was struck but the attack as, knowing it was his weak spot, crashes downward hard with more of his bones being heard breaking. Seiryuu felt like his body was nearly done, but his fighting spirit was everlasting! Despite this, Seiryuu got back up to his feet and stared at Eldritch with intense eyes. "'re surely mistaken if you think I'd die that easily..."

"Likewise, you're at your limit, I can see it deep within your soul," Eldritch hissed as vemon dripped from his mouth onto the ground.

"Heh. Hate to burst your bubble, but I ain't dying anytime soon! Heh..." Seiryuu said as he wiped blood from his lip as he looks at the surrounding area as it was completely destroyed. "The fact you said you can stare into my soul just shows you're bullshitting me. I have no soul, I CLAIM them!" Seiryuu declared as he had his arms crossed. "Hmph. Seems we are at a deadlock though."

"It would appear so," Eldritch snarled as he cracked his neck glaring towards Seiryuu, "you maybe a bit of a nuisance but I commend your strength, I've never felt more alive in years!"

"Heh I can say the same to you kid. Even the Gamma Fox is able to bring me to near death like this. Well, he did one time but that was a long time ago! You got me at that point way quicker than he did!" Seiryuu said with a laugh that quickly turned to a serious look. "I really do need to watch my back around you guys. I wouldn't mind dying an honorable death to someone that can truly kill me, but I haven't gave the World Government hell yet! Those stupid World Nobles will become extinct by my hands I assure you!"

"Heh, you and I seem to think alike with our intentions towards the World Government it seems," Eldritch snickered as he changed into his hybrid form cracking his neck, "though, you're a smart one not to mess with demons such as us. Even someone as myself who is feared among the seas!"

"Heh heh. You brats are more annoying to me than anything! Take that ape for example! I wanted to face off against him but he is leading himself to his own death. A shame." Seiryuu said as he stares seriously at Eldritch. "What are you even planning I wonder...I don't think you'll be interested in the Sky Islands that will open up after he dies. And yes, that ape is going to die. I have forseen it!"

"It's inevitable the maurading ape will kick the bucket soon but my intentions here are disclosure," Eldritch replied with a single huff, "I have no interests in the Sky Islands so that's you business."

"Good, less brat I have to deal with! Fuka-hahahaha!" Seiryuu laughed as he is still feeling the effects of the venom and then looks on over around the damange that was caused. "Look at that. The damn material is all but gone. That is a day wasted and I think Epsilon died in the process. I think you owe me for that kidoo1"

"And what do you propose," Eldritch asked then looked around, "speaking of, where is that child of mine?"

"I'm here," Kali coughed appearing from the wreckage.

"Well there's that mystery solved," Eldritch replied as he shrugged, "knew she'd survive."

"That tyke? Jeez how the hell someone like you survived something like our fight? Like I gave a damn! Fuka-hahahahaha!" Seiryuu laughed as he suddenly shifted back into his serious tone. "I'm still pissed about Epsilon dammit. But where the hell did his fruit go?" Seiryuu says to himself as he looked around despite all of his pain and injuries.

"If I were to guess it wouldn't be too far, unless now that he's dead, it should be lying around here," Eldritch scoffed ingorning the pain.

"Hmph. Well doesn't that suck huh? I'm sure that is the phrase you kiddos use." Seiryuu said as he, after easily turning over a large boulder, manages to find the fruit. "Ah! There it is in all it's glory! Here to tell the story: The Akum Akum no Mi! It's still a damn shame that my former user is done, but alas fate can be a bitch sometimes. Fuka-hahaha!"

"Ahhhh yes, I know that fruit, it allows the user to create nightmares, am I correct," Eldritch pondered, "something like that would be a great use for my crew! Ghu-hahahaha!"

"Heh of course you will this is a fruit anyone with evil in their hearts will seek! Hmph, it's a shame it's a shame but I may be generous enough to let you have this for the crew! Of course, I'm not letting you know how to use this fruit! It has a special "condition" that the user of it must meet! Think whoever it will be can handle it?" Seiryuu asked as he slowly turned around.

"Don't worry, I have the perfect subject in mind for the fruit," Eldritch replied with a smirk on his face.

"Heh. "Subject" you say? Fine if you think you can handle it, be my guest! Consider it a reward for entertaining me this entire time!" Seiryuu said as he casually tossed over the fruit to Eldritch from over his shoulder.

Eldritch caught the fruit in his hands as a huge smirk grew on his face. "Kali, get the Ghoul Train ready, we've got many plans to conduct right away!" Eldritch commanded.

"Yes sir," Kali nodded as she coughed up a bit of blood, "and perhaps a medic?"

"Guess it'll be fine, you did put up a good fight," Eldritch admitted placing his other hand on Kali's head causing her to blush a bit, "not bad, tifli."

"Awww look at that! You got a heart after all! That's touching! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed until he quickly came to a stop. "Hmph, I better re-evlauate my forces a bit after this loss. The Aoitsuki will not be done in by this setback. But I better get to a medic myself huh?"

"Father, should we head back," Kali asked.

"Eh I've been through worse child," Eldritch insisted cracking his neck.

Seiryuu can be seen suddenly answering his den den mushi that was starting to ring. "Maneki, report."

"Fumetasu it seems like the Marines are quite divided trying to deal with Skyforce! We may have a chance to claim some sky islands for ourselves." Maneki said over the den den mushi.

"Hah! That's music to my ears! I'll be there shortly and make sure there are some medics on standby. I don't want to die of poisoning before I make my mark!" Seiryuu said as he hung up the den den mushi. "Someday, I'll be back to kill you kid. At the least, put that fruit to good use. I think it's time for the Reaper to exit stage left! Till next time!" Seiryuu stated as he suddenly disappeared in a flash of speed despite his condition.

"Kali, have the Ghoul Train ready, I've got an idea of who I plan to give the fruit to," Eldritch smirked.

"Yes father," Kali nodded as the two transformed into their full beast and insect forms heading towards the Ghoul Train even with Eldritch's condition he managed to reach the train before passing out once he finally boarded.