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The Carreau Prize is a Dial Ship created by Erasmus and used by the Diamond Pirates.

The Ship is powered by the plasma produced by the ship's captain Crookes D. Mal and is also powered by many Jet dials and Breath dials allowing the ship to move quickly both on the water and in the air. the Ship is also able to move between the white white sea and the blue sea with ease due to this. The Ship can also be fitted with the necessary coating to reach fishman island and is resiliente enough to survive the journey.

The Ship is also fitted with numerous air cannons which can be used to propell the ship and be used as offensive weapons. The ship is also fitted with various dial based weapons such as burn cannons powered by breath dials. The ship is also fitted with an incom system which uses Tone dials to move messages around the ship and sound alarms if needed.

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