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The Vice Admirals in the One Piece Fanon Universe are a force to be reckoned with. The current members include Dominic D. John, Vice Admiral Feign, Leon, Maria Lockheart, Hellsing D. Vergil, Marcy Valkaz, Erza, Vice Admiral Sablar, Oceanus Christum, Portgas D. Noir, Kenshin, Raifu Rein, Yuri Gojou, Tsume Tsukamu, and Tobias Boreal. It is important to know that Raifu Rein became an Admiral after the timeskip.

Devil Fruits

There are many Devil Fruits eaten by these eleven Vice Admirals, which include the Koka Koka no Mi, Sei Sei no Mi, Desu Desu No Mi, Kori Kori no Mi, Mizu Mizu no Mi, Gara Gara no Mi, Marcy Valkaz's Unnamed Devil Fruit, Chikara Chikara no Mi, and the Zo Zo No Mi, Model: Mammoth.


These Vice Admirals are a bit stronger than Trafalgar D. Water Law Level at least on their own, but working together, they are said to be as strong as Fleet Admiral Akainu.'


The majority of the Vice Admirals are laidback, except Dominic D. John, who is strict.


All of the Admirals possess Arnament and Observation Haki, and only Portgas D. Noir possesses Conqueror's Haki.


Most of the Vice Admirals can use a sword. The master swordsmen include the following: Oceanus Christum, Raifu Rein, and Maria Lockheart. These three have swordsmanship at the same level as Dracule Mihawk.


Shokan Akushon

Wood Style: Evil Sprig

Tasukuran (Created for Page)

Tekkai: Fumetsu

Gara Gara no Tsukisasu Fuusa

Shi no Fukkatsu (Created for Page)

Maitipanchi (Created for Page)

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