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The Devil In Wonderland
Date Started: December 29th, 2020


Date Finished: February 2nd, 2021


Setting: Grand Line New World Eden
Characters Involved:

The Beginning of Madness?

Luc E. Feuer had been travelling around the New World for quite sometime now. She was exhausted from flying non stop for two days and needed to rest for a bit. Below her was an island unbeknownst to her that caught her attention. It looked different from the other islands that she had visited. Feuer shook her head getting the thoughts of out her mind as she descended to the island below. Once Feuer had landed, she was enthralled by how beautiful the island was. She had never seen anything as beautiful as what was before her. She felt a bit hesitant at first but felt she needed to go forward to see if there was something she could find.

"Strange yet alluring island," Feuer thought to herself, "wonder what lies ahead for me."

As Feuer walked through the shore of the island. She comes across this large, dark rabbit hole that leads to nowhere but down. This is seen as no other easier way into the island as the island is filled with large,thick vegetation that is nearly impossible to go through.

Feuer tilted her head to the side in confusion looking at the rabbit hole. She began to wonder to herself what type of creature or beast would live in this hole. Feuer knelt down to get a closer. Feuer leaned in further to get a better look until she lost her footing and slipped into the rabbit hole screaming.

Deeper and deeper did Feuer fall. There was nearly no end to the fall,and all Feuer could see was darkness and hear mockingly laughter going down the hole.

Feuer looked around wondering how she could get herself out of this until she sprouted her demon wings making it easy for her to land from the fall. Once Feuer had landed, she looked around with widen eyes filled with both confusion and wonder.

"What the hell," Feuer said.

The rabbit hole led to this tunnel that was filled with cards and checkerboard colors. The pattern seemed to have never ceased,it went deeper and deeper into the tunnel. And the only way out was up from the way she came,but that idea seemed like it would take a long time.

Feuer stood there for a moment to think of a way out. There had to be something she could do for her to escape, anything! Feuer sighed to herself as she flew up in hopes that she would be able to escape. It was one way or the other.

Weird thing was,Feuer couldn't see the entrance she came from. It was so dark from where she was that the hole she came from was not visible! She only had the choice of walking through the tunnel,and expect the unexpected from what might possibly come.

Feuer flew back where she landed then proceeded to walk forward. As she continued walking forward, she looked at the cards and checkerboard color design before her. It was a bit off putting for her but she didn't think less of it. Part of Feuer felt unsure of what's to come but she needed to continue on if she had to either escape or see what lies ahead.

Soon enough she sees herself in a small room that had two rabbit minks guarding the end of it. The rabbit minks see Feuer enter the room and shout,"Whomst has entered the tunnel of Eden?"

Feuer was a bit taken aback from seeing the rabbit minks. She tilted her head to the side looking to them but stared at them with a serious expression on her face, "I am Luc E. Feuer."

"Luc E. Feuer." The other mink guard shouts,"To enter the Garden of Eden,one must answer this riddle: Where is the temple of Solomon located?"

Feuer was puzzled at first by the riddle but stood there for a second as she thought to herself. Where would the temple of Solomon be located? Then it hit her. She looked to the rabbit minks with a confident but stern look on her face, "Jerusalem."

"No silly." The rabbit minks laugh at her,"It's in his head." The rabbit minks then laugh hysterically for a minute,"Sorry mate,we just wanted some laughs. But go on ahead mate,the entrance is right this way." The rabbit minks then open the curtain,which reveals another wall. But when Feuer looks down,there is a tiny door that is the entrance.

Annoyed by the rabbit minks' laughter, Feuer approached the door then knelt down to get a closer look. There had to be a way for her to enter but the question was how? Feuer looked around to see if there was a way for her to enter.

There in the center of the room was a vial of liquid laid on a glass table. It had the labels "Drink Me" on the paper next to the vial.

"Oi,If you want to enter through that door." The one guard says,"That is the drink to help ya enter."'

Feuer cocked an eyebrow as she went over to the glass table that had the vial in the middle of it. She was a bit confused at first looking at it but didn't take any hesitation as she drank the liquid from the vial. After she drank from the vial, she looked around to see if anything would happen.

What she suddenly felt was herself shrinking down to the size of the small door. Her clothes of course fell off due to her being too small for the now rather large garments. She now was being shadowed by the two rabbit minks,who were now towering her.

"Awwww,she looking cute being small." The one mink says.

"Vigilance brother." The other mink states,"But it seems you are small enough to enter the door,you may enter."

Feuer looked down at herself noticing she was without clothing as her first instinct was to cover herself. However, she shook her head as she focused on heading towards the door. Once she approached the door, Feuer took a deep breath then opened the door hoping she'd finally escaped.

Welp here's the problem there....she can't open it. The door was locked on Feuer's side. And no matter how hard Feuer would pull,she couldn't open it.

"Oh,looks like she forgot the key." The one rabbit mink chuckles,"Of course lass,the key is on the other glass table." The mink points to a glass table that towered even the rabbit minks.

"And even we can't get to it." The other rabbit mink states,"Glass is too slippery to get up there."

Feuer looked into the direction of the other glass table as she sprouted her demon wings and flew over to it. Once she reached to the top, she grabbed the key needed for the door. After she grabbed the key, she flew back to the door hoping this time it would work.

It wouldn't work due to the key being the wrong key to open the door. The key was too large of a key to fit in the keyhole.

"Oh whoopsie,looks like that's the wrong key." The mink says,"Looks like there is no other way in there."

"Poor girl looks upset." The other mink says,"Would she want one of my cookies?" The mink leans down and give Feuer a box of cookies that said "Eat Me" on the label of the box,"They're nice treats I haven't opened yet."

Visibly annoyed at first, Feuer took one of the cookies from the box. She examined it wondering what would happen to her if she dared to eat it. Feuer sighed to herself as she ate the cookie. Her eyes widened a bit, wasn't too bad, but she felt something strange.

She grew to massive proportions. Her body was soon covering up the majority of the room. Her head hitting the ceiling of the shallow room. Both glass tables shattering as she grew. The two rabbit minks were right between her legs from the entrance.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh." The rabbit mink tries to not explode from a nosebleed from seeing Feuer's large,uncovered body.

"So that's why momma told us to not eat these cookies." The other mink says.

Feuer scowled looking down at the rabbit minks as she was about to lose her temper. There had to be someway she could get through the door. Feuer sprouted her demon tail as it began to flail throughout the room. She was close to losing it at this point.

While she was looking around again as her giant self,Feuer noticed the chandelier that was in front of her. The chandelier,of course in her view,was tiny and was sparkling gold. But there was a key holding the chandelier,which the key was being hold up by a very tight rope.

"ooooh,pretty tail." The minks say as they notice the tail flailing around.

Feuer stopped flailing her tail about as she focused her attention on the chandelier. She crawled over to it noticing the key needed to open the door, she carefully cut the tight rope and grabbed the key. Feuer nodded to herself that finally this was part one of the madness to end.

"Oi bro,I think she found the actual key." The one rabbit mink guard says.

"Yeah,but now for her to shrink back to the dwarf sized door." The other mink says,"The vial that was on the glass table shattered along with the table,so unless she kept some,I don't think she can shrink down."

Feuer looked down to see if there was anything she could use to shrink herself back down. If there was only just a small bit of the liquid on the ground, I could shrink back down to use the key, Feuer thought to herself. Only question was, how would she be able to find it?

Not very noticeable to see,but there was a very tiny pool of the vial which had shattered. If Feuer were to lick it off of the ground,she would most likely taste the shattered glass,but it would at least get her down to size.

"You....You think I can fuck her?" The one mink asks,"That giant of a body is sooooo beautiful."

"S-s-stay vigilant brother." The other rabbit mink says still trying to resist an explosion of nosebleed.

Overhearing what the rabbit minks were chattering about, Feuer let out an intimidating demonic growl to silence them. She knelt down and began to lap up what little of the liquid was on the ground without getting any shattered glass in her mouth. Suddenly she felt herself shrink down once more. Once she had shrunk down with the key on her, she managed to get to the door to unlock it this time it would work.

"Well I'll be damned." The rabbit mink says,"Most people would mostly go crazy by then."

"Well it seems she is more than a normal person." The other rabbit mink says,"Especially with that growl of hers tells me there is something more than human about her."

Welcome to Wonderland!

Feuer opens the door and sees a tunnel that is surrounded by water. The tunnel stretches far and up to the mainland of this already strange island. It can be seen that what would be normal sized fish,are now very large fish in Feuer's eyes. And the very large sea kings that swim here as well,are now humongous due to Feuer's size. The tunnel seemed to have an exit that had light showing at the end.

Feuer felt that it a bit odd that she just entered a door that lead her into a different world but showed there was an exit. Now this is starting to get weird, Feuer thought to herself. She proceeded forward towards the exit to see where it would lead her to.

She exits out of the tunnel,and now she sees a world much bigger than her. Thanks to her being shrunken,everything is bigger than what normally is. The little pebbles are now the size of huge boulders. The blades of grass are now the size of trees,and the crawling of insects and spiders are now the size of very large animals. Yet there was a beauty within the size. Feuer was able to see the colors of the the dark green,chlorophyllic grass and the yellow and black of a large, furry bumblebee passing by.

Feuer's eyes widen to how alluring the sight of everything was around her. She never imagined that being this tiny would be both weird but also so enticing to the eye. As Feuer continued through the blades of grass, she hoped to find someone who would be able to help her find a way out.

As she walks through the blades of grass,she comes across these fields of flowers that were literally singing. A red rose was seen conducting a choir of daisies and violets while they were singing a hymn of some type.

One of the flowers notices Feuer entering nearby,"Who is this tiny person? A human that has entered from the north of eden?"

"A human that entered from the north of eden?" Another flower asks,"Such a rarity we see visitors come by this island."

"ooh ooh what's your name human?" The flower asks Feuer.

"Ummmm, I'm Luc E. Feuer," Feuer replied in a suspicious tone.

Seeing singing flowers before her was a bit odd to her yet the hymn they were singing was quite soothing to her, she didn't know why. She woke up from her trance then looked at the flower who asked her, "Do you where I am by chance?"

"Oh you are at the Garden of Eden!!" The flower answers,"A sweet haven full of mysteries that no one wishes to find out,cause everyone finds something interesting in each part of the island personally."

"Yeah! Though there are three kingdoms that rule this place." a petunia says,"But politics don't worry us Hanas. We are more worried about the humans picking us and killing us in the process."

"So what are you doing here human?" A manly voice of a lily speaks to Feuer.

"I...I don't know," Feuer replied, "I stumbled across a rabbit hole, I fell in and here I am...this place is getting weirder and weirder..."

"Well you obviously came from the north." The lily states,"But nevertheless we welcome you! Miss Feuer!"

"Are there anything else you want to know?" The petunia asks Feuer.

"For starters, I've never met any flowers that can understand the human language and second, is there someone here that I can speak to that can help me out of here," Feuer asked while looking around her surroundings.

"Well it's cause we are known as Hanas!" The petunia answers,"We're not your normal flower type,if you ever heard of the Elms,the talking trees,we're basically a relative of theirs. Except we're flowers!"

"To answer your other question young lady." The male lily says to Feuer,"There is a nice bishop that goes by the name Charles Dickens,he also has a brother by the name of Lewis Carroll,but you would most likely find Dickens than Carroll. But to get to Dickens,you would probably want to be human size to get there quicker."

"I see, and what would be the best method for me to change back to my human size to meet this Charles Dickens person," Feuer asked.

"Well.....you could try those mushrooms over there." The petunia points over to a group of spotted red mushrooms,"Those mushrooms are known for making people grow to HUGE proportions. It somewhat scares us sometimes."

"It might not grow you to your normal size,but it would at least help you out get to him quicker." The male lily states.

"Don't worry, I don't have hatred for flowers," Feuer said as she went over to the group of spotted red mushrooms.

Once Feuer went over to the mushrooms, she tapped on one of them to see if anything would happen that she would grow back to her normal size.

"You would want to eat it." The lily says,"Might not taste good,but it should work."

Feuer sprouted her demon wings as she flew up and pulled out one spotted red mushroom and ate it. The taste made her shudder but she began to feel a bit funny.

Well it did the job,maybe a bit excessively. After she ate the mushroom,she grew taller,taller than her human form. She grew to the size of trees! She was now able to see over the treeline,with her head and body over the trees, and see the beauty far beyond Eden. She sees a white castle to the east,a red castle to the south,and a black castle to the west. She also was able to see a frozen giant mountain that looked like it was weeping? She also sees the plains that are in the design of a chessboard. All in all she saw beauty above the trees as a giant,even though it was unintentional.

Feuer's eyes widened to how beautiful Eden was. However, now she had to think, which castle would Charles Dickens be located at? It had to be either one. Then again, the weeping mountain did capture her attention and wanted to see the reason for it out of her curiosity. She sprouted her wings and flew over to where the weeping mountain was. Strange, why is a mountain, Feuer thought to herself.

She sees the giant mountain and its cold beauty. It was an ancient giant sitting on a mountain,and weeping. But the ancient giant being stone cold frozen is what made it chilling. The giant was seen weeping from its frozen eyes,a steady stream of the tears would fall down into this river that would lead to a large lake nearby that Feuer was able to see since she is the size of a giant. Not too far from the lake is also a little house that had its chimney smoking from above the trees.

Feuer was quite curious about the little house. If there's smoke coming from a chimney, someone must be home, Feuer thought to herself. She headed over to the little house hoping there would be someone that could help her out. Once she arrived at the house, she knelt down to see if anyone was inside.

"Hello, is anyone there?" Feuer asked.

"Oh goodness me." A man inside was seeing Feuer's eye from the window inside,"You nearly gave me a scare ma'am. I don't need a heart attack anytime soon young lady." He then heads outside to look at Feuer,"Goodness me you're naked! Why are you like this?" He says as the man was performing a hail mary.

"It's a long story," Feuer sighed, "anyways, do you have a way for me to get back down to my normal size plus a way for me to reach a man named Charles Dickens?"

"Well to answer the second one,you're looking at him." Dickens answers as he was looking around Feuer,"And to answer the first,I do have a solution for that." Dickens runs back into the kitchen and brings out a small bowl of soup,"This has a nice balance of the weeping giant tears that you'll need to shrink to normal size. Plus it's a nice and warm chicken soup. Sorry if it's not much,but if you want more come inside once you're back to your normal height." He gives the small bowl of soup to Feuer,which was even smaller to Feuer,"Don't swallow the bowl,that's a good bowl I don't want swallowed."

Feuer took the small bowl of soup on her finger then took a sip from it and began to notice she was shrinking down to her normal size. Feuer sighed to herself that, finally she wasn't a giant anymore but she was still naked. She handed the bowl to Dickens, "Thank you."

"You are most certainly welcome my dear." Dickens says putting a coat around Feuer,"Follow me inside,I should have some soup and clothes for you."

Mr. Dickens's house

"Just stay here at this kitchen." Dickens says offering a seat to Feuer,"Here is a bowl of regular cream of chicken soup,Here are some crackers,a spoon,and a glass of water. I'll be back shortly for some clothes." He says as he heads upstairs to get to his attic.

Feuer noticed inside the house looked more like any normal house would be like,probably except for the strange,spotted wallpaper that was all over the place. Yet the home had a peaceful and cozy vibe to it,and the smell of cream of chicken soup really gave off a vibe of safety.

Feuer was not use to this type of feeling but in some sort of way, it made her think of childhood when she was a small child. She didn't know why but it felt a bit nostalgic in a way that she couldn't get it out of her mind. As Feuer took a hold of the spoon and had some of the cream of chicken soup. Her eyes lit up from the taste of it. It was delicious! She continued eating while looking around the home with her eyes filled with curiosity of that like a child.

"Well I couldn't find much,since women don't usually come my way,but here was the closest I can do for you." Dickens says as he comes downstairs and lays out this beautiful red dress that came with dark stockings."This stuff hasn't been used since my dear wife passed." He says also finding some nice red heels for Feuer,"Like I said it ain't much,but I hope I can satisfy you with some garments. You can change in the bathroom upstairs,just be careful not to eat anything up there."

Feuer took the garments in her hands along with the heels looking at them for a brief second before looking to Dickens.

"Thank you," Feuer said.

Feuer got up and made her way upstairs to the bathroom where she looked at the outfit once more. It looked a bit different than what she was use to wearing but she shrugged without a second thought. She slipped on her new outfit then looked at herself in the mirror. Feuer felt a bit odd in the dress but didn't think less of it. It felt nice, she was quite satisfied deep down. After she got dressed, Feuer made her way downstairs where she met with Dickens again.

"You sure it's alright for me to wear this," Feuer asked, "it once belonged to your wife and I don't want to be rude..."

"It is alright my dear." Dickens says,"She would've wanted the clothes to be worn by someone who would use them." He looks at Feuer with a content eye,"You look so much like her with all the red on you." He leaves out a sigh and then says,"Have a seat! I'm sure you have many questions!" He says as he brings out some tea and some more soup for him and Feuer,"Mind you telling me who you are miss?"

As Feuer took a seat she looked around the house for a brief bit before turning her attention back to Dickens, "My name is Luc E. Feuer, do you mind telling me where I am exactly?"

"You are Eden my dear lady." Dickens replies,"An island full of mysterious and other strange appearances. I personally came to this island to escape from the marines that were raiding the poor village in my hometown. My poor wife not making it out after the attack. Apparently,there were two marines that had conflicting opinions and decided to fight for their pride. The two marines ordered other marines around and ended up hurting others in the process. Me and my wife would try to run away and sail for land,but my wife died while seasick." He says this as he stirs up some soup from the stove and pours more onto Feuers and his own bowl.

Feuer looked down at her bowl with a somewhat somber expression on her face. She clutched onto her bowl trying to contain her anger with mentions of the Marines. She began to recall the incident that happened on Bonita Island many years ago...the memories vaguely haunted her mind but at the same time, it was a reminder of the one of the types of people who she despised.

"I'm...sorry about what happened to your wife," Feuer said in a somber tone.

Dickens sighs,"God had already written the book of her. It was just that her book was finished,and I must continue my story without her. And with that I cannot control." He says as he places some crackers into his soup,"You never know when God has finished the story for you. That is why you live with goals. My goal? Well it ain't much,but I strive to be my own priest,with my own church. But to get there,I need to be closer to God. And with that,I've been doing nothing but studying the bible,praying,taking care of my gardens,and writing down some of my discoveries of this island."

"I see," Feuer said as she ate some of her soup, "I don't know if this would be a goal of mine...but for years I've been on the run and on my own since I was a small child...I've taken the lives of tens of thousands of people out of anger, out of vengeance for everything that was taken away from me. The world sees me as a monster but there's a part of me that wants to leave that life behind...I feel as if there's something missing in my life...but I don't know what it is..."

"Well God has plenty of room for second chances." Dickens says as he bows,"So I will show the same compassion and mercy to you. Even though the general public may find you a monster, I find you as a nice young girl that wants to escape from her past." She then was thinking,"You're called Luc E. Feuer right? That means you're the satanic temptress." He smiles,"Huh,thought you would've been taller."

"Yes, that is correct, though I'm only taller when I change into my full beast form, and yes I'm known as the Satanic Temptress in the New World," Feuer replied.

"Well again I say Welcome to Eden." Dickens smiles a heartwarming smile,"If there are any questions to ask,you can certainly answer them to me. Since most here won't give you a straight answer. Trust me,some of these neighbors are another story."

"My first question would be, is there a ruler here that I can speak to so then I can find a way out of here," Feuer asked.

"There's three of them actually." Dickens answers,"The red kingdom,white kingdom,and the black kingdom. And a way out? Well you can always get out the way you came. Though that would be a stretch depending your situation and where you came from."

"I came from a rabbit hole that I stumbled upon when I first came to the island," Feuer replied, "also who are the rulers of each kingdom if you don't mind me asking?"

"Well the white kingdom has a king and queen there,but most people know the queen as Daenerys Mirana. The black kingdom is mostly ruled by the King Tom Lincoln. And well the Red kingdom had a queen,but that queen left for some reason. And their most popular and medaled general was banished by the past queen since he stole her favorite cherry pies. So the Red Kingdom is in some political anarchy or turmoil at the moment." Dickens answers.

"What kind of political turmoil," Feuer asked out of curiosity.

"Well like I said,the queen left like 2 years ago,and the King ain't really a strong king if you get what I'm saying." Dickens answers,"And their most established general was banished because he stolen the queen's cherry pies. A bunch of rubbish if you ask me." He then was sipping his tea,"And since there is a lack of leadership in that kingdom,the people there have rioted and are causing havoc for that kingdom. I tend to stay here out of the three kingdoms,as I am not a man for either of the three kingdoms."

"If anything, though I'm not someone who usually would help others," Feuer said as she sipped her tea, "what if I were to help do something for the kingdoms? If I did that, maybe I could find my way out."

"Well I think that would be difficult." Dickens answers,"The Black Kingdom ain't much to tourists,and they don't really care for foreigners. The White Kingdom,maybe,that queen there has a pet dragon and is quite a cold one. Oh,and she's blind. The Red Kingdom would look like the kingdom that needs the most help."

"Could you direct me to the kingdom that would be the best for me to head off to," Feuer asked, "I'm up for any challenge."

"Well the red kingdom would be the closest and one that would probably give you the most benefits." Dickens says,"You help out a people that are needing help. And they might direct you a way out besides the one you came from. But first I might want to give you these." He says as he pulls from under the counter a bunch of vials and cakes."I'm sure you were probably introduced to these,But they do seem to give a good tool in case you need it. Now the clothes would either be ripped to shreds or will fall off of you when you grow or shrink."

"The vial is filled with the tears of the crying giant,those tears give off a shrinking effect on any who swallow it due to a strange devil fruit the giant had eaten before he went into a frozen state. The cakes give off a growing effect thanks to being baked with a mushroom that gives off the effect."

"Take the vials and the cakes,they will be proven their worth most likely in the adventure." Dicken says giving 10 medium sized cakes and 10 vials of the giant's tears,"Now here's a little trick,if you want to get to normal size,eat the cake while also dunking the cake with the tears. That way it negates both ways and makes you return to your normal size."

Feuer took the cakes and vials putting them away then gave Dickens a calm look on her face but her eyes showed gratitude, "Thank you for your hospitality, I should be heading out now."

"Good luck out there Miss Feuer!" Dickens says as he waves goodbye,"Watch out for my brother Carroll,he does make strange appearances,and may God be on your side!"

As Feuer walked outside,she noticed the big red castle that is the first noticeable kingdom and closest kingdom,as it was only in the South.

Guess my first destination would be to the red castle it seems, Feuer thought to herself. She sprouted her wings as she took flight towards the red castle. She began to wonder what type of turmoil the kingdom was under. At last, she reached the Red Kingdom and proceeded forward.

The Red Rose

As she entered,she saw wilted roses on rows of hedges that led to the castle. And there was a large bonfire that was noticeable from the entrance. There at the bonfire was a group of people that were causing a large noise around the fire. There was also a guillotine that was seemed to be in front of the castle doors.

"If you come out! We'll be having your head off your spine!!" The rioters were yelling.

Feuer seemed to be a bit confused about what was going outside of the castle. She pressed forward to see what the commotion was about with a serious look on her face.

"Excuse me, but could anyone of you tell me if there is anyone inside of the castle I could speak to," Feuer asked.

"And who the fuck is asking?" A rioter yells out.

"For your information we are trying out to pull the king out of his pretty little castle here." Another rioter answers.

"Yeah! We made all the guards run away with all of our numbers!" A rioter states while dancing over the bonfire,"Can you be of any help?"

"I can see what I can do, will you let me inside so I can speak with the king and see where to go from there," Feuer asked.

"Well that's the thing." A rioter yells,"The doors are locked cause some guard swallowed the keys and we burned the man without knowing the keys were in him."

"There is an open window there that we try to throw torches at,but none of us has the arm to throw one up." Another rioter says pointing to the window high up in the building.

Feuer looked up in the direction where the window was then looked to the rioters as she politely bowed, "Thank you, I won't be long."

Feuer flew up to the window high up in the building as she went inside to see where she had to go next to see if anyone was there.

"HEY!!!! What's the big idea?" The rioters yell at Feuer for not really helping them.

Inside,Feuer realizes she's in an office that had multiple paintings of Kings and Queens. There was a desk near on the right as there a door on the left. The carpet below was filled with a Heart and a Diamond. At the desk,there seems to be some noticeable shaking going on under the desk.

Feuer approached the desk with a confused but curious look on her face. She knelt down under the desk to see who was under there, "Hello, anyone under there?"

"G-get away!" There was a man under the desk,wearing royal clothes,but hiding under the desk. It seems that the king was hiding under a desk,afraid to face his own people."I-I am the King! I-I o-order you to!"

"I'm not one of the rioters, I'm Luc E. Feuer and I came here to speak with you," Feuer said.

"W-w-well how can I trust you?" The king asks,"Everyone outside wants me dead...they've all been sick of me and been wanting my head for ages. I've been stuck inside here for months,and my food is only dwindling. It won't be long before I die of starvation before they find a way in and kill me."

"I can help you find a way out of the castle without being spotted," Feuer suggested, "anyway I can assist with that?"

"Well any chance I can get away from this damned kingdom I will take it." The king says getting up from the desk,"Oh wow! You surely would be a perfect temporary queen if you wanted to be!" He says as he looks at Feuer,"Would you like to be my wife? No no Max you can't do this,you're already married to a queen." He slaps myself,"I'm sorry,There should be an underground maze,but that would take too long and is too risky. There is a secret door around here that led an exit to the forest,but I don't remember where that is. And the only other option is that window since I've closed every other and hid the keys and now I don't remember where the keys are."

Feuer sighed in annoyance over the king's proposal for marriage but immediately brushed it off as she focused her attention on the king, "What if I were to help you find the secret door to the forest?"

"Oh that would be lovely!" The king says,"The name's Dia Maximo by the way." He then starts looking around,"Problem is I don't remember if it was in here or in another room."

Feuer looked around to see where the secret door would be located. It had to be somewhere, "Which other room was it in if not here?"

"Well it could be in the library...or in my bedroom....or in the dining hall. I DON'T KNOW!!!" Maximo was seen crying in distress,"If only Kimiko were here....."

Feuer looked around for a second then turned her attention back to Maximo, "Who's Kimiko?"

"My wife,the queen of this kingdom." Maximo answers,"The people loved her more than me for her beauty and leadership,and then she suddenly disappeared without even me knowing. And the people think that I killed her cause I was jealous of her. When I honestly don't know a thing..." He was crying more just thinking about Kimiko,"I miss her and her leadership,I missed her being next to me and smiling. I miss her boobs that she would let me cuddle against...."

Feuer was getting a bit weirded out and also annoyed. Hearing him crying was starting to make her irritable. There had to be a way to find where she could have gone. "Sir, I understand how much your wife means to you but we both need to focus right now. If you were Kimiko and you knew where the secret door was, where would it be," Feuer asked calmly.

"Hmmmmm,good question." He says as he starts walking around the rooms in circles,"Hmmmmmm,It could either be in her personal museum of swordsmen or in our bedroom."

"Why don't we check each room to see if we could find the secret door and go from there," Feuer suggested.

"I do like that idea!" Maximo states,"We can start with the museum downstairs!" He says running off down to the lower floor,"Please do catch up,it is easy to get lost here."

"Got it," Feuer nodded as she sprouted her demon wings and flew after the king catching up with him in the direction of the museum.

As Feuer exited the office,she was unveiled the giant beauty of the castle. The castle was of a beautiful gray stone with flags and banners of hearts and diamonds. There were portraits of the kingdom's past leaders and a portrait of Maximo and Kimiko at the farthest right. Just like on the carpet floor of the office,there was a Diamond and a Heart on the stone floor.

"Come on ma'am!" Maximo shouts to Feuer,who was at the bottom of the grand staircase,"Don't make me find you if you get lost." He says entering a room.

Feuer followed the sound of Maximo's voice as she flew down to the bottom of the grand staircase. When she finally arrived she landed on the ground and proceeded inside the room.

Feuer sees a row of historic samurai katanas and knight longswords. There was also samurai armor and knight armor all over the room. There were even a few ninja equipment seen in the room.

"Welcome to the Museum of the Titi and Dia clans!!!" Maximo shows off the museum,"These are armor and weapons that has been used for centuries by us Titi and Dia clans. My people,the Dias,have used the knight armor mostly. While the Titis,my wife's clan,have been using the samurai and ninja armor mostly."

Looking at the armor and weapons from both clans, for some reason, Feuer began to remember her grandfather many years ago who wore armor similar to both clans. She was both enthralled and curious about the armor and weapons she couldn't help but stare at them. "You have a lot of weapons and armor here. It somehow reminds me of my father's side of the family, being from a family of warriors," Feuer said.

"Oh? Oh we're warriors and poets mostly." Maximo states,"We write stories,poems,and myths of our battles while coping with the battles we have fought. I personally have never been in battle,cause no one has challenged us to a game of chess....yet." He says then as he fearing it might happen to him.

"Wait, in a game of...chess," Feuer asked confused, "if you come from a family of people who used knight armor, didn't you learned how to defend what is yours?"

"Well....yes." Maximo says,"But look at me! I'm in no shape to fight." He says taking off his royal cape and royal outfit,"I'm a man with barely any meat on my bones. If I go out into battle,I'll be dead by the first man with a sword."

Feuer looked at the armor then thought to herself for a second. If she were to wear any of those she could either help Maximo out with the rioters or she could help him learn to fight. Then, Feuer had an idea. "What if I were to teach you how to fight and in return, we find the secret door," Feuer suggested.

"Well that's if I knew where the secret door was." Maximo says,"You know what? Forget about it! There is no way we'll be able to find this door. I might as well die here in my grief." He says walking away pouting from his negativity. He suddenly bumps into a samurai armor,which the armor fell and bumped into a katana. The katana seemed to make a gear noise when it leaned the other way. And suddenly,a door appeared behind the history bookshelf.

"Owwww..oohhhh no! Kimiko and the Titi clan will not be happy about their old samurai armor,and it was me who did bumped into it...." He says griefly.

Feuer looked over at the door as her eyes widened. "Maximo, look, there's a door here. Could that be it?"

"Oh man how will I explain Kimiko that her clan's armor had fell...." Maximo says,"Leave me alone woman. I want to be alone in my grief." He then looks back,"Huh....I don't remember that door being there. Did you do something to have that show up?"

"I didn't know, but from when you bumped into the one of the samurai armor, it looks like there was a door behind it," Feuer said.

"Hmmmmm,I guess if you forget it,it's "history"." Maximo tries to joke,"Yeah,but I guess that's the secret exit from this castle."

Still with a straight face, Feuer let out a chuckle as she approached the secret exit ready to open the door, "Shall we, your majesty," Feuer asked.

"Yes indeed ma'am!" Maximo says,"I want to get out of this place!" He says as he opens the door and enters the secret tunnel to the forest of Eden.

As they were walking,they noticed there wasn't as much lighting in the tunnel as it begun. And soon,they could feel their heads hitting the stone cold ceiling of the tunnel.

"Ouch,what type of sorcery did Kimiko's family use to build this?" Maximo says as he hits his head on the ceiling,"Or was it my family that built this?"

Feuer noticed the tunnel was getting smaller. She remembered the vials and cakes that Dickens gave her then had an idea. Maybe if I were to shrink myself along with Maximo, we might be able to escape with issue, Feuer thought. Feuer pulled out one of the vials then looked at it thinking for a brief second then looked to Maximo. "Your majesty, I may have an idea how we'll be able to get through," Feuer said.

"And what is that ma'am?" Maximo asks Feuer,"Is it possible to get some lighting here as well? But spit out your idea."

"My idea is, I get the feeling the more we keep going forward, the tunnel is getting smaller," Feuer said, "so if we were to become smaller, it might help us with getting out. Also, here." Feuer used her powers to produce a small hell flame from her hand lighting the tunnel.

"By jove I think you're right!" Maximo says as the light showed off the tunnel continuing to get smaller and smaller,"Well how do we become smaller and smaller. I bet you need to be as small as a mouse to get through this exit."

Feuer took out one of the vials then took a sip then handed it to Maximo. "Here, take a sip from this and it will make us smaller," Feuer said.

"And what are you? A wizardess?" Maximo asks as he takes the vial,"Well better drinking this than staying here,if anything,it'll kill me and I'll be in a better place." He then drinks it,"yuck tastes like if a cherry tart and a roast beef had a baby." He says as both Feuer and Maximo were suddenly getting smaller and smaller. All of their clothes fall off,of course,as they shrunk.

"My God do my clothes not fit me anymore." Maximo says kicking his overly large clothes now,"And yikes,I don't need to see you bare my lady. What have you done to both of us witch?"

Feuer was getting annoyed by Maximo's behavior but she kept calm. "First, I'm not a witch, and second what we drank shrunk us meaning we're able to leave through the tunnel," Feuer said in a calm but stern tone as she produced a small hell flame from her palm once more. "We should keep going forward," Feuer said.

"Oh wow you're right!" Maximo says,"We can leave now! Here I come freedom!!!" He says walking toward the end of the tunnel. But as he walked,a mouse was seen coming out the other end and scurrying toward them.

"AHHHH GIANT MOUSE!!!!" Maximo was seen hopping onto Feuer when he saw the mouse scurrying past them,"That mouse is HUGE!!"

Feuer rolled her eyes as she placed Maximo down the approached the mouse. "I got this," Feuer said. She let out an intimidating demonic growl glaring at it with blood red demon eyes.

The mouse runs past Feuer and Maximo from hearing that growl. It ran toward where Feuer and Maximo came from in the dark tunnel.

"What are you?" Maximo asks Feuer with some weird look.

"Just a pirate who ate a Devil Fruit," Feuer replied, "now I'm what people call a literal Satan."

"My God..." Maximo does a hail mary,"Let's get out of this dark place. It's starting to scare me..." He says staring toward the exit,that was getting brighter every time they got closer.

Feuer didn't say a word as the two headed towards the exit when they were getting closer to a bright light. Finally they managed to get out of the tunnel but now were in an area. Feuer looked around to see where they were at now.

Feuer notices they're in a similar place she entered from the small door in the beginning of the island. She notices a lot of bushes and a lot more vegetation this time. She also notices a large pond in front of them,that looks like a very large lake in their size.

"AHHHHHH GIANT SPIDER!!!!" Maximo was seen as he was up on a bush,above from a large spider that noticed him.

Feuer quickly ran over to where Maximo was as she used her hell fire to incinerate the spider into non existence. Once gone, she looked up at Maximo with a calm expression on her face, "You majesty, it's safe to come down now."

"Oh I do hate being the size of a bug." Maximo says as he comes down,"So what do we do now? How do I get back to normal? Where should we go? What will we eat? Is there people that can help us?" He says as he keeps going down a list of questions that one can't even catch up on.

"Your majesty, please calm down," Feuer said trying to keep calm from the constant questions, "I know how we can get back to our normal size. I just need to get the vials and cakes to get us back to normal."

"Well how do we do that?" Maximo asks,"And how many vials do you have? Ohhh those cakes look good at least!" He says wanting to grab the cakes from Feuer.

"So far we used one," Feuer said, "there's nine left and there are ten cakes, if we both eat the cake and drink from the vial we should return back to our normal sizes." Feuer took out one of the cakes breaking it in half giving a piece to Maximo as she ate her piece dunking it into the vial then handed it to Maximo. "Now you," Feuer said.

"O-oh ok." Maximo says as he takes the cake and dips it into the vial."What now? Just eat it?"

"Yes you eat it your majesty," Feuer said.

"Ohhhhh-k" Maximo says as he eats the half of a cake,"hmmmm,the cake does make it a bit sweeter." He and Feuer were then growing to their normal size,"Oh look at that! I'm me!" He says hugging himself,"So......we're both naked." He says looking at Feuer and himself,"You have a potion to fix that as well?"

"Sadly, I don't," Feuer said, "in the meantime, we need to keep going to the forest before anyone finds us."

"Well where should we go from here?" Maximo asks,"All we see here is a big forest,a small pond here,and a very pale looking trail there." He says pointing to the road that looks like it hasn't been travelled in a long time.

"I see, we should probably head down the trail and see where it leads us to," Feuer suggested.

The trail led the two to a place where it connected to a bigger road,which the bigger road would look familiar as this was the route she came from Mr. Dickens's house. Soon,they were able to see Dickens's house within eyeshot.

"Wait,someone lives here within this creepy forest?" Maximo asks,"Wouldn't one prefer the comfort of a castle over the strangeness of this forest?"

"Mr. Dickens lives here," Feuer said, "Come on, we can head over there and speak with him."

"Oh ok,if you say so." Maximo says following Feuer.

Dickens was seen outside gardening his little flower pots as Feuer and Maximo were walking toward him. He notices the two,"Huh? Oh hey Miss Feuer,who's the boy here?"

"You know this witch?" Maximo asks Dickens.

"I just met her myself about an hour or two ago." Dickens answers,"And she ain't a witch,only another normal person on the spiritual road that one must walk by." He says as he was gardening,"You two need something?"

"Well first, we managed to escape from the red castle," Feuer said, "now we just need to head to the next closest castle."

"Escape?" Dickens asks,"Oh yeah the rioters in the Red Kingdom."

"Yeah,I'm the king Maximo! And I want some clothes!!" Maximo states.

"Well Mr.Dia Maximo,you have no rule outside your kingdom." Dickens says,"So I don't need to if I don't want to. But let me go get some clothes for you both. Come inside and have some soup and tea awhile."

"Indeed!" Maximo says running inside,"I'm starving!"

"Thank you very much Mr. Dickens," Feuer said as she politely bowed.

"It is no problem,I actually like having visitors. As it is something I don't get every now and then." Dickens bows to Feuer with a kind smile.

Feuer and Maximo get some clothes on and Maximo was seen eating some soup and crackers. Feuer was wearing a dress that was exactly like the last one. Maximo found a red choir outfit and decided to wear it over the others.

"So what are you planning on next?" Dickens asks Feuer.

"Are you leaving me to this man?" Maximo asks Feuer as well.

"I was planning to head to the next castle but if leaving Maximo here, I don't know how long it would be until the rioters find out," Feuer said.

"Once they find out,they'll want my head more than ever." Maximo states in fear.

"Yeah,and I would prefer my peaceful life." Dickens answers,"I would recommend to take him to the White kingdom,that way he has some protection."

"But how will they treat me there?" Maximo asks.

"You rather be at the black kingdom?" Dickens asks Maximo.

"Good point." Maximo says shuddering from the name of the black kingdom.

"What is so scary about the black kingdom," Feuer asked out of curiosity.

"Well......" Dickens was seen thinking how to describe it,"The black kingdom is a newer kingdom that has introduced himself strangely."

"One day,he entered the island and said he would claim it." Maximo answers,"It challenged both us white and red kingdoms in a game of chess."

"He beats both rulers and beheads them too." Dickens says,"And to this day,whoever challenges him in chess has lost their head and been placed in a wall of his trophies."

"That would include the past rulers of the Red Kingdom." Maximo shudders,"Me and Kimiko became the next rulers at the age of 14,after the past rulers lost their heads."

"And he also rules his kingdom with an iron fist of fear." Dickens states,"And if you see the kingdom,there's this aura of evil itself that lurks there."

"He sounds intimidating but doesn't scare me the least," Feuer says, "now it peeks my curiosity of meeting him. I may not know much on chess but if wanting a challenge, I'm up for anything he'll throw at me."

"This ain't your normal game of chess." Dickens mutters.

"Can we get going to the White Kingdom?" Maximo asks,"The sooner I feel safe,the better."

"You guys want soup to carry on that walk?" Dickens asks while pouring soup into thermoses,"And here are some crackers! Be careful of the flamingos wanting to take them. I swear they can smell a cracker a mile away." He says as a flamingo was seen outside the window staring at the crackers.

"Thank you Mr.Dickens!" Maximo gratifies Dickens.

"That would be helpful Mr. Dickens," Feuer said as she takes the thermos along with the crackers then politely bows, "thank you once again for you help."

"You are certainly welcome." Dickens bows himself,"Now I guess I might as well go feed some flamingos at the lake." He says grabbing a bag of crackers and walking outside himself to the lake.

"Shall we go to the White Kingdom please?" Maximo asks Feuer.

"Yes, let's go to the White Kingdom," Feuer says nodding.

White Roses Painted Red

Feuer and Maximo were seen walking toward the White Kingdom. As they got closer,they noticed things were getting more and more snowier. Like there was a winter wonderland within the island. They soon see the castle,made out of smooth ice.

"Whooo Man this place is starting to get chilly." Maximo states,"So this is the White Kingdom?"

Enthralled, Feuer looked around the area out of curiosity. Weird it was once nice and pleasant where Mr. Dickens was now it's winter, Feuer thought. "This should be the White Kingdom," Feuer says, "would need to find the ruler."

As they walked,they noticed a hedge of white roses that were obviously painted red. And within sight,was a bunch of men wearing red card uniforms running around with a bucket of red paint around.

"What are some of my men painting the White Queen's roses red?" Maximo asks,"Oooohhh boy,the queen is not gonna take a liking to me...."

"What makes you think they wouldn't like you," Feuer asked watching the red card men painting the roses.

"Those are my men." Maximo says,"They're painting the White Queen's white roses red. That's considered an act of terrorism in these parts!"

"An act of terrorism," Feuer wondered, "makes me question why they're painting the white roses to begin with."

"I wouldn't ask!" Maximo says hiding behind Feuer,"If they see me,they'll...."

"HEY! It's the king!" The one red card man yells to his friends,"Looks like he got out of his hiding spot to get away from his troubles."

"Not if we get to him!" Another card man says running to the two.

"Oh no! They spotted me!" Maximo says,"Protect me!" He says cowering behind Feuer.

Feuer took a step forward looking towards the red card men as her eyes turned blood red and let out a loud demonic growl. "Stop right there," Feuer snarled.

The card men stop in their tracks right in front of Feuer,"Oi,who are you lady?"

"She's a friend of mine!" Maximo says with a cocky smile,"You better listen to me now!"

"Ohhhhh,so you're using someone to do your bidding." A card man says,"You'll never grow your own set of balls if you keep doing this King. You're too afraid to meet your people's anger cause you don't got balls. Even your wife had bigger balls!"

"Don't insult me like that...." Maximo was seen crying behind Feuer's back.

"You see girl? That "King" has no balls." The card man states to Feuer.

Feuer let out a more intimidating demonic growl, this time it was more menacing as she glared into their eyes. "Kneel...NOW," Feuer growled.

"Anything for you lady." A card man says as he and the other cards kneel,"But not for that weak king!"

"Yeah! You better listen to her! She a bad girl if you don't want her mad!" Maximo says with confidence,"I oughta have you killed on the spot men."

"Now, I want you to tell King Maximo and I why you are here, and start from the beginning," Feuer said with a stern tone.

"Well,seeing as Maximo wouldn't get out on his willing shoes. We knew that if a kingdom would attack him,that would get his ass out of that castle. So all we needed to do was anger the White Queen here by painting her white roses red and then she'll blame him for this and then King would basically be killed here by the White kingdom,which means we can get new rulers instead of waiting for Queen Kimiko to return.

"And got my attention you did." A young woman about a bit shorter than Feuer comes approaching with a little dragon pet on a leash next to her. The woman had ,snow white hair that ran down to the feet,a thick white dress and a blue royal cape around her dress. She looked about the age of 17, "Why are my roses red?"

"Oh Queen Daenerys Mirana! I thought you can't see? That's why you have your pet there." Maximo says hiding behind the growling dragon.

"I know when my people are honest with me that they see red card men painting my white roses red." Mirana answers,"So you all better explain yourselves for being here."

"I apologise for both mine and King Maximo's intrusion," Feuer politely bows, "my name is Luc E. Feuer, the reason for coming here was protection for King Maximo."

"Luc E. Feuer?" Mirana asks,"The name is familiar....mind if I feel you?"

"You might want to say yes." Maximo whispers to Feuer,"She is blind,but can photographically sense people by her touch."

"Don't mind getting close to my dragons." Mirana says,"They'll bite only if I tell them to." She says as the dragon was barking loudly.

"Of course," Feuer nodded as she knelt down a bit to allow Mirana to feel her face.

"Hmmmm,red hair,a nicely formed face,a pretty nice figure,and a nice red dress I can feel." Mirana says feeling Feuer,"You must be the one they call "The Satanic Temptress" well I am in pleasure of meeting you." Mirana herself bows at Feuer.

"So what should we do with these card men Mirana?" Maximo asks.

"Leave them be." Mirana says,"That's your judgement,not mine." She then turns to Feuer,"Want to follow me inside to the castle?"

"Yes, your majesty," Feuer nodded.

"Run off you stupid card men,I'll think of a punishment later." Maximo says to the card men who were already standing up and leaving into the forest.

"Follow me Maximo and Feuer." Mirana says having her dragon lead her inside the Ice castle. Inside was a icy looking kingdom that had tons of people with nice warm smiles around,much different from the anarchy of the Red Kingdom.

"Hello Queen." A merchant bowed to the blind white queen,"Anything you wish to have today?"

"No no,I'm just going back to my royal house and will have some coffee with these guests." Mirana says with a smile to the merchant,"Good day merchant."

"You too your majesty." The merchant bows and then leaves.

"So what brings you two to my kingdom." Mirana asks,"You ain't helping Maximo escape from his problems are you?"

"It's a bit of a long story to be honest," Feuer admits, "however, it's more than just that I can assure you."

"I see." Mirana says as they enter the royal house,"I hope you hadn't been feeling uncomfortable talking to me since I'm blind. In fact,I think of it as a blessing in a way. I can speak to people and literally read them like a book."

"Oh no,the only uncomfortable thing is that I'm cold thanks to the icelandic kingdom you own here." Maximo says while trying to keep himself warm.

"You get used to it quickly." Mirana says to Feuer and Maximo,"Sit down over there at the lounge." She points over to a room that had some victorian styled furniture around the lounge,"I'll have stewards to give you two hot coffee and I'll put my dragons away." She says walking to a different room with her pet dragon.

"Thank you," Feuer says as she headed to the room to take a seat. For some reason, being in the lounge room made her think of her childhood with her father and mother.

"Hmm,this room is more comfortable than I thought." Maximo says looking around the room. A steward came walking in to serve the two hot chocolate and coffee,"Queen will be in shortly"

"I am here." Mirana says walking into the room without a guide or anything,"You two enjoying the visit so far?"

"I am for sure." Maximo says with a smile,"Much better than being stuck at home,waiting for your head to be clean off."

"Your lack of leadership is noticeable." Mirana frowns at Maximo as she sits down in front of Maximo and Feuer,"You need to not rely on your wife and queen to come back and fix everything."

"But everyone likes her,and not me." Maximo says putting his head down in sadness.

"You need to build more confidence and leadership in the same way you wife displayed towards the citizens," Feuer says, "I may not know the reason why or nothing but maybe it could be a test of some sort, I could be wrong though."

"How do I build confidence if I know the civilians don't like me?" Maximo asks.

"Maybe you can stay here and learn from my husband and king Simon Gunther. He's right now hunting flamingos in the warm part of this island. He'll be hunting polar bears later tomorrow." Mirana says,"The fur cape he made for me out of nice soft rabbits."

"He's a hunter?" Maximo asks.

"Yeah,this kingdom has some pretty good hunters,like how your kingdom has samurai and knights from your clans." Mirana answers.

"Same with many years ago, I came from a family of warriors," Feuer replies.

"Maybe you need to get trained." Mirana says while sipping her cup of coffee,"Just teach you how to be a warrior like Gunther."

"Someone call my name?" A blond haired man enters the ice royal house,carrying a giant ostrich over his shoulder,"Honey,I'm Home!"

"I'm here in the lounge with some guests." Mirana says to the man,"Come on over Gunther! Guys this is my husband,Simon Gunther."

"Heya you two!" Gunther shouts out,"I got to go put this ostrich in the basement soon so we can have it for dinner in 2 days,we're having that polar bear roast tonight."

"That sounds lovely!" Mirana says to her husband.

"That man has confidence...." Maximo says,"How does he get it? How does he identify himself?"

"Your husband shows the spirit of a warrior from what I can see," Feuer says.

"Indeed. He is a hunter of his own heart." Mirana says with a smile,"I do try to have my warrior spirit,but most of it is riding on the dragon's backs,as we have a stable behind the house here."

"How does he have those muscles?" Maximo says looking at his lean body and comparing it to Gunther.

"Alright I'm back!" Gunther says walking into the lounge,"So what are you two doing here?"

"Request to have protection here until I can handle my kingdom." Maximo answers.

"Like train you?" Gunther asks,"I mean,you should already know how to be able to before you came in as king."

"I lack the confidence and masculinity as a king." Maximo depressingly responds.

"It is a long story but, he need to build the same level of strength and confidence as his wife to face his people back at the red kingdom," Feuer answers.

"I see..." Gunther replies,"I could perhaps teach him in what it is to be a king,but it would take about a year. Taking it you have no other option,I'm guessing you'll be fine with that."

"Yes indeed." Maximo says,"I'll be greatly happy to learn from you!"

"Haha no worries." Gunther replies,"Oh I smell that polar bear roast already!"

"You said you were born into a family of warriors." Mirana says to Feuer,"Mind if you explain?"

"I was born into royalty as a member of the Luc family, my father was Luc E. Krieg, whom many called the man of war, while my grandfather is Luc E. Valter, the demon king of war. In our family we grow up to become powerful warriors, rulers and one day pass down our heritage from our past to continue on our legacy."

"Very intriguing..." Mirana replies,"Well we're glad to have another warrior by our side."

"Indeed!" Gunther says,"Mmmmmmmmmm,I smell that polar bear roast!!"

"Must mean we'll be having dinner soon." Mirana says,"Mind if you two join?"

"It would be an honor!" Maximo answers.

"I'd love to, thank you" Feuer says.

"Then follow us then!" Gunther says to Maximo and Feuer as they exit the lounge and enter the dining room.

The dining room was made of ice like the rest of the house. There was a long,stone table in the center of the room,with pillars all over the room,holding the roof up. There were little dragons running around the dining room due to the smell of the polar bear roast that is on the center of the room.

"Mmmmmmmm,that does look even better up close." Gunther says.

"Come on over here you two little dragon buddies!" Mirana says kneeling down to pick up two medium sized dragons,"This white dragon is Snowflake and this black one is Midnight."

"Uhh hi little guys." Maximo says,but the dragons barked back loudly at Maximo.

Feuer looked over to the dragons with curious eyes. As much as she wanted to smile, her eyes only twinkled. "Hello Snowflake and Midnight," Feuer says.

The two dragons were curious about Feuer but at least stopped barking.

"Ha Ha! Seems they like ya gurl." Gunther says,"Let's sit down and eat! I'm hungry."

"This is a rather big roast." Maximo says as a giant plate of polar bear meat was in front of him.

"So tell us about how you got here." Mirana says to Feuer,"It is not often in this island we get foreigners."

"Mostly cause of how hard it is to get here." Gunther jokes.

"I was travelling to different islands in the New World when I came across this one and while exploring, I noticed a rabbit hole and when I went to get a closer look, I slipped and feel in," Feuer answers, "since then I've been involved in a series of rather fortunate and somewhat u fortunate events that I'm not used to."

"Ah yeah." Mirana says as she took a bite of the polar bear roast,"You do get used to the strange things here though within time."

"Indeed. Especially that dark aura around that black kingdom." Gunther says,"Man those people have been start stressing we worry about that kingdom."

"As long as we don't challenge them in chess we'll be fine." Mirana states.

"Out of curiosity, what is it about chess that's so special about it," Feuer asks.

"Have you seen the chess plains?" Mirana asks,"It's a giant plain of hilly grass and some flat plains that have arranged itself like a chessboard."

"We can show you it from the top of the tower outside." Gunther replies.

"Oh, I guess I didn't recognized it when I first came here," Feuer says as she takes a bite of the polar bear roast.

"Yeah,that would be where the chess is played." Mirana replies,"Are you familiar with chess and how it's played?"

"Sadly I am not familiar with chess," Feuer shook her head.

"So basically Chess is a board game for two players. It is played in a square board, made of 64 smaller squares, with eight squares on each side. Each player starts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, one queen and one king. The player with white pieces always makes the first move." Mirana explains.

"Your goal is to checkmate the opposing king." Gunther adds on,"So with all that,think of the board game applied to an actual battle."

"We do our battles like chess." Mirana then says,"We pick out soldiers that we believe would be great as a certain position. Then we go out and meet the opposing kingdom and fight."

"It's a literal battle of strategy." Gunther states,"And that's the reason why we're afraid of the Black King. He knows and plays chess better than us red and white kingdoms do."

"And besides the point if we lose,we lose our heads and get placed into his head trophy collection." Mirana says.

"I see," Feuer says.

"Yeah! That's why even I am scared to challenge the black king!" Maximo drops down in fear of the king itself.

"Well I can kick that fear of your down a little bit." Gunther laughs,"But even I have some fear of that man."

"We prefer to not have any dealings with the black king." Mirana says,"Though it seems you are a tourist. You would probably want to go to the black kingdom anyway."

"We shouldn't send tourists to their deaths." Gunther says to Mirana,"The citizens of that kingdom are even scared of their king. I wouldn't want to imagine her meeting the feared citizens."

"I fear no one" Feuer said in a stern tone.

Mirana and Gunther stare at Feuer who just spoke to them sternly.

"If you insist then." Mirana says.

"I'll show you the path to the black kingdom if you wish." Gunther says,"Though I recommend getting a good night's sleep since it is getting late." He looks outside.

"Man nearly sundown already?" Maximo asks,"Man time flies doesn't it."

"Thank you," Feuer says as she politely bows.

"You are surely welcome." Mirana says to Feuer.

"Nah nah midnight!" Gunther says to the black dragon,"You can't eat Maximo's meat." He picks up the little dragon.

"Uhhh,can I pet it?" Maximo asks.

"Sure! He won't bite!" Gunther laughs and replies.

"Anything else you wish to know?" Mirana asks Feuer.

"Not that I can think of at the moment, thank you again," Feuer says.

"No problem!" Mirana says,"Anything to help out for a tourist."

"Most tourist at this rate might've gone crazy over the strange sightings." Gunther says,"Like our talking flowers,the strange fungus,and the river of tears from the frozen ancient giant."

"You can sleep in a room that Gunther will show you to." Mirana says,"Is that right?"

"You can Mirana." Gunther says walking out with a nice full belly,"I gotta go feed the dragons outside,they're sounding hungry."

"Well follow me then." Mirana says,"Maximo can be placed into his own room later by Gunther." She points over to Maximo,who was fast asleep with his head on the empty plate of meat.

"Of course," Feuer replied. After finishing her meal, Feuer got up and proceeded to follow Mirana to her room.

Feuer's room was an ice room since it was out of ice. But the icy bedroom looked like the coziest ice room you can get. Furs were all over the room,with even bigger furs covering the cozy bed. There was a drawer,closet,and mirror there in the room too.

"It ain't much,but it should be good." Mirana states,"If you want a bath,there is a large steam bathroom four doors to the right of where we're standing."

"Thank you again," Feuer says as she politely bows before entering her room.

"You are most certainly welcome." Mirana says,"Do as you please with what you want to do. We'll be in our bedroom if you need anything." She starts walking off to Gunther,who was carrying Maximo up to his bed.

Feuer explored her room a bit when for some odd reason. It brought her back to her memories of her life in the kingdom of Gelassenheit. For some reason, it brought a nostalgic feel to her. She felt her eyes getting heavy as she went over to her bed and laid herself down. The bed was soft and comfortable, much to her surprise but she could feel herself drifting off to sleep.

Feuer wakes up from her bed and sees the sun shining it's bright light out toward the icy window. It is impressive how an icy castle like the white kingdom's doesn't melt under the great heat of the sun. Feuer smells the smell of fresh baked banana bread downstairs in the grand dining room. On the drawer and mirror was a light blue dress with white stocking and some black ruby shoes for her to wear if she so chose to.

Feuer stretched herself out as she got up and switched from her choir dress to the light blue dress, stockings and shoes. She felt a bit different in them but didn't think none of it. The smell of banana bread enticed Feuer as she followed the aroma to where it was coming from.

"Ah Morning Feuer." Mirana says from downstairs,who heard Feuer's movement,"A large loaf of banana bread was made earlier by our cook. Thought you would like some."

"It is good indeed!" Maximo says gorging on a large piece of his.

"Today boy we start your training." Gunther says,"We'll be making you a king in no time!"

"Awww man...." Maximo says,"What will we be doing first?"

"Lifting logs and chopping them!" Gunther says,"Get those muscles thicker in that thin body of yours!"

"I guess I'll be doing this awhile." Maximo says.

"Thank you," Feuer says as she went over to help herself with a piece. As she took a bite, her eyes widened. It was delicious!

"So what is the official plan for you today?" Mirana asks Feuer.

"I am unsure currently but I may think of seeing about the black kingdom," Feuer answers.

"As you wish." Mirana says,"Do you need anything before you go?"

"You can restock on giant tears and the growing cakes if you want at a shop that sells them." Gunther says as he noticed Feuer carrying a satchel of the objects.

"Can you direct me to the shop where I can restock on them," Feuer asks.

"So when you exit this house from the front door." Gunther points,"There is a line of marketing that have many traders for all kinds of things like hunting,meat,drinks,etc etc. There is a shop that has a purple and white cloth over the shop's roof,in there is a man who sells that stuff."

"Alright, purple and white cloth, got it," Feuer nods, "thank you again for your hospitality. I should be heading off. And Maximo, I wish you luck in becoming a strong leader."

"You are very welcome." Mirana says contently,"Be sure to come back sometime and tell us of your new adventures."

"Maximo will be a fine leader in no time!" Gunther says,"Come on Maximo,it's time to be lifting some logs!"

"Not sure how to feel about this...." Maximo says nervously.

Feuer politely bowed then made her leave as she headed out and made her way to the market. Wonder what this market would have in store for me, Feuer thought.

This is that moment in Skyrim or DnD where you have a shopping scene lol

The market was filled with people despite it being the early morning. There were fishermen selling baits for people who were wishing to fish in the river. There were butchers selling their meat. There were barbers stylizing and cutting people's hair. There were doctors that were giving customers medicines. There were merchants that were selling illegal products for a pretty high price in hidden corners of the castle. There were general welfare tents that were giving out food and other general needs. There was a few gunsmiths selling some quality rifles and firearms. There were little boys selling the local newspaper. Hotels and bathing houses were seen nearby. There was a post office on the farthest end of what Feuer could see. There was a large stable that was selling horses. There was a stagecoach that could give anyone a ride to anyplace for a fair price. There were tailors that were selling quality clothing to the White Kingdom's style. And finally there were some trappers selling furs to fellow people.

"There's a lot of shops here," Feuer states to herself, "first thing I need to do is find the place with the purple and white cloth. But where could it be?"

Not too far off on the left of Feuer,was a wooden shop that had the purple and white cloth overhanging the roof. It was a small shop,didn't look like it was visited much besides from the rare tourist that enter. There was a man sweeping the entrance of the building as Feuer noticed where the building was.

"Excuse me," Feuer asked as she approached the man, "I was told you sell growing cakes and giant tears, would you happen to have any?"

The man was still sweeping and answers,"Yes,why would you ask that? You a tourist that just wants to look at them but never dares to eat such blasphemous foods?"

"Actually, I did...had some of them before when I came here," Feuer replies remembering when she first had the giant tears and growing cake.

"Oh you have?" The shopkeeper asks,"Well I'm sorry,but most people just don't try them out cause of their pride they don't want to look naked in front of their peers. Come on in." He opens the door for Feuer to enter the little shop.

Feuer entered into the shop and her eyes widened from the assorted giant tears and growing cakes, "There's so many, how long have you been collecting them for," Feuer asked.

"Well it is rather easy to make them." The shopkeeper states,"The cakes are made from a certain mushroom that can only be found on this island. The tears are only found in the river of the weeping giant. You can also make breads and cookies with the fungus." He then walks behind the desk,"Would you like to hear the history and stories of the lands? Meanwhile,how many would you like of each?"

"I wouldn't mind knowing," Feuer says, "and I would like ten of each if possible."

"That will be Bsymbol.gif 21.94." The shopkeeper states,"The weeping giant river is mostly known as a story of a giant that wished to be as small as an ant that he could barely see himself. He was ashamed of his size because he stepped on so many things without knowing and has killed so many by stepping on them. He sat down on a mountain and wept for the rest of his life until a snowstorm overtook him and froze him to death. Now the river he has created from his ever still dripping tears now gives the ability to make people smaller when they drink his tears."

Feuer reached into her pocket and handed him a Bsymbol.gif50 bill she luckily had on her. "I see, a tragic tale but has a upside I guess," Feuer wondered.

"Indeed it does." The shopkeeper says as he gives the vials and cakes to Feuer,"The fungus that makes you a giant was a mushroom that was founded by a couple that wished to live like giants for a day. They tried to live with giants but never got the attention of them as humans as they were smaller than giants. These mushrooms were found one day by their door. They decided to pick it out and eat it with their pizzas for dinner. Without them knowing,the couple grew out of their house once they ate a single bite of the pizza. The couple were happy to be giants and lived off for the rest of their lives as a happy couple in the forest of Eden. Some say you may still find their spirits stomping all over the fields of Eden."

"How beautiful," Feuer replies with a calm expression despite not smiling.

"Yes indeed." The shopkeeper says as he wipes down the counter,"Me and my family own this shop with the information and history of the island. If you ever wish to find shops similar to this shop. We are laid out in the other kingdoms,and even one hidden in the forest of Eden. In our shops we can give you history of the land as well as give you exclusive objects from our shops. My name is Tales and I own this shop." Tales nods as a greeting,"So is there anything else I can give you?"

"Would you happen to have something I can carry the items in so then I would have them on me when I get huge and tiny," Feuer asks.

"Hmmmmm," Tales the shopkeeper thinks,"I might have something..." He says as he pulls out a silver hand band from the counter,"This is a hand band made out of a metal that'll shift its size while you're either huge or tiny. As long as you have this on your wrist,this should morph with ya." He then shows a trick,"Here's how you can put your objects in there..." He pushes parts of the hand band around,"If you rub your hand on the wrist twice,you should be able to open it like this!" He says as the band opens up into a little space area,"So you can place it in this." He then places the vials and cakes in the band."Rub it twice again and it'll close." He says as he closes it. He takes it off his hand and gives it to Feuer,"That one's on the house. You're welcome."

"Thank you so much," Feuer replies looking at the hand band, "you've truly been a great help for me."

"You are welcome." Tales says with a smile and nod,"Now. Do you have any more business with me?"

"No I do not but again, thank you once more," Feuer replies as she politely bows.

"No problem Ma'am." Tales says,"Make sure to say hello to my fellow companions that have shops opened like this!"

"I will," Feuer says as she leaves Tales' shop then proceeds to look around for other items that would catch her eye.

There was a boutique that caught Feuer's eye that had the look of an ice house with furs all over the building. In the front opening glass,there were many dresses and suits that were affiliated with the look of the White Kingdom. An old man was seen removing a shiny,blue dress from a manican and was taking it back with him and selling it to a woman who wished it.

Feuer went over to the boutique and entered to have a look around. Her eyes sparkled looking at the attire inside. She was thinking of getting a couple of outfits for her to wear in cause she were to change sizes or the very least change sizes along with her.

"Thank you! Have a nice day!" The old man smiles and says goodbye to the latest seller. He then sees Feuer and says,"Why hello. How may we help you today?"

"I'm looking into some new outfits for myself please," Feuer replies.

"There anything specific you are looking for?" The old man asks,"I mean we have plenty of outfits to choose from! From short dresses to furry dresses to a royal gown if you want."

"Any will do honestly, maybe something that really speaks to me in a way," Feuer answers.

"Well let's see...." The old man looks at Feuer,"That red hair of yours could easily fit with either a red dress like it or a black dress." He then looks over a catalog that has all the dresses available in the store,"Give me a minute." He then walks over to an area and brings out a dress made of octopus. "An octopus-skinned dress,it's the only red I have,you would need to go to the red kingdom for more red outfits. Here I mostly have white or light blue outfits."

"I wouldn't mind white or blue," Feuer says, "can you show me some please?"

"Sure." The old man says as he walks over to an area and picks out some blue dresses and then some white dresses. He then walks back to Feuer at the desk and then says,"Here are a few I think you would like." He shows off a white dress that was medium to long length,and had the look of a nice wedding dress. He also shows off a simple white dress that was short,but cute to wear. There was a long blue dress that would look tight on Feuer from the hip down. There was also a long blue dress that could drag on the floor. Finally he showed off a short blue dress that had a striped cloth belt that could go around it if Feuer chose to.

"All of them look interesting, I think I'll got with the blue dress with the cloth belt," Feuer points out.

"Ahhh,a simple dress,yet a fulfilling one as what my wife would say." the old man says as he also places the dress in a bag,"We are also offering today free stocking color of the customer's choice as what my wife planned out. So what color stocking do you want with your dress?"

"Do you have red? If not then I'll settle for white or black," Feuer replies.

"Don't have red unfortunately." The old man says,"Like I said earlier,red ain't the thing for the White kingdom. But I can give you white." He puts in some white stockings in the bag for Feuer,"You want any shoes with the dress? Heels? Boots?"

"Boots please," Feuer answers.

The old man gets out some long,gothic black boots,"Will these do?"

Feuer's eyes sparkles despite her calm blank demeanor. "They're perfect," Feuer exclaimed with some excitement in her voice.

"Alrighty then." The old man says putting it in a separate box,"That'll be Bsymbol.gif 5,000 if you don't wish for anything else."

Feuer began to remember her emergency stash she had hidden away when she started her journey. She pulled out a Bsymbol.gif 10,000 bill from her chest then handed it to him. "Please keep the change," Feuer says politely.

"Why thank you ma'am." The old man says giving the bag and box to Feuer,"Have a great day!"

"You as well sir," Feuer replies. Feuer took the bag and box as she left the boutique then decided to make her way back to the White Kingdom but before she would, she decided to look into something if going to the Black Kingdom.

Feuer smells nearby some rich burgers and fries being made at a building that was at the corner of the White Kingdom Castle. The building had the look of a crab shell,but had ice and snow all over it,as they were in a cold climate kingdom. There was a giant sign in the shape of a giant crab that said,"White Claw Beer and Steakhouse".There looked like there was a lot of people coming out of the steakhouse with happy faces and full bellies.

Feuer heard her stomach growl making her blush out of embarrassment. She looked to the restaurant as she went over to head inside. The aroma was enticing as she felt herself salivating. She went over to take a seat as she looked around the area. "Interesting place, wonder what they have here," Feuer wondered.

A waiter comes walking to her seat and table and says,"Welcome to the White Claw Beer and Steakhouse,how may we please you?" He then gives out a meal list and beverage list,"What can we get you to drink ma'am?"

"What are your best drinks here please," Feuer asks as she looks at the menu.

"Well we are quite on our beers madam." The waiter chuckles,"We do have the White Claw special which is a malted beer that our owner made himself with also adding some lemons and mint to the malted beer."

"I'll have some of the White Claw special then please," Feuer replies, "sounds interesting."

"Very well then." The waiter says as he goes over and gets a large cup of the White Claw special and gives it to Feuer,"How about to eat madam?"

"Meat and grilled squid please," Feuer answers.

"No problem!" The waiter goes into the kitchen to send out the order. A few minutes later the waiter comes back with food. "Alright here is some grilled squid and a bunch of cheeseburgers with curly fries. Now for a special with the grilled squid is this squid burger that has sweet potato fries on the side. Also we have a T-Bone steak with mash potatoes and gravy alongside. Hopefully this is enough for ya ma'am."

"This is perfect, thank you," Feuer replies as she starts digging in. Her eyes start to sparkle as she eats her food and consumes her drink. After a couple of minutes, Feuer let out a sigh after enjoying her meal. "So good," Feuer sighed in satisfaction despite her calm demeanor.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." The waiter bows,"Here is the bill." He pulls out the bill and gives it to Feuer. The bill was a Bsymbol.gif 100.

Feuer reached into her stash in her chest and pulled out a Bsymbol.gif 500 coin placing it on top of the bill looking to the waiter. "Please keep the change," Feuer says.

"Why thank you madam." The waiter nods in gratefulness and smiles,"There any food you wish to take home with ya in a box?"

"Some grilled squid please," Feuer replies with sparkling cyan eyes.

"Okie dokie!" The waiter says coming back with a box and placing some more grilled squid in it,"Enjoy the rest of your day! Safe travels customer!"

"Thank you again," Feuer replies as she took her box of grilled squid and took her leave. She decided to head back to the White Kingdom to check in on Maximo to see how the progress was going and to get directions to the Black Kingdom.

"Come on boy!" Gunther says while carrying some logs to the royal house. Maximo was seen way behind Gunther trying to drag a log himself. "I want some warm feet tonight when I need the fire on!"

"T-Trying sir!" Maximo says while trying to drag the log.

Feuer tilted her head to the side watching Maximo as she approached them both. "Hello guys, I'm back," Feuer says.

"OH Hey Feuer!!" Gunther says waving to Feuer while holding a log over his shoulder,"Me and Maximo are doing the regular log carrying stuff to make a warm fireplace for tonight!"

"How do you pick out these heavy trees?" Maximo asks while trying to drag his log.

"Bigger the log,the slower it'll burn out!" Gunther states to Maximo,"I thought you were heading for the Black Kingdom Feuer,you need something before you go?"

"I just needed directions on heading to the Black Kingdom," Feuer states.

"Well the Black castle is in the west." Gunther states,"We're here in the east section of the island. The Red Kingdom is in between us White and Black kingdoms. To get there just go by the same road you've been on,and there should be signs that lead you to the Black Kingdom. I must warn you though,the road to the black kingdom starts getting more vegetated and thornier,so it'll be harder and harder to get there walking through the path."

"That's fine," Feuer answers, "I can fly there if possible."

"Well that is good." Gunther states,"Good luck out there on the adventure,you never know what'll happen there."

"I will, thank for everything and Maximo, I wish you the best of luck," Feuer politely bowed as her demon wings protruded from her back as she took up into the sky and flew off in the direction of the Black Kingdom.

The Snake of Eden

A Little While Later

As Feuer was flying through the air,passing by the large island of Eden. She noticed how it started to get darker and darker in the sky as she got closer to the kingdom. She soon notices how below her,the trees started getting contorted and twisted out of proportions of a tree. The place below started showing large,thick rose bushes that had thorns the size of large shark teeth. The road itself even showed the thorns growing along it.

"Must be getting closer to the Black Kingdom than expected," Feuer thought to herself.

As she flew closer and closer to the black kingdom,she finally sees the black kingdom for what it was. The kingdom was located in hills and only had an orange glow into it from the windows that were all over the kingdom. There were a few volcanoes that were seen in the hills too that seemed to be controlled by the kingdom's men. There were shadows of men working inside the volcanoes and being whipped and hard at work. There was a dark aura that was around this mountain that was only shadowed by the great mountains that were behind the kingdom.

Feuer landed in front of the castle looking up at the building before her. For some reason it made her think of the memories of visiting her grandfather many years ago in Höllenoase. "Wonder if anyone is inside," Feuer thought to herself.

At the top of the castle,there was a guard that looked down and saw Feuer,"HEY! Who goes there? Foreigners are not allowed into the castle without special permission!"

"I am Luc E. Feuer," Feuer replies, "I am here to speak with the ruler of the Black Kingdom."

"No one just simply speaks to the King without special permission!" The guard yells out,"Move away or we will shoot!"

"I don't wish to fight anyone," Feuer yells back, "I wish to speak to the King if you will let me pass!"

"You shall not pass!" The guard states out,"Now! You have 10 seconds to walk away from this bridge!"

"Nothing you say will make me turn away," Feuer warns as her eyes turn blood red, "if anything, you try to shoot at me, I'll end your life before you count to ten."

"We won't shoot till after I count to 10!" The guard says as he prepared his crossbow as well as tons of soldier across the castle.

"Hey.......over here......" A mysterious voice was heard in the dark trees across the bridge,"This is no place to die..."

Feuer turned her head to the sound of the mysterious voice. "Who's there," Feuer demands, "show yourself!"

"10!!!!" The guard yells preparing his crossbow.

"Why do you wonder my name in midst of death?" The voice asks,"It would be madness to not escape from your death."

Feuer let out a loud demonic growl as she flew towards the sound of the voice across the bridge then started looking around. "Where are you," Feuer demands.

"Oh I can be here,there,everywhere....." The voice states,"I can be right behind you,in front of you,on top of you,right below you."

"I'm not in the mood for any games," Feuer growls as her eyes turned blood red.

"Games? Who said it was a game?" The voice asks,"I can be literally telling you the truth and you wouldn't know" At that point the voice was heard closer and closer to Feuer.

"Come out now or I'll burn you to non-existence!" Feuer shouted.

"The question is.....or you non existent to me if I don't see you? So that makes me non-existent to you." The voice says as a rumble of trees were heard until a landing was heard on a thick branch behind Feuer.

"Who or what are you," Feuer asks not turning around with a stern expression on her face.

"You were expecting a cat." The voice says,"BUT IT WAS ME,DIO!!!!" The man laughed as he was on the branch,the man had red hair and a small tight shirt on. He was laying on the branch relaxingly,"The name is Carroll dear Feuer."

"Carrol? Ok, what are you doing here and also what can you tell me about the Black Kingdom," Feuer asks.

"Oh I can tell you lots of things." Carroll answers while picking out cherrys from the tree,"I can tell you a lot about the Black,Red,and White kingdoms and their secrets. I know everything and nothing about this island. I can tell you the truest darkest secrets of this island." He then starts eating the cherries,"I've been following you Feuer ever since you entered from the North. You make me curious......Oh how sometimes the roles switch!" He laughs along while eating the cherries.

"I just want to know about the Black Kingdom," Feuer says.

"Oh? Just the Black Kingdom? Very Well." Carroll continues eating his cherries,"The Black Kingdom is ruled by a man named Tom Lincoln,who rules it with an iron fist and has a certain snake zoan which I can't reveal yet. Lincoln just recently became the ruler and had challenged the neighboring rulers to Chess,which both had unfortunately lost not only the game,but their lives as well. And he has been doing it every year. Once a year he'll challenge the kingdoms and would win. That's why King Maximo is afraid of being king without Kimiko,or why Gunther and Mirana are concerned about them being challenged. Neither kingdoms are prepared for such battles with the massed Black Kingdom."

"I see, you mentioned Kimiko earlier, what can you tell me about where and where she has gone to," Feuer asks.

"Oh Kimiko?" Carroll asks,"She's off to find ways to defeat the Black King. I did hear she was hoping to get to Wano and train herself there. She is an individual who is determined to stop the Black King at any cost. I do also know she's off to meet the Knave of Hearts,the former general of the Red Kingdom who was banished from the island because he stole and ate the queens favorite cherry pies." He laughs after that sentence,"She hopes that she can convince the general to come back and help defeat the Black King. I think in due time she'll be back with a band of folks that help her,not like her devil fruit alone won't do anything."

"What can I do to defeat the Black King? I don't know anything about chess but there has to be something," Feuer says.

"Is there anything you can do......" Carroll thinks about it,"Maybe? The Black Kingdom is massive,so there is plenty you could perhaps do. You have any ideas at the moment?"

"Only thing I could even think of is fight against him or any of his soldiers," Feuer suggests.

"That you certainly could." Carroll states,"Have you seen the volcanos nearby lately? They've been getting quite explosive. Oh,that's an idea! Those volcanoes have slaves inside that work for the king. Maybe you can cause a ruckus inside a volcano. May or may not end up with you getting arrested and tried but it could work."

"Hmmmm that could be something," Feuer thought, " could you direct me to the volcano by chance?"

"I can direct you to anywhere of this island!" Carroll says,"Though most don't know that,most think of me as some psycho that lives among this crazy forest. There are a few that call me Dio,as in God of this island! Though I do love the sound of being a God,I am just a man who writes his own destiny." He then does some several flips by some trees,"Follow me,but don't be too slow!!!" He then starts hopping very quickly by trees.

Feuer sprouted her wings and flew off following behind Carroll. "Seriously who is this guy," Feuer thought to herself.

Soon they made it to one of the volcano hot spots,showing off the black mounds ahead. The volcanoes were showing off shadows of working men inside them. The sound of cracked whippings were heard and the screams of slaves as well.

"Well this is the place!" Carroll says,"Or one of them at least." He laughs for a moment,"Say,you have met my brother Dicken's isn't that right? A calm man ain't he,aren't I quite the opposite." He then laughs some more after the question.

"Wait, how are you Dicken's brother," Feuer asks.

"Nothing really." Carroll answers as he was eating an apple,"Just the only person who has ever cared for my stupid ass life."

"That's kinda...nevermind so what was your idea of causing a ruckus," Feuer asks.

"Gay you were gonna say? No,I ain't sexually interested in anybody." Carroll then gives the half-eaten apple to Feuer,"I said to go inside one of those volcanoes and free some slaves inside there! It should be fun,I rather wish I can do it myself!"

Feuer sighs as she goes inside one of the volcanoes as noticed the slaves insides. Using her powers, she shot blasts of hell fire to burn them away freeing them. "Hope this idea works," Feuer thought to herself.

"Good Luck Feuer!!" Carroll shouts to Feuer,"I'll watch you closely!"

As Feuer was freeing the slaves,the slaves started attempting to climb up the volcano and away from their eternal torture. But suddenly men in horned black armor start forcing the slaves back into business.

"Hey what's going on?" A black soldier states as he starts whipping slaves and putting them back in chains,"Y'all will fall into that lava pit if ya'll ain't careful!"

Feuer turned her attention to the black soldier as her eyes turned blood red then used one of her hell fire orbs and attacked the soldier incinerating him into non-existence. She began to remember the event when her old kingdom was invaded and some of the citizens were chained and whipped in front of her eyes. Feuer tried to control herself as the memories began to resurface. She focused on freeing the slaves once more as she tried to remain calm. "Not now Feuer, not now," Feuer reassured to herself.

"Looks like we have a devil fruit user!" Another black armored soldier shouts out to another while a large soldier starts coming up to Feuer with a seastone whip and started whipping at Feuer. The cracks not only aimed for hitting Feuer,but hitting all of the other screaming slaves nearby.

Feuer dodged the whip aiming at her as she lunged towards the large soldier using her hell fire launching a couple at them. "Keep calm, keep calm," Feuer told herself.

"She keeps resisting!" Another soldier yells out as a brigade of black soldiers aim crossbows at Feuer,"FIRE!!!" The leading soldier states as a barrage of arrows fly straight at Feuer. Neighboring arrows fly and kill slaves nearby,as the soldiers have no regard for the slaves' lives.

Seeing the slaves falling one by one, something inside Feuer snapped. She felt a seething rage bursting from within as her eyes turned from blood red to sclera black as she began to grow long claw then letting out a loud ear piercing demonic roar. She swiftly went after the soldiers slaughtering them one by one slitting their throats in the process. A blood red aura surrounded her body as she used her hell fire to incinerate the other black soldiers nearby. Feuer let out another demonic roar as she continued killing more black soldiers in the volcano until there was none left. "Blood...Pain...Anguish...Death...this is why I kill," Feuer demonically growled.

"Which is why you'll stop." A low,stern voice states as a seastone cage has suddenly fell on top of Feuer,ceasing the powers of Feuer's hellfire. A man wearing a wide brimmed hat and leather on walking toward the cage,"Luc E. Feuer,you are a pirate on many wanted levels."

Feuer glared at the man in leather growling as she struggled to break free. "Who are you and how do you know my name," Feuer growled.

"Does the surname Gunsmoke mean anything to you?" The cowboy asks Feuer while popping up a light for his cigarette.

"I've heard the name a few times around the New World but not that much," Feuer replies.

"The name is Gunsmoke Charles." The man answers,"The Gunsmokes are a mercenary family from the New World. I was here on a job for the Black King until I see your petty ass here." His head was then seen visible,revealing a dark blue face with completely red eyes and breathing tubes connected to his face,"Recognizing you from posters in the underworld,and knowing there was a seastone cage up here at this exit,I can catch you."

"You think you can capture me but you're sadly mistaken," Feuer says her eyes glowing blood red.

"That's what they all say." Charles says as he throws down his cigarette into the volcano pit below.

"Sir!" A black soldier comes running to Charles,"The King would like to set up a trial before anything else with her."

"A trial?" Charles asks,"She's a pirate,pirates are usually sent to jail automatically."

"The King wants to see her." The soldier states,"So a fair trial will be in place."

"She wanted to see the King anyway." Another soldier states,"She was at the front gate earlier asking to see the king."

Charles laughs for a moment,"Well.....she'll be able to see him then!"

Feuer could only snarl in a demonic tone glaring at Charles. "At least I'll be seeing the king," Feuer thought.

Charles releases the cage up and puts seastone cuffs and chains on Feuer. He then starts dragging Feuer,"Now come then! Don't want your appointment be late!" Guards around Feuer started laughing as they saw Feuer covered in the seastone chains and cuffs as they were walking through the hot volcanic cave system.

Feuer shut her eyes when she began to remember her training with Demoiselle Sage. She had to act fast to get herself out and break out. But what? She struggled to break free once more this time trying to attack one of the guards next to her headbutting him. She wasn't ready to back down.

"Need to escape now," Feuer told herself.

"Eyyy,relax little girl!" Charles says as he threw Feuer into another seastone cage that was on a cart carried by a horse,"You'll get to see the King really soon!" He then jumps to the front of the cart and whips the reigns,signalling the horses to walk out of the volcano and walks toward and inside the black kingdom.

Feuer demonically growled glaring at Charles as they were heading inside the black kingdom. "Need to stay calm, think of something," Feuer thought to herself.

"Awwwww,look what the cat drug in." Carroll was seen on top of the seastone cage looking down at Feuer with a smile,"We probably should've gone with the attack front bridge idea you had earlier before I stopped you."

"You again, what do you want now," Feuer growls.

"Oh nothing. Just making sure you were alright." Carroll says,"But oh boy! You're gonna get to see the Black King himself in court!! Ain't that exciting!!!"

"I'm inside a seastone cage...how is that exciting," Feuer snarls.

"Oh it's exciting in many ways!" Carroll says,"It keeps the adrenaline flowing,knowing you're weak and the people around you can kick your ass. The only way out is to Jake Paul out of it!" Carroll says making some shadow boxing moves.

"I...am...not...weak," Feuer demonically growls, "and what the hell does that even mean with what you just said anyway?"

"Oh it's only nonsense!" Carroll says,"I always spoke nonsense if you haven't noticed." He laughs for a moment.

"You're this close for me to slit your throat right about now...," Feuer warns.

"Hey! I ain't the one stuck inside a seastone cage!" Carroll laughs.

"HEY! What's all the commotion back there?" Charles yells at Carroll and Feuer,"You better not make me stop this carriage and beat ya up some."

"He doesn't even know I'm behind him." Carroll smiles,"Now,I am trying to help you Feuer just saying,so you have no need to slit my throat."

"Fine, what do you suggest I do when I meet the king," Feuer asks.

"Hmmmmmm," Carroll thinks for a moment,"I don't know!" He laughs for a moment,"But I do know this." He then pulls out a pair of tiny little seashells out of his pocket,"Put these on your ear,that way you can hear me all the time." He puts his hand through the cage for Feuer to grab them.

Feuer grabbed the seashells and placed them in her ear. She was confused over why she needed to wear them in the first place. "Ok, what now," Feuer asks.

"Nothing! Just sit there and wait a moment!" Carroll says as he vanishes off of the cage in a pile of smoke.

"Hey what's going on over there?" Charles asks,"This is your last warning with all the commotion before I go out there and whoop your ass!"

Feuer remained silent as she looked on ahead. She didn't know how much longer it'd be until she was to meet the king. "This better work," Feuer thought.

Suddenly,her seashell ears popped up,"HELLO!!!!!!" screamed Carroll as he laughed after the quote,"I can tell they work by that cute reaction of yours..."

Feuer's eyes widened from hearing Carroll's voice. She was surprised to hear his voice but at the same time, now she had to figure how to speak with him without arousing suspicion. "It works, now how to talk with him," Feuer thought.

"Afraid of being thought you're mad?" Carroll asks through the seashell ears,"Oh but I think he already thinks you're crazy already!"

"Not now," Feuer whispered between her teeth.

"What do you mean not now?" Carroll asks,"Hey listen closely! I know stuff about this trial of his. He calls it a "fair" trial,though everyone comes out guilty in some shape or form. And everyone has lost their heads that were put in trial against the Black King. But obviously you're different as you're an infamous pirate that could be something in the underworld to Charlie here!"

"I see, well how could I be found not guilty then," Feuer whispers through her teeth once more.

"It's not about being not guilty." Carroll says,"It's about getting out before the verdict! Remember those treats you were given and bought? Well make yourself a giant in the heat of the trial,knowing that you're gonna be guilty! Eat a snack and BAM! a giant woman causing destruction on a whole kingdom!"

"Got it," Feuer whispered through her teeth as she nodded.

"This'll be a fun trial I can feel it!" Carroll says through the seashell ears,"I'll be watching the trial inside,behind the judge's throne. I can tell you what to say and when to get out."

"Kay," Feuer whispers in response as she looked on ahead. She hoped what would happen during the trial would work. For her own sake at least.

"Alright Feuer." Charles was seen stopping right next to the obvious large castle right next to them,"This is our stop." He then opens the seastone cage and grabs Feuer and re-cuffs her with the seastone chains and handcuffs. He then pushes Feuer to walk toward the castle doors as guards were surrounding both of them to the court room,"May God have mercy on your soul." Charles states as they were walking.

Feuer kept thinking about what Carroll told her to do during her trial. She had to remain calm and hope this would actually work. "Time to see this Black King everyone fears," Feuer thought.

As they entered the courtroom, instead of black armored soldiers lining up to lead the way to the tables, there was an army of black cards lined up in formation with numbers and with signs of either clubs or spades on them. Each card soldier had a spear that was a spade on the end. A black carpet separated the two long lines of black card soldiers that led to the judge's bench and the tables.

At the judge's throne,was a very tall man in black armor with horns on it. Through the eyehole was glowing white while it was staring at Feuer and Charles entering. Right next to the judge's throne was a very large axe that looked heavy for any normal person to lift. There was a complete black aura that was around the man that made him intimidating and feared to the commoners of his country.

"That's the Black King." Carroll says through the seashells on Feuer,"The man this whole kingdom fears."

"He doesn't seem to be intimidating in my eyes," Feuer whispered through her teeth.

"Well of course cause you're satan." Carroll sarcastically says,"I do personally wonder if you worry about the lives of others when it comes to life or death situations...that'll be a test for later if we have time."

"Who do you have here Charles?" The Black King asks in a deep voice.

"I brought Luc E. Feuer." Charles answers,"A pirate empress with a very high bounty that is worth useful in the underworld."

"You have anything else before we start this trial?" The King asks.

"Just that if she's guilty,I keep her." Charles asks to the King.

The king sighed out black smoke before answering,"Permission granted,though I would've loved her head in my collection." He points to a shelf that was on Feuer's right. A whole line of heads was seen just laying there of the past people he had beheaded. Rulers,civilians,soldiers,all types of heads on the shelf.

Feuer looked over at the heads that she saw before her. For some reason, it didn't faze her that much. She was use to seeing decapitated heads for years. "This man is literally trying to scare me," Feuer thought.

"Let's get this trial started." The Black King says as he redirects his attention to Feuer,"Miss Feuer,I am your judge,jury,and executioner. If I find any reason to behead you before your verdict,I will act then so."

"This is just him being tough guy." Carroll states,"He actually gives everyone a "fair" chance before he usually kills them off."

Feuer turned her attention back to the Black King with a stern expression on her face. "Not if I kill him off first if able to," Feuer thought.

"Is that clear Miss Feuer?" The Black King directly asks Feuer.

"Yes your majesty," Feuer replies.

"Alright Good." The Black King says,"Now tell me,why are you here Feuer?"

"She has done damage to one of the slave fields in the volcano caves." Charles answers for Feuer,"She is also charged with threats from the front gate to incinerate everybody,including civilians."

"He's manipulating the story,don't worry about it." Carroll says.

"Threatening my people?" The black king asks,"What is your defense Feuer?"

"I came here mainly out of curiosity," Feuer explains, "I stumbled across a rabbit hole and ended up here. Also, I didn't intend on attacking civilians."

"So you came from the north." The Black King states,knowing all the entrances,"What's your business doing here? And What do you mean you don't intend on attacking civilians. I'm here being told you were threatening my people,and you're here telling me you're not? I don't 'bout you but I trust my people more than you at this moment."

"Give him a good counter" Carroll states.

"I don't attack innocent civilians. I only came here because I was curious about about what the Black Kingdom was like, I never intended to hurt anyone during my visit," Feuer states.

"Then why would you kill some of my men in the volcano farms?" The Black King asks,"You say you never intend to,but you obviously did kill my men in horrific fashion."

"Ok,he ain't wrong." Carroll states,"You did surprise me too of that demonic self of yours."

"There were slaves inside the volcano and I couldn't stand by and see them suffer," Feuer replies, "I had to free them...they don't deserve this type of punishment..."

"But there are reports of you killing slaves as well." Black King says looking at a manipulated record,"So It thinks to me that you had the intent to kill my property,soldiers,and the people. This makes me want to say your verdict right now!"

"Ask him about witnesses!" Carroll asks Feuer,"Ask Him about witnesses,see what they have to say!"

"Do you have any witnesses that said that I killed any slaves," Feuer asks.

"Oh do we?" The Black King smiles as he looks at the paper,"We have 3 different witnesses of the issue. One of them was a slave itself. The other two is a soldier from there,and another a civilian that was walking by."

"How much do I bet that the civilian was forced to come here?" Carroll asks,"But even I am curious what they have to say."

"I see, well if a civilian is one of the witnesses, I'm curious to hear what they have to say your majesty," Feuer replies.

"Should we bring her in here?" A Black Card Soldier asks the Black King.

"Bring the civilian in." The Black King answers as the Black Card walks back and grabs the a young woman to the witness stand.

"So young lady...." The Black King asks the woman in an intimidated tone,"What were you doing and what did you see?"

"I saw......her!" The woman pointed to Feuer,"While I was on my.....evening walk...."

"Continue." The Black King says.

"I saw.......blood....when....she went in there." The woman states,"I.....saw a......head of a slave fly out of.....the volcanic cave."

"Interesting." The Black King nods then looks at Feuer.

"She's too scared to tell the truth." Carroll says,"Funny,she's lying under oath,but the judge wants her to. Funny how this little world works."

"I don't recall ever attacking a slave," Feuer states.

"B-B-B-But you did....." The woman says,"You you you nasty red haired liar!"

"Now now girl settle down." The Black King then signals the card guards to take the woman out of the room,"I don't understand why an innocent woman would tell the truth,but you deny it. Is that the common way of pirates? Lying? Cheating? Stealing? Are all pirates like that?"

"Pffft,hiding in your own shadows ol comrade? Predictable." Carroll states.

"Not all pirates are like that," Feuer states, "I'm just a pirate in search of something."

"HA! Searching for what?" The black king asks Feuer,"It is obvious that whatever your goal is is that you've killed people of mine today. And that is unacceptable!"

"Maybe we should have the other witnesses heard?" Carroll advises.

"I'd like to hear from the other two witnesses on what they heard please," Feuer says.

"Ok then." The Black King states,"Then bring in another one." He commands as one of the black armored soldiers walks up to the stand himself.

"Your majesty and your honor!" The soldier says,"That woman there has killed a bunch of my men just an hour ago and kills about 30 of our own slaves!"

"Is that so?" The king asks.

"That's the commander of the volcano farm you were at." Carroll states,"He's right being there 30 slaves dead but they were mostly caused by gunfire from the soldiers or an arrow."

"I never killed the 30 slaves, when I was freeing them, I recall hearing gunshots and the sounds of arrows aiming towards them but I had nothing to do with it," Feuer states.

"You never intended on killing the slaves." The commander states to Feuer,"Yes,we may have been partly at fault for it. But you were mostly the cause of the death of 30 slaves."

"Indeed." The Black King nods,"I say we should soon declare your verdict cause it seems you lost this case."

"Either give him a good counter or tell him about that last witness that we still have yet to discuss." Carroll states.

"I would like to hear what the last witness has to say about this incident please," Feuer says.

"Oh really?" The Black King asks,"I don't think it makes a difference." He motions the guards to throw in the last witness,who was a slave that was enchained and cowering in fear of the king. "So tell me, slave, what you have seen."

"I-I-I saw......" The slave gulped,"Her......hurting my friends...."

"Is that so?" The Black King asks.

"Y-Y-yes." The slave sweatingly nods.

"He's a slave,afraid of telling the truth." Carroll says,"Maybe you can give him a boost that can help him spill the beans."

"You there, I never would harm the life of an innocent life for no reason, no slave should have their life slaughtered...regardless, not even you," Feuer replies in a soft tone but with serious yet calming cyan eyes.

"Y-Y-Yeah t-that's true...." The slave says,"Y-Y-You were trying to help us...."

"Help you what?" The Black King asks,"Escape? Still that is illegal in my kingdom! For that,two of your friends will be thrown into the magma with you watching!" He points to the guards who immediately grab the slave that was now crying.

"Well,that didn't go too well." Carroll states,"Any other things we can do?"

"Any more defenses before I make your verdict?" The Black King asks boredly.

"Why end the lives of those who turn against you," Feuer asks, "doesn't those who are below even the weak who are unable to fend for themselves have a voice?"

"He's a slave." The Black King states,"You think I would let my property have a voice against me,their master."

"Kinda Naive to ask that question." Carroll advised.

"You sure I can't cut her head Charles?" The Black King asks.

"I want her for myself in the underworld." Charles says,"And if you won't let me have her,I won't let you have her." He points her pistol at Feuer's head,"Beside,captain won't be so happy Lincoln."

"Don't call me that!" The Black King slams his fist on the throne.

"Hmph,I forgot they were on a crew." Carroll states,"And were once my friends...."

"Lincoln," Feuer questions tilting her head.

"His actual name like I said earlier." Carroll speaks through the seashells,"Lincoln,Charles and I were once friends on a pirate crew,that I'm betting is still pulling strings here in Eden."

"Charles! I am the king here and I can do what I want!" The Black King shouts to Charles.

"Yet Captain provides you your kingdom." Charles says,"Keep talking like that and he might strip it of you. Remember what he has put you in here for!"

"Hmph Fine!" Black King looked displeased,"Any other defenses before I make a verdict?"

"Who is this captain you speak of if I may ask your majesty," Feuer asks.

"You are in no place to ask questions." The Black King states again.

"Well I think there's no other option." Carroll states,"I have the keys to the seastone cuffs,just stole it from Charles's back while he was talking. Once those cuffs are off,you can eat those cakes and wreck havoc! Now,just to find a diversion...."

"I pronounce you Luc E. Feuer guilty!" The Black King states as a overly sized jar of jam falls on his black helmet.

"Huh?" Charles asks pointing his pistol still at Feuer until Carroll was seen hitting a roundhouse kick,stunning Charles.

"Someone's head is gonna roll for this!" The Black King's muffled voice says through the jar of jam.

"Here!" Carroll unlocks Feuer's chains,"Let's have some fun shall we?!"

"Let's hope this works," Feuer says as she pressed her wristband and took out the cakes and quickly ate them before anyone could stop her.

"My God you didn't need to eat all of the cakes!" Carroll says as he notices Feuer growing faster and faster until she crashed through the courtroom's rooftop,"Godamm you're gonna need some new clothes." He was seen lying on Feuer's shoulders looking at the vast black kingdom,"I bet if you move your foot,you destroy that whole room below us!"

"I didn't eat all of them, I only two of them," Feuer states then moved her foot and stomped on the courtroom destroying it below her.

"Well that really screwed them up." Carroll looks down,"My god you must be a mile high or taller! Anyway,any ideas how we can cause a huge ruckus?"

"I might have an idea" Feuer replies. Suddenly, her skin began to turn dark crimson red, her eyes blood red, her wings, tail and horns began to appear on her body as she transformed into her full Satan form.

"Hmmmmmm,interesting." Carroll states looking at the dark red Feuer,"We just gonna destroy some of the kingdom's major points out?"

"Sounds like a plan to me, tell me the ones to destroy and I'll do it," Feuer says in a demonic tone.

"Sounds good!" Carroll says looking around the kingdom on Feuer's shoulder,"How about that barracks shelter there!" He points over to a giant barracks shelter building that housed soldiers.

"Sound easy enough," Feuer replies then with her tail she smashed through the giant barracks shelter until it was nothing but smithereens.

"Yeah that was too easy for you." Carroll states,"How about the Keeps over there?" He points over to the keep,which is the strongest point of a castle,"It should be easy still for you,but then we can move on to the other castles of this kingdom."

"Got it," Feuer nods as she headed over to the keeps then with her powers, she summoned a ball of hell fire and threw it onto the keeps igniting them.

"Feel like I've seen this in a tv movie before." Carroll ponders,"High Schooled,red haired girl rampaging as a giantess in the city. Anyway,we should perhaps head over to the next castle that's downhill."

"On it," Feuer replies as she flew over to the castle that was downhill.

"Let's just wreck some random shit." Carroll says,"Doesn't matter at this point what we destroy,as long as we make a ruckus,those two will be pissed!"

"Got it," Feuer nods then uses her powers to create a giant ball of hell fire and throws it onto the castle igniting it while her tail destroyed all that remained of the castle.

"Well if the King wanted civilian casualties,there are sure to be some at this moment." Carroll states,"Should we head down and destroy that last castle he has or think we did enough damage?"

"No, we must destroy every last bit of this tyrant," Feuer demonically growls as she headed to the last castle then with her hell fire, she destroyed the remaining castle.

"Wouldn't ever want to be on your bad side then." Carroll says looking at all the destruction,"We should probably get away before-"

As suddenly,a giant black mamba snake was seen biting Feuer's demonic ankle. It then pulled back into a cobra dancing position,ready to fight.

"You think you can get away with that?" The Black King says as the black mamba.

"Shit! Forgot he had that zoan." Carroll states,"He just placed venom in your bite,a very deadly dose of venom."

"You have about 20 minutes before it kills you!" The Black King scoffs,"Better make those 20 minutes count!"

Feuer glared at the Black King then grabbed him by the neck strangling him as she glared into his eyes.

"Now you've just asked for a death wish," Feuer demonically growled, "Zorn."

Suddenly, a dark blood red aura surrounded her body as her grip around the Black King's neck began to tighten.

"You will die before I drop dead," Feuer growled.

"We'll see about that!" The Black King says as he eats two cakes himself and grows into the size of Feuer as a giant. Unlike Feuer,his armor grew with the Black King since it was a stretchable armor. The Black King's giant axe was then slammed onto the ground,"This'll be a battle of titans! Bring it on Satanic Bitch!!!"

Feuer tackled the Black King onto the ground and proceeded to slash at him with her claws covered in haki as she glared into his eyes. "You will die," Feuer snarls.

Thanks to the Black King's armor being thick enough to tank haki,he kicks Feuer off of him and then gets up.

"Your head is rolling regardless!" The Black King says as he swings down his giant axe toward Feuer.

Feuer managed to dodge his attack as she looked down at the ground for a brief second. "Grimm," Feuer says to herself as the aura surrounding her body as she let out a loud demonic roar. She swiftly disappeared then reappeared behind the Black King as she proceeded to land blow after blow onto his armor while inflicting damage onto him.

"Oh so you actually scratched through my armor?" The Black King states,"I guess it'll take a few more bites to fight you out." He then becomes his black mamba zoan form and then starts going super fast around Feuer,striking her from above and below,until deciding to bite her arm with more of the deadly venom.

"Damn! 2 deadly doses!" Carroll says from a building,watching the fight of the two giants,"I might want to prepare some antidote."

"I didn't want to resort to this form but...I have no choice," Feuer sighed then took a deep breath, "Raserei." Suddenly, Feuer's eyes turned from blood red to sclera black, her aura became darker then without warning, she grabbed the Black King by the throat then started to land continuous blows onto his armor until it breaks. Feuer lets out a ear piercing demonic roar as she slashes him glaring into his eyes snarling. "DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!" Feuer roars.

"Deadly Mistake...." The Black King as he reveals a blue,seastone knife and stabs Feuer deep in the gut!

"SHIT!!!" Carroll says,"Now I have to clean up those wounds!!"

The Black King then gets up and throws Feuer far away from the Black Kingdom,"I'm done with you,now go somewhere else to die slowly."

Feuer slowly gets up as she glanced at the Black Kingdom from a far breathing heavily. Then she stumbled up as she struggled to pull the knife out of her gut causing some blood to leak out. Feuer coughed up some blood but looked on then with her aura, she felt her rage boiling over. "No...not yet...not until he's dead," Feuer growled. Suddenly, Feuer swiftly headed back to the Black Kingdom then tackled the Black King onto the ground with his knife held up against his neck glaring into his eyes.

"Go to sleep will you?" The Black King then stabs Feuer with a syringe,injecting her with a sleep inducing drug. He then counters the knife on his neck and then violently popped Feuer's shoulder off the socket and then gives her a hard kick in the gut again,sending her back and far.

"She's been bitten twice,stabbed in the gut with seastone,and been injected with something." Carroll says,"She has to fall since that venom has to be taking effect soon."

Suddenly, Feuer felt herself getting drowsy as she felt her eyes getting heavy. "N-n-no not...yet," Feuer growled in a drowsy tone until she collapsed.

Back to the Beginning

Moments later.....

"Come on....just stay there with me!" Carroll was heard by Feuer as he was carrying her body across the wonderland forest.

"CHARLES" Carroll yelled out to Dickens,who was outside in the evening of Eden.

"This was my fault...." Carroll was seen sitting down with Dickens patting Carroll's back.

Feuer finally wakes up to see herself in a large,comfortable bed in a children's bedroom. Feuer was finally in her normal form,as she has been for a little while. She was still naked,but had the blankets to cover her up. There was a stitch that went across her gut from the knife wound. There was bandages wrapped on her shoulder from the Black King's attack,and a bandage on her right thigh from the injection,bandages on her left arm and right ankle from the snake bites.

It was clear morning,and Carroll was seen sleeping on a rocking chair,a purple air bubble coming out of his snoring nose.

Feuer noticed Carroll sleeping in the rocking chair as she looked at her bandaged up body. "I...I lost to that tyrant," Feuer thought to herself, "how could I let myself fall to someone like him?!"

The smell of soup and crackers was sensed from the kitchen that was downstairs. Dickens was downstairs cooking a giant pot of cream of chicken soup with a bunch of toasted crackers to eat with it.

Feuer felt her stomach growl as the aroma was enticing her. She slowly got out of bed as she headed downstairs unaware that she was still nude. "Mr. Dickens," Feuer asks.

Dickens turns around to see Feuer alive and well,"Miss Feuer!" He walks over and gives the young woman a hug,"For some reason we thought we'll lose you. Carroll was pretty worried about you."

"I could tell since he was asleep the whole time," Feuer replies.

"He says he considers you a friend of chaos from what he seen from your battle." Dicken says releasing Feuer from his hug,and then notices Feuer still nude,"My God! Have some decency to come downstairs." Laughs as he was doing a hail mary.

Feuer looked to Dickens with a confused look tilting her head to the side. "Friend of chaos," Feuer asks.

"I don't know why he called it that but he hasn't really had a friend before besides me." Dickens says going back to making soup,"He's probably just happy someone has met him besides that blasted King or his friends."

"I see, well I'm glad that he sees me as a friend despite what others view me as outside of Eden," Feuer says.

"Here in Eden,people aren't very familiar with the politics of the areas around them. Probably since it is hard to enter to this place." Dickens states,"So since people aren't familiar,they just accept anyone who enters this world,may it be part of our weakness of being a welcoming island."

"I see, what can you tell me about Carroll," Feuer asks.

Dickens sighs and then says,"I don't know much about him but the things he told me. He was once friends with the Black King you see. They both served a pirate crew he said. He was one of the most powerful on that crew,him being a very good trickster and martial artist. But Carroll decided to turn against his crew after seeing what they have become,most of the crew became like tyrants. The captain having a very steady hand in the underworld with drugs,and the Black King ruling his kingdom like a tyrant. Carroll did fight back,but he was pretty wounded from fighting against all of them one day and ended up here. Where I patched him up right where you were sleeping just now. I sat there on that rocking chair like he is now,it was only natural that I made sure he was kept alive. After he woke up he told me what he could share and has claimed me as a friend ever since."

"So, Carroll was once a pirate," Feuer wondered.

"Yes,but since he lives around this island,learning about everything and everyone on this island. Soon,Carroll has become a mythical God to a few of these people who see him. To the people who don't know him,they call him "Dio"." Dickens says,"Would you like some soup?"

"Yes, please, thank you," Feuer nodded as she took a seat.

Dickens gets out a bowl and pours soup into it and gives out crackers to Feuer,"You are most certainly welcome. Is there anything else you want to know or require of me?"

"What is there for me to do now? I lost to the Black King and...I feel like I let those under him down," Feuer says in a sadden tone.

"Don't worry!" Dickens says putting his hand on Feuer's shoulders,"God gave me a vision saying,"there is another",which means I have a feeling the Black King's rule will fall soon! And I just got the feeling that you might be back to help out!"

"You really think so," Feuer asks looking up at Dickens.

"Indeed so!" Dickens says with a smile,"Now,I better go water my flowers for the morning. I'll be right back!" He goes and takes his watering can,"You might want to go get Carroll,just so he ain't missing breakfast."

"Alright," Feuer nodded as she got up and headed upstairs to find Carroll still asleep in the rocking chair. She went over to him and gently shook him to wake him up. "Carroll, wake up," Feuer says in a gentle tone.

"Oh Huh what?" Carroll wakes up suddenly after hearing Feuer,"Oh,hehehe you woke up before me."

"Good morning Carroll, Dickens told me to come get you for breakfast," Feuer says.

"Oh he did did he?" Carroll says as he stands up. He then also gives Feuer a hug,"I'm sorry for having you fight Lincoln alone...I knew I should've came in to help out."

"It was no fault of your own," Feuer replies hugging Carroll back, "I'm just glad we were both able to escape before things escalated."

"Funny thing was,I don't believe Lincoln noticed me the whole time!" Carroll says with a laugh,and looks down on Feuer,"I'm glad we can be friends Feuer,we might've just met yesterday,but I feel like I've known you for years after these past events."

"I'm glad you feel that way; because I feel the same way about you as well," Feuer replied with soft cyan eyes.

Carroll smiles and looks around Feuer's body,"Well if we're gonna do something,you start it,cause I'm too chicken to." He chuckles.

"No thanks, I'm not interested," Feuer replied bluntly, "anyways, we should be heading back down for breakfast."

"HA!!" Carroll laughs hard,"I knew it was worthless but I said fuck it. But yeah,let's get some breakfast." He walks down himself downstairs,"Besides,we don't be wanting to mess up the priest's bedsheets! HA HA HA!!!"

"True, might as well head down," Feuer says shaking her head sighing to herself as she followed behind.

Carroll and Feuer went downstairs and ate a breakfast of cheese,crackers,and soup as Dickens was outside watering plants. The sound of bells was heard from the wind chimes that took in the breezy morning,the warm soup smell was exquisite to Carroll and Feuer. Carroll was seen with a smile adding crackers to his soup before crushing them and mixing them in his soup.

"So,what are the plans now to do here in Eden?" Carroll asks Feuer as he took a spoonful of soup and ate a slice of cheese.

"I don't know at the moment," Feuer replies as she took a spoonful of soup, "I can't return back to the Black Kingdom yet Dickens mentioned that I would return again with help."

"Ha! Dickens always has those weird dreams and prayers that help speak to him. I guess it's a good thing to talk to a God beside talking to a lunatic like me!" Carroll says,"I do know I should probably go do some vigilant duties helping against the anarchy of the Red Kingdom. Since both rulers of there are disappeared from the kingdom,there'll be total anarchy in the Red Kingdom. The poor,good people there won't be able to stop the chaos of those anarchers."

"I see, since there isn't much to do now, I should probably head back and continue on my journey," Feuer states.

"What's your journey?" Carroll asks,"Some type of special journey you have like the adventure of Odyssey?"

"In a way but more like a journey of enlightenment just to better myself and find what's missing in my life," Feuer answers.

"I see.." Carroll says,"I once had everything fulfilled,until I left to the life I had. Now I live here,thinking of what I still have left in the worthless life I had."

"Why would you think your life is worthless? I'm sure there's true meaning in your life," Feuer says.

"Heh,maybe." Carroll says,"But look at me! I'm a clown nomad helping out an island that can barely contain itself beside the White Kingdom. I never had a love life,took care of my former captain's children,as he was somewhat too lazy to take care of them. Maybe one day I can find my own happiness in this island."

"Well, I haven't found my happiness yet," Feuer shrugged, "and I honestly didn't find it here. Though I know I'll find it one day when I least expect it but I won't know until that day comes."

"Indeed." Carroll says,"Just promise to come back whenever! Doesn't matter if you come back to Eden with friends or anyone,I know people who have come and haven't returned ever again because they hated how weird this island was. Oh,and maybe bring back a clown girl for me to love. HA!!!"

"I promise," Feuer nodded, "and I will try to keep that in mind if I do come in contact with one on my journey."

"A Good friend you are." Carroll says with a smile,"A toast to your journey!" He raises a glass of milk and drinks the whole cup in one swig.

"Cheers," Feuer says as she raises her glass of milk then takes a sip.

"You two behaving?" Dickens comes back inside to see how Carroll and Feuer are doing.

"We are being good choir boys and girls Mr. Dickens!" Carroll says with a smile,"Sinless as a blanket!"

"We're behaving Mr. Dickens," Feuer replied waving.

"Good good,just making sure cause sometimes Carroll here ain't so mature at times." Dickens says as he walks back into the kitchen.

"Oh you can trust me priest!" Carroll says trying to sound convincing.

"I can,most times." Dickens says rolling his eyes,"Anyway,you planning on staying longer Feuer or planning to leave soon?"

"As much as I want to stay a bit longer, I have to continue on forward with my journey but I will return one day," Feuer replies.

"Hopefully you will be." Dickens says putting his watering can away.

"Need me to show you the way out?" Carroll asks Feuer.

"Yes please," Feuer nodded.

"Well I know an exit that comes from the river of the weeping giant." Carroll says,"Follow me and I'll take you straight to a minotaur who'll make a small boat for you to row away!"

"Oh you mean the mock turtle?" Dickens says,"Quite a depressed minotaur that man is. While you guys are at it,give him this chicken pot pie." He pulls out a warm chicken pot pie out of the oven.

"You sure I can't eat it?" Carroll looks hungry at the sight of the chicken pot pie.

Dickens slaps Carroll and then says,"Do not tempt yourself!"

"Thank you," Feuer replies as she takes the pot pie, "I'll make sure of it."

"Follow me then!" Carroll says as he suddenly leaps out of the kitchen window and immediately leaps from tree to tree.

"How many times do I have to tell him to not do that?" Dickens shakes his head,"Might want to quickly follow before he loses you. Have a good day Miss Feuer,hope you live a satisfying life and may God guide you."

"Thank you once again Mr. Dickens, hope to see you again in the near future," Feuer says.

"Hey I lost you Feuer!" Carroll yells out from the forest,"Where are you!"

"You might want to go before he has a panic attack." Dickens says with a chuckle.

"I should, until then," Feuer says as she heads out the door. She then realized before meeting with Carroll, she was still nude but then she remembered her wristband that contained an extra set of clothes. Feuer clicked on the wrist band and out came her outfit she got at the White Kingdom, she got herself dressed then headed in the direction of the forest.

"Carroll? Where are you," Feuer calls out.

"I'm right here!" Carroll pops out of a bush and laughs,"HA! Oh,you got dressed! Kinda liked you nude but still." He starts hopping from tree to tree with incredible acrobatics,"Follow me!"

"Just take the compliment," Feuer thought as she follows Carroll through the forest.

Out of Wonderland

Carroll leads Feuer into a little docking area where a few people were seen fishing or collecting water. A minotaur with a turtle shell on his back was seen making little rowboats and giving them to fishermen. Thickskin Loolian,commonly known as the Mock Turtle,is a minotaur that always had a love for sea turtles that swam by. He loved to swim with the sea turtles,that was until he ate the Green Sea Turtle zoan. He ate the devil fruit thinking he could swim with the sea turtles as a turtle himself,but people being mean to him didn't warn him of the consequences of consuming a devil fruit. He now lives depressingly,wondering what life would be like if he didn't eat the devil fruit.

"Hey Looly!" Carroll was waving and went down to Loolian,who was having his head down and pondering,"What you up to?"

"Oh nothing....." Loolian says depressingly.

"Cheer up lad!" Carroll slaps Loolian in the back,"You got a new customer!"

"Who could it be?" Loolian asks.

"Hello," Feuer says as she approached Loolian with the pie in her hands.

"Heyyyyy." Loolian says,"What's that you have there?"

"Father Dickens wanted to let you know you have friends!" Carroll says,"Me,Dickens,and Feuer here!"

"Oh,how nice of him....." Loolian says,"Most people call me the Mock Turtle and throw mock turtle soup at me for fun,not many are this kind to me."

"Here, Mr. Dickens wanted me to give this to you," Feuer says as she approached Loolian giving him the pot pie.

"Thank you...." Loolian says taking the pot pie,"I'll eat it on my break. How can a mock turtle help you?"

"Carroll told me that you would be able to help me find the exit from here," Feuer replies, "would you be able to help?"

"Yeah....I would be...." Loolian answers,"You see this river was made from the weeping giant over there." He points over to the mountainous,frozen, stone giant,"With there used to be a big warning of a flood thanks to him,we made a tunnel that would lead straight out of this island. The waters are calm from the exit of that tunnel,the only calm waters that is around Eden,just stay on the calm waters and you'll be out. A lot of creatures like to come in from that calm water.....especially sea turtles..."

"Yeah Yeah" Carroll says waving Loolian off about his love for sea turtles.

"Come on Carroll, try not to be rude," Feuer says.

"Heh,sorry!" Carroll says.

"I can make a rowboat for you to row yourself from the river out." Loolian says to Feuer.

"Thank you so much," Feuer replies.

"You are welcome...." Loolian says,"Now give me a moment..." He walks over to his carpenting shop and starts making a rowboat for Feuer.

"He's a pretty interesting dude don't you think?" Carroll asks,"A minotaur that loves sea turtles,and even has a turtle shell on his back. He could pass as some type of ninja if he really looked like a weird turtle."

"Strange creature but interesting noneoftheless," Feuer says.

"Here it is..." Loolian comes back and has a rowboat ready for Feuer,"This should take care of you for the exit. I hope you know what you're doing before you row out."

"I'm sure she's fine!" Carroll says.

"I hope so, but thank you once again," Feuer says looking at the row boat.

"It's the least I can do....." Loolian says as he walks away with his pie and helps out another fisherman.

They look over the massive river and the nice looking rowboat,"It sure is a large river ain't it? Looks pretty in its own right."

"It really does," Feuer replies.

Carroll sighs before saying,"I ain't gonna hold you up anymore,just be careful out there. And I hope you find what you needed to find."

"I will and it was really nice meeting you," Feuer says as she gives Carroll a hug, "hope to meet again in the near future."

Carroll,not expecting the hug,smiles,"I do too." He head pats Feuer and gives her a hug too.

After hugging Carroll, Feuer got herself into the rowboat then looked back at Carroll one last time. "Bye Carroll, I won't ever forget you, my friend," Feuer waves as she rows herself down the river.

"Me neither.." Carroll says giving a two finger salute,"Oh! And if you ever want to get down and dirty with me,you know to call me!" He then starts skipping away and laughing,"TTFN TA TA FOR NOW! HA HA HA!!!"

"I question him at times but what do I expect from a clown," Feuer thought shaking her head.

Feuer goes down the calm river until she sees a crafted tunnel from the mountains that surround the island. Inside was a smooth,dark looking tunnel that was lighted up by candle lights. There was a rush of breeze that came out of the tunnel. Despite the cold wind coming in,there was a feel of warmth from the singing flowers that surrounded the exit.


"Hope we can see you again..."

"We hope you had a great time in wonderland..."

"May it be noon or the midnight hour..."

"Please come again...."

Despite it being a song that doesn't rhyme,the song of the flowers was enough to have mermaids dance along in the waves of the river.

In a way, Feuer somewhat enjoyed the song as she sailed down the calm river. It was soothing but a nice send of noneoftheless.

"Guess this is really goodbye, until then," Feuer says to herself.

As Feuer made it to the end of the tunnel,she saw the light of the New World shining toward her. The calm water stream slowly morphed and followed a line that would soon lead to a whirlpool a mile away.

As the tunnel was nearing the end entering the New World, Feuer sprouted her demon wings as she took a deep breath thinking of everything she went through while in Eden. Deep down, she would miss Carroll and Dickens but hoped to meet them again when the time came. Once she entered the New World, Feuer took off and continued on her journey of enlightenment to see where her next destination lies.

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