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The Heroes and the Tough Dogs
Date Started: May 16th, 2021

Date Finished: th, 2021

Setting: Grand Line Marineford

Notable Characters Involved:



Marineford Tour

Entering Marineford

"You seeing this!" A young blonde woman in a latex uniform and cap on her head says to a tall young male her age that was wearing a suit with a black leather jacket over it,"We finally made it to Marineford! Our training has built to this."

"I rather they kept us in cipher pol..." The male coldly states as he follows the girl.

"Heh,I think we'll be the best in the next generation!" A boy that looked a bit younger than the two says to both of them.

"Come on Berg!" The girl says shaking the serious male,"This'll be better than Cipher Pol!"

"Hmph,maybe." Berg says as they open the doors of Marineford and enter the glorious building of Marineford.

As the trio made their inside the building, they were met with a young looking woman with long blonde hair styled into a ponytail wearing her marine coat on her shoulders, a long black dress and had one red eye and one grey eye. She looked at the trio with a confused yet annoyed look on her face.

"Huh? Who are three and who brought you here," the woman asked coldly in a heavy French accent.

"Uh ma'am." A marine that was responsible for the desk today says to the woman,"They're here for the tour that was scheduled for you. They were the kids that came from CP4."

"Unwillingly may I add." Berg crosses his arms.

"Hey! The guys said we would do better here they felt!" the young girl says to Berg,"If you're still worried about trying to kick that Crazy Clown's ass,I'm sure you'll get to beat him here as well!"

"Don't worry about the latex girl and "always serious" friends of mine." The orange haired kid says to the woman,"My name's Matsu Hiro! And these are my friends Gett E. Berg and Solanine Elvira!"

"Ah, I see, you were ze three I was told about for ze tour, my name is Alarie Maëlys, Vice Admiral of ze Marines," Maëlys replies, "to zink members of Cipher Pol would join ze Marines, quite a surprise. Anywho, shall we start ze tour?"

"Yes please!" Elvira would jump up and down,"Come on guys let's go!"

"I'm right behind you!" Hiro would shout.

"Hmph,fine." Berg rolls his eyes,"Let's get this over with."

"Very well, right zis way and try to keep up," Maëlys say as she leads the way then mutters to herself, "and to zink I was going to have a spa day to myself..."

The Tour

On the first stop of the trip,Maëlys leads the trio to the training grounds that is held in the town of Marineford.

"Oooh look at that! They have a track to run!" Elvira would state.

"Seem they also have weights and whatnot." Hiro says,"I ain't necessarily the strongest but this'll be nice."

"Hmph,I have been training myself to bench a thousand pounds as well as leg press 2,500 pounds." Berg states,"I want to make sure I can do that easy soon."

"Keep thinking zat because with ze training you'll be going through, it won't be zat easily," Maëlys states looking to Berg with a stern expression.

"Bring it on then." Berg states coldly without looking at Maëlys.

"I ain't the strongest,but I'm speedy in rokushiki,but I think my main skill is in Seimei Kikan." Elvira would state,"Though I have one more power that makes me special!"

"I think we all have something special about us.." Hiro says with a smile,"Except I have a logia! Which means I'll be going farther in life!"

"Not necessarily cocky Hiro." Berg states,"One of the admirals has a zoan and our fleet admiral doesn't even have a devil fruit."

"Hmph someone's quite knowledge about those higher up," Maëlys comments cocking an eyebrow turning her attention to Berg, "if you believe you're brave or tough enough would you have what it takes to face ze Black Dragon or ze Blue Lion?"

"I don't." Berg replies,"I just know I need to get as strong as them."

"No one will think you're that tough guy once you reveal your devil fruit!" Elvira says with a giggle as Berg gave an annoyed look at Elvira.

"Anyways, shall we continue on with ze tour," Maëlys says as she proceeded on forward as they left the training area.

Soon the trio and Maëlys get to the town of Marineford. There all of the families of marines are there living in peace as it should be. Some kids of marines were seen playing around as some others were in food stands buying food.

"Wow! This place has a living town too!" Elvira states,"Will our living quarters be here?"

"More than likely." Hiro states as he looked around,"The place looks neat as always,is that the execution scaffold in the center of town I see?" He looks over to see the infamous gallows of where many unfortunate pirates have met their fate,especially of the revolutionary Gol D Roger.

"Oui it is," Maëlys nods, "zat is ze infamous gallows where ze infamous Gol D. Roger was executed."

"Something that happened before we were born!" Elvira states,"It's pretty interesting how a pirate could start such an uprise of them."

"It takes only a man with a personality to lead a generation." Berg states,"That's why you take out the pirates with the biggest influence,or ones that could potentially have the biggest influence."

"Oui, although with his execution it started ze age of piracy," Maëlys states, "and with more pirates running amok in ze world, more carnage rises."

"You know ma'am,that's a pretty thick accent I won't lie." Hiro states,"Wonder how many men you attracted to it."

"Be respectful to your elders Hiro." Berg states.

"It is pretty cool still to be at the place where the age of piracy began." Elvira states,"And we then can make sure it ends here too!"

"Haha well aren't you a nice one," Maëlys softly chuckles looking to Hiro then turns her attention to Elvira, "I like your spirit, with new Marines like yourself, one day you'll be ze ones to lead ze new generation of Marineford." Maëlys thought for a second about the comment Hiro mention then shuddered thinking to herself, "Zey wouldn't want to know ze idiots I have to deal with because of my accent and my looks..."

"Should we head on with the tour?" Hiro asks Maelys,"I want to know what other places are here!"

"I want to see some of the other famous marines!" Elvira states,"It'll be cool to see the admirals!"

"I rather get into a mission soon,if not train immediately." Berg states.

"Will there be anyone else with us in the tour?" Elvira asks Maelys.

"Unfortunately, ze admirals are busy with zeir own tasks to meet zem personally," Maëlys says to Elvira then turned away for a second thinking to herself, "I don't want to deal with ze idiot..." Maëlys then turned her attention back to Berg and Elvira, "There is one person who will be with us on zis tour though."

"Who would that be?" Elvira asks,"Oh What if it's that famous Gintaka? or the Darth Kurokami? They must be on the tour with us!"

"I highly doubt that another famous marine would join in. They rather have time to do their paperwork than deal with annoying kids." Berg states,"I wouldn't blame them honestly."

"Where are we meeting him or her anyway?" Hiro then asks.

"We are meeting him at his home, right zis way," Maëlys states as she leads the way.

Meeting a friend

They make it to a normal looking house that was made of stone and had a clay tile roof. There was a little garden behind the building that was barely noticeable. The front door was the normal wooden door with some gold plates here and there to make it look nicer.

"Well this place looks simple." Elvira states,"Is this person famous are you sure?"

"I knew it was probably a lower ranked person than one of the admiral ranking marines." Berg states.

"Cheer up buddy,maybe the man doesn't ask for much." Hiro states.

"Mind your tongues are zis man when you introduce yourselves to him," Maëlys says as she knocks on the door.

Much to Maelys surprise,the one who answers the door was a tall blonde woman of about 6' 3" wearing a blue body suit and had heels with her bodysuit. She was leaning on the doorframe as she popped a bubble out of her gum as she looked to see Maelys in front of her,"Hey Maelys,How are you doing?" She asks as she popped another bubble off of her pink bubble gum.

"Damn that girl is tall." Elvira states,"She's even an inch taller than you it seems Berg." She giggles as Berg gave an annoyed look back at her.

"Hello Grace, nice to meet you," Maëlys replies, "is your father home at zis time?"

"Yeah,dad is here." She answers as she gave out another pop of her bubble gum,"He's in the garden meditating or something in front of his monuments." She then stops leaning on the doorframe and walks to the garden,"Just follow me." The click of her heels heard as they walked through the house of the marine,"Mom is at the marineford hospital as always."

"Who is this girl?" Hiro asks,"And can I have her number?"

"Ask that again and I'll shoot you." The girl replies as she overheard Hiro.

"Just follow behind," Maëlys says as she followed behind Grace.

Grace leads them to the small garden that was outside. It was a small,but well kept garden as it had different flowers of roses,violets,daisies,and a lot more other flowers. In the center of the garden was two little monuments that represented memorials to two certain marines. In front of them was a man with white hair wearing a black muscle shirt,facing away from the visitors. He was sitting on the ground criss-cross looking at the statues,next to him was a visor of some sort that had a glowing red eyepiece.

The man hears the heels of both Maelys and Grace as they entered the garden,"I'm guessing you brought a friend Grace." Speaking while still not looking toward them but toward the memorials.

"It's been awhile Slade," Maëlys comments giving a small smile.

Slade,the man in front of them,grabs the visor and with a hissing sound,the visor attaches to his face. He stands up to his 6' 5" form,most likely where Grace gets her height from. He then turns around and sees Maelys,"Maelys." He nods and then sees the trio of the kids,"Who are those maggots?"

"Oh. My. God!" Elvira states seeing the man,"You're Project 76!"

"Call me Slade maggot." Slade replies,"Vice Admiral Slade if you want the proper term."

"Seven Six Slade..." Berg says thinking from researching about the admirals,"Subject of a failed metahuman experiment."

"Failed you say? This man is a beast with his laser vision!" Hiro states,"This man has taken on the Dragon Warlord along with the Grim Reaper and the Island Conqueror on the same night! It was a defeat though but he sure did give them a run for their money!"

"You also taken down giants at Jotunheim!" Elvira states.

"Stop reminding me of my life maggots!" Slade states,"There are those that deserve the privilege far more than me." He then turns back to his monuments,"Those who are dead are the ones who deserve it the most,cause they actually died for what they stood for." He then thinks back to the countless battles he's been in,remembering vividly of those battles,even remembering soldiers next to him get blown up into pieces for justice.

"He's a man worthy of what a real Marine is," Maëlys states, "completing feats not many would be able to face on zeir own."

"So how have you two known each other?" Elvira asks.

"Usually maggot,it's when you need to work together and comply with other soldiers of your ranking." Slade states,"Plus there's a lot of people that come to me when it comes to a battle. I believe we have fought together before if I'm right Maelys?" Slade states toward Maelys.

"We have in ze past, to be honest it feels like it was just yesterday," Maëlys admits.

"Indeed it does." Slade nods,"Now what am I doing to help these maggots?"

"Zese three are new here to Marineford and are getting a tour of ze area so I thought it be nice to meet another higher power here," Maëlys replies.

"Ah I see..." Slade looks over to the trio of the new marines in front of him,"I think y'all met my daughter Grace."

"Yeah we have." Hiro states with a heart eyed look at Grace.

"This boy is being a creeper." Grace states as he pointed her thumb at Hiro.

"Don't mind him,some of us are actually here to work." Berg coldly states as he looked up at the Slade.

"Don't mind the frosty attitude from him." Elvira states,"Though it seems like you two could get along."

"Know your places maggots." Slade states as he looked at Berg with his laser red eyepiece,"Anyway,where are we going then Maelys?"

"We were about to head to our next destination on our tour, be more zan welcome to come with," Maëlys replies.

"Alright then,let's proceed then." Slade states,"Be good Grace."

"Not like I'm nearly an adult." Grace rolls her eyes as she blows another bubble and pop it.

MarineFord Tower

Nearing the end of the tour of the basic,yet extravagant island of Marineford,Slade and Maelys lead the trio to the main marineford tower,where all the meeting rooms,offices,and the three seats are placed at.

"Wow! I knew we were at the tower in the beginning,but the thing still looks amazing!" Elvira states.

"The landmark of justice ain't it?" Hiro asks as they look at the tower.

"It's the highest point in this island if I'm correct." Berg points out,"You can probably see out toward the Gates of Justice that we entered to get here."

"Oui you can, I'm intruiged someone out of ze three of you is quite knowledgeable of what to expect here," Maëlys comments.

"I do research on who are my coworkers on." Berg states to Maelys,"And the location as well."

"You're a pretty smart kid maggot." Slade states,"Why you leave the Cipher Pol if you're so smart."

"It wasn't my plan,they threw me in this mess cause us three work together." Berg states,"I'm going back to Cipher Pol whenever I get the chance to again."

"You won't without me though!" Elvira says with a smile as Berg looked deadpan.

"I think she's the reason Berg is with us...." Hiro would say to Slade and Maelys.

"Ze three stooges live I presume," Maëlys thought to herself.

"Let's head inside anyway..." Slade rolls his eyes and directs the group to the entrance,"We can show off the control room and marine meeting board I believe."

"That would be cool!" Elvira states with glee.

"Make sure none of you touch anything inside," Maëlys sternly warns as she followed Slade.


They make it into the Warlord Meeting Room. The large room filled with a center table,a carpet below,and the thrones of each respectable or not respectable based on the marine's view warlord.

"So this is where the seven shichibukai meet huh?" Elvira states looking around,"I can tell who sits where by the looks of here. There's some fire on that one,which means it that dragon queen. That sand king of alabasta has that seat cause I can smell bear and women in that one. I can even smell beer from that one,and then there's--"

"No need to explain more maggott.." Slade states annoyed,"I don't like maggots who speak too much,I get enough of that from my daughter already."

"Why did this old man have to come with us?" Hiro rolls his eyes,"He seems to not like us new guys."

"I never did." Slade states coldly,"One has to earn their respect from me."

"Feeling's mutual." Berg bluntly states.

"Ugh...ze smell of beer is too much in zis room it's making me want to vomit..." Maëlys thought to herself, "zat drunk chauvinistic bastard..."

"Was it right you fought one of these warlords?" Hiro asks Slade,"I remember reading something about these warlords."

"Yeah,I fought the Dragon Queen Ryushiki,along with her "buddies" Angrboda D. Seiryuu and Zero D. Rooke. Probably one of the toughest fights I had. Though I never backed down from them,I gave them all I had before being forced into a coma." Slade states,"Now you're making me talk maggot!"

"Hey hey I was just wondering." Hiro backs up a minute.

"And then there's the marks of Wano,that being Shinzui. There's a piece of blonde hair,there's a bounty poster here,that would be Neal. And...I don't remember seeing chunks of ice on this seat." Elvira was going around.

"Hm? Oh you seem to notice zat. Zat is from ze warlord Elio Francesco," Maëlys points out.

"Yeah I think either him or the bounty hunter that is the most recent." Slade states,"Anyway maggots! Let's go someplace else! Where to Madam Maelys?" Slade then suddenly shifts to a polite,while still aggressive tone to Maelys.

"Think these three should at least know where the higher ups are," Maëlys suggests, "just in case..."

"Alright Maggots! Let's head over to the Seats of Power!" Slade shouts to the trio and starts walking to the Throne room of the admirals.

"Ow! Why does he have to yell at us?" Hiro states.

"Maybe he just ain't a morning person." Elvira shrugs.

"Or he rather be doing something else." Berg rolls his eyes as he followed.

"Oi! Follow behind and keep up," Maëlys calls out to the trio as she follows Slade.


They walk to the famous room that is known as the seat of the three powers. There,in the end of the room,was the thrones of the mighty three admirals of the marine organization.

"Wow! So that is the three thrones?" Elvira asks,"Looks amazing?"

"Look like only a bunch of chairs." Berg states,"It's only really who sit on them that make this room matter."

"Give some respect to the admirals maggot!" Slade states,"If you were under my charge now I will make you drop and give me 200!"

"Is he like some drill sergeant or something?" Hiro goes and asks Maelys,"I mean he is pretty serious about his work is obvious."

"Oui, in a way, though, he is very serious about his dedication as a Marine, any type of disrespect to ze World Government, he does not take kindly," Maëlys answers looking to Hiro.

"So we have Fermi,a gamma logia user. Shishio,who is some dino zoan user. And someone else whom I am not remembering." Elvira states as she looks at the three seats of power,"Imagine if it was us three on those seats!"

"The path to admiral is not easy maggots." Slade states,"The path to admiral requires many skills,accomplishments,and extraordinary commitment to the marines."

"You ever dreamed of being admiral sir?" Hiro asks Slade.

"That's a personal question I won't answer." Slade states coldly,as he had no interest in answering the question.

"Know if any one of you want to achieve ze rank of admiral you will be going through lots of challenges zat not many Marines would be able to handle," Maëlys states.

"Like I said earlier,bring it on." Berg simply states.

"Not very ambitious for it at the moment,but when I will,I'll be ready!" Hiro says with a smile.

"I'll become a female admiral!" Elvira states with a glimmer in her eyes.

"Heh,that little maggot has some spirit in her." Slade says to Maelys about Elvira

"She does, as do ze others, I will give zem zat," Maëlys comments.

"I guess then we shall move on with the tour." Slade states to Maelys,"Where shall we take them too next?"

"Should be fair to take zem to where ze Fleet Admiral is located," Maëlys replies.

"The Fleet Admiral office it is then." Slade nods and then faces the trio,"Alright Maggots! We're moving on!" He then marches straight for the office of the Fleet Admiral.

"The Fleet Admiral! The highest admiral of all the ranks!" Elvira shouts with excitement,"And she's a female too!"

"That to say that a woman is dominating the marines?" Berg asks.

"ooooh kinky." Hiro replies until he got slapped by Elvira.

"Zese three are quite interesting characters aren't zey," Maëlys asks Slade.

"Indeed so..." Slade states as they walk to the office of the fleet admiral.


Soon,Slade and Maelys lead the trio to the hall of where the great fleet admiral Heiwa's office was located.

"Now keep voices low maggots!" Slade states,"This is the office of the fleet admiral Aoshi! Stay quiet at this moment as I believe she might be in there busy."

"Kinda ironic he's shouting at us for wanting to be quiet." Hiro cleans his ear out.

"But this is where the most powerful marine is located at?" Elvira asks,"Awesome!!"

"Oi! Silence," Maëlys warns in a hushed tone.

"Heh heh...sorry." Elvira smiles as she apologized.

"Ain't she known as the blonde bimbo or something like that?" Hiro asks.

"Don't be rude!" Elvira states to Hiro,"She's the best woman there is ever! Not to mention she is beautiful in her own right!"

"What happened to "being quiet" maggots!" Slade states to Hiro and Elvira.

"Sorry!" Elvira says bowing to Slade countlessly and comically.

"Besides,I think that "Blonde Bimbo" was a nickname the drunk admiral gave to her." Berg says,"I don't understand how a drunkard like him could become one..."

"Sounds like him." Slade states as he steps back toward Maelys.

Maëlys' expression changed to one of annoyance as her powers began activate causing part of the area to become hot, "Blonde...bimbo? Zat drunk bastard," Maëlys thought to herself angrily.

Slade notices the change of temperature and places his hand on Maelys's shoulder,"Relax,now is not the time to get angry in front of the new kids." He says in a caring,yet soldier like tone to Maelys.

Maëlys sighed as she deactivated her powers but was still angered over the comment, "Right, pardon," Maëlys replies in a calm tone.

Slade pats Maelys on the shoulder and then walks towards the trio,"I believe that should end the tour. Follow us back to the entrance and we'll escort you three to your living quarters."

"Alright! I'll get to see what our house will be like!" Elvira says jumping in excitement.

"I am hungry! Maybe might hit up a restaurant awhile!" Hiro states,"Can I get to know your daughter Sir?" He asks Slade.

"Shut up maggot." Slade retorts.

Berg remains silent and follows the group back to the entrance.

"By ze way, not too far where zese three will be living, zere is a small Marine base zat zey should know of," Maëlys states to Slade.

"You're talking about the marine base outside of the Gates of Justice." Slade states as they walk,"They'll be living here in marineford for the time,but yeah we'll probably have them station there for a time being."

"True, zey will know ze challenges ahead sooner or later," Maëlys replies.

Rabid Dogs at Base!

As they made it back to the doors of the Marineford Tower,the emergency bell wrung as they were about to exit.

"The hell is that?" Berg asks as he turns around.

"Danger maggots,someone is invading a base and Marineford has just been notified." Slade states as he listens and runs over to the desk,"Seems like that base we were talking about Maelys is being invaded. By a vampire woman and a boomerang man."

"We need to head zere now and take down zese bastards," Maëlys replies, "we don't know if zey are planning to destroy anything at ze base or not."

"What should we do?" Elvira asks as she was surprised by the sudden turn of events.

"Could we help out?" Hiro asks.

"I think we should." Berg bluntly states.

"Alright maggots!" Slade yells,"Follow me! You're going to be learning to be a marine today.." He then runs to the famous STARZ painted ship,the marine ship Slade leads,"Hop on too Maelys!"

"Can I come father?" Grace suddenly appears as she was running beside her father.

"Sure honey." Slade hops onto the ship,"Get in here maggots!"

"Get moving now!" Maëlys orders as she hopped onto the ship.

"We're moving! We're moving!" Hiro says as he hops onto the ship,"Phew.. These guys make sure you're quick."

"We want to be fast so we can answer to the call!" Elvira says with excitement,"Our first mission already! I can't wait!!"

"Hmph." Berg stays silent as they all make it to the ship and were getting ready to leave.

"Alright maggots! Get this boat going!" Slade shouts throughout the ship to the marine infantry,"Where is Vermont and Shiloh?"

"We're here sir!" Vermont and Shiloh answer with an immediate salute.

"Get ready to be in combat with us!" Slade states to the two before turning back to the trio,"And you three maggots prepare for fighting as well!"

"Yessir!" Elvira says with a salute.

"Let's see what you three have in what we're up against," Maëlys replies looking over to the trio.

As they were sailing to the emergency,the marine base they are heading to is now in a bloody mess with many marines paralyzed or dead and boomerangs all over the place. In the center of the hall there was two standing figures of a woman wearing tight black and red leggings and a matching color of a corset vest. The other figure was a man that looked like an average burglar with jeans and blue sweater and beanie on his head. They were seem to be looking around the base.

"Is that everyone?" the man in the blue sweater asks.

"I guess so..." The woman answers as she licks the blood off of her blade,"Captain will surely be happy with us! I'll be making the ranks of the pack very soon!"

"Easy for you to say." The man states as he collects some of the boomerangs off of the walls,"I wasn't the one who got beat by a man that could become solid as rock."

"Spoken by the man who failed in his attempt to rob a marine controlled bank himself." The woman hisses back,revealing vampiric teeth,"I don't get why captain decided to release you along with me. And I don't get at all why he placed me in the lower ranks with you!"

"Quiet down will you!" The man shouts out,"We might be having company soon..." He says as he sees the S.T.A.R.Z ship coming right towards the now empty marine base.

"More blood to drink...." The vampire girl says with a grin and licks the rest of the blood on her sword.


Meanwhile,the marines in the STARZ ship were now able to see the marine base just outside of the gates of justice. They hear nothing but the minorly rough waves cresting around the sea. The quiet air stilling a lot of the marine folk. Slade and Maelys were seen on the bridge of the ship with the trio right behind them as Slade tried to call in to the base.

"This is Seven Six Slade to Commodore Diesel..." Slade says over a den den mushi to call into the base,"This is Aokuma to Commodore Diesel!" He then yells,"Damn no answer!"

"What happened? Any responses," Maëlys asks in a calm yet demanding tone.

"No,no answer at all." Slade states as he slams the den den mushi onto the floor,"Those pirates or whoever were clever with cutting out the communications if they were able to do that."

"So we don't know who were dealing with or how many we are dealing with." Hiro states,"Well ain't this nice..."

"We can do it!....Can't we?" Elvira says in a somewhat confident manner.

"What do you think? Think zat zey are able to handle zere first assignment," Maëlys asks Slade.

"We'll only find out once we find out." Slade only replies as they then land on the base,"Alright! Load up and get ready for anything!" He says as he grabs his rifle and loads it up.

Soon the STARZ soldiers dropped down as Slade and the trio and Maelys dropped down as well. The marine base was quiet,the sight of dead marines were noticeable with blood splattered all over the walls.

"Should we napalm strike this place first?" Vermont asks as he asked Slade.

"Not yet I believe." Slade states,"Unless what do you think Maelys?"

"Not quite yet, would need to look further ahead and see what is up ahead," Maëlys replies.

"Well then..." Slade says looking around,"Let's move STARZ!" He then leads the group as he pointed his rifle toward the now darkened base. Marine soldiers following right behind Slade,"Maelys lead the trio behind me,and have rear guard duty while you're at it."

"Rear guard?" Hiro asks,"What is he? A strategist or something?"

"He's a military genius from what I heard." Elvira states.

Berg was only shaking his head from all the deep smells of blood he can smell thanks to his devil fruit,"Let's get going please."

"Oui, keep you three," Maëlys replies as she followed after Slade and the Marine soldiers.

"Shit! They brought major backup!" The boomerang man says as he peaked at what they were about to deal with, "They brought Vice Admiral Alarie Maëlys and Seven-Six Slade and a bunch of soldiers!" He was in a slight panic, "What are we gonna do?"

"Shush! We're just gonna have to do what we did to the rest." She shows her blade, "Kill them!"

"That would be suicide!" The boomerang man states.

"Well would you want to come back to captain without some blood on your pretty white shirt." The vampire states, "Follow me." She turns into a spider and crawls into an air vent that travels around the marine base and starts crawling through the vents.

"I'll never get used to her doing that." the boomerang man states as he follows behind her into the vents.

"This place gives me the creepers." A STARZ soldier states as they all walked through the dark marine base.

"Where is Commodore Diesel..." Slade states as he was searching with his infrared vision on his helmet.

"Heh,ever read those books where a monster appeared all of a sudden?" Hiro asks,"Yeah,this is what I'm feeling."

"Maybe keep your mouth shut and focus." Berg states as he was sniffing the air around,"Interesting...."

"What is it Berg?" Elvira asks.

"I smell diesel..." Berg replies while sniffing the air,noticeable his nose was now more dog-like,"It's over there." He points over farther into the hall.

"We should probably head down zat way since one of ze new ones seems to know where it's coming from," Maëlys suggests looking to Slade.

"Really?" Slade looks over to Berg,"Hmmmm,the kid's got a weird nose." He notices the dog-nose on Berg's face.

"What are you kid," Maëlys asks Berg.

"I'm the same as everyone one else here on this squad." Berg states.

"Just that he has a devil fruit!" Elvira states,"A dog zoan to be exact! And you should see when he's in full zoan form! He's so -"

"Elvira!" Berg states annoyed,"Keep the mouth shut."

"Whatever you say "Mr. Edgey dog" tehehe." Elvira giggles.

"Very well, lead ze way," Maëlys instructs Berg.

Berg nods and then is taken to the front and directs the group through the dark halls. Meanwhile,during that talk,some marines were intrigued by a light that was in a room and decided to check it without notifying Slade. The marines investigated and saw nothing but the table and lone light inside it. As suddenly,the door locks behind them and numbers of boomerangs and the spider leaping and kill marines immediately. The vampire girl was seen transforming into her normal self and slicing marines out and sucking blood from their necks. And before soon,all of the marines were dead,and a quarter of STARZ was missing from the main pack. All of this was not known to the main pack as they made it down the hall.

"I found him." Berg finally states as he looks down to the wall where a giant splosh of blood and diesel was seen above that fell to a long dead Commodore Diesel. And not just him there,there were bodies of marines and splats of blood all over. The dead marines pale as white stone as they were drawn of their blood.

"Holy shit...." Slade states in a mix of shock and anger.

"So this is why we didn't have anyone answer the call." Elvira states,"Everyone that was here,is dead."

"This was not how I expected our first day to go." Hiro shakes his head,"Not at all..."

"Shit...a vampire," Maëlys growls to herself.

"How do you know this was done by vampires?" Hiro asks,"And aren't they like a myth or something?"

"Maggot,there are many things out there if you actually go out into the world." Slade states,"And one thing is certain,there are a lot of creatures out there like vampires."

Immediately, Maëlys began to activate her powers causing the area to become hot, "Where are they," Maëlys thought to herself.

"phew Why does she do that?" Hiro asks.

"That's her power!" Elvira replies,"That's her devil fruit."


"Phew! It's starting to get hot around here." The vampire states,"At least it ain't the sun,or else I would be melting or going ablaze under the sun."

"Wouldn't you have that special rock of yours to protect you from that?" The boomerang man asks.

"Yeah Yeah I got that thingy." The vampire girl replies and then opens the door from the room. Thanks to her vampiric hearing, the vampire was able to hear the voices from the other group. She could smell all of the fresh blood from their bodies. She smiles and says to the boomerang man,"I believe there is an air vent above them where they are. I'll surprise them from there,and you can find a different way to kill them." She turns into a spider and returns to the vents.

"Why does she leave me thinking always." the boomerang states as he looked over.

Back to it,

"Keep your guard up men." Slade says as he continued up the path of dead marines.

"Is going any farther a good idea?" Hiro asks as they trampled on some of the bodies.

"We don't know till we find out I guess." Elvira states sheepishly.

Berg was kneeling, looking at some of the bodies. As an ex cipher pol agent,he knew how to investigate a crime scene to the very detail, he looked at the bodies and noticed the vampire marks on each of their necks as well as finding out the identity of the marines from the tags on them. Berg only looked in silence as he investigated more.

"Find out anything so far." Maëlys asks Berg her powers still active.

"Here are the name tags on the marines." Berg states, giving them to Maelys,"I did notice the famous vampire marking on their necks. And I studied their wounds,as most of them had a slit mark that has gone anywhere from their necks or chest area. While there is also signs of bludgeoning around shoulder and abdomen areas." He then picks up some beheaded marine heads,"These here though have 2 different signs. One head has a smooth bladed cut. While the other is also smooth, but shows signs of entry and reentry." He then drops them down,"I think you're dealing with a swordsman and someone with a skill of a throwable weapon like a boomerang."

"Berg being smart again." Hiro rolls his eyes.

"And how do you casually hold a head?" Elvira asks.

"1. You hold them with gloves. And 2. We've been in plenty of murder scenes before." Berg states.

Maëlys studied the name tags that were handed to her when her eyes widened. Then she looked at the heads of the beheaded Marines examining the markings on them.

"Looks like we're not dealing with any ordinary intruders here," Maëlys points out.

"That point is obvious." Slade states as he turned around,"Though they won't get away from us STARZ!" He says as a light cheer came from the marines to increase the low morale of the troops.

"Yeah!" Elvira states in her always cheerful mood.

Maëlys' eyes slightly opened as she activated her haki noticing the presence of one of the intruders in the area. She looked over in the direction where the intruder was located with a stern expression on her face.

"Someone's here," Maëlys says looking over towards the vent, "over zere."

As she says that, boomerangs come flying out from the halls and start hitting marines. Heads start flying off as the sharp bladed boomerangs come slicing right through the necks. Blood splatters from different marines as they were hit.

"The hell?" Slade states as he dodges out of the way of the boomerangs.

"Looks like we were trapped or something!" Elvira states.

"I knew I should've stayed home today!" Hiro says frantically as he tried to dodge it.

Berg just dodges the boomerangs with his quick reflexes and was able to grab one in midair and look at it.

"Whoever is here, come out now and show yourselves!" Maëlys calls out as she dodged the boomerangs.

"You asked for it...." The vampire girl states as she suddenly hops out of the vents and turns back to her normal form and slice a marine through the abdomen and into the wall! Her surprise attack frightened many marines, causing them to fall down in shock. She then only drops down and bites onto one's neck, and sucks his blood dry when she then jumps back and slices the rest in quick motion.

"SHIT!!!" Hiro shouts as he jumped as well,"This is not good!"

"I guess then we have a real fight now Berg." Elvira states as she looked over to Berg.

"Indeed." Berg states as he then transforms into his big full zoan form. The inu inu no mi, model: Alaskan Malamute, the devil fruit Berg has.

"Well ain't that cute." The vampire girl smiled as she licked her blade filled with blood. She looks around and sees the sudden stare-down between everyone against her. She just smiled even more as she then says,"Why hello darlings..."

"So it was you who was responsible for zis..." Maëlys growls glaring at the vampire girl.

"For the blood sucking,sword killing,and the throat slicing yeah." The vampire girl laughs,"That boy over there was a reason for the boomerangs!"

"Why did you need to call me out like that!" the boomerang man answers with a glare as he walked over.

"I don't think this is necessary...." Slade mutters as he then has his rifle aimed at the two,"But put your hands up where we can see them! You're under arrest!"

"I think I will happily not accept that." the vampire girl replies, "We've been in prison for way too long!"

"Yeah! And we ain't going back!" the boomerang guy says,"We're not letting captain's honor of allowing us to escape with him be for nothing."

"If I'm not mistaking,could they be relating to the impel down escape?" Elvira asks,"I heard about that incident recently."

"Are they among the list that escaped?" Hiro then asks.

"It would appear so yet, zey are among one of ze most dangerous," Maëlys replies.

"Adrasteia at your service." The vampire girl laughs and bows,"And this is my.....partner.." She sneered, "Fred Flintstone."

"That name makes me wanna punch you." Hiro states.

"Uhhhh, sorry mate. Gotta keep the good looks!" Fred replies with a laugh.

"Don't make me slice your throat." Adrasteia rolls her eyes.

"Seems even though they're on the same team, they don't seem to be good working together." Berg states.

"Zis should give us enough time to distract zem," Maëlys points out.

"You got 5 seconds to quietly surrender!" Slade shouts, "Or else my boys will be shooting you two down!"

"Nah, not no chance." Adrasteia states with a grin. And before even Slade could start counting, Adrasteia's blade struck Hiro on the side and killed two others with her sword. She then licks her sword of the blood, as then Hiro was suddenly paralyzed!

"Arrrgh." Hiro would fall to the ground, "What the hell!?"

"She's going to be tougher than any of us thought." Berg starts leaping into action.

"Dammit, we don't have much choice now," Maëlys growled as she used her powers creating a red flame like orb.

Flintstone was seen immediately pulling out his boomerangs and throwing them at STARZ, the boomerangs beheading and killing marines left and right as Slade started opening fire on the two.

"Blow those two up Vermont!" Slade shouts.

"No can do sir!" Vermont replies, "We are in too small of an area for me to use my powers! If I Napalm Blast this area, there will be a lot of friendly casualties sir!"

"Well shit." Slade states.

"Same here. I want to use my power, but this area is small to do so." Elvira states.

"And I'm stuck somehow!" Hiro replies.

"He he he, looks like y'all are in disadvantages!" Adrasteia says as she keeps hacking through marines.

"Hmmm ze only option would be using my powers," Maëlys stated, "should be worth a try."

Fighting in Blood

"Looks like you could be the weakest link of this trio." Berg states as he hops and attacks Flintstone with martial arts as Flintstone avoids each attack with skill.

"Oi! You think I'm the weakest link?" Flintstone replies as he leaps over Berg and throws a boomerang at him, "Say that again! I dare you!"

"Sir!" Vermont shouts to Slade, "Permission to blow up this wall here sir!" He points over to the wall behind them, "If some of us blow up this area, we can get some ground that we can truly fight on with an advantage."

"Permission to do so too sir!" Elvira says cutely with a salute.

".....Permission granted to both." Slade replies, "And Maelys! Do what you need to."

"Oui," Maëlys responded as she tossed the red orb towards Adrasteia then upon explosion, the area become scorching hot.

"Owie! That was hot!" Adrasteia cries, "At least that wasn't sun scorching hot that could melt me." She then moves quickly and tries to attack Maelys from the side with her sword, "You could look pretty undead if I made you one..."

"Fall Back!" Slade shouts to the soldiers of STARZ as Vermont got ready to activate his napalm powers. The marines running left and right away from the scene as Vermont would shout.

"Napalm Punch!" Vermont would punch the wall with a fistfull of haki and napalm. The wall would suddenly explode and reveal the bright sun that was hidden by the dark base. There was a rocky terrain outside of the walls but it did provide extra room for battle for the marines.

"Alright!" Elvira states, "Let's go!"

"Let's go indeed!" Flintstone would be seen running outside, "My chance to escape!"

"Hey! Come back!" Elvira would shout then running to chase him.

"Seems he rather run than fight." Berg then leaps over the damage and chases Flintstone as well.

"And I'm still stuck...." Hiro states weakly.

Maëlys managed to dodge the attack then using Deslizare, she bended her body onto the ground having her head reach the ground as she used her powers causing her hands to become a bright orange red as she glared at Adrasteia, "Now, Netsu Shigan!" Maëlys shouted as she aimed towards Adrasteia's leg.

Adrasteia used her vampiric speed to dodge the shigan and replies with her movement, going behind Maelys, and swinging her sword at Maelys's back. "Will this be a battle of acrobatics and speed? Oui? He He he!" She mocked Maelys.

"Hmph, you have no idea whom you're underestimating," Maëlys scoffed as she looked to Adrasteia letting the sword come towards her back causing it to crack upon contact!

"Oh?" Adrasteia looks as her sword ended up with a huge crack that went right down in the center. She looks over to Maelys and gives a sheepish smile, "WAIT FOR ME FLINTSTONE!!!!!" She would yell as she ran with her vampiric speed to the outside, her lapiz lazuli rock protecting her from the sun rays as she ran away from Maelys.

"Cowards, didn't even put up an entertaining fight," Maëlys scoffed.

"Let's go catch them Maelys!" Slade leaps over the wall himself as they head into the rocky terrain, "We can't let these pirates get away! Besides those new recruits are hot on that Flintstone's tail!"

"And I'm still stuck here!" Hiro says, "I don't know what that lady did to me, but I'm paralyzed!"

"Shit...someone needs to tend to him while one of us goes after zem with ze recruits," Maëlys replies following behind using Soru.

"I'll take care of him." Shiloh would say to Slade and Maelys, "You two go after the recruits and get those pirates."

"Thanks Captain Shiloh!" Slade would yell and activate Soru himself.

"pant pant pant" Flintstone would pant as he ran as far as he could before he was stopped by a giant wall of rocks in front of him. Berg and Elvira were right behind him as they saw him in the dead end.

"Ha! You can give up now!" Elvira would say to Flintstone, "We got you surrounded!"

"Peh! Like I'll let you kids stop me!" Flintstone would throw boomerangs at the duo and have the boomerangs land right next to their feet. Suddenly the boomerangs would explode into smoke and inhibit them from seeing Flintstone. Flintstone would then run right at Berg and give Berg a good clobber across the face as Berg went flying nearby.

"Hey! Where are you!" Elvira would shout at Flintstone as she was then grappled around and trapped around in a rope of boomerangs, "Your toys are getting annoying!"

"Oh but I'm just getting started young girl." Flintstone would say with a chuckle across his face as he pulls out a bowie knife and has it right towards her neck.

"Leave her alone!" Berg would yell as he suddenly screamed in pain as Adrasteia showed up and stabbed her cracked sword into Berg's shoulder. She pulls it out and gives the sword a lick to taste Berg's blood.

"Hmmmm, type AB Negative..." Adrasteia would say as she tasted it, "Can't say that's a common blood type to have." She then puts her regular sword back and activates two twin arm blades from her gauntlets on her wrists, "It'll be a shame I'll be cutting you up for such a rare blood you are!" She then raises her arms in the air before she'll start stabbing into Berg and Flintstone will start slicing the throat of Elvira.

"I see zem!" Maëlys shouted as she coated her arms in Haki using Soru to boost her speed heading towards them.

"Get Flintstone! I got the blood sucker this time!" Slade stops and points his rifle at Adrasteia. "I got you in my sights..." And before she could strike her blades at Berg, Slade fires his rifle and shoots a laser right at Adrasteia! Knocking her off her feet and onto the ground.

"Kōru Shigan!" Maëlys shouts as she charged at Flintstone using her powers combined with Shigan aiming towards his torso.

Flintstone screamed as he flew through the air and smashed himself into the rock from Maely's powers. The power of the Vice Admirals compared to the pirate duo was more powerful than the pirates expected.

"And take this you ugly bastard!" Elvira would shout before saying, "Goe Goe: Go Away!!!!" She would scream so loud that an energy beam came out of her mouth and hit Flintstone square and knock him farther into the rocks. Flintstone knocked unconscious from the energy scream.

"Can you help me off of these ropes." Elvira would ask Maelys as she was still stuck from Flintstone's roped boomerangs,

"Hold still." Maëlys replied as she knelt down using her powers she burned the roped boomerangs off of Elvira.

"Thanks." Elvira says as she looked over to Berg and then to Flintstone, "How did I do on my first day?" She asks looking at Maelys. She wanted to know if Maelys was impressed by her Goe Goe powers.

Maëlys placed her hand on Elvira's head then gave her a gentle smile, "You did really well on ze first day, you've got potential."

"Heh heh thanks." Elvira smiled a little, then looks back to Berg, "I gotta see if Berg's ok." She then jumps up and ran towards Berg, "Are you alright?"

"I believe so.." Berg says grunting, "But I think she did the same thing to me with what she did to Hiro." He said as he was paralyzed himself, "I believe it's a devil fruit power."

"You ain't gonna catch me!" Adrasteia gets up and tries to run as suddenly Slade used soru and pushed her back down.

Slade then puts his boot on Adrasteia's back and points his rifle at her head, "I said you're under arrest didn't I?"

"Dammit.." Adrasteia says.

"Move any further and I'll take that special rock off of you!" Slade states nodding to the lapiz lazuli that protects vampires from the sun.

"Hey....We captured our first pirates as marines!" Elvira would say in happiness, "Hooray!"

"It isn't over yet," Maëlys spoke as she appeared before them.

"Indeed, We got to figure out what the hell she did to you kids." Slade says as he was putting seastone cuffs on Adrasteia as he still had his knee on her back. "You mind telling us what you did bitch?"

"It's the Dara Dara no Mi." Adrasteia grunts, "It paralyzes a person for a moment if I am able to lick their blood. And how long they're paralyzed is based on their blood type."

" two what are your blood types," Maëlys asked Berg and Hiro.

"AB Negative." Berg says, "She mentioned earlier."

"And your other guy had an A Negative." Adrasteia answered, "This kid here will be back moving in 2 minutes since his blood type is rare. While the other kid will have to wait maybe about 10 minutes."

"Well that's good to know at least." Slade then picks up Adrasteia, "Maelys, go get the boomerang guy."

"Oui," Maëlys nodded as she used Soru heading towards Flintstone.

"I can feel myself getting un-paralyzed." Berg says as he slowly gets himself up from the effects as Maelys went to arrest Flintstone.

"That is good!" Elvira says hugging him tightly, "I didn't want to carry your fluffy body around. Though your fur is so soft when you're lying there..." Elvira pets Berg's fur while a low growl from his zoan form came out.

"Hey Maggots!" Slade shouts to Berg and Elvira, "No Love Cuddling in mission!"

"Oh Yes sir!" Elvira instantly jumps up and salutes Slade, "Sorry Sir!"

"No "sorry sir" either!" Slade shouts as he led Adrasteia to the ship.

"Hey grandma!....." A comically bruised up Flintstone says as he was being dragged by Maelys, "Can I have some of that sweet carrot cake?.."

"Silence" Maëlys replied as she released a small wave of haki onto Flintstone glaring at him.

Flintstone only falls limp as Maelys continues to drag the pirate back onto the ship.

Backup Arrives from the White Fang Pirates!!

A few minutes passed and the marines are seen picking up dead marines as well as taking care of wounded. Slade was seen supervising the scene as both Adrasteia and Flintstone were in a seastone cage. Berg, Elvira, and Hiro were seen together once again.

"Sir! The bodies are almost all rounded up!" A marines says saluting to Slade.

"Alright! Go do one more run and come back within 2 minutes so we can get out of here!" Slade would command to the marine.

"Well looks like this was a great mission!" Elvira says, "Will we be ranked up Slade?"

"Quiet Maggot!" Slade shouts to Elvira, before looking towards the ocean again. His kenbunshoku haki was warning him with some danger nearby, "You feeling that too Maelys?"

"Oui," Maëlys nodded as her Ken Haki began to kick in sense something imminent, "something's about to happen..."

"Taking the shot..." A voice from afar on a ship says as a rifle goes off and a bullet hits right in the head of a marine that instantly went down in front of Elvira and Berg.

"EEEK!!" Elvira jumps in fright from the instantly dead marine.

"SNIPER!!!" Slade shouts as he pushes Berg and Elvira behind some cover and he pulls his laser rifle, "Where are those sons of bitches?"

Maëlys sensed the presence of someone up ahead as she looked up, "Slade, up zere!"

Slade looks up and sees a red haired angel looking down at the marines. It wasn't no normal angel though, this angel had four wings! She looked down and then looks over behind her back as a huge ship starts appearing.

"Yo......ho.....All....Together.....Hoist the colours high!" A ton of voices were heard singing as a flag was being raised, "Heave...Ho!...thieves....and beggars! Never shall.....we die!" As the flag highly raised into the air! And the black flag of a wolf's head over an anchor signified only one thing....the White Fang Pirates.

"Shit...." Slade states as he looks over and finds out the situation they're in.

"Uhh who are they?" Elvira asks, "They don't act like any normal pirates with that singing."

"Zey are ze White Fang Pirates," Maëlys answered with anger in her tone, "an infamous crew...especially zeir captain."

"I heard of them in old textbooks." Berg says, "Wasn't their captain in Impel Down or something?"

"I believe so. And now when the world almost forgot about him, he returns with his famous smile!" Slade states as he loads up his laser rifle.

"What are we gonna do?" Hiro asks.

"We're gonna fight, that's what!" Slade replies as he aimed his rifle at the ship, "I'll get that sniper they're having!" He then activates a holographic type scope within his visor that allows him to see his targets up close. He then zooms in on the sniper, which was a panda mink with a yellow shirt and camo pants. The panda mink had a modified looking sniper rifle. Slade aimed at the head and fires a laser at the sniper!

"I think he spot me." The panda mink speaks in an australian accent as then he notices a laser bullet flying at him with observation haki, "Yes! Yes! Yes he did!" He dodges by rolling out of the laser's fray. "Come on Sariel! Order something!"

Sariel, the angel with four wings in the sky, looks down and points at the marines. And ominously orders, "Fire."

And so a barrage of cannonballs were fired onto the marines as cannonballs flew into the beach of the base and sended marines flying.

"TAKE COVER!!" Slade shouts as he got down and tried to cover himself from shrapnel.

"This is not good! This is not good at all!" Elvira panics.

"Calm down Elvie!" Berg grabs Elvira by the shoulders, and then a lightbulb came into Berg's head. "Vice Admiral Maelys!"

"Oui, what is it child," Maëlys replied as she took cover.

"You think we can have Elvira's scream beam to give enough damage on that ship to sink it?" Berg states as he pointed to the ship, "You think you can do a beam like that?"

"I...I don't know." Elvira says shyly, "Might take a lot on me...."

"It'll be worth a try to see what will happen, Elvira, now," Maëlys ordered.

"A-alright." Elvira then looks over and stares at the ship ahead of her and then gives herself a determined look, "Goe Goe: Ship Sinking Scream!!!" She screams energy blasts that turned into soundwaves to the ship. The waters get violent as the sound waves reach through the water and the sound waves blast the ship. The ship shakes and rumbles as the formast gives in and falls onto the ship! Causing massive damage in the top deck. The wood splinters and starts tearing as Elvira gave her best to scream as much as she can. Soon, the center main mast falls onto the deck and splits the ship in two!

"Woah..." Slade says as he was thrown off by the power Elvira used. Not many people can impress Slade with power, but this is one moment he was impressed as a leader.

"She did it." Berg nods and gives a very unnoticeable smile as Elvira herself would faint onto the beach sand.

"Impressionnante...," Maëlys gasped from what she had witnessed.

Elvira would then fall onto the beach sand and faint from all the energy she wasted against that power. Berg would run over and pick up Elvira and take her back to the ships. Elvira was seen coughing and opened her eyes a little bit before asking, "H-how did I do?"

"Well I think their faces speak for themselves." Berg monotonously says looking at Slade and Maelys.

"Zese kids really are something wouldn't say Slade," Maëlys asked.

"The next generation...this is something the next pirates will have to worry about." Slade nods.

Sariel, who was still up in the skies, gives an annoyed look knowing that the ship of her group was sinking. She then zooms down onto the beach and lands in the sand! Knocking down marines as she landed with her wings. And as she stood to face Maelys and Slade, it was noticeable that the four wings were not there anymore, not she had arms where wings once were. But her angel wings were still on her.

"At least our warriors don't have devil fruits." Sariel would sither, "Attack!"

And then suddenly, out of the seas came an army of charging pirates at the unprepared marines! A horse mink with a large blue mohawk leads the army with a spear as a giant megalodon shark fishman leads an army as well! The army fighting the marines back onto the beach.

"Now where is Yevgeny." Sariel would look among her army, "Delta Yevgeny where are you?"

Yevgeny appeared from the shadows with a devious smile on his face, "You called for me Sariel," Yevgeny asked.

"Oh good! I thought you'd fall into the water and not be able to swim out of that issue." Sariel looks over toward the ship, "That's annoying they took out the ship Fang gave us." She then looks over to Yevgeny, "You're a delta. You know to cause some chaos oh Preacher of Death." She smiles, "Go and show them why."

"With pleasure," Yevgeny wickly smiled as he jumped into the air before transforming into a hyena making a landing on the ground. Once he had landed, he began to make an unsettling cackling sound.

"Someone's close by," Maëlys says using her haki.

"Like there's a lot of enemies in front of us!" Hiro says to Maelys.

"STAND YOUR GROUND MEN!!!" Slade shouts to the marines as he fired his laser rifle at the pirate army, "YOU DON'T STOP FIGHTING TILL YOU'RE ON THE GROUND!!"

"There anything we can do?" Elvira asks Maelys.

"I don't know if we can handle this army." Berg states, "We are heavily outnumbered."

"Ah-ehehehehehehehehe! This is only the beginning! Here I come!" Yevgeny snarled as he charged at Berg ready to sink his teeth into his arm.

"Berg, look out!" Maëlys shouted.

"RRGH!" Berg would pull his arm out of the way and turn into his full zoan form immediately. Berg growls back as he looked at Yevgeny straight in the eyes. "Looks like the Preacher of Death has risen again. What made you decide to come back from the dead?" Berg barks.

"I'm impressed that you were able to block my attack, you've got spunk child," Yevgeny snarled with glowing red eyes smiling.

"Hey! No one tries to hurt my friend!" Elvira would shout over to Yevgeny, "Goe Goe: Goe Away!" Elvira would scream out another energy soundwave that was aimed for Yevgeny.

Yevgeny transformed back into his ghoul form as he managed to dodge the attack then charged at Elvira attempting to slash at her with his claws. "Now you're in my way girlie," Yevgeny snared.

"Oh, uhh." Elvira was trying to step back away from Yevgeny, "What should I do!?"

"What's the matter? Little birdie can't scream? Ghoul gotcha tongue," Yevgeny cackled as he slowly approached her ready to attack.

"Leave her alone!" Berg shouts as he leapt and raised his leg for Rankyaku action, "Rankyaku Kick!" He kicks Yevgeny with the rokushiki technique that was to be aimed at the back of Yevgeny.

Yevgeny blocked the attack as he was blown back then turned his attention to Berg licking his teeth. "So pup, you want to fight with a ghoul? You asked for it!" Yevgeny yelled as he charged at him preparing to slash at his torso.

"Hey you two! Don't get any attention without me!" Hiro says as he came running toward Yevgeny and activates his amber logia powers, "Here I go! Amber Trap! Hiro turns his body into amber and makes himself stuck onto Yevgeny, "Get him Elvira!"

"Goe Goe Scream!" Elvira would scream right in front of Yevgeny as he was trapped for a second.

"Shigan Pistol!" Berg would charge and would hit Yevgeny in the abdomen with shigan!

"AH! Shit, damn kids are persistent!" Yevgeny grunted in pain looking to Elvira and Berg.

"Shigan Netsu!" Maëlys shouted as she landed a hit on his chest causing him to be knocked onto the ground!

"Ah...I supposed it can't be helped," Yevgeny coughed as he transformed into a coyote then proceeded to charge at Maëlys.

Meanwhile, Slade was seen taking care of the pirates with his gun.

"Keep going men!" Slade states, "We have to get back on the ship to get out of this!"

"You marines ain't gonna retreat without giving back Adrasteia and Flintstone." Sariel appears right in front of Slade, her wings looking as bloody as ever.

"And why would you want some pirates like them?" Slade asks, "They were caught, I don't think your captain would want pirates that can be caught."

"Those pirates are only learning." Sariel states, "When the time comes, they'll scare you more than us."

"That'll be the day." Slade replies as he then activates his laser vision, "I don't suppose I can stop you."

"Nah, this'll be a fight." Sariel then turns her hands into red cardinal wings and her legs into talons as the crimson angel prepared to fight Slade.

Maëlys managed to dodge his attack as she used her powers grabbing onto Yevgeny's arm causing it to become hot then turned cold.

"S-shit! What the fuck is this?!" Yevgeny called out in pain.

"Something wrong? Not use to ze change in temperature," Maëlys asked tightening her grip.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Yevgeny cried out in pain.

"Don't worry Yevgeny...." A giant megalodon shark fishman says right in front of the marines and Yevgeny. The fishman was 59 feet tall and was looking straight down at the marines as he activated fishman karate, The Big Jaws Thresher has entered this part of battle, "Fishman Chop!" As his arm comes down very hard to the ground around Berg and the group.

"Ahhhh!" Hiro would leap off of Yevgeny's back and hopes to avoid Thresher's attack.

"Watch out!" Berg says as he and Elvira would leap away from the fishman chop.

"Shit!" Maëlys grunted to herself as she leapt away from the attack.

"There you go Yevgeny..." Thresher says in a low and loud voice to Yevgeny, "We're almost done looking for Adrasteia and Flintstone."

"How does it feel like being outnumbered?" Sariel would ask Slade as she would dive right at Slade with her claws.

"Just like it always is." Slade says as he ducks from Sariel's attack, "It makes me even more dedicated to justice!" He then fires a laser at Sariel in the air.

Sariel dodges swiftly with her wings, "Oh, if only you were with us! You'd be such a great partner." She then dives down head first and attacks with her wings, "Tekkai Wings!" She says as she tries to attack Slade with wings of iron.

"I rather kill myself than serve the likes of pirates!" Slade says as he dodges the wings slashing at him and gives her the buttstock of his rifle on his head. Sariel leans down a little in reaction before Slade spartan kicks her and puts her on the ground with a rifle pointed to her head, "You will lay your arms down before justice!"

"Sa sa sa! You really think so?" Sariel laughs before opening her wings and sandwiching Slade in it, "Don't even bother me with that." She then releases Slade in the wing sandwich and flies back up into the air.

"Damn...and I didn't think you would release me from your grip," Yevgeny coughed as he cracked his neck.

"Oh? Then let's see obedient you are mutt," Maëlys glared as she released a small wave of haki causing Yevgeny to collapse onto the ground.

"W-what is this!?" Yevgeny grunted trying to get up.

"I thought your grip would be off of him after what I did." Thresher then points his finger at Maelys, "Fishman Water Bullet" He then fires a bullet of water at Maelys.

"Tekkai: Hyōga!" Maëlys shouted as she stopped his water bullet using her powers freezing it then countered it back towards him!

Thresher claps his hands around the frozen water bullet and smashes it with his own hands! He then spins himself around and around until he was spinning around in the speed of a tornado! And water bullets start flying recklessly all around the area as a few pirates themselves got his by the giant water bullets. "Fishman Karate: Sharknado!" He says as the bunch of water bullets fly at Maelys.

"Hmph," Maëlys scoffed as she placed her hand up then activated her powers causing her hand to turn bright red then the water bullets aiming towards her began to disintegrate into steam. "Rankyaku: Cold Front!" Maëlys shouted as she created a large kick sending cold energy towards Thresher!

Thresher was kicked hard by the cold kick from Maelys and got the wind knocked out of him. Thresher gasps for air as he falls down onto the beach below. But he didn't just land on the beach, his body falls right on top of the marine ship! Completely totalling the ship below him.

"Shit." Berg says as he looks as the sound of the wood cracks under the immense weight of the megalodon shark fishman.

"That ain't good is it?" Hiro asks.

"Well at least I left that ship." Slade's daughter, Grace suddenly says as she was leaning on a rock and blowing bubble gum.

"Guess I might have went a bit too far but in any case," Maëlys shrugged.

"Hey! It's that Vice Admiral's daughter!" Hiro says looking over to Grace, "Where have you been?"

"I have been staying at the ship most of the time." Grace says as she was popping a bubble, "I just wanted to move my legs until this battle came upon us."

"Well this looks like we might be fighting till the last one stands." Elvira says.

"Make sure it's us then." Berg states as he turns into his full zoan malamute and charges right at a pirate.

"You're right!" Elvira says as she starts screaming, "We ain't giving up yet!"

"Let's do this!" Hiro leaps up and activates his amber powers.

"Where did that creepy priest guy go?" Grace asks Maelys referring to Yevgeny.

"Looking for me," girlies Yevgeny said in his hyena form cackling.

"Shit! He's still kicking," Maëlys growled.

"I got you Yevy!" Adrasteia says as she grabs Yevgeny in his hyena form.

"What? How did they get out?" Grace asks.

"We got away when Thresher destroyed the ship, which allowed us out of there!" Flintstone says as the three start running away from Grace and Maelys.

"Bye bye ladies," Yevgeny cackled.

"Stop zem now!" Maëlys shouted as she chased after them.

Meanwhile, Sariel and Slade were still having a fight against each other. Sariel, the crimson angel in the sky; While Slade was the soldier on the ground. Sariel was seen coating her arms and turning them into wings as she tried to slice Slade down with her wings. Slade leaps out of the way with soru as he slide and fired back at Sariel.

"Your devil fruit allows you to have four wings huh?" Slade says as he stood up, "That why you're known as the "Crimson Seraphim?"

"Ca ca ca! Indeed." Sariel chuckled, "The Cardinal zoan allows me to become a cardinal, then I can turn my arms into wings and use them like sword with haki!" She then charges right at Slade again for more slashes toward Slade.

"Well I can't let ya be leaving out blood anymore!" Slade says as he used soru and charged right at Sariel, leaving a punch at her in the face! "Soru Punch!"

Sariel would get knocked down and about dazed when she hit her head on the hard surface.

Slade stopped a few feet after Sariel was knocked down, only to suddenly realize there was an exploding boomerang right next to him! The boomerang explodes as Slade leapt into the air and fell far from where he was.

"Beta Sariel!" Flintstone would yell as Adrasteia and Yevgeny were right behind him, "Thresher and Delta Yevgeny were able to get us out of the marine lockup!" He says as Sariel would get up.

"Good." Sariel would slightly rub her head, "Now to find a way out from this island." She says as she looked behind her and in the distance a pissed off Slade was standing.

"I've got them!" Yevgeny yelled as he turned around charging at Grace and Maëlys.

"Good, Now any good ideas to get out of here?" Sariel asks Yevgeny, "Both ships have been destroyed!"

"Try to see if able to get back up, in the meantime, I'll handle these two," Yevgeny shouted back.

"Zat's what you think!" Maëlys growled as her body began to turn bright red.

Sariel looks back and suddenly sees a fist from Slade right in front of her! She falls back as she was knocked down again and her head is pressed against the ground as Slade held his foot against her head.

"You think you'll get away?" Slade asks as he aimed his rifle at Sariel, "Justice will be served today!"

"Well looks like pops has her." Grace says pointing her guns at Yevgeny, "Let's get this guy then Maelys."

"Oui," Maëlys replied as she was getting ready to attack.

"Bring it ladies!" Yevgeny yelled.

"With pleasure." Grace says as she aimed at Yevgeny, "Pistol Strikes!" She fires her pistols at Yevgeny, "I'll be your support Maelys, Go on and give the frontal damage to him."

"Oui," Maëlys replies as she charged at him read to attack, "Shigan Netsu!"

"Pfft! Seen this already! Try harder!" Yevgeny shouted as he dodged their attacks then lunged the two with sharpened fangs.

"Geppo." Grace leaps up into the air and drops down with a kick, "Rankyaku Heel!" She says as she drops her heels right on Yevgeny's head.

Yevgeny took the blow then swiftly dodged Maëlys' attack as he kicked himself back up ready to launch at them, "Wonder how you two would look as ghouls!" Yevgeny shouted exposing his razer sharp teeth.

"Yeah, FUCK that!" Grace geppos out and starts shooting at Yevgeny so she wasn't in range of Yev's teeth.

Yevgeny dodged Grace's oncoming attacks then charged at Maëlys ready to sink his teeth into her arm.

"Rankyaku: Neppa!" Maëlys shouted as she used her powers delivering powerful kick at Yevgeny sending a wave of heat towards him knocking him down!

"GAAAAHHHH!" Yevgeny shouted in pain, "Too fucking hot!!! What the hell is this?!"

"It's justice served on a very hot dish!" Grace replies as she fired at Yevgeny.

"Damn, seems we're in a tight spot." Sariel says as she was still on the ground, trying to avoid Slade.

"S-shit...these ladies aren't what I thought they turned out to be," Yevgeny thought to himself.

"Given up yet," Maëlys asked placing her foot on his head applying pressure onto it.

"Charge!" A horse mink shouts from a rock as the White Fang army regrouped itself and charged itself as a swarm straight for Slade and Maelys. Quickly overwhelming STARZ and Maelys's marines.

Slade was pushed and forced to get off of Sariel as she leapt back into the air and looks down at the horse mink.

"Thanks Achilles!" Sariel shouts at the horse mink, "Now get Yevgeny and the Omegas!"

"Yes ma'am!" Achilles the horse mink shouts as he commanded the pirates to swarm Grace and Maelys.

"Shit!" Grace shouts as she sees the White Fang army charging at them, "I knew I should've brought my armor!"

"We don't have a choice, we'll have to take them all one," Maëlys growled as she gets into her stance.

"Don't worry Delta!" Flintstone shouts at Yevgeny as he and Adrasteia drag Yevgeny out of the pile before Maelys and Grace start getting swarmed by the pirates.

"Crap! And now they're getting away." Grace shout as she shoots at the invading pirates.