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The Kingdom of Art and Explosions
Date Started: December 31th, 2020


Date Finished: th, ----

Setting: Atohatsu
Characters Involved:

The King of Atohatsu

The lovely kingdom of Atohatsu, where it is known for it's highest qualities of art and decorations. It is also home to many professional artists and sculptures that live out their dreams here. Many come here to paint to their lives extent and others simply came to view over the masterpieces. These art pieces are also incredibly valuable It was indeed a kingdom where artists alike can live. That is until recent events a pirate crew making a name for themselves called the Savage Pirates wanted to take this island for themselves as a kingdom to establish their notoriety. Naturally, the artists of this island had no fighting prowess and was quick to surrender especially with their captain being a giant named Sigurd the Savage. Sigurd knows the value in art and wanted the island to himself to make a lot of money himself.

However, the current ruler of Atohatsu was in negations with the World Government to make their island affiliate with the World Government. The reason is because the artists themselves aren't fighters and they really value protection especially as they're able to easily pay the Heavenly Tribute. However, Sigurd happened to invade on the same day that the king was going to negotiate with a representative of the World Government over this. This will eventually lead to a confrontation with the king of Atohatsu named King Canvas, Sigurd, and the representative who ended up being Vice Admiral Zero D. Echo.

"Hmph. I don't what the hell is going on here but a PIRATE cannot rule a kingdom! Especially since it is a kingdom we are trying to talk negotiations with!" said Echo.

"Y-Yes! But this GIANT came out of nowhere and told me to step down my throne and hand it over to him or else he will blow up all of my lovely pieces!" said King Canvas.

"Sah-hahaha! Listen Vice Admiral Echo, I know this kingdom can bring the World Government money but that's it! With me running this place, I will set out an entire division devoted to my many explosive inventions! I will provide you with both money and power and a kingdom that can defend itself from attacks!" said Sigurd.

"Pah! Listen you giant maggot, that may be true but, as I said, a PIRATE cannot associate with a kingdom that will soon have ties to the World Government!" said Echo.

"You could order your superiors to make me a Warlord! I don't mind helping out against the WG! My reputation was tarnished before and I don't give damn on which side to serve! Only if it brings me money at the end!" said Sigurd.

"W-Wait what?!" shouted Canvas.

"HAH! Even if that is true, you think it's that easy to be a Warlord?! You may have strength but we're not going to trust a pirate over this! However, that isn't up to me. That will be up to Inari or any of the other higher ups. I have no authority to issue Warlord positions especially to a kingdom that isn't fully part of us yet!" said Echo.

"Hmph. Then let me speak with "Inari" then! I'm sure I can convince him!" said Sigurd.

"This is a waste of time but fine!" said Echo as she picked up her den den mushi to contact admiral Fermi. He eventually picks up the line.

"Echo. What is it? I am quite busy now." said Fermi from the den den mushi.

"We got a situation involving the possible uniting of Atohatsu. It seems like the pirate, Sigurd the Savage, has taken over it but him, being a pirate, cannot do that. He says he can provide more aid to us if we allowed him to be a Warlord." said Echo.

"He's a fool if he thinks he can do that." said Fermi.

"Hah! A fool huh? I'll have you know my explosive technology on top of the valuable art here can help with the World Government in the long run! And you have the authority to do so! At least high recommendation!" said Sigurd.

"And what of the previous king? He is the heir to the throne already you fool." said Fermi.

"Hmph. I'll keep him around. As Vice King I guess. But this kingdom will benefit the World Government more if I am allowed to run it myself!" said Sigurd.

"Look, I have to get back to my mission. Fine, you are on temporary hold until I get there in a few weeks. However, unless this explosive technology is up to our standards, you aren't considered a Warlord nor the kingdom will be afflicated with us. I am sure you can wait the two weeks to get your things set up." said Fermi.

"Hah! I can do that in half that time! You got a deal!" said Sigurd.

"Echo. I'm going back. Be sure to keep some Marines on standby to be sure things are going well." said Fermi as he hung up the line.

"Yes sir! You heard him Sigurd! You got two weeks before Inari comes here! You better leave a good impression! Some of you maggots, stay behind! The rest of you! Come with me!" said Echo followed by a lot of "YES MA'AM"s as they head off to their stations.

"This is father unfair but I guess I get SOME rulings..." said Canvas.

"Don't be a spoilsport! You run half your way and I will run half my main way! Me and my crew are already underway so no backing down now! I am officially the KING of this kingdom! Sha-hahaha!" declared Siguard.

The Arrival of Rookies

Nearly a few weeks later after that meeting, on one side of Atohatsu, the Yin-Yang Pirates can be seen just getting off of the island and they view their surroundings.

"So! This is the place of heart huh? Looks like some kind of paint land!" said Yang.

"It's "art" not heart dumbass. And I guess this is what this island has to offer." said Crescent.

"Indeed so. The island kingdom of Atohatsu is well known for it's various of artists from around the world that paint and sculpt. Their art pieces are quite valuable and can be sold for thousands of beli." explained Hooke.

"W-Whoa!? I knew art was worth a lot but damn people will pay for blotches of color on paper?!" said Keyes.

"Yeah. My own home country even has an area where people have to pay hundreds just to VIEW the paintings." said Steel.

"Heh...so you're saying we should steal the art here and get richer huh?" said Yang with a snicker.

"Dammit! We were just coming here as a rest stop!" said Crescent.

"Yeah but we're pirates! We need to do more stuff to get noticed!" said Yang with his arms behind his head.

"He is right! I mean we could even get some art for ourselves!" said Henni.

"Pah! This place has plants but they're all PAINTED! That will NOT do for me!" said Hearts.

"You may want to be careful. I have heard that this place has been on high alert from the Marines due to how much money they make for their art pieces. I am thinking they would want to affiliate meaning we will be going up against a World Government potential island, thus, the Marines themselves.

"BRING THEM ON!!! I'll kick ALL their asses!" said Yang with fire in his eyes.

"And he is all fired up again...Literally..." said Steel.

Not far from where the Yang Pirates had docked, on the other side, the Moonheart Pirates docked on the island when Karui leapt off of the ship onto land looking at the surroundings. A confident smile grew on her face from the new area her crew arrived at, she couldn't wait to explore. She swung her battle axe placing it on her shoulders as she continued looking around.

"Nice area," Karui said, "looks different from the other islands we've visited but still an island noneoftheless."

"From what I recall, this is supposed to be the kingdom of Atohatsu," Sumire informed, "and much of what's around is artwork."

"Whether it looks real or not, I think it looks beautiful," Catalina said looking around with a small smile.

"Long as no one tries to come at us and I don't need to sock em' then I'm fine either way," Hazel said.

"I'm sad I don't see anything that would be useful for us," Lien frowned.

"I'm sure we'll find something for you Lien," Karui said with a smile, "the island's huge so there's bound to be something."

Before they headed forward, Karui stopped then looked around for a second.

"Something wrong Captain," Catalina asked.

"Where's Ozul," Karui wondered, "OZUL! Where the hell are ya?!"

Ozul appeared from inside the ship, annoyed by Karui's yelling as he glared at her.

"Yes Captain, you don't have to shout the ship down," Ozul complained.

"Aren't you coming with us," Karui asked.

Ozul's eyes widened from Karui's request. "No thank you, m'lady. I am PERFECTLY happy on this ship where nothing can get me! Besides, who knows what lurks on this island...monsters, demons...no, MARINES!! I'm staying right here," Ozul said in a paranoid tone.

"Alright then, stay here and guard the ship from any deadly sea kings that comes to attack our ship," Karui said with a huge smile.

"S-s-seaking," Ozul stuttered.

"Yup, pretty nasty bastards if ya ask me but hey you want to stay here on the ship, fine by me. We'll go on ahead," Karui said as she and the others headed forward with Karui wearing a mischievous smile.

Ozul shuddered from what Karui mentioned. He looked towards the direction where Karui and the others went the back at the sea then back at the direction once more. Suddenly without a second thought, he leapt into the sky and flew off after them.

"NO WAIT UP," Ozul called out in a scared tone.

"HEY! Look at that piece of art! It's huuuge!" said Yang looking at what it appears to be a giant piece of paint.

"That's a wall dumbass. And it looks like some kind of restaurant. This place is fucking tacky I tell you..." said Crescent.

"Yeah...it seems like everyone here is mad with art..." said Steel.

"Hm? Everyone get inside quick." said Hooke as he suddenly leads everyone into the restaurant.

"Ye be okay? What happened?!" asked Finn.

"Marines." said Hooke.

"GET BACK HERE ART THIEF!!! YOU'RE UNDER ARRESTED!!!" said the horde of Marines chasing after the art thief.

"What?! Even the Marines are here?!" said Keyes.

"It appears so. As I said, this Kingdom is trying to be afflicted with the World Government." said Hooke.

"Awww! Why don't we just beat them up?!" said Yang.


"Boo! You're no fun! This is boring! Hey! This is a restaurant? I wanna eat!" shouted Yang.

"You're quite to jump back to the topic of food but we might as well grab something..." said Crescent as he, Yang, Steel, Finn, Keyes, and Hooke sit down.

"Where are the others?" asked Hooke.

"I believe they went to browse more art places. I think." said Steel.

"Okay! More food for us!" said Yang pounding the table. "FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!"

"I swear if they sell us literal art for food, I'll burn this place down..." said Crescent.

"Honestly, seeing all this artwork is starting to bore me," Karui yawned.

"Were you expecting something a bit more eventful here," Sumire asked.

"STOP THAT ART THIEF!!! DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY," yelled the horde of Marines chasing after the art thief running past the Moonheart Pirates.

"Well I'll be damned," Hazel laughed, "at least that was something entertaining."

"You really need to stop predicting the inevitable these days," Ozul sighed.

"True, we are wanted by them and we don't want to bring any kind of attention onto us," Catalina said.

"I smell food...there!," Karui shouted pointing in the direction of a restaurant up ahead, "Food..."

"Will be a nice rest stop for us at least," Lien said as Karui and the others headed inside the restaurant.

"I wanna eat! NOW," Karui shouted.

"You just ate not even two hours ago," Sumire said.

"Your point? I want food, no fake art food!!" Karui shouted smiling.

"How do you handle someone like her, Catalina," Hazel asked.

"You get use to it," Catalina sighed as she warmly smiled.

The Clash of Art and Food

The crew can be seen looking at the "menu" of food in front of them.

"Bode and Broath? Canvas Ham'mus? Color Palate? EASAL PESIAL!? WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE FOODS??!" shouted Steel.

"Did I really eat my words by saying that we could be served literal art here?" said Crescent with a facepalm.

"Heh heh..." said Yang with a snicker.

"Shut...Up..." said Crescent.

"Well I fucking hope it ISN'T literal art or I may have to raise some hell!" said Keyes.

"That is not recommended with the Marines currently lurking around." said Hooke.

"Ye...we probably best order from the menu for now." said Finn.

"Yeah! I'm eating! Tired of not eating!" shouted Yang as he kept yelling out "FOOD!" over and over again.

"Well someone has the same enthusiasm as our captain...kinda," Hazel said looking over at Yang then looks back at Karui who was starting to growl impatiently.

"I...want...food...NOW," Karui roared.

"And the white lioness bitch has come out," Sumire said in a sarcastic tone.

"Why do I feel like that guy over there kinda reminds me of Karui in a way," Catalina wondered.

"He looks intimidating," Ozul said, "don't think talking to him would be the best option."

"Anyone know who these guys are," Lien asked looking towards Yang and the others.

"Don't know, don't fucking care, I want my food," Karui growled.

"Spoken like a true captain," Sumire snickered.

"Shut it, fox," Karui snapped.

"Rah...some idiots over there are being loud." said Crescent as he was trying to focus with himself.

"I hope this..."food" is good. I sure as hell better not taste acrylic paint or I'm gonna go mad!" said Steel.

"FOOD!! FOOD!!!" shouted Yang.

Eventually, the chef who also appeared as an artist places the food they have ordered down on the table as he says some things in a different language before leaving. The food appeared to resemble a large paint canvas where each of the food was in a different color. The meat was green, the chicken was orange, and even the bread was grey.

"The hell is this...?" said Crescent.

"It looks like sloppy piece of crap!"

"This food is rather...interesting.." said Hooke.

"Interesting? IT'S SHIT!" shouted Keyes.

"Ye guys may keep it down, there are people starting at us..." said Finn as he pointed to the crowd of angry artists looking at them with death stares.

However, Yang as already eaten one of the meats and instantly looks displeased. "...This food sucks..."

Not long after, one of the chefs arrived with their food placing it on the table before them. The looks on the crew members faces were of different reactions.

"Uhhhhhh last time I checked, cooked chicken is brown," Sumire said.

"I understand they're going by the art theme and all but really they gotta do it with the food," Hazel complained.

"I feel my stomach turning just looking at it," Lien whined.

Karui took a bite of the chicken then her face turned into a scowl, "What the fuck is this?!"

"I'd rather starve to death than eat this," Ozul said.

"Sadly, I would have to agree too," Catalina frowned.

"Uh, Yang? You okay there?" asked Steel in a nervous tone.

"THIS FOOD SUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Yang as he suddenly threw the food in a random direction that ended up in Kauri's face.

"YANG!" shouted Steel.



"Oh boy...this isn't going anywhere good..." said Keyes.

"Indeed...if Yang doesn't like the food, he causes in uproar." said Hooke.

"I...think that food he threw landed in someone's face..." said Finn.

Catalina covered her mouth gasping, "Oh no...Karui?"

"Uh oh that can't be good," Hazel said with wide eyes.

"Karui...," Lien said in a cautious tone.

Immediately Karui sprung up from her seat with furious eyes gripping onto her battle axe. "WHO'S THE FUCKER THAT THREW THEIR FOOD AT ME?!?!," Karui shouted.

"I-I'm not gonna get involved," Ozul said sliding himself under the table.

"Karui, CALM DOWN," Sumire shouted.

"WHO WAS IT?!?!," Karui yelled.


"SHUT UP!!! THAT FOOD SUCKED!!!" shouted Yang back.



"This is NOT going to end good..." said Keyes as she slide under the table.

"This isn't gonna be good," Catalina whimpered.

"At this point, can't break Karui out of her rage," Sumire said.

"All we can do is just let her take her anger out until she passes out or something...," Hazel sighed.

Karui looked over in the direction where Yang was when with a malicious grin on her face, she tossed her battle axe at Yang grazing him a bit but nearly hitting him as it hit against the otherside of the restaurant.

"Soooo, it was YOU who throw that shit at me stripes," Karui growled.

"SHIT! WHAT THE HELL?!?" shouted Steel as he already ducked for cover.

"HEY!!! NO THROWING AXES!!!" shouted Yang as he grabbed the axe from the wall pulling it off easily. "What are you some kinda angry Axe-Throwing Cat Lady? If it wasn't for this bad food I'd kick your ass!" said Yang as he uses the axe split the table with the food in half. "TAKE THAT!!!"

"YANG!!! DAMMIT!!!" shouted Crescent.


"Oh yeah?! BRING IT BASTARD!" shouted Yang who threw a plate of food in the chef's face still holding onto the axe.

"FOOD FIGHT!!!" shouted a random man as chaos erupts as food, tables, and chairs go flying.

"Point to note: NEVER bring Yang to an art restaurant!" shouted Steel as he was dodging the items.


"Aye! Reminds me of bar fights tough! Just with arty food!" said Finn as he was dodging plates flown at him.


"Oh great, she's at it again," Catalina sighed.

"And to think it would get any worse," Ozul said from under the table.

"What do we do now," Hazel asked.

"Can't leave Karui behind sadly," Sumire said, "we need her, but she's gotta calm down!!"

"GIVE BACK MY AXE," Karui yowled as she drop kicked Yang knocking the axe out of his hand then caught it in mid air, "STUPID ASS CAT!!"

"GAH!!! HEY!!! YOU THREW IT AT ME FIRST YOU DAMN JERK CAT LADY!!!" said Yang as he tackled her down using Electro to speed himself up.

"This has exculated quickly..." said Hooke.

"TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!" shouted Steel who just had a plate of paint, rather, soup thrown in his face. "BEH!!!"

"Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!!" shouted Keyes as she was trying to run for the exit.

"GET OFF OF ME YOU DAWN FREAKS!!" shouted Crescent as he knocked away a bunch of customers that were dog-piling him.


"That's not good...I think we better get the hell outta here and regroup! It's obvious that, whoever Yang is fighting with, aren't members of this island." shouted Crescent.

"I AGREE DAMMIT!!!" shouted Keyes.

"NOW YOU'RE PISSING ME OFF YOU STRIPED BASTARD," Karui shouted as she used Electro kicking Yang in the face knocking him off.

"I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! THE MARINES ARE COMING AND WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE," Ozul cried out as he tried to fly towards the exit then was pulled down by Hazel much to his disappointment.

"We need to get Karui and get out of here before they arrive," Catalina said, "we don't want to get involved in this!"

"But how? When Karui is in this mood, there's no stopping her," Hazel shouted.

"Either way, we know how Karui is, let's just get out of here now and just have her catch up with us," Sumire shouted.

"Everyone that isn't a damn art critic or whatever! This way!" shouted Crescent as he was able to make a way toward the door leading to outside.

"DAMMIT YANG! COME ON!! WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!! LET'S HEAD OUTSIDE AND REGROUP!!" shouted Steel who was trying to get away from the madness.

"NO!!! THIS STUPID CAT LADY NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON!!!" shouted Yang who Electro powered kick her back.

"Ugh! They'll eventually come out! Let's go!" said Keyes.

"Aye...quite the condrimum!" said Finn as he and the rest of Yang's crew make it outside.

"Guys, come on, let's go," Lien shouted as she was already at the door.

"Wait, Lien, how did you," Sumire asked then shook her head, "nevermind, KARUI, LET'S GO NOW!!"

"I AIN'T LEAVING UNTIL STRIPES IS PUT IN HIS PLACE," Karui shouted as she swung her battle axe at Yang hitting him in the gut with the back end of it.

"We don't have time, we need to leave now," Catalina yelled.

"I second that," Ozul whimpered.

"Never thought two creatures who look like cats would fight each other like this," Hazel sighed as her and the rest of the crew made it outside.

"STUPID CAT LADY!!!" shouted Yang as he made a hammer of his Electro and attacked her with it.

The Next Plan

Minutes later, the Yin-Yang Pirates were outside of the restaurant with it still causing chaos inside.

"That...fucking...SUCKED..." said Keyes panting.

"I never knew art can hurt so much.." said Steel as he kept wiping off food off of his face.

"That is besides the point. That dumbass is a dumbass. However, it looks like that other crew there instant fairing much better." said Crescent who was looking over at the Moonheart Pirates.

"That be true. They be the only "non-artists" I seen on this island." said Finn.

"You think that aggressive cat lady is with them?" asked Keyes.

"Most likely. In the sense, I guess I have to apologize for our dumb as hell captain as he WAS the one that started it..." said Steel over to the Moonheart Pirates.

"It's fine, only thing we're worried about at the moment is our captain and her explosive temper fighting against your captain," Sumire said.

"If Karui keep this up, the Marines will be coming after her and the other guy," Catalina said in a worried tone.

"I knew I should've stayed on the ship," Ozul groaned.

"I'm just glad we got out of there before things escalated," Lien sighed.

"Besides the point, noticed your captain is a tiger mink," Hazel said as she turned her attention back to the restaurant, "almost similar to our captain in a way 'cept she's part human like the rest of us. Don't know why but got a bad feeling about this..."

Meanwhile back inside the restaurant, Karui kicked herself back up scowling at Yang. "Not bad Stripes, BUT I'M STILL GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!," Karui yelled. Then Karui used her Electro as she lunged at Yang punching him in the face.

"We need to alert the higher ups immediately!," the one of the chefs shouted.

"I'LL FUCKING END YOU!," Karui shouted as she continued attacking Yang.

"GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE DAMN CAT LADY!!! YOUR ELECTRO CAN'T BEAT MINE!!!" shouted Yang who was sending a storm of Electro her way followed by a punch to her as well.

Crescent rolls his eyes at the commotion from inside. "Yeah he is. I guess your captain is Humink or Devil Fruit user I take it?" asked Crescent.

"It does look that way. Dammit we were supposed to steal valuable art and such but Yang HAD to get the Marines involved in this again.." said Steel.

"Hell yeah! From some art museum on this island but I'd be damned if we can make it there now..." said Keyes.

"Aye be curious what brings your crew into this island? Ye be trying for the art as well?" asked Finn.

"Now that you've mentioned it, we just came here to see what the island was about," Sumire said, "we did hear something about valuable art but that's all we know."

"Our captain is a white lion Humink," Hazel added, "she's quite strong though with what was mentioned about a Devil Fruit...about that..."

"Not to sound too rude or anything but is your captain, Yang, correct? Is he always this reckless," Catalina questioned.

"This is really getting out of hand from what it looks like inside," Lien said.

"I'll be damned if we were able to find safety before the inevitable happens," Ozul shuddered.

Karui glared at Yang with sharp eyes as she gripped onto her battle axe with a malicious smirk. "Didn't think I would have to result to using it but, guess I don't have a choice," Karui sneered. Suddenly, her battle axe began to change into an icy blue color as she projected her powers onto it making it extremely cold to the point cold smoke started emitting from her axe. "NOW TAKE THIS! WINTER AXE!!," Karui shouted as she lunged at Yang slashing at him barely grazing him but just enough to send a cold chill on his arm.

Yang was able to dodge most of it but notices a chill on his arm. "Hm. My arm feels like when I stick it in the snow for a long time. So you can use some cold powers huh? That's pretty cool" but you're a jerk and I won't give my compliments!" said Yang who blew fire on his arm to warm it back up. "But I got Dragon powers so good luck trying to freeze me! 'Blast Breath!" shouted Yang as he blew out a blast of fire at Karui that will still cause damage to the restaurant if she dodged. Everyone looks back from the large explosion that was caused.

"Reckless isn't even where we could begin..." said Crescent.

"So your captain pretty much has Yang's personality? Why does it seem like we are running into people like that lately?! It's scary!" shouted Steel.

Karui looked back at the damage from behind then back at Yang with a twisted smile on her face. "Not bad, I will admit, not looking for any compliments really," Karui said as her fists began to turn icy blue as her body temperature in her hands drop, "but even if you can change into a Dragon, I'll still find a way to kick your striped ass!" Karui swiftly pounced onto Yang placing her hand on his head looking dead into his eyes. "Brain Freeze," Karui said in an ominous tone as Yang's head started to get cold.

"At least we're not alone with having a captain as chaotic as Karui, again, no offense" Catalina admitted rubbing the back of her head embarrassingly.

"Ugh, can someone please stop these idiots?! It's bad enough they're causing a scene," Sumire complained angerly.

"Heh! That is pretty cold but I already got my head stuck in the freezer for hours one time!" said Yang who powered his head with Electro and head butted Karui.

"Finn, you're up." said Crescent casually.

"Aye? Me?" said Finn.

"Yeah the big bad fish head that can lift ships with ease!" said Steel sarcastally.

"I'll get you back Wolf Breath. Trust me." said Finn as he head back inside in the chaos and grabbed both Yang and Karui by their shirts easily. "Come on ye two! We got other things to do and stickin' around for the Marines to show up ain't one of them!"

"HEY!!! LET ME GO FINNY!! I NEED TO KICK HER ASS SOME MORE!!" shouted Yang who was violently struggling.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!!!," Karui yelled violently kicking swinging her battle axe about.

"Aye...one is shooting off Electro and the other is swinging her axe..." said Finn as he was able to get them out of the restaurant.

"Jeez when they said she is a lot like Yang, they weren't kidding..." said Steel with a deadpan look.


"NOT MY FAULT THIS STUPID CAT LADY THREW HER AXE AT ME FIRST!!!" shouted Yang ingoring that he indeed started everything by throwing the food.

"You're ignorance isn't bliss..." said Keyes.

"Hey! Other crew! You mind calming down your own captain! I doubt she'll listen to me considering how aggressive she is now." said Crescent.


"I got her," Hazel said as she went over and grabbed Karui by her coat collar dragging her back over to the others.

"Captain, calm down!," Sumire shouted, "It's over and down with!"

"You really need to control your temper," Lien said.

"You and the other captain almost destroyed a restaurant because of it," Ozul said.

"KARUI, CALM DOWN!" Catalina shouted as she started patting Karui's head then almost instantly, Karui's behavior changed where she went from being hostile to calm. "Are you feeling better now," Catalina asked.

"Yea yea," Karui replied crossing her arms scowling.

"Phew. Finally. At least things have settled down now. The Marines just made it to the damn place so I think we should at least hide out for now." said Crescent.

"Indeed. I think it is best to at least introduce ourselves to this crew. They do appear to be the only other "non-artist types" of this island. My name is Draycel Hooke." said Hooke.

"Right. Alabaster Crescent is mine." said Crescent.

"Mon E. Keyes over here." said Keyes.

"I am simply Finn! Nice to meet ya'll!" said Finn.

"I'm Maxwell Steel and you already met Thang Long D. Yang our captain over here..." said Steel as he looks over at Yang who was still pouting. "Dammit! At least say hey!"

"Hmph...hello to all the crew except Jerk Cat Lady!" said Yang.

"Dammit Yang...you need to let that go..." said Steel with a facepalm.

"I'm Hazel, nice to meet ya," Hazel brightly smiled.

"Sumire," Sumire said then grabbed onto Ozul who was looking around in a paranoid state, "This one here who thinks the world is gonna end plenty of times, is our helmsman Ozul."

"P-please to make you acquaintance," Ozul replied shaking.

"I'm Lien, hello," Lien said waving with a soft smile.

"I'm Amores Catalina," Catalina said as she politely bowed, "and you've already met out captain Tsuki B. Karui here...Karui, please say hi to them..."

"Hi everyone except the striped bastard," Karui grumbled crossing her arms still.

"Really Karui are we gonna start with this right now," Hazel groaned.

"This is going to be fuuun I tell you..." said Steel saractaslly.

"That isn't the big deal. I thought we were supposed to do pirate stuff. Like steal valuable art and such like that. Not get into a random fight at the restaurant alerting the Marines!" said Cresent.

"Aye heard from one of the, well, artists that there be this big museum that has all kinds of rare art!" said Finn.

"So we should go there then?" asked Steel.

"Is it even wise to steal from a place that has Marines around?" asked Keyes.

"I do not believe the Marines would be around that place too often. I think they will be busy with other things." said Hooke.

"Still, if this damn art is as worthful that these people say, I guess we can go break in and steal something after hours." said Cresent.

"How about them? I think we ruined their fun at the restaurant, it's only fair if they want in on this." said Keyes pointing to the Moonheart Pirates.

"I think that's fair...though..." said Steel looking at a pissed off Yang. "I don't think Yang will be up for a teamup."

"I don't wanna team with that Jerk Cat Lady until she says sorry!" said Yang.

"And he's supposed to be the captain..." said Crescent.

"Honestly, their captain is too much like our own...it scares me," Ozul said.

"I wouldn't mind join them but...seeing how Karui won't budge, I don't see how we can get her to reconsider," Lien sighed.

"I'm not teaming up with Striped Bastard," Karui said.

"I think I got just the thing," Hazel smirked as she went over to Karui then breathed onto her knuckles.

"Sure you don't want me to handle this," Catalina asked.

"It'd be better to let Hazel handle it," Sumire said placing her hand on Catalina's shoulder.

"Snap the hell out of it will ya," Hazel shouted as she used her Electro to land a heavy punch on Karui's head.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww the fuck was that for, Hazel" Karui snapped gripping onto her head.

"Look, I know you and Yang hate each other right now but either apologize or I'll force you too," Hazel growled.

Karui grumbled as she got up and went over to Yang looking at him with a disgruntled look on her face, "Sorry...," Karui muttered looking away.

"Hey idiot, the best you can do is accept the apology for now!" said Steel as he hit Yang on the head with the hilt of his sword.

"OWWW! Didn't need to hit me Steelie! Fine! Apology accepted and I GUESS it was sorta kinda my fault..." said Yang.

"It's better than nothing honestly. I can see the dumbass and you guy's captain still angry at each other but that is besides the point now." said Crescent.

"Yeah! Stealing art from whatever museum!" said Keyes.

"It is quite best we strike at night." said Hooke.

"Why the hell we sound like ninjas all of a sudden?!" said Steel.

"And yet I'm a fox Humink who dresses like a kunochi," Sumire shrugged, "buuuuut I guess that doesn't help much."

"Question is how would we get to the museum without being spotted by the Marines," Lien asked.

"They're ONTO US! We're good as dead," Ozul said in a dramatic tone.

"While Ozul is busy being a paranoid, got an ideas how we'd get into this museum you mentioned as Lien brought up," Hazel asked.

"Unless there was a way for us to be undetected, it won't be an issue," Catalina suggested.

"Think of it this way, half be on look out, half will enter in and take on whoever gets in our way," Karui said.

"That's not what we had in mind but kinda make a point there," Sumire said.

"Right! I'm definitely on the half that kicks ass!" said Yang pounding his fists together.

"I GUESS that isn't a bad idea. In case we do have to fight, we'll at least need a group that will take the paintings." said Steel.

"I can definitely see Hooke on look out. He probably has the best senses around our groups I believe. And he can fight if things get rough." said Crescent.

"Indeed. Keyes you could be on the art stealing role." said Hooke.

"As long I don't have to fight mad-artists, I'm good with that." said Keyes.

"Aye definitely be the type to rough up people!" said Finn.

"Our carry out a bunch of art that we'll need to take out Mr. Fish Muscles..." said Steel snickering.

"Shut it Wolf Breath." said Finn.

"And how about you all? I take it the captain is on the "beat people up" role." said Crescent.

"Well it's obvious that I'm the half that will be kicking ass with my fists and my battle axe," Karui smirked swinging her battle axe.

"I can be on lookout since I have a very heightened sense of hearing," Lien said.

"I second that as well since my sense of sight works best at night," Ozul offered.

"Alright so that's two for lookout, so I can be part of the team to take on the guards in the museum," Hazel said cracking her knuckles.

"I'm very fast with disabling traps they might set and sneak attacks, so I'll be teaming up with you and Karui," Sumire said looking to Hazel and Karui.

"I can be for lookout with Lien and Ozul," Catalina said.

"Alright, so it's official, Hazel and Sumire, you two will be with me," Karui instructed, "Catalina, Lien and Ozul, you'll be on lookout, any objections?"

"No ma'am," the crew replied in unison.

"You guys made a decision," Karui asked looking to Yang's crew.

"Indeed. I will stay behind on look out, Keyes and Finn will be collecting the paintings, and Yang, Crescent, and Steel will be on fighting duty as they will say." explained Hooke.

"Yeah! Just leave all the bastards to me that get in my way! As long Jerk Cat Lady doesn't get in my way, I think we'll be good!" said Yang pounding his fists together.

"Yaaang...do NOT start anything now." said Steel as he noticed the Marines in the distance.

"They can't hear us now but I see what you mean to stay settled." said Crescent.

"But which paintings we be going for? All of them?" asked Finn.

"Just the valuable ones. I picked up on the gossip around town and, apparently, the best/rarest painting is located within the last floor of the museum. Apparently it has 4 stories." said Keyes.

"That is a tall-ass museum. Then again, this whole damn island seems to love art..." said Steel.

"Alright! We will fight our way up to this top floor stealing any art in the way, take this bigger art, and get the hell out! Hopefully I can beat up some strong guards! Anybody agreed?" asked Yang who his crewmembers nodded.

"Stri-I mean Yang, don't think you can take the spotlight with handling the big guns, you ain't the only one here," Karui said resting her battle axe on her shoulder.

"She does make a point, can't be too reckless in this but we need to think of a way of getting up there without being detected," Sumire said.

"Well we don't know how heavily guarded the museum is, we still would need to confront the guards," Hazel said.

"Well the sooner we come up with something, the sooner we don't die," Ozul said with a shudder.

"We should probably head out soon before the Marines find us," Catalina said.

"I agree, sounds like they're getting closer," Lien said as her ears twitched.

"Heh...I can't help myself I want to kick ass Cat Lady!" said Yang who's body started to spark with Electro.

"At least he dropped the "Jerk" part now. Just consider that his "Nickname" for you." said Crescent.

"Indeed. If it is guarded, we will think of a plan then. For now, let us leave." said Hooke.

"Right! Let's go to this museum! Lead the way Hookey!" said Yang.

"Ugh...I hope this doesn't go to waste..." said Steel.

Meanwhile, the Marines were being busy told of what just transpired with the restaurant.

"What the hell are those pirate rookie crews doing here?!" said one Marine.

"We don't know but we have to capture them soon!" said another.

"But we aren't allowed to go too much into the "art side" of town. We better contact Warlord candidate Sigurd first!" said the commander as he called Sigurd who picked it up and told him everything.

"Heh...like I have time to deal with pathetic pirates. I just recently been named king of this island and I have to go over important matters before that Admiral gets here. Kayaku!" shouted the giant Sigurd as Kayaku flies overhead on his giant clay bird.

"You called? hm?" asked Kayaku.

"Seems like some ants have invaded our picnic. Make sure to go watch over them and deal with them when necessary! It's almost dark so make sure you get on it quickly!" ordered Sigurd.

"Heh. You got it sir! I'll show them all why my art is an explosion!" shouted Kayaku as he flew off toward the art half of the island.

Ruckus at the Museum

Both pirate crews can be seen just outside of the entrance of the museum which was closed and had a few guards in the front.

"Hm. It looks like it is indeed guarded." said Hooke who was sensing better with his Haki.

"How about inside?" asked Crescent.

"There are some patrols on each floor. Not too many for some reason but it is still a fair amount." said Hooke.

"Right! So I rush in and kick ass right?!" shouted Yang.

"Not yet you idiot! We got to remember to go back over the plan first!" said Steel.

"And keeping the yelling to a halt is a good start." said Finn.

"Shut it fish breath..." said Steel.

"Since we now know how guarded the place is, we need to take precaution when going in," Sumire said.

"Can rely on my Devil Fruit since I'm able to make things cold," Karui suggested, "for instance, can sneak there where the guards are and use my powers to knock them out just enough to give us time to get what we need and get the hell outta here."

"Could work then again, how would that work with the other patrol guards on each floor," Hazel asked.

"True, need to think of how we would need to get past them as well," Sumire said.

"Could rely on Karui and Yang to take them on, with us following behind as backup, long as they don't ruin any artwork inside," Hazel stated.

"Don't need to tell me twice," Karui said as she cracked her neck with a confident smirk.

"Well, you hear the plan. The two cat people can go defeat the guards quickly, me and Steel for coverage, and Finn and Keyes can go behind for the art pickup while Hooke stands watch. You other crew pretty much have your guys set as well it seems." said Crescent.

"Hell yeah! As long as I can start kicking ass, that is fine with me! These bastards of this island fed me bad food! They deserve to die for that!" said Yang getting into a fighting positiom.

"I agree the food sucked but death is a bit too far Yang!" shouted Steel.

"Still yelling!" said Finn to Steel who growled angrily in response.

"I really feel like we're going to alert the "higher ups" for this but it is to get rich." said Keyes.

"Let these higher ups come! I'll kick all of their asses!" declared Yang.

"It appears that we are ready. Yang and Kauri, you know what to do." said Hooke.

"Don't need to tell me twice! Hey Cold Cat Lady, you wanna see who beats up the most guards quicker? Winner treats the other to a better food after this dumb island!" said Yang.

"He was quick to change nicknames..." said Steel.

"And yet he's the one who's standing out with his boisterous personality," Sumire muttered

"You got yourself a deal Yang," Karui smiled confidently.

"Well that's one mystery solved," Ozul.

"That...didn't make any sense...," Catalina sighed.

"It's Ozul, you think most things he says would make sense these days," Lien asked.

"Anyways, Karui, might as well get things started," Hazel said looking to Karui.

"Got it," Karui nodded as she swiftly snuck over to where the guards are without being detected. Then with her powers she placed her hands on their heads causing it to change to an icy blue, "Brain Freeze," Karui said as the guards fell onto the ground in a frozen shock. She looked to her crew and Yang's giving them the signal.

"Looks like we are good to go. Good luck to you all." said Hooke.

"Right! Let's go!" shouted Yang and he rushed inside.

"Dammit! Take it easy!" said Crescent as he followed behind.

"This is going to go smoothly." said Steel in a snarky tone as he followed behind as well.

"Want to see who can snag the most portraits?" asked Keyes.

"Friendly competition! I'm game!" said Finn as he and Keyes went inside.

Inside, a fair amount of guards can be seen patrolling the area and some with their backs turned. Yang quickly takes out a couple of them using his Electro for speed and then looks up at a random painting of food. "Beh! I'm not falling for this crappy food art anymore"! said Yang.

"Except that IS art you dumbass." said Crescent.

"Of course the first one is food. Of course, time to grab it!" said Keyes but as she grabs it. "...Was totally expecting an alarm to go off."

"PLEASE don't jinx us. From what earlier we saw, artists can HURT! I don't want to see how their guards will be..." said Steel.

"Ok so we got the guards taken care of here, should keep moving forward," Karui said.

"By the way, I snagged about a couple, maybe four or so," Sumire said with a sneaky smile.

"Where did you get those? And how did you manage to catch a few without the alarms going off," Hazel asked.

"I swiftly snagged and had them on me just a few minutes ago," Sumire said then a snarky smirk appeared on her face, "or did I?'

"Come you two we need to focus and keep going," Karui said, "there might be more guards up ahead."

"Right," Hazel and Sumire nodded as they followed after Karui.

"How many paintings we got so far?" asked Steel.

"5 for me!" said Finn.

"Damn! You're ahead by 1!? I gotta catch up!" said Ainu.

"I think that is it for this floor. Now for the second floor. I see the stairs up ahead." said Crescent.

"Right! Lets go and kick some more ass!" shouted Yang as he flew upwards to the stairs.

Meanwhile, a man can be seen just stepping outside of the museum. It was Kayaku of the Savage Pirates as he observes the damange so far and the two guards that was knocked out by Karui soon.

"So, those pirates were going after the art after all huh? No matter, I will catch up to them and show them why art is an explosion! Looks like they're going to make their way up to the fourth floor. Good. I have some surprises waiting for them then! In the meantime, I better get moving. Captain Sigurd would be most upset if I didn't bring these pirates back to him locked up! Hm!" said Kayaku as he head inside of the museum.

"THERE THEY ARE!!!" shouted a swarm of guards that suddenly came down the stairs.


"Must be backup from somewhere...Did we get caught that damn soon?!" said Crescent.

"Maybe but it can't be helped now! Let's just kick their assess!" shouted Yang as he smashes through a good amount of them using Electro.

"Finally! Get to kick some ass here," Karui smirked as she charged through the guards using her battle axe sending them flying.

"We don't have a choice now! Need to fight our way through," Sumire shouted as she sprung into the air landing a drop kick on a couple of the guards using Electro.

"The sooner we take them down, the better," Hazel said punching away the guards.

Karui transferred some of her cold energy to her battle axe as she charged at the guards slashing at them, "Winter Axe!," Karui shouted as parts of the guards limbs began to fall off from the touch of her axe once she swiftly ran past swinging her axe at them.

Yang, after crafting some swords made of his Electro, slashed through some more guards shocking them fiercely at the same time. "Heh, that axe may be cool by my Electro swords really leave a shocking expression!" said Yang as he snickers to himself.

"Stop with the bad jokes...also you two are brutal you know that?!" said Steel as he knocked down some guards with the back end of his sword.

"We gotta do what we gotta do. Mercy is for the weak!" said Crescent as he slashed through more with his sword.

"Phew. I think that is it for them..." said Keyes looking around.

"Ye guys really know your way around art!" said Finn laughing.

"Nah! We just kick plenty of ass! Anywho, let us get moving! But wait!" suddenly shouted Yang as he turns to Karui. "Do female cat human girls like eating cat food or people food!" shouted Yang as he pointed to Karui.

Suddenly, the rest of Yang's crew fall over.


"Yes it is! It's for my notes!" said Yang.

"If you really want to know, I eat human food thank you very much and second," Karui answered pointing her axe at Yang, "I'm a humink, part mink, part human."

"At least she was calm about explaining it to him," Sumire said.

"That's true because usually she'd take them out with either her powers or her axe," Hazel remarked to Sumire.

"Anyways, should probably wait to answer any other questions you have for me later," Karui said, "the more we sit around here, the more guards will come out here and try to take us down."

"What?! She answered?!" said Steel off guard.

"Oh! Thanks for that! I thought you were a jerk at first but you're actually pretty cool! Chee-heheheh..."cool.." said Yang laughing at his own joke.

"As much as I like to hear bland jokes, I think we should get a move on." said Crescent.

"Right! Let's go through the next floor!" said Yang as he lead everyone upstairs to floor two as he looks around notcing the floor is empty. "Huh? I thought there were guards here as well?" asked Yang.

"Yeah. Maybe all of those ones that rushed us earlier were those-" said Steel as he was suddenly hit by an art arrow. "GAH!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?"

"Targets spotted. Make sure to cover them with lots of art and death!" shouted the sniping guards that were hiding behind a bunch of displays and they shot more arrows at them.

"Snipers?! What the hell kind of museum is this?!" said Crescent as he started to deflect some of the arrows.

"Heh! You can call this a Shooting Art Gallery!" said Yang as he was casually dodging by the arrows.


"Sumire," Karui called out deflecting the arrows with her battle axe.

"Right," Sumire shouted as she used her Electro to swiftly disappear then reappeared taking out a few of the snipers.

"Think a bunch of arrows will take us down," Hazel laughed as she grabbed a couple and threw them back at them, a couple directly hitting them.

"Getting the feeling that the higher we get, the more tight security is," Karui said looking around, "best be on our guard."

"You think?! First was an army of guards and now snipers! What's the third floor going to have? Art Ninjas or something?!" said Steel blocking the rest with his shield.

"Remember how you said to not jinx us about things? Take your own advice." said Crescent.

"These guys suck! But I can sense they are all on the ground!" said Yang as he looked around on the ground noticing a very large rug that takes up most of the floor with the rest of the snipers are on. "Perfect! Better be careful guys I have an idea!" said Yang with a pretty devious grin as he sparks with Electro.

"Oh boy...you have that "I have a crazy idea that will result in all of our pain" look..." said Steel backing up.

Yang then suddenly puts his claws down to the rug as his body sparks with Electro. "Rugs carry static electricity right? Well, it's only natural they can carry MY electricity! Electro: Field Surge!" shouted Yang as he Electro sparked widly on the ground attacking each of the remaining guards completely charring them. "Heh! That worked!"

"Damn Yang can you not do shit like that again!" said Crescent.

"No promises." said Yang.

"Well...aye looks like all of the snipers are down. I guess we get more art from this floor and move onto the third one?" asked Finn.

"Already ahead of ya!" said Keyes grabbing them. "I can get used to this if I don't have to do all of the crappy fighting!"

"Managed to snag a couple so I'm good to move forward," Sumire said.

"Wonder what else is ahead for us," Hazel wondered, "first we dealt with the guards, then snipers, what's next ninjas?!"

"Wouldn't be too surprised if ninjas," Karui snickered to herself.

"I can see the entrance to the third floor," Sumire said pointing to the entrance up ahead.

"I swear if it's really ninjas..."said Steel under his breath.

"Alright! Let's go! Time for the third floor!" said Yang as he leads everyone up to the third floor and notices it appears to be a large, fossil room. "Whoa! Giant bones everywhere!" said Yang.

"Fossil exhibits? Damn this is pretty crazy...I thought they would have only paintings here." said Crescent.

"Freaky ass place though! Jeez look at the size of them!" said Steel.

"Yeah...we're not going to be taking those large things.." said Keyes.

"But there be smaller exhibits in those glass panes." said Finn pointing to them.

"Think those would be more worthy of our attention than the fossils," Sumire said.

"True, though...I'm getting the feeling we're being watched," Karui said clutching her axe.

"As much as these fossils are interesting, would have to agree that it's not worth our attention," Hazel said.

"Then again, if there are smaller exhibits at the glass panes, then wouldn't it be booby trapped," Sumire wondered.

"Feel like the fossil exhibit is just a diversion to distract us, could be wrong," Karui shrugged.

"Well, might as well get it over with.." said Steel as he picked up one of the exhibits and there was silence for a few moments. "Huh? I guess we are saf-" said Steel as he is suddenly pinned to the wall by shurikens. "Welp. There it is..."

"Watashitachi wa ima anata o motte imasu!" shouted the Art Ninjas as a bunch of them are around in the room armed with ninja stars and swords. "Kono hakubutsukan o hakai suru tame ni anata no inochi o ubaimasu!"

"Annnnnd Art Ninjas! Totally didn't see that coming either!" said Steel.

"WHOA!!! NINJAS!!! THAT'S SO COOL!!!" shouted Yang.

"That apparently speak some different language..." said Keyes.

"Not that there is THIS many of them!" said Crescent getting himself armed.

"I'm still carrying these paintings and Wolf Boy over there is stuck. Ye guys handle this?" asked Finn.

"Of course! Kicking ass is what I do after all!" said Yang pounding his fists together.

"Sorera o koroshi, e o motte ikou!" shouted the Art Ninjas as they begin their attack by throwing shuriken and leaping forward with their swords.

"There is about a hundred about them in this damn room! Get them!" said Crescent as he started to slash at some.

"Hey! I get most of them! Me and Cold Cat Lady are still in that competition! I want my steak after this!" said Yang as he fried some ninjas with his Electro.

"Whatever you say Yang! I haven't forgotten," Karui said as she frozen some of the ninjas with her powers while knocking them out with her battle axe.

"Will you two stop focusing on this stupid ass competition and focus on taking out these ninjas instead," Hazel yelled as she took out a couple of ninjas with her Electro.

"Ninjas! It had to be ninjas," Sumire cried out.

"Winter Axe!," Karui shouted as she swiftly ran past a group of ninjas slashing them until they fell into the ground from the cold.

The Art Ninjas noticed their numbers are decreasing and they suddenly started to regroup.

"Karera wa tsuyoidesu! Interu ga itta yō ni!" said one ninja.

"Tashikani! Himitsu no geijutsu o uchiyaburanakereba naranai yōdesu!"

"Āto ninja shīkurettoāto: Howaito auto!" shouted the ninjas as they suddenly threw pure white smoke bombs that also funcationed as a special paint. This type of paint and smoke covered the entire room making everything a pure white. It almost seems like an empty void that hid everything. The fossils, the stairs leading to the third floor, and even the ninjas themselves. The ninjas have completely vanished from sight leaving only both crew members visible in this void-like room.

"W-What the hell is this!?" said Steel who was still trapped on the wall.

"I-It's some kind of trick by the Ninjas?" said Keyes.

"It must be...I can't even pick up on their senses anymore. They're still there I believe but not sure where." said Crescent.

"Aye...it's like some white void. I don't even see the fossils or the stairs anymore!" said Finn.

"Hm..." said Yang thinking around.

"Ima shinu! Howaitodesu!" suddenly shouted a ninja as stars suddenly appeared out of nowhere attacking the crew but most are able to dodge.

"Rah! This is stupid! They're literally attacking from nowhere! Can't see or even hear them until they attack!" said Keyes.

"How we be to fight these opponents? If only we can find a way to take them out!" said Finn.

Yang just keeps observing the area and he smirks. "Heh. Not that difficult actually. My senses have always been super good so I can tell where they could strike from. Cold Cat Lady, you have extra good senses as well or anyone else on your crew?" asked Yang.

"Yea, my senses are heightened to a degree," Karui replied, "shouldn't be that difficult for me or any of us."

"So far I don't hear anyone attacking right now but can sense they will at any second," Hazel said.

"Behind us!" Sumire called out as they managed to dodged the ninja stars aiming towards them.

"Found ya," Karui smirked as she used her Electro taking out a couple of ninjas. "Nailed it," Karui snickered.

"Heh! Can't hide from me!" shouted Yang as he suddenly grabbed one and tossed him into another.

"What the hell? They can see them!?" said Steel.

"They must have better senses than us. Yang I understand but those others must be pretty good as well." said Crescent.

"Electro: Surge Kick!" shouted Yang as he kicked the last of the ninjas out cold. All of the ninjas lie in defeat as the smoke suddenly clears up. "Oh! Everything is back to normal! I think that was magic!" said Yang.

"You think it was some kind of Devil Fruit?" asked Crescent.

"Probably. Probably not. The art mechanics are weird on in this place..." said Keyes.

"At least the stairs be visable to us!" said Finn.

"HEY!! STILL STUCK TO THE WALL HERE!!!" shouted Steel.

Hazel went over to Steel then removed the ninja stars off of him, "Able to move," Hazel asked.

"Well at least that nightmare is over," Sumire said.

"Can't celebrate yet, still got others to face," Karui said, "besides, I'm all fired up after taking on those ninjas and ready to kick more ass!!"

"Thanks..." said Steel dusting himself off. "Just one more floor and we're out of this crazy place. Hopefully to get the hell off this island!!

"HELL YEAH!!! I agree with that Cold Cat Lady! Alright guys! Up to the fourth floor!" said Yang as he lead everyone upstairs to the final floor and looks around to what it appears to be a large sculpture room. "What are these? Statues?"

"I'm not surprised. This island apparently has good sculptures as well. Guess this is where they keep the prime work." said Crescent as he looked around at the sculptures with most of them resembling animals. "Apparently animals are the main subject."

"They be pretty big...I don't think we can carry them..." said Finn.

"And they're giving me a sense they're watching us.." said Steel.

"Not them but how about those two golden sword and shield up ahead! They're on top of what it appears to be statues of dogs!" said Keyes.

"Oh...yeah! They look nice and shiny! I'm going to get the sword! Cool Cat Lady can get the shield!" said Yang.


"We'll need to find a way to get those items," Karui said, " however they do make a point that this could be booby trapped."

"Someone would need to throw something to see if something would activate if these statutes eyes are following us," Hazel suggested.

"Not gonna lie but, those statues are giving creeping me the fuck out," Sumire shuddered.

"Don't know why but think I got something," Karui thought.

"Speak," Sumire said.

"If these statutes are following us, wouldn't it be easier to just hop along the heads to avoid being seen by them," Karui asked, "wouldn't hurt. Plus if we did that Yang and I would be able to get the shield and sword."

"Doesn't sound like a bad idea but again, you heard what Crescent and Steel said, it could be a trap, what if more guards or security come busting in," Hazel scowled.

"Then Yang and I will bust their asses!" Karui smirked.

"Heh! Of course though I can easily just fly over to the statues. If they come alive or more dumb guards come we'll kick ass!" said Yang as he flew on over to grab the sword knowing Karui will get the shield.

Art is an Explosion!

As if on cue, the statues started to move though they appear to be shaping themselves to looking more sinsiter.

"Jeez if there was a reward for "Trap Flippers" we win each time..." said Steel.

"What the hell is up with those statues? They look unnatural!" said Yang.


"Oh boy looks like we're doing this now. Again." said Steel.

"Alright! I'm going to wreck these statues!" said Yang.

"Well that's one mystery solved," Hazel said.

"That's not good," Sumire said.

"Plan B," Karui said, "Destroy the statues!!"

"Time to bust some busts!" shouted Yang as he prepares to kick one of them.

"Enough...with...the...jokes!" said Steel.

Yang's kick lands on one of the statues but notices his leg start to sink into the statue itself showing it isn't made of stone but a material that is much softer.

"W-What the hell!? This isn't stone!" shouted Yang.

"The hell? Is that come kind of clay?" said Crescent.

Suddenly, the statue explodes sending Yang backwards but uninjured.


"Exploding statues are the threat now?" asked Keyes.

"No...I feel like it's more than that..." said Crescent noting the statues surrounding them.

"HA!!!" shouted a voice as all of the statues detonate around them.

"WHAT THE?! THESE STATUES EXPLODE?!" Karui yelled being sent backwards from the explosion.

"THIS WAS A TRAP THIS ENTIRE TIME!" Sumire yelled guarding herself.

"We need a find a way past these exploding statues!" Hazel shouted as she guarded herself.

"Hey! Someone is there!" shouted Yang as he pointed back to the stairs leading down to the third floor as a man with yellow hair and a scope in his eye slowly walks up it. Of course, it is Kayaku of the Savage Pirates.

"My my. Looks like you intruders have made quite the ruckus here! Hm!" said Kayaku.

"Who the hell are you?! Another mad artist?!" shouted Yang.

"You can say that. Hm. I am Kayaku! A member of the Savage Pirates!" shouted Kayaku.

"So you're one of those pirates that is already on this island as well!" said Crescent.

"Yes and you're the ones that cause problems at the restaurant earlier! Hm! Caused a lot of damage! We can't have you running around loose on this island now we? Hm? I think I ought of take you all down with my art! Of course those that dare stain their fingers by stealing our valuable art will be met with by death!" said Kayaku.

"This guy is as art obsessed as the others..." said Steel.

"Hah! I've been waiting to kick whoever is the boss around here's ass for a long time now so bring it on!" said Yang.

"I'm not the "boss" Sigurd is and he is a very busy man! He is to be named Warlord soon and he doesn't have time to deal with you! Of course, each of you won't be making it out of here alive. That goes especially for you two Yang and Kauri." said Kayaku.

"You know who we are huh?" asked Yang.

"Of course! We have the Marines by our side and was generous enough to let us know of all of the rookies to take careful of." said Kayaku.

"Well, well, looks like I'm well known," Karui smirked.

"Ok so this guy has been informed of the captains," Sumire said.

"Who is this guy and what does he want," Hazel asked.

"Three things actually. One, your lives, two, the art you stole back, and three. Well, I guess you're lives again? Huh?" said Kayaku.

"Hah! Like hell you can kill us! I'll kick your stupid ass!" shouted Yang.

"My my such a temper! However, you already have lost! I have you trapped!" shouted Kayaku as suddenly a swarm of Marines can be heard from the bottom of the museum.

"I hear Marines!" said Keyes.

"Damn does he have us trapped?!" shouted Crescent.

"Jerk!" shouted Yang.

"What do you think? It's quite ironic a pirate like me is relying on the Marines to get the job done but it is what is! Hm! Now that I completely blocked off your route, just drop the paintings and come with me! I'm sure you fools will appreciate art more being locked up!" said Kayaku.

"Heh...like hell I will ask to be locked up!" said Yang as he takes some steps forward. "If you're that eagar for a fight, then bring it on! I'm not afraid of you!"

"I ain't afraid of you neither!" Karui shouted clutching her axe, "gonna kick your ass before you even capture me!"

"He brought the Marines after us?!" Sumire shouted.

"Great, we gotta deal with them now, just perfect," Hazel said.

"Heh...I knew you will show resistance. No matter, I'll make you all see why art is an explosion!" shouted Kayaku as he suddenly started to mold out a bunch of clay.

"Does he have to keep saying that?" asked Steel with a deadpan look.

"But look. He's starting to make something out of what it appears to be clay..." said Crescent.

"Correct! I eaten the Clay-Clay Fruit that allows to shape my clay into any substance I want! Hm!" said Kayku as he made a bunch of large dogs made out of clay. "With an added touch of EXPLOSIONS!"

"Hah! Like explosions will scare me! Bring on those stupid dogs!" said Yang.

"As you shall receive! I will blow you each up and make sure you take your bodies back to Sigurd! Go my clay monsters!" shouted Kayaku as the large amount of clay dogs started to charge at them.

"Damn! They're all coming!" said Steel preparing his sword.

"Remember Yang! They explode when you kill them!" said Crescent.

"We be stuck still holding these paintings..." said Finn.

"Yeah "Not that I was gonna fight anyway heh..."" said Keyes.

"I know! Like I said! Explosions don't hurt me!" said Yang as he sliced through some using his Electro swords and they explode on contact which only leaves him with small scars. "These explosions don't hurt but they can get annoying..."

"Bright it on! Like that will ever take me down!" Karui shouted as she slashed some of the statues with her battle axe. They exploded on contact but Karui was still standing.

"And I had to be the one to snag some of the artwork," Sumire sighed.

"While the captains are dealing with the clay guy, we need to figure out how to deal with the Marines that are approaching," Hazel yelled.

"Don't think you all can get out of here alive! Go my art!" shouted Kayaku as he summoned more clay creatures to attack the pirates.

"Gah! This stupid clay creatures just won't stop coming!" said Steel as he was able to snipe some with his arrows with each of them exploding on impact.

"And like someone else said the Marines are coming from below! We're screwed if they all managed to get up here and corner us!" said Crescent as he was slashing away at his own.

"Aye we can put down these art but we risk them being exploded and ruining our progress!" said Finn who was trying to dodge some.

"N-No shit!" said Keyes who was doing the same.

"Electro: Surge Volley!" shouted Yang who suddenly sent out a wave of Electro bullets that took down a lot of the clay creatures.

"Heh...the more you take down, the more that comes back! Hm!" said Kayaku as he summoned even more.

"This is getting annoying! Plus I can't go all out in this tighter space! Hey! Guys! Cold Cat Lady's crew! You guys make a break for it downstairs! Me and Cold Cat Lady can handle Clay Jerk here!" said Yang.

"W-Wait what?! Isn't that splitting up plan risky?!" said Steel.

"Duh but what's more? Staying up here where I can't go all out and the Marines catching up to us or us splitting up for now and allowing two of us to take this guy out? I'm liking the second option better because I can't risk using my full dragon powers and hurting you guys." said Yang.

"I don't know what to say if I like when he makes good points or not." said Crescent.

"Cold Cat Lady are you alright with that? I can tell you're pretty strong so I'm not worried about using too much of my strength around this guy. I didn't eat anything for hours so I need to hurry up and beat this guy as quick as I can!" said Yang to Karui.

"That's fine by me" Karui replied clutching her battle axe, "Hazel, Sumire, go with Yang's crew, don't worry about us, we got this clay creep!"

"I swear these two have the same mindset," Sumire yelled.

"Whether this is part of the plan or not, talk later, leave now," Hazel said as she grabbed Sumire hoisting her onto her shoulder.

"Alright. Fine by me. Let's go guys!" said Crescent as he lead everyone downstairs looking at Kayaku who appeared to be just letting them go by without a fight. "It's strange that he will let us just go by like that...I hope this isn't a damn trap..." said Crescent as he ran down with the others.

"Heh I don't know what you're thinking but you'll get your ass kicked by the two of us!" said Yang.

Kayaku suddenly started to chuckle. "Huh. You think I'm going to fall down to you that easily? Oh no you have it wrong my cat-like friends. I just needed to get you all trapped here with me! Hm! Clay Cavern!" shouted Kayaku as he suddenly started to cover the around the stairs completely in clay blocking off the entrance.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing bastard!?" shouted Yang.

"Just an insurance policy is all. Hm. Now your friends have no means to get back up here nor you guys have a means to get down here. And my special clay is resistant to all temperatures so don't think you can burn or cool your way through it. It might as well be cement. Hm! Now that you're both trapped here, I think you'll make lovely clay sculptures for Captain Sigurd and the World Government as a whole. It is a reason why I trapped you both specially here. The fearless leaders that will handle the big threat to themselves! Huh! It's quite telling you fell into my trap this easily but, face it, there is no way out of here. Either surrender or die!" explained Kayaku as he started to summon more clay creatures.

"Not a chance you bastard! If you think you can trap us here! You have another thing coming!" said Yang as he charged forward.

"Then you both will die! Because my art is an EXPLOSION!!!" shouted Kayaku as he sent is clay creatures at Yang and Karui.

"Try and stop us, clay bastard!" Karui shouted as she charged towards the clay creatures transferring her cold energy onto her battle axe.

"Heh...stop them if you can..." said Kayaku as he started to command his clay creatures.

"Stupid things!" said Yang as he started to cut down the clay creatures making sure to dodge by their after explosions but Kayaku suddenly starts to summon even more in their place. Despite Yang being able to take down his half, Kayaku keeps summoning more. "ANNOYING BASTARD!!!"

"Tired yet? I can do this all night! Hm!" said Kayaku as he summons even more in their place.

"This is annoying. Cold Cat Lady, we'll have to charge at that Clay Bastard himself! I'm going to slice him in half!" said Yang forming and Electro sword.

"If we're gonna go after him directly, we'll need to find a way to get close to him without those clay creatures following us," Karui said slashing some of the clay creatures dodging them in the process.

"What's the matter? Giving up already? I'm just getting started! Hm!" taunted Kayaku.

"So you're saying a distraction in a way huh? I got it! I'll distract these clay monsters with my pure speed and you can go and slash that guy! Though I want to get in a hit on him as well!" said Yang as Electro started to surge through his body. Surge Mode! So, you're up for that plan?" asked Yang.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Karui said with a confident smile as more cold energy began to transfer onto her battle axe.

"That's pretty cute! The half mink is going to try to stop me? You're outclassed! Clay Bombs!" shouted Kayaku as he sent a bunch of clay bombs toward Karui. "Stick to her and blow her to simtherness! Hm!"

"Hey Cold Cat Lady! Careful of those damn things!" said Yang as he continued to fight off his end of the clay bomb creatures.

"Winter Axe!" Karui shouted as she immediately swung her battle axe at the clay bombs coming towards her.

"Heh...not bad! Too bad you can never get at me!" said Kayaku as he summoned more clay bombs at Karui and then begins to smirk. "When she does managed to attack me, that's when I'll begin the next phase of my plan. Hm!" thoughted Kayaku to himself.

"Man! These things are really pissing me off! Electro: Surge Shots!" shouted Yang as he dispersed Electro from his body to attack the clay creatures from around him knocking them down.

"You'll never get far if you don't go after the main threat you know! Your friends will surely be killed by the Marines soon! Hm!" shouted Kayaku who is trying to bait them in.

"Shut up Clay Bastard! My crewmates can take care of themselves!" shouted Yang.

"If you think my crewmates are gonna get taken down by the Marines, you've got another thing coming!" Karui shouted as she used Electro to boost her speed to slash away the clay bombs managing to slightly get close to him.

"Heh...that's what you think if you think they're also going up against just Marines." said Kayaku with a smirk.

"What's that supposed to mean?! Answer me!" shouted Yang who kept fighting off the clay monsters though some tried to catch him from behind.

"Now now. I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise huh? Let's just say they will have their work come out for them! Clay Mines!" shouted Kayaku as he put down a bunch of clay on the ground as they act as mines getting ready to explode. "Just try to get closer Kitty Cat. You will see why my Art is an Explosion if you do!"

"Now you're just pissing me off!" Karui yelled, "there has to be something to cancel out the explosions so then I can reach him...hm! Think I got a crazy idea, not sure if it'll work but it's worth a try."

"Huh? What is the idea?" asked Yang who was able to barely dodge by a surprise dive bomb attack from a bird made out of clay. "HEY! JERK!!!"

"Better keep your eyes open kittens! HA!!!" shouted Kayaku as he summoned more clay bombs to attack them.

"Better said it quick Cold Cat Lady! This jerk is about to get punched by me!" said Yang.

"Yang, try to use your Electro on the ground to deactivate the clay mines, while I find a weak spot, cause I know he's gotta have one," Karui said, "plus with deactivating the clay mines makes it easier for us to get to him, don't worry about the bombs, I got them!"

"Right! Sounds good! Electro: Surge Field!" shouted Yang as he released his Electro on the ground causing all of the clay mines to deactivite.

"Oh? Figured out my weakness huh? Not to shabby for a couple of kittens!" said Kayaku.

"What is this guy acting some damn relaxed?! It's like he knew we were going to figure out his weakness or something!" shouted Yang in an annoyed tone.

"Either way, he does have a weakness," Karui said as she used her Electro to charge at the clay bombs slashing them away before they exploded dodging them, " if we keep this up, should be able to use my powers to make him cold or..."

Karui grabbed one of the clay bombs then quickly used her powers transferring her cold energy onto it then hurled it towards Kayaku with her battle axe. "TAKE THIS YOU CLAY BASTARD!" Karui shouted.

"Oh?" said Kayaku as he was hit by the attack.

"Hah! That was a direct hit! Is that supposed to cool him down or something?" asked Yang?

"Hopefully, but if we keep this up, it should be able to weaken his powers at least so we can land a hit," Karui said.

"Heh...you think you have won already huh? You don't know the full extend of my powers kittens! Now then..." said Kayaku as his body suddenly started to expand rapidly.

"W-What the hell? He's getting fatter all of a sudden?" said Yang.

"Now I'll show you why my art is an EXPLOSION!!!" shouted Kayaku as he suddenly started to glow.

"Better brace yourself Cold Cat Lady! I think this bastard is going to blow himself up!" said Yang who flips backwards.

"This is gonna sound crazy but, Yang throw me towards the Clay Bastard!" Karui said, "if you do that, maybe I can use my powers to prevent him from exploding!"

"That does sound crazy but I do like crazy! Sure thing!" said Yang as he picks up Karui and use his Electro to boost the speed and power of his throw. "Let's see what you can do!" shouted Yang as he threw Karui toward Kayaku.

"Awww...want to nuke us all together? You're quite compassionate kittens! Nothing you can do can stop me!" said Kayaku as he got even larger.

"Try this on for size!" Karui shouted as her hands turned icy blue as cold energy began to emit from her hands then she finally was able to reach Kayaku placing her hands on him, "TAKE THIS! FROSTBITE!!" Cold energy began to spread all over Kayaku as she glared into his eyes.

"Oooh...f-frosty! Y-You're even surprissing my explosive bodies! C-Cold and Electro from that other kitten! T-That's annoying but it does confirm something to me at least! Hahahahah!" said Kayaku as, suddenly the body that appeared to starting to freeze suddenly turned into solid clay and stood there.

"The hell? Did you cooled him down so hard he turned back into clay?" asked Yang walking up to Karui and the clay body.

"Looks it," Karui answered, "but at least the plan worked, but now we gotta figure out what to do with him before we help out the others."

"Yeah. Before they are taken out by the Marines." said Yang as he was preparing to head down the stairs.

"OH I DON'T THINK SO!!! HAH!!!!" shouted a booming voice where, seconds later, most of the roof of the museum was blown off.

"DAMN!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?" shouted Yang looking up as he saw the real Kayaku on a large, flying creature made of clay. "YOU!!! HOW YOU GET UP THERE!??!"

"Oh, I was here the entire time! Fighting one of my Clay Clones huh? It truly is a masterpiece worked up by your's truly! Hm!" But now, it appears we are at a standstill..." said Kayaku.

"What the hell do you mean by that?!" asked Yang in a demanding tone.

"Oh. Nothing much. I am about to head back to base to torture our new prisoners...I believe they are the rest of your crew tiger boy! The ones back on the ship! A certain bird, cook, and mad doctor ring any bells?" said Kayaku with a laugh.


"Hah! As if you can kitten! Hmph! Now, I will be heading toward them...I do hope you can keep up... Oh wait! You can't leave your other friends behind right? They'll surely die to the Marines and some of the Savage Pirates! Ooooh decisions decisions! Hahahahaha!" laughted Kayaku as he started to fly off in the east direction.

"Damn that bastard...I have to go after him to go save my friends... They're not weak but it sucks that Finny or Cres aren't with them... What about you Cold Cat Lady? Make it quick as I'm about to take off." said Yang as he suddenly looked like he was preparing to transform activating his powers.

"I trust that my crew is strong enough to handle the Marines," Karui said, "I'm coming along with you. That Clay Bastard is getting on my last nerve!"

"Same here! Now then I'm about to activate my dragon powers. You need a ride to chase after that guy or you got your own means of travel?" asked Yang as he was still prepping to transform.

"That would be a great idea," Karui said, "wouldn't mind getting a ride."

"Alright then! Hang on tight!" said Yang as he transformed into his half dragon form which is still large enough to hold Karui as she got on. "I can't go full form yet because those art jerks may spot us. But this will be enough to go after that Clay Bastard!" shouted Yang as he took off after Kayaku.

"Heh...good...those two are following me just as planned." said Kayaku as he took out a den den mushi and started to speak into it. "Captain Sigurd, those two rookies are on their way."

Meanwhile, inside of a large castle that appears to be the main one of the kingdom, a very large man, a giant of course, is seen sitting on a very large thrown. His claymore can be seen beside him that is as big as a building. The giant can be seen smiling big after hearing Kayaku's report. This giant, of course, is the Warlord candidate Siguard the Savage of the Savage Pirates.

"Sha-hahahaha! Good! That is just as planned! Those two rookies in particular have been making noise so the World Government would appreciate when I hand them over to them! I'm pretty sure this well seal the deal for me being a Warlord with no loose ends attacks. Keep leading them until you reach the fields before my castle! I will take care of those two brats myself and show them the true power of a giant!" said Sigurd.

The Encounter of Giant Proportions

Meanwhile, back in the skies, Yang and Karui are still going after Kayaku.

"Damn how is he able to fly that fast on that damn clay monster?! GET BACK HERE YOU CLAY BASTARD!!!" shouted Yang as he breathe fire at Kayaku who dodges out of the way.

"Whoa there! Easy! We're almost there! Trust me!" said Kayaku in a mocking tone.


"Don't worry! We are almost theeere!" shouted Kayaku as he was approaching a large field in front of the castle. "It's a shame I was beginning to enjoy messing with them. But if the Captain wants his fun with them, then who am I to get in the way? Hm." thought Kayaku to himself as he landed in the large field up ahead and appeared to disappear out of sight.

"Huh? That bastard went to some field?" asked Yang and he dropped off he and Karui off at the field and he started to look around. "Where the hell is that Clay Bastard at? He was just here but he disappeared! Also what is with that big ass castle up ahead? Some kind of king lives there?" asked Yang as he was inspecting the area.

"He can't be too far unless he's pulling off another one of his tricks with his clay creations," Karui replied.

"Yeah. Maybe he hid inside of that giant castle. Let's g-" said Yang before he was suddenly cut off by the emergence of a bunch of people. Half appeared to be the standard royal guards that appeared to be wearing rather flashy outfits while the others appeared to be more gruff. Obviously, these men appeared to be pirates but was confusing to Yang that they are standing side by side each other. "Isn't that supposed to be the king's guards? Why the hell those men look like pirates?" asked Yang as he continued to watch them as they suddenly formed a line as the large castle doors prepared to open.

"NOW!!! WE WILL PRESENT TO YOU!!! THE KING OF ATOHASU: KING SIGUARD THE SAVAGE!!!" shouted all of the guards as loud foot steps can be heard slowly apporaching the two rookies from the large castle doors. After what it seemed like a minute, the giant appeared before them with his mighty claymore in hand.

"YAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! YOUR KING IS HERE!!!! Now then, looks like we got two ants that needs to be flattened huh? Or should I say, kittens? SHA-HAHAHA!!!" laughed Sigurd who was followed in laugher by his men.

Yang can be seen staring in awe as this was his first time seeing a giant like this up close. "HOLY CRAP!!!!!! THAT GUY IS HUGE!!!!!!!" shouted Yang still staring at Sigurd's massive frame.


"Heh. Well, compared to me, you're nothing but ants anyway! Will you like to be called ANTS instead felines?" asked Sigurd in a mocking stone.

"SHUT THE HELL UP you...GIANT BASTARD!!! WHERE IS THE REST OF MY CREW?!?!" shouted Yang with Electro surging from his body.

"Oh right! Your crew huh? Probably surrounded by the Marines now. SHA-HAHAHA!!!" shouted and laughed Siguard.

"WHAT?!?! But that Clay Bastard told me you had them locked up you liar!" shouted Yang at Siguard.

"Ah yes. Kayaku did his job well. His role is intelligence gathering of this island thanks to his mobility. He told me your other half of your crew is relaxing...Not knowing the Marines and members of my crew are ready to pounce. And here you are, the captain, strongest of that crew here facing your doom! SHA-HAHAHA!!!" laughed Siguard.

"SHUT UP DAMMIT!!! My crew can handle any damn Marines or pirates! You may be a giant but I am a dragon that can turn into your size! Don't piss me off!" shouted Yang getting into a fighting position.

"Ah...to be young a reckless. I will put you both down and present you as a trophy to the Marines! That will ensure my Warlord position! And don't bother I know of your dragon powers Yang and your ice powers Karui. You won't even be able to touch me even though I'm a big ass target! SHA-HAHAHAHA!!!" laughed Siguard that was followed by his crew and guards.

"We'll knock that smile off your face before you even blink!" Karui yelled as she pointed her battle axe at him.

"We will see about that. I'm going to capture you and show you why I am KING. MEN!!! FALL BACK!!!" ordered Sigurd as his many troops and guards fall back into the castle knowing well not to get in the range whenever Sigurd is about to fight. Sigurd slams his massive claymore to the ground and looks down at the two with a big smile on his face. "I'll let you two get the first hit! Go on try to punch me in my giant face!"

"GLADLY!!! YAHH!!!!" shouted Yang as he took off flying upwards at toward Sigurd's face with an Electro-powered punch. "I'm strong so I know I can knock your ass off your feet! Electro: Surge Punch!"" shouted Yang as his punch was able to eventually connect to Sigurd's face but it didn't have any effect on him. Sigurd then smirks suddenly.

"Too bad!" said Sigurd as, suddenly, the area where Yang punched his face at suddenly exploded sending Yang crashing back down to the ground.

"Ow...what the hell that explosion came from..." said Yang as he was trying to get back to his feet.

"Hmph. How weak. How about you kitten? Think you can hurt me as well?" asked Sigurd who turned to Karui.

Karui transferred her cold energy onto her battle axe as she used Electro to spring herself off the ground lunging her attack. "Winter Axe!" Karui shouted as her axe was able to make little contact with Sigurd.

"Hmph. Pathetic." said Sigurd who blocked her attack with one finger and smirked again. "I've been bitten by bugs that stings more than this!" said Siguard as, suddenly, his finger exploded upon Karui hitting it and sending her to the ground.

"Why the hell this guy keep exploding when we hit him?! Are you alright Cold Cat Lady?" asked Yang who was back on his feet.

"I'm fine, this guy's gonna be hell to take down," Karui replied as she got back onto her feet.

"You two kittens give up yet? You cannot defeat me as I have eaten the Bomu Bomu no Mi and became a Bomb Man! My whole body include the stuff I can produce is made of explosions itself! There is no stopping me brats! I can even weaponize the air around me with a great swing from my sword! Let me demostrate!" stated Sigurd as he started to swing back his massive claymore.

"This doesn't look good...We might have to dodge!" shouted Yang preparing to do so.

"Explosive Wave!" shouted Sigurd as, when he swung his claymore at the air, it released a ton of explosions in the form of a wave that went toward Yang and Karui.

"CRAP!!! Surge Mode: Burst!" shouted Yang as he used Surge Mode to jet himself out of the way of the attack.

"Shit!" Karui yelled as she used her Electro to dodge from the attack.

"You two are but children! If you're not ready for me, what the hell think you'll be ready for everything else!?" shouted Sigurd as he sent a gigantic punch toward them.

"Because I don't know when to quick dammit!" shouted Yang as he tried to hold back Sigurd's punch with his own punch and, while for a moment was holding it back, was pushed downward by the sudden explosion. "GAH!!! This guy is ANNOYING when he keeps exploding suddenly!"

"SHA-HAHAHAHA! I can tell you two rely on your physical skills more! That won't mean a THING to a living bomb man such as myself! And don't bother trying to cool me up kitten. I'm way too big for your powers especially since I have slept in ice caverns chiller than your powers." said Sigurd who mocked the last statement to Karui.

"You're really starting to piss me off you Bomb Bastard," Karui growled as more cold energy transferred onto her hands glaring at Sigurd.

"Awww...what to try at me again? I'll give you a couple more shots but after that, I'm ending this." said Sigurd who had a sense of seriousness to his voice that time.

"BRING IT!!!" shouted Yang as he morphed into his hybrid dragon from and charged at Sigurd.

"Oh? Finally using those Dragon powers to fight huh? Let's see what you got!" shouted Sigurd preparing for Yang's attack.

"I'll just have to attack you with a distance move! Dragon Burst!" shouted Yang as he sent out a large blast of fire at Sigurd.

"Finally wising up huh? But..." said Sigurd who cuts throw the flames with his giant sword. "Not strong enough."

"Fuck this guy! I may have to nearly match his size in my full dragon from...Got any ideas Cool Cat Lady?" asked Yang.

"I know every opponent has a weakness, so there has to be something to counter his bombing attacks," Karui answered as she closed her eyes to think for a second until it hit her, "Yang, transform into your full dragon form, I got another crazy idea but it just might work."

"Really? You think so? Sure thing I'll try anything. YAH!!!" shouted Yang as he lept high into the air as he transformed into his full dragon form. This form was about Siguard's height if he stood on his end and Yang simply glares at Sigurd.

"Ooh hoo! I have to say, this is my first time seeing a dragon full size this close! I had a pet snake that's bigger than you though. SHA-HAHAHA!!!" laughed Sigurd.

"I won't be laughing if I were you Bomb Giant! I could easily blast you but Cool Cat Lady has a plan!" said Yang.

"Heh. "Easily" you say?" said Sigurd.

"Yang, keep blasting at him in your dragon form," Karui called out to Yang, "while I try to get him from behind! If we can weaken him from using his bombing attacks, we might have an advantage!"

"Ah I see! That's a pretty good idea! Let's do that!" shouted Yang with a roar as he started to charge up fire in his mouth.

"That's cute thinking that plan of yours will work! Come on then! Lets see what you got!" shouted Sigurd preparing to swing his sword.

"Blast Breath!" shouted Yang as he breath out a bunch of fire at Sigurd who is preparing to intercept it.

"Multiple attacks huh? You got some handle on that power for a Mink! Great Explosion Slash!" shouted Sigurd who send a large exploding slash at Yang's fire breaths with each attack colliding one after another.

Karui used her Electro to leap herself off the ground as she transferred her cold energy onto hands then proceeded to place them on Sigurd's sword from behind. "Try to handle your sword now, you Bomb Bastard," Karui smirked.

Sigurd took one of the blast attacks head on but comes out with slight burns.

"Hah! Take that you bastard!" shouted Yang.

"Not bad you think my sword is my only weapon? Don't be silly kitty! Hey dragon cat! Thanks for giving me an idea!" said Sigurd as he suddenly turns to Karui and proceeds to take in a lot of air and hold his breath. "Explosion Breath!" shouted Sigurd as he blew out an air of explosion that went straight for Karui.

"HEY!! COLD CAT LADY!!! WATCH OUT FOR THAT!!!" shouted Yang.

Karui's eyes widened but managed to narrowly dodge his attack. "Not fast enough!" Karui shouted as she flipped herself over making a landing.

"Heh. You're nimble but I can tell you both haven't dealt with a giant before. You are going to lose. That is that!" shouted Sigurd as he suddenly started to swing his sword around creating a massive amount of wind.

"W-What the hell he is doing? I can even feel this power with my full dragon form!" said Yang who was trying to keep himself forward.

"I'LL SHOW YOU THE TRUE POWER OF A GIANT!!! GREAT ERUPTION!!!" shouted Sigurd as he slammed his massive claymore to the ground and let loose a massive explosion that covered a wide area in front of him including Yang and Karui.

"CRAP!!!" shouted Yang as he tried to withstand the attack.

"You may be my size but I can tell you have no training with your powers. You're just a bigger target in my eyes..." said Sigurd calmly.

"SHIT!" Karui yelled as she tried to block the attack with her battle axe. "There's gotta be something," Karui thought, "what is a giant's weakness?"

"SHA-HAHAHAHA! You two have some fight but I think it's best you gave up now. I haven't even begun to break out my stronger techiques and it seems like you two are out of tricks. I'll give you one last shot to give up now. I'll even spare your friends!" said Sigurd.

"Like I'll believe you bastard! You'll probably go after them anyway!" shouted Yang.

"SHA-HAHAHAHA! At least you aren't as stupid as you think. How about you kitten? I'll let you run away so you can save your friends. I'm giving you this one chance!" said Sigurd with a large grin.

"I'm not running away! As a warrior, I don't run from a fight, Yang and I will kick your ass!" Karui yelled as her eyes became sharp as Electro began to surround her body.

"A warrior huh? I can respect that! However, I will not respect foolishness! You will both be captured by me and you will be my tickets to becoming a warlord! MEN!!!!" shouted Sigurd as suddenly a bunch of his crew surround Karui all pointing their guns and weapons at her. "Rough her up. Not too much!"

"HEY!!! THAT'S NOT FAIR YOU BASTARD!!!" shouted Yang who was charging at Sigurd.

"I'm a PIRATE you fool! Playing fair is something we don't do! Explosion Haymaker!" shouted Sigurd as he sent his fist at Yang which explodes on impact sending him backwards. Yang was then forced to turn back into his hyrid form.

"Damn...this guy....haven't fought giants before...and his explosion powers are a pain in the ass to deal with...may have to break out my best move but it may tire me out...I hope Cool Cat Lady...can hold her own..." said Yang who was nearly out of breath.

Karui transferred cold energy onto her hands as she looked to Sigurd's crew with rage in her eyes then using Electro she swiftly jumped into air and placed her hand on each crew member's head lasting no longer than a second. "Brain Freeze!" Karui shouted.

"Hmph. You punks are weak! SEND IN MORE!!!" shouted Sigurd as more of the pirates surround Karui. "Her cold powers are quite bothersome. SHOOT HER WITH SEASTONE BULLETS!!!" shouted Sigurd as he ordered his men to start shooting at Karui with seastone bullets.

"Seastone!? Crap watch out Cool Cat Lady!" shouted Yang from above.

"Heh these Marines are quite useful letting us use their supplies. Their seastone weapons in particualr come in pretty handy! SHA-HAHAHA!" laughed Sigurd.

Karui managed to dodge the deadline bullets using Electro to boost her speed as she leapt into the air once more placing her hands on their heads delivering cold energy onto them. "Brain Freeze!" Karui shouted, "Too slow!"

"Are you all that incompetent?! Hmph. Very well. Time for one of my top men. FENRIR!!! I SUMMON YOU!!!" shouted Sigurd as he slams his large claymore in the ground and a tall, wolf-mink looking man comes out with a pretty meanacing smile on his face.

"You called Captain Sigurd?" asked Zensuke Fenrir of the Zensuke Family.

"Take out that girl. I'll handle this tiger mink over here." said Sigurd turning back his attention toward Yang.

"Sounds good." said Fenrir looking at Karui for a second and chuckles. "Man. I can tell right away you're the type that just acts aggressive and all that. You won't even be able to hurt me with that shitty axe of yours." said Fenrir with a smile.

"Who said I would only be needing my axe to take your ass down," Karui smirked.

"Hah! What are you going to do? Claw at me? Just try to even try to hit me let alone touch me! Go on!" said Fenrir who seemed to be leaving himself wide open to attack.

"Hey Cool Cat Lady! Watch out that wolf guy is planning someth-GAH!!!" said Yang before he was slapped down by Sigurd resulting in an explosion on impact as well.

"Better take your own advice kitty! SA-HAHAHAHA!!!" laughed Sigurd.

"JERK!!!" shouted Yang as he charged back at Sigurd.

"You're only doing this just to prove something to me, but if you really are this strong, show me what you got unless, you're just a scared puppy with his tail between his legs," Karui snarked with a smirk glaring at Fenrir.

"SHA-HAHAHA! Looks like she figured you out Fenrir! Better make the first move then!" said Sigurd in a rather condensinding tone.

"Tch. Clever girl... Not that I will let you live to do so!" said Fenrir as his body started to glow violently as he put his arm out toward Karui.

"Hey now, don't be killing her! She's going to be a prize along with that tiger!" said Sigurd who turned his attention back to Yang who was charging at him.

"Electro: Surge Punch!" shouted Yang aiming his fist at Sigurd but is easily blocked and blasted away. "GAH!!! DAMN THIS BIG BASTARD!!!"

"You have a better time sticking with your hybrid form kid." said Sigurd in a sudden serious tone.

"Now then Cold Bitch, see if you can take the heat of explosions! 'Explosive Wave!" shouted Fenrir as he sent a stream of smoke in the form of explosions over at Karui.

Seeing the steam of smoke heading her way, Karui used her Electro and dodged the attack before she leapt into the air and landed a kick on Fenrir's side. "Take this!" Karui shouted.

Fenrir simply let the kick pass through him revealing his intangibility. "Heh...didn't use that damn haki of yours huh? Explosion Rebound!" shouted Fenrir as he suddenly make his body exploded when Karui's kick went right at him.

"What the hell?! Did he just phased out?!" shouted Yang.

"Heh...Fenrir is my most prized subordinate. One that ate the explosion Logia! Quite a unique one! SHA-HAHAHA!" laugh Sigurd.

"What?! Another explosion dude?! Aw you gotta be fucking kidding me!!" Karui shouted.

"Seems like explosions are a damn theme here or something!" said Yang.

"Indeed! We of the Savage Pirates and the "Explosion Half" of this kingdom specialize in explosives! Our art brings in the money needed to help fund this place while our variety of explosives provide more firepower to the World Government! They will have no choice to accept me as a Warlord and this kingdom being afflicted with them! Of course you two will be the cherries on top! SHA-HAHAHA!!!" laughed Sigurd.

"Rah! Why does a pirate like you want to side with the World Government anyway!? That doesn't make sense!" shouted Yang.

"Hmph. You're still but a sapling. Just planted your feet into the world, still have much to grow. Listen here, when it comes to this world if you want to make it in life, your ass needs one thing: Power. I am a pirate yes but I know not to directly go after the World Government. They're the top dogs in this world when it comes to power. If you're smart like me, you'll want to side with them as quickly as possible. Why not join the Marines you may ask? Simple, I like causing trouble for the fun of it! Once me and Fenrir take you and Karui out there, I will begin Phase 2 of my plan!" stated Sigurd.

"Rah! You Warlords suck! Pirates that work for the World Government is stupid! That makes you just as bad as them! I'll kick your ass!!!" shouted Yang charging for him.

"Heh. You haven't realized you're challenging this whole island in this case. Bring it on you brat! Fenrir, take Karui out now!" ordered Sigurd as he charged at Yang.

"Yes sir! You're mine now kitty! Explosion Punches!" said Fenrir as he turned both of his arms into explosive smoke heading toward her.

Karui dodged the punches as she swiftly appeared behind him placing her hands on his arms transferring cold energy onto them. "Frostbite! Take this!" Karui shouted.

"That lame move again? Heh, you have no sense if you think you can touch me!" said Fenrir as he exploded his arms and reformed them back to normal. "See? Unless you got me trapped by Seastone, that won't work! Now die! Rikishoku!" shouted Fenrir as he sent a large wave of explosive bombs at Karui.

"Dammit!" Karui shouted as she flipped herself back managing to dodge most of them. "How am I gonna be able to stop this mutt," Karui thought.

"Here is what you're thinking. "How am I going to be able to stop this mutt?" I got that on the nose? If so, then you can't stop me! Just give up!" shouted Fenrir as he sent a larger explosion wave at Karui.

Meanwhile, Yang was fighting Sigard with his Electro weapons trying to strike at his sword to now advial.

"Dammit! Why! Won't! You! Back! Down!" shouted Yang as he was swinging his Electro swords at Sigard.

"Because I am stronger than you. And of course those stupid weapons made of Electro isn't going to do anything! If only you learned to wield something of true steel, then maybe you can actually do something. YAH!!!" shouted Sigurd as he pushed back Yang toward the ground.

"GAH!!! Dammit it! Not a real sword huh?" asked Yang as he looked calmly at his sword made of Electro.

"Like hell I won't give up! No matter what I will beat you!" Karui shouted as she dodged his attack then used her Electro on her fists and lunged and attack on him directing towards his gut.

"Hmph! You think you can beat me with puny attacks like those?! You're WAY out your league!" shouted Fenrir as he collided one of his explosive punches with her punch before it hits him in the gut.

"I'm not going to back down now Bomb Giant! I will defeat you and show I AM ready for this world! Surge Mode!" shouted Yang as his body surged with Electro entering his Surge Mode.

"Oh? A surge of Electro throughout the body huh? I guess this will be your last trick before I take you down. Bring it!" shouted Sigurd.

"'Electro: Surge Strike!"" shouted Yang as he quickly moved in front of Sigurd colliding a powerful Haki-infused punch to his face which does leave a minor scratch.

"I see this doesn't just enhance your speed but power as well? And you used Haki to dispell my explosion recoil. Clever but not enough to beat me!" shouted Sigurd as he released a power wind of explosions from his sword at Yang who was able to barely dodge them using his Surge Mode speed.

"Damn that only did that small of a scratch?! Man this is tougher than I thought..." said Yang he was dodging the explosions.

"Dammit! He's gonna be much harder to take down than I thought, need to make a better approach," Karui thought to herself.

Yang and Sigurd are still fighting but Sigurd manages to get one solid hit on Yang sending him crashing to the ground again.

"DAMMIT!!! Screw this giant! My attacks can't do much to his big ass body! I see you're struggling too Cool Cat Lady." said Yang who looked over Karui for a second.

"So this is the infamous Thang Long D. Yang? You been causing quite a stir lately but, alas, we won't have time speak to each other!" said Fenrir.

"SHUT UP!!!" shouted Yang.

"Hey Fenrir, these two aren't worth my trouble. Finish them off." said Sigurd.

"With pleasure!" said Fenrir smirking while approaching them.

"Dammit this is annoying! I want to kick that Bomb Giant's ass but he just tosses me aside!" said Yang angrily.

"Yang, this guy is just as a nuisance as the Bomb Giant, gonna need to find a way to get past his explosion powers," Karui spoke out of breath but still standing.

"Damn really? Guess we have to get through this guy." said Yang cracking his knuckles.

"Hmph. Fenrir make sure you do THAT then I will finish them off and take them to their cells." said Sigurd sternly.

"You got it sir!" said Fenrir as he makes a pretty meancing smirk as, suddenly, his body starts to transform as his body turns a lot larger growing claws, more fur and teeth revealing he is a werewolf. "Boss Sigurd said for me to take you both out and that is what I plan on doing!" shouted Ferir with a roar.


"NOT EXPLOSION WOLF YOU IDIOT!!! But I was blessed with these powers at birth and at my age, I can transform whenever I want! You two are SCREWED!!!" shouted Fenrir.

"This might be risking our lives into taking him down but, since you're a pure mink and I'm a humink, we should combine our Electro and take down Wolf Boy while avoiding his explosion attacks," Karui suggested.

"That seems like a good idea. Anything is better than nothing." said Yang as he was powering himself up with his Electro.

"Heh you two are going to attack me like this? Good luck even if you are able to hit me directly, those attacks won't do a thing to me!" said Fenrir as he started to charge at them.

"Here he comes! Better do this quick Cool Cat Lady!" said Yang preparing himself.

"I'm ready when you are!" Karui replied powering herself up with her Electro getting into her stance ready to attack.

"Rushing Explosions!" shouted Fenrir as he extended his larger arms out and swung them forward sending a massive wave of explosions toward the two.

"Here it comes! Electro: Surge Boost!" shouted Yang as he was quickly able to get out of the way and ends up behind him. "Electro: Surge Strike!" shouted Yang as he was able to land a kick onto Fenrir.

"Heh...gotta do better than THAT!!!" shouted Fenrir.

"Take this!" Karui shouted as she managed to dodge Fenrir's attack appearing on his right then landed a punch onto him.

"Tch. You're two are nothing but nuisances!" said Fenrir as he threw them both back off his body.

"Damn. This guy's body is tough! Doesn't help he is made of explosions!" said Yang rubbing his teeth.

"Hey Fenrir, we're running out of time. I think it's time to finish these kittens off!" demaded Sigurd.

"Yes sir! Right away!" said Fenrir as he turns his attention back towards the two and prepares to launch a large explosions.

"Looks like a big attack coming our way! We better prepare for this!" said Yang.

"Right!" Karui replied glaring towards Fenrir.

Fenrir puts out his arms forward with a devious smile on his face.

"Explosion Fest!" shouted Fenrir as he released a massive amount of explosions that covered the entire area where Yang and Karui were standing ate.

"CRAP!!!" said Yang as he was trying to shield himself from the blasts. "Damn that move came so quick and it's covering so much area! No time to dodge!"

"At this rate, this is going to go on forever st this point," Karui replied, " there's gotta be something to tire him out or at least weaken his explosions."

"I think our Electro and your cold powers did weaken the explosions overall a bit. I noticed whenever he and Bomb Giant were using their stupid explosion powers. Maybe we just need to hit this guy with all we got. I think my Electro is stronger than yours since I am a full Mink and your cold powers are a lot more effective on him than my fire breath. I think hitting him hard that way will knock that bastard back!" said Yang as he was staring ahead at Fenrir.

"Now you're talking my language!" Karui smirked as she began to transfer cold energy onto her hands glaring at Fenrir.

"Heh, go on with your little plan! It won't make a difference! I think it's time for you two to fall!" shouted Fenrir as he turned his lower body into explosive flames as he flies toward the two hoping to claw at them.

"Heh, just try it!" said Yang as his entire body started to surge with Electro and he hardened his fist with Haki. "This will be extra effective on him now! Electro: Black Volt Punch!" shouted Yang as he sent his powerful punch at Fenrir which was enough to phase him.

"T-The hell?!" said a shocked Fenrir.

"Take this!" Karui shouted as she appeared behind Fenrir then placed her hands on him. "Frostbite!" Karui shouted.

"Tsh! Why is stupid electricity and cold affecting me!" said Fenrir as he jumped backwards beside Siguard's foot. "Dammit I'm a Logia! I shouldn't be hurt like that!"

"Because electricity and coldness can neutralize explosions apparently. You're around their size so you're more effected. Me, however, my size makes me more than capable of resisting them!" said Sigurd as he took large steps forward. "I told you that I am a busy man. No, a busy king. I think it's time for you two kittens to be put into your own personal pound!" shouted Sigurd as the skies suddenly start to turn dark an ominous as a form of timing as Sigurd starts to generate a lot of energy.

"Looks like Bomb Giant is up...what the hell is he doing? He's charging up a large amount of energy!" said Yang as he was gritting his teeth.

"This looks like Bomb Giant was stalling this whole time throwing in this pup to launch his ultimate attack on us!" Karui growled.

Sigurd was seen storing up a large amounts of energy into a single fist as it starts to glow a bright orange.

"Captain! Isn't that too dangerous?! That could wipe out nearly most of our half of the explosion side!" pleaded Fenrir.

"Silence! I'm using enough to take down these two here and now! You two did well enough to push me this far! But enough is enough!" said Sigurd with a grin on his face.

"This doesn't look good." said Yang who was on guard.

"Great Elbaf Crash!!!" shouted Sigurd as he sent his enormous fist crashing down at Yang and Karui's location when sends a MASSIVE explosion that can be seen miles away from others. The treamours from this great punch can be felt far away as well.

"There isn't a way to counter this attack," Karui warned as she shielded herself.

Meanwhile on the second level where the Moonheart Pirates and Yang Pirates were fighting the Marines, they began to feel the tremors that caught their attention.

"What the hell was that," Sumire asked looking around.

"Some kind of earthquake," Hazel answered as she looked around while knocking out a couple of Marines.

"What's our next plan of action now," Sumire asked frantically.

"Getting our asses out of here for a start! Great Hellfire Slash!" shouted Crescent as he send a large slash of hellfire toward the pirates and Marines burning and cutting them.

"Yeah! But what the hell was that tremeor?!" shouted Steel.

"Not sure but we must focus on our own battle first. Wherever Yang and the other crew's captain may be, I am sure they are fine." said Hooke.

Suddenly, a blast of what appeared to be liquid was shot at a group of Marines as they were knocked onto the ground. Hazel and Sumire turned around to see Catalina, Lien and Ozul heading towards them.

"Catalina, was that you that made that blast," Sumire asked in a shocked tone.

"Who else would it be!" Catalina shouted back as she slashed at the Marines draining the liquid from them causing her to grow in size.

"We tried to hold them back but it didn't work, at least you got some more back up," Lien replied.

"No arguement here," Hazel remarked as she roundhouse kicked a group of Marines using her Electro.

"No, no, GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" Ozul shrieked in a high pitched voice as he swooped down unknowningly knocking a couple Marines out with his wings.

"Well at least that's one way of taking out some Marines," Sumire scoffed.

"Where's Karui," Catalina asked as she continued slashing at more Marines with her Excelide.

"All we know is she's with Yang battling some clay guy, then next thing we know we felt some tremors, not sure where from," Hazel informed using her Electro to knock out a couple more Marines.

"Where are the tremors even coming from," Lien asked as she did a jump kick on a few Marines.

"Knowing Yang, it's probably him bashing that bastard to the ground." said Keyes dodging some Marines while Finn takes them out with his Fishman Karate.

"Yah! We just better be trusting Yang will be fine!" said Finn.

Meanwhile, back at the castle's courtyard, a large crater in the ground that was newly made. Sigurd stands back up and starts to blow off his fist from the debre that was caught on there. He then looks down at the defeated Yang and Karui as he has a serious look on his face.

"No hard feelings but I must do what I can for power! Men! See to these two get locked up and thrown into my dungeon! I will offer these two to the World Government as a trophy and they have no choice but to make be a Warlord! SHA-HAHAHA!!!" declared Sigurd as his lesser crewmates do as they were told. "Fenrir!"

"Yes sir!" said Fenrir who was already back in his normal form.

"Go and get most of the other members of my crew. It's time to go on cleanup duty with those other pirates. I have no use for them. I'm going back to my seat to discuss with the "other king." said Sigurd as he was walking back to his castle.

"Yes sir! Finally time to redeem myself! Time to go get the others and show these dumbass pirates we mean business!" shouted Fenrir.

Alliance Against the Kingdom

"I think we're finally starting to break through these damn Marines and pirates!" shouted Steel as he was knocking some down with his arrows.

"Finally it's like a never ending supply of them!" said Crescent.

"That's the best news I've heard in a while! I don't wanna face anymore Marines and Pirates!" Ozul cried out.

"Stop your whining Ozul and keep kicking more ass will ya!" Hazel yelled out.

"The sooner we finish these guys off, the sooner we should be reaching our captains," Sumire stated using her Electro to knock out some of the Marines and pirates.

"At least their numbers are dwindling," Lien said.

"By now, we should be in the clear to advance on," Catalina stated using her Electro to take out a couple of pirates.

"Indeed. Let us finish off the rest of these pirates and let us regroup." said Hooke who used his dust powers to knock away near the last of the pirates and Marines.

"ORDERS TO FALL BACK FOR NOW!!!" shouted a Marine as they and the pirates soon escaped.

"What? THEY were the runs to fall back?" asked a confused Steel.

"They were getting their asses kicked. Of course it's wiser to fall back." said Crescent putting up his sword.

"But ye think they still be fighting. This be a kingdom they're going to try and affiliate with. Ye think they be more aggressive." said Finn.

"It could be part of a bigger plan. I wonder what the other crew thinks of this." asked Hooke to the Moonheart Pirates.

"Well, that could've gone easier," Hazel shrugged.

"Either way, I'm glad that nightmare is over with," Ozul sighed as he slumped onto the ground.

"Strange that pirates would follow orders from the Marines when usually we're considered enemies to them," Catalina stated.

"You make a point though, now with that out of the way, we can focus on our next task," Sumire said.

"Right, think Karui and Yang are doing alright," Lien asked.

"Can't say for sure, I'd hope they would've handled the tougher guys since they're both strong in their own rights," Catalina said.

"You make a point but still, gotta keep going before who know what happens next," Hazel said.

"That is because, from what I have gathered, the leader of this island is apparently trying to become a Warlord and affiliate this kingdom with the World Government. I take it because of the rather expensive art that is around." explained Hooke who was dusting off his staff.

"So a kingdom and a king/pirate that is being sought by the Government. That sounds about right." said Steel.

"Even still, that isn't 100% official. They must be certain about this." said Keyes.

"Aye. But what we be do? Get off of this island?" asked Finn.

"Not without our dumbass captain of course..." said Crescent with a facepalm.

"Believe me, we'd do the same too but can't leave Karui behind," Sumire replied.

"You always act like Karui is a major pain in your ass or something," Hazel remarked.

"Can we put this aside for now and focus? The last thing we'd do is leave our captains behind," Catalina said.

"That is true though I'm still puzzled over this island in general and what's going on here," Lien pointed out.

"True, though as much as I hate saying this, we need to head forward and face our impending doom," Ozul said in a shuddering tone.

"That is just how life is. The sooner we find them, the sooner we can lea-" said Crescent as he notices a huge army of artist soilders pointing their guns at them.

"There ze are! Ze criminals that caused ze trouble at ze restaurant and ze museum!" said the soilders.

"CRAP!! THAT'S A LOT OF THEM!!!" shouted Steel.

"It seems there supplies in ze soilders may be limitless..." remarked Fiin.

"Pirates, Marines, now these mad artists. This island is one big pain in the ass when it comes to authority..." said Keyes.

"GZET ZEM!!!" shouted the soilders are they started to shoot from their guns which resembled paint guns but were able to blow holes through stone.

"This is quite bad. We must fall back until we get to somewhere safe." said Hooke who dodged the shots and jumped backwards avoiding them.

"Then lets go to the rooftops. We all can regroup somewhere. I think I saw a sort of "inn" that we can hide on!" said Crescent as he quickly made his way to the rooftops.

"Better there than here!" said Steel who shifted to his wolf form and followed behind Crescent.

"Aye! Wait for me!" said Finn following them while still hoading some of his paintings.

"Damn can't take them all but this is better than nothing!" said Keyes holding onto some of the treasure and followed.

"This really wasn't what I had in mind!! I should've stayed on the ship!!!" Ozul cried.

"Be happy you're not or else they would've come after you when guarding the ship!" Sumire shouted following the others behind.

"As much as I wanna take more of them on, now wouldn't be the time," Hazel said.

"Would have to agree, wait for me!" Lien called out.

"Less talking, more running!" Catalina yelled out.

Minutes later they were all able to make it to the roof of the inn where they all gathered around.

"Phew. Everyone in one piece?" asked Steel.

"Yeah just barely..." said Keyes.

"All of these damn Marines and Pirates and now artists. This place is one big cluterfuck of authority..." said Crescent.

"Indeed but we must make sure what will be our plan now." asked Hooke.

"We be can't do much without Yang. Let alone leave." said Finn who was sitting down with the art.

"Would have to agree on you with that. Can't leave Karui behind...," Sumire sighed.

"Well, now we need to think of a way to get to them without getting into anymore trouble. Honestly this was not the kind of island I was hoping to spend time relaxing at," Hazel groaned.

"But still it makes me wonder why the Marines and pirates in this island would want to affiliate with one another," Lien wondered.

"Unless it was for something for chance of power or anything close to that, we don't know but right now our best bet is to see where the tremors were coming from and where the captains are," Catalina explained.

"Worse case scenario, maybe they were defeated and taken somewhere dark and torturous and we're left to our own devices as we met our own demise, but then again" Ozul said in a dramatic tone then looked to the others with a creepy stare, "I could be wrong."

"Do you always have to be that dramatic all the time...?" said Steel with a deadpan expression.

"I have a hypothesis and if it's correct, then this could be bad." said Hooke.

"W-What will that be?" asked Keyes.

"Well, if I am correct, Yang and Karui were indeed captured and, as this kingdom is trying to affiliate with the World Government and there are Marines and pirates working together, my assumption is that the "king" of this island is a pirate captain and he is trying to have ties with the World Government themselves. In other words, a Warlord position. And considering how aggressive them, the Marines, and even the artists of this island are being, they could very well captured those two and is planning on presenting them as a sort of "gift" to the World Government." explained Hooke.

"Hmph. That will make sense. The World Government is always trying ways to get allies and pandering to them is one way to get on their good side. A kingdom with expensive resources and a presenting two notable pirates is going to get you out there." said Crescent.

"Greeeat that does sound like the most logical route..." said Steel with a facepalm.

"Can't be helped...We may try to find a way to find them. But they be sending more troops after us." said Finn.

"Trust me, Ozul is...well he's a special kind of bat," Hazel replied looking towards him.

"Though if with what Crescent and possibly Ozul said could be true, then we should be heading down to where they're at and try to help them or break then out," Catalina stated.

"The two that Yang and Karui are facing are pretty tough though with someone powerful like them, and if we were to help, I don't mind taking on more troops to get to our captains," Lien said.

"I'm not one for theories but wouldn't hurt to see if this is true or not," Sumire admitted.

"But even if it IS true! We would have to face them again and...I'm not fighting material...though if the theory is correct then, I would say, one I told you so and two, we either fight or die trying," Ozul said looking down then looks towards Steel with a serious look, "also, don't judge my paranoia..."

Steel mearly tilts his head at what Ozul said toward him. "Trust me, it's right to be paranoid all the time. I just think you're a bit esessive with it is all." said Steel with a mix of deadpan and snark in his response.

"Hm? I hear something below." said Hooke who taps the ground with his staff and hears a large group of pirates down below.

"Where those stupid pirates went to!? We have to kill them quick before captain...er...King Sigurd gets upset!" said one of the pirates.

"I know idiot! He already captured those two captains! We just need to off their crewmates before they become a problem!" shouted another.

"Well they won't be getting to them anytime soon. They're locked up nice and tight in the cells below the castle and even then, they'll have to deal with the top forces! We took their two strongest so we can just kill them easily! Let's go Savage Pirates!" shouted another pirate as the others cheered before heading off to the streets to search for the others.

"Hm. It appears my hypothesis was correct. Yang and Karui are indeed captured but inside of a castle's cells apparently." explained Hooke.

"I knew that dumbass would get himself caught..." said Crescent with a facepalm.

"And it is apparently by someone named "Captain Sigurd". He is apparently a very notrious pirate who has been making a name for himself and, to top it off, he's a Giant from Elbaf." said Hooke.

"A GIANT?!?! Well fuck me no wonder they got beat...Yang never even seen a giant before..." said Steel.

"Yang's full dragon from makes him about the size of a giant but he got beat then? This guy must be really strong then..." said Keyes.

"Karui's never faced a giant before and hearing she got beat by one...I don't know what to say," Sumire said.

"Well her cold powers are powerful along with her Electro to boot but to take on a giant, I can't imagine her using that alone to take one down, let alone with Yang's help in his dragon form," Hazel remarked.

"Whoever this Captain Sigurd guy is, he must be the one who has Yang and Karui, our best bet now is to find out how to get to the castle's cells so to speak," Ozul replied but in a serious tone.

"Wow, Ozul this is weird coming from someone who's always scared of a lot of things," Lien stated with wide eyes.

"Ozul makes a point, we need to find out where the castle's cells are located and from there see if we can pull a sneak attack on them or get our captains and get out of there before we're caught," Catalina said.

"I don't think that will be easy. According to the commotion down there, looks like they're already tracking us." said Crescent.

"Indeed and that their top enforcers are guarding around throughout the castle. There is no doubt that it's the main crew members." informed Hooke.

"Yeah...last thing we need to worry about is a fight but we may have to though I prefer not to. Speaking of, what about these paintings me and Finn have? Should we take these back to the ship?" asked Keyes.

"I think that's the best route. Plus, you never know those bastards may be after our ships as well of course the other crewmates. You and Fish Breath can go there to stash away the art at the same time fending off pirates, Marines, or mad artists that may be there already." explained Steel.

"Not be a bad idea for one who's mind is usually furrier than his body!" said Finn with a snicker.

"Can it before I can you Tuna Fish..." said Steel with a deadpan expression.

"And of course that leads the rest of us to the fighting." said Crescent.

"Alright, so the question would be do we have back up like last time or just a full on assault," Sumire asked.

"Can always rely on my powers since I'm able to make myself grow thanks to my Devil Fruit," Catalina stated.

"True but that would make you stand out and an easy target for not only us for Yang's crew also," Hazel said.

"Either way, I'm up for whatever we have to do to get Yang and Karui back," Lien said.

"Same here...regrettably," Ozul sighed.

"I should be able to sense them out whenever we can make it to the castle. However, the problem is trying to not only locate the castle but get there without getting seen or caught by the lesser pirates, Marines, or artist soliders." replied Hooke.

"We probably just have to stick around on the rooftops for now. Or some of us that could fly could scout around the area that could probably find leads to there. However, literally most of our flyers are either back at the ship or locked up in some damn cell." replied Crescent.

"Hooke can sort of fly with his powers and he has definitely the best Observation Haki out of us so he should definitely go." said Steel.

"Any others of that crew have any aerial or observation abilities that could aid in gathering intel without being detected?" asked Hooke to the Moonheart Pirates.

"I have proficient Observation Haki that would be useful," Catalina said.

"Mine's not that good, yet my sense of hearing is pristine," Lien mentioned.

"The only one of us who has good flying skills would be Ozul," Hazel said looking to Ozul, "plus he also has good Observation Haki as well."

"I'm with Hazel on that one Ozul, you're our best shot in this," Sumire said.

"I had a feeling I would be dragged into this," Ozul groaned then he stood up spreading his wings then looked back at the others with a serious look, "but if this is to get our captains back, I'm up for it."

"This guy seems to shift from cowardly to serious on a dime..."said Steel with a perplex look.

"Trust me, we are just as eager to get our captain back. And Hooke here is always one to get the job done." said Crescent.

"It is to get our respective captains back. I think the best place to look is over in that plaza. We shall remain in the skies to not be seen. Let us hurry." said Hooke as he started to take off hovering using his dust powers to make a makeshift platform for him to hover on.

"Usually Ozul isn't like this but seeing him like this is a rarity," Hazel admitted.

"We should get going, Ozul," Catalina said as she hopped onto his back.

"Got it, hang on tight," Ozul said as he and Catalina hopped off of the building and flew into the sky joining Hooke.

"Hmm...I believe we should be close. Are you two holding up back there? I am starting to notice the huge crowd gathering up just ahead. It may be difficult to listen in with this rather large crowd but I am sure we can managed." said Hooke who was hovering out of sight of the crowd.

"We're holding up fine, shouldn't be too much for us to handle," Ozul replied as he and Catalina managed to catch up.

"Wonder what the crowd of people are discussing about down there," Catalina said.

"Hmm..." uttered Hooke as he closed his eyes to focus on what the people are saying.

"Dammit we got to find those stupid pirates! Captain Sigurd will be pissed!" shouted one of the pirates.

"We have located their ships at least and sent some of our men, the artists, and Marines onto the sight!" said another pirate.

"Yeah! At least if we can't find 'em we can sink their ships and they cannot leave! Then they will eventually die by us!" said an excited pirate.

Hooke can be seen still hovering above after listening to them for the moment. "It seems like they have indeed located our ships and are on the way to try and take them down. That is troubling but I am sure our crewmates can handle them." said Hooke.

"That's one good thing," Catalina said.

"Ooooh they will pay for stumbling onto our ship," Ozul said with a devious smile.

"Indeed. My crew is quite capable as well." said Hooke who went back into listening in on the pirates.

"Hey! I just remembered those Marines that were supposed to tell us when the admiral is on the way will be here soon!" said another pirate.

"Make sure to tell them that the castle where Captain Sigurd is can be found in the far eastern side of the Explosive Half of this kingdom. Then due north!" said another pirate.

"Alright men! Lets go find those pirates before this meeting can take place!" shouted the pirates as the scattered off.

"It appears we have a location. However, the presence of an admiral is...troubling to say the least." said Hooke rubbing his chin.

"So what would be our next phase of action," Ozul asked.

"Well Hooke mention our crewmates can handle the pirates but with finding the location, should probably keep a low profile without getting caught," Catalina suggested.

"I think that will be the better suggestion. We should at least go back in the meantime to inform the others of the plan. We would probably have to split up with some of us going to the castle undetected while some go back to the ships to make sure they are safe." explained Hooke.

"Understood," Ozul nodded.

"Got it," Catalina said nodding in reply.

"Alright then. Let us head back." said Hooke as he leads the Ozul and Catalina back to the roof where he explained the situation to the others.

"Well, bastards heading for the ship. That's no surprise." said Crescent cluthing his sword.

"Ye. That isn't good that they be going that route. We better get there quick before they do. Henni and Devi aren't much fighters but Reddi and Hearts may hold them off." said Finn.

"I agree. Hopefully they'll be alright." said Keyes.

"And the location of the castle where Yang and that hot, er, cold-headed cat girl were being held at. Oh yeah, and apparently an ADMIRAL will be coming here as well..." said Steel with a defeated look.

"Looks like we're going against time again. Finn and Keyes to the ship to help the others while the rest of us go to this castle. We better keep an eye out for these "stronger thugs" that we may come across." said Crescent.

"Indeed. Who of the Moonheart Pirates are staying and going?" asked Hooke.

"Sumire and Ozul, you two will be with me to the castle," Catalina instructed, "Hazel and Lien you two will head back to the ship, any objections?"

"No ma'am," Hazel replied shaking her head.

"I'm fine with it, long as I can help out in any way," Lien says.

"I see no objection here but the big question is Ozul, are you up for the task since you're always use to being on the ship most of the time," Sumire wondered.

"I would say that I object but because this is a life and death task we're up against, I'm willing to take on for my crew to save our captain," Ozul stated in a stern tone.

"I'm really not use to Ozul being this serious but at the same time, wish he was like this more often," Hazel remarked.

"Considering the situation, I don't blame him. I think you two should head to the ship already." said Crescent to Finn and Keyes.

"Right! Lets be moving Keyes!" said Finn running off.

"W-Wait! You're stronger than me I can't carry all of this damn art and run that fast!" shouted Keyes following him.

"Alright me, Hooke, and Steel to go off to try and find that dumbass. Try not to fuck up Steel." said Crescent sternly.

"D-Don't single ME out dammit!" shouted Steel.

"Indeed. Are the other crewmembers ready?" asked Hooke.

"Lien and I will head back to the ship right now," Hazel said running off.

"Wait up," Lien called out.

"We're ready whenever everyone else is," Sumire nodded.

"I'm ready to go," Ozul said.

"As am I," Catalina said.

"Alright. Let's waste no time on our end as well. Let is get going." said Crescent as he starts to lead everyone away.

Meanwhile, someone that was closeby was listening in to their entire plan.

"Good...good...looks like they're taking our bait! Now to take THEM out!" said the ominous voice of the shadows.

Defend the Ships!

Finn and Keyes can be seen heading toward the docks toward their ships.

"You really think that the others can defend our ship before we, mainly you, get there?" asked Keyes who was running with some of the art.

"Aye. Reddi be there and she is our other best physical fighter that ain't me, Yang, Wolf Breath, Crescent, or Hooke. Hearts be there as well but he not mainly a fighter." said Finn who was running as he was clutching his.

"Wonder how their ship will handle?" asked Keyes who was looking back at the other crew catching up.

"Think any of the Marines or pirates might have gotten onto our ship," Lien asked Hazel who was behind her running.

"Not sure but for now, we should focus on catching up with the others and defend our ship before anything else happens, plus knowing Ozul, our ship is lined with traps he has installed in case anyone dares to stumble onto our ship," Hazel replied looking back at Lien.

"See I told you traps would've been a good idea!" said Keyes with a smirk.

"Fine fine I'll work on something later. Let's be getting there!" said Finn.

Sooner or later, they end up at their ships and sure enough, a BUNCH of pirates and Marines are attacking it with the crewmates on top trying to fight them off.

"STOP RIGHT THERE PIRATES!!! YOU"RE DEAD!!!" shouted a Marine.

"Eep! I liked it better when they want to arrest us!" said Henni taking cover in her chicken form.

"There are sure a lot of them!" said Reddi as she was shooting some down.

"These fools are going to destroy my PLANTS!!!" shouted Hearts as he used a mist to knock out some pirates and Marines.

"Shit...that's a big crowd..." said Keyes in shock.

"Aye! We're coming! Fishman Karate: Shark Attack!" shouted Finn as he released a large shark-like bullet at the Marines.

"Just what we needed, Lien you take care of the traps that Ozul installed, I got the ones that are trying to board the ship," Hazel said as she used her Electro to knock out a couple of Marines.

"On it," Lien nodded as she ran inside and noticed one of the buttons that Ozul wrote saying "In case of an invasion of the Marines, press this button." Lien pressed the button and an installed giant boxing glove came out from the side of the ship and knocked out some of the Marines sending them flying.

"What the hell? Giant boxing glove? You guys literal clowns or something?" asked Keyes with a deadpan expression.

"Less talk more fight!" said Finn who was punching Marines away.


"Hey! Where is Yang and Steel and the others?" asked Reddi.

"Long story! Will take in a bit!" said Finn who dodged by more attacks knocking others away.

"No, we're not clowns, we're just huminks who happen to have a crew member who cares a lot about the ship where it's almost a death trap," Hazel replies knocking out more Marines with a spinning kick.

Lien stumbled onto another trap that was installed by Ozul when she pulled the lever a couple of Marines fell into the trap door into a pool of electric eels. Lien looked down at them giggling with a smile. "Wow, these traps really do come in handy," Lien said to herself then looked to the other Marines who were heading towards her, "you guys give up yet or ya thirsty for more?"

"Wow...I can see how Yang quickly got along with your captain. You guys are as savages as him when it comes to Marines." said Keyes as he dodged by some pirates trying to attack her.

"Eep! Marine attacks!" shouted Henni who was surrounded by Marines but was taken down by Finn who jumped on board.

"Aye! We need to clear them out as quick as we can! I think aye need to summon a wave!" shouted Finn.

"That will be dangerous but will take care of things." said Reddi as she shot down some Marines.

"Wonder the other crew would mind a huge wave coming their way as well?" asked Finn who knocked off more Marines and pirates.

"Whatever works, I'm fine with anything to get these Marines outta our way," Hazel replied using her Electro to knock off some Marines.

"I'm up for whatever plan works," Lien said as she ran up to the spirit bow then pulled a hidden lever near the bird's eye view causing another giant boxing glove covered in electric currents to appear from below sending more Marines and pirates flying.

"These fools are too much! Retreat for now! Admrial Fermi will be here eventually to deal with these cretins!" shouted a Marine.

"But I thought he was going to meet with Sigurd personally?" asked a timid Marine.

"SHUT UP!!! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!" shouted the commander as each of the Marines and the Savage Pirates fall back.

"Phew...I thought we were gonna die..." said Henni.

"Tell me about it. Those Marines and even pirates suddenly started to attack us out of nowhere." said Reddi with a sigh.

"They hurt my PLANTS!!!" shouted Hearts.

"Where is Deva?" asked Keyes.

"She was still sleeping I think...in the meantime what happened? Why did I hear that an admiral is supposed to be on the way?!" asked a worried Reddi.

"It be a looooooong story but we bascially were sent here to help ye all from the attack of the pirates and Marines and artists. Seems like the king of the island here is a notrious pirate that is a giant and has captured Yang and the other crewmate's captain." explained Finn.

"Yang has been captured!? He really is a tiger caught in the cage of a zoo!" shouted Hearts.

"Now we have to brace ourselves for an admiral coming our way," Hazel said pounding her fists together.

"At least the problem with the Marines and pirates have deescalated, but now we have the others who are to go after those who captured Yang and our captain," Lien mentioned.

"But admirals are BAD! We want to avoid them at all costs!" shouted Keyes.

"Aye have feeling these Marines, Pirates, artists, whatever would come back and attack. It makes me wonder should some of us be going after the others or stay here?" asked Finn.

"Well, the majority of the powerhouses for our crew are away and considering Keyes, Henni, Deva, and Hearts to an extent aren't fighters per se, it's better you stay here Finn." informed Reddi.

"Aye good point." said Finn shaking his head in agreement.

"Hey I ain't THAT useless..." said Keyes with a pout.

"But they be handling the top dogs. I hope they be fine." said Finn.

"Well I know that I can handle my own in a fight, though I am unsure of having Lien defend the ship," Hazel remarked.

"I can hold my own with my Electro and the traps set aboard the ship," Lien said, "though, with the others handling the harder task, hope they're doing okay."

Storm the Castle

The crewmates can be seen flying and or jumping across the rooftops heading toward the direction they heard the castle was in.

"Hey Hooke! How long till we get there!" shouted Crescent as he was trying to keep up with Hooke.

"I am uncertain for now. We know of the direction but not of the distance or the time it will take to get there. Can be minutes or even an hour." said Hooke who was flying ahead of everyone.

"And there are a LOT of enemies down below us...taking careful not to fall." said Steel who was in his hybrid form who was running behind Crescent.

"Yeah battling those bastards would be a pain in the ass. We better just try to get to the castle. And stay on guard as we may get into a fight as soon we get there." said Crescent clutching his sword.

"Right, either way it shouldn't be too long," Catalina said.

"Understood," Ozul nodded who was flying carrying Catalina on his back.

"Think the castle would be heavily guarded from the outside as well," Sumire wondered running just behind Cresent.

Hooke could see a castle in the distance. "I believe that the castle is up ahead. We should nearly be there. Probably another 20 minutes at this rate." said Hooke.

"Good! Finally making some decent time for once." said Crescent hopping behind.

"Hm? What is that ahead?" asked Hooke as he notices two small planes flying in the distance.

"What's wrong?" asked Steel.

"Careful. I think we have been spotted." said Hooke as he was putting up his guard.

"There ze are! Ze intruding pirates that arent' ze Sigurd's crewmates! We musten taken them out before zey reach ze castle!" said one of the pilots who appeared to be one of the mad artists.

"Uh huh huh! Ze are! ATTENTION!!! ZE ENEMY ARE IN ZE AIR! PREPARE TO PUNISH ZEM!!!" shouted the other as the pirates, Marines, and artists surround the ground underneath everyonee and the planes close in.

"Well, that fucking exclated quickly..." said Crescent with a deadpan expression.


"We're surrounded as it seems..." said Hooke trying to focus more on the planes closing in.

"We don't have any other choice, we got fight our way through them," Ozul said.

"Didn't think this would escalate that quickly but, they're in for a beating," Sumire said as she charged her body using Electro.

"We need to think of a strategy to take the planes down," Catalina suggested.

"Someone take on the planes while the others take on the bastards on the ground? GAH!!!" shouted Steel as he was suddenly shot at by the enemies on the ground. "Great now those guys are shooting at us!"

"That is the least of our worries." said Hooke as he looked at the planes closing in armed with missiles.

"We vill fire ze Art Missiles and show them true art is an explosion!" shouted one of the pilots.

"Uoh hoh! Ze will know art is deadly and explosive!" said the other one.

"Art Missiles sound like they will do more than just decorate us like some stupid canvus." said Steel armed with his sword.

"I can at least try to block them with my powers. You and Steel can try to take down the ones on the ground." Hooke asked Crescent.

"Sounds good." said Crescent with a nod.

"I will need assistance taking the planes down themselves. Any one of you from the other crew can lend me some assistance?" asked Hooke.

"I can assist with taking down the planes," Ozul said to Hooke.

"Got it," Catalina nodded as she hopped off of Ozul's back, "I'll help out Sumire."

"Alright, Catalina think you'll be able to handle this," Sumire asked.

"I'll be fine," Catalina reassured.

"Alright then. Let's go Steel." said Crescent as he jumped down with his hellfire burning ready to attack the group on the ground.

"This is going to suuuuuck!" said Steel as he descended as well.

"Alright then. Let's see what their first move is." said Hooke looking forward.

"Fire ze Art Missiles!" shouted the pilots as they fired a bunch of missles toward the group.

"Those can be troublesome up close. Those must be destroyed from a distance. Dust Spears! shouted Hooke as he made spears out of his dust that was able to cut through a lot of the missiles that left big art splotches and some slipping by going toward Ozul. "Be careful. Those missiles are rather particular."

Ozul managed to dodge them swiftly as he noticed a couple of missiles aiming towards Sumire and Catalina.

"Catalina, Sumire look alive," Ozul called out.

"Got it," Sumire replied back as she used her Electro to destroy the missiles.

As a few more missiles aimed at Catalina, she transferred her powers onto her Excelide as she slashed them draining liquid from them, causing her to grow a couple feet, then focused on one of the planes to shoot down.

"Liquid Shot!" Catalina shouted as a beam of liquid shot out from her Excelide and took down one of the planes.

"Uh hoh?! I'm going zown!" shouted one of the pilots as he crashes downward into the distance.

"No! Zes fools won't get far! Ze will shoot them! Hoh?!"" shouted the last pilot as he notices both of his wings aren't moving. "What is goin zon?!"

"I have clogged up your engines with my dust. My apologies but it's nothing personal." said Hooke as he watches as the plan crashes down as well.

Meanwhile, Steel and Crescent can be seen fighting off the enemies on the ground.

"Damn! These guys don't let up don't they?!" shouted Steel as he was slashing away at some.

"Just stay focused. We will take out these bastards in due time. Hellfire Slash! shouted Crescent as he blasts some of the enemies away with his hellfire slashes.

"Here comes more," Sumire called out.

"Don't let up now! Liquid Gun!" Catalina shouted as she pointed her Excelide like a gun shooting down another plane.

"Take this!" Ozul yelled as he charged his hands with Electro and zipped past a plane causing it to explode.

"Drop ze art bombs!" shouted some pilots as the dropped art grenades down below.

"You guys may want to be careful of those." said Hooke to Steel and Crescent while trying to attack them.

"Well shit me enemies from high and below. They REALLY must want us dead." said Crescent attacking them with slashes.

"Well, when an idiot like Yang causes trouble, WE are the ones that have to face the blunt of it!" shouted Steel as he shot arrows at others.

"We're going to need to clear out this large crowd out somehow or we will get overwhelemed and locked up like that dumbass." said Crescent with his back against Steel.

"Tell me about it. I was locked up already before dammit I don't want to go through that shit again." said Steel.

"Ozul, don't you have any gadgets or weapons on you to help us out," Sumire asked.

"I do have something to blind the pilots but it hasn't been tested out yet," Ozul replied trying to dodge the attacks.

"Try and use it now, if you do we might be able to escape or have a better chance of taking them out quicker!" Catalina ordered.

"Something is better than nothing! Go ahead!" said Crescent dodging out of the way.

"Hell I'm up for anything at the moment! Shit!" shouted Steel as he ducked from two attacks out of the way.

"Indeed. There are more coming as well so it is best to take them out with any methods that is available to us." said Hooke as he was watching the pilots carefully.

"Now would be the time to test it out Ozul," Catalina called out.

"Got it," Ozul nodded as he pulled out two small capsules that were the size of a grenade, pulled the cords out then threw them up into the air. "Everyone shield your eyes," Ozul warned.

"Hope this turns out!" Sumire shouted as she covers her eyes.

Suddenly the two capsules exploded causing a bright blinding light to appear.

"Gah! That's freaking bright!" said Steel as he covered his eyes.

"Damn that's potent..." said Crescent who was doing the same.

"ZEE!!! I ZANT ZEEE!!" shouted some of the pilots.

"NOH!!! I ZANT ZEE EITHER!!! MAYDAY MAYDAY!!!" shouted the pilots as they each started to crash down one by one.

"Well, that was quite effective." said Hooke who was already covering his eyes but using observation to see.

"Not sure but I can tell the bastards on the ground are blinded too." said Crescent as he can hear the yells of the men on the ground screaming from the light.

"Wow, I can't believe that actually worked, nice one Ozul," Sumire smiled.

"Glad it turned out well for this situation but now we would need to move forward, before more show up," Ozul said.

"He's right, now's our chance," Catalina said.

"Hell yeah! Shoot on forward before those damn guys recover!" said Steel as he morphed into his full wolf form and ran off.

"Indeed. That dumbass owes us a lot after we do this." said Crescent who turned into his own full hellhound form and ran off.

"Let us complete our mission but keep your guards up." said Hooke who flew off after them.

"Right," Sumire replied running off.

"Let's hope we get to our captains as soon as possible," Ozul said flying off.

"Well it's what we get for being on adventures with a captain like Karui," Catalina replied running after Sumire and Ozul.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Yang and Karui can be seen locked up in their cells bound by seastone and a lone guard standing watch over them with his back turned to them.

"Ugh...my head...Hey Cool Cat Lady? You alright?" asked Yang.

"SILENCE PRISONER!!!" shouted the guard who was banging on the cage.

"YOU SHUT UP BASTARD!!!" barked Yang back.


"Ah shaddup already! You two are pretty much done! Now sit there like two caged kittens and be silent!" shouted the guard again.

"Ugh...this guy is going to get his ass kicked by me as soon as I break out of here. Damn seastone... Has to weaken me and my powers...this sucks...But I'm pretty confident our crews are on the way! Though Steelie and Cres will be maaaaad with me." said Yang with a chuckle.

"You're telling me, Sumire will be yelling my ears off after this," Karui chuckled.

"Yeah we're definitely going to break out! I know this damn seastone is a pain in the ass but I will find some way! Trust me!" declared Yang as he started to pull on the chains.

"Tsk tsk...how annoying. It'll be a good day once your stupid ass gets turned over to the Marines." said the guard in a huff.

"That's what you think," Karui snarled as she also started to pull on the chains.

"Sigh...stupid kids...they will soon learn their place." said the guard to himself.

Meanwhile, the crewmates can be seen finally at the castle's view from the courtyard.

"So, this is the castle huh? It's pretty big." said Steel looking at it.

"The "king" here is supposed to be a giant after all. Though it was probably fitted to meet his standards." said Crescent who was staring as well.

"Hmm...I can't sense Yang or Karui yet but I can sense a lot of individuals around. Most likely the guards." said Hooke who was surveying the castle.

"Think they're already inside as we speak," Sumire thought.

"Might be a chance they would be," Ozul said.

"True though if surrounded by guards, we'll need a way to get inside without being detected," Catalina suggested.

"Indeed. We must find away around so that we can get inside safely." said Hooke.

However, the group doesn't know that they are being spied on from even high above. It was Kayaku who was riding on his large clay bird and was making sure to keep out of Hooke's range.

"Captain, it appears that our prey has finally arrived, hm." said Kayaku through a den den mushi.

"Excellent. Now I will have these pirates killed before they even have a chance to save their captains! My plan is going by so well it's scary! Round up the other crewmates! It is time to show why we are the Savage Pirates the most savage crew around! SHA-HAHAHA!" shouted Sigard as he stood tall from his throne.

The Onsalught of the Savage Pirates

"Now then, what would be the best route to get inside?" asked Steel who was looking around.

"I would save from above but it seems like they're geared for that." said Crescent as he can see a bunch of cannons on top of the castle.

"If above question is how would we avoid the cannons," Sumire asked.

"We don't know, but if going down that route it won't be easy," Ozul replied.

"True, unless there was a distraction to get their attention," Catalina said.

Hmm..."Dust Ball!" shouted Hooke as he formed a large ball made of dust in his staff and sent it over the castle. Within seconds, the cannons detected them and shot it down in an instant. "Hmm. That was to be expected."

"DAMN!!! THEY DON'T HESISTATE DO THEY?!!?" shouted Steel.

"So going above is a "no". We probably could sneak around in the moat or something. Though us three are Devil Fruit users so that's a bust as well. For us at least." said Crescent with his arms crossed.

"The moat would be out for me since I'm a Devil Fruit user myself," Catalina said.

"There's gotta be something to take them down," Sumire thought.

"Hmmm or maybe a way to disfunction the cannons by blocking it with something," Ozul said.

"I can probably try to distract them with my dust powers. While I do that, the rest of you can go on by. Will that be the recommended choice?" asked Hooke.

"I don't see anything wrong with that." asked Crescent.

"But how we are going to get inside from on top of there?" asked Steel.

"I was able to locate a door on the roof that leads down inside. You may can take that while I take care of the cannons from the outside." said Hooke.

"That can work, we can do that," Catalina said.

"I like Hooke's idea, while he distracts the cannons we can sneak in through the door on the roof," Ozul said.

"And if anyone gets in the way, won't be an issue to take them down," Sumire replied.

"Please don't say that. Whenever someone says that-" said Steel as he is suddenly cut off by someone.

"-that someone will pop in at that exact moment? Hm!" said Kayaku as he flew overhead at the group.

"Yeah see? This is why we don't say shit like that..." said Steel with a deadpan expression.

"Who the hell is that and what the hell is he flying on?" asked Crescent looking up at Kayaku.

"I didn't even sense him. He must have been out of my range." stated Hooke.

"You're the brats that are looking for your caged tiger of your captains? Huh? Well, sorry to inform you but they are being handed over to the circus known as the Marines!" said Kayaku with a laugh.

"That must be one of those "higher ups" of the pirate crew here." said Crescent.

"Wait, isn't that the same guy Yang and Karui took on," Catalina asked.

"But how, thought he would've been defeated by them," Sumire said.

"Guess not, but from what he mentioned about them, it doesn't appear to be good," Ozul.

"Nope. Those two were soooo easy to manipulate into a trap hm! So aggressive, so one dimensional. It's sad. Hah!" said Kayaku with a laugh at the last statement.

"That sounds about right..." said Steel with a deadpan expression.

"Where the hell are those two you bastard?!" shouted Crescent.

"Hard of hearing? I said they're locked up ready to be shipped out! You're running out of time you best get going...oh wait! Not without trying to stop me first! Huh!" said Kayaku with a smirk.

"Hm...he's trying to split us up. Trying to decrease our numbers so that we will stand less of a chance against the other crewmates." explained Hooke.

"So this guy is apparently smart. Noted." said Crescent looking up at Kayaku.

"But that guy is fucking in the air and is surrounded by cannons. Not sure what that bird thing is made of but it looks dangerous." said Steel.

"Guessing we have to deal with him now," Sumire asked.

"Like we have a choice now," Ozul said.

"Whatever the bird is made out of, we would need to be careful cause we don't know what he's trying to pull," Catalina suggested.

"We are all to fight you. We will get quicker results." said Hooke readying his staff.

"Huh. You're smarter than those two from earlier alright. I don't think I can manipulate you through anger, hm. Either way, it is my duty, Kakayu of the Savage Pirates, to take you down here and now!" shouted Kayaku as he suddenly dropped a bunch of small clay birds from his hands after forming them.

"What the hell? Some kind of artist or something?" asked Steel.

"Considering where we are, I don't that think should suprise you..." said Crescent with a deadpan expression.

"Indeed I am! Now I am going to show you why ART IS AN EXPLOSION!!! Bomb Birds!" shouted Kayaku as he threw down the birds as they started to fly in at the group and exploded upon impact.

"Shit! These things explode!" shouted Crescent as he dodged some.

"So many of them! I'm trying to snipe as much as I can!" said Steel who was firing his arrows at some.

"This man appears to have a Devil Fruit that allows in to infuse clay into bombs..." said Hooke who was using his dust powers to knock them down.

"Great, now we gotta avoid getting exploded to bits," Sumire said.

"Unless we can deflect them back at him, there has to be a way to stop him," Ozul mentioned.

"How did Yang and Karui deal with him," Catalina questioned whilst dodging and knocking down someone of them with her Execlide.

"Hah! You fools cannot content with my power!" shouted Kayaku as he kept summoning others.

"Hey Hooke! You have any ideas how they could deal with the explosions?" asked Steel as he kept trying to shoot them down.

"Yang and Karui...One uses Electro and the other uses cold powers. I believe the explosions can be neutralized with electricity and cold tempartaures." said Hooke as he kept deflecting them off.

"Cold and Electricity huh? Well that's convient..." said Crescent as he slashed some others away.

"Well of course the two with access to those are away..." said Steel with a quick facepalm.

"Steel. I believe you are forgetting you have ice and shock arrows." said Hooke.

"Right but I don't have much of either to deal with all of these things. I'm going to need some backup if I'll try to take that bastard down!" said Steel as he jumped backwards from explosions that was near him.

"Wait, I think I might have something to stop him," Ozul remembered.

"Anything to stop him, let's hear it," Sumire said using her Electro to attack some of the clay bombs.

"I have something to neutralize him thanks to Captain Karui contributing her powers into my experiment," Ozul stated as he pulled out a couple of light blue grenade like capsules in his hand.

"Think it could work against him? If so, we could probably use it now while we have the chance," Catalina said.

"That's not good that they caught onto my weakness that quick. That man there is pretty smart...hm." said Kayaku as he was staring at Hooke.

"I think that will work. Steel, do you belive you can distract him with your arrows?" asked Hooke who hovered over to Steel.

"Of course. If they have a plan to neutralize him without me needing to waste my special arrows, I'm game!" said Steel as he armed his bow with regular arrows and shot them at Kayaku.

"Childs play! Huh!!" shouted Kayaku as he launched more explosive clay creatures that started to make their way to the group absorbing the arrows in the process.

"THE HELL?!?" shouted Steel.

"So he can shape his explosive clay into animals...how creative..." said Crescent sarcastally.

"This doesn't look good," Catalina said.

"Ozul try and use one of the capsules on him," Sumire ordered.

"On it," Ozul nodded as he pulled the cord from one of the capsules then threw it towards Kayaku until it exploded and cold air began to disperse.

"Huh? What is this?" asked Kayaku as he started to feel the cold air. "Cold air?! That is troubling...heh..." said Kayaku as he noticed his clay bird starting to weaken.

"Heh looks like that cold air is staring to weaken him!" said Crescent with a smirk.

"You carry a bottle of cold air around?" asked Steel with a deadpan look.

"They may have incoperated their captains powers into them. It is similar to how he have Hearts' mists as certain vials." explained Hooke.

"Hey! Don't think you have won yet! HUH!!!" shouted Kayaku as he suddenly has the cannons pointed toward them.

"...Oh yeah forgot about those..." said Steel with a perplexed look.

"FIRE!!!" shouted Kayaku as the cannons went their way.

"Don't judge me, you can never be too prepared especially in situations like this one," Ozul stated.

"It's working at least, we should keep at it with the capsules and anything we got that would make him cold," Catalina said.

"Now would be a good time to use them again since more cannons are coming our way!" Sumire shouted.

"Right," Ozul replied as he threw two more capsules towards the cannons until they exploded causing more cold air to disperse.

"Man you guys are quite annoying! Huh! Looks like I can't win now but, inside, you will face our might!" shouted Kayaku as he suddenly disappears down the door from the roof.

"Looks like that bastard has gotten away." said Crescent as he ran to the door he went down.

"This is obviously a trap... He wants us to bascially fight in an area where he has the homefield advantage." said Steel who was putting up his bow.

"Nonetheless, we are to go inside. Yang and Karui are in there. However, we must be careful of the other crew members." warned Hooke.

"Right," Sumire nodded.

"Had a feeling the real challenge was gonna be inside," Ozul said.

"Like Hooke said, there's other crew members we need to be on the lookout for," Catalina mentioned.

"I will lead on as I can detect any presense up ahead." said Hooke as he slowly entered the door and made sure to look around. "I believe it is clear."

"Alright then but I'm not dropping my guard." said Crescent as he followed.

"Why would we ever drop our guards now? We're in the heart of enemy territory!" shouted Steel as he followed behind as well.

"I don't think any of us would drop our guard that easily," Sumire stated.

"I'm already making progress so far, not relapsing this time," Ozul said following behind Sumire and Catalina.

"At least you're not being timid and paranoid that's one upside," Catalina commented.

Meanwhile, Kayaku can be seen meeting up with the other crewmates who were seen in the shadows.

"So, you lead 'em 'ere ey Kayaku?" asked one of the men.

"Indeed. There are a bunch of them so we need to split them up. Hm." said Kayaku.

"Heh...there is no need for that. Just send me at them! I'll kill ALL of them!" said Fenrir who was showing his werewolf fangs.

"Now now FOOLS! We don't need to do THAT! We just NEED to kill them before THE ADMIRAL gets here to collect THE CAPTAINS!" shouted another man.

"Indeed. Sigard would be most pleased as he is waiting in his throne. Also, we better make sure to have someone go to the cells. We can't have them finding their way there and freeing the prisoners now. Hm." said Kayaku.

"Send Plode! He will DESTROY anyone that will get in HIS way!" said the loud man.

"Indeed my fellow crewmate! Now then let's show them all why ART is an explosion!" shouted Kayaku as the rest of the pirates cheer.

Back from the ceiling's door entrance, the group can be seen walking down the stairs.

"You picked up Yang and the other captain's auras yet Hooke?" asked Crescent.

"It is still faint but I can detect them from below." replied Hooke.

"They must be down in the basement or something. Sounds deep and a pain to get through." said Steel.

"Yeah. Some of us may have to go down there." said Crescent.

"Sounds like a plan there, question is who would go down there and who would remain up here," Sumire said.

"I wouldn't mind going inside, what about you Ozul," Catalina asked.

"Anything to get our captains back," Ozul replied back.

"Indeed. There are a bunch more enemies around here. We must take caution and find the stairs to the basement. Steel, could I leave you to handle that?" asked Hooke.

"Sure. I can personally kick that idiot's ass for getting himself locked up!" said Steel pounding his fists together.

"Yeah. Let us get going then. Any of you decided who is going with Steel to the cells?" Crescent asked the other crew.

"I'll go with Steel to the cells," Catalina volunteered.

"Sure you got then Catalina," Ozul asked.

"I'm sure, get going you two," Catalina ordered.

"Got it," Sumire nodded, "also if you can, give Karui a good mouthful for me."

"Noted," Catalina nodded.

"Sounds good. First, we have to find the stairs as well. You have any ideas Hooke?" asked Steel.

"There appears to be stairs toward the back entrance that leads down to the cells. Take care going by those doors." said Hooke as he pointed toward a door that will lead to a long hall with stairs at the end.

"Alright...uh not sure what your name is again follow me!" said Steel as he pushed open the doors and started to run off.

"Meanwhile, we will go the opposite way. I can sense we may be facing some enemies soon." said Hooke preparing his staff.

"Sounds good to me. I'm eager to fuck up some bastards." said Crescent as he gripped his sword.

"It's Catalina!" Catalina called out following behind Steel.

"Sounds good to me," Sumire smirked as her hands began to charge up with Electro.

"Bring em'," Ozul said in an intimidating tone.

"Catalina huh? Guess your crew has something more than just an ice theme it seems." said Steel to himself as he ran down the hall.

"Now then, let us proceed." said Hooke and he leads the others to a big hall that seems to lead to different areas. "This is a rather big hall."

"Yeah. I'm counting 4 doors. Looks like it could lead to different areas. None of them seem to be like the throne room but it seems to be important." said Crescent looking around.

"It appears to be enemies waiting in each one. I can sense them each from here." said Hooke as he was looking around in each room.

"So, we have to split up and fight each one alone it seems. I guess they're trying to pick us off one by one before we get to their boss." said Crescent as he was looking at the doors.

"Do you believe this is a good plan?" asked Hooke to the other crew.

"Anything that works I'm fine with," Ozul replied.

"I agree as well with Ozul," Sumire said.

"There are four doors it seems. North, South, East, and West." explained Hooke as he was looking at them.

"Of course. Four doors, four opponents. Not sure why we should split up but we can cover more ground easier if we do." said Crescent.

"The question is who will want to go first? I am unsure who will we be facing." asked Hooke.

"I'll head sorth," Sumire suggested, "what about you Ozul?"

"I'll head north," Ozul replied.

"Alright. I believe I will go east." said Hooke.

"West is fine for me. I could care less whoever I fight, I fight." said Crescent as he was readying his sword.

"Indeed. I wish you all the best. Be careful in your ventures." said Hooke as he head for his respective door.

"Naturally. I'll win and come back with any info if possible." said Crescent as he head for his door.

"Whoever is up ahead, I'm prepared," Ozul said as he flew for his door.

"This will be interesting who my opponent will be, best of luck to everyone in return," Sumire replied as she headed for her door.

Free the Captains! Face-Off with the Explosion Wolf

Steel can be seen running down the stairs with Catalina behind him. "Man! These are some stupidly long stairs...may take a minute. Hey, um, gonna say Kate. How are you holding up?" Steel asked as he kept running.

"I'm holding up, I can keep going a bit longer," Catalina replied following behind him.

"Alright. Not sure how long it will take but we'll get there and hopefully free our captains!" said Steel as he kept running forward.

--- Meanwhile, Fenrir can be seen just outside of the cells where Yang and Karui are where the large jail area can be seen.

"HEY!!! EXPLOSION WOLF1!! LET ME OUT SO I CAN KICK YOUR ASS!!!" shouted Yang as he kept shoulder bashing the side of the cell.

"Man you are SO annoying...I thought those seastone chains will weaken you a bit but you have energy to spare. No matter, once I kill whoever is trying to come down here, it will be worth it." said Fenrir who was sitting just outside of the cells.


"YEAH!!! I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS EVEN HARDER!!" shouted Yang as well.

"UGH!!! SHUT UP ALREADY!!! And I thought those stupid giant lions I fought before were loud...Hm?" said Fenrir as his ears started to twitch. "Finally! Looks like I'm about to have fun at last!"

Steel and Catalina arrive at the bottom floor where they are on the farther side of the area. However, Fenrir can be seen on the other side with Yang and Karui as he slowly gets up.

"Pant...Never...Pant...Going...Down...Stairs...Pant...Again..." said Steel trying to catch his breath.

"Hey! STEELIE!! Is that you?! What are you doing here? You look tired! You should work out more!" said Yang with an innocent smile.


"Great...another loud one..." said Fenrir with a sigh.

"Catalina!! Hi!!! You've come for me!!" Karui shouted with a wide smile.

"Sigh...not...now," Catalina sighed out of breath.

"Guess you also have an idiot captain as well huh? That's besides the point, hey!" shouted Steel as he pointed his sword at Fenrir. "So you're the bastard that is in charge of keeping them locked up huh?"

"More or less. These two kittens are fucking loud but it will be a bless when they're shipped off to the World Government if my name isn't Zensuke Fenrir of the Savage Pirates!" shouted Fenrir with a laugh.

"Seriously, why does every person I fight have to have some evil laugh...?" said Steel with a deadpan expression.

"Hey Steelie! Watch out! Explosion Wolf is an explosion wolf!" shouted Yang to Steel.

"NOT EXPLOSION WOLF!!!" shouted Fenrir.

"THAT DOESN"T EVEN MAKE SENSE!!!" shouted Steel as well.

"Catalina! This pup is no joke! His explosions are an annoyance to deal with!" Karui shouted to Catalina.

"And what was your first clue," Catalina asked in a cynical tone.

"I'm just saying," Karui shrugged, "just be on your guard!"

"Noted," Catalina nodded.

"Anywho, yeah we kinda got the idea that these guys love their damn explosions. Go figure. We just need to beat this guy and free those two right? Doesn't sound hard." said Steel readying his sword.

"Heh...not hard you say? There IS a reason why I am the #2 of the Savage Pirates as a whole! You cannot defeat me and nothing will be more sweeter than to kill you two right in front of your captains!"said Fenrir with a laugh.

"#2 huh? That doesn't mean anything you know!" said Steel as he looks like he is preparing to charge. "Hey Kate I'm going to go rush this guy if you want to see if you want to strike at him at the same time." Steel wisphered to Catalina.

"Got it," Catalina nodded as she pulled out her Excelide sword.

"Alright then! This will be over in a flash!" shouted Steel as he dashed toward Fenrir with his sword raised upwards. "Hero Slash!" shouted Steel as he sent a sword beam that went toward Fenrir as he was still running toward him.

"Child's play..." said Fenrir as he let the beam go through him and prepared for Steel.

"What the hell!? My attack when through him!? Don't tell me he's-" said Steel as he tried to stop himself after noticing Fenrir put his arm up.

"A Logia? You are correct! Explosion Wave!" shouted Fenrir as he sent a wave of explosions toward Steel who was able to block with his shield but still slid backwards.

"Shit...wished SOMEONE told me that he was a Logia!" shouted Steel who looked at Yang.

"I did say he was an Explosion Wolf! Not my fault you aren't a smart as Hooky to understand!" said Yang with a pout.


"Bomb pup is a Logia, normal moves won't work, he ain't easy!" Karui shouted.

"Karui makes a point," Catalina replied ready to attack, "would need to think of something to take him down."

"Catalina, can't you use your Wring powers," Karui asked.

"Love to but can't right now!" Catalina shouted in reply as she charged at Fenrir ready to lunge her Excelide at him.

"Bomb pup? Seriously?" asked Fenrir as he deadpadly looks at Karui as he points his arm out at her. "Outta the way. You're not worth my time! Explosive Flames!" shouted Fenrir as he sent a wave of explosive flames toward Catalina and the attack is enough to spread out toward Steel as well.

"Well damn!" shouted Steel as he was able to block it with his shield. "Logias...ugh such a pain in the ass to deal with even though I have haki." said Steel in an annoyed tone.

Catalina managed to block the attack but was blown back as she looked to Fenrir. "Even with Haki alone it most likely won't be enough to take him down. There's got to be something to weaken him," Catalina said.

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