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The Sky's the Limit
Date Started: September 29th, 2020


Date Finished: October 29th, 2020


Setting: Kuniumi
Characters Involved:
Synopsis: 4 pirate crews meet each other in this arcipelago that floats between the clouds and the blues. They meet each other in a party of one of the islands. Soon they find a murder happening amidst the party. Who was the murderer? Was it one of them? Who is this Gajetto? Will little Aires ever get his apple pie? We will find out in this little story.

Reaching though the Skies

The Nitro Pirates are seen on one side of a sea where a bunch of water geysers are shooting up toward the skies. They eye one in particular that shoots up to a floating island that can be faintly seen from the ground.

"So Kano, this is the right stream to ride right? I can see some island in the distance up there." said Nitro who was looking up at the skies.

"Quite. This will be the correct geyser that will take us up there. Maybe." said Kano with a sly grin.

"Rah, don't be messin' with us now Kano! Last thing we need is to ride up the wrong one only to come crashin' back down!" said Castie Aniu who was steering the ship.

"I can just turn this whole damn ocean into a sea of crystal and we'll be fine. No big deal." said Nitro.

"That's NOT the point!" said Aniu.

"OH YEAH!! We should just proceed forward and ride the geyser up to the island in the skies! This will be quite the trip I can tell!" said an excited Shuten.

"You heard the man. Let's get to it." said Nitro.

"Alright! Hand on to yer britches!" said Aniu as she steers the ship toward the geyser and proceed to shoot upwards it.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the same geyser, Zero D. Rukia is seen with her crew, the Draco Pirates, planning to ascend as well.

"I can tell that this is the right one. The island can be faintly seen." said Rukia looking upwards.

"Hell yeah! I can't wait to plifer what treasure they got up there! I'm sure it's extra rare being on a floating island!" said Summers with dollar signs in her eyes.

"Sigh....must money always be on your mind? Then again, we are always risking our lives for the gold..." said Creaser who was his usual depressed self.

"Aw, cheer up! This island sounds like it'll be one hell of a time!" said an excited Draycen.

"Indeed so! I'm looking forward to the many new ingredients I could find up there! I just hope we don't sink!" said Bowyen.

"Alright, if there aren't any exceptions, let's set sail!" said Rukia as the rest except Creaser cheered and Draycen steers the ship toward the same geyser riding it upwards.

On another ship on another different geyser,Hoode D. Jenny is seen looking out onto the geysers that would lead them to the archipelago known as Kuniumi.

"This the geyser that will take us up to the island?" Hoode asks the navigator,Lotus.

"Yeah,it definitely looks like it according to how it twists itself." Lotus says.

"Not to say there's been times that we've ended up in the wrong current sometimes." John would say.

"I ain't the best." Lotus says,"But I'm good enough to know I made mistakes."

"As long as we get there in one piece,I'm satisfied." Jaden would say as he's sharpening his claws.

"You think you're going to need those?" Jeremiah says as he cocks up his gun.

"Like you need to load up your gun." Jaden would sneer,"And two,these claws are stuck onto me,so it's not like I can take them off."

"Seems like we're excited to go there." John says watching Jaden and Jeremiah argue at each other.

"Well let's get there then." Jenny says as they get up on the geyser.

On another ship,the Yin Pirates were heading toward a geyser.

"Looks like this is a geyser that'll take us up." Joan would say to Yin,"Where is older brother?"

"He's in the bedroom." Maya would say,"Seems he likes to sleep in it."

"He is quite the lazy one huh? We have be sailing for hours after all." said Yin.

"Oi! Are we there yet?! I'm getting super excited!" said Aries who was seen hanging upside down from the flag.

"Almost! This geyser should take us right there to that island in the skies." said Yin.

Dane walks onto the top deck and then says,"Lazy? I was the one making breakfast and doing my chores earlier. I just took a nice nap is all."

"Well,maybe we'll have some nice relaxation in this archipelago." Indie would say,"I think it's interesting that this archipelago is one of the only floating islands that isn't considered a sky island."

"I heard there are others but they're rather rare. Anywho, we should get getting there real soon! This knockup geyser is supposed to take us straight to island in the skies so lets get going!" said Yin in an excited matter.

"I can't wait to see what crazy stuffs will be there! This is so exciting I could screech!" said Aries.

As all of this was going on, the other ships were seen heading up the geyser and they all end up on the large archipelago in the middle of the skies known as Kuniumi known for it's many rope bridges that connect to each other islands. The Nitro Pirates are seen landing on a different one and the crew members disembark.

"Finally...ground...solid ground..." said Shuten as he was kneeling on the ground in fear.

"Damn Shuten, I didn't take you for the bitchy type. Cryin' all the way up here." said Ainu.

"N-Nonsense! Just...fighting guys like me aren't used to the skies you know." said Shuten trying to get himself together.

"This island looks pretty lovely. It's not everyday you run into an archipelago in the skies that isn't a Sky Island." said Kano.

"Hee hee hee...this is quite the island indeed...I wonder what kind of people live here? Would I taste new meet?" said Alicia in her usual sadistic tone.

"Lay off Alicia. We don't want to piss off the people here already. Even I could use a breather." said Nitro.

Meanwhile, the Draco Pirates are off in a different island.

"Wow, I feel so at home at this place..." said Rukia as she looked around the island.

"You are part dragon so I don't blame ya being at home in the skies." said Summers.

"This place is quite the sight I tell ya! A wolf could just relax for the rest of his days here!" said Draycen with a chuckle.

"I feel like tragedy will befall this place long we're here..." said the usual depressed Creaser.

"Lighten up will ya Creaser? Let me at least find something I could whip up later! This place looks quite divine I'd say." said Bowyen.

Meanwhile,the Red Pirates landed on a little boat parking lot that comes from shooting the geysers.

"Wow! We actually made it!!" Jenny says in happiness.

"In all of my years,never have I seen an island like this." John says as he exits the boat.

"I wonder what type of people live here?" Jeremiah asks.

"I'm betting either humans or some skypein hybrid or something." Jaden would answer,"What I want to know is how these islands made it up here?"

"Who knows." Lotus says,"Though it would be interesting to read about it."

"Well let's go exploring then!" Jenny says as she jumps off the boat.

Meanwhile,the Yin Pirates just got into the island known as kuniumi.

"Wow..." Joan says,"This looks incredible."

"Look at that one island." Dane points to it,"It looks like our home!"

"I wonder what type of flora would be living here." Indie says,"Could be interested in getting some unique seeds for my experiments."

"Indeed this place is quite lovely! And it does! I bet if Yang was here, he would go nuts over this place." said Yin.

"Whoooooooa! This place is super raaaad! Look at all the places I can easily fly too! It's like a flying creature's paradise!" said Aries flying around.

As the Nitro Pirates were getting settled on the floating island. Another ship stops onto the island.

"Alright everyone." the captain would say,"This is your stop for anyone who had their ticket for this."

"Thank you." An old man of average height walks out,"I already paid before the trip." He says as the captain asked for money.

"Ok then,have a nice day." the captain says to the old man.

The old man then walks by the Nitro Pirates. The pirates notice him as a lonely man that is carrying a little bag that is full of clothes.

"Huh? That old fossil somehow made it here as well?" said Nitro looking at the man.

"Woop! He totally looks like a bum huh? Like very look at that little bag he's carrying!" said Akumagi.

"I more wonder why he is here? You think he is trying to rob someone?" said Kano.

"Now now you three! There is no need to be rude like that! This fellow here looks like he is in need of some help! Hi there stranger! My name is Shuten!" said Shuten with a sparkle in his teeth and a thumbs up. "I noticed you were looking quite lonely and wondering if you needed some company?"

"Jeez, he may be busy you know. Can't be all pushy on the guy if he doesn't want to." said Ainu.

The old man was surprised by Shuten talking to him,and couldn't find much words since he doesn't talk to many,"I uhh,am not busy really at the moment. I uhhh guess I can use the company."

"Alright! That's spirit! Trust me that you'll be in the experience of a lifetime!" said Shuten maintaining his smile.

"Do you really have to always accept any old stranger on a new island? Last time you did that, it ended up being a Marine Captain in disguise and we nearly got caught." said Nitro with a deadpan look.

"Hey! Last time was merely a miscalculation on my part but I promise you this time I'm not wrong!" said Shuten.

"He does look a lot harmless. I guess it'll be fine." said Ainu.

"He looks really shy huh? Maybe I could cut open a smile for him?" said Akumagi with a wicked smile.

"So much blood that will be spilled...I am both excited and terrified for that." said Kano.

"Dammit you two, stop being so creepy! No one will be "spilling blood" especially since we just got to this new island." said Nitro.

"Though I can use the company." The old man says,"I uhh am looking for a job. So maybe looking for a job could be beneficial from ya's if you're local."

"Heh...hes looking for a "job..." said Kano with a smirk.

"Knock that off! And we re pirates! We dont need jobs..." said Nitro.

"That may be so but nothing wrong with a little honest work for now! Lets help!" said Shuten with his usual smile.

"You guys uhhh didn't introduce me to yourselves." The old man says,"Uhhh who are youse?"

"Right! Where are our manners? My name is Shuten and I am the glorious chef of the Nitro Pirates! It's a pleasure!" said Shuten with his trademark smile and thumbs up. "That guy over there with the spiky blue hair and equally spiky attiude is our captain, Angrboda Nitroni! Call him Nitro for short! He's not much for words either and can be blunt but he's a nice guy!" said Shuten.

"Spiky blue hair and attitude? Really? Sigh but anyway hey. I don't really have much to say to a stranger like you so sorry if I'm not too chatty now." said Nitro.

"And over there with the large scythe happens to be our doctor! She loves transferring blood as much as drawing it! Alicia Akumagi! Careful she is quite the scary one..." said Shuten with a shiver.

Akumagi gives off a very sinister smile. "He is right to fear me! But it's a pleasure you old bum!" said Akumagi.

"She can be rather rude but she does come across as...harmless! Anywho, our foxy friend here is Kanokon or Kano for short! She is often snarky and rather loves turning things around on people if you catch my drift." said Shuten.

"Heehee...I "turn people around" alright." said Kano with a sly smile.

"Again, stop it." said Nitro.

"And finally, we have ourselves a rare sharkwoman! A truly marvelous specimen that is rarely seen around! Our helswoman Caste Ainu!" said Shuten.

"Dammit don't introduce me as I am some kind of rare's embarrassing you bastard..." said Ainu.

"And that is our crew! The Nitro Pirates! It's a pleasure!" said Shuten.

"It is still my crew...also you said that already..." said Nitro with a deadpan look.

"It is uhh a pleasure." the old man says,"My name is Talbon,Larry Talbon. I see you guys aren't locals." He says noticing Shuten says they were pirates.

"Heh Talbon is a rather doofy name..." said Kano under her breath.

"Dammit at least be more quiet about it..." said Nitro.

"Yes we are! We heard of a marvelous island in the sky that isn't Skypedia and decided why no come here?" said Shuten.

"It was right in our path to our next destination so it was a good idea to take a side trip." said Ainu.

"We needed to rest anyway. That trip from the last island took way too damn long. I doubt I need to worry about any Marines here so at least we can unwind. Hope none of you cause any trouble here." said Nitro.

"Ooh! I sense you may go back on your word later!" said Akumagi.

"Ugh, I'm not I promise..." said an annoyed Nitro.

"Well then." Larry says,"I need to find a job,and you guys are here for vacation. I uhh guess we uhh could walk around uhh town. Mind someone then carrying that for me?" He says as he drops his bag.

"There is nothing wrong in trying to earn a living I tell you! I was going to prepose to do the same if we're going to live like "normal people" on this island.

"I'm not carrying some stranger's bag..." said Nitro with his usual deadpan look.

"Sorry but my hands are tied carrying my scythe to carve people with!" said Akumagi.

"Ditto with the carrying someone we just met bag." said Ainu.

"Awww come on you guys! I know we're pirates but you can show some more hospitably! I don't mind carrying your bag Mr. Larry!" said Shuten as he picks up the bag and carries it over his shoulder.

"Hospitably? Pirates? Really" said Nitro.

"Well then." Larry says,"Let's get into town and see err what jobs are available." He says as he starts walking,"There are bridges connecting the islands...incredible."

"Quite so! I heard these rope bridges are the only means to get around in this archipelago! They are quite durable but of course they have to be to allow people to walk around easily." said Shuten following behind him.

"Of course if you can fly, that won't be a problem. Then again, I doubt there is many those that can fly naturally or have Devil Fruit powers around here." said Nitro.

"Not a problem for me! Or Nitro!" said Akumagi.

"Yeah definitely not the place I would live at. Doesn't look like much water is around." said Ainu looking around.

"Heh you could be some thief on the lower islands and escape up here without being caught...quite the good hideout indeed..." said Kano.

"Please stop thinking about things like that..." said Nitro.

A Party?

As they were walking among the islands,we go back to the Yin Pirates that were walking around themselves,looking for fun.

"Man,we'll be sure to tell Yang about this place." Dane says,"He'll be sure to be interested in these islands."

"There's no water here though." Maya says,"I'll have to ride on this bubble for movement."

"I wonder if I can swindle some poor log pose dealer." Joan says.

"Look at this weird plant." Indie s+ays,"It's a purple bell shaped flower. And it rings like a cowbell."

"You think it produces milk like one?" said Aries who was looking upside down at the plant.

"Not literally Aries but I'm sure there is water somewhere. We may have to look around first." said Yin who was inspecting the area.

"The sound of wildlife here is incredible." Dane says honing in to the sounds of the island,"And there's large cities not that far away."

"I wonder how the animals got onto the island." Maya says.

"Who knows?" Indie says,"But that deer over there looks neat."

Maya uses her long staff she uses as a weapon also as a flute for music. She starts playing it,the music then attracts a bunch of animals from the island. The animals would circle around the Yin Pirates,predator and herbivore alike.

"Wow." Dane says astonished,"Your music attracted them."

"Indeed! I didn't think they would be attracted to music from somewhere very different." said Yin.

"Maya's music is always so lovely! I don't blame them for being attracted to it!" said an excited Aries who always love listening to Maya's music.

"Well let's head into town." Dane says looking onto the city,"I am interested in their architecture. See what they built in this floating island."

"I wonder what the market is going to be like?" Joan says.

"I wonder of any special weaponry they'll have." Indie says,"And maybe some other interesting flora."

Maya puts her staff back in position from the flute position and then says,"I'm hoping there'll be some water at least,get in a pool would be nice."

"Whoo hoo! Meet you guys there! I'm gonna have fun in this sky high place!" said Aries as he flew off toward town.

"W-Wait up Aries! Sigh...he's definitely as impatient as a certain someone huh?" said Yin.

"He is a bit like Yang." Dane says with a chuckle,"Can fly and is always happy."

"It's just that Yang always finds himself in trouble." Joan says.

"Well let's get going then." Dane says,"Before Aires actually does meet trouble in the eye."

Meanwhile, the Draco Pirates are already in town walking around.

"Jeez, this place is kinda boring so far. Not much different from the towns back down." said Summers with her arms behind her head.

"Perish the thought! This place has so many unique ingredients I'm just quite chipper for more!" said Bowyen carrying a large bag behind his back.

"You were quite quick to buy all of those huh Bow?" said Rukia.

"Of course! We gotta try all of the foods that are being offered to us!" said Draycen.

"Such a pointless task...the food will just be eaten and the taste will soon leave us...such a pointless endeavour..." said the usually depressed Creaser.

"Would you like to try some giant fish?" A salesman says as he shows off a giant cooked whale behind him,"For only 10,000 belly,you can have this whole fish to eat."

"Whoa! Look at the size of it! Consider it sold!" said Bowyen who excitingly went up to the salesman.

"SPEND YOUR MONEY ACCORDINGLY YOU IDIOT!!!" shouted Rukia and Summers.

"Rahhahaha! But it will fill our bellies don't you think Creaser?" asked Draycen to Creaser.

"It doesn't matter...that whale will be consumed in no time and it's taste will be lost to us..." said Creaser.

Meanwhile,the Red Pirates were walking around town themselves.

"Wow!" Jenny says,"Look at all these people here."

"Indeed." John says,"We should better be careful so we don't get lost."

"Speaking of that." Lotus says,"Where did Jeremiah and Jaden go?"

"Well that's just great." John says,"Those two went off by themselves again?"

"No.." Jenny says,"They're just over there arguing at the sword shop." She says pointing over to Jeremiah and Jaden at the shop arguing.

"Ok clawhands." Jeremiah says,"Why are we looking at old swords here?"

"These aren't just old swords you arse!!" Jaden yells,"These are swords that have historic difference to the island,not that you care for it."

"Humanity evolves my friend." Jeremiah says as he looks at his guns,"We must look forward instead of backwards bub."

""Bub" is my thing BUB!" Jaden yells at Jeremiah.

"And there we go again...." John and Jenny say looking at the two idiots arguing at each other.

Shuten can be seen running quickly into town still carrying the heavy bag that hasn't slowed him down one bit.

"Allllllright! First place! Even with this bag, I still feel as fast as ever!" said Shuten who was posing.

"Quit running around like that Shuten. This isn't a race or anything. Plus, people are starting to stare..." said Nitro with a facepalm.

"Heh, then they're looking at winners here!" said Shuten with his trademark smile and thumbs up.

"Aaaaaannnnd here he goes with the arroagace again..." said Ainu.

"Heehee! At least he got us into this dirtball of a town in record time! We always work hard to keep up with him!" said Akumagi.

"Heh heh you bet we work hard to keep up..." said Kano with a smirk.

"Again, stop with those references..." said Nitro who still had a facepalm.

Larry was walking alongside the Nitro Pirates and says,"Well,this is quite the town. I hope there'll be plenty of jobs available."

"I bet I bet! This place has your qualities from being a store assistant to helping out with any farming to just working out!" said Shuten.

"What the hell kind of job is that?" asked Nitro.

"The best kind! Back at home, I made so much money just flexing and showing off my abilities to the others! They were so in awe they took pictures!" said Shuten.

"I...think the thing you're talking about is being a model..." said Nitro.

"I ain't a model type." Larry says,"If anything,I'll be doing my best to avoid the camera." He then looks at a poster that says,

"Celebration of Mayor Boddy's birthday:Help Wanted for dishes,cooking,and serving."

and a poster next to it says,"Come Celebrate Mayor Boddy's birthday at his home mansion tonight!!!"

"Something like that could work." Larry says,"I can do dishes and serving,and maybe cooking depending on what it is."

"COOKING!? Well ALLLLRIIIGHT! I was born to cook! I am a chef after all!" said Shuten with a thumbs up and smile and a twinkle in his teeth.

"Ah dammit...that place just has to have cooking doesn't it?" said Nitro with a glum look on his face.

"Aw chin up Nitro! It is a celebration after all! You guys can go enjoy yourselves while I'll be showing why they call me The Beast of the Nitro Pirates!" said Shuten.

"But only you call yourself that dude." said Ainu.

"But I like his enthusiasm! I would love to go to a party and commence bloodshed!" said Akumagi with an evil chuckle.

"Heh...parties tend to have a lot of booze right? I wonder we all get tanked and suddenly get freaky with each other..." said Kano with a devious smile on her face.

"Dammit you two have no fucking filters don't you?! I mean, I guess going there will be better than standing out here and free food is always nice." said Nitro.

"Then it is settled! Of course I was gonna take everyone there anyway if you didn't agree!" said Shuten with a laugh.

"Well,I guess I should follow you guys then." Larry says,"Since we're all going to the party."

"Alright then! Let's get goooooing!" shouted Shuten as he sprinted off leaving a dust trail in his wake.

"HEY!!! WAIT YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU'RE GOING THE RIGHT WAY!!!" shouted Nitro at the fleeting Shuten who was already gone from sight.

Meanwhile, the Draco Pirates have recently heard about the news as well after seeing the wanted ad as well.

"Oh? A party for the mayor huh? That sounds pretty nice." said Rukia.

"Hell yeah! Nothing says parties like free food and booze!" said Summers.

"Oooh! They need someone to help with cooking! I'm on in on that!" said an excited Bowyen.

"A party is a nice way to unwind I tell ya! How about you Creaser?" asked Draycen.

"...Parties are for the weak...and I feel that there is a storm a brewing..." said Creaser.

"Aw, you'll cheer up I'm certain!" said Draycen patting Creaser's back.

"Well then, no use standing here. Let's get going!" said Rukia as she walked off toward the mansion with her crew.

The Red Pirates then noticed the Party poster in there.

"Oh Wow!!" Jenny says,"A Party!"

"Free booze right?" Jaden says looking at the poster.

"'s an alcohol-free party bitch." Jeremiah says to Jaden.

"WILL YOU SHUT YER TRAP!!" Jaden says to Jeremiah.

"I wonder what type of people will be there?" Lotus says looking.

"I don't know how long we'll be there for though." John says,"Most of us are werewolves,and if we don't see a way out of the party before we transform,we could be bringing a lot of attention to us."

"Well let's at least have some fun till we figure that out." Jenny says,"Till then...LET'S GO!!" She says as they go to the mansion.

Meanwhile,the Yin Pirates entered the city in search of something to do.

"I can't believe we haven't seen water." Maya says,"But there's water that's for 2,000 belly."

"Imagine paying for water." Indie says,"I don't think people should do that,making profit for something we crucially need."

"It's just how some people make money." Joan says,"They don't have any other skill than going down to the ocean and sell water."

"Look at this clothes store!" Dane says,"We planning on doing some shopping honey? Cause I think you'll look good in this." He smiles as he pulls out a bikini for Ahri that had pink leaves as the covering.

"Whoa! Well that does look pretty! Definitely something that looks unique to this island but I guess it shouldn't hurt to buy a little something!" said Yin.

"Heyheyhey! This jacket is too big on me! I need something my own size!" said Aries who was completely covered by a large, red jacket."

"Heh heh you look like a fire hydrant with that thing on." said Yin.

Dane chuckles and then notices the large poster about the party,"Huh,a party. Well that should mean we should find some good clothes awhile."

"Do any of these outfits look good on me?" Maya says as she's going through various tops,"I know I can't wear much besides a top."

"I wonder what this Mayor is like." Indie says,"And I guess everyone likes this man if they're celebrating his birthday with a giant public party at his house."

"They might be parties like the ones at home." Joan says.

"Though you would be more interested in stealing from the guests instead of enjoying some of the drinks." Dane says about his sister.

"Party?! I LOVE parties! We should go like really really go! Like now!" said an excited Aries who was flying around in circles.

"Well, I am curious what will happen at this party so I do agree we should go as well! Maybe we can try out the unique food they have here!" said Yin.

"Definitely." Dane says,"It ain't us Yin Pirates till we explore everything about an island."

"At least this island wasn't like that block island." Joan says,"That island hurted my feet."

"At least their food was good though." Maya says.

"I see you guys have gone on some interesting islands before I joined." Indie says as she's the newest to the crew.

"Definitely." Dane says,"But as what Yin says,let's go to this party and try out everything on this island."

"Yeah yeah yeah! I bet there is gonna be a lot of food and games and other kinds of stuff!" said an excited Aries.

"Indeed! Maybe we can get lucky and personally meet this mayor himself." said Yin.

A Strange Party in Red Masques

At the party,it was late evening,and there were tons of people in this mansion party. Most of the party were in Masquerades and suits and dresses. The Red Pirates are our first ones noticing the party around them.

"Wow! Look at this party!" Jenny says,"Everyone is wearing some strange masks."

"I guess it's a tradition here in this island." John says,"I've been in one of these masquerade parties before,it's very formal and everything,like dancing and food and all the other stuff. Nothing the Merry Pirates really enjoyed unless it was in the back of the woods."

"Can we then go dancing?" Jenny asks,"To have some fun before the moon comes."

"Sigh sure." John says with a smile as he and Jenny end up dancing amongst the rest of the couples that were dancing.

Lotus was watching Jenny and John as Jeremiah and Jaden were arguing over the food and wine being served.

The Draco Pirates are the next to arrive and they look around.

"Wow, look at all of these people! And they're wearing strange masks!" said Rukia.

"Yeah is this some kind of weird tradition or something?" said Summers.

"Ah yes...this is a masquerade party. They're parties where people wear masks like you see before your eyes. I used to go to a lot of these in the past for catering parties. Speaking of which, I wonder where that cooking job is at?" said Bowyen who was looking around.

"Whoo boy I tell ya! This does look fun but I hope these people don't get freaked out by the obvious large wolf guy in the presence." said Draycen with a laugh.

"These people hide their faces behind masks...I can get behind them..." said Creaser with his tails swaying sadly.

"Nonetheless, we should enjoy ourselves here! I wonder if I can get one of those masks." said Rukia.

"Hello!" two young girl maids come running toward the pirates,"You guys don't have a masque. Here is a whole box of them,each of you can pick one out."

"We have a special selection for men and for women." The other maid would say to the group.

"Whoa! Sure I'll pick this nice silver one with the blue feathers!" said Rukia as she picks that one.

"Heh, this one looks like a cat mask and it's red and black in color! My fav colors!" said Summers as she picks up that one.

"Before I find the manager or something, I'll pick this sleek looking blue one! The two darker blue feathers off the side is a nice touch as well." said Bowyen as he takes it.

"Alright! This brown one looks similar to a wolf design! And I see one that looks like a fox for ya Creaser! It's even black and purple your favorite colors!" said Draycen handing Creaser his mask.

"Purple and black are the only colors that speak to me...they represent pain...I like this." said Creaser as she slowly puts on his mask.

"Thank you for coming for the mayor's 70th birthday!" says the maid.

A steward approaches to Bowyen and says,"I heard you want to cook? Follow me and I'll lead you to the kitchen,where you can start cooking for about 22,000 belly an hour."

"Alright! That sounds good my man! Catch you guys later!" said Bowyen as he walked off with the steward.

"Wow, that didn't take long huh?" said Rukia.

"Yeah but it'll definitely help bring in some side cash while we're here!" said Summers.

"That man is 70...I fear his life will soon come to an end..." said Creaser.

"Don't be that depressive Creaser! I'm sure he will live a lot longer! Well...I know you will considering you're a vulpine after all..." said Draycen remembering Creaser's heritage.

"I am but a young fool...soon to age far more than you regular folk..." said Creaser.

Meanwhile,the Nitro Pirates were there at the party. And Larry went straight to work on serving drinks to people.

"For 22,000 belly,this won't be so bad for a few hours." Larry says as he starts serving the food and drinks.

Shuten was seen also quickly bring out supplies and appetizers to the guests. "Indeed so! All of this running around is good for my training I tell ya!" said Shuten.

"Ugh...all of his running around is starting to make me a bit nauseous..." said Nitro.

"Heh, I bet you wanna just rest yourself in Akumagi's seats huh?" said Kano.


"Hee...I wouldn't mind if you want to lose a head over it!" said Akumagi.

"Heh heh...which "head"?" said Kano who was proud of that response.

"Uuuuuuugh...." was all Nitro could say with a facepalm.

"Tryin' not to get involved in this...sorry..." said Ainu.

"Though this is an interesting masquerade party." Larry says,"I've barely been to one of these. But these parties are my type,I don't stand out and people will ignore me since I'm a waiter."

"Quite so! This gorilla-type mask I am wearing really helps show off how I am The Beast!" said Shuten showing off his dark-green gorilla mask.

"These masks are rather dumb but at least we won't stick out like a sore thumb..." said Nitro wearing a dark blue demon-style mask.

"I went to these all the time back at home! They're so fun and people often turned up dead afterwards! It is such a fun, blood-bath party!" said Akumagi who was wearing a rabbit-style mask that was a blood red in color.

"Please stop saying things like that...We're trying not to give people the wrong impression here you know..." said Ainu who was wearing more of a shark-like mask that was purple in color.

"Heh...I wonder where all the drinks are? I wanna get tanked like the dumb foxy drunkard I am!" said Kano who was wearing a fox-type mask that was red and white in color.

"I think it would be best if I leave from that small group." Talbot says as he wears a black,wolf-like mask and walks away serving others.

Meanwhile,the Yin Pirates just entered the party.

"Oh wow." Dane says looking around,"A masquerade party,remember that one masquerade party we had at home."

"I think you two still have those masks from that party." Joan says.

"Yeah I think so." Dane says as he gets out that mask,it was a mask that was silver and white and was wolf-like.

A maid runs over to the group and says,"Hello,welcome to the Mayor's 70th birthday. If you don't have a mask,please take one from this box here."

"Sure." Indie says as she takes a glittering purple mask.

"I like this one." Maya says as she takes a cyan mask with red feathers.

"I'll take this one." Joan says with a black mask with white feathers.

"I already have mine." Dane says showing his,"This is one our home had."

"Yep! I have my other one here." said Yin as she took out a black and white fox mask she already had on here.

"Ooh! This one looks like a bat! And it's all gold and glittery! Like gold!" said Aries as he puts on the mask.

"Well thank you for coming travellers." the maid says as she then walks away from them.

"Well what should we do now?" Joan asks as she looks around the party.

"You guys can go enjoy yourselves." Dane says,"Me and Yin will be together if you need us."

"I might go look at what the musicians are playing." Maya says as she goes over towards the musicians while she was sitting on her bubble.

"I might go look at what some people have." Joan says as she starts walking over to the crowds,most likely pickpocketing others.

"I'm going to go talk to some people and see about this island and party." Indie says.

"Well wanna go dance?" Dane asks Yin as he points to the area where the people were dancing.

"Sure I would love that Dane!" Said Yin as she follow him to that area.

"Oh! I wonder what cool food they have?! Mister! You have like a bunch of fruits?!" shouted Aries to Shuten.

"Riiiiiight over there on that table my friend! Eat as much as you want!' said Shuten.

"Thanks!" said Aries as he flew over to the table with the fruits and started to eat them.

Yin and Dane enter the ballroom and dance together. A little band of violins,cellos,flutes,and clarinets were playing as many couples were dancing.

"This reminds me of home." Dane says,"Remember that masquerade party we had on our 1st anniversary?"

"Indeed. Of course Yang isn't here now to mess around with the other guests but it is still a lovely time!" said Yin.

Meanwhile, the Nitro Pirates are trying to find themselves what to do in the party.

"Oooh! This is my jam! I'm going to go mess with some random potential victims!" shouted Akumagi as she walked off to the dance floor.

"I'd better go make sure she isn't up to any good..." said Ainu following behind her.

"Heh heh...I think I see an interesting so-and-so over there...pardon!" said Kano as she suddenly skipped off.

"Leaving me by myself? Fine, I need some me time..." said Nitro as he walked off in a random direction not knowing it's toward the Draco Pirates specifically Rukia.

"Hey guys. I'm going to get some more punch!" said Rukia to her crew.

"Don't get lost! There is a lot of people here! If you do just turn into your dragon form to alert us!" shouted Summers.

"I don't want to draw attention you know!" shouted Rukia back but as she kept walking backwards, she walks right into Nitro and the two land on the ground after the impact. "OW!! HEY! Stupid kid watch where you're going!" angrily shouted Rukia.

"Dammit...hey stupid bitch, you walked into me I'm sure..." said Nitro who spoke that gritting his teeth.

"Hey will you two shut up!" Jeremiah and Jaden would say to Nitro and Rukia,"We're trying to argue here!"

"Hey I was to say that bub!" Jaden says.

"No I am to say that wolf face!" Jeremiah replies.

"Sigh Maybe I should do something else besides watch these to quarrel." Lotus says. She then notices Kano who is a kitsune like Lotus,"Huh? A kitsune humink like I am? Lemme go meet this woman." She says as she walks over to Kano.

"Who the hell would speak to me like that? Those two idiots are looking to get hurt!" said Nitro angrily.

"Just like a child like you to get upset over others..." said Rukia in a snarky tone.

"Huh? Oooh looky here! Are you like me? I think you're more human than I am indeed indeed..." said Kano as she was rubbing her chin.

"No I am definitely more fox than you." Lotus says giggling,"What is your name? Mine's Lotus! I rarely see my kind around these days,and I am so happy to see one."

"Oh! Snappy! I like that! My name is Kanokoe but everyone calls me Kano! Nice to meet yah!" said Kano in a suddenly happier tone.

"Wait a minute...Child!? I'm not a child you damned woman!" shouted Nitro.

"You're certainly shouting like one now aren't you?" said Rukia.

"Hey who's that depressed looking one?" Lotus asks pointing at Creaser,who was seen by the two kitsune girls.

"Whoa! He looks soooo gothic! Maybe that's why? We should talk to him!" said Kano eagerly.

Creaser notices the two of them are staring at him. "Alas, I have been spotted by my own kind....sort of..." said Creaser who was dully staring in their direction.

"Hehehe,hey there fellow kitsune." Lotus greets Creaser,"Looks like you could go use some cheering up! You need a hug or something? I'll be happy to give hugs to my kind!"

"Same! Seeing foxes like us is rare these days!" said Kano.

"Hugs are very warm which will cause one of fur like me to burn up...although that thought does please me slightly". said Creaser.

"Well here's one!" Lotus says as she give Creaser a good ol' squeeze,"My name's Lotus! Nice to meet ya!"

"Look at Lotus." Jeremiah says,"She looks all happy with her kind over there."

"Stop looking at women and drink more." Jaden says as he gulps down a glass of wine,"Shame they don't have any good ale or beer here."

"Heh this lucky stud getting hugged by two babes! He should be lucky!" said Kano.

"Luck is the last thing I have..." said Creaser.

"Those bastards go from early killing each other to just drinking their asses off suddenly..." said Nitro with a deadpan look.

'Hmm, yeah it is strange. Then again not as strange as a child being let into a party like this." said Rukia with a snicker.

"Dammit shut the hell up about that already!!!" shouted Nitro.

While the foxes were having a group hug,Jaden and Jeremiah arguing and drinking,and Nitro and Rukia arguing with each other. We move to the ballroom where John and Jenny and Yin and Dane are dancing together.

"Isn't it lovely?" Jenny asks John awhile they're dancing,"Last time it was us two was when we danced under the moon in the woods."

"Yes...Yes it was." John says remembering,"That was on our honeymoon night."

As they were dancing,they accidentally bumped into Yin and Dane while both couples were dancing.

"I am sorry sir." John says,"We didn't see you two there."

"No I am sorry." Dane says,"We didn't see you two there."

"No I am sorry." John says,"We hitted you."

"No we hitted you two first." Dane says,"So I'm sorry."

"Sigh Gentlemen are gentlemen,but can't stop figuring out who is at fault between two men." Jenny says looking at Yin.

Yin was chuckling from seeing this. "Well, they are polite at least. I'm Yin by they way it's nice to meet you." said Yin.

"Jenny." Jenny says as she shakes Yin's hand,"It's a pleasure."

"Oh yes,we didn't introduce us men." Dane says with a chuckle.

"Yeah what type of men are we?" John then chuckles."Hoode D. John,though people call me little John."

"London Dane." Dane says,"And you are taller than me to be called Little." Dane says looking at 14' John compared to Dane's 10' 11"

"It was a joke my Merry friends gave me." John says with a chuckle,"My good ol' brother Robin gave me that nickname."

"You mean that Vulpinian dude you call your brother?" Jenny says.

"We've been buddies since we were kids." John says thinking back,"Man I sure do miss him and his crew. I used to be on his crew until a shipwreck,and where I found you babe." He then gives a kiss to Jenny,"You made up for my best friend over."

"Now ain't that cute?" Jenny says.

"Well that is great to hear about you two." Dane says,"Me and Yin here have basically known each other for a long time before we got married."

"Indeed. It is quite the long story but Dane here has helped me out a lot since then. Seemed like only yesterday we were just messing around in Chau as kids huh?" said Yin.

"Yes...yes it has." Dane says thinking back,"I remember me,Lamorak,and Galahad just having around. And Agravain just bullying me. I'm glad we're good with each other now,and I hope he's doing good. And I wonder how your father has been dealing with this Mordred." Dane then says.

"I'm sure he is doing fine!" said Yin with a nod.

"Whoa there little bat guy! That may be a little too much plates for you to carry!" said Shuten warning Aries who was carrying a stack of plates filled with fruits.

"D-Don't worry! I got this! I-uh oh!" said Aries as he drops the plates that fall toward the floor.

"Time to a round of catch the plates before they fall!" said Shuten as he uses his superhuman speed to catch all of the plates before they hit the ground and balances them all on his arms. "Perfect! Not a single one dropped!" said Shuten.


"It's called training my friend! I can teach you to be as fast as me if you want!" said Shuten with a smile and teeth sparkle.

"YES!!! THAT'D BE GREAT!!!" shouted Aries.

Dane gives a chuckle and says,"Man that little bat sure does like his fruit and that chef."

"The chef does seem more than just a cook." John says,"With that speed,he has to be some warrior."

"Now we're here to have fun,not look for fights." Jenny says.

"I know I know." John says,"Though he does look like a good person to be friends with."

"Perhaps we should move this to the hall?" Dane says,"Us four standing here on the dance floor doesn't give more people room to dance around."

"I agree. Let us go." said Yin following them to the hall.

"Hey Shuten! Where are the appetizers at? Also, what the hell is with this bat with the sparkling eyes?" asked Nitro.

"On the other side my friend! And this little bat here has been inspired to train by yours truly!" said Shuten.

"The guy looks'll kill him with the training you do..." said Nitro.

"Damn is his training that intense?" asked Rukia.

"The guy's morning activities include jogging with an entire tree strapped to his back while lifting two 100 pound weights on each arm. You tell me." said Nitro.


"Drinks?" Larry is seen serving to John,Jenny,Dane,and Yin.

"Sure." John says as he grabs a glass of punch.

John,Jenny,and Larry give each other a weird look,as they each sensed something about each other that some don't know about them.

"Thank you for the punch." Jenny says.

"You are uhh welcome." Larry says.

"You guys ok?" Dane says,"Once that waiter came,you guys acted weird."

"We're fine." John says sternly.

"Ok?" Dane says,"Hmmm,I'm wondering what the other crewmembers are doing?"

"Chug chug chug chug!" chanted Bowyen as he watched Draycen drink down a large mug of wine.

"Hah! Told ya I could drink it!" said Draycen.

"You got me there you me there!" said Bowyen with a laugh.

"Wow that wolf guy knows his way around wine! I guess he is a wolf so they like to "whine" all the time!" said Akumagi laughing at her own joke.

"Urk...that joke killed a part of me..." said Ainu.

"SUCCESS!!!" shouted Akumagi.

"Uh, aren't you supposed to be cooking Bow?" asked Summers.

"OH SHIT!!! Took a bit of a longer break! Going now!" shouted Bowyen as he rushed back to the kitchen.

"Man that guy knows his way around the kitchen I tell ya. I definitely hope to fight him one day!" said Draycen.

"They won't admit it." Dane whispers into Yin's ear,"But I smell wolfblood in the couple." He then turns over towards Draycen,"A fellow wolf? How is it going fellow brother of my kind?"

"I can sense it in them too Dane. And that gloomy Kitsune guy I noticed for a sec earlier, I don't think he's like me. I think he is actually a real Vulpine. Same with the other guy." said Yin who wispered back.

"Whoa! Another wolf guy huh? And I thought I'd be the only one! Rahahaha! It's a pleasure my man! My name is Draycen!" said Draycen is his usual cheerful tone.

"The name is Dane!" Dane says while shaking Draycen's hand,"And the surprise is mutual."

"Never knew this many minks would be in here." John says seeing.

"Yeah,like you guys are the only minks and huminks that are around here." Jenny says looking around.

"I mean." Dane says,"I'm definitely sure Maya is the only mermaid hovering around here in the party."

"Whoa hoo hoo! A mermaid huh? Don't get too many of you around huh?" said Shuten with his trademark smile to Maya.

"Wow. I guess Mermaids isn't some fantasy after all." said Nitro who suddenly walked over.

"Of course they're real.Then again, you probably won't be seeing any with that attitude of yours." said Rukia.

"Dammit shut up already! I'll fucking kick your ass!" shouted Nitro.

"So pretty lady may I get you some refreshments?" said Shuten who is still smiling.

"Sure." Maya says to Shuten,"If you can give me a popular drink that belongs in fishman island."

Shuten quickly heads to the back and comes out with a large red drink that has a small umbrella in it and also some chopped fruit around the top of it. "Then you will like this tropical shake made with the freshest fruit punch with plenty of cut up fruit from apples to bananas! It really does taste like fruit paradise that will remind you of Fishman Island! 100% guranteed!" said Shuten offering her the drink.

"Impressive." Maya says while impressed,"You're an interesting guy knowing our culture in Fishman island."

"Indeed." Jaden says looking over,"Hey why not you bub fill me up with some wine? Since you don't have any beer or ale."

"Hey shut up wolf claws!" Jeremiah says,"He was talking to a girl like a gentlemen."

"SHUT UP BUB!!" Jaden says shifting his claws up from his knuckles.

"Indeed! I have brushed up on my Fishman Island history! Heh heh those two sure do love to brawl huh? Makes me want to get in on this but I must do as want the customers say!" said Shuten running off.

"This two are really starting to piss me off...I think I should encase them in a crystal prison to shut them up..." said Nitro who had a hand raised.

"Crystal prison?" said Rukia sounding interested.

"Ahh,the interesting problem of the human mind." a man in a glittering silver mask says as he walks towards the group."The different levels between two different human brains."

"And who are you bub?" Jaden asks.

"Who the hell are you? Some kind of prince or something?" said Nitro.

"He does look important by how flashy his mask is..." said Rukia.

"The name is Henry Jekyll." The man says,"Though most just call me Dr.Jekyll." The man was about 50 years old by the looks. He was wearing a top hat and tuxedo with a cape.

"Alright Mr.Jekyll." Jeremiah says,"What's so special about you?"

"I study the brain." Jekyll replies,"And the behaviors of it."

"So you're a neurologist then?" asked Rukia.

"What the hell is a neurologist doing at a place like this? I guess people do stuff in their free time but it's weird to come up to us telling yourself you do that." said Nitro.

"I am a personal friend of the Mayor." Jekyll says,"And since it is his birthday. I shall as a good friend come to support his birthday."

"Ain't that cute?" Jeremiah says,"Why not you tell us something interesting about yourself besides telling me wolfhead here has the bigger brain."

"I said Shut it!" Jaden says.

"Hmmmmm." Jekyll thinks for a second,"The most interesting thing I have tried to solve is a sulong form for us humans. I know in minks and huminks that there are sulong forms for themselves when they look at the moon. And I have finalized it to be a result of function in their brain. And I am trying to find or create that function into the brains of humans."

"That uh sounds.....strange?" Maya says listening in.

"Good luck with that. I don't want to get into it but let's just say I don't need to worry about all "humans and sulong forms"." said Nitro with a smirk.

"Same here. Of course I'm not 100% human to begin with but that's another story for now." said Rukia.

"The hell you two? I thought you looked a little "vampiry"..." said Nitro noticing Rukia's pointed ears and fangs.

"I'm not a vampire..." said Rukia with a deadpan look. "But wait, trying to create a function? Is that even possible?"

"I don't know. He says he's a good friend to the mayor but I can't help but get a bit tensed up around this guy..." said Nitro.

"It is possible." Jekyll says,"With the right chemicals,I shall try to create a chemical that can turn man into a sulong like every mink and humink can."

"Uhhhhh One question." Indie asks overhearing Dr.Jekyll,"Do you have any test subjects."

"No one besides myself." Jekyll replies,"I don't want someone to die because of something I put in,it rather be my own death cause I did it."

"A scientist with morals." Jaden says,"You don't see that often."

"An experiment that will allow humans to access sulong? That's ridiculous! Then again I'm not all about the science stuff or how full-blooded humans have." said Nitro rubbing his head.

"So you're a hybrid too I guess.." whispered Rukia to Nitro.

"Yeah, pretty much." Nitro whispered back.

"Anywho, I do agree that is quite...noble to put your life on the line instead of others." said Rukia.

"If this experiment becomes successful..." Jeremiah says,"What would you be doing then?"

"If it is successful,I will make more of it and send it to the World Government." Dr.Jekyll says,"The World Government needs as much support it can get. Since many of these new so-called pirates have been roaming around too much. And did you hear about the Wukong Pirates,they declared war on the World Government basically. I am willing for my experiment to help the cause of the marines."

"Oh,that is....quite considerate of you." Jaden says as he hears this.

"Hmmmm,I wonder where that waiter was that gave me this drink." Maya thinks amidst the talk.

"The World Government!? Crap I thought this guy seemed so suspicious..." Nitro said in his thoughts.

"So he is working with the World Government...That will make him an would be bad if he knew who I was..." said Rukia also thinking in her thoughts.

To break the sudden silence not to sound suspicious, Nitro speaks. "Well, yeah the WG has been going nuts over the news. Though, personally, I'm trying to stay the hell away from all that madness." said Nitro.

Shuten can be seen running around fast delivering orders to the people.

"Man that guy is fast! He is sooo cool!" said Aries.

"He definitely is." Dane says looking down at Aires,"And you seem intrigued by him." He then looks over at Dracyen,"Wanna have a good drink,I'll request that cook over there."

"Hell yeah! I never say no to a drink! Let's go!" said Draycen who is more than happy to drink again.

"Hey bushy-brows." Dane calls over to Shuten,"I'm sorry I don't have your name,but can you please give us a glass of wine and 2 drinks from Chau." Dane says as he looks over to Yin.

"Can do me wolf amigos! And it's Shuten if you ever want to address me properly!" said Shuten with his trademark smile as he dashes off toward the back to get the drinks.

"Wow. He is super reliable as a chef huh? A human that runs that fast and is that nice will certainly do well in the big time restaurants huh?" said Yin.

"Definitely Yin." Dane says,"He would be the one that Cordelia would love to have as an employee." He says thinking back to that restaurant that Yin and Dane would go to often.

"Where's our wine?" Jaden would ask.

"Don't be like that wolfhead." Jeremiah says,"We're in a formal party after all."

"Fuck you..." Jaden says as he is a little tipsy.

"And I am back with all of the wine! Sorry for the wait the people here are-a plenty!" said Shuten as he handed out wines to everyone that wanted them including the special Chau ones for Dane and Yin. "Whoo boy I tell you this is a good work out! Glad we came here I tell ya!" said Shuten.

"Thank you sir." Dane says,"Oh shoot,I forgot Mr.Shuten,can you make a fruit smoothie for Aires here?" He says pointing to Aires who looked like he was thirsty.

"Thank you sir." Jaden says as he starts gulping up his wine.

"A man with no manners." Jeremiah snickers at Jaden.

"You can plug your hole Jerry." Jaden says.

"Consider it done! Anything for fans of mine!" said Shuten giving his thumbs up before running off.

"Man that guy is so awesome! I didn't meet so many humans that are that fast!" said Aries.

"He's superhuman that's a certain!" said Draycen who was impressed.

"And I'm back! The same type of drink I guy that pretty lady earlier!" said Shuten giving the smoothie to Aries.

"THANKS!" said Aries as he drunk it and has sparkles in his eyes. "This is like the best thing I ever tasted!"

Shuten does a very flashy pose before speaking. "I aim to please all my customers my friend! Your gratitude for it fills me with gratitude!" said Shuten.

"Well that is good to hear." Dane says raising his glass toward Shuten.

"Hmmmmm,I wonder where Lotus has went?" Jenny says to John as they have been watching Dane and Shuten talk.

"She's been over there with another fox girl and them two hugging that tall fox." John says noticing Creaser and Lotus and Kano all over his body.

"You feeling any better?" Lotus says to Creaser,"We'll be your friends if you need anything."

"This feeling of comfort is new to me...never it before has it settled...never before has it rested..." said Creaser still looking glum.

"Awww come on I know you like this! I can see it in your eyes and your red cheeks! We can all be friends here!" said Kano.

"Like is a word that is new to me as well..." said Creaser.

"Whatever they're trying to do." Jaden says,"It might be mating season."

"IDIOT WATCH YOUR MOUTH!" Jeremiah yells at Jaden.

"Those two don't like to stop their mouths..." Dr.Jekyll says.

"Heh you bet it's mating season.." said Kano hearing him.

"These two are fucking idiots...I really should just shut them up." said Nitro who was getting more annoyed.

"Now now child, you shouldn't be going making a racket. Remember what this guy is." said Rukia whispering the last part to Nitro remembering Dr. Jekyll has ties to the World Government in a way.

"Damn, right. Wait, CHILD?!" shouted Nitro.

"Well I should be heading toward Mr.Boddy." Jekyll says,"I want to congratulate him on his 70th birthday." He then heads away from the group.

"That man is interesting." Indie says,"Yet kinda dangerous if he is successful."

"Indeed." Maya says,"I mean I wish well for the man,he seems a good man. But it seems we're on opposite sides of the law."

"If I can ever,I'll slice his throat before he finished it." Jaden says unsheathing his claws.

"Not if I put lead in his head first." Jeremiah replies.

"You two turn to violence to take him out?" Maya says.

"Hmph, all I need to do is incase him in crystal in that's all she wrote." said Nitro confidently.

"That's the second time you mentioned "Crystal". You must have some Devil Fruit powers then." said Rukia.

"Maybe. You could have one as well which describe why you have vampire ears, eyes, and fangs." said Nitro.

"As I told you, I am not a vampire." said Rukia.

Anyone have a Clue

"Hello everyone." A steward says,"Mr.Boddy thanks everyone one of you for coming to his party. As every year,we hold a masquerade party in his name. As it is his favorite party type,besides a good pool party."

"Man,they should've gone with the pool party." Maya says.

"He would like to thank the support the people of this beautiful island that is part of the archipelago known as Kuniumi. He also would like to thank the other leaders of the islands here that have entered this party and are here to congratulate him."

"Why is this steward here?" Jaden says.

"Perhaps it is tradition to do so?" Jeremiah says.

"I'm smelling trouble here." Dane says to Yin.

"Look at that young steward." Lotus says while clinging on to Creaser,"But where is the host?"

"Mmmph" Jenny says as she feel weird inside. The feeling is normal for her,but it does mention something to her."John,I think we should go."

"Yeah." John says feeling the same thing,he then stares over out at the window and sees the full moon out,"Let's get going."

Larry was seen still serving drinks to one another,even giving a grape drink to Indie.

"I agree. My senses are going into overdrive here." said Yin.

"The hell? I thought we were going to meet the mayor himself?" said Nitro.

Rukia, meanwhile, looks very series as her own senses picks up the looming dread. "All I can say is be on guard." said Rukia.

"Huh? Is there something the matter my friends?" said Shuten walking over to where everyone is.

Dane notices the smell of John and Jenny leaving. He then looks over to Shuten and says,"Mind if you follow that couple? I want to know where they're going."

"Consider it done! I'll be sure my guests/customers are always doing well!" said Shuten he decided to follow after John and Jenny.

"And now,ladies and gentlemen,I give you Mr. Andrew Boddy." He says as he motions to the curtain where Mr.Boddy is to enter.

After a few seconds,Mr.Boddy hasn't shown up as summoned from the curtain.

"HEY,Where is he?" A random member would ask.

"AAAHHH" A maid would be heard screaming,"He's been murdered! Mr.Boddy has been murdered!!"

"WHAT!!!" The steward said.

"He's on the chandelier!" The maid points to the chandelier in the ballroom. The body was seen hanging on the chandelier by a rope by the neck. It also seem Mr.Boddy was beaten and stabbed.

"Well shit has gone to the fan." Jaden says looking up.

"You think?" Jeremiah asks sarcastically.

"That looks very gruesome!" Lotus says hugging on to Creaser tighter now.

"This isn't good." Dane says looking at the body hanging from the chandelier.

"A-A murder?!" shouted Yin as she looked up at the body.

"Fucking hell...someone must have hated the guy to do that..." said Nitro who was looking as well.

"I knew something bad was going to happen...damn at a party?" said Rukia.

Kano was also hugging Creaser tighter. "Yikes! I don't think it's some joke!" said Kano.

"My body feels like it will snap in half...not that it matters...that poor soul is dead...may he rest in peace..." said Creaser.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D-D-D-DEAD BODY!!!!!!!" screamed Aries.

Bowyen also dashes from the kitchen hearing the commotion. "What is this about a dead body?!" shouted Bowyen as he looked up at the mayor's dead body. "Damn...w-what the hell happened?!"

"How did this happen?" the steward says.

"Call the police!!!" A maid says.

"Already on it!!!" A steward would say.

"How did his body get up there?" Indie asks,"People were in here and he wasn't seen there till now."

"That is a good question." Maya says as shocked.

"Huh?" Larry says as shocked,"Why does everything dramatic happen when I'm around?"

"What do ya mean old man?" Jaden says as he is seen in his werewolf form.

"AAAAH." Maya yelps,"You weren't like that earlier."

"Huh?" Jaden says as he looks at himself,"Oh shit,I forgot it was evening. Doesn't help I've drunken more wine than what I usually drink."

"There's been a reason I been calling him wolf face besides his ugly sideburns." Jeremiah says.

"Shut up bub!" Jaden says.

"T-That guy is a werewolf? I knew that bastard was a meance...I better crystalize him before-" said Nitro as he started to activate his powers but was suddenly stopped by a large, dragon arm that grabbed onto his arm and emitted steam. "W-What the?" said Nitro as he looked over at Rukia who was grabbing him.

"Stop. Now is not the time for a fight." said Rukia as her fangs were more apparent and her eyes were more dragon like.

"So, not a vampire...but a dragon..." said Nitro.

"Whoa! That guy is a wolf too huh?" said Draycen.

"A werewolf." Dane says,"Like Yang's one crewmember. That probably explains why those two were leaving and had the scent of wolf blood. They don't want people to see themselves as wolves."

"Makes sense." Indie says,"But it looks like doesn't care,or is too drunk to care."

"A little bit of both." Jaden replies.

"Was anyone following them two?" Maya asks.

"That cook Shuten said he would." Dane says,"But I haven't seen Aires,he must've ran for Shuten when he saw the body."

"Will those two be okay? I know that couple was nice but I'm not sure how they will be in their werewolf forms. Especially with that little bat going with him." said Yin.

"Do not worry about Shuten at all. He may be a giant goof but all of those quick moments you saw of him during this party wasn't a show. He is like that relaxed but when he gets serious, let's just say out of my crew, Shuten is our best physical fighter by far." said Nitro.

"I could tell he is beyond superhuman. It looks like he is the type that would always win fist fights." said Rukia.

The Youngest Night

Meanwhile, outside, Shuten could be seen looking around and spotting the small forest.

"There! The lovely couple went that way! It is up to Detective Shuten to see what they are up to!" said Shuten.

"OH! I SO wanna be your assistant then!" said Aries who suddenly flew beside him.

"Oh! It's the Little Bat! I'm surprised you followed me!" said Shuten.

"Of course! Being an assistant to you is WAY better than being in the same room with a dead body!" said Aries.

"Well then Little Bat! Consider yourself hired! Together, we will uncover the truth of "Where Would The Mysterious Lovely Couple Be Going To During This Time Of Day!" case!" said Shuten suddenly holding a pipe.

"AWWWESOME!!! We're gonna be like so like ace attorneys! Trying to find the truth!" said Aries with sparkles in his eyes.

"They went that away in that forest! Let us go my dear assistant!" said Shuten running off.

"Yes sir!" said Aries who was flying behind him.

"Come on." Jenny says as they're running into the little forest,"Before people start to find us."

"I think this is far enough." John says as he stops and looks back,"Can you feel it already starting?"

"Yes....the pain is never forgotten." Jenny says,She then falls down and screams in agony,"You'll never get used to this."

"I know." John says as he just tries to stand up and not go down to the pain.

Shuten and Aries continued to follow down the path and can see them in the distance.

"Look! There they ar-" said Aries before he was quickly had his mouth covered by Shuten and hid behind a tree.

"Sorry about that my little apprentice! First rule of spying on folks is trying not to alert their attention." said Shuten whispering.

"But isn't spying like a bad thing sir?" said Aries.

"Normally yes! But we are pirates so I feel like we get a pass!" said Shuten.

"Whoa! You're so smart!" said Aries with sparkles in his eyes.

"Indeed I am! Now then, what do you think is happening with them? They look to be in a lot of pain." said Shuten.

"Shouldn't we go help them then if they're in pain?" asked Aries.

"Not yet. Call it intinution but I feel like what they're experiencing isn't the common type of pain." said Shuten observing them.

Shuten was right,this wasn't the normal pain you would feel.

Shuten and Aires would watch Jenny and John as their muscles stretch longer than normal humans. The bones were seen breaking and shaping back into unnatural shapes.

"AAAAHHHHH" Jenny screams out in the agony of her bones breaking and shaping back.

"Nearly been 8 years." John says,"I UGH never UGH got UGH used to this..."

"W-What is happening to them!? They look like in so much pain!" said Aries who was starting to freak out.

"Looks like they're transforming. Could they be..." said Shuten who was actually starting to look a bit serious.

As the clothes of John and Jenny were being torn apart,fur was seen growing on them two from their legs,arms,and chests. The fur was growing very rapidly on the two. Jenny's face was seen by Shuten and Aires as it was forced into a wolf-like snout. And the same was happening to John. Soon,wolf-like fangs have appeared on their teeth,and tails have found its way out.

"W-W-W-WEREWO--" said Aries as he started to shout but was quickly covered by Shuten.

"Careful my young apprentice. Those two are werewolves after all huh?" said Shuten.

"Y-You could tell sir?" asked Aries.

"Like I said before, call it intuition. Also, it's weird but I could sense it on them from afar. Call it a sixth sense." said Shuten as he keeps his eyes on them.

"N-Now what sir? Are they going to attack us if the see us?" asked Aries.

"Maybe but if so, believe me I will fight with everything I got!" said Shuten.

A few seconds later,the werewolf transformation is complete. Jenny's red dress was ripped till it looked like rags on her. John's clothes looked tattered except for his green hood,which stayed intact. Both of them were significantly taller than what their large normal height was. Jenny was 10' 10",she is now 19' 5". John was 14',he is now 22' 1". Jenny's fur was a very light grey,almost close to white. While John's fur was a darker grey color.

"Phew...." Jenny says,"A relief that was done."

"Yup! and unlike you,I stay standed!" John says but then immediately faints from the pain.

"Hehehehe,of course you say that before you faint." Jenny says giggling.

"YIKES!! THEY'RE SO TA--" shouted Aries before his mouth was covered by Shuten again.

"Sorry about that my amigo. Looks like they're done but I feel like they aren't too in control of side effects yet...quite the mystery quite the mystery..." said Shuten.

"S-So what do we do now sir? Should we go tell the others?" said Aries.

"Not yet. I want to see what they would do first. Can't have them going into town and hurting the innocents right?" said Shuten.

Jenny then realizes Shuten and Aires were watching them as she found a scent of the two,"Oh shit,two people saw us. We must run away John! Before they try to kill us!"

John was still there on the ground fainted.

"WAKE UP JOHN!!! BEFORE THEY SEND THE OTHERS AND THROW PITCHFORKS ON US!!!!" Jenny says as she shakes John,"And where is Jaden,did he get drunk again that he forgotten he was a werewolf?"

"Huh what?" John says confused.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Easy there we're friendly! I was just making sure you two were and you don't seem the harming people type!" said Shuten as he shows himself with Aries stuck to his back.

"D-Don't wolves eat b-bats?" said Aries shivering.

"Not at all I believe! Anywho, I would think they would be at the party! We were ask you follow you two to make sure you were alright as you suddenly left but it is clear that you two are doing fine! Except the whole werewolf part which I am totally fine with!" said Shuten with his trademark thumbs up and smile.

"Oh?.....ok." Jenny says as she is surprised by the reaction,"We are sorry though,as per experience,most humans would attack us werewolves with their fire and weapons,just because we're seemed as a nuisance to them like common night animals like racoons and possums. From what I was told by my grandmother,my parents were killed when I was a baby by humans that were killing the majority of my clan,the Akaitōboe Clan. So whenever I was in contact with humans,I would run away into the forest so no humans would try to hurt me."

"My experience is similar." John says,"Most of my years,I was a normal kid hanging out with humans. Or I thought so until I was bitten by one,which caused me to become one at 18,though the bite was given to me at age 10. Humans then were scared of me,and tried to kill me with their weapons,so I ended up hiding into the woods for a long while till my Vulpinian best friend saw me in the woods and thought I was cool. I would end up joining his pirate crew as first mate,but about 5 years later I would find Jenny here after my crew got shipwrecked and hadn't found me." John then was seen behind Jenny and kissed her in the cheek,"So for our experience,we loved each other once we got to know each other. And we've been married 2 years."

"A 2 years that I will never give to anyone but John." Jenny says.

"Wow...that is such a story with a tragic beginning with a tragic end! My eyes can't help but weep with happiness and sadness!" said Shuten who was crying his eyes out comically. "I am sorry for spying on you two! I understand why you wanted to be left alone! But I do not discriminate! You two are good people to me!" said Shuten.

"S-Same here! These two aren't bad wolves after all! I shouldn't have judged!" said Aries who revealed himself.

"And you two aren't bad people." Jenny says.

Suddenly,the other crews have ran outside to find all the commotion.

"Well shit sorry Captain for not coming with you guys." Jaden says,"I'm just a bit tipsy at the moment." He says as his tall werewolf self is trying to keep it's balance.

"You know I can't help you as you are WAY taller than me." Jeremiah says.

"Werewolves huh?" Dane says,"I am impressed,and you two are definitely taller than me."

"Indeed." Indie says,"And you wouldn't think anyone would be taller than you than Finn in Yang's crew."

"Yeah,and he's tall!" Maya says.

Lotus was seen with Creaser and Kano,"Aren't foxes prey to wolves? Does that mean they will eat us? Can I have a strong fox protect me?" She then hugs Creaser even tighter,trying to get Creaser to act manly.

"Jeez these people must not have met a Giant before if they're that amazed by someone tall..." said Nitro with a deadpan expression.

"Or dragons." Rukia also replied.

"Yeah! I know this guy has a awesome side! All downers like him do!" said Kano also hugging him even tighter.

"W-Woah! You guys may actually end up crushing him!" said Bowyen.

"The pain is a wonderful experience for me. This I do not the slightest..." said Creaser who was clearly struggling a bit.

"He's even taller than me!" said Draycen with a laugh.

"Oooh! I bet he is fun at certain types of conventions!" said Akumagi with a sinister giggle.

"Still, I'm more worried about this murder...clearly there has to be someone who did it." said Yin.

"Right...some bastard had the balls to kill the mayor..." said Nitro.

Sirens are then seen blaring red n blue as police run toward the mansion.

"Perhaps we should go deeper into the forest?" John says.

"Wouldn't it look suspicious if they saw us?" Jeremiah asks.

"Yeah,a whole bunch of us running deep into a forest would seem suspicious." Dane says.

"But it wouldn't be if none of us did it." Jaden says.

"As much your drunk ass is right,people don't know if it was us or not." Jeremiah says.

"I know I didn't do it. I was in the dining hall the entire time." said Nitro.

"Same here." said Rukia.

"And me as well. Of course those who wasn't really present at the time would be more suspicious." said Yin.

"I can't really think of much other than that old bastard that kept bothering us for a job." said Nitro.

"Oh yeah, that other waiter that you said came with your group. Where is he anyway?" asked Rukia.

"Hell I know. I'm not his errand boy or anything." said Nitro.

"Well let's get deeper into the forest and discuss more." Jenny says as she and John start running.

"Fine with us I guess." Dane says.

"Rah this seems rather sudden but fine. Let's follow them crew." said Nitro motioning for his crew to follow.

"Same guys. Let's make sure we don't get left behind." said Rukia.

"I agree. I hope nothing worst turns out from this." said Yin.

Alright....Who done it?

Deeper into the forest,Jenny and the rest then start talking.

"So how do we know none of us did it?" Jenny asks.

"I feel like some of us haven't introduced each other." Dane says.

"Who are the captains,if we're pirate crews." Indie says.

"I am Hoode D. Jenny." Jenny says,"Captain of the Red Pirates."

"Angrboda Nitroni of the Nitro Pirates. I'm the captain naturally and please just call me Nitro." said Nitro.

"Angrboda huh? Of that large family I take it? Interesting. My name is Zero D. Rukia of the Draco Pirates. It's a pleasure." said Rukia.

"And I am Thăng Long D. Yin of the Yin Pirates. It's also a pleasure." said Yin.

"So we are pirate crews." John says.

"So if there is an imposter among us in the party." Jeremiah says,"You think they would look at us pirates first?"

"I doubt it." Dane says,"We were only seen as guests that were closely watched by the maids and stewards,and we kept good track of what we were doing to not reveal ourselves as pirates."

"Yet one had to reveal himself as ONE GIANT WOLF!!!" Jeremiah yells at Jaden.

"You can shut up bub." Jaden says,"Even at this height you're loud." He says twiddling his finger into his ear because of Jeremiah.

"Yeah you don't have any brains behind that furry head of yours don't you?" said Nitro toward Jaden.

"Wow, you really don't mince your words do you?" said Rukia.

"Nope. If an idiot is being an idiot, I will call them an "idiot". Seems like common sense right?" said Nitro bluntly.

"Wow, he reminds me a lot of one of Yangy's crew members...I think his name was Crescent was it?" said Yin.

"Yeah,I think it was Crescent." Dane says.

"Jaden can actually be quite smart." John says to Nitro.

"It's just that he's too drunk to think." Jeremiah says.

"Not anymore bub!" Jaden says,"But if you want me to use my brains bub,you better give me a reason to bub." He then says to Nitro.

"The fact that you need a reason to use your brain just shows how competent you can be..." said Nitro sarcastically.

"I think we're getting way off topic here. There is the deal with the investigation after all." said Rukia.

"That is true. I'm pretty sure they will be interviewing people soon." said Yin.

"Who would they be interviewing?" John says,"Practically,they might want some of us."

"Why not some of us go back in there and take a look at who they're questioning?" Lotus says,"They probably have some suspects being questioned."

"You somewhat got a point." Dane says.

"Anyone here a good detective?" Jeremiah asks,"Besides wolves having good noses."

"Oh no..." said Nitro as he heard someone asking above a detective. And then, Shuten appeared wearing his detective gear with Aries still clinging to his back.

"Anyone asked for a detective? Detective Shuten is on the case you can be sure of that!" said Shuten as he blew from his pipe that had bubbles coming from it.

"No no no dammit! You are NOT a detective Shuten! I told you this many times now!" said Nitro.

"On contrary me amigo! I am a fighter and cook by day and night and detective on those other rare occasions!" said Shuten.

"Yeah! Sir will find the truth of this murder!" said Aries who was still on Shuten's back.

"Aries? I was wondering where you went. Why are you on that man's back?" asked Yin.

"Because I'm his assistant!" said Aries.

"Assistant?" said Yin.

"Sorry to interrupt ma'am but if we going to solve this case, we need to go back to the scene of the crime! It is best that we can find as much clues as we can!" said Shuten as he walked back toward the mansion.

"Is he...always like this?" Rukia asked Nitro.

"All the fucking time..." said Nitro with a facepalm.

"Well if you're the detectives." Dane says,"Best you two get going and scout out for us."

"The bat looks awfully cute in his little detective outfit." Jenny says looking at Aires.

"I wonder where he even got that from?" asked Yin.

"He has spares of every shape and sizes. Even for giants...don't ask." said Nitro.

"Alright! On the way back to the mansion we go! To crack open this case of who killed the mayor!" said Shuten who was looking around on the ground with a magifying glass.

"I wonder if there and clues around here? Oooh this is so exciting!" said Aries.

"Dude we're going back to the mansion. At least do your stupid investigating once we get there..." said Nitro.

"Ah ha!" said Shuten pointing toward the mansion. "We are back! Just like the trail pointed us to!"

"That is awesome work sir!" said Aries.

"Thank you my assistant!" said Shuten with a thumbs up.

"We literally just walked in a straight line back here. A blind person could even know the way..." said Nitro with a deadpan expression.

Back to the Scene

Shuten and Aires make it back to the mansion and into the crime scene. The mansion has now been taped up and no one was allowed in there except police and marines.

"Move Along People!" A marine would say,"Nothing to see here!"

"What about the mayor!" A news reporter would ask,"Who will be the new mayor?!?!"

"We'll figure that out later!" Another Marine would say.

"Is it possible some non-human creature has done this?" Another reporter would ask,"Like a fishman?"

"We'll get evidence to look at." An officer then replies,"NOW GET GOING!! One of our detectives is coming this way."

"Uh oh! Looks like they're not letting people in..." said Aries.

"Have no fear my assistant! I am a certified detective after all!" said Shuten as he walks up to the officer. "Hello there my good man! I'm a detective here eager to help solve the mystery of whoever could have killed the noble mayor!"

"Yikes...I just realized they're Marines..." said Aries.

The Marine looks at Shuten at a weird glance,like it was not the detective they were expecting,"You're not Inspector Gajetto! Who are you?"

"I am Detective Shuten! Ace Detective! A qualified detective all the way from the West Blue! It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintanceship!" said Shuten with his trademark smile and thumbs up.

"And I'm his assistant Aries! Just his sorta talking pet guy!" said Aries.

"I am here officer." An Inspector comes in toward them. He was in a dark grey detective outfit with a fedora. He had black hair and brown gloves on also.

"Ah inspector Gajetto!" The marine says,"Did you bring these two with you today?"

"I don't remember,but I'll allow them to come with us." Gajetto says,"Is Detective Panthere going to be here also?"

"He said he might be late to come but he'll be here." The marine says.

"Follow me Gents." Gajetto says as he enters the scene.

"Sounds good my man! Let us be off!" said Shuten following behind him.

"This is going to be sooooooo cooooool!" said Aries.

Inside the mansion,it was like how they left it. Food on the table smelling fresh, everything looked so professional and elegant. The bright red curtains,the wooden staircase that spiralled to the next level,and even the body of Mayor Boddy hanging on the chandelier by a rope.

"Wowsers!" Gajetto says,"That is a rather gruesome death. Being hanged is usually a gruesome way to go." He says looking up.

"Quite so quite so...Someone must have the type of strength to be able to hang that man from up there like that." said Shuten.

"Eeeeeeee.....I forgot how creepy a dead body is...." said Aries who was ducking backwards behind Shuten.

"Question is,how did the killer took Mr.Boddy all the way up there?" Gajetto asks.

"Shall we cut the rope off?" A Police officer would ask.

"No Need." Gajetto says,"I can do it myself." He says as his arms extend into robotic arms and cuts the rope off with scissors,"Easy....easy....easy." He says as he drops the body down slowly.

"WHOA!!! DID YOU SEE THAT SIR?!? HIS ARMS EXTENDED!!! THAT'S SOOO COOOL!!" shouted Aries with sparkles in his eyes.

"I agree! He must either be a Devil Fruit user or a cyborg. It does appear to be more of the latter." said Shuten. "But anywho, so this is the mayor's body...quite a tragic end for such a noble man..." said Shuten.

"I'm a cyborg." Gajetto says,"Though I was not made by Megapunk,I was on a case once and I got mutilated hard. A little girl and her dog found me and saved my life by giving me such robotic parts. Though he gave me some rather strange components." He says as his head opens and a propeller shows up.

"WHOOOOOA!!! PROPELLER HAT!!!" said Aries in amazement.

"Indeed so! Quite the discovery as I haven't met too many cyborgs myself in recent years." said Shuten. "Anyway, what is the status of the body. Hanging is obviously the way he died right?"

"Could be." Gajetto says going toward the body,"But what are these marks? It looks like something happened before he was hanged." He then looks at a bullet wound,"A bullet wound? It's super close to the heart it looks."

"So he could've died multiple ways?" A marine would ask.

"Could be so." Gajetto replies,"Loss of blood could be the major one here."

"Someone really want have wanted him dead. But besides that point, it appears that hanging wasn't the case of death after all...or it could've finished him off after he was shot." said Shuten.

"Wow...that sounds so scary but I don't remember hearing any gunshots." said Aries.

"If it was a silenced weapon,you could get away with people hearing it." Gajetto says,"You could hear a little click or a ting,but it would be pretty low for noise wise." Gajetto then thinks,"But a silenced weapon isn't one easily come by,this dude would have planned on killing him for sometime."

"I second that! That must be why the culprit planned this murder during this party. While we are all distracted with the party, this scoundrel was free to kill the mayor unnoticed!" said Shuten.

"Hmmmmm." Gajetto thinks,"How about you two find something? Show me your detective skills." He then motions to Shuten to look around the scene."If you need help,I'll give you some clues."

"You can count on us!" said Shuten.

"Yes sir!" said Aries saluting.

Shuten then starts to look around. "Hmm, if I were a clue, where would I be? The body was up on that chandelier so maybe...ah ha!" said Shuten as he looked around on the wall and saw several imprints in the wall that lead up to it. "What do we have here?" said Shuten.

"Whoa! It's a clue! Our first clue!" said Aries in a excited tone.

"Indeed we have! Looks like a trail that leads up to the chandelier! Maybe someone ended up climbing their way up to it? Hey Detective! We found a pretty good clue here!" said Shuten to Gajetto.

"Very Good Job!" Gajetto smiles and replies,"Now do these prints look like anything familiar. They do look very big and wide,like a giant hand print." He then thinks,"Were you two at the party at all?"

"Of course! I was one of the waiters that was serving every guest with friendly service!" said Shuten.

"And I was just enjoying all of the drinks and food and fun!" said Aries.

"A cook and a detective at the same time?" Gajetto saying not knowing Shuten and Aires are pirates actually,"Very well then. Were there any customers that looked big and tall that would have such a hand like this?"

"Not me I'm afraid." said Aries.

"There were a lot of tall people around the party. Though the two closest are those two wolves..." said Shuten.

"You mean the were--" said Aries before he quickly had his mouth covered by Shuten.

"Wolf Minks! Yes! There were those two wolf fellows that were among the party! They do stand out after all!" said Shuten.

"Minks huh?" Gejetto says,"Is possible,but Minks are not native to here. So they must've been visitors. A native person that had a vendetta against him would do something like this planned." He says pointing to the body,"So....this must be some intelligent creature that is native here and had something against the mayor."

"So it's definitely not one of them then. I believe I heard one saying they're from Zou and the other being from the Chau Kingdom." said Shuten.

"Yeah! It can't be Mr. Dane or that other large wolf guy! It has to be someone from here!" said Aries.

"Brilliant deduction my fair assistant!" said Shuten with a thumbs up.

"Have you two talked to any of the natives around here?" Gajetto would then ask the duo.

"Natives...Natives...Oh yeah! There was that one guy that seemed to be studying something dealing with the human brain I believe...Dr. Jekyll I think his name was?" said Shuten.

"Oh yeah! He even said that he was a close personal friend of the mayor!" said Aries.

"A close friend of the mayor? Studies the human brain?" Gajetto thinks out loud,"I know! Maybe we should have this Dr.Jekyll study the mayor's body for more information. We can even donate the brain to him!"

"EEEEEEK!!! DONATE HIS BRAIN?!?" said Aries shouting out loud.

"Now now my assistant. We do deal with things like this a lot so it shouldn't surprise you!" said Shuten with a casual wink trying to signal to him that they are still acting as detectives. "But indeed! He could be of help to us! And maybe even tell us if the mayor had any known enemies that may do this..." said Shuten.

"Then I'll be sending you two off to Dr.Jekyll's place." Gajetto says,"I'll stay here and study the crime scene more and see if I can piece up the puzzle together more." He says as he heads upstairs towards the mayor's room.

"Alright! Sounds good my man!" said Shuten.

"Exploring another place! This sounds so much fun!" said Aries.

Suddenly, Shuten's transponder snail rings and it's Nitro on the line.

"Hey there captain! What do I owe this call?" asked Shuten.

"Just checking up on you. Did you find anything or got some hints?" asked Nitro.

"We found some strange prints on the wall that lead up the chandelier to the dead body. We thought it would be one of the two Wolf minks but the other detective at the scene suspects a native on this island could've done the deed. He has asked me any my faithful assistant to head to the house of Dr. Jekyll who could help us!" said Shuten.

"Dr. Jekyll? That friend of the mayor right?" asked Nitro.

"That is correct!" said Shuten with a thumbs up.

"Well if that isn't suspicious as hell...bastard shows up to the party, talks about creepy shit, he disappears, and the mayor is dead... Hmph. Well, come back and we can all visit him together." said Nitro hanging up the snail.

"Yes sir! Let's go my assistant!" said Shuten as he runs off back to the others.

"Yes sir sir!" said Aries as he flew behind him.

What can happen in the woods?

"Anyone remember that old waiter?" Indie asks the group back at the woods,"He was very quiet."

"Well he's a waiter,he must've been known to be seen and not heard." Dane says,"Though I did sense something in him also like John and Jenny here."

"I could sense it too. You think?" said Yin.

"That he is a werewolf? Most likely. It's strange to tell but certain beings have a different trace of haki depending on what they are and I felt his is different from a normal human." said Rukia.

"Jeez, more werewolf's? What is this some kind of Wolf Pack gathering or something?" said Nitro in a snarky tone.

"Hey! It's not like we knew all of us wolves would meet at this one place!" said Draycen in a defensive tone.

"You're a wolf too Nitro...a Lone Wolf that is with that stubborn behavior." said Rukia.

"Ouch..." Dane says from the comment Rukia said to Nitro.

John was then sniffing something in the woods,"I can smell something in the air. Like some flowery perfume."

"Don't look at me. I didn't put anything smelling yet." Jenny says.

"I never liked wearing perfume..." said Rukia.

"Oh! You should try it! It's pretty lovely!" said an excited Yin.

"We can talk about flowers later, I think we should stay focused dammit." said Nitro.

"Where is this smell coming from? It is super strong." said Draycen smelling around as well.

"It smells like it's coming from...." Dane says as he then jumps down from a log he was sitting and following his nose.

"I'll follow you." John says.

"Well,I'm sure our dogs would love to do this with us." Jenny says,"Unfortunately we left them at the ship,I mean they're big dogs that'll probably make more damage to the islands than not."

"It smells like Lilies and Daisies." John says,"Aren't flowers not opened during the night."

"Some are,but there are those that bloom under the moonlight." Indie says.

"Interesting." John says.

"Don't you have like a heighted sense of smell too Kitsune Lady?" said Nitro as he was also following behind the others.

"It's Yin and not as much. Vulpines like Rukia's crewmate have much better senses because they are actually full kitsunes. I'm a kitsune Humink." said Yin.

"I see. How about you Dragon Bitch?" said Nitro sternly to Rukia.

"So you're going with that route with me? Fine then Demon Brat. And no, I may be part dragon but my senses come in my form of Haki. When you reach my age and you beg, maybe I can show you the ropes Brat." said Rukia.

"Oh we're going to have fun together. I can feel it..." said Nitro in snarky tone.

"I'm hoping we have captains that'll be friendly to each other." Dane says as he's sniffing around.

"I'm a nice captain." Jenny says,"Hey Yin,shall we make sure these two other captains behave like their age."

"More like their shoe size." Jaden says as he watches Rukia and Nitro.


"I'm right here brat..." said Rukia who was rubbing her ear.

"I definitely agree with that Jenny. My it really is like Yang's crew." said Yin who chuckled to herself.

Dane was sniffing the trail then says,"Hey you other werewolf. Get over here and help find this trail with the other wolves."

"Hmph,fine bub." Jaden says,"As long I can get away from two nuisances."

"What are the two?" Jeremiah asks.

"You and that nice happy couple there." Jaden says sarcastically pointing at Nitro and Rukia.

"This only makes things worse..." Dane and John then say deadpanly at Jaden.

"Hey Fido, I bet you'll look nice as a damn decoration! Let me fix that for you!" said Nitro as his left arm started to become covered in crystals.

"So he does have Devil Fruit powers after all..." said Rukia as she is more focused on his powers.

"Now now! Take it easy! We're all here just trying to figure out who killed the mayor after all!" said Yin trying to clam them down.

"I bet one of these two mutts did it. Shuten told me the prints look more wolf-like. Could be either those two are those others." said Nitro pointing to Dane and Draycen.

"Now you're just being ridiculous!" shouted Yin.

"Now now Mr.Nitro." Dane says,"Though I don't have a devil fruit like my dear wife here. I definitely have been known for my swordsmanship as I know multiple styles." He then pulls out his giant buster sword,"And these aren't the only swords I have."

"Hmph,those blades are for noobs." Jaden says as his blades come out of his knuckles,"My swords are part of my body."

"Did this go from a search to a threat to a sword flex?" Jenny says confused.

"Heh. You won't get far with that dull looking blade of yours." said Nitro as he pulls out his own sword that ingites with his special blue fire. "Don't underestimate someone from the Angrboda Family. My swordfighting style will put you all in your place! I don't even need my Devil Fruit powers!

"Wow that went from 0 to 100 in seconds..." said Rukia with a deadpan look.

"Calm down everyone! We don't need to fight you know!" shouted Yin.

"I think we're past the bargaining point there..." said Draycen.

"What can you do my fellow wolf friend?" Dane asks Draycen as he's staring down Nitro.

"I am curious myself since he's a wolf." Jaden says staring at Dane.

"If you want to fight, then I'm all in!" said Draycen as he also walks forward.

"Heh, I'm about to put all you damn wolves into the pound where you belong!" said Nitro as his sword ignites even further. "Now, Ashisu: Aoninami! shouted Nitro as he swung down his sword sending a large sword beam of blue fire toward the wolves.

"It's starting!" said Rukia as she flew upwards.

"Whoa, she could fly?! Eep!" said Yin as she also leaped backwards.

"Man quite the sword beam I'll admit!" said Draycen as he cuts through his part of it with his sword.

"We don't need any reckless damage." Dane says,"So I'll make this battle quick." He then sends a massive sword beam right at Nitro's sword beam. The two sword beams collided and exploded in unison.

"Woah!" John says,"That is incredible swordsmanship to equal that skill."

"I can thank Lord Axel who took me to hell and back to get me in this position." Dane says.

"He's always trying to impress ya Captain." Joan says to Yin.

"Heh heh he is huh?" said Yin.

"Wow, that was quite the swordmanship. He's definitely on another level." said Rukia who was still in the skies.

"Hmph. So the wolf knows how to swing his sword huh? Not bad, I'll admit. But not even you can take this!" said Nitro as he raises his left arm up and slams it to the ground. "Jemu Bāsuto!" shouted Nitro as he sent a large wave of crystals that started to spread out and it goes right for Dane.

"Whoa...are those crystals?!" said Yin.

"Damn so that guy has Devil Fruit powers huh?" said Draycen.

"Actually,I want to see what these two can do against each other." Jaden says curiously.

Dane sees the wave of crystals coming his way and knows that he can't take them on head on. Dane then jumps out of the way of the crystals. He then starts immediately sprints toward Nitro at full speed,"Can't take him on with his crystals,but if I just can force him into using his sword I could probably beat him." Dane then fires a barrage of large sword beams that slice through the air at speeds that literally cut the air and were heading straight for Nitro.

Nitro simply lets the sword beams cut through his intangible body knowing he wasn't going to be fast enough to put up a crystal barrier to block it. "You're fast but Shuten puts you to same in speed. If I'm used to training with him with that speed, it's no different from you." said Nitro as he summoned a giant wave of crystals that was heading toward Dane. "Sooner or later, you have to know when to give up!"

"That guy has such control over his Devil Fruit powers...and those crystals seem super tough..." said Yin.

"Hmph." Dane says as he then twirls his way out of the way of the crystals,"Don't waste all the energy now,just keep him at bay." So as Dane was twirling,he made his sword glow bright blue as he sended an even bigger and faster beam right at him,"Gotta get to him at close range somehow."

"He hasn't fought this hard since maybe perhaps when he fought Agravain." Joan says noticing how focused Dane was fighting.

"Tch!" uttered Nitro as he shoots himself into the air to avoid the attack. "This guy is literally all bark and no bite. I need to get close to him and put him into a Crystal Prison. Not even he should break out of that attack." said Nitro to himself as he then creates a trail of crystals leading toward Dane and starts to ride on it toward him while coating his left arm in a special pink crystal. "Heh, all I need to touch him once and that's all she wrote."

Dane sees Nitro coming toward him with the pink crystals on his left arm,"A new attack? Can't risk fighting without knowledge of that crystal." He then springs far behind Nitro and lands onto the ground with a little quake behind it,"Looks like I'll have to go better." He then pulls out his serrated blades that he gotten from his parents,and then puts the buster sword in his mouth,"Come and get me Nitro! Why are you called Nitro,I can't tell why because you're too slow!" He then fires another barrage of sword beams right at Nitro.

"Slow huh?" said Nitro as he starts to dodge by the beams by transforming into his element and reforming himself afterwards. "Alright Fido, you leave me no choice now. Time for me to get serious!" said Nitro as he pounds his fists together as a unique blue fire starts to engulf his body. After it wears off, his appearance changes dramatically where his eyes become more demonic and his ears are more pointed. He even now has a longer tail and wings growing from his back.

"What the...? He has a demon devil fruit as well?!" said Yin as she was surprised.

"More of that's his heritage. I thought I sensed some demon in him." said Rukia.

"Cyroni to be more specifically. I didn't think I had to use this form but you are a lot stronger than I thought Fido. But now I'm not playing any games." said Nitro as he shot up a bunch of tiny crystals into the air above Dane and they are hovering in place. "I think it's time for a rain of crystals!" said Nitro as he then controls all of the crystals to rain down on Dane at once.

Dane then rolls out of the way before the crystals crashed on him. As he rolled,he instantly stood up and then says,"You're getting serious now huh?" He then grins,"Well then...I guess it's my turn to too." He then looks at the full moon and activates his sulong. His eyes then glowed red as an aura of red came spurring around him,showing his primal rage.

"Woah! Sulong and his Primal rage?" Joan says,"He hasn't used both in a long time."

Dane then fires electrified sword beams that were large than ever before as he used electro and sword beams,"Santoryu: 9000 Boruto!!!"

"Child's play... "Jembari: Kuro!"" shouted Nitro as he formed a large crystal barrier around himself that was covered in black crystals. These crystals were enforced by his own Haki that was used to block out the attacks. "Electro doesn't work on my crystals Fido but I can't take any chances with that Sulong. Just a touch of Haki and you're looking at one of the best defensive techniques around." said Nitro.

"Then let me show you my haki!" Dane says as he sprints toward Nitro and fires haki and electro-induced sword beams at Nitro's barrier.

"I'm sensing that whoever gets hit first loses." Jeremiah says.

"Both look powerful by what they're doing here." Jaden says,"They might want to consider if they're bringing attention from unwanted people."

"I think that's a bit late." Jenny says.

Nitro notices his barrier starting to break from the attack. "I'll have to admit, you're tough to tough to put want a sword fight so damn bad, then let's do it!" said Nitro has he leaps backwards and he charges up his sword with his own fire and crystals on top of Haki. The sword now looks like a larger, black crystal sword powered with his own fire. "I wonder if you're enough to block this?!" shouted Nitro has he charge quickly toward Dane with his sword.

As Dane was sprinting and Nitro was sprinting,Dane coats his swords in haki and electro. Dane was now going at his fastest speed that hasn't been seen since he fought years ago,"Santoryu........ SHŪCHŪ JŪDEN!!!!!!!" He yells as the buster sword blocks and collides with Nitro's sword. The speed of the swords colliding made the crystals shatter and the metal of the swords combine. When the metal swords collided,a massive shockwave was send out showing the speed of the blocks. The shockwaves knocks down some of the other pirates and sends some trees falling to the ground.

"Woah....." Jenny says,"He just blocked an attack with his giant sword in his mouth."

"Ok,maybe that's more badass than me having my swords as knuckles." Jaden says.

"H-Holy! T-This is so much power I could barely keep myself in check!" said Yin who was trying to stand her ground.

"Damn...those two are definitely on a whole different level I tell you..." said Draycen.

"So that is the strength of a rareblood Angrboda Family member...impressive and that wolf there...he isn't no ordinary Mink..." said Rukia.

"The fact that the two haven't made a single scratch on each other despite how powerful their moves are tells you they're both on the same level." John says.

"MY DAISIES!!!!" A feminine shriek is heard in the distance.

"Huh?" Indie says,"What was that?"

"I don't know." Maya says,"But I think it would explain the smell of flowers."

"Huh? What the hell was that? Some kind of scream? Nonetheless, I'm not done yet you know Fido! Not anyone could shatter my crystals that easily especially in this form! I just gonna have to hit you harder!" said Nitro as he prepares to charge up another crystal attack but before he can.

"DYNAMIC ENTRY!!!" shouted Shuten as he leaps in out of nowhere and blocks Nitro's attempted attack. "My my my! You guys caused quite the damage huh? But you shouldn't be fighting amongst yourselves! Didn't you not hear the scream of someone in trouble?" said Shuten.

"Tsh...I was hoping to do that before you showed up..." said Nitro.

"I didn't even see him coming...he is super fast..." said Yin.

"Incredible..." Dane says as he saw Shuten block that attack,"I guess I owe you my thanks Mr.Shuten,though I would think I had it covered." Dane then spits out his buster sword as he places his serrated blades back in their holsters. He then puts his buster sword back in his hand before he places it on his back.

Aries then shows up and looks pretty exhausted.

"There you are Aries! What happened are you okay?" asked Yin.

"Y-Yep...pant...I was trying to keep up with...Pant...Mr. Shuten but he suddenly took off like a rocket..pant" said Aries trying to catch his breath.

"Sorry for leaving you behind like that my apprentice! I could sense the troubles from afar and just had to get here quickly!" said Shuten.

"Meh, I guess we better hold back anyway. Last thing we need to alert the police over this way." said Nitro has he turns back to his human state and puts up his sword.

"Well, you two definitely made quite the mess around here..." said Rukia as she landed back on the ground.

"Yes...Yes we did." Dane says looking around,"Perhaps we call it a draw?" He then brings his hand out for a handshake.

"Shall we go find out what that noise was?" Maya asks.

"It sounded like a girl was around here." Joan says.

"Sure but it was still closer for a win for me there." said Nitro as he shakes Dane's hand.

"Phew, glad they settled on that." said Yin.

"A screaming girl that needs the help of heroes! Let us go!" said Shuten as he run off toward the direction of the sound.

"Dammit Shuten we're not heroes!" shouted Nitro.

"SIR!!! WAIT!!!" said Aries as he tried to go after him.

"My, Aries got so attached to him huh?" said Yin.

Dane chuckles a little toward Nitro and says,"You sure? It looked like I was winning there." Dane then hears Yin say about Aires,"Hehehe,Indeed. Aires seems to be in awe of the man,and I don't blame him,he does seem kinda cool."

"Let's go follow Shuten and Aires then." Jenny says,"Hopefully that shriek isn't something major."

"Indeed." Jeremiah says,"But in case I'll have my pistols ready."

"Well it sounded like a damsel in distress." Jaden says,"So what could it be?"

"Maybe another one of the residents? Maybe they could tell us more about the mayor personally." said Rukia.

"Yeah. I was just thinking that. Better catch up to Shuten and that bat guy." said Nitro running off.

"His name is Aires actually..." said Yin following behind as well.

Blooming in the Night

As they run toward the scream,Shuten and Aires come across the noise first. It was a woman picking up some daises that fell off of her basket. The woman was about 22 years of age,had brown hair,was wearing a pink dress and had a red jacket and a bow in her ponytails.

"Damn,it took me hours to pick these flowers. And that sudden wind threw the basket and made a mess." The woman would say,"Looks like I'll be spending more of the night picking them back up."

Shuten comes to a stop and notices the girl picking up the flowers. "Hey there miss! I heard a scream earlier from this direction and was trying to find it! I take it that it came from you right? Oh! Allow me there!" said Shuten as he quickly but carefully picked up the daisies and helps put them back in her basket. "And there we go! Another problem solved today!" said Shuten with his trademark smile and thumbs up. Aries finally caught up but was out of breath again. "Pant...s-sir...y-you're way too fast for me...pant..." said Aries.

"Oh....Why Thank You!!" The woman says,"I thought it would take hours,but you put them all in the basket in seconds." She then sees little Aires out of breath,"Awwwww Who do we have here? Is he your pet? He looks really cute!" She says as she gives Aires a nice rub in the head.

"Pet?! I'm not his pet...awwwww...that feels good..." said Aries who was clearly enjoying having his head rubbed.

"Anytime! And he is my assistant on a case we are doing! Where are my matters, I'm Shuten! It's a pleasure! And that guy right there is Aries!" said Shuten.

"My name is Theresa,Theresa Miller." Theresa says,"And you guys are on a case? What type of case?"

"Right, well not sure if you knew this yet but the mayor has been murdered and we were on our way to Dr. Jekyll's house for his assistance." said Shuten.

"That poor guy...I still shiver looking at his body..." said Aries.

"What! That poor man...." Theresa says shocked,"I knew my Godfather was somewhat acquaintances to Mr.Boddy,but I live in a different island so....." She then thinks for a moment,"It is rather late,come to my tower and I'll make some food for ya before bed." She says as she still rubs on Aires's head,"Even little Aires here...You're a bat right?? I do make some nice apple pie."

"Whoa?! Apple pie?! APPLE!!! I would LOVE THAT!!!" said an excited Aries with sparkles in his eyes.

"Sounds good to me! And your Godfather huh? Quite interesting glad we ran into you we could use any good leads!" said Shuten.

"Oh my Godfather is a dwarf." Theresa says,"After my parents died,they had in their will that they have me in my Godfather's care. He lives another island. I come to this island to collect some of the nice flowers here,like these daises." She says as she picks up one from her basket and gives one to Shuten,"Please take it as a token of thanks."

"Anytime ma'am! I will be sure to take good care of this I assure you!" said Shuten as he places it in his hair.

"Whoa! Even you can make a flower in your hair cool sir!" said Aries.

"That I can!" said Shuten with a thumbs up.

Meanwhile, the others manage to catch up with them.

"Jeez Shuten, I know you're impatient but not that..." said Nitro as he notices the daisy in his hair. "Why do you have a flower in your hair?"

"Because it's a sign of gratitude from this young lady!" said Shuten who was looking over at Theresa.

"Who is that? A native of this island?" asked Nitro.

"More or less." said Shuten remembering she did say she lived on a different island.

"My name is Theresa." Theresa says,"And no I'm not a native here,I just come here to enjoy the flowers here! They always look so neat."

"I agree with that a lot." Indie says,"I will be studying their science and see if they can be useful in medicines."

"Looks like we have another friend here." Maya says.

"Indeed." Dane says.

"Should we come out?" John and Jenny says,"We're not sure if she'll like us." They say this as their hiding behind a large rock to hide their wolf forms.

"What's with them?" Theresa says.

"What do ya mean she won't like us?" Jaden says,"I'm literally one of you guys and I'm not afraid to show it."

"Woah! So many wolves!!" Theresa says,"So are y'all friends on a retreat or something?"

"Apparently this island appears to be some hot spot for hairy beasts of all kind to gather." said Nitro with a smirk.

"Oi! What kind of phrase is that?!" said Draycen.

"I really don't blame him considering, well, there are a bunch of wolves here Draycen." said Rukia patting his shoulder.

"Flowers? Science?" said Yin as she shivers thinking about Hearts from Yang's crew.

"Something wrong? You suddenly got tense there Yin!" said Aries.

"It's nothing! Flower science sounds lovely!" said Yin with a smile.

"Heh, those two are acting like doggos hiding behind the rock like that." said Nitro to himself.

"Come on out Captain." Jeremiah says,"Sigh Do you mind werewolves at all?"

" long as they don't try to eat me I'll be happy to see them!" Theresa says.

"Then get over here you two!!" Dane says.

John and Jenny come out shyly toward Theresa,showing them their giant wolf form.

"Uhm.....Hello?" Jenny says.

"WOAH!!! What big ears you wolves all have!!" Theresa says comparing all the wolves and werewolves alike,"And big eyes,big nose,and big teeth!!"

"Don't it seems like we stepped into some fairy tail book or something? I'm getting this weird feeling of familiarity..." said Nitro.

"I'm not sure what you mean there." said Rukia.

"Yeah. I mean, isn't this whole world a fairy tail? I mean literally all of the captain here aren't human after all." said Yin.

"Dammit, I hate when you make good points. Still, I wouldn't be surprised that the murderer of the major is a damn wolf as well..." said Nitro.

"Oh, someone is bein' a little wolfist huh?" said Dracyen with a toothy smile.

"Don't start with me. You saw how I fought against that other wolf there and I doubt you're in his league." said Nitro referring to Dane.

"I do hate to be rude believe me but I believe we should be going to this place! We are investigating a murder after all if name isn't Detective Shuten!" said Shuten who suddenly had his detective hat back on with even the daisy being put on it.

"Only you can be half right and half wrong at the same time Shuten.." said Nitro with a deadpan look.

"You guys should come to my mill for the night." Theresa says,"That way you all can get some nights rest."

"Hmmmm." Dane says,"Why not Shuten,Aires,that other chef and that purple kitsune girl go to this Jekyll's science lab while the rest of us go to the mill with Theresa?"

"Does the mill have water?" Maya asks,"I would like to swim somewhere."

"Of course it does!" Theresa says.

"Yeah. I'm fucking tired after that fight earlier so I could use a solid 10 hour sleep..." said Nitro rubbing his eyes.

"Sounds like a good plan! I don't mind going somewhere with my fellow chef!" said Shuten to Bowyen.

"Hell yeah! I only saw him for a split moment earlier so it would be nice to have a longer talk with him." said Bowyen.

"I can't wait! I can't wait! We're like our own little detective squad!" said Aries.

"Now be careful Aries. That guy was a bit creepy earlier so take care around him." said Yin.

"Don't you worry! It is the leader's job to keep their apprentice safe! I assure you he will be safe under my care!" said Shuten with his trademark thumbs up.

"And I'll be with him as well Yin. Don't worry he's fine with the two lethal chefs!" said Bowyen.

Yin giggles. "That's good to hear! He is just a baby after all!" said Yin in a playful teasing tone.

"I AM NOT A BABY!!!" shouted Aries as he was screeching.

"And I'll be more than happy with my wife here for a solid 10 hours." Dane says hugging Yin.

"I'll be happy to come with the men and child." Lotus says,"Guess they could use some feminine power."

"Follow me then." Theresa says walking toward her mill,"If you guys smell baked apple pie,that will be my mill."

"Ok,we'll use that as a reference." Lotus says.

"Awwww! I wanted that baked apple piiiiiiie!!!!" said Aries but is already carried off by Shuten.

"Don't worry my assistant! I'll make sure you have plenty of helpings when we get back! That is a promise!" said Shuten.

"So where is this Jekyll's lab at anyway?" asked Bowyen.

"Good Question." Dane says,"I don't know."

"Go in town and see if any locals know where he lives." Theresa says pointing to the direction of town.

"Sounds like a plan! Let us be off!" said Shuten as he and the others walked toward the town.

"See ya Kano!" Lotus says,"Take care of ol' Creaser there for me."

"You have any extra beds?" Dane asks,"If anything I can sleep in trees if needed."

"There's no need for that." Theresa says,"I'll make some beds if needed,I have a nice bed of flowers that are very soft,a couple can sleep there if they want."

"Oh I definitely will!" said Kano.

"I sleep on my own bed of crystals every day. Even a lump of rocks is good with me." said Nitro.

"That sounds so uncomfortable.." said Rukia.

"Hey, I can take what I can take." said Nitro.

"I'll definitely love to sleep on a bed of flowers!" said Yin in an excited tone.

"Heh I sleep often in the wilderness as well but the flowers sounds cool!" said Draycen.

"I'LL CLAIM THE BED OF FLOWERS FOR YA MY DEAR!!!!" Dane says running toward the mill as quick as he can.

"NO I'll GET IT FOR MY WIFE!!!" John says racing Dane.

"Hehehe." Jenny says,"Our husbands are just competitors and gentlemen."

Chasing the Case

In town;Lotus,Aires,Bowyen,and Shuten make it to the town. They see it's pretty empty for the time of night it was. But there are some people walking by them every once in a while. It was a town that had a stone road and had an industrial look. It was basically a city that looked like an old detective book story. A perfect setting for our detectives here.

"This place looks kinda empty." Lotus says.

"Indeed so! Perfect for asking around for some questions!" said Shuten.

"Wow! This place sooooo has that detective feel!" said Aries.

"'s like walking into a world where I feel like solving puzzles is the only way to get anywhere for some reason..." said Bowyen.

"Alright! So who should we ask first? There seems to be not many people around." said Shuten looking around.

"There looks like a light is on in the bar." Lotus says pointing to a bar that says,"The Crusty Crab"

"The Crusty Crab huh? That sounds like an excellent place to begin our search!" said Shuten.

"Oooh...a bar huh?" said Aries tilting his head.

"I'm pretty sure we can just go inside and ask around. We don't need any drinks or anything trust me." said Bowyen.

"Sounds good sounds good! Let us be going!" said Shuten as he heads inside the bar.

They enter the bar,and there were a good amount of people in there. The people were mostly talking to each other while there was a woman singing on the stage. There was a grumpy looking man standing as the bartender. He saw the four and then says,"Welcome to the Crusty Crab" he grumbles,"What do you guys want?"

"Sorry for the intrusion my man. We were just wondering if you knew the way to a Mr. Dr. Jekyll's lab? We're trying to ask for his assistance." asked Shuten.

"Man, this place looks crabby no pun intended." said Bowyen looking around.

"I'd like an apple pie if they sell them.." said Aries twilling his claws.

"Huh? Dr.Jekyll's place?" The bartender says,"He lives in his old apartment that is 4 blocks away from here,but he has a lab that is far in a hill outside of town."

"Why would he have his lab outside of town far from his home?" Lotus asks.

"Don't know.Don't Care." The bartender says,"I would've probably done the same thing,I hate working with people,it's just that this job is all I can do for the moment."

"Sounds good to me! Thank you kind sir!" said Shuten.

"Well, "kind" may be stretching it but it was useful help. So should we go to the lab or do you think that he will be in his apartment?" said Bowyen.

"Well, that detective said that going to his lab is the best shot so we can go there first! If he isn't there, then we know the location to his apartment as well!" said Shuten.

"Alright! We're really are exploring detectives now!" said an excited Aries.

"Indeed so! Let's get going! Detective Shuten is on the case!" said Shuten running out the bar.

"It's going to be a long walk if you're going to go to his lab." An old man says to them that was having a glass of ale."You will need a horse ride to get around here."

"Thank you." Lotus says,"You know where we can get one?"

"There's a man that'll give out rides for a fair price." The old man says,"He always takes me home when I'm drunk. Drink Responsibly my friends." He says as he drinks his whole ale in one gulp,"MORE PLEASE!!!"

"I'm right here...." The grumpy bartender says.

"Put a cheer on ya lad." The old man says,"Happy customers should make you happy!!!"

"Well that does sound very nice! Where is this man with the horses my man?" asked Shuten.

"Heh that guy knows how to have a good time I give him that." said Bowyen with a smile.

"The man is right around the corner." The old man says,"And I heard that little bat wants some apple pie. There's a young woman that comes around sometimes that makes a damn good apple pie. A very sweet girl she is. She lives in a mill nearby a river in the forest."

"Well thank you sir for telling us." Lotus says.

"Hey! That would be our friend we just met!" said Aries who is clearly still carving the apple pie.

"Don't worry! After we do our business with this old man and Dr. Jekyll, you can have all the apple pie you want! Thanks for the directions my man!" said Shuten as he was carrying Aries away on his back.

"Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................I want the piiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee..............." said Aries with a whining screech at the end of it.

"Heh heh...this will be a long night huh?" said Bowyen.

Outside,there was a young man that was tending his horses in the corner of the block. He sees the four walking toward him and then says,"Hey there! It looks like you're in need of a ride. Where would you like to go? Me and ol' Gulliver can take you anywhere as long it's not too far."

"Here little bat." Lotus says as she picks Aires up,"You look sleepy and tired. I'll hold you while this ride." She says as she cradles Aires like a baby.

"Awww...but I'm not a bab..." said Aries as he quickly falls asleep.

"Heh heh he does look adorable looking like that." said Bowyen.

"Yes my good man! We will need a ride to Dr. Jekyll's lab! We are in need of his help with a case we're on!" said Shuten.

"Dr.Jekyll's lab?" The driver says,"That's a pretty long ride from town,about a half hour I think." He then thinks,"And it is pretty late. But if some detectives need help,I'll be more than happy to give it!" He then gives a thumbs up to Shuten.

"He did look sleepy so I thought I should help him out." Lotus says as she wraps one of her tails onto her arm and uses it as a blanket to Aires.

"Heh heh! Thank you kindly!" said Shuten giving a thumbs up back.

"Looks like I'm going to take a quick nap on the way there in the meantime. I did a lot of work today after all." said Bowyen stretching.

"I have plenty of energy in the tank! I would've easily ran to his lab myself if I knew where it was." said Shuten.

"Then hop on then!!" The young man says opening the carriage door.

What is Dr.Jekyll hiding?

1 half hour later

"And here we are!" The young driver says,"Man this damn fog has gotten thick in this night. I would then be careful of where you step in this fog. But I wish well in your endeavors."

"Thank you sir." Lotus says as she's still cradling Aires.

"Thanks a ton! You've been a big help!" said Shuten.

"Man, where this fog came from all of a sudden?" said Bowyen looking around.

"It is strange indeed but we must not dally! We must head inside!" said Shuten as he heads for the lab's door and knocks on it.

" pies..." said Aries in his sleep.

"Come on Gulliver. We got a long ride back home to the stables." He says as he leads Gulliver back to the town.

As Shuten was knocking the door. No one was answering it; Nothing could be seen moving except the chilling wind and thick fog.

"Man,this wind is kinda chilly,good thing I have Aires covered in my tails." She says looking at Aires below her chest.

" answer." said Shuten as he walks backwards a bit.

"Yeah. Looks like we better go back to that dude's apartment. Problem is that we don't know where it is and that other guy left." said Bowyen as he watches Shuten walking backwards a bit. "Wait, what are you doing Shuten?"

"DYNAMIC ENTRY!!!!" shouted Shuten as he does a flying kick through the door. "There we go!"

"H-Hey! Should you be breaking in into someone's lab like that?" said Bowyen.

"It is rather impolite with me but anything to help solve this murder case! Also, I am a pirate after all!" said Shuten with a smile.

"Point taken." said Bowyen with a nod.

"Hopefully we can get this case done and over with quickly." Lotus says.

As Shuten enters,he doesn't notice anything much immediately. All he sees in the beginning is some little lab tables and a bunch of sinks and chemicals.

"Well, this is definitely a lab alright." said Shuten looking around with a magnifying glass.

"This place seems rather plain for a lab. I was expecting a lot more from a guy that inspects the brain." said Bowyen.

"Maybe he is sleeping somewhere? HELLO!!! WE ARE IN YOUR LAB!!! ARE YOU AROUND?!?!" shouted Shuten.

"Gah! The guy got some pipes on him." said Bowyen.

"Perhaps this isn't his main lab?" Lotus says,"He could have this as like a little scenery thing." She says as she looks at some of the little bottles of chemicals,"Maybe once we keep going into the lab,we'll see more and more of his works."

"Quite so quite so! I will go on ahead and see what I can find." said Shuten who walks ahead.

"This place is weird for a lab. You would think you'll see a lot more, I dunno, "sciencey stuff". said Bowyen looking around.

As Shuten walks ahead,he starts seeing more and more chemicals around on lab tables. It was the "sciencey stuff" Bowyen was looking for. Lab tables filled with bunsen burners and chemicals running through clear pipes,jars that are filled with brains and some gel. There was even a surgeon table there with a white blanket covering something.

"Wow, this place just went from 0 to creepy in no time at all...what the hell are with those brains in those jars?" said Bowyen.

"Dunno but I do see a rather suspicious looking blanket over something." said Shuten looking at it.

"You're going to check are you?" asked Bowyen.

"As a detective, I must inspect every nook and cranny!" said Shuten as he takes off the white blanket.

What Shuten sees is not unseeable. He sees a naked male body lying on the table,with the brain and eyes surgically cut off from the head. The brain and eyes are in a large tube with the nerval spine still hooked on to the brain and eyes.

"Yeah this definitely....WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?!?!?!?!" Lotus says as she sees what Shuten took off the blanket. She hugs Aires tighter into her chest,his head in between her boobs.

"W-WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??!?" shouted Bowyen.

"Whoa. That is something I did not expect to see." said Shuten.

"SCRE!? I-I HEARD SHOUTING!!! AHH! I'M STUCK BETWEEN CUSHIONS!!!" said Aries screeching as he was flailing around.

"What do you think this is? Some kind of failed experiment?" said Shuten who was observing it.

"H-How the hell are you not freaked out by this man?!" said Bowyen.

"A detective must always keep calm in situations like this!" said Shuten.

"Sorry Aires." Lotus says pulling Aires out of her chest,"Wanna see?" She says as she moves Aires around so he could see it.

Shuten notices a little book on a different lab table filled with chemicals.


"Huh? What kind of book is this?" said Shuten as he picks it up.

"Found some kind of clue?" said Bowyen.

As Shuten looks into it,it's a book full of chemical names and listed as some of its benefits. It was almost like an ingredient book Shuten would use to cook if he needed a cookbook. As the ingredients each made up a giant chemical.

"Hmm...lots of chemical names here and there...not sure what it will result in..." said Shuten to himself.

"What are those? Looks like some sort of cookbook with instructions." said Bowyen who was looking over at the book.

"Indeed so. I mean I am good with foods but chemicals are quite new..." said Shuten.

As Shuten was going through the book,he looks into the back of the book. He notices a written formula that was inked and said:"Project Hyde".

"Poor fella." Lotus says looking at the body,"Wonder how he got the body?"

"Project Hyde? I wonder what that is about?" said Shuten.

"Maybe it's some weird experiment...the guy does work on brains for a living." said Bowyen.

"Hmm...maybe..." said Shuten as he looked back at the brain in the jar. "Maybe this is related to "Project Hyde?" This is quite the discovery indeed..." said Shuten.

"That is just strange. I bet he doesn't get many visitors as he'll freak the hell out of people with this thing." said Bowyen.

"I wonder how long he's been studying this such science." Lotus says.

As Bowyen was talking,Bowyen himself notices another book on another table. This time the book had a little title saying,"Dr.Jekyll's Logs".

"Huh? Dr. Jekyll's Logs?" said Bowyen as he picks up the book.

"Found something?" said Shuten as he walks over to look at it.

"Yeah. It appears to be some sort of logs by Jekyll himself. I wonder why it is here like this?" said Bowyen.

"He probably didn't think pirates like us would intrude into his laboratory." Lotus says,"Why not we read some of it? Maybe we can get some information on him."

"Sure thing! That is a good plan!" said Shuten as he started to read the book.

Multiple pages in there was a log about the body and brains of the man behind them.

March 22,1522:

I just dug up this body of what was claimed to be the smartest criminal in the Grand Line. I know....I commited the crime of grave digging. But I must know about this person's brain to see what made him so smart and evil,as it interested me even more. I will be surgically cutting his head by cutting around the skull and then using a saw to get the bone cut through. And with some other tools,I'll pull out the brain,eyes,and spine out by the hole I will create. I'll then put the subject into a tank I had order a few days ago. Maybe....just maybe I can figure out the neurological difference between good and bad. - Dr. Henry Jekyll

"What the hell is this all mean?" said Bowyen who was also reading the entry.

"It appears that Dr. Jekyll is trying to study what makes a person good and evil...And he was more than willing to actually dig up a dead person's body." said Shuten.

"That's the definition of a mad scientist..." said Bowyen.

"I wouldn't jump to that conclusion yet. Maybe he is just doing it for the sake of research!" said Shuten.

Shuten and Bowyen go through the book again until they made it to another interesting page:

May 3,1522

I just got myself a bunch of brains from different species!!! I have placed them in different jars in different gels. The ones that have interested me the most were the minks' and werewolves' brains. Since they're both known for transforming under the moon,I have been interested if something in their brain is making them transform. According to my studies so far,it would look like I might be right!! This can get me closer to helping the World Government by making sulong men formula. Where by drinking this,we'll enhance some neural connections,which will help them transform into some sulong men. I must get this research completed as soon as possible!!! - Dr. Jekyll

"Sulong Men? What the hell kind of nonsense is that?" said Bowyen who looked pretty shocked.

"Is that even possible to give humans an ability to transform like Minks and Werewolves? I certainly say so..." said Shuten.

"It doesn't help that he appears to want to do this for the sake of the World Government. This could be dangerous stuff that he is working on..." said Bowyen.

"Quite so... But what interests me more is how he would experiment with this kind of research." asked Shuten.

August 21,1522

I think I have completed my first batch of the formula!!! Experimenting with the serums on each brain. I have been able to end with the same effect on a human,mink,and werewolf brain. Now I am trying to think who would be testing this on a live human. I don't like testing it on other people,so I must try it myself. But should I? What if something happens I regret? What if I die from drinking this? It is so much easier to have someone else try it;But I must try it myself,I can't let the experience of knowing I might've killed someone with my experiments happen. So when I think I have the guts,I'll try the first batch. - Dr. Henry Jekyll

"You know, I remember hearing him talk about doing this briefly earlier at the party. I guess he was pretty serious about this." said Bowyen.

"Indeed. The part that gets me is that he said he would try when he has the guts. He even can't risk any others dying because of it. At the end of the day, he is thinking of other's safety!" said Shuten.

"I guess but this still all seems crazy. I would hate to end up as some freaky experiment." said Bowyen.

September 2, 1522

Well....Yesterday,I have taken a drink of the serum. And what I can say is nothing but astonishment of my creation. It actually became what I pictured. A man,capable of immense strength and power,just by taking a drink. Thing is....I did not know something. Apparently I have no memory of the experience,and parts of town became salvaged. People were saying a giant,muscular,and hairy man was seen wrecking buildings apart and leaving giant footprints. They don't know it,but it was me who must've done that. Apparently,the human mind cannot control a primal mind like an animal. The question is,How smart is this primal mind? What happens if it thinks and uses things like a human,yet it's the primal mind that controls. I must figure this out before I make the next batch. - Dr. Henry Jekyll

"What was it a success or not? It sound like it failed by it didn't...I'm not good with this science stuff." said Bowyen.

"I would say more of in the middle. Although, I don't think he has control over it. Nonetheless, it does seem like he was able to make something work." said Shuten who started to rub his chin thinking.

"But it seems like he will be making more. For a guy who doesn't want to experiment on people in case they die, he is more than willing to turn himself into a mindless beast that causes even more harm than good." said Bowyen.

"That, I do agree with. Although I'm not one to disagree with someone's methods if they feel like they're doing it for science, the risk of people being harmed is a bit high." said Shuten.

Whatever the fuck a date is:

What the hell is this? A book? Is this a thing that puny scientist Jekyll writes on? Well he might no be needing that anytime soon. As I have taken over him!!! His lab looks very strange...It would be a shame if someone wrecked it... Now what else should I do?? Ooooo,Jekyll has this girl he was going to say hello to. Maybe I should go say hello to her. I'll see this book later whenever the hell I do. - Mr. Edward Hyde (Don't know why this Jekyll writes his name in a book,but who cares?)

"W-What the hell is this?! It seems like there is an entirely different person that wrote in this journal now!" said Bowyen in a bit of shock walking backwards.

"Dissociative identity disorder..." said Shuten calmly.

"Dissociative identity disorder? What is that?" asked Bowyen.

"Split personality. From what this entry is saying, it appears that that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are one in the same..." said Shuten.

"One in the same? That's freakin' do you think that's why he isn't here now?" said Bowyen.

"That is a 90% possibility. We've been looking for Dr. Jekyll but instead, Mr. Hyde is on the loose instead." said Shuten.

"One other thing that bothers me is that he mentions going to see this girl that Jekyll was going to say "hi" to. What does that mean?" asked Bowyen.

"Not sure. It can be anyone on this island honestly. But if this Mr. Hyde person is dangerous, then we must try to warn this girl!" said Shuten.

"How the hell we do that? We can't just run up to random girls on this island and say "Hey! Watch out! A crazy scientist with a murderous split personality is after your life!" said Bowyen.

"Quite so...but...and this is stretching you think he is the one that murdered the mayor?" asked Shuten.

"Wow...I actually forgot all about that case for a second...that is a possiblity..." said Bowyen.

Shuten then realized there was more pages to the journal and keeps reading.

September 12,1522

Well....I have drunk it again. And to see that he tried to make a journal entry. He calls himself Mr.Hyde? Oh....that would've explained why the girl was in the hospital. I saw her seriously hurt; But thank God Hyde didn't kill her somehow. I was supposed to take care of her...My best friend's young daughter. I was going to show her some of the little mini-experiments I had for her to look at. Like put dry ice in water;I thought she was going to enjoy it. But this Hyde stopped me. I must do something about this "Hyde" and put a stop to this before anyone gets hurt...or worse. - Dr. Henry Jekyll

"Hmm...looks like we're too late in that department..." said Shuten.

"These entries are older from today. But the girl does appear to be safe. But the words "best friend's young daughter." That means that girl was the mayor's daughter?" said Bowyen.

"That will appear to be the case. He does seem to bear no ill will towards her at least." said Shuten.

"But these experiments are dangerous! If he knows that it will cause other people harm, he should've stopped!" said Bowyen angrily.

"Now now. He probably didn't know he was even him at the time. The poor guy must want some help if he could find it." said Shuten.

"Yeah, but remember that guy is trying to work with the World Government and we're pirates. Pirates aren't supposed to ally with anyone dealing with the WG." said Bowyen.

"That may be true, but he is a friend! And friendship comes first!" said Shuten with his trademark smile and thumbs up.

"Two things. One, we barely know the guy and two, again, World Government. If he knew we were pirates, he'd probably either try to turn us in or kill us himself." said Bowyen.

"That is a risk I'm willing to take!" said Shuten.

September 29,1522

Today is the mayor's birthday!! And he's going to be giving me some stuff to enhance for my experience,even though I am to give him something,he's giving me a gift! How weird is that? It is also good to see his granddaughter now walking again after that terrible incident. Anyway,I have been noticing some weird side effects lately from drinking this stuff. Sometimes I look kinda hairy,my teeth were probably disproportioned,and everything about me was out of whack would be what the younger generation would say. It also seems that I have this "addiction" to it. The drink keeps calling me,like it wants the neural connections to stay. Is this what it feels to be a drinker? I don't know. But I must do something about this. I hope nothing bad happens. I think after the party,I'll go straight to my apartment. Can't wait on my next project! - Dr. Henry Jekyll

"Hmm..." said Shuten who suddenly started to think to himself.

"I wasn't too off when I said he was a mad scientist. Guy invents an addictive potion that turns him into a monster. That will explain why he keeps taking that stuff." said Bowyen.

"But the most important thing is that he did say he was going to his apartment after the party. Looks like we should've went there huh?" said Shuten.

"Well, that stinks. We have no idea how to get there now especially with the carrier already long gone." said Bowyen.

"Quite the pickle indeed...We need to find some way to get there soon!" said Shuten.

"Maybe we should go to Theresa's house and stay there for the night until the morning comes." Lotus says,"Aires here is sleepy and it'll be awhile to get to town. So going to Theresa's mill wouldn't be a bad option."

"I agree. This was a lot for me to take in at once. I need to go and rest up." said Bowyen who was stretching.

"Good idea. It would be best I told Nitro everything that we know of. Of course he will probably be quick to kill the guy but I will make sure he stays calm!" said Shuten.

"Maybe we should either take this journal or write a copy of this journal as some proof." Lotus says,"Anyone here a fast writer?"

"I am! Every part of my body is a fast writing machine including my fingers!" said Shuten as he quickly started to write down each of the entries into his own blank copy.

"Where did you even get that extra blank copy of the journal?" asked Bowyen.

"That my friend is a trade secret of sorts!" said Shuten with a smile and thumbs up. "And done! All copied!" said Shuten.

"Damn that was fast! I bet you never have to worry about hungry customers huh? said Bowyen.

"Never even heard of that term my fellow chef!" said Shuten.

"Well let's go before anyone finds us in here." Lotus says,"Don't worry little bat,we'll get you in some nice cushions awhile the trip back." She says having Aires in her boobs again.

"Alright let us get out of this place then. All of that notes left me shivering." said Bowyen.

"Quite so though I'm shivering from excitement!" said Shuten as they both left the lab.

The Woman's Mill

Lotus,Aires,Shuten,and Bowyen were able to make it back to the Mill thanks to the strong smell of apple pie being made. Maya was at the river next to it swimming. Indie was studying some flowers and plants. Jaden was eating a lot of pie while Jeremiah was admonishing him. While Yin and Dane were on their bed of flowers and John and Jenny were on their own field of flowers. Theresa was seen baking a lot more apple pie inside.

"I'm glad we didn't need to fight for beds." Dane chuckled.

"Yeah,She didn't tell us she had multiple beds of flowers." John says.

"Definitely..." Dane says as he tries to sleep.

"We're back!" Lotus says,"And man you're right! Those baked apple pie smells did help us get back!"

"What did I tell you?" Theresa says.

"Hey Aries! Aries! We're finally back!" said Bowyen who was trying to wake up Aries but he was still out cold. "Damn. Guess that thing really spooked him.

"I don't blame him after all! It was such a sight that even unnerved this beast!" said Shuten.

"But I am definitely heading straight to bed. Night guys." said Bowyen as he head off to bed.

"Rest for the weary I always say! But I do want to try some of that apple pie first!" said Shuten.

"It's very good I tell you!" Dane says,"Ate a couple whole pies myself!!"

"Same!" John says,"A gentleman must compliment a good chef!"

"Oh that's true." Jaden says,"It's damn true!" He says as he keeps eating more pies.

"You wolf-pig!" Jeremiah says admonishing Jaden.

"I have many more apple pies coming!" Theresa says,"Eat as much as you want friends!" She says as she pulls out another dozen of apple pies from the oven.

"Save some for me! Especially since with all of the clues I was able to uncover lately!" said Shuten as he head for the pires to start eating.

Nitro suddenly heads into the room with them looking drowsy. "Dammit, can you idiots eat any more louder? I hate to be adventuring with you guys for awhile..." said Nitro who then looks over at Shuten. "Oh, you're back I see."

"Indeed so Nitro! We haven't found the scientist unfortunately but found a good amount of clues including a journal entry. Here!" said Shuten as he handed over Nitro the journal.

"I see. Thanks." said Nitro as he starts to read in it for a bit and, after doing so, closes it with a deadpan look.

"How was it? What you think?" asked Shuten.

"I'm going to kill that bastard. That's what I think." said Nitro.

"Woah! woah! woah!" Dane says entering inside the mill,"Let's not go on a killing spree until we all are educated on this."

"So what is this information you found?" Jenny asks Shuten.

"Quite Bark Boy! When I say I'll kill someone, I will!" shouted Nitro.

"Easy captain! Let me explain first. Ahem, yes this is the info we managed to dig up. Apparently he was indeed trying to work on some type of potion for the World Government that allows humans to access their own transformations like with Minks and Werewolves. Apparently it has something to do with the brain and he was researching tirelessly to find it. He then stumbled upon something and wanted to test it out. He didn't want to put any regular people in harms way so he decided to test it on himself instead. He didn't notice any changes at first but he was told of some inhuman monster rampaging through town causing quite the ruckus. It even got to the point that he nearly killed the mayor's daughter. However, the biggest twist is that this monster side of him has a completely different mind of his own and is even called Mr. Hyde. Turns out this guy is quite the rogue and will do things as he pleases. After that, Dr. Jekyll takes back control and assures he will get in control of him and went back to his apartment to rest." explained Shuten.

"So, in other words, the mad scientist created a sort of transformation potion that turns him into a monster of a completely different personality that is extremely murderous and has no control over. And he nearly killed someone important huh? Looks like we have are prime suspect." said Nitro.

"I wouldn't jump to that conclusion yet. Maybe we can get his side of the story somehow." said Shuten.

"Doesn't sound like what your brother John made,Indie?" Dane asks Indie.

"I mean he made a potion that makes you a giant basically. But the drinker would still have control of him/herself." Indie replies.

"So we need to find Dr.Jekyll before he makes his next transformation huh?" Jaden says,"Easier said than done if this Mr.Hyde is uncontrollable."

"I'll just put him in a crystal prison and break him apart. Shouldn't be a problem." said Nitro leaning backwards.

"Now now Nitro. We don't want to kill him like we said. We can contain him!" said Shuten.

"Dammit you guys are boring... This guy already hurt people and is trying to ally with the World Government. Sounds like a perfect guy to off..." said Nitro who sighed.

"I mean he ain't wrong meaning that he wants to help the World Government." Jenny says,"And him getting perfect control of this will be pretty dangerous to us."

"But if the World Government found out that he did those crimes." John says,"He could be marked as a criminal like us."

"Now you my friend." Dane says,"Make a very good point."

"But it is Mr. Hyde that is doing the crimes so doesn't that mean Mr. Hyde is the criminal instead?" asked Shuten.

"No no. They are literally the same person. Just one is a mad scientist and the other is a derange psychopath. Two split personalities but the same body. It doesn't help that bastard is willingly taking the potions since they're apparently addictive now." said Nitro.

"So if it is addictive,and he is taking it." Dane says,"He could be considered mentally unstable and be taken to an asylum which is basically a prison for the insane."

"Though a good person like Jekyll being controlled by Hyde seems such a crazy thing." Lotus says,"Like I read the entries,but it doesn't seem it would be like Jekyll to be addictive to a drink."

"Screw that! Dammit just let me incase him in a crystal. I won't shatter him to pieces afterwards I promise." said Nitro.

"I can tell you got your finger's crossed captain!" said Shuten.

"Damn you and your keen eye...either way, if I see that guy, I'm doing what I want to do. It's not like I'm one that gets told what to do being a pirate after all." said Nitro with a smirk.

"Maybe we shall make a plan in the morning?" Dane says,"It is rather late to discuss such things. I mean,a party,a murder,the incident in the forest,and you guys going out to find some clues."

"You're right." Jenny says,"We should discuss in the morning."

"I'll take Aires with me and Yin and have him sleep with us." Dane says picking up Aires,"He's like a little child to me and Yin."

"I'm going to go see if that depressed fox needs some loving with Kano." Lotus says skipping toward Kano and Creaser.

"I'll just go crash on the couch." Jaden says.

"I'll go find some place to sleep." Jeremiah says,"Too tired to insult wolf face."

"Indeed so! I did so much keen detective work my mind could use the refresh!" said Shuten.

"Let me guess, the flower bed over the crystal bed?" said Nitro.

"Your crystal beds are always a treat to sleep on! Don't get me wrong captain! But to experience the chance to sleep on a bed of flowers may not rise again!" said Shuten.

"I highly doubt that with how crazy this world is but they are comfortable. Plus, you did do a good work today so hell, treat yourself." said Nitro who was stretching.

"Thanks captain! I will see you in the morning!" said Shuten as he head off to sleep.

"Hmph. I guess I'll have to wait till the morning to exact justice on that bastard. Bah, stupid Marines saying that word all the damn time got me saying it..." said Nitro as he walked off to sleep.

"Good Night Everyone!!!" Theresa says.

The Morning at the Mill

In the morning,most of our pirates were sleeping in the large flower beds outside of the mill. Yin and Dane are mostly the first to wake up.

"Ahhh,Morning honey." Dane says kissing Yin on the top of her head,"Aires here still sleeping." He say patting Aires's head,"He really is like a little child to us."

"Morning dear and he is isn't he? Even though he would probably hate being called a child again huh?" said Yin who was giggling.

"Zzzzz....mysteries..." said Aries in his sleep.

Nitro, in the other room, was slowly waking up with a massive bed head. "Ugh...dammit...forgot to put on my special gel last I look like some damned monster..." said Nitro.

"Yawn! Rise in shine folks! I am in the good mood for some good ol' cooking! I wonder if the miss will allow me to use her kitchen?" said Shuten who got up as well.

"I was just about to go and ask! I definitely want to see your cooking skills in action seeing if you are as good as me!" said Bowyen who walked in.

"I could never turn down a challenge especially from a fellow chef! You're on!" said Shuten as he walked off with Bowyen.

"Ugh...they are both so damn loud this early in the morning..." said Nitro.

"I guess mornings aren't your cup of tea." said Rukia.

"Go ahead use my kitchen!" Theresa says,"I did a lot of baking last night. But here's the stipulation,I'll decide what you two shall cook. So it'll be a competition between you two."

"Maybe we should consider actually having a kid." Dane says.

"Oh?!" said both Shuten and Bowyen as they both looked at each other with fire in their eyes."

"Looks like it's a competition to see who is the best after all! May the best cook win!" said Bowyen.

"You got it fellow chef! I am certain one of us will be the winner but it will be a good cooking battle!" said Shuten.

"Great...I wished she didn't lit a fire with those two...literally.." said Nitro with a deadpan look.

"I second that...nothing more intense than an eager Bowyen especially since I can feel the heat from his powers..." said Rukia with the same deadpan look.

"O-Oh an actual kid huh?" said Yin who was suddenly caught off guard by the comment slightly.

"I mean we can do it if ya want." Dane says,"And well...we should perhaps make Lord Pangu a grandpa huh?" He says smirking,"Who knows what Yang is going to do."

"Ok! You two are going to make pancakes with eggs and bacon on the side!!" Theresa says,"And you each can make it your own style. And I'll be the judge of who wins this. It'll be done by whoever can make it the tastiest!!"

"Hell yeah! Now you're talking! I'm going to whip up my special cinnamon pancakes topped with cherries with honey bacon on top of ginger-spiced eggs!" said Bowyen as he prepared to start cooking.

"That sounds delicious my friend! But my pumpkin spiced pancakes topped with my special homemade whipped cream with a side of hickory smoked bacon and eggs with cheese and cilantro topped in it will surely knock your socks off!" said Shuten as he started to cook as well.

"Wow, they are really going at it huh?" said Rukia.

"Yeah. Those two could end world hunger with their efforts." said Nitro sarcastically.

"That is true Dane. Yang probably would still take forever trying to figure out where babies come from." said Yin with a giggle.

"And done!" said both Shuten and Bowyen as they placed their breakfast meals up for Theresa to look over.

"Yeah." Dane says chuckling himself,"But if we're going to have a baby. We're going to need a doctor,and we don't have an official doctor in the crew."

"Those look SO good!!" Theresa says,"Can't wait to taste each thinh." Theresa says as she takes a bite from each plate."MMmmmmm. I think I'm going to go with Shuten winning this one. The smoked bacon and eggs n cheese really got me in that one. The pancakes are also especially good with that hint of pumpkin spice."

"Yes! Another victory for me!" said Shuten with a smile and thumbs up.

"Heh, fair play fellow chef! If I was to lose a cooking contest to one person, glad it was you!" said Bowyen who also had a thumbs up.

"I always respect a man that respects others back!" said Shuten.

"Jeez, glad that was done but glad we're over and done with that." said Nitro.

"Your chef is quite impressive. Bowyen is definitely one of the best but I can tell that Shuten is a man that trains his body as much as he cooks." said Rukia.

"That is true Dane. Don't want anything to happen after all." said Yin.

"I guess after this adventure we should go find a doctor,and maybe a cook." Dane says.

"Ok,now you two can start making breakfast for all of us." Theresa says,"You got hungry mouths to feed. So start cooking!!"

"Heh, I bet I can still make more of your meal in faster time Shuten!" said Bowyen.

"You are on my fellow chef rival!" said Shuten as he and Bowyen rushed to the kitchen again to start back up their cooking competition.

"Jeez those two don't fuck around when it comes to food huh? Shuten I know but never thought your guy as well." said Nitro to Rukia.

"Of course. Bowyen is a dedicated chef and often will get caught up in competitors like this. One time, there was a fish frying competition and he totally fried up all of the fishes. Even of his competitors." said Rukia.

"Indeed. They're both especially needed for our travels." said Yin.

"Let's go head inside for breakfast." Dane says as he gets up and heads up to the mill.

While the cooks were cooking breakfast for the crews. A local paper boy comes in to the mill,"Special Paper today!! Special Paper today!!"

"What is it Scoop?" Theresa says to the paper boy,"What's so special about it?"

"The mayor has been murdered!" Scoop says,"And they already found the culprit last night!"

"Wait, what? What do you mean they found the culprit?" said Nitro.

"Hm...we were so focused on finding out where Dr. Jekyll was, we forgot all about finding out the mayor's murder." said Rukia.

"Because it's obviously this Mr. Hyde bastard..." said Nitro.

"HUH!?! They found the killer?! WHO?!" said Shuten as he quickly ran into the room to read the paper.

Shuten was the first to read it and the front page says,

"Mayor Murdered!!! A Butchering of a butler!!!"

"Last Night was supposed to be a jolly day for the island,but the butchering body of Mayor Boddy hanging over the chandelier darkened the day. Inspector Gajetto and Miss Inspector Pantera found the culprit during an investigation. The suspect is known as Talbot Larry,an infamous werewolf known for being the most powerful werewolf in the world. He is typically known as being a hermit and living a nomadic life. Apparently Miss Pantera says that Larry was found in the room where initial blood was found in the mansion. Talbot Larry was identified by a marine/reporter that has been trying to follow Larry for over 80 years. Inspector Gajetto has no words to say at the moment. Further information can be found at the local police station if needed and if you have any more information,please offer it to the KSPD immediately."

"W-W-W-WHAT?!? That nice old man is actually a werewolf?!" said Shuten surprised.

"THAT'S what got you more surprised?!" shouted Nitro.

"I suspected he was a werewolf from the start. I didn't know he was that famous..." said Rukia.

"Wow, so he is the prime suspect because of where he was found. I was wondering what happened to him after he went missing during the party." said Bowyen.

"In any case, it's either Larry or Jekyll, Hyde whatever the hell that did it. Personally, I'd like to see that Larry guy get offed. We got too many wolves in this place as is..." said Nitro with a smirk.

"Wow, you really do like to say jerkass things huh?" said Rukia.

"In any case, I highly doubt Larry would do this! He's a good man/werewolf and I know he wouldn't!" said Shuten.

"Again, met the guy for literally a few hours and you just found out he was a werewolf NOW!" said Nitro angrily.

"Talbot Larry?" John says,"The Talbot Larry?!?!?! Yo I have heard stories of that man. That man is known as the most powerful werewolf in the world!! And he's over 100 years old!"

"Well if he's so powerful." Jaden says,"Why hasn't he killed everyone in that mansion then?"

"It's his moral code!" John says,"Back then,he was known for killing a whole town full of people. Until like after 10 or 20 years of his rampage,it seemed his infamous rampage died down a little. But there will be some major destruction sometime whenever he is around."

"Interesting." Dane says,"So something must've happened to him. Like he could control himself?"

"Well I think it all depended on what happened to him." Jenny says,"Those who are rampaging werewolves had some troublesome lives in the past,but those who accept their past and forgive themselves can control themselves. I had somewhat of that issue myself,it has to be a mental thing."

"Then I HOPE he really gets killed off! Like he even seems more than a menace than this Hyde bastard." said Nitro.

"Easy Nitro! They said it was all in the past." said Shuten.

"Nonetheless, his past behavior makes proving him innocent a very difficult task. They would easily say he went on a rampage suddenly again." said Rukia.

"And this Hyde fellow is a split personality that can be hidden so trying to prove him guilty if he is will be an even tougher task." said Bowyen.'

"Who are these two detectives here?" Dane says reading it,"Gajetto and Pantera? Did you meet these two Shuten?"

"Indeed! Gajetto in particular happens to also be part cyborg that was investigating the crime scene at the time." said Shuten.

"A cyborg detective? And I thought I heard it all." said Nitro.

"Anywho, he does appear to be the best detective that the Marines could offer! He was able to find a lot of clues so maybe he found something incriminating on Larry..." said Shuten.

"Yeah. Werewolf covered in blood found near the crime scene isn't incriminating at all..." said Nitro sarcastically.

"So what should we do then?" Jeremiah says.

"Best thing is that Shuten should go talk to this Gajetto and see what happened." Dane says,"This article did nothing justice to know what actually happened."

"Who is this Pantera?" Jenny asks,"Did you guys meet her?"

"I think I briefly saw her back then but we didn't really interact that much." said Shuten.

"Well then I think you two should go find out and talk to this Inspector Gajetto on what you found." Dane says,"What you have could be a major help in the case."

"Alright! Detective Shuten is back on the case!" said Shuten who suddenly donned his hat and pipe again.

"You sure you don't have a Devil Fruit power if you can just make things randomly appear like that?" said Nitro with a deadpan look.

"SCREE?! BACK ON CASE?!" said Aries who suddenly woke up. "Heeey! You can't go back on the case without your assistant!" said Aries who got up.

"Quite so! I apologize for that my assistant! Of course you can come with me!" said Shuten with a thumbs up and smile.

"YES!!!" said Aries who latched on his back.

"Does he have some sort of built in sensor that instantly wakes him up to certain responses...?" said Nitro.

"Not without breakfast first you two!!" Theresa says,"Just because you have an important case doesn't mean you two can go out immediately without eating your breakfast!!"

"That is true." Dane says,"Aires just got up and hadn't noticed the pile of pancakes,bacon and eggs behind him."

"Oh crap! I nearly forgot about the most important meal of the day!" said Shuten.

"Scree...I still haven't got my apple pies...that dumb brain thing last night scared me to sleep!" said Aries.

"Just eat up my assistant! I'm sure you will get them later!" said Shuten.

"I want them nooooooooow!" said Aries as he started to eat the food in front of him.

"Like some kind of scene with the wacky uncle and his favorite nephew..." said Nitro.

"Wait, what?" said Yin and Rukia.

"How about I go with you guys?" Jeremiah says,"Lotus doesn't seem to be coming out of that bedroom any time soon. And I would like some action."

"Who's in her bedroom with her?" Jenny asks.

"That other kitsune and that tall depressed fox." Jeremiah replies.

"Oh." John says.

"Anyways,I would like a little taste of some detective work." Jeremiah says as he puts on his red mask on and loads his pistols.

"Sure thing! The more the merrier!" said Shuten.

Summers suddenly comes out of her room as well after brushing her teeth. "You guys gonna head out?" asked Summers.

"Just the three of those guys. They're going to go talk to that detective to why Larry got arrested." said Rukia.

"Ah I see. Let me tag along I've been bored doing nothing lately." said Summers.

"Indeed! The more the merrier!" said Shuten.

"Piiiiiiiies....." said Aries.

"Don't worry little bat." Theresa says,"I'll make a big apple pie just for you! With some large whip cream and cherries on top!"

"Man,either Lotus got super tired or she really having something going on in there with the other foxes." John says.

"Could be both." Jaden says,"I could go take a peek."

"I wouldn't advise that." Dane says.

"Oooooooh....that sound sooooo awesome...." said Aries with sparkles in his eyes.

"Wait, what do you mean by wouldn't advise that? What the hell would they be doing?" said Nitro.

"You sure you want to get into that?" said Rukia.

"You know what? Just best not find out." Dane says.

Back on the Case

"I have a horse and buggy to get there since town is quite a walk." Theresa says leading the four to the little barn,"Stud should be a decent horse to take you there." She says as she points to a little painted horse pony that was prancing around.

"Anything is fine as long we get there." Jeremiah says.

"Heh, it's pretty cute how happy it looks." said Summers.

"Sounds good! We will get there and we'll be sure to try to find him innocent!" said Shuten.

"I hope so. This sounds like it'll be tough since he is a werewolf after all." said Aries.

"Come here Stud!" Theresa says to the horse as it jogged to her position,"You people be careful ok? I want to make sure I have the same amount of mouths to feed as I had in the beginning."

"Don't worry! I will make sure everyone here is nice and safe! You have my word!" said Shuten with his thumbs up and smile pose.

"I can definitely handle myself but we will be fine! We'll just ask some questions." said Summers.

"Yeah! I want to make sure my apple pie is nice and ready to eat when i get back!" said Aries.

"Good good." Theresa says as she connects Stud to the buggy,"Now go catch a criminal!"

A half hour later

The four were riding the little buggy to town toward the police station. The town is now more busier knowing it is daytime and people are walking across the place. The place looked kinda dirty,children were seen wearing rags on the sides of the street,people throwing dung and trash outside their windows of their apartments,and factory smoke rising above the city.

"So this is city life in this area?" Jeremiah says,"Doesn't look like that ideal living people say the city life is."

"Gross...these people are living like total cavemen..." said Summers.

"Aww...poor kids...they look like they could use some care..." said Aries.

"Indeed so...not my ideal place to live I'll admit. But we must focus on our task at hand!" said Shuten.

After a little while,they make it to the police station in town. A police officer was outside sleeping with a box of donuts on the desk while they entered the police station.

"Oooh he looks so tired. Should we wake him?" asked Aries.

"Of course! We must speak with the detective or at least Larry himself if possible! Excuse me my good man! Mind if I ask you for your assistance?" said Shuten trying to wake the officer.

"Wow that guy likes his donuts huh?" said Summers.

"W-What?" The officer wakes up,"How can I be of assistance to you four?"

"We are looking for a Mr. Inspector Gajetto. We were hoping to ask him questions about his arrest of a Mr. Talbot Larry about the recent murder of the mayor. Don't worry, I am a fellow detective and just wanted to make sure of things!" said Shuten.

"Wow he is really believing he is a detective huh?" said Summers under her breath.

"Oh Mr.Gajetto huh?" The officer says,"That Marine Detective....yeah I was told he was at the Krusty Krab getting a meal over there."

"The Krusty Krab?" Jeremiah says,"What type of place is that?"

"Oh yeah! That bar with the nice old bartender in it!" said Shuten.

"I bet that bartender is one of those crabby types that hates his job. No pun intended." said Summers.

"Yep! That's about right!" said Aries.

"I guess we should go and head there huh?" Jeremiah says.

"Yeah I think he has like another case he said so he's leaving the island soon." the police officer says,"An interesting fella he is."

"Then we must make haste! I know where it is so I will meet you all there! GANG WAY!!!" shouted Shuten as he ran off quickly with Aries hanging on his back.


"Damn I forgot he is freaking fast...I better keep up after him." said Summers who morphed into her full liger form and dashed off behind them.

"I'm coming too!!" Jeremiah says running fast thanks to his top physical shape.

At the Krusty Krab,the four enter the bar seeing the same bartender that they met last night.

"Welcome to the Krusty Krab." The man said grumpily,"How can you again."

"Yeeep. Called it." said Summers.

"Hello there again my good man! We are looking for Inspector Gajetto! Have you seen him anywhere?" Shuten asked.

"Oh? He's over there looking at that newspaper and is having a coffee." The bartender points over to Gajetto having a coffee and reading a newspaper.

"Ah! Detective Gajetto! Been looking around for you! I was wondering if I could ask you some questions?" said Shuten.

Gajetto looks from his newspaper and sees Shuten."That's if I can ask you a question."

"Oh? Well, sure! I don't mind answering questions as well! What is it?" said Shuten.

Gajetto then drops his paper and then says,"You guys aren't detectives,you guys are pirates. Your names are not on any roster of detectives I have. Not even in the local PD. You specifically Shuten,have a 20 million berry bounty." He throws over a bounty poster of Shuten,"You better start explaining your motives for helping me in this case before I place you all under arrest."

"Oh no! He found me out!" said Shuten who jumped back comically.

"AHHHHH!!! YOU'RE NOT A DETECTIVE THEN?!?" said Aries in disbelief.

"Of course he isn't! Even a dead horse could've told you that!" said Summers with a facepalm.

"Now now! Easy Mr. Gajetto! We mean no harm we were just trying to figure out why our friend Larry got arrested! I mean he could've have killed the mayor and he is our friend after all!" said Shuten.

"Like that blue-haired bastard said, we literally met the guy yesterday and we haven't really spoke that much." said Summers.

"Well,Talbot was seen at the Mayor's office,the last place Boddy was at before he was killed. Inspector Pantera had found him there,covered in blood,Boddy's blood?,I don't know." Gajetto explains,"That is somewhat why I'm getting a Cipher Pol agent to help out on this case. Pantera is known for coming to conclusion pretty quickly since she is still learning. But she already filled out the information against Mr.Talbot. And if any evidence that can support him doesn't happen by like next month,his head can be seen in the gallows by then."

"Why the hell was he in the mayor's office in the first place? Like, he was supposed to just be waitering at the party. He's not doing a good job in making himself innocent..." said Summers.

"This is quite the predicament indeed...seems like he has a lot against him now especially being at the scene of the crime..." said Shuten thinking.

"Maybe he was being controlled by someone? Like magic?" said Aries with his head tilted to the side.

"But we have a whole month before this goes down. Maybe we have a chance to find something to prove him innocent or something." said Summers.

"Well, I know I am a pirate but I do want to help out my friend! May I at least speak with him directly to hear his side of things? I must know as well why he was in the mayor's office and not with us enjoying the party." asked Shuten to Gajetto.

"Well,you pirates were helping me anyway. So I guess as long the marines don't find out about me helping pirates we'll be good." Gajetto says.

"How do we know you won't backstab us?" Jeremiah says,"How should I be convinced I don't pull that trigger on your head?" He says pointing his pistol at Gajetto's head.

"Cause that head ain't an ordinary head." Gajetto says,"And I ain't no ordinary detective." He says pointing his finger at Jeremiah's chin,the finger shifting into a pistol.

"??...Fine,fair enough point." Jeremiah says putting his pistols down.

"So? You guys have any other information that I should hear?" Gajetto asks.

"Indeed so! We got this copied of Dr. Jekyll's journal entries that explains a lot of his actions lately. It is...quite interesting and I'll let you look it over yourself." said Shuten who gave the entries to Gajetto.

"Journal entries? This is the first I'm hearing of them." said Summers.

"Same here!" said Aries.

"Right you did had quite the scare last night little assistant! But long story short, it appears that Jekyll has some sort of evil personality named Mr. Hyde that tends to go on rampages through the town." said Shuten.

"Damn really? I knew he was a freak when he started talking about examining the brain back at the party..." said Summers.

"Hmmmmm Interesting..." Gajetto says looking at the pages,"Did you have a warrant for this? This can only be viable if you had a warrant to his lab to look at it. Is this even the exact copy?"

"Well, you can say that we did have permission...uh yeah!" said Shuten.

"He broke down the door with an amazing kick to get in!" said Aries.

"A-Assistant! You're not supposed to tell him that!" said Shuten.

"AHHHHH!!! SORRY SIR!!!" said Aries.

"Ugh, come on he already knows we're pirates now. Breaking and entering is kinda what we do after all." said Summers.

"Right...but I can assure you I copied everything word-for-word!" said Shuten.

"So we can still go to his lab and get the original copy." Gajetto says,"I'll be going back to the PD to make a search warrant on Jekyll's apartment and lab. You guys go back to the PD and can talk to Mr.Larry and meet me at Jekyll's apartment."

"You got it! Thanks for that! Let us be on our way to Larry. Maybe he can clear things up." said Shuten.

"Like, why would he go to the mayor's office of all places." said Summers.

"Or why he kept himself being a werewolf from us!" said Aries.

A wolf's tale

Down back at the PD,the police officer led Shuten,Aires,Summers,and Jeremiah downstairs to the jail cells.

"Why would you guys want to talk to a murderer of the beloved Mayor?" The police officer says,"There's enough evidence against him,he'll be going to the gallows that old werewolf. Plus he's a wanted criminal,there anything else you could ask for?"

"We do want to hear his side of the story first at least. Plus, he may have not murdered him!" said Shuten.

"If not him, then definitely that Mr. Hyde guy." said Summers.

"Maybe but we'll see when we talk to him." said Shuten.

"This place is kinda scary with all these criminals around..." said Aries who was hiding onto Shuten's back.

"This is nothing." Jeremiah says,"Fighting other criminals in jail is what I used to do before Jenny picked me up."

"And here we are!" The officer points to Larry's jail cell,"Hey Wolfman! You got visitors! Best you listen to them!"

"I know the drill." Larry says walking to the bars of the cell,"What do you kids want? If you want me to escape,I'm not interested."

"Not exactly." said Shuten as he suddenly had his arms crossed and looked pretty serious. "We got a lot of questions actually. One, why did you keep the fact you were a werewolf a secret from us? Question 2, why did you decide to go into the mayor's office in the first place instead of staying at the party. And three, and the most important question, did you really kill the mayor?" asked Shuten.

"Whoa, this guy suddenly shifted into serious's kinda scary..." said Summers.

"Sir is soooo cool like that!" said Aries.

Larry laughs from listening to Shuten acting so serious,"Listen kid...if I wanted to right now. I could turn into my wolf form and break those walls and bend these bars and kill everyone in this prison. What supposes you I am not?"

"To answer the first question,If I told you I was a wanted criminal that is a murderous werewolf looking for a peaceful job for a little while for my nomadic life. Wouldn't you think there would be people,citizens and pirate alike,that would try to turn me in. Even if you're not that type to,I can't risk someone in the island finding out my notable existence is here."

"To answer the second question,I was following that Dr.Jekyll you kids were talking to at the party. Jekyll was going to an employers only place where we were told to make sure no one except us employees go there. So I followed him to tell him to get away. Turns out I find him in the Mayor's study taking a drink that didn't look like ours. Then he transformed into the most hideous creature that looked even uglier than me. This creature then saw me and then attacked me,saying something about "No Witnesses". I then transformed into my wolf form and we had a huge brawl that went into the rooftops of the town. Blood being delivered back n forth to each other. Eventually the fight came back to the Mayor's mansion,where the creature ran away,and I fell unconscious for losing blood on the fight."

"And to answer question 3,well....didn't I answer both question 2 and 3 on that last question?"

"Heh quite so! But I am certain I would prevent you for killing people. But it appears that your story is quite did described Dr. Jekyll's alter ego Mr. Hyde right on the money..." said Shuten.

"Oh yeah that murderous thing again. Looks like he is the killer after all." said Summers.

"That possibility has risen a lot. I thought he may have some clearance but right now, he is indeed the most likely suspect." said Shuten.

"Why didn't you tell this information to anyone?" Jeremiah asks.

"You think that I immediately wake up from unconsciousness that I tell someone." Larry says,"Like I said,I didn't want people to find out I'm a werewolf,but thanks to the reporter that has followed me for years,he identified me when that teenage detective found me in the study covered in blood,my own blood."

"That is quite troubling isn't it? But it seems like we need to find Dr. Jekyll aka Mr. Hyde and bring him in! He is the true culprit of course!" said Shuten.

"You were quick to decide that but it is obvious he is the killer now." said Summers.

"But that guy killed the mayor of a town using something that was supposed to be given to the World Government. Doesn't that mean he is a criminal as well?" asked Aries.

"That! Is! True! We don't have to worry about him turning us into the World Government anymore at the least." said Shuten.

"Dude, a detective of the World Government knows we're pirates now. I don't think you should be breathing a sigh of relief now." said Summers.

"Yeah that should be something we should worry about." Jeremiah says,"You don't know if he'll turn us in even if we help them."

"Inspector Gajetto ain't afraid to somewhat get his hands dirty if it comes to solving a case." Larry says,"Trust me,he's seen some of my other incidents from like 20-30 years ago. As long as he can find information out,even look at criminals or fight them,he'll do it."

"Well, if it comes down to fighting, I will fight!" said Shuten pounding his fists together.

"But isn't he like a cyborg? Could you even go up to that sir?" asked Aries.

"Of course! You saw how fast I move at the party? That's my normal speed! When I get serious, you won't even be able to see me!" said Shuten.

"WHOOOOAH!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!!" said Aries with his eyes sparkling.

"Wow, you really must be that strong for a regular person without Devil Fruit powers." said Summers.

"Indeed so! So if a fight happens, let me take the lead! In any case, we have to find where Mr. Hyde is!" said Shuten.

"If you guys want to fight him." Larry says,"By what I'm told he is a Cipher Pol level fighter,wouldn't be surprised if he actually is one or joins them soon."

"Didn't Gajetto say to meet him at Jekyll's apartment?" Jeremiah says.

"Indeed! Though I do not know exactly how to get there. Maybe one of the locals can direct us as usual." said Shuten.

"That seems like the best plan to me." said Summers.

"Let's go ask that officer upstairs." Jeremiah says going back,"He's a police officer,so he should know."

"You guys have fun on your sleuthing." Larry says,"If you want anything from me before I die,let me know."

"Don't say that! We'll get you out in no time!" said Shuten as he rushed off upstairs to ask the officer.

"Jeez, we have a whole month to clear his name you know. No need to go rushing off like that." said Summers following him.

"Ah! Wait for me! These other prisoners are creepy!" said Aires as he flew behind them.

"Can I be of any other assistance?" The officer says looking at the group walking toward him.

"Yes, do you know where Dr. Jekyll's apartment is? We need to ask him some questions." said Shuten.

"His apartment should be 2 blocks South of the Krusty Krab." The officer says.

"Thank you! You heard the man! Let's get on our pony and get going!" said Shuten.

"Alright! I feel like we're close to cracking the case!" said Aries.

"So this is what Bowyen had to go through...I feel bad for him..." said Summers.

Quite a puzzle huh?

At Dr.Jekyll's apartment,Gajetto was waiting outside of the apartment building and having a smoke.

"Where the hell could those pirates be?" Gajetto says,"Maybe I should've mentioned if they didn't help I'll make sure they go to prison also. Also where is Pantera? She might be getting up late. She's supposed to be here if she wants to be a notable detective."

Shuten and the others eventually arrive at the apartment.

"Hello there detective! We have made it and we got some interesting info from Larry. Though I am sure you heard it already." said Shuten.

"This is one shabby as hell apartment I tell you..." said Summers.

Gajetto then lets out a puff of smoke and says,"What did you find out this time from talking to Larry?"

"Well, he told us that he was actually trying to stop the disastrous Mr. Hyde but they got into a huge fight and he ended up getting knocked out as a result. When he came to, he had blood all over him which is how you guys thought he was the killer. But I believe Mr. Hyde is the one you're looking for! Larry is innocent!" said Shuten.

"That explains a disturbance that was called last night." Gajetto says,"There was a call last night saying about a disturbance in the rooftops. I haven't looked at all buildings,but there seemed to be blood on some buildings leading to the mansion."

"Yeah. They took their fight up there as well. Larry said he had to chase him all around the rooftops and such. But then Hyde got away and left Larry for dead." said Shuten.

"A fight on the rooftops? That sounds like something out of a ninja show!" said Aries.

"I don't believe it...sounds too nuts..." said Summers.

"Well regardless of what it sounds like,we should go inside of Dr.Jekyll's mansion and see what he's hiding." Gajetto says.

"I'm here Inspector!!" A teenage pink panther humink comes in with a sleuthing hat and magnifying glass,"What are we doing today?"

"Going to inspect Dr.Jekyll's apartment based on some info from last night." Gajetto says.

"I thought we solved it?" the girl says,"And who are these people?"

"These people have given us some new evidence to look at." Gajetto says,"And I did not say the case was over yet. What you thought would solve it didn't,you only saw a piece of the puzzle."

"Isn't the job of a detective to find the culprit?" the girl replies.

"It is more than that my apprentice." Gajetto says,"It is about looking at all of the information,and even if you have a presumptuous conclusion,you look at more information until you can make a case by completely facts,not by presumptions."

"Oh..." the girl says. She then gives a smile and says to the group,"Hi! My name is Pantera!! New Rookie Detective on the rise!"

"Hello there! Ex-Detective Shuten at your service!" said Shuten with a bow.

"You were never a detective to begin with dude. But my name is Katherine Summers but you can either call me Kathy or Summers." said Summers.

"And I'm Aries! Hello!" said Aries.

"Back to the chase." Gajetto saying not liking to get off topic,"You all ready to look into what Jekyll's hideout?"

"Magnifying glass and cap on!" Pantera says,"I'm ready!"

"Count me in of course!" said Shuten pounding his fists together.

"Aye aye!" said Aries.

"Yeah! The quicker we find this Mr. Hyde guy, the better!" said Summers.

"Then let's head inside." Gajetto says entering inside the apartment.

They head inside the apartment and enter into a hall where a man was sitting behind a desk. The man then sees them and stands up to greet them.

"Hello sir! How may I help you today?" The man says.

"Marine Detective Agency." Gajetto says showing his badge,"Does a Dr.Henry Jekyll live here?"

"Uhh yes sir." The man says,"Take the elevator to the 4th floor and it's the 10th room."

"Thank you." Gajetto says.

"Let's go then!" Pantera says running toward the elevator.

Gajetto stretches his robotic arm and then says,"Don't trust the elevator ever Pantera,criminals can sabotage an elevator to prevent you from coming to their base."

"Oh, yes sir!" Pantera says.

"Wow I didn't know that! That's interesting!" said Aries.

"So we can take the stairs or something then?" asked Summers.

"Quite so! The stairs always are a good workout for me! Are there any around?" said Shuten looking around.

"Yes...Right there." Gajetto says pointing to the staircase to their right.

"Alright! Race ya up there!" said Shuten as he quickly took off after the stairs and ran up them.

"H-Hey! Wait up you crazy bastard!" said Summers following behind.

" much running lately...good thing I can fly!" said Aries and he flew behind them.

"So he said 4th floor 10th room? I'm on the waaayyyy!" shouted Shuten as he took off with a trail of dust in his wake.

"Yeah he did." Gajetto says walking up.

On the fourth floor,Shuten was able to find the 10th room of the apartment building. The rest then made it up to it.

"That was a lot of stairs..." Pantera says panting a little.

"Is this Jekyll's room?" Gajetto asks.

"Looks like that way. Maybe I should-" said Shuten before he is stopped by Summers.

"No more kicking down doors. I think we can just knock at least." said Summers.

"OOh! Let me knock!" said Aries as he tries to knock but is too soft. "Bah! This door is dumb!" said Aries with a pout.

"Allow me assistant!" said Shuten as he knocks on the door.

The door isn't answered at all after a few seconds,no footsteps were even heard.


After another few seconds of silence,Gajetto then gets in front of the door and kicks it with his robotic leg. The door flying off its hinges and straight into the wall in front of them.

"Wow! What power!" Pantera says.

"Start searching!" Gajetto orders,"And no goofing off! I'm still watching you guys you know that!"

"Yes sir!" said Shuten as he started to search around.

"Where will we even start looking? This place is so dusty!" said Aries.

Summers was sniffing around the area trying to pick up his scent. "Beh...this place is so rank it's messin' with my nose...where the hell is this guy at?" said Summers.

The place looked like a large wreck. Windows broken,couches overturned,walls destroyed. The fire in the furnace was still lit though safely.

"What happened here?" Pantera says,"Looks like a tornado went through here."

"Looks like Mr. Hyde is on the loose..." said Shuten.

"Oh no! Is that monster h-here!?" said Aries.

"Probably but I don't hear anything that sounds like a monster yet. We better stay alert." said Summers.

"It probably just left." Gajetto says,"It could've left some information on where it went."

"Good thing I have my magnifying glass!" Pantera says as she looks around with it,"And I don't see anything."

Gajetto facepalms himself and then says,"I'll be looking into his bedroom for clues. You stay here in the living room and look for some."

"Well what the hell are we to look for?" Jeremiah says,"We don't even have a description of this Hyde."

"I think I remember the journal entry describing him as a sort of giant, muscular, and hairy man that leaves giant footprints in his wake." said Shuten.

"So, we're pretty much looking for the equivalent of Sasquatch huh? Got it." said Summers with a little sarcasm in her tone as she looks around.

"Maybe there will be footprints under the chair? Hello footprints!" shouted Aries under the cough but is met with a cloud of dust. "SCREE!! COUGH COUGH!!! BAH!!! BAD!! VERY BAD!!!" said Aries who was trying to dust himself off.

"Well how about we look all around us?" Jeremiah says pointing to all of the giant footprints seen,ones on the wall,on the floor,and one that even goes toward a broken window.

"Ah! A trail that leads to our suspect! Perfect!" said Shuten.

"Whoa...those are big..." said Aries.

"Damn I guess we are looking for Sasquatch! You think he went on another rampage?" said Summers.

"Probably...I don't think he is here." said Shuten.

"Why not we stay here and look for other clues?" Jeremiah says,"There can definitely be more here."

"Like this one?" Pantera points to a portrait that has a giant claw scratch right through it.

"Uhh...Yeah." Jeremiah says,"Hey! that painting looks like Jekyll. And a woman and kid?"

"Who is that woman? Are they his wife and child?" said Summers.

"That may be so. I don't remember him mentioning it in his entries.." said Shuten while rubbing his chin.

"I-I wonder what happened to them?" said Aries in a bit of a scared tone.

"It's his ex-wife and son." Gajetto says,"I've just found these divorce papers lying in his bedroom. It seems these papers are about 5 or 10 years old."

"Hmm...not too long ago but not that far either..." said Shuten.

"Probably didn't want to be with a guy who goes into town rampaging as a monster on a daily basis." said Summers.

"Aww...they looked cute together though..." said Aries.

"It gets even darker." Gajetto says,"According to these letters from his wife,Emma, Jekyll was considered by his wife as,"Obsessed by his work more than his love for his family." And it seems Jekyll has also been to local prostitutes during his marriage. And it seems he was being abusive to his wife and child."

"That is pretty dark." Pantera says.

"WHAT?!? And to think I thought he was a good man!" said Shuten who was suddenly burning with anger.

"Jeez, this guy is worst than pirates..." said Summers.

"Eeep! This man is a real jerk!" said Aries.

"Well, that will make it more worth it to kick some sense into him!" said Shuten.

"But it does seem he changed within those 5-10 years." Gajetto says,"There are records of his visits to some counselors about anger management and also has become a born-again believer in the local christian church,which he claims has helped him resist evil and lust itself."

"That sounds relieving." Pantera says.

"So is this Hyde to represent an old side of Jekyll that was forced out of its way thanks to Jekyll's chemistry?" Jeremiah says thinking.

"Oh, then he is a good man then!" said Shuten.

"Dammit dude don't fall back to that quick. He started to take a potion that turned him into a monster!" said Summers.

"Well, yeah that is true...but additions are pretty strong to battle against..." said Shuten.

"Apparently according to other letters and records is that there is talk of remarriage." Gajetto says looking through more papers,"I guess this Emma has seen the change in Jekyll and is willing to remarry."

"So do you guys think Hyde is going to this place where Jekyll's ex-wife and son lives?" Jeremiah says.

"That is what that entry must have meant when he said he was gonna go see this person! And Mr. Hyde wrote that entry!" said Shuten.

"That's not good...he probably already got to them then..." said Summers.

"OH NO!!! A-Are they dead by now!?" said Aries.

"Not yet. According to these letters from his ex-wife,she lives in the island bordering us by a wooden bridge." Gajetto says,"It'll be a long walk even for Mr.Hyde."

"So how long do you really think we have?" Pantera says.

"About 24 hours." Gajetto says,"It would depend on Hyde's desperation for evil. Which can take about this long or longer."

"So I just need to sprint out there and catch up to Mr. Hyde before he does the dirty deed! That sounds doable for me!" said Shuten.

"Easy there. Don't need to tackle this by yourself. Plus, you don't even know where this island is." said Summers.

"Everything here is connected by wooden bridges so we do need to just find the right one right?" said Aries.

"According to this paper,the island is directly north of us." Pantera says looking at the paper.

"North as in both in the direction and above." Gajetto says,"These islands are not floating evenly."

"This place is quite the interesting site huh?" said Shuten.

"Heh heh I can just fly here and there and everywhere!" said Aries who was flying around in circles.

"So we pretty much walk our ways north and up these bridges and we'll get there. Sounds simple." said Summers.

"May be." Gajetto says,"But that's a long walk. And I do not think Hyde would get in there till tonight at least."

"What does that mean sir?" Pantera asks.

"It means these pirates will get ready to meet Hyde at the northern bridge!" Gajetto says.

"Alright! I have been looking for action this entire time!" said Shuten pounding his fists together.

"Same here! Too much talking and walking and not enough beating the crap out of people!" said Summers who did the same.

"Scree...I'm not really up for much fighting...I can probably shoot him with arrows..but he sounds soooo scary..." said Aries who landed on Shuten's back again.

"Don't worry my little assistant! You can just sit there and you can get front row seats to me beating up the bad guy!" said Shuten.

"Thanks sir! Wait, what you mean by front row seats?!" said Aries in a panic.

"We should probably go to our captains and tell them this." Jeremiah says.

"You guys better bring him back to me." Gajetto says,"And if you don't come back,I'll make sure you regret it. If you do,I will tell people I haven't seen you ever."

"Oh yes! Yinny and the others can help with this big time!" said Aries.

"That sounds good and don't worry! We will bring him back faster than a tortoise with jet shoots could do a full lap around an island!" said Shuten.

"W-What?" said Summers with a confused look on her face.

"Then get going." Gajetto says,"Every second past is a second Hyde has taken advantage."

"Don't need to tell me twice." Jeremiah says rushing to the little horse and buggy Theresa gave them.

"It was a pleasure meeting y'all!" Pantera replies.

"Same back to ya! We'll be back with Hyde in tow!" said Shuten as he hops on board it as well.

"I still want my pie!" said Aries.

"Damn straight can't let that bastard kill his own wife and kid!" said Summers as she gets on as well.

Good vs Evil?

"Wonder when they're going to get back?" Jenny says looking at the time.

"Detective work takes time I'm assuming." John says.

"Definitely." Dane says,"I remember the Jinyiwei,the special police force in our homeland,solving cases that took time."

"Knowing Shuten, he probably got caught up in some other type of mess..." said Nitro.

"I hope Aries is alright. I really don't want him going to some dangerous place." said Yin.

"I'm sure he'll be fine. Summers is pretty tough and can handle her own and others in a fight." said Rukia.

"Heh, Shuten will put those two to shame I know that much. You don't have to worry about that batbrain getting killed or anything." said Nitro.

"Wow, when Yang says insensitive things, he doesn't mean it. But you certainly do..." said Yin with an angry frown on her face.

"I bet you made sooooo many friends growing up..." said Rukia rolling her eyes.

"It's called being a pirate. Don't like it, quit." said Nitro with his arms crossed.

"That's being a pirate WAY too strictly in my opinion." Dane says.

"At least we are gentlemen." John says boldly.

"Gentlemen are humble." Dane says to correct John,"Don't be prideful of being a gentleman,that's not gentleman-like."

"How much a gentleman is your husband here?" Jenny asks Yin.

"MUCH more than spiky over here." said Yin gestering to Nitro.

Nitro actually lets out a laugh after hearing all of that. "Never I would thought I hear "Gentleman" and "Pirate" in the same sentence! You guys are a riot I tell you! Pirates kill, pillage, all that crap and you could only think about being gentleman?! Get the hell out of here with that nonsense! You guys won't last out there let alone the New World with that kind of stupid mindset. Pirates have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead in life! Now you really should just consider hanging up the pirate life because you don't have the mindset for it. Especially you that looks better off washing dishes or something." said Nitro as he pointed that last statement toward Yin.

Yin simply looks away from that argument.

"Hey Angrboda, you don't need to go that damn far." said Rukia angrily.

"Calm down everyone! We're not our own enemies here! Let's all take deep breaths! Should I make us some tea or something?" said Bowyen.

Within Bowyen speaking,Dane had his buster sword up on Nitro's throat,saying,"One more talk like that and I'll SEND YOU TO FUCKIN HELL!!!" He says with his eyes red.

"Hadn't seen brother get that angry in some time." Joan says,"Even swearing ain't his thing."

"Uhhh why not we go play some scrabble?" Theresa says,"You know,calm the nerves of everyone."

"I hope those guys come soon before we have round two." Indie says watching.

"Heh, you think you can Wolf Breath? I was holding back earlier but I can turn you into a crystal statue and shatter you to fucking pieces!" said Nitro as his right arm started to form the pink crystal.

However, before anything else could happen, Shuten suddenly bursts through the door.

"DYNAMIC ENTRY!!!" shouted Shuten as he roundhouse kicks Nitro into the wall.


"To prevent you two from killing each other of course. We are all friends! We shouldn't fight among ourselves!" said Shuten.

"Whooooaaa...sir is amazing but he is soooo quick...." said Aries who was dazed.

"Oh! Aries are you okay?" asked Yin.

"Just spinnin' Yinny...just spinnin'..." said Aries.

"Jeez, he definitely has some strong Haki on him to be able to hurt Nitro like that. Is he the strongest on that crew...?" said Rukia to herself.

"Damn...Was betting those two would fight again." Jaden says.

"Of course you would say that." Jeremiah says,"So what did we miss."

"Nothing really." Maya says,"Besides those two looking like they want to kill each other."

"Gotta say,the speed of that wolf is remarkable." Jeremiah says,"Having a giant sword from on the ground to Nitty's neck that fast is something."

"Something makes me question if he's the strongest of the crew." Jaden says.

"One thing is for sure,don't want to piss off that wolf." Jeremiah replies.

"I notice you two aren't arguing." Dane says.

"What are you talking about? I hate this man's guts." Jeremiah says.

"WHAT!!! I'll slice your guts out!" Jaden replies.

"And back to normal." Dane says as he turns his back on them.

"Rah. Stupid damn annoyances..." said Nitro as he stood up.

"Are we settled? Good! We must make haste! We have found the murderer as it's Mr. Hyde and he is on his way to the northern island to kill his wife and kid!" said Shuten.

"So the crazy scientist's murderous alter-ego is the killer. Biiiiiig shocker.... But at least I have someone to take all of my pent up aggressions on." said Nitro with a pretty sinister smile.

"SCREE!!! That guy is scary..." said Aries hiding behind Yin.

"Tell me about it...he's definitely not one person I rather hang out least Shuten has him in check." said Yin.

"So, he has a family he intends to off. This is quite troubling...we must get there in a hurry." said Rukia.

"Indeed so! So you two guys over there! Stop arguing amongst yourselves now and lets go after that Hyde fellow! You can fight all you want afterwards!" said Shuten.

"Heh but I get to kill that annoying wolf too." said Nitro who was still smirking at Dane.

"NO! No killing! Especially of allies! You need to keep that anger in check my friend!" said Shuten.

"Hmph. You're really no fun despite your attitude..." said Nitro.

"Hell yeah! I am aiming for some fighting as well." said Bowyen.

"I'll be loving a good fight." Jaden says,"Been wanting to make some blood."

"I'll make my helmet even more red hopefully." Jeremiah says.

"Maybe I could steal something that's on Hyde." Joan says.

"You always think about stealing." Indie says,"I'll be the sniper in the background in case you guys need outside support."

"I'll be playing my long flute." Maya says,"Which'll give energy to anyone who needs it if they listen."

"Well if it's happening tonight." John says,"We'll be prepared as wolves."

"Definitely." Jenny says.

Dane was then looking at Nitro,"Despite our differences,I think for now we should work together. But after this,I won't guarantee being friendly with you unless you clean up your dirty act."

"Heh...heh heh heh...I do agree with working together but I do not ever think of cleaning up my dirty act. Heh, a wolf that is a pirate telling a demon pirate to clean up his act. How ridiculous. After this fight I want to make that promise of killing you. That is my guarantee." said Nitro with a stern look.

"'re definitely the most reckless and arrogant man I've ever met. My own father is the only person that puts you to shame in that regard." said Rukia.

"At least we are willing to be allies! Now then, I hereby dub this alliance the Shuten Grand Alliance of Taking Down Mr. Hyde!" said Shuten.

"The...huh?" said Yin with her head tilted.

"The Shuten Grand Alliance of Taking Down Mr. Hyde?" said Summers with a dumbfounded look.

"THAT NAME SOUNDS AMAZING!!!" said Aries with sparkles in his eyes.

"Of course he would put his own name in the title..." said Rukia.

"Thank you my assistant! I just thought of it just now!" said Shuten with a thumbs up and smile.


"Ahhahahah! He does have spirit I give him that!" said Bowyen.

"Gotta say,your cook is one cult of personality." Dane smirks,"Alright,so we're gonna need a plan to take this Hyde guy at. So what do we know as much about Hyde himself?"

"He's some sort of big, hairy, monstrous man that leaves giant footprints in his wake!" said Shuten.

"And that's he's going to the northern-most island that would take him awhile to get there even for him." said Bowyen.

"So we just need to catch up to his ugly ass and kill him before he off's his family? Simple enough just tell me where and I'll be the first to end him!" said Nitro.

"Remember Demon Brat, this is a team effort now. No use going off on your own to get your ass kicked." said Rukia.


"Anywho, should we try to cut him off there and try to take him down then? I feel like he will be quite the opponent if the damage you told us he has done lately is true..." said Yin.

"Didn't that old man say he fought Mr.Hyde and said he was covered in blood himself?" Jeremiah asks.

"Well technically if we cut off the bridge,we could stop him right there." Dane says,"No one could get across then,even us."

"I can fly or simply get on over with my crystal powers." said Nitro.

"I can fly also." said Rukia.

"I'm pretty sure I can LEEEAP my way on over!" said Shuten.

"That's not the point guys. The pain point is to cut off HYDE'S progress so he won't try to get away. As for the blood, indeed we may can sense him out to cut him off!" said Yin.

"Nice thinking Foxy! Guess you can have good ideas as well!" said Nitro.

"I..uh...I'll just take that as a compliment...and please don't call me Foxy..." said Yin.

"So then mutts including you Foxy, how about you do what you do best and sniff out for the bad guy. That way I can beat the hell out of this guy!" said Nitro addressing all the wolf characters.

"You really just like saying shit don't you? You have the arrogance of a Logia alright..." said Rukia.

"Hmph. And the strength of one as well." said Nitro.

"ALRIGHT! YOU ARROGANT DIAMONDBACK! I'LL MAKE SURE TO SLICE YOUR HEAD AFTER THE FIGHT!!" Dane says trying to get at Nitro,but the other men just try to prevent him from so.

"Easy there big guy." Jeremiah says,"Save it for the fight."

"Damn,we're going to need to separate these fools after this." Jaden says.

"Try as might! You can never hurt me! Your rage only makes me stronger you damn mutt!" said Nitro in a mocking matter but is being calmed down by Shuten.

"Now it's not the time to purposely rile up people! We must take action to take down Hyde! Or two innocent lives will be lost!" said Shuten.

"Heh, fine but I do still get first crack at him. Hey Foxy, are you able to sniff them out since the other mutts may lot listen to me?" asked Nitro.

"Well, I mean I am a Kitsune Mink not a Vulpine like Rukia's friend. My nose is a bit on the "eh" side honestly..." said Yin.

"Hmph. Then ask your pet there to sniff him out. He's got that older mutt's blood scene on him and Shuten here has had more interaction with him than anyone so I'm sure he has his sent on him. Sniff Shuten, find Hyde, I kick his ass and save the day." said Nitro.

"D-Dane is not my pet!" said Yin with an angry blush.

"Wait huh? Sniff me? That is quite strange!" said Shuten.

"I did see you carrying his bag earlier and his scent is faintly on you. I can sniff it from here." said Summers.

"Where did Dane go?" Jaden says noticing Dane left.

"I think like he usually does,he'll go by a body of water and meditate there with nature." Joan says.

"The problem is most of us can't smell like wolves till night." John says,"Most of us are werewolves,Dane there is the only wolf mink."

"He is super useless. Baby gets hit with insults and goes off on his own." said Nitro.

"The only wolf Mink you say? Hey Draycen!" shouted Rukia as Draycen suddenly came in.

"Yo! What's up? Needed me captain?" said Draycen.

"Oh yeah...I forgot about you! Where the hell you been lately?" said Nitro.

"Well that drinking from that party yesterday reeeeallly got me worn out so I needed the sleep. So I take it you need me for something?" said Draycen.

"Yeah. We need for you to help track down someone quick." said Rukia.

"By sniffing your's truly!" said Shuten.

"I see. What happened with that other Wolf Mink that was here?" asked Draycen.

"The pup got upset at my insults so he gave himself a timeout." said Nitro.

"Ooooh I wish I had Yang's recklessness so I'd punch you by now!" said Yin.

"Good luck punch a man made of crystal Foxy. Gonna only hurt your fragile hand." said Nitro.

"What the hell has been going on since I was asleep?" said Draycen.

"A lot buddy...a lot..." said Bowyen.

"So let's hope your smelling senses haven't been warped or anything." Jeremiah says.

"We just going with a mink sniffing a man?" Jaden asks.

"Apparently so." John says.

"This is the most interesting plan I had heard yet." Theresa says listening to the crews.

"Don't worry, this isn't the weirdest thing I've done or me." said Draycen as he took a quick sniff of Shuten and picks up Larry's sent on him. "Yeah I'm definitely smelling a wolf off of him and I am helping leading to this other guy with his scent or blood on him?" said Draycen.

"That's right! Larry told us that Hyde should still have the sent of his blood on him and should be able to track already!" said Shuten.

"Alright now it's time for a fucking fight! I'll show that bastard he shouldn't have ever crossed me!" said Nitro.

"You never even actually met him Demon Brat..." said Rukia.

"ANYWAY, the rest of us should be getting going! Other wofie, get on the sent why don't you while the rest of us follow." said Nitro.

Draycen simply looks at Nitro with a blankless expression. "Don't tell me what to do kid." said Draycen.

"Though I would love to see him get ripped a new one, I think we should be going Draycen. We don't want Hyde to hurt anyone." said Rukia.

"You got it captain!" said Draycen.

"But what about Dane?" said Yin.

"I'm sure he will catch up! He can pick up our scents after all." said Bowyen.

"He's just outside." Theresa says,"You can go get him if you want to Yin."

"Will you be coming Theresa?" Jenny asks.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt." Theresa says,"But not without grabbing a picnic basket so we can have dinner after."

"A victory dinner?" Jeremiah asks.

"HELL YEAH!" Jaden says.

"Sure thing. I'll go get him" said Yin as she walked out.

"Alright! Then the Shuten Grand Alliance of Taking Down Mr. Hyde is in session! Afterwards, I help help prepare the Shuten Grand Dinner of Victory!" said Shuten.

"THAT SOUNDS EVEN MORE AWESOME!!!" said Aries with sparkles in his eyes.

"Hell yeah! I want in on that action as well!" said Bowyen.

"Hope there will be booze!" said Draycen with a smile.

"You've had enough today Mr." said Rukia with a smile.

"Ass kicking and feasting! I can get behind that too!" said Summers.

"Every single one of you except for me is going to die...that is a certain..." said Nitro with a deadpan look.

Jeremiah just looks at Nitro and gives him the middle finger.

"Don't do that!" Jenny says,"That's rude."

"Bitch deserves it." Jeremiah says.

Meanwhile,Dane was seen outside practicing his sword skills. He was moving his sword as the speed of the river,slow and smooth. The way he was moving it made it look like a dance with the sword.

"Smooth is skill,and skill is speed." Dane repeats,"Like what Lord Axel said."

"Alright! First kill will be on that bastard!" said Nitro as he marched toward Jeremiah but is quickly stopped my Shuten.

"No fighting amongst ourselves in this alliance! Not even my own captain!" said Shuten.

"Rah...fine but after this is over, I'm getting my kills in..." said Nitro.

"Still makes me wonder who the true captain is.." said Rukia.

"I see you're practicing your sword style as always Dane. Are you alright? I know that guy in there can be a real handful...he acts like Yang's friend Steel but Steel is against killing and shows a lot more concern for others. seems like he has some inner demons and I don't mean that literally." said Yin.

While Dane was practicing,he replies,"I'm fine. It's like you say,he has some inner demons in him,though he is a literal demon as shown in my battle with him. Man,he reminds me of Agravain before he changed." Dane then was looking at a tree and looks back at Yin,"You think you can lift that apple tree and can throw it up for me?"

"A-A whole apple tree? I uh...don't think I'm up to that task unlike Yang." said Yin who was giggling. "But I'd stay away from Nitro if I were you. He's the type that'll say "I'll kill you" and is serious about it.

"Ok." Dane says as he then hops to the tree. He then kicks the tree out of its roots and into the air. Dane then hops up to the sky to get even with it in the air. And with his buster sword,he split the tree up into logs like he was cutting sushi.

Dane then drops back down to the ground while the logs fell back to the earth and says,"I want to train you to become about as powerful you can be. You want to try to rival Yang don't you? If you want to,I can train you since I'm apparently the most powerful in the crew. And we can train...during or after we have a kid." He says with a little grin to Yin.

"Heh heh you're still thinking of that huh? I definitely done mine as I should be stronger anyway. I doubt I'll catch up to Yang anytime soon but I do not want to be far behind him!" said Yin with determination in her voice.

"Exactly." Dane says,"And I'll help you!" He then kisses Yin,the two just standing there together silently for a few seconds.

"I guess we should get ready." Dane says.

"Indeed so before Mr. Grumpy Pants gets even more uptight..." said Yin.

"YOOOOOOOO!!!! You two-a ready! This Alliance is about to get underway!" said Shuten who suddenly appeared beside them.

"EEK!!! Whoa you scared me for a second suddenly appeared out of nowhere." said Yin who caught her breath.

"Sorry about that miss! It is quite the habit of me to quickly appear in to announce things." said Shuten.

"That's alright glad you're so polite about it though unlike your captain..." said Yin.

"Don't mind him. Honestly, he had a rough childhood. That doesn't excuse his actions as he may need to get knocked around a bit! But I promise you he doesn't really mean anything he says!" said Shuten.

"I don't know...he does seem very antagonistic but i'm glad you told us that." said Yin.

"Anytime miss! Now we should be going! We don't want this beast, Mr. Hyde not myself, to kill more innocents right?" said Shuten.

"Of course not! Let's go!" said Yin who was also nodding to Dane.

"Yes honey." Dane says,"We running to the place or what? I thought that would be a long run?"

"Indeed so! I will gather everyone now!" said Shuten as he runs inside to get the others.

You Can Run, but You Can't Hyde

Shuten has gathered everyone outside and is prepared to make his speech.

"Alright my friends and fellow allies! We are about ready to confront the dangerous Mr. Hyde! He is quite the foe to have hurt the strongest werewolf in the world so we must do our best to take him out together! I know some of us here aren't quite friendly with each other but we must put aside our differences for today until this criminal is taken out! Draycen would be in the lead since he has Terry's scent on him which Hyde is covered with his blood!" said Shuten.

"I got this! I'll make sure we're lead the right way!" said Draycen who was readying himself.

"So we're seriously going to run there huh?" said Summers.

"Of course! I am sure we are all super fast! Plus, this is the best way!" said Shuten.

"I guess we have no other options. I could use the workout." said Summers.

"I'm riding on Sir's back!" said Aries as he grabs onto Shuten's back.

"Oooh...I'm getting pretty happy about this! If you want you can ride on my back if you want Creasy!" said Kano to Creaser.

"That is not necessary..." said Creaser who suddenly transformed into his feral kitsune form that towers over most people. "Just try to keep up." said a suddenly more stern Creaser.

"....I think I'm in love..." said Kano with a blank expression on her face.

"Alright! I think we are ready to take off guys! Draycen! On my mark we take off! Ready...set...GO!!!" shouted Shuten who gave the signal.

"RIIIIIGHT!!!" shouted Draycen who took off like a rocket leaving a could of dust behind.

"He is quite fast! But I am faster! HERE I GOOOOOO!!!" shouted Shuten who took off at equal speed behind Draycen.


"Time to kick some ass!" shouted Nitro as he turned his lower body into crystals and flew off after them.

"Fighting is all you can think of." said Rukia who turned into her hybrid form and took off after the group as well.

"Whoa! Wait up Rukia! You better get on Bowyen." said Summers who shifted into her full liger form and told Bowyen to hop on and they both take off.

"Y-Yikes! I never experienced this before!" shouted Bowyen.

"Keep up." said Creaser who suddenly bolted off in a trail of fire behind him.

"HEEEEEY!!! GET BACK HERE!!!! DON'T LEAVE ME BEHIND!!!" shouted Kano who followed behind as well.

"Wow...they are quite the fast ones. Are you ready as well Dane? I may have to take my full Quin form to keep up with all of you as well." said Yin.

"Yeah,I'm ready." Dane says with a little grin. He then kisses Yin and then darts off to catch up to Dracyen and Shuten,"You think I can't catch y'all?"

"HEY WAIT FOR ME!!!" Lotus says chasing with Kano and Creaser.

"Well,it's time for us to." John says to Jenny with a smile.

"Yes it is." Jenny says as they both notice the moon has come out in the night.

John,Jenny,and Jaden all transform into their werewolf forms and then howl onto the night. They then run with their superhuman speed that is applied to being a werewolf.

"HEY YOU THREE FURRIES!!" Jeremiah yells to the three,"Y'ALL LEFT ME!!"

"Hey Red Mask Man." Maya speaks to Jeremiah,"Need a ride?" She says as her bubble that she sits on turns into a fast bubble car. Maya then was on the driver side of the bubble and opens the door for Jeremiah to get in.

"Uhh Sure." Jeremiah says as he enters the bubble,"This is quite the transportation isn't it?"

"I only use it when I need to be on high speeds." Maya says.

"Let me hop on!" Theresa says entering the bubble car with them.

The car then starts and catches up to the rest of the crews.

"Y'all can do your stuff." Indie says,"I have Steam Rockets!" She says as some type of gadget on her ankles goes of and sends her flying with great speed because of the heat of the steam.

"Whoa! You're quite fast there Dane!" said Shuten.

"I'd say to you as well. For a human, you're like a speeding bullet!" said Draycen laughing.

"Oi. Furface, how long is it going to take to get there?" said Nitro who was talking to Draycen. However, Draycen angrily ignores him. "Useless. Hey Shuten, can you ask that bastard then?"

"Can do! So how long is it to Mr. Hyde Draycen?" asked Shuten politely.

"Not that far away. We're about halfway there. I can sense him on the move but we will catch up to him in no time." said Draycen.

"Good. The sooner we get to him, the quicker we can off him!" said Nitro.

"He is supposed to be very strong. I don't think that will be easy even if the goal is to "off" him." said Rukia.

"In any case, we need to at least get to him before he hurts other people!" said Yin who was not too far behind.

"Right so! We must get there at full speed! The Shuten Grand Alliance of Stopping Mr. Hyde is a go!!!" shouted Shuten.

"STILL a dumb name!" said Nitro.


As they were going,Mr.Hyde was skipping along the road in a suit and top hat. As he passes by in the forest,the leaves would fly away from him as even they looked scared of the man of evil.

"Hippity-Hoppity boo!" Mr.Hyde says as he skips along,the giant of a man that can barely fit in that suit he was wearing. He had the looks of a sasquatch,big and furry. But it looked like Mr.Hyde took a little shave before he entered. But his face looked ugly as only even Jekyll's mother wouldn't recognize him.

He then notices the giant bridge in front of him. The mile-long bridge was only made of rope and wood. The bridge swayed along the wind that directed it. The bridge looked centuries-old,showing signs of wear and tons of use. Mr.Hyde just skips onto the bridge without any concern.

"Time to go meet some family!" He kept skipping and singing to himself as the bridge was lowering thanks to his massive weight. If any heavier,that bridge might snap in two. But it seemed luck was on Mr.Hyde's side as he started walking through the bridge.

"Hey! I think I see something up ahead!" said Draycen as he looks ahead.

"Huh? You mean that beast?" said Shuten spotting Hyde up ahead.


"Damn he is only ugly has hell muterfucker that's for sure..." said Nitro.

"So that is Mr. Hyde...he is quite the looker isn't he?" said Rukia sarcastally.

"No one not going to comment how fucking HUGE he is!?" said Summers.

"Well...those journal entries weren't lying about his height..." said Bowyen.

"I have picked up that he is going to see his family. We must hurry." said Creaser.

"Oooh! You are so cute now that you're more assertive!" said Kano.

"Indeed so!" Lotus says.

"Anyone questioning why he's skipping like a child?" Jeremiah says,"Or is it just me?"

"He has the look of pure evil." Dane says,"If evil had a look."

"And the heart of a child." Jenny says looking at Hyde.

"Look how long that bridge is though." Maya says,"That has to be at least a mile long."

"Me and other gunners can stay here toward that boulder." Indie says as she hovers above the ground with her steam ankle rockets.

"So what do we do now? Do we rush that bastard?" said Draycen.

"I think that is risky. That beast is quite heavy he may collapse the bridge underneath." said Shuten.

"Then I'll go on. I can fly at least and you idiots would just get in my way." said Nitro as he flew off ahead to confront Mr. Hyde up close. "So you're that monster form of that mad scientist from yesterday. Not much of an improvement but none the less. I'm here to kick your ass." said Nitro cracking his knuckles.

"That fool is going to get himself it wrong I feel happy?" said Rukia.

"Eh? Who's this pesky fly?" Hyde says looking above him,seeing Nitro."And how can a pussy like Jekyll even be compared to me? I'm the Ultimate Form of EVIL! You should be bowing before me before I kill you with my own hands."

"He sounds very prideful by the sound of it." Dane says hearing Hyde.

"I'll be trying to get withing range of the bridge." Maya says,"That way as we keep sneaking,you guys can be restored with energy."

"Yeah." Dane says,"Let's just slowly sneak in while Nitro is distracting him." He says as he slowly creeps toward the bridge,it was a lot like his time as a hunter in Chau. When he and his dad would hunt the wildlife there for food.

"It is time to show you guys why I am the beast of the Nitro Pirates!" said Shuten as he suddenly started to move around in quick steps but very quietly to not make a sound.

"Wow, this guy is like a ninja the way he moves and how quiet he is about it." said Draycen.

"Ooh...a Ninja Detective! That's coool!" shouted Aries but Yin suddenly covers his mouth gently.

"Shh...don't want to alert the monster man right?" said Yin with a smile.

"Bow? HAH! Like I will bow before some ugly piece of trash like you! Bastards like you deserve to be buried alive never to come back!" said Nitro as he raises his arm up. "How about you just stand still and let me end that pathetic life of yours?! Jemu Shawa! (Jem Shower)" Shouted Nitro as he releases a bunch of sharp crystals toward Mr. Hyde.

"And the idiot made the first move. How reckless of him." said Rukia.

"Pathetic? Bah! The night is still young." Hyde says as he dodges the first few crystals. He then grabs one of the last crystals and throws it back at Nitro,"How 'bout a taste of yer own medicine."

"Did he just grabbed one of Nitty's crystals and thrown it back at him?" Jeremiah notices.

"Yup." Dane says,"A man of strength as promised we see."

Nitro simply lets his own crystal pass right through him. "Doesn't going to work on me you bastard! But damn he can move fast for a freak..." said Nitro.

"He is quite the agile one. Hey! Where do you think you going you beast!? Trying to kill your own wife and child?!" shouted Rukia as she flew over Mr. Hyde hoping to serve as a distraction as well.

"Go away Dragon Bitch! I got this!" shouted Nitro.

"No, you don't Demon Brat. He clearly has you beat in physical confrontation and your crystals mean nothing to him if he can simply dodge and catch them. He can most likely shatter them easily as well." said Rukia.

"Who is this girl?" Hyde says noticing Rukia,"Oooh, a dragon girl. Mind if I chain ya up and we can have fun later after I take care if Diamondboy." He says as he jumps up in the air and gives a punch into Nitro's abdomen. He then falls back and swings around the bridge like he was a monkey.

"Gah! The hell this bastard is fast..." said Nitro trying to get himself up.

"Pass...I have no interest in a monster thank you." said Rukia.

"Hey! I'm not done yet you bastard! All I have to do is catch you with my creeping crystal and you're as good as crystalized!" said Nitro as he charged toward Hyde once more with his right arm covered in his Creeping Crystals.

"What are those crystals?" Hyde says,"But I'm not interested in them touching me." He says as he jumps over Nitro and lands back on the bridge and starts running toward Rukia,"You're mine bitch!" He says as he jumps up to the air to attempt to snatch Rukia.

"Fuck! Why is he so fast?!" shouted Nitro.

"Shit he is a quick bastard..." said Rukia.

However, suddenly, Shuten and Draycen jump in at Hyde with flying kicks at them.

"Don't you dare touch my captain!!!" shouted Draycen.

"He is quite the savage isn't he?" said Shuten.

"Huh? New Guys keep popping in like rabbits!" Hyde says as he gets hit by the flying kicks. He lands back on the bridge,the weight of Hyde falling and Shuten and Draycen just make the bridge bend even more,it was miraculous that the bridge didn't collapse.

"And you're sure to be in for another one." Dane says as he's on the entrance of the bridge,"Only way out is that mile long way ahead." He says with his buster sword out.

"Quite so quite so! I can easily jump back up here trust me so falling isn't a problem for me! But it is for you if you don't come quietly and turn yourself in.." said Shuten who was cracking his knuckles.

"Of course, escaping won't be an option here." said Draycen who was doing the same before taking his own blade out.

"Ah,you a swordsman also?" Dane says.

"I have no interest in getting away from you guys." Hyde says in pride,"I shall kill and murder you all like my past and future kills. None of you seem worthy to challenge such evil as I?"

"Does it look like we care?" Dane says as he sends a sword beam at Hyde.

Hyde jumps over the sword beam and lands in front of Dane and gives Dane a handful of punches and says,"Does it look like you'll win. No."

"Get your filthy hands of our crewmate!" Indie says firing a bullet off of her rifle.

Hyde sees the bullet and takes the bullet and holds it in his teeth."Wait there's more of ya hiding?"

"She was not supposed to do that!" Dane says thinking while Hyde was on top of him.

"Super Leg of Fuuurry!!" shouted Shuten as he does a spin kick toward Hyde.

"Crap, now he knows the others are out and about. Go time!" shouted Draycen as he also charged toward Hyde behind Shuten.

"Don't write me out bastards! I'll turn you into crystal! Furry bastards get out of my way!" Shouted Nitro as he sent a wave of crystals toward everyone.

"Reckless idiot...Friendly fire is not what he need now!" shouted Rukia toward Nitro.

Hyde sees the crystals coming at him and dodges them. He grabs some of the crystals and starts throwing more at Rukia,"I got my eyes on you girl!"

"How about on me?!" Jenny says as she delivers a hard left hook to Hyde. Hyde not being observant didn't see Jenny coming in and attacking him. He gets up from being stunned and says,"Another wolf? Man so many women. I shall take you all to my house tonight!" He says with a wide grin.

"Damn he's so creepy." Jeremiah says.

Rukia was able to ward off the crystals with her sword. "Bah...this guy is annoying. Hey Demon Brat! You're the most useless here because of your damn crystals can hurt us as well! Just stand back for now!" shouted Rukia to Nitro.

"Like hell I'm doing what you say!!!" shouted Nitro as he took out his sword and it bursted with his blue flame. "Fine! No crystals then, I'll just slice and burn his ass!" shouted Nitro has he charged toward Hyde once more.

"Captain! That is too dangerous! Please let me take him on!" said Shuten.

"Dammit Shuten, I'M the captain here after all!" shouted Nitro as he charged toward Hyde.

Hyde gives out a hearty laugh seeing Nitro coming at him. With haki,Hyde just delivers a hard punch to Nitro's stomach,knocking Nitro down to the ground,"Y'all's pride is what will be your doom! If anyone shall be boastful,it is I,Mr.Edward Hyde;and I shall beat you all!"

"How about beating a man with not so normal claws?" Jaden says swinging onto the bridge and attacking Hyde by using his metahuman claws that stabbed Hyde into his back.

"ARRGH!!" Hyde growls feeling the pain.

"If I want to,I can twist those claws and make your guts into mush." Jaden says.

"Thing is you won't!" Hyde says pulling the claws out from his back and giving a belly to belly suplex to Jaden. Jaden lands and falls through the wooden rope bridge. Jaden luckily uses his claws as a tool to grab into the rock of the island,hanging on by the claws.

"Phew.That was close!" Jaden says as he starts climbing back up.

Shuten was spinning around on the ground before suddenly flying at Hyde's back with a kick with Haki imbued into it. "Try this one out for size! My Super Special Beast Bash!" shouted Shuten.

"AGH!!!" Hyde says as he was hit by it,amplifying the pain in his back,"Now that just makes me mad!"

"I should consider getting involved in this fight." Theresa says watching,"His observation haki skills aren't the best."

"Why would you want to fight ma'am?" John says watching also,"No offense but do you know anything besides flowers and cooking."

"Well there's spinning the wool,sewing,laundry,farming,and martial arts." Theresa replies.

"Well that sounds like an expected....wait? martial arts?" John says.

"Whoa! That is quite unexpected!" said Bowyen.

Nitro was also coughing up some blood as he got up. "S-Screw that bastard...How the hell someone like that has access to Haki?" said Nitro.

"Maybe you should sit this out. Clearly your subornate has much more of a handle of this." said Rukia.

"Grr..." simply growled Nitro.

Shuten slides backwards a bit. "You are quite the worthy opponent! It's too bad you're a murderous monster or I would've asked if you wanted to be sparring partners!" said Shuten.

"HA! I wouldn't need sparring partners,it's either you're killing or you're not." Hyde says,"And I can tell you,my mind is set in killing!"

"Then kill me." Theresa says with a sudden superkick right at Hyde's chin. Hyde then flies across the bridge and lands on it,breaking some of the platforms of the bridge.

"You should be glad it was my boot and not my heels." Theresa says with a calm voice,"If so,the heel would've gone through your jaw and into your skull,an instant death then."

Hyde just spits out some blood and then replies,"Not too bad for a girl,though don't you look like a person that should be back at the kitchen?"

"Like what my master says,Fly like a butterfly,sting like a bee!" Theresa says,"And that the female spiders are known to eat the males."

"Damn she has quite the power..." said Rukia in amazement.

"Ayeeeee! So strong! That woman is strong Sir! Huh?" said Aries as he notices Shuten's body starting to steam. "AH!!! What's wrong?!"

"Don't worry my assistant! I'm just getting fired up is all! This is my Second State and I am about to make a statement alright! Hang on!" shouted Shuten as he suddenly disappeared for a second and appeared right in front of Hyde in a flash.

"Damn he's fast...I blinked and he was already there!" said Draycen.

"Now BURNING BREAK!!!" shouted Shuten as he sent a punch so fast and strong toward Hyde it actually ignited on fire.

"ARRGH!!" He says as he gets hit by the punch,sending him through the platforms of the bridge. He grabs hold of the rope of the bridge and swings around it like a monkey. Also ending up balancing himself on it.

"Not some bad punches or fighters." Hyde says,"I like bushy brows here,he looks like the most worthy opponent."

"Unless you're looking for round two." Talbot says walking toward the fight in the bridge in his human form.

"Wait,aren't you a werewolf?" Jenny asks,"Shouldn't you be in your wolf form?"

"A 114 year old werewolf that can control when he transforms." Larry says as he's walking. And within seconds,he was from his human form to his wolf form. For a man over a hundred years old,he looked very muscular in his wolf form. His eyes glowed an eerie yellow. And he had 4 canine fangs that came out of his mouth.

"Ah Finally a worthy opponent." Hyde says,"Our battle will be legendary!"

"Out of the way kids!" Larry says as he pounces to Hyde and starts slashing at Hyde,"Let the old man teach."

The two then battle it out on the bridge. Larry being on the offensive most of the time and punching the creature. While Hyde sometimes dodges and fights back sometimes like a monkey.

"So this is the most powerful werewolf in this world." Dane says,"Wonder what makes him powerful."

"Whoa! He is quite strong isn't he? Glad I am seeing his might up close in person!" said Shuten.

"I agree! He is completing whaling on that guy!" said Draycen.

"So, nobody isn't going to comment that old furry bastard basically broke out of prison?" said Nitro with a deadpan look.

"Hey, yeah! He must have broken out or something! He didn't kill all those guards there like he mentioned right?" said Summers.

"Might need to ask him later." Jeremiah says,"Till then let's see this fight,ish."

Hyde was then seen coating his arm in haki and then attempts to punch Larry Talbot. The punch is delivered,but it left barely a mark on Talbot.

"Seems my haki is stronger than yours." Larry says as the then grabs Hydes arm that was still there in the punch. Larry then snaps the arm in and then snaps it back out,causing great pain for Hyde.

"I can finish this fight now." Larry says,"But I guess I'll let you all toy with him." He says as he jumps out of the bridge and onto the island's ground.

"Man I cringed from seeing that attack...ouch..." said Bowyen who was rubbing his own arm in response.

"Bah. You're just too soft to do so. Strongest werewolf in the world my ass. I'll finish off this freak myself." said Nitro who finally then activates his more demon powers. "I am the strongest here you bastard! I will be the one to finish you off!" shouted Nitro.

"The guy can take as much of a punishment as much he can run his mouth..." said Draycen with a deadpan look.

"Don't worry! I will use this opportunity to take him out! Maybe we can at least knock him out and revert him back to Jeykll instead?" asked Shuten.

"NO! HE DIES NOW!!! CRYSTAL CURRENT!!!" shouted Nitro as he sent an intense wave of crystals toward Hyde that was also slicing through the surrounding areas as they move forward.

"Yikes! He's bringing out the big guns!" said Shuten.

"Be careful to not cut off that bridge." Larry says,"The bridge is already damaged enough,any more and we might cut it off."

Hyde gets hit by some of the crystals and slips around the bridge while trying to dodge the crystals attacking him.

"I shall give you all new energy." Maya says as she plays her long flute. Everyone was able to hear the flute being played. Th sound of her soft,yet beautiful song gave some of the fighters new energy.

"Thanks ma'am." Talbot says,"I feel like 20 again."

"Hehe thank you sir." Maya says.

"Miss Rukia." Dane says,"I think you should get a hit in."

"Hey little bat buddy." John says to Aires,"We're both archers,why not we fire a rain of arrows at this monster?"

"Indeed so. I was trying not to rush in carelessly and destroy more of the bridge. Alright then, time for me to finally get an attack in!" said Rukia as she holds her sword over her head and it charges up with energy. "Dragon's Slice!" shouted Rukia as she sent a sword beam in the shape of a dragon claw toward Hyde.

"Whoa! That's some good energy there!" said Shuten.

"Sure thing! Time for me to show Sir that he isn't the only fighter here!" said Aries as he flew over Shuten's head and readied his bow toward Hyde. "I may be young but my arrow skills are definitely awesome if I can say!" said Aries as he then shoots a bunch of arrows toward Hyde.

"Same my archer buddy!" John says as he starts making a rain of arrows fall before Hyde with Aires's arrows also.

"Oogh Aagh!" Hyde says as he got hit by Rukia's sword beam. He then had a riddle of arrows hit all across him.

"Looks like he can be nearly finished." Talbot says.

"I'll finish him." Dane says as he step across. He points his buster sword at Hyde,and make about three large slices that sliced through the air itself while hitting Hyde.

Hyde was about to fall into the ocean far below them until Larry jumps onto the bridge and throws Hyde into the island. And as Talbot jumped back onto the land,the rope from the bridge finally gave and the bridge fell down to the other end of the bridge.

"We did it." Jenny says,"We took out the murderer."

"Quite so! This alliance was quite the team I tell you! No doubt about it!" said Shuten with a smile.

"And now that bastard is taken out, we are no longer in this dumb alliance. I might need a rabies shot being around all you mutts for so long." said Nitro dusting himself off.

"I think it's time we kick this guys ass!" said Draycen but he was being held back by Summers and Bowyen.

"Relax Draycen! He isn't worth it!" said Summers.

"Yeah! We can celebrate with some home cooking from yours truly later!" said Bowyen.

"Just ignore the Demon Brat. We need to stay focus on what to do with that man over there." said Rukia as she points to Mr. Hyde.

"At least he won't be hurting anyone for now. What do we do with him?" asked Yin.

"I am thinking he should be turning back to Jekyll soon..." said Shuten who got closer to Hyde's fallen body.

"Ahh! He's so scary this close up!" said Aries who went back to Shuten's back.

"A pretty ugly bastard if I say so." Jaden says,"I should stab him more."

"No need to." Jenny says,"He looks like he's changing now."

"Then I want to see him first." Larry says as he changes back to his human form,"His human form might not be able to take on that much wounds. I know how to take care of some wounds,but are there doctors in any of your crews?"

"I can stitch wounds together." Theresa says,"Been that I've done it before to people." She then pulls out a sewing kit nearby and starts to take care of it.

"I can help as well. I have healing potions on standby." said Creaser who was still serious as he helps heal up the stitches.

"Whoa! Didn't know you were a doc Creaser!" said Kano.

"Yeah. I was taught by a certain someone. Can't say." said Creaser.

"Despite his depressive nature, Creaser is quite the doctor." said Rukia.

"Man...this fucking day has been something else. I need a damn rest..." said Nitro.

"I HATE to agree with him but I am tired as well." said Yin.

The Irony of the arrest of a good man

"Well you guys won't rest until I say so." Gajetto says walking toward the group. He comes walking with his hands in his dark jacket and a cigarette in his mouth. He blended in darkly in the shadows with his dark clothes.

"Oh it's the detective." Jeremiah says.

"He smells like a marine." Jaden says,"And I don't like marines."

"Where's your panther girl sidekick?" Jeremiah asks.

"She's at her home sleeping." Gajetto says relighting his cigarette,"It's past her curfew according to her parents."

"The hell why a kid is a detective in the first place..." said Nitro.

"I thought you'd be around Detective Gajetto." said Shuten.

"As you can see, we got the real criminal right here. He was a pain in the ass to deal with." said Nitro.

Gajetto ignores Shuten and Nitro for a moment to say hello to Larry,"Hello Larry,how'd the escape go?"

"Not too hard." Larry says,"Just had to break through the walls and run out of there."

"Yeah." Gajetto says,"Most prisons would be too easy for ya."

"Wait,you ain't going to arrest him?" Maya says.

"I told him to escape." Gajetto says,"It'll just be covered up as a villainous escape according to the public. And if any information comes out,I'll make sure it doesn't come out too high."

"Wow, you're like the shittiest detective around. I'm pretty sure it's against the law to allow your suspects to escape like that. You should be freaking fired." said Nitro in a serious tone.

"That is quite careless of you. Maybe you knew he was innocent? I don't're a strange man." said Rukia.

"Heh, that was just some ordinary prison. I heard the ones of Impel Down are much tougher than that." said Bowyen.

"Well, he did ended up helping us out big time so the much thanks for letting him escape!" said Shuten with his thumbs up and smile. "And you can say that this case is closed!"

"Yes! I think we'll be real Ace Attorneys one day!" said Aries.

"I think you mean "Ace Detectives" Aries." said Yin with giggle.

"I knew he was innocent." Gajetto says,"His blood results came in a bit after his breakout;None of it had the Mayor's blood in it. But even before that thanks to that guy I was able to solve this case quickly." He says pointing to Shuten.

"All in a days work for Detective Shuten!" said Shuten as he suddenly had his detective's hat and pipe.

"Again, STILL not a Detective. Never have, never will." said Nitro.

"Hey! I helped too! I'm his assistant after all!" said Aries with a proud face.

"Heh, yeah assisted him by being a total coward passing out to a brain in a jar." said Nitro with a smirk.

"SCREE?!? Oh...." said Aries with a dejected look.

Suddenly Rukia can be seen holding back Yin.

"LET ME GO! HE MADE ARIES SAD!!" shouted Yin trying to get at Nitro.

"C-Calm down! The Demon Brat isn't worth it! Man you're hanging around your husband a lot huh?" said Rukia.

"Of course she would." Dane says holding on to Yin too,"She's my wife you know."

"Fair point." said Rukia with a smile.

"Rah! Dammit let me go!" said Yin still trying to get to Nitro.

"Now he sounds like Mr. Yang!" said Aries.

"Wow Nitro you are quite popular with the ladies!" said Shuten missing the point.

"Heh, of course. You can say they can't keep their hands off of me. Literally." said Nitro.

"I can't wait to leave out of this mess. I'd like to get away from you as much as possible." said Rukia to Nitro.

"Language honey." Dane says as he tries to hold on to Yin. He then decides to pick up Yin and holds her over his arms,"I love you two honey."

Gajetto then looks back to Jekyll,who was now back in his human looks. A lot of scratches and wounds were transited from Hyde to Jekyll.

"Looks like y'all took out this man alright." Gajetto comments,"But I would need him alive."

"He's alive don't worry." Theresa says,"Thanks to me and the fox man here."

"Wake him up then." Gajetto says,"I need to arrest him."

"Sure. HEY WAKE UP YOU MONSTROUS BASTARD!!! RISE AND SHINE!!!" shouted Nitro as he started to kick Mr. Hyde over and over.

"Sigh...we just healed him up too..." said Creaser.

"What? It's not like my attacks earlier did anything to him! I'm just trying to give him a shock!" said Nitro.

"A shock huh? Maybe that could work..." said Draycen as he used a bit of Electro on Mr. Hyde to try to wake him up.

"Ah. A sort of electric jumpstart. Good idea Draycen." said Rukia.

"Hey! He wouldn't have used it if I didn't unintentionally said it!" said Nitro.

"AGH WHAT! WHERE AM I???" Jekyll would scream being woken up by shock and seeing the people around him."I-I-I-I was at my apartment,did you guys kidnapped me?" He said trying to act innocent.

"Dr.Henry Jekyll." Gajetto says forcing Jekyll up,"I am hereby arresting you for the murder of Mayor Boddy."

"H-H-How?" Jekyll asks,"I have no clue what you're talking about."

"We have plenty of evidence against you." Gajetto says,"Kids,why not show him the evidence?"

"I take it you mean this journal entry? It has all the details of your testings word for word!" said Shuten holding up the copies of it.

"And then there was the fact you had that old mutt's blood on you. I take it that it's still there." said Nitro.

"You really didn't do a good work cleaning up after yourself in general. Fact of the matter is, you're quite screwed here." said Yin.

"And you also in this journal known about you turning into a monster." Lotus says.

"Yeah,sounds like you're screwed." Jeremiah says.

"MAN!" Jekyll says,"I really am screwed."

"I'm taking you now!" Gajetto says as he takes Jekyll with him.

"I love the world government,I didn't want them to know this." Jekyll defends,"I could've gotten away with this if it wasn't for you meddling kids!"

"Kids? I am no kid! I am a man!" said Shuten.

"Me neither." said Yin.

"Or me." said Rukia.

"Not me either." said Nitro.

"Yes you are." said both Rukia and Yin.

"I'm a man too!" said Aries with a smile.

"Aww but you're a baby though!" said Yin playfully.

"Nooooooooot a baby!" said Aries with a pout.

"Hope that bastard gets locked up for a long time. He fucking deserves it." said Nitro.

Gajetto was about to leave with Jekyll,but then remembers something. He walks back to the crews and then says,"Before I leave,I would think that some people will ask me if I've been with you pirates. I will say I haven't even heard of you guys. Also,Larry,there's a ship leaving tomorrow morning at one of the ports. I think it's best you get out as soon as possible,because despite I told you to escape,the police and marines are still after you."

"Understood." Larry says.

"That guy ended up being pretty nice after all! Letting us pirates go like that!" said Shuten with a smile.

"We did help catch the bad guy after all." said Yin.

"Hell yeah! This calls for a good victory meal I say!" said Bowyen.

"AHH!!! I STILL DIDN"T GET MY APPLE PIE!!!" shouted Aries.

"Don't worry, you'll get some soon." said Rukia.

As everyone was talking and having a good time, Nitro can be seen casually walking over toward Gajetto and whispers something to him.

"That's what they think...once I get enough resources, I'm taking all those bastards in. I'm an agent of SWORD after all." said Nitro.

Gajetto only nods and walks away with Jekyll as he walks back into the town.

Dane though looks back at Nitro,as if he senses something in Nitro that he didn't like. Dane then looks back to his wife and crew and smiles.

"Don't worry little bat." Theresa says,"There is a giant pie waiting for all of us back at the mill."

"Perhaps then we should go back for the mill." Joan says,"It is late after all."

"And I for one would like to sleep in the bed of flowers again." Dane says,"Especially with what me and Yin have planned." He grins.

"Ahhh." Jenny and John then giggle,"Good luck with it then."

"Follow me then." Theresa says,"Giant Apple Pie coming up!"

"Yay! Finally gonna get that apple pie!!!" said Aries as he was flying around happily in circles.

"Glad you will Aries! And right Daney" said Yin with a smile as well.

Nitro finally heads back with the group.

"Where have you been. I saw you talking over that detective earlier." said Rukia.

"I was asking where he was sending that bastard. He mentioned something about a special cell I guess." said Nitro.

"Hmm alright then. Kinda weird to ask." said Rukia.

"I could use some sleep on the bed of flowers as well!" said Shuten.

"I just need some time to myself. This day was fucking insane." said Nitro.

The Farewell to Friends

The Next Morning

Dane wakes up the morning with Yin next to him in the flower bed. He woke up pretty sore thanks to all the running and fighting he did last night. He looks down and in between him and Yin was Aires sleeping happily with apple pie crumbs all over his face. Dane gives out a smile looking back seeing Aires and Yin sleeping like they were.

"Morning Dane." Maya was heard at the river,"You're one of the first up."

"Who's all up?" Dane says.

"Well me and Theresa are right now cleaning the laundry in the river here." Maya says as she and Theresa were in the river cleaning clothes along it."And I believe the cooks are cooking breakfast already."

"Thanks." Dane says,"I guess I should get up then."

John and Jenny were nearby sleeping on another flower bed. They were back in their normal human forms thanks to it being the day. Jaden was on a tree sleeping in the branches,and Larry was sleeping on top of the windmill in his wolf form.

"Now how did that old man get up there?" Dane says looking up at Larry.

Nitro was seen on the opposite end of them looking at something.

"Morning Nitro! What you are you looking at?" said Shuten.

"Oh. Just that idiot Jekyll's entries. To think he thought he could make a potion that gives humans sulong to the World Government. What a joke." said Nitro as he encases it in crystal.

"Well, you never know it could've work. Science can do everything you know!" said Shuten.

"Now you're an Ace Scientist now or something?" said Nitro.

"You never seem to be in a good mood aren't you?" said Rukia as she got up as well.

"Don't need to be. At least we're finally done with this stupid place so we can leave. I think I'll be smelling like mutt for awhile now." said Nitro.

"And I think if I see another crystal in my life, I'll go mad..." said Draycen.

"Anyone looking for a cook?" Theresa asks,"Cause I'm thinking of joining one of you guys. But it seems that two crews already have one."

"We're looking for one I believe." Indie says,"The Yin Pirates I'm meaning."

"We are looking for one also!" Lotus says,"We'll be glad as the Red Pirates to have you as our cook."

"Oh my." Theresa giggles,"Looks like I need to make a choice."

"How about we flip for it?" Joan says,"I stole some money from Hyde,or Jekyll whoever he is."

"How much did he have?" Jeremiah asks.

"About 400,000 berries." Joan says counting the money,"This was all he had in his apartment."

"When did you go to his apartment?" Jeremiah asks.

"Late last night." Joan says,"Helps being a skunk too,any peekers can get away from me."

"You sound more like a petty criminal than a pirate." said Nitro.

"But aren't pirates-" said Shuten before he is cut off by Nitro.

"You know what I meant." said Nitro.

"Oh wow I forgot that we needed a cook for our crew." said Yin who was blushing embarrassingly.

"Hey! You need someone to cook your meals after all! Plus she is pretty good in the kitchen huh Shuten?" said Bowyen.

"You know it my fellow chef!" said Shuten as they both give each other thumbs up and smiles to one another.

"Then let's flip it." Theresa says.

"I guess who shall call it?" Jenny asks.

"You two of course." Dane says pointing to Yin and Jenny.

"Oh us?" Jenny says blushing,"Do you want to call to call it or me?"

"I will call heads if you want tails Jenny?" said Yin.

"Sure!" Jenny says,"Tails it is."

"Alright then." Joan says. She then flips the coin where it lands on the floor. They looked down at the floor to see the coin with tails showing up.

"It is tails." Dane says.

"Looks like you're coming with us!" Jaden says.

"I guess I won." Jenny says.

"Cool!" Theresa says,"Sorry guys." She says to the Yin Pirates,"I'm sure the little bat wanted me to join. But here is a recipe of the apple pie once you guys find a cook." She says giving a little paper slip to them.

"Thanks." Dane says receiving the recipe.

"Yay! I get to at least eat pies!" said Aries.

"Remember you can't eat the slip! It's not made of apple pies!" said Yin with a giggle.

"I know that!" said Aries with a pout.

"I'm sure you will enjoy eating all of those pies each time!" said Shuten.

"Awww...Sir I'm gonna miss ya when we leave. I hope we see each other again!" said Aries who did Shuten's smile and attempted thumbs up but with a claw instead.

"Indeed so! Our future meeting will be grand!" said Shuten doing the same thing.

"I think I may be able to help you look for a cook." Theresa says to Yin and Dane.

"A doctor too?" Dane asks,"We'll be looking for one also."

"I could possibly help with that also." Theresa says,"I have a friend of mine that lives on an island that is known for cows that can make any flavor of milk you want. She's considered a metahuman since she is born as a cow humink with these such genes of making any flavored milk."

"Like what type of flavored milk?" Dane asks.

"Well there's your regular milk of course." Theresa says,"But they can also produce chocolate,strawberry,caramel,dark chocolate,and even coffee flavored."

"That sounds interesting." Dane says,"I guess we should meet this cook."

"She is a great friend of mine." Theresa says,"She is known for her giant ice creams she makes."

"Oh? Another humink huh? It will be nice to have another for our crew!" said Yin.

"Ooooooohhhh......those milks sound delicious....." said Aries who was drooling from the mouth.

"So how about the doctor as well?" asked Yin.

"Well he lives on another island." Theresa says,"Filled with giant forestry,it's a little island that has elves and humans living together. He's an elf I knew in my travels with my family. You could say we had a little relationship together once."

"Ok." Dane says,"How good of a doctor is he?"

"Very good if I say so." Theresa says,"He was one of the best doctors in that local island."

"That is good!" Dane says,"What are these two friend of yours names?"

"The cook is Udder Bliss. And the doctor goes by Garrett." Theresa says,"Please say I said hello to them when you meet them."

"Indeed so! I can't wait to meet them and hopefully they'll join us." said Yin.

" elf huh? Like that Beelie guy that Yang talks about sometimes?" asked Aries.

"His name is Steel Aries but Yang affectionately calls him "Steelie." said Yin.

"Well it was nice meeting you." John says to Dane.

"We hope we meet again!" Jenny says.

"I'm sure we will." Dane says,"Wolves,minks,and werewolves alike,always will meet again. Ain't that right my fellow Dracyen."

"Hell yeah! I will hope to see you guys again!" said Draycen.

"Same back here! All of you guys here have been super cool! Oh! And to you my assistant!" said Shuten giving his detective hat to Aries. "You may hang onto this until we meet again!"

"SCREEE!!! I WILL KEEP HOLD OF IT AS MUCH AS I CAN!!" said the excited Aries.

"It's not like it's a legit Detective hat.." said Nitro.

"Killjoy as always. I could also say it's nice meeting all of you. Except you of course Demon Brat." said Rukia.

"Yeah. We better get back to our own adventure! We got some East Blue locations to go to!" said Bowyen.

"Hell yeah! I am going to find a good island to plunder their goods from!" said Summers.

"Awwwww...I don't wanna leave Creaser's side..." said Kano hugging onto Creaser.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow after all..." said Creaser who was back in his depressive state.

"I'll miss you." Lotus says also hugging Creaser.

"Come on Lotus." Jeremiah says pulling on Lotus's tails,"We got to go back to the ship,we won't know where we're going without you."

"Awww." Lotus says as she walks with the rest of the Red Pirates.

"I guess we should get going then." Dane says to Yin,"Get going and not waste another minute."

"I wonder who'll take care of this mill since you're leaving." Indie says.

"The young man and his horse wanted a place to stay in the countryside." Theresa says,"So I'm giving it unto his care. They were tired of the city dump the way it looks."

"Makes sense." Maya says,"Especially the way their water looked in there."

"Well see ya guys!!" Jenny says to the other crews.

"See ya later." Dane says with a two finger salute.

"That's nice. I will hope to see "mostly" all you guys again at some point! Bye for now!" said Yin waving.

"Indeed. Farewell Yin. We must be going as well." said Rukia.

"Alright you guys! Take care! Shuten, hope to have a one-on-one again!" said Draycen.

"And a true cooking challenge to test our skills!" said Bowyen.

"Indeed so my friends! Glad to have found two worthy rivals! I hope you all do well in your adventures!" said Shuten.

"Bye Sir! I'll take care of this hat like you promised!" said Aries.

"I know you will my assistant!" said Shuten with a thumbs up.

"Lots of good-byes, not enough leaving." said Nitro.

"Oh don't worry. Can't wait to leave your arrogant ass in no time! Later dudes it was interesting going on that detective mission with you guys!" said Summers.

As the Yin Pirates were leaving,they see Larry walking along the road. He was carrying his travelling bag as usual and was walking lonely as he was ever since.

"Hey Mr.Talbot!" Dane calls out to him,"Me and the crew are leaving in our ship,wanna ride from us?"

Larry just smiles and then says,"No thank you,it wouldn't be best for a wanted werewolf to have some fellow pirates taking him around."

"You sure?" Dane asks,"A man doesn't need to be lonely."

"I know." Larry says,"But i've been doing this for over 80 years,walking around and being a nomad. I don't think there's a need to stop now."

"Well ok then." Dane says,"I hope we meet again then Mr.Talbot."

"Same." Larry says,"You are an excellent wolf." Larry and Dane then shake hands and Larry walks away along the road.

"Indeed! You have been a big help to us! Thank you for your assistance!" said Yin.

"Yeah! I hope to see you and Sir again!" said Aries.

"Well then let's get going!" Dane says,"Are we ready?"

"Yes sir!" Indie says.

"Always." Maya replies with her long flute.

"Of course! How Yang would say it, off to the next adventure!" said Yin.

"Yeah! Maybe more mysteries to solve!" said Aries wearing Shuten's hat.