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The Tiger Dragon of Chau
Date Started: August 4th, 2020

Date Finished: August 14th, 2020

Setting: New World; Chau Kingdom

Characters Involved:

This is a backstory of Yang's life and how he spent his time in Chau and decided to become a pirate to set out.


The Chosen Ones

25 Years Earlier

It was a normal and calm day in the Chau Kingdom. People from around the world come here to buy exclusive items or even to vacation. Of course, the biggest attraction of Chau is it's very large Trading Center where goods from many areas are transferred and showed. People are living their lives as usual and things have been going by fairly well. Of course, even the peaceful kingdom has it's problems.

Chau operates as an "open kingdom" that allows anyone alike in the kingdom. This includes even pirates. Pirates are advised to remain on their best behavior; but, of course, there are some that don't listen. Pirates will often plunder rare goods and even steal money despite most of it being only used for Chau. Of course, the pirates are greedy people in general and will try to have everything just so others will have nothing.

"Give us your loot! Chau is known for it's rare goods right?! Well, we will be plundering them!" said a usual pirate captain. Even the the kingdom's guards find it tough to keep track of all of them. Although this was a problem for awhile, soon, the current Huangdi established a force that will help keep peace in order in Chau. This force is called the Jinyiwei who are known as a special police force that work from the shadows and ambush any pirates that causes trouble. Unfortunately for the pirates, they were caught by the chief of the Jinyiwei during the time, Thăng Long D. Pangu.

"Stop right there you criminals! Chau is a kingdom that welcomes all, but those who disregard warnings and threatens the well-being of others are not allowed here!" said Pangu as he pointed his sword at the pirates and is backed up by the rest of his soldiers. The pirates started to falter but they decided to foolishly take the Jinyiwei on. Naturally, the pirates were quickly taken down and sent to Chau's personal prison as punishment. Because of these actions, Pangu has become very beloved by his people.

"Whoo hooo! Way to go Pangu!" "Chau feels so much safer with him and the Jinyiwei around!" "Despite being a prince, he does so much active work! What a guy!" were common phrases used by people to describe him. Naturally, Pangu also loves his citizens back. Helping out the elderly, participating in festivals and trading sequences, and even hosting weddings. Pangu did a lot as the prince and only heir to the throne especially with his father during his final year.

Chau Kingdom itself is currently being run by the Thăng Long family line for the past two centuries. Originally, the rulers of Chau were the Zhang Lui family line but they were often always tyrants ruling with fear and intimdation rather than love and respect. The Zhang Lui's were ruling with an iron fist until Pangu's ancestor, Thăng Long D. Taizu, defeated the last Zhang Lui's ruler and took over the throne in his family's name. Since then, every Thăng Long has rule with honor and always has the respect of their people. And any ruler to the throne can pass it on to their next of kin should they pass on.

During this time, it's Thăng Long D. Gaozu who is the ruler but is about to pass on himself. Gaozu had a wife but she died when having Pangu during her birth. Most Thăng Long's lately haven't been able to rule by a queen by their side for a long time and Gaozu was hoping Pangu would be able to. However, Pangu was later revealed to be unable to have children and choose not to be with anyone not wanting them to bear the pain of being with a man that cannot conceive children. Gaozu didn't really care for this and only wanted his son to rule over Chau with respect like he was able to and passed on later that year.

Pangu was of course saddened by his father's death and took an entire day to himself to grieve. Because of this, Pangu was automatically made the next ruler of Chau and had to step down as Chief of the Jinyiwei. Pangu thought to himself and could only think of the words Gaozu said and strives that he will try to find a way to have children.

One night after being appointed, Pangu decided to take a stroll to a beach on one night. He still has a lot of things on his mind. "If I could have children in anyway, I'll love them and raise them to be good rulers!" he said to himself. However, suddenly, a powerful storm started to brush over catching him off guard. "A storm? Tonight so suddenly? By Gods, what is this?" said Pangu. This was a very powerful storm that could easily blow back any normal person but Pangu, of course, is much stronger than this. As he is about to turn back to go to his castle, he then hears what could be crying.

"Huh? Is there a kid that gotten lost out here? WHERE ARE YOU?!" shouted Pangu as he hoped to search for the missing kid. He then hears multiple cries and then turns his attention to the sea. "What? Is that coming from the sea itself?!" said Pangu as he rushes to the shore and notices two baby carriages that has a young tiger and a young fox humink inside. The two babies are still crying but calm down as Pangu picks them up and looks at them.

"By the Gods, babies!?" said Pangu with a shocked expression. He studies them more to see they are different species. "A Mink and a Humink babies? Is this possible? Well, in this world, anything is possible! But for these two to have made it all the way here in this terrible storm...amazing!" Pangu said as he look up and the storm is already gone.

"Is this fate...?" said Pangu as he looks at the babies that are both looking at him with smiles. Pangu smiles back and then makes a declaration. "It's decided! I will raise you two as my own children! This tiger has white hair of Yang so you will be Thăng Long D. Yang and you little girl have black hair of Yin! So Thăng Long D. Yin is your name! Together, we will help keep Chau Kingdom in good shape and hopefully one or even both of you can rule over this kingdom one day!" said an excited Pangu as he walks back to the castle with his two newly adopted children.

The Decisions

10 Years Later

Throughout the years, Pangu will raise Yang and Yin as his children and would teach them the may things of the kingdom. They're personalities were also start to establish. Yang is a free spirit who loved to cause mischief but is a dedicated leader and loves to get stronger. Yin is very mature and laidback but often likes to work on her own. Pangu was always torn between who should rule over Chau in his place in the future but set that aside for now. Things will go well until the day of Yang and Yin's 10th birthdays as Pangu is about to make a big choice.

Meanwhile, in town, there was a large disruptive that is caused by a bunch of pirates saying they are after someone. "GET THAT DAMN TIGER BRAT!!! HE STOLE OUR LOOT!!!" said a pirate captain as his men goes after the 10-year-old Yang. Yang sticks his tongue out at the pirates as he is on top of a large building. "Come and get me you losers! You idiots took this from hard working people! Why should I give it back to you!" said Yang at the pirates.

The pirates were furious as they tried to go after Yang. "NOW GUYS!!!" shouted Yang as 6 other people suddenly jumped from the shadows. They were the future Jinyiwei members: Akako Yasashiku, Anastasia von Cordelia, Ches S. Knights, Zensuke Shizuko, Ori Gami, and Phantai. Knights is the first on the attack. "Go my Knight soldiers!" said Knights as he summons up armored knights that attack most of the pirates with their swords. "My turn!" said Cordelia who transforms into her Wekfube form and slashes at a lot of them. "I'll go. Manifest!" said Shizuko as he puts on his mask and summons his familiar to attack the pirates as well. Gami suddenly appears in a form full of paper and attaches a bunch to the pirates. "Now explode!" said Gami as she lets the papers that were lined with explosive and they blow up the majority of the pirates. "Time to make them feel bad about themselves, heehee.." Phantai who uses her Negative Hollows to make the pirates feel depressed. All that is left is the captain and a few stragglers.

"You want the captain?" said Yasashiku. "Sure! I'll take him out!" said Yang as he lunged at the pirate captain and knocks him out with a single Electro-powered bunch. "You guys will make fine lackies..." said Hiku as he forms green goo rings around the pirates which then are controlled by him. The pirate crew were effortlessly defeated by Yang's small gang. "Whoo hoo! We kick their butts so hard!" said an exited Yang. "Nee-heehee! I say that was pretty fun!" said Knights. Cordelia shifts back to her normal form. "Phew. Anything that allows me to use my powers." she said. "Hee-hee it was fun making them depressed and enslaved!" said Phantai. Shizuko simply nods being the quiet type and Gami also reforms her body with her Logia powers. "Same here. Father doesn't allow me to use my powers too often." said Gami.

Hiku raises his baton in the air to speak. "Nevertheless, we stopped the pirates today despite being young! We are indeed strong!" said Hiku with everyone cheering. Yang, meanwhile, gives the money back to the people they stole from and meets back up with his team. "Man...you guys have such cool powers! I want some too how I get them?" said Yang. "But you have that electric powers! I thought those were the same?" said Gami. "Yeah but you actually turn into sheets of paper Gai-Gai! Hiku can make people his slaves, Kingy can create his own knight army, Phanti can make funny ghosts, and Zuko can make this cool guy appear with a mask! I just shoot electricity!" said Yang with a pout.

Hiku pats Yang's back. "Don't worry prince boy! It's your birthday so maybe you will get something special." said Hiku. Suddenly, on cue from a nearby mirror, Angelina Sae appears using her powers. "My prince, it is time for your birthday ceremony. Your father has already requested you and Yin's presence at once. Please come with me." she said beckoning him through the mirror. "Awww...okay! Maybe it's that special present that dad was talking about! I'll see you guys later!" said Yang as he followed Sae through the mirror.

Eventually, the make it to the grand bedroom of the castle with Yin waiting there as well. "Yinny! What's up!" said Yang. Yin simply sighs noticing Yang looks a bit dirty. "You were fighting against pirates again with your little posse again right?" Yin said with a serious face. "Come on! They stole from people this time! A good leader has to protect his citizens!" said Yang cheerfully. Yin simply facepalms and says "Dad is our leader, remember?" They both argue a bit before Sae speaks up. "Plese you two, your father, our king, is making his grand appearance.

Soon, Pangu enters through the large doors holding two covered up boxes. He then sets them down on a table in front of them before speaking. "Happy birthday my two kids! Such another joyous time of the year we celebrate your births!" said Pangu wanting to make it seem their birthdays happened the same day he found them. "What's in the boxes daddy?! Cakes?! Pizza?!" said an excited Yang. "Maybe some books about adventure?" said Yin. Pangu chuckles happily before correcting them.

"No no! Of course there will be food and books in a bit! But this is important my children." he said as he takes off the cover revealing two Devil Fruits. One is a white one shaped like a pear with a green stem and the other is a blue apple with a pink stem. "Awww what? Fruits?! Not even meat?!" said Yang. "Wait a second, are these...?" said Yin recognizing what they are.

"Indeed Yin! These are strange fruits called Devil Fruits. Mystical fruits that give you a certain power depending on what they are. You could get a good fruit or a bad one. There aren't too many joke Devil Fruits but there are some I'd rather not end up with." Pangu said.

"Oh! You mean like how you can turn into a giant golden dragon and how my friends can use all of those crazy powers daddy?!" said Yang. "Indeed so son! You're sharp! These fruits are my present to you two. Of course I know you two weren't really fond of swimming in the first place especially how these Devil Fruits can offer." said Pangu. "Father, what exactly will these fruit give us? Power wise."

Pangu suddenly stands up and turns around. "My children, just a brief story I'll tell you. The Chau Kingdom has been often ruled by those with the power to tap into the mythical creatures. Not ordinary creatures like cats and dogs. I mean dragons and kitsunes." said Pangu. Yin looks at her 9 tails before speaking. "Technically, I'm already a kitsune so I already ate a fruit?" she asked. "Oh no! You were born like that! Trust me it's just your heritage!" Pangu said and turns back around. "So, what are these fruits daddy?" said Yang poking at them.

Pangu then sits down across from them. "Chau tradition states that a dragon must rule this kingdom and one of these fruits will grant you the power to transform into a large Vietnamese dragon that allows you to bring rain wherever you go. Of course being able to breathe fire and fly through the skies! And the other is a horse model the Quilin, a being that is able to use it's own magical powers and float through the skies as well. Of course, I won't tell you each is the one that has the dragon fruit or which has the Quilin. Just know if you get the Dragon fruit, hopefully one day, you'll be able to marry and rule this kingdom! Marriage is not required of course but it is recommended!" Pangu says while laughing.

"Oooh! Dragons are cool!" said Yang. Yin looks a little perplexed. "Ruling an entire kingdom huh? That does sound nerve racking...I'd rather get the Quilin actually so I can feel like I can do things on my own." said Yin. "And I wanna rule! That sounds cool! I don't wanna be a horse!" said Yang. Pangu can only smile at his kids and understands why Yin may not feel up to the task. "Now, I'm not forcuing you to eat these fruits. You can even just sell these for a high price if you wish! These are your presents after all! Only fate will decide if you two will be granted your desires." said Pangu. "How do you get these fruits father? I heard these are rare." Yin asked. "Indeed they are. They previously belonged to your grandparents before they departed from this world. I kept ahold of their fruits in order to pass them on someday to someone worthy. That will be you two and now you can decide to eat them if you wish." said Pangu

Both Yin and Yang looked at each other before looking at the fruits. "So bro, which are you going to eat?" Yin asked Yang. Yang then looks at the fruits and looks over at the pear-shaped one. "I like pears more but...I feel a certain energy that is calling to me...like it's telling me "Pick me!" or something." said Yang as he picks up the fruit. "I decide on this one!" said Yang. "I don't know what you mean by strange feeling but I guess I get the apple one." said Yin picking up the apple. At the count of 3, they both each at their fruits and showed disgust on their face.

"DADDY!!! THESE TASTE AWFUL!!!" said Yang who was wiping his tongue. "I-It was quite bitter with an awful aftertaste..." said Yin. Pangu could only laugh forgetting to warn them about the bad taste but then looks over at Yang. "Well Yang! Looks like you go your wish! You got the dragon fruit! And you too Yin with your Quilin!" said Pangu. "Whoo hoo! I'm gonna be a dragon now!" said an excited Yang. "Phew...I do feel stronger and can finally do more things!" said Yin.

"Alright, now that is out of the way, Yinny, you want to go with Sae to help hone your powers?" asked Pangu. "Indeed! I will go with her right now!" said a excited Yin who went with Sae to the Mirror World. "Now Yang my boy, your powers are going to be put to good use and, in the future, you hope to reign over Chau! Fate as chosen you to come here and survive that hellish rainstorm 10 years ago and fate has chosen you to eaten the correct Devil Fruit! You are also a proud leader of a small gang that helps calm the pirates when the Imperial Guards are busy! I believe in the future, you'll make a great king that will hopefully rule by a great queen!" said Pangu "Oooooohhhh...Okay! So, how do I become a dragon daddy?" said an excited Yang. "Heh heh, just imagine yourself turning into one and your powers will activate. Make sure you go outside because your form will be pretty big." Pangu said.

Yang heads outside to their massive backyard and decides to do what his father told him. Yang starts to concentrate and can feel his body starting to shift. His tiger eyes become dragon's eyes and his body starts to stretch out a lot. Soon, the weather starts to shift into a stormy raining weather as Yang body continues to stretch out and he soon becomes a full dragon so massive that he practically envelops the skies. He soon lets out a large roar that is heard across Chau.

"W-Whoa son! You're already going full force with your powers huh?" said Pangu. He then notices Yang looking around and prepares to fire a large fire breath toward a distant mountain. "S-Son! Wait are you okay?!" said Pangu as he tried to stop Yang but the massive dragon soon breaths a wave of fire that destroys the mountain. "Oh no! I think he isn't in control! Is he too young to handle such a power?!" said Pangu who was worried for Yang.

Suddenly, the Chau Imperial Guards soon appear outside with Pangu lead by their captain Augustus Axel. Axel then looks up at the dragon rampaging in the skies. "What's going on sir?!" said Axel. "M-My boy ate the dragon Devil Fruit but he doesn't seem to be himself!" said Pangu. "Say no more sir. He just doesn't have control yet. I'll handle this." said Axel.

Axel himself soon takes on a large dragon form himself and quickly flies up to Yang. Many would confuse him for having a Devil Fruit as well but Axel is actually a dragon that can shift into a human at will. Axel uses his experience to grab onto Yang and warps a large seastone chain around Yang which causes him to fall down but transform into his regular form itself. Yang is then out cold briefly as Axel lands safely and turns back into his human form.

"There, he is safe now and I didn't get to violent sir." said Axel giving Yang to Pangu. "I can always count on you Axel. Thank you. It seems like I have a lot to learn about stuff like this..." Pangu said. Axel pats his back before continuing. "I don't think it's much that Yang lost control, but more of he had too fun with his powers. Yang is a guy that loves being a leader and having fun. When he sees an opportunity to do both, he'll take it. I'll personally train him with his powers if necessary. It's going to take awhile but hopefully he'll be a fast learner." said Axel. Pangu nods and says "Thanks. It's good to have a long, trusted ally and friend such as you."

Pirates vs. Marines

Months later, Yang has been training with Axel in fighting and harnessing his dragon powers. Yang has staring to get the hang of it quickly impressing Axel. Yang was even able to morph into his hyrid form and fly around.

"Look at me Axie! I can fly like you but without wings!" said an excited Yang. "That's good. Well done. You aren't the heir to the throne for nothing. Like your father, you're a fast learner!" said Axel. Yang then lands by Axel before asking him a question. "I never asked you this but you sound like you know daddy for a long time. Is that true?" asked Yang. Axel simply nods before speaking again. "I am a dragon first and we live for a long time. I knew him when he was still a fetchling under his father's rule. He was just as gifted with his powers like you but it took him half a year. You only did it in a few months. It may be thanks to your Mink heritage but still, that is impressive." said Axel.

Before the two could resume training, a large assortment of cannon blasts and gunfire can be heard in the distance. "GET THOSE PIRATES!!!" "IT'S THE FUCKING MARINES!!!" "APPREHEND THEM!!!" "SHOW NO MERCY!!!" were words blurted out in the distance. "AH!! W-WHAT'S THAT?!" shouted Yang. Axel can be seen gritting his teeth angrily. "Damn Marines...We told them to not capture pirates if it'll cause a ruckus...wait here!" said Axel to Yang as he hurried off toward the commotion summoning the other guards in case. "Hey! I wanna fight too! I'm strong now!" said Yang following behind an unknowing Axel.

The commotion is coming from the trade center area itself as a large pirate crew are going at it with a bunch of Marines. Axel arrives on the scene trying to calm down both sides. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!? YOU'RE CAUSING TOO MUCH OF A RUCKUS!!" shouted Axel who was looking over at the commander of the Marines. "These pirates are trying to sell stolen goods they managed to sneak off our ship and we have rights to take them in personally!" said the commander. Axel tried to talk him out of it but the commander wouldn't listen and went back to going at it with the pirates.

"If you don't want to follow by our rules, then you are NOT welcomed here! GUARDS!! ATTACK!! said Axel as he ordered his guards to attack both sides to calm them down. As the war between three sides waged on, Yang suddenly appears. "W-Whoa! They're going crazy! This looks soooo cool!" said Yang.

"Bro?! What the hell are you doing here?!" said Yin who suddenly appeared beside him. "Yinny! Axie and the pirates and Marines are all going at it! And I want in!" said Yang. "YOU IDIOT! You want to get killed?! Papa won't allow it!" said Yin. "But Yiiiiiny! I want to test my new abilities!" said Yang who was pouting. "I bet Axel told you not to come! Let's get out of here before we--" said Yin before she is cut off. Suddenly, a stray bullet from a Marine's gun shot Yin on the shoulder and she falls over bleeding.

"A-AH!!!" said Yin as she holds onto her shoulder crying and bleeding. "YINNY!!!" said Yang as she quickly rushes over to her. Axel overhears this and also rushes over. "DAMMIT! YIN, PRINCESS, YOU'RE OKAY?! You damned idiots get her help!" said Axel to the guards who quickly went to get Yin help. The one who fired the bullet was the commander who was upset that he missed. "Damn brat, got in my way..." said the commander.

Yang, who looks extremely pissed, rushes over to the commander. "YOU BASTARD!!! NO ONE HURTS ME SISTER!!" said Yang who was charging the commander and knocked him over. "NO YANG!!" shouted Axel. The commander gets knocked backwards by Yang and a bunch of the Marines start to surround him. "Come and get me you bastards! I kick asses of you guys for breakfast!" said Yang who started to fight them all off. "Dammit! I need to get to him!" said Axel but is caught between a gun war between some pirates and marines unable to get to Yang.

Yang, meanwhile, fights off the Marines but the commander gets to his feet and aims his gun right at Yang's head. "This is for attacking me you damn Mink!" said the commander was he prepared to fire. "YANG, WATCH OUT!!!" shouted Axel and Yang suddenly turns around. "H-Huh?!" said Yang as the commander fires his gun toward Yang. Suddenly, someone blocks the bullet and slashes down the commander in one swing of his sword. "That'll show ya!" said the man.

Yang looked up at the man who had a notable beard, hat, and pirate clothes. Yang was also amazed how strong he is. "T-Thanks mister! You're strong!" said Yang. The pirate looks over at Yang and smiles. "Damn right I am! I'm not a pirate captain for nothing. And it was nothing, you were kicking Marine ass so I thought I'd lend you a hand." said the pirate. Yang then looks around as the chaos starts to calm down and asks the man more questions. "Who are you and what do pirates do?" asked Yang. The pirate then puts up his sword to introduce himself. "I'm Captain Longbeard! And I've come to his place to purchase some rare goods! But apparently the Marines had another idea. And as for pirates, well, we go on adventures of course! And to become the Pirate King!" said Longbeard.

"Oooooh adventures!? That sounds fun!" said Yang who tail was wagging. Longbeard pets Yang on the head. "Don't worry little tiger kid, you'll can be a pirate too when you're older! Just hit me up if you ever want to meet again! Hopefully I'd be the Pirate King by then! Say Captain Longbeard has your back! Avest ye mateys!" said Longbeard as he dashes off with his crew.

"Wow...Longbeard is so awesome...he gets to go on adventures and kick Marine ass?! That sounds fun!" said Yang but is smacked on the head by Axel. "Ow...that HURT!!!" shouted Yang. "YOU COULD'VE GOTTEN YOURSELF KILLED!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!?!" shouted Axel. Yang looked a bit depressed after hearing this. "S-Sorry Axie...I was just mad and just lost it...couldn't control myself...is Yinny fine?" asked Yang. Axel lets out a deep sigh. "Fortunately, Yin's powers has a side effect of a small regeneration so her wound healed up right away. She was already taken back to the castle if you need to go see her.

Yang thinks about something over time and runs off.

The Pirate Dream

Yang makes it back to the castle where he found Pangu in Yin's room beside her as she as sleeping. "I-Is Yinny okay dad?" asked Yang. Pangu lets out a relived sigh before speaking. "Luck was on her side my son. She ended up getting injured but her powers help keep her healed up...I need to put around better security measures to make sure something like this won't happened again." said Pangu.

Yang was still pondering something but then decides to spit it out. "Dad! I wanna become a Pirate!" shouted Yang. Pangu looks over at Yang who was surprised to hear that. "W-Why all of a sudden son? You're already have claim to the throne when you grow up and are rich beyond your dreams! You sure you want to be a pirate?" asked Pangu.

"Yes! Because the Marine sucks! They constantly order people around, they always act rude to others that don't as they say, and one almost killed Yinny! Captain Longbeard is the true hero and even says that pirates get to go on adventures! I wanna go on one as well and kick plenty of Marine ass and be the Pirate King as well!" said Yang. Pangu was unsure about this as until Yang spoke up again. "I could even meet a cute girl to marry in the fuuuture!" said Yang.

Pangu couldn't help but let loud a pleased laughed at Yang's suggestion. "Boy son you know how to get to me huh? Well then if you want to be that way, then go for it! A kid needs to stretch their legs and maybe you'll run into your fellow race! My only condition is if you go out when you're a bit older. I say 25 to give you time to train up!" said Pangu.

"T-Thanks dad! I'll go get training right away!" said Yang as he hugged Pangu and runs off. Yin, meanwhile, opens an eye hearing what Yang declared. "A...pirate..." she said.

Over the years, Yang would train with Axel and his friends as he bettered himself. Yang would also know how to use his Electro better and even figured out the from of Sulong thanks to some outside knowledge from Pangu and Axel. Yang, naturally, also trained himself in the way of his dragon powers to have better control over them. In due time, it was finally Yang and Yin's 25th birthday.

Present Time

Yang, meanwhile, can be seen getting his things together. "Finally time to go on my journey!" said an excited Yang. Yang's friends can be seen walking up to him as well. "So, you're finally leaving huh? To chase that pirate dream." said Hiku. "Try not to get yourself killed. You know how reckless you can be." said Cordelia. "Bring me looooots of soviners!" said Knights. "And please make sure you keep us in your hearts." said Gami. "And haaaaave funnnnn!" said Phantai. Shizuko, being the strong silent type, simply nods with a smile on his face.

"Thanks guys! I'll be sure to let you guys know how fun I'm having!" said Yang as he runs off toward the entrance of the castle to meet Yin, Pangu, and Axel.

"Guuuuys! I'm ready to go!" said an excited Yang. Pangu, who is smiling as always, is eager to see his son off. "As promised! On your 25th birthday, you can become a pirate! You sure you want to go all the way to the East Blue?" said Pangu. "I told him going there first to start his journey is recommend since he wouldn't be able to take on the New World already. He's strong but not that strong. His Haki still needs work." said Axel.

Yang nods and says "I wanted to start there anyway! Plus, it'll be fun to board a Marine ship, hide, wait till we reach an island or somewhere in the East Blue, and wham! Kick their asses and use their ship as my temporary one!" said Yang.

"You're so reckless...but I can understand that side of you. I want to be a pirate as well Yang but, there are some things I must take care of first. Next time we see each other will be somewhere on the grand line!" said Yin. Yang with a big grin on his face with a thumbs up. "Alright sis! See you then! Later guys I got a ship to get on and eventually steal!" shouted Yang as he left for the docks.

"You sure he'll be fine by himself? He's strong and older but his brain...isn't in the right place." said Axel. Pangu nods and looks up at the sky. "He's grown up and made his own mind. If he wants to be a pirate, he can! Hopefully, he will also be able to solve some answers he'll come across himself..." said Pangu hinting about Yang's heritage.

Meanwhile, a bunch of Marines can be seen loading cargo into the ships with some patrolling around. Suddenly, Yang shows up and gets riled up by seeing a few of them. "HEY MARINES!!! I WANT IN ON YOUR SHIP SO YOU GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!" shouted Yang as he knocks some Marines away. "Hey! Isn't that the king's son!? Why is he attacking us?" said the hesitant Marines who didn't want to attack him. "I'm officially a pirate starting today so come at me how you want! I need to sneak on one of your ships so I can ride it to the East Blue!" said Yang.

The Marines look at each other in confusion. "If you wanted to sneak on the ship, then attacking us is the last thing you want to do you idiot! But if you're a pirate now, the we can go all out on you!" said the Marines who started to shoot at Yang. The bullets simply bounce off of Yang and he shocks them with Electro. "Sorry guys! Bullets can't hurt a dragon!" said Yang as he ran off. "M-Men...careful of Thăng Long D. Yang...h-he became a pirate and is now currently trying to i-infuriate a ship...." said one of the Marines who had a Den-Den Mushi.

There were three Marine ships on the docks and they all hear the message. Each of their captains talk with one another. "So, the prince decided to become a pirate? How foolish. He must be stupid as all hell." said one of the captains. "Indeed. But he did cause quite a stir even back then and now he's already attacking pirates. Shall we put a bounty on him?" said the middle captain. "Not yet but if he should be able to sneak on and cause more problems for us, then we shall. For now, lets get going. Captain A! Ship for the New World! Captain B! Paradise! And I will go to the East Blue to pick up more recruits from there! And be on the lookout for Thăng Long D. Yang who is trying to get onto the ship!" said Captain C.

As the Marines look around the area trying to make sure Yang doesn't get on from any sides, Yang is already in the air floating thanks to his powers. "See-heeheehee! Looks like they're already ready to go and that guy's ship is going to the East Blue! I'm out!" said Yang as he slowly descends onto the Marine ship and hides on top of the flag. He then waves toward Chau as the ship starts to sail out. "By dad, Yin, Axel, and the others! When I get back, I'll be the Pirate King!" said Yang as he parted away hidden on the ship.

Meanwhile, a figure elsewhere can be seen listening in through a Black Den-Den Mushi. "So, the Tiger Dragon is finally going out as a pirate...Perfect! My revenge plan starts today..." said the figure as he grins evilly.

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