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The Tournament of Strength is a battle royale between characters from different creators. It is not a collaborative storyline, as all the things happen on this page. 2 Characters from each creator can be selected in, but make sure to put them here. For example, I'll add my characters Raifu Rein and Nolio Bartolomeo. Make sure to put who made the character, and anyone can do it, and I mean anyone. There will also be a support group of characters, who help prepare the tournament. I'll put my characters Oruku D. Hiru and Gaizer under there. So, the users together will make a story with one winner. If there is, let's say, 3 users in this story, I'll make a blog page saying who's character is going to be the winner. It's good to use the Top 30 Strongest One Piece Fanon Wiki Characters for reference, and on that list the winner for the top spot was Broze Cannon. Each author will make a little section involving their character and who their against, and it can't be a simple win, decide who's character is stronger. By the way, please join. If a lot of people join, it will start on the 8th of November, but only if a lot of people join.

Characters Fighting

  1. Raifu Rein (Tylerelman)
  2. Nolio Bartolomeo (Tylerelman)

Characters Supporting

  1. Oruku D. Hiru (Tylerelman)
  2. Gaizer (Tylerelman)


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