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The Underground Uprising of Imperium
Date Started: September 11th, 2021

Date Finished: October 31st, 2021

Setting: The island of Imperium

Notable Characters Involved:

  • Other
    • Citizens of Imperium.

Synopsis: The Na Zdrowie Pirates landed on a random island to stock up on supplies, although coincidentally it happens to be the island of Imperium (Perun D. Krakow's birthland), and after witnessing the atrocities carried out by the authoritarian Niemców Nationalist kingdom led by Fred E. Rick and the Niemców Nationalists, and acknowledging their tyrannical rule and ethnic cleaning of the Polaków tribespeople, Krakow and his pirates agree to stay to help the inhabitants, and wage guerrilla warfare against the Niemców Nationalist kingdom controlled island.



Imperium is an island within the East Blue and is unaffiliated with the world government, the island is home three tribes; the Polakóws, the Niemcóws, and the Ukraińcys. The Niemcóws were more advanced than the Polakóws and the Ukraińcys and thus controlled majority of the island with their kingdom, the Ukraińcys viewed the Niemcóws as great leaders while the Polakóws viewed the Niemcóws as imperialists and had a negative view of them. The Niemcóws viewed both Polakóws and Ukraińcys as inferior but viewed the Ukraińcys as slightly more favorable than the Polakóws.

The Niemców Nationalist Kingdom was what controlled the Niemców controlled area of the island, which was lead by king Fred E. Rick. Despite majority of the island being Niemców controlled, there was still huge Polaków populations in areas the Niemców Nationalist Kingdom controlled. King Rick then decided that the Polaków population would either to be killed, enslaved, or moved into areas of the island not controlled by the Niemców Nationalist Kingdom.

The Niemców Nationalist Kingdom exterminated the Polakóws by mass shootings, hangings, burning them alive, or sending them into death camps where they would die from work exhaustion, lack of nutrition, disease, being executed by the guards by shootings or beatings, or subjected to inhuman experimentation by Niemców Nationalist scientists. Many Polakóws tried to retaliate but where killed during the process, many of the Polaków population still living in the Niemców Nationalist Kingdom were either enslaved (either by Niemców families or Niemców owned businesses and companies) or hiding within the kingdom's woods preparing for future attacks. Although many Polakóws decided to just start a new live in the Polaków and Ukraińcy controlled areas, although ethnic tensions were rising within those areas as well against the two groups.

Majority of the Ukraińcy population practiced the Prawosławny religion while the Polaków practiced the Katolicki religion, as more Polakóws moved into the Polaków controlled areas, the Polakóws who controlled areas where Ukraińcy made up the majority established more Katolicki temples. As more Katolicki temples increased, the Ukraińcy within the Polaków areas got weary and felt like they were being pushed out of the area, this led to some Ukraińcy to kill Polaków officials. This resulted in other Polaków officials to shut down many Prawosławny temples and replace them with Katolicki temples, thus angering the Ukraińcy population.

This lead a good portion of the Ukraińcy population to creat the Powstaniec Army, which was a nationalistic military-based organization who devised a brutal ethnic cleaning campaign against the Polaków population and create more areas for more Ukraińcy inhabitants. The Ukraińcy armed themselves with hatchets, axes, knives, hammers, pitchforks, sickles, scythes, shovels, garden hoes and various other farming tools and equipment in preparation for the upcoming ethnic cleaning campaign. The Powstaniec Army and the Ukraińcy population would commit multiple pogroms against the Polaków population, and not only killed but tortured the Polakóws and the inhabitants were burned alive, flayed, impaled, dismembered, beheaded, crucified, disembowelled and were tortured in hundreds of different ways.

Although some Ukraińcys would help hide their Polaków neighbors despite the fact that it could lead to their deaths if found out. The atrocities commited by the Niemców Nationalist kingdom and the Powstaniec Army have been going on for around two decades with no signs of it getting better. That is until a pirate crew decided to step in and take matters into their own hands, with the captain being an ethnic Polaków who escaped from these atrocities many years ago.

The Ambush

It was late at night and deep in the Imperium woods were a couple of Niemców Nationalist soldiers with making camp, two guards were on watch when one of the guard received an arrow to the back of the head, and the other guard receiving an arrow to his temple. A group of people approached the tents and woke all the soldiers up by slowly covering their mouths, and threatening to slit their throats if they screamed. A total of eight soldiers were dragged out of their tents with cloths covering their mouths, they noticed the people were pirates and was curious to see what they wanted.

"Sorry to wake you all up like this, I hate being woken up like this- actually you know fuck y'all I'm glad I got your bitch asses up, cause I'm in a piss poor mood dealing with you Niemców nationalists because you assholes are part of the reason to why my parents were such assholes. I had to deal with my dad's drinking and my mom's poor stress management and I-"

"Uh Krakow, you're going off on a tangent" said Slava.

"Ah my bad, okay so where was I? ah ok, let me introduce ourselves, my name is Perun D. Krakow, the captain of the Na Zdrowie Pirates and we're here to get you nationalist assholes outta here, so you will be taken back to the ship to be interrogated while staying in our own personal jail cell on our ship. So get comfortable, you'll probably be there for a while".

The Niemców Nationalist soldiers were then taken back to the Mamuna by Lily V. Nazeli, Serpent O. Gorgon, Kalina, Jacqueline, Asmir, and Lenca N. Maya. While Perun D. Krakow, Nikola T. Slava, Marley A. Queen, Gyatso Dawa, Perz N. Leopard, and Keisha Scarlet ransacked the campsite for anything valuable, the collected some gold during their search. Torres Cocoa was still in the trees with her bow and arrow scouting the area to make sure nobody snuck up on her crew.

"Okay everyone, let's go see how Neptune and Rashieka are doing with the tunnels" said Krakow.

The group then heads to the destination to where Okeanos O. Neptune and Abeer Rashieka were building and preparing the underground tunnel.

"Hey how's the tunnel going? I hope it wasn't too difficult for the two of you" asked Krakow.

"Well when you have whirling powers that can make twister-like attacks that can be used as drills, digging isn't that hard" said Rashieka.

"Ah cool, so where's Neptune?" asked Krakow.

"Down in one of the bunkers relaxing" said Rashieka.

"He's definitely got the right idea, let's all chill for now while we wait for the others to contact us" said Krakow.

They all went down into the tunnels where there it was a bunker with beds, a small cooking station, lamps, a transponder snail, and other necessities with them. All of them got in the bunker while Cocoa closed the hatch (that's covered in leaves and branches) behind her.

"Okay guys get comfortable because we might be here for a while depending on how long this will take, I'll be staying up waiting for the others to call us" said Krakow.

"You sure you should be staying up? it might be a while" said Neptune.

"Nah Falcon doesn't take long with these things, either way I'll be fine, so everyone get some shut eye so you all can be ready tomorrow morning" said Krakow.

While everyone else went to bed, Krakow sat at the desk waiting for the transponder snail to ring. Thirty minutes went by with Krakow trying to stay up, he was trying to keep his eyes widened when Leopard came up beside him and rubbed his head against Krakow.

"Pets pwease" said Leopard.

"Leopard you should be asleep" said Krakow.

"I know when you're tired, so I decided to stay up with you so you won't accidently fall asweep" said Leopard.

"I mean if you want to then it's fine, but please get some sleep when you feel tired okay?" said Krakow.

"Okay I will, but right neow I need pets pwease" said Leopard.

"Okay fine" said Krakow.

Leopard began to purr as Krakow petted his head.

"Here, let me go get you a chair as well" said Krakow.

Leopard than sat on his desk.

"I comfy, continuing petting neow" said Leopard.

Krakow smiled and spent the next several minutes petting Leopard until the transponder snail rang, Krakow then reached for the snail and answered it while Leopard was still on his lap.

"Talk to me" said Krakow.

Krakow then talked to Mag R. Falcon about all the information he gathered from the Niemców Nationalist soldiers, while at the same time petting Leopard's head while he fell asleep on him. After Falcon told everything he knew about them, Krakow then told Falcon the next steps he then went to place Leopard in bed while Krakow went over to his own bed to fall asleep. Although a little later, Leopard went back over to Krakow's bed, got under the covers, and laid his head on his Krakow's chest while he was asleep.

The next morning

Krakow got everyone up and went over the plan with everyone, Abeer Rashieka stayed behind to protect the hideout while the rest went to their destination. Some time passed while walking when they finally caught up with Mag R. Falcon.

"Hey Falcon, you ready?" asked Krakow.

"You betcha" said Falcon.

"Awesome, let's all get in position then" said Krakow.

The group then got in position around the dirt road, some time had passed when a horse wagon was coming by, Leopard got behind the cart, used his devil fruit powers to turn into an earwig, crawled up behind the driver, turned back into his base form and cocked a gun against the side of his head.

"If you don't want your head blown off, I suggest you stop the wagon right neow" said Leopard.

The driver then stopped the wagon, put his hands up, got off the wagon, and got on his knees.

"Lovely day isn't it?" asked Krakow.

"Torture me all you want, you're not getting a word out of me!" said the driver.

"Woah woah slow down there, we don't torture to get information, it's actually not effective to get information out like that anyways. So we're just gonna talk for a bit okay?" said Krakow

"Hey Slava, Queen, how about the two of you set the horses free and give them to a farm or something, I don't want them to just be free with nowhere to go" said Krakow.

"Right" said Slava.

"Okay" said Queen.

"Neptune, you think you could take the supplies back to the base?" asked Krakow.

"You kidding? hauling this back is nothing" said Neptune.

Slava, Queen, and Neptune went on their way while Krakow, Dawa, Falcon, Leopard, and Cocoa went into the woods to interrogate the driver. Leopard held a gun in the back of the driver's head, not letting his guard down.

"You wanna start?" asked Krakow.

"Sure" said Falcon.

Falcon then turned to the driver.

"So, are you a Niemców Nationalist do you just work for them?" asked Falcon.

"I ain't telling you shit" said the driver.

"Hey calm down, I'm just here to get to know you, I don't actually think you actually believe in any of this, I think you're doing this just to get by in life and just wanna make a honest living without having to deal with all the political bullshit. We're here to help you believe it or not, we think this nation would be better if all groups got along, but we need help doing it" said Falcon.

"Fuck the Polakóws, I already killed some when they were breaking into my home" said the driver.

"Why were they trying to break in?" asked Falcon.

"Well the home I bought was in an area where our soldiers got rid of the Polaków population in the area, the authorities told me that they were the previous owners and were probably there to get their belongings they couldn't take with them, but it was my house that I bought with my money and so that stuff they left belongs to me now" said the driver.

Krakow balled his fists.

"So you just wanted to be left alone huh?" asked Falcon.

"That's right" said the driver.

"Tell you what, tell us what you were doing and we'll help to make sure that never happens in the future okay?" asked Falcon.

"How will you do that?" asked the driver.

"We're with the world government, we're here to make sure to correct all the problems within the island will be solved one way or another, but before we solve anything we need some information from you" said Falcon.

"Then why'd you steal my wagon? asked the driver.

"We're checking for bombs, radical Polakóws have been hiding bombs in carts and we're checking them" said Falcon.

"Why did you take it away?" asked the driver.

"We're taking it to our bomb squad to have it inspected" said Falcon.

"Well I need that to complete my delivery" said the driver.

"Don't worry, we're gonna take it to the destination, that's why we need to know what's in there and where the location is" said Falcon.

"I don't think my boss would like that" said the driver.

"Don't worry, we're actually prepared to hire you on for your delivery staff if you're interested, it pays way more then whatever they're paying you" said Falcon.

"Really? Okay what do you wanna know?" asked the driver.

"Well we need to know what you were carrying and where you were going" asked Falcon.

"Well I was delivering more rifles and ammunition towards a Niemców Nationalist base" said the driver.

"Oh were they running low?" asked Falcon.

"Yeah they were low on guns and even more low on ammunition, and that's what I was bringing to them" said the driver.

"We're are they located?" asked Falcon.

"A few miles north from here" said the driver.

"Is there any other information you would like to tell me? Remember, this is to help guys like you" said Falcon.

"Not that I can think of" said the driver.

"Okay good, so I think you're good to-"

Falcon was pulled away by Krakow and whispered something into his ear, Falcon nodded and went back to the driver.

"Okay well you're good to go, but just a couple of things before you go just make sure you do a couple of things; make sure you don't tell anybody about this encounter or about us, there are Marines and a ship in a town just south from here, in order for them to know you're a new member you need to take off all your cloths and yell 'I'm a new Marine' at the top of your lungs. That way the other Marines would know you're a new recruit and will take you in" said Falcon.

"Wait how do I tell them about me joining when I can't mention meeting you? Aren't you the ones requesting me? Also why do I need to get naked?" asked the driver.

"It's how we do things, we can't give away other Marine's and people working in the World Government's locations. In order to prove that you're not lying, walking up to them naked yelling you're new is a way for us to know you're not lying to us. Because that's so ridiculous that you couldn't make it up" said Falcon.

"Okay, so just a few miles south from here?" asked the driver.

"Yes and might wanna get undress now, and start walking there naked, you might encounter some Marines nearby and wouldn't have to go all the way to town for it, so get naked so you'll be ready for them to accept you okay?" asked Falcon.

"Okay will do" said the driver.

The driver then took all his cloths off and walked towards the direction of the town naked. Krakow, Cocoa, Dawa, Leopard, and Falcon then started walking back to the underground base.

"Damn that devil fruit ability you have is scary as fuck" said Dawa.

"Yeah the Sai Sai no Mi is great for gaslighting people, I could make people believe in anything depending on my acting skills (which is great by the way), how gullible that person usually is, and given enough time I could make them believe in any stupid thing I wanted to.

"Thank you so much for that request by the way" said Krakow.

"Hey that was too funny to pass up anyways" said Falcon.

"What do you think will happen to the guy once he reaches the town?" asked Cocoa.

"Oh he'll definitely be arrested and be sent to either a prison or a mental institution" said Falcon.

"He better hope to get into a mental institution" said Dawa.

"Not exactly, some mental institutions can be just as Hellish as prisons apparently" said Leopard.

"Well either way he's fucked, which makes me glad" said Krakow.

"Damn Krakow" said Cocoa.

"Hey it's people like him that made my family lose their home when I lived here" said Krakow.

"I keep forgetting you're a Polaków, I'm really glad you got to leave here alive when you did" said Dawa.

"Yeah but things were still shit after that" said Krakow.

Leopard wrapped his arm around Krakow's arm.

"Hey, you got us neow" said Leopard.

"Yep and I'm extremely grateful for that" said Krakow.

18 Years Earlier

Krakow was seven years old in a town with a huge Polaków population, although it was still part of the Niemców Nationalist Kingdom. But Krakow being a child didn't think much of it until one fateful day when his life changed forever. It was an early morning when Krakow woke up and went into the kitchen, his parents were in a panic and told Krakow to get dressed, he got dressed and were ready to head out the door.

"Where are we going?" asked Krakow.

Krakow's mother got down on her knees to be at her son's level.

"Krakow listen to me and listen to me well, we're leaving our home and never coming back"

"But I don't want to-"

"Shut up! Just stay close to me and your father, and don't make a scene, whatever you do just keep walking, Okay?" said Krakow's mother.

"Ye...Yes" said Krakow.

"We ready?" asked Krakow's father.

"Yep, let's go" said Krakow.

"Wait, aren't we gonna get all of our things?" asked Krakow.

"We can't take them" said Krakow's mother.

"But why?" asked Krakow.

"Krakow just shut up and stop asking questions okay?" asked Krakow's mother.

Krakow then nodded his head, Krakow and his parents then left the house, he noticed everyone else in the neighborhood was walking out of their homes, with multiple Niemców Nationalist soldiers holding guns, yelling at people to move out. Krakow's Uncle and Aunt lived next door and his Uncle was getting in one of the soldier's face, with his wife and son standing next to him.

"Fuck you we're not leaving our house, we paid good money-"

Krakow's uncle was shot in the head, the soldier then shot Krakow's aunt in the head, and was about to shoot Krakow's cousin, but another soldier intervened.

"No, let this one walk and see if we can find his body on the road, I wanna see if he could make it or not" said the other soldier.

The soldier who killed Krakow's aunt and uncle then nodded and motioned him to leave. Krakow's cousin was crying hysterically, Krakow's parents then motioned Krakow's cousin to come with them. Krakow's family walked silently while Krakow's cousin kept crying for the next few hours of walking until he began to calm down, Krakow was getting tired and hungry, but didn't say anything because he didn't want his mother to yell at him. He remembered seeing Niemców Nationalist soldiers on both sides of the line people were walking in, they were either standing or on horses brandishing guns, and telling people that they all needed to walk in a line and to not walk out of it.

One boy who was a bit older than Krakow decided to run out of the line, thinking nobody was watching him, until a solider shot him in the back, he fell to the ground, then the solider went up to him and shot him dead. Krakow didn't say anything and kept walking with his family, Krakow eventually got tired and his mother decided to carry him. While being carried, Krakow noticed more dead bodies on the road, he then kept his eyes closed until it was safe to open them again.

A day had passed and they finally got to the area they were allowed to go, it was an area with the majority population being Ukraińcys were living. Krakow finally opened his eyes to see the new area they were going to be living in, his cousin lived with them and they spent they would stay in the area for the next two years.

One day Krakow was out taking a walk away from the town, while walking around he noticed a barn with a bunch of Ukraińcy people gathering in it with carts, curious to see what they were doing, he walked around to see what was going on by peaking in a crack. He saw them unloading the cart that had pitchforks, knives, axes, hatchets, sickles, scythes, and various other farm equipment for some reason. Krakow didn't think much of it and just thought they were just preparing to go to work on a field or something, Krakow lost interest and left the area, not bothering to bring it up to anyone.

One night his parents were talking to their neighbors who were Ukraińcys, he didn't hear what they were talking about but he could tell they were incredibly stressed because of it. That night Krakow, his cousin, and his parents had to live in their Ukraińcy neighbors attic for several weeks and didn't know why.

"So why are we living in the neighbors attic?" asked Krakow's cousin.

"Boys, we're gonna be living here for a while because of certain events happening outside that we can't get into, just know it isn't safe and to be as quiet as possible.

"I gotta be quite all the time? that's stupid" said Krakow's cousin.

"I don't care, just shut up and behave" said Krakow's mom.

Krakow and his family spent the next several weeks in the attic, During that time Krakow heard people screaming and was curious to what was going on outside, he took a peak out the window to see what was going on and got a glimpse of a couple Ukraińcys chasing a Polaków family with the weapons he remembered them gathering. Krakow's mother tore him away from the window.

"Don't ever go near the window again, you hear me?" said Krakow's mother.

Krakow then shook his head, still confused about the situation. One night, Krakow's cousin was angry because he was tired of staying in the attic all the time, Krakow's parents apologized for it but told him that they had no other choice. The next morning Krakow woke up to see that his cousin was gone, he woke up his parents to inform them of it, which caused them to panic.

Krakow and his family look around to try to see if he was hiding somewhere, after some searching, Krakow decided to look out the window to see if anything is going on outside. He was shocked to see mutilated corpses out on the street, he was in disbelief to what he was witnessing, then his heart sank when he saw his cousin with the other corpses, hacked up like the others were. Krakow's mother ripped him away from the window and scolded him for doing something she told him not to do.

Krakow was in shock, he then told his mother to look out on the streets, Krakow's mother rejected it but Krakow insisted, she then looked outside to see the horror that was on the streets. Krakow's mother cried hysterically, Krakow's father covered her face with a blanket to drown out the noise, Krakow's father looked out the window to see what she was crying about. His father's face turned pale as a look of despair was in his eyes, the next few weeks were unbearable, as the stress and grief was getting to them.

The attic got even quieter since then, Krakow then began started feeling depressed as he realized that this might be what the rest of his life will be like, living forever in this attic. He realized that he'll never be able to see his cousin ever again, and it's just gonna be him and his parents for now on. Several more weeks passed until their Ukraińcy neighbors talked to Krakow's parents once again.

Krakow and his parents finally left the attic and were taken away in a cart while Krakow's family was under a blanket in the back. They got to the docks and boarded a ship and said goodbye to their neighbors and thanked them for their help. They then boarded the ship and left the island, Krakow thinking his troubles were over, however Krakow was still feeling depressed, Krakow was confused to why this feeling was still with him, and wondered how long this feeling would last.

Present Day

Krakow and the others got back to the hideout where other members of his crew were stationed at.

"So is Slava and Queen back yet?" asked Krakow.

"They're not with you?" asked Rashieka.

"Didn't Neptune inform you?" asked Krakow.

"Oh sorry boss, I guess I didn't think you'd make me to inform her" said Neptune.

"Nah it's no big deal, so anyways Rashieka, Slava and Queen are taking some horses to a nearby town so they don't just wonder around aimlessly in the woods" said Krakow.

"You really like animals" said Rashieka.

"They've always been kind to me, how couldn't I love them?" asked Krakow.

"So what's the next step?" asked Falcon.

"We'll wait for Slava and Queen to get back" said Krakow.

"Okay so we just chill for now?" asked Dawa.

"Well I think we need to make our base bigger, Rashieka can you make more tunnels? and Neptune can you bring in more beds and supplies down into it?" asked Krakow.

"That's fine by me" said Rashieka.

"No problem" said Neptune.

"Thanks, the rest of us will just help out until Slava and Queen get back" said Krakow.

The crew then helped with increasing the size of the underground base until Slava and Queen got back.

"Hey guys did everything go okay?" asked Krakow.

"Yeah we found a stable who gave us some coin for the horses" said Slava.

"Okay good, know I need everyone's attention, also can someone get me a transponder snail? I want to talk to the rest of the crew who's still on the ship" said Krakow.

Krakow called to the ship, while everyone else was gathered around.

"Hello?" said Adora.

"Hey Adora can you get the others on the ship to hear this?" asked Krakow.

"Should we leave the prisoner's unattended?" asked Adora.

"They're in the cells, it'll be fine if it's just for a little bit" said Krakow.

"Gotcha" said Adora.

Adora then gathered the rest of the crew who were on the ship to listen to Krakow.

"Okay everyone's here" said Adora.

"Okay great, so everyone here's the plan, we're gonna raid the capital of this nation a month from now, during that time we're gonna find Polakóws who are hiding in the woods and recruit them into the upcoming coup. You see a lot of Polakóws are hiding in these woods to escape they've been targeted by the Niemców Nationalists and are escaping from them. We will recruit them and have them hide out at the base, and train them for what's about to happen.

There will be two groups; Group A and Group B, Group A will be lead by Slava who will be here at the base training recruited Polakóws, while Nazeli will lead Group B in keeping an eye on the ship and the prisoners. Group A consists of Nikola T. Slava, Lafond C. Kiki, Marley A. Queen, Tewahedo Amira, Abeer Rashieka, Okeanos O. Neptune, Gyatso Dawa, Mag R. Falcon, Jovanka, Torres Cocoa, and Kisoa Keliko. Group B consists of Lily V. Nazeli, Serpent O. Gorgon, Jacqueline, Lenca N. Maya, Perz N. Leopard, Asmir, Kalina, Keisha Scarlet, Blades Emerald, and Adora.

Group A will be assigned specific duties; Kiki you will make sure the Polakóws are in good health and help them with any medical need, Queen you will help people with sword training, Amira you will be the one to cook for them, Rashieka you will keep increasing the tunnel sizes so we can keep recruiting more people, Neptune you will unload beds and supplies into the base, Dawa you will help with training them in martial arts, Falcon you will be the one to actually go out into the woods and recruit members and ask if they know any others who will join in or help us with suppling more food and weapons, Jovanka you will be assigning them their quarters and providing rations to everyone, Cocoa you will help the recruits will gun training, and Keliko will provide haircuts for the recruits.

Group B doesn't have any specific roles, if you guys need anything just go to the nearest town and collect supplies, but keep your head down and keep a low profile while you all are out. As for me, I have some personal business that I need to take care of, I'm going after a different group that are causing problems on the island, and I'm gonna take care of them personally. I'll be back within a month, and when I get back that's when we're putting our plan into action" said Krakow.

"Krakow are you sure you don't want one of us to go with you?" asked Slava.

"No, I need to do this alone. So everyone you have your roles, let's get to it, I'll see you all in a month from now" said Krakow.

"Hey wait are we gonna do anything about the base?" asked Slava.

"Oh yeah right, I'll take care of that myself, don't worry" said Krakow.

"Are you sure?" asked Slava.

"Yes it's fine, it'll take literally less than a minute" said Krakow.

"Okay well good luck" said Slava.

"I appreciate it" said Krakow.

Everyone said their goodbyes to him while Krakow left to face his demons alone.

The Solo Mission

A pair of wings emerged from Krakow turned into his Latawiec form, Krakow then took off flying and soared through the air until he arrived at the base of the Niemców Nationalist soldiers that were waiting for their supply. Krakow sat on a branch, looking at the camp seeing the soldiers train. Krakow conjured a huge twister around the camp, causing the soldier and officers to be lifted off the ground and into the air, once high enough, Krakow released them.

This cause the soldiers and officers to fall to their death, having to summon a tornado this huge made Krakow feel tired and weak, this made go to the camp, steal one of the cots and went into the woods to where nobody would see him and slept for an hour. After he awoke he noticed it was dawn, and had to get back to his mission, he then flew off towards his destination. On his way he noticed a town with houses burning, so he decided to investigate it.

He looked around to see mutilate corpses around him, he walked around to see horrible atrocities against the Polaków village. Krakow observed the corpses on the ground, there were mutilations including body parts being cut off, people burned alive, and other methods of torture that reminded him of "that day". Krakow had enough and took off, he then flew off and eventually ended up in a town with a Ukraińcy population. It was getting dark, and Krakow reached one particular house and flew down in front of it, he knocked and waited until a man came and answered the door.

"Can I help you?" asked the man.

"Koval Ivan?" asked Krakow.

"Yes that's me, can I help you?" asked Ivan.

"I guess you don't recognize me, I guess it's been a while since I stayed in your attic" said Krakow.

"Krakow?" said Ivan.

"It's great to see you" said Krakow.

"Holy shit come in quick before anyone sees you" said Ivan.

Krakow went in and had a seat on the couch.

"Anna come in here!" said Ivan.

"What is I-, who is this?" asked Anna.

"Remember the Perun family?" asked Ivan.

"Holy shit Krakow is that really you?" asked Anna.

"It's been a long time" said Krakow.

"I'm glad you and your folks made it out safely, how are they by the way?" asked Anna.

"I'm sorry to inform you about this but I've cut ties with them do to personal issues long ago, so I don't know how they are right now. I assume they're fine because loved living in Alabasta" said Krakow.

"Oh so that's where you all went, but for the love of God why come to this place when you know how dangerous it is for you to be here?" asked Anna.

"Well a couple days ago, me and my crew were stopping for supplies, I didn't realize this was Imperium at first, I was thinking about leaving as soon as possible but after seeing how this place hasn't changed, I couldn't just stand by and let this continue" said Krakow.

"You're part of a pirate crew?" asked Anna.

"I'm the captain" said Krakow.

"Oh God, please don't tell us that you're gonna rob us?" said Ivan.

"Not that type of pirate, but even if I was, I would never do that to the people who helped shelter me and my family from those monsters" said Krakow.

"Oh so what are you going to do?" asked Ivan.

"Well me and my crew are looking to recruit Polakóws hiding in the woods, train them in battle, and prepared to start a coup of the capital, this will happen a month from now" said Krakow.

"Oh so where is your crew now?" asked Anna.

"In a camp somewhere in the woods several miles by foot from here" said Krakow.

"So why are you here? shouldn't you be helping out with the training?" asked Ivan.

"I put my first mate in charge of that, I'm here for other business before the coup happens" said Krakow.

"Which is?" asked Ivan.

"To kill those bastards who killed my cousin" said Krakow.

"You're going to take on the Powstaniec Army?" asked Ivan.

"So that's what they're called" said Krakow.

"So why are you here telling us all this?" asked Anna.

"I just need some information, and I figured there's no better option then the people who helped me in the past" said Krakow.

"What would you like to know?" asked Ivan.

"Well you already answered one of my questions, I now know the name of the group that's doing all this. So who is their leader? where can I find these fucks? Also who killed my cousin specifically, I know that last part sounds impossible because it happened so long ago and it's hard to keep track of who did it, but I'm gonna try" said Krakow.

"Well I don't know where their main base is, but their previous leader was taken out by a group of Polakóws retaliating against the Powstaniec Army. But before I get to who the newest leader is, I have to admit something to you Krakow" said Ivan.

"What is it?" asked Krakow.

"I actually witnessed who killed your cousin, I didn't tell you or your parents who it was because I didn't stop them, they would've suspected that I was suspicious for trying to save him and would've probably looked around the house and found you and your parents. Which would've not only be a death sentence for you and your parents but for me and my wife as well, I'm sorry for not saving him Krakow, if you hate me then I understand" said Ivan.

"Ivan you helped saved my family, my cousin was stubborn and it cost him his life, like you said it would've been worse if you would've stopped them. But I still wanna find the person responsible for his death, so please if you know who it is then please tell me" said Krakow.

"The same person who killed your nephew is the same person who is now the new leader of the Powstaniec Army, his name is 'Taras'" said Ivan.

"Do you know where this piece of shit is at?!" asked Krakow.

"I unfortunately do not, I wish I could be of more help but I don't know much about the army's activities or whereabouts" said Ivan.

"Well I thank the both of you for your help anyways, I'll be heading out now, thanks again" said Krakow.

"Wait where are you going?" asked Anna.

"To find the bastard who killed my cousin" said Krakow.

"But how long will that take you?" asked Anna.

"I'm hoping to do it by the end of the month before the coup happens" said Krakow.

"Where will you stay though?" asked Anna.

"I'm planning to get a hotel" said Krakow.

"No you can stay here until that your business is done" said Anna.

"Nah, I don't wanna be a burden, plus I might put you two in danger" said Krakow.

"We put our lives in danger for you and your family once, we can do it again" said Ivan.

"I don't know" said Krakow.

"Trust me, it'll make me feel better to know when that monster is dead, so you staying here will keep us up to date with what's going on. Plus this has gone on long enough, both the Powstaniec Army and Niemców Nationalist party have been in control for way too long. It's time to finally put an end to all of this madness" said Ivan.

"I appreciate your support" said Krakow.

"Anytime" said Anna.

"Well since I'll be staying here, I think me staying in the attic is the best option for me, it's best nobody sees me coming and going through your front door" said Krakow.

"Wait how will you get out if not through the front door? you expecting the back will be better? also why do you need to be in the attic to go out the back door anyways?" asked Ivan.

"Here, let me show you" said Krakow.

Krakow's wings emerged from his back at that instance.

"What the Hell are those?!" asked Ivan.

"I ate a devil fruit that allows me to turn into this bird like demon that controls the air, it's called the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Latawiec. With it I can fly out the window of the attic at night while nobody is looking and go back inside without anyone noticing some guy coming in and out of your house all the time" said Krakow.

"Oh wow, that's really impressive. So you going out tonight then?" asked Anna.

"Nah, I'm a bit tired from today, think I'll go to bed and start my adventure tomorrow" said Krakow.

"Okay, well I'll prepare the cot and get some pillows and blankets for you" said Ivan.

"Thanks, again I appreciate what you two are doing for me" said Krakow.

"It's no problem Krakow" said Anna.

Later that night Krakow went up to the attic to get his rest for tomorrow, he started thinking back to when he and his crew arrived on the island.

Several Weeks Earlier

"Hey captain, We should really stop somewhere for more supplies, I'm running low on food" said Tewahedo Amira

"Already?" said Krakow.

"We've gained a lot of members these past few months, so it makes sense that we would quickly run low on food" said Nikola T. Slava.

"Okay then I guess we'll stop somewhere, also this time we're collecting ten times the normal amount of food that we usually get. Maya, navigate us to the closest island okay?" said Krakow.

"Roger that" said Lenca N. Maya.

Maya directed the helmsperson in the direction of the closet island, several hours passed until they finally reached the closest island near them. While the rest of the crew were out collecting food and other supplies, Krakow and Lily V. Nazeli decided to go out and see where they could collect more money.

"Are we good on money?" asked Nazeli.

"Oh yeah we're fine for now, I just don't wanna wait to the last minute to find more when we're close to running out" said Krakow.

"Understandable" said Nazeli.

"So let's look around for-"

"No please!" said the woman.

Krakow and Nazeli looked over to see a woman crying as her son is on his knees, about to be hanged by two men in uniforms.

"You know the law, many saw your son go into an 'Niemców only' establishment and has to pay with his life" said the man.

"No please he's just a boy!" said the woman.

"If you don't shut the Hell up it'll be your whole family" said the man.

Nazeli looked at Krakow to notice rage within his eyes.


Krakow lunged at the men, brutally stabbing them with his katana. As the two men were laying there motionless, Krakow went over to the boy and cut the noose off of his neck.

"Thank you so much" said the woman.

"Ma'am can you tell me what the name of this country is please?" asked Krakow.

"You don't know? Well this is the island of Imperium" said the woman.

"Gotcha, let's go Nazeli" said Krakow.

Krakow was speed walking back towards the ship, Nazeli soon caught up to Krakow to match his speed.

"Krakow is everything okay? asked Nazeli.

"We're in my homeland" said Krakow.

"Is that a bad thing?" asked Nazeli.

"Did you not see what just happened a few moments ago?" asked Krakow.

"Oh yeah, sorry" said Nazeli.

Krakow stopped for a moment.

"No I'm sorry, I shouldn't of snapped at you like that, it's just a lot of bad memories came flooding back" said Krakow.

Krakow then covered his hand over his eyes and sighed.

"Just give me a minute please" said Krakow.

"Krakow what's going on?" asked Nazeli.

"It's better if I explained it to everyone, it's better that I don't have to repeat this twice" said Krakow.

"Okay then let's head back to the ship" said Nazeli.

Krakow and Nazeli then headed back towards the ship, when they got there they waited for everyone to get back. When everyone got back he ordered a meeting on the top deck to address something important to the crew.

"Hey guys, I need to address something, I didn't realize it when we arrived but we're in my homeland. Now you might be asking 'why is that a bad thing'? Well I belong to the ethnic Polaków who are treated like sub humans and are subjected to ethnic cleaning and persecution by the Niemców Nationalist kingdom, led by Fred E. Rick and other ethnic Niemcóws who view them as superior towards the Polaków population. So I'm going to spend the next couple weeks or even months trying to take this empire down, you all can just wait and relax on the ship while I'm gone" said Krakow.

"Wait what you mean just stay here?" asked Nazeli.

"This is something that involves me and my problems, I'm not going to burden you all with my problems" said krakow.

"Captain, it's not a burden, we are willing to fight along side you during this time" said Slava.

"Do you all feel this way? I just hate burdening others with my problems" said Krakow.

"I'm willing to help you and the other people on this island" said Adora.

"Same here" said Amir.

"Same" said Dawa.

"Okay whoever doesn't wanna be involved in this please raise your hand, and please be honest, I don't want any of you to do this if you don't want to" said Krakow.

Not a single member raised their hand when Krakow said this.

"You guys are all great, thank you" said Krakow.

"So what's the plan" said Nazeli.

"Well, I think we should should get some information, but first we need to built a shelter, and get so ammunition, but first we to find a good spot to build our base. So let's do that, then we can get to stage two, which I will address when we get to that point, does that sound good to you all?" asked Krakow.

"Yes" said everyone.

"Awesome, let's get to it then" said Krakow".

Present Day

The next few days Krakow walked through the town, sat down at bars, flew through the skies, and sat on top of buildings using his Kenbunshoku Haki to sense people who have murderous intentions, that way he has a good chance of finding Powstaniec Army members who may know Taras' location. He spent days interrogating Powstaniec Army members he found, however none of them had any useful information. Three weeks have passed with no luck, until one day he was at the bar sensing three men who had the same murderous intentions like the others and decided to follow them next.

Krakow followed the three men out of the bar and kept following them, one of them men noticed Krakow has been following them and decided to say something to the other men.

"Yo there's a creepy fuck who's been following us for several blocks now" said Man 1.

The other men looked back to see nobody behind them.

"The fuck you talking about?" said Man 2.

"I could've sworn I-" said Man 1.

"Okay well don't bother us with shit like this again" said Man 3.

They all kept walking until they reached an abandoned warehouse where there were four other men, they all sat down somewhere and relaxed for a bit. One of them went to go to the bathroom while the others started talking business.

"So what's next on the agenda?" asked Man 2.

"Well we're going to attack another Polaków village two weeks from now, we'll be doing training until then" said Man 4.

"Damn more training? how many times have we done this now? Do we really nee more training?" asked Man 1.

"It's not just us, it's for new recruits as well, besides we need to make sure we don't miss out on any new information that might've been recently learned" said Man 5.

"Since I've done this a million times before, I'm gonna relax as much as possible because if I put up with the same training regimen I'm gonna lose my fucking mind" said Man 1.

"You need to take this seriously" said Man 5.

"Nah he's right, We worked hard enough, it's time we starting enjoying " said Man 6.

"You really need to-"

Man five was interrupted when the man who left earlier fell from above, and landed on the table in front of the men, breaking it.

"Holy fucking shit!" said Man 1.

"Where the fuck did he come from?!" asked Man 6.

"...Search the building" said Man 5.

"Who put you in charge?" asked man 1.

"Are you seriously concerned with that shit right now? Just fucking search asshole" said Man 5.

"I'm defiantly gonna kill this fucker and blame it on a Polaków during the next attack" thought Man 1.

The men then spread out, brandishing their guns and checking for whatever was in the building with them. Man four was searching when something grabbed him and smashed his head into the ground, which caused blood to leaked out of his head. The other men heard the commotion and quickly went to the area to where they heard the noise.

"Fuck, let's keep searching" said Man 5.

The men quickly searched around for whatever was in the building with them, Man three was searching when he got knocked out with a punch to the face from a fist that came from the shadows next to him. The other men heard him collapse and went to go check.

"Okay we need to stay together, he's just gonna keep on picking us off one by one if we keep doing this" said Man 5.

The men got into a circle, preparing for anyone who tries to attack them. Suddenly a giant crow-like creature appeared from a top of a stack rack, making a loud caw-like noise.

"Holy fucking shit, what is that thing?!" yelled Man 1.

"Shoot it!" yelled Man 2.

The men began firing but all of them were taken aback when a huge gust of wind took them off their feet and slammed them against the wall. The giant crow-like beast flew towards them, the being turned into a humanoid crow-like being while the men were getting up. The humanoid crow used its claws on its feet to smash Man twos head into the wall, knocking him out.

The being then turned into a human and used a roundhouse kick to kick Man ones face, knocking him out as well. Man six was about to point his gun at the person when a gust of air came from beneath him and swooped him off his feet, as the wind dissipated he fell down and that's when the person punched him in the face, knocking him out. Man five was about to shoot the person when the guy grew talons from his fingers and slashed his gun in half with his talon-like claws, he grabbed Man five's neck and slightly dug his talon-like claws in his neck, Man five stood there in fear, looking at the blonde-haired guy.

"Please don't kill me!" said Man 5.

"Just tell me what I want to know and I won't" said Krakow.

"Okay, Okay, what do you wanna know?" asked Man 5.

"Where is Taras?" asked Krakow.

"...I don't know" said Man 5.

"Okay guess you're dead" said Krakow.

"But I don't you what I knew?!" said Man 5.

"I said tell me what I want to know, not 'tell me what you know' so you're dead" said Krakow.

"No wait, I know" said Man 5.

"Oh?" said Krakow.

"Yeah he's in a mansion about five miles north from here, he has guards everywhere, you can't miss it, it's literally the only mansion around here" said Man 5.

"Okay good" said Krakow.

Krakow didn't let go of the guys' neck.

"So are you gonna let me go? I told you what you wanted to know, so you have to" said Man 5.

"You people murder innocent civilians, you even kill children" said Krakow.

"Look I only joined because I had to, I killed only because they would've killed me if I didn't" said Man 5.

"You lied to me before admitting where your boss is, and I don't know if you're lying about this either, so letting you go where you admitted to killing wouldn't be a good thing, you could be only doing it so save your own ass, but-"

Krakow then gripped his talons into the man's neck, killing him.

"I'm okay with taking a chance and assuming you're lying your ass off" said Krakow.

Krakow then removed the blade from the man's neck and impaled all of the unconscious men in the neck. Krakow then walked out of the building, turned into his full Latawiec form and flew off in the direction of the mansion. It didn't take long until he reached the mansion and noticed the mansion that had numerous guards. Krakow flew down and grabbed one of the men with his claws and swooped him off his feet, causing him to scream hysterically.

Krakow went up high in the air, released his grip, and let the man fall to his death, the man fell in the middle of the front yard within the mansion walls. One guard yelled, alarming the other guards to what's going on, the other guards that were stationed outside came to the area of the commotion. When the other guards got to the area, a whirlwind appeared around them in almost an instance, the whirlwind caused them to lift off the ground and rise into the air.

Krakow was in his hybrid form when the whirlwind carrying them was at the same height as he was, Krakow then killed them one by one as the whirlwind was spinning them around, making it easy for Krakow to kill them by slicing their necks with his talon-like hands. He then dissipated the whirlwind and watched the corpses plummet to the ground. Krakow then swooped towards the ground, landing in the middle of the front yard, and walked towards the mansion.

Krakow kicked the front door open and entered the mansion, he didn't see anyone inside but kept searching. He walked around on the first floor, checking every door to see if anyone was in one of the rooms. He didn't see anybody on the first floor, so he went upstairs to check on the second floor and still didn't find anybody and was getting a bit frustrated, he then walked downstairs and re-checked every door and every room to see if he missed anything.

He opened a door in the kitchen to check what they had, he found some bread rolls and started eating them, after being frustrated he decided to start thinking of what to do next. He placed his hand on the cabinet inside the door when he noticed it slightly move when leaning against it. He started jiggling it a bit more to see that there's something behind the cabinet, he tried finding a latch or something that would open it but struggled.

He then gave up and used Busoshoku Haki to cover his hand to bust down the door, revealing a stairway leading somewhere, he then started to walk down the stairs. He walked down to see a dojo type area with a man meditating on the other side of the room. The man looked behind him to see Krakow standing there in anger.

"Are you Taras?" asked Krakow.

The man then got up, and picked up the shotel blade that was laying on the floor in front of him.

"Yes I am, I'm assuming you're not here to become a new member?" asked Taras.

"And why would a Polaków join your organization?" asked Krakow.

"Ah so that's what this is about? okay so who are you here to seek vengeance for? Because I killed many Polakóws and I don't even remember a tenth of the people I killed, so be specific because you're not the first person who tried to take my head" said Taras.

"The fact that you said that makes me wanna kill you even more, and I will make sure to torture you just as much as you tortured others before you killed them. Also to answer your question, it was my cousin, who was only a child when you took his life away from him. I had to leave this land because of people like you and Fred E. Rick. So I've finally returned to put an end to all this once and for all" said Krakow.

"Okay, well enjoy the last five minutes of you life" said Taras.

Krakow bolted at Taras, he swung his blade at Taras, Taras blocked it and used his body weight to push Krakow back. Taras ran up to Krakow and tried a slash attack, but Krakow used his devil fruit ability to dash and thrust his body several feet away.

"A devil fruit ability?" said Taras.

"Yep, and I'm gonna take advantage of it" said Krakow.

Krakow then threw an air blast at Taras, knocking Taras to his feet. Krakow then leaped at Taras, Taras tried to dodge but Krakow managed to cut his arm. Taras was enraged and lunged at Krakow thrashing his blade, trying to get a good shot at Krakow, but Krakow kept blocking them with his arms covered in Busoshoku Haki. Taras then lunged yet again at Krakow and causing his blade to get in contact with Krakow's haki covered arm, both stood there trying to overpower the other person.

Krakow then summoned a whirlwind around Taras, causing him to be swept up off his feet and unable to full defend himself, Krakow then took this opportunity to stab Taras in the leg with his talons, causing Taras to scream in pain. Krakow then manipulated the whirlwind to fly into the wall, causing Taras to collide with it.

"Damn you're tougher then I thought, never thought I needed this but I guess today's the day" said Taras.

Taras then took a remote out of his pocket and pressed a button, causing a hidden door to open from the wall. Taras then ran inside, Krakow chased after him and saw that the entrance led to another staircase downstairs, he didn't let his guard down so that he can be prepared incase Taras decided to leap out at him. Krakow walked down to discover a marble tiled room with a door-less entrance, he walked in to discover that there's more hallways and he realized it was a maze.

Krakow didn't want to do this but had no other choice, especially since it's an indoor maze and has a roof over it, meaning he can't just fly over it to find Taras, He decided to walk deeper to see where Taras is at. Only for Krakow to step on a floor tile that happened to be pressure plate, causing a knife connected to a metal bar to spring down from the wall and make contact in the back of his right shoulder. Krakow screamed in pain, and slowly removed the metal bar containing the knife out of his back, he took a few steps forward when Taras came out of the corner and attacked Krakow, Krakow put out his arm covered in Busoshoku Haki as a defence.

Krakow summoned a gust of wind to blow Taras against the wall, Krakow thrusted his talons at Taras but Taras managed to dodge and ran away. Taras had a remote and pressed a button, causing the walls of the maze to change directions, causing the maze make different paths. Krakow then carried on despite him being in pain, as he couldn't let this person escape.

Krakow kept moving forward despite him being in pain, Krakow then used is devil fruit abilities to levitate off the floor to avoid setting off anymore tiles, that is until he walked into a practically invisible wire that connected with his torso, Krakow only noticed it until it was too late. Krakow heard a loud noise from the wall and a sharp pain made contact with his right arm, causing him to collide against the wall and fall to the floor. Krakow yelled in agony, then looked over to see a small entrance of a gun that was covered with glass that was disguised as part of the wall shot him after the wire triggered it.

"I'm gonna enjoy killing him even more now" thought Krakow.

Krakow kept continuing, he held is arm out as he kept levitating in mid air and moved his arm up and down to avoid setting off more trip wires. The maze then changed and the walls moved to different areas, Krakow sighed and kept moving forward. However, Taras came up behind Krakow from around a corner and sliced his back, causing Krakow to scream in agony and fall down.

Krakow caused another pressure plate which caused a circular saw to come out of the wall and cut his right leg, causing him to fall to his knees. Taras ran up to deliver another blow when Krakow used Soru to appear behind Taras and sliced his back open. Krakow also used an air blast attack which caused Taras to be pushed forward and step on the same pressure plate that Krakow stepped on, causing his leg to get sliced by the same saw.

Taras was about to press a button on his remote when Krakow used another air blast to knock the remote out of Taras' hand. Taras ran up to get it but accidently activated another pressure plate, causing a metal pole with a knife at the end of it come into contact with his lower back. Taras screamed in agony and was going to take it out, but Krakow sliced his hand open, Krakow then used Soru again and appeared in front of Taras. Krakow sliced Taras' other hand, forcing him to drop his weapon, Krakow was hovering in mid air staring at Taras.

"You gonna fucking kill me? then go ahead do it!" yelled Taras.

"I will in a bit. Just wanna relish this moment, I wanted to do this for so long, I wanna cherish the moment" said Krakow.

"Well even if you kill me, someone will still take my place, I didn't create this organization. This will keep going after I die, so go ahead, kill me but it won't change anything" said Taras.

"That's where you're wrong, I'm creating an army to put an end to these horrors, once we defeat Fred E. Rick, we're gonna put people in charge who can actually run a fair nation and not put others above one another. These killings are gonna stop as well, because every Niemców Nationalist and Powstaniec Army member is gonna face justice. So enjoy knowing that the last thing going through your head is that your whole evil plan here is gonna be finally over with" said Krakow.

Krakow then impaled Taras many times in his talons, he kept stabbing and stabbing him, hearing Taras screaming in agony and eventually sliced his neck open and tore his head off, Krakow stood there smiling as he dropped and kicked the head.

"Finally over" thought Krakow.

Krakow then used his powers to summon a small whirlwind around the remote that was on the ground and summoned it over to him. Krakow then pressed several buttons until the maze changed so that it revealed the exit, Krakow levitated while keeping his arm out to make sure there were no trip wires. He opened the door to discover a hatch, he opened the hatch to discover that it led to the outside of the walls of the mansion.

He then continued to levitate out and headed back in the direction he believed his crew was at, he wasn't a hundred percent sure he was going in the right direction but he decided to just take the chance. He didn't wanna go back to Ivan and Anna since he didn't wanna take the chance of putting them in danger, so he tried his best to find the area to where his crew was stationed at. Krakow kept levitating, however he could only go so fast due to him being injured, he was struggling until he heard a familiar voice.

"Need a hand handsome?" said Adora.

"Adora, what are you doing here?" asked Krakow.

"Well I'm not alone" said Adora.

At that moment, Keisha Scarlet, Kalina, and Perz N. Leopard appeared from out of the bushes.

"Why aren't you all back at the ship?" asked Krakow.

"Nazeli talked to Slava and was worried about you, she told him that she was gonna send a group to keep an eye on you just to be safe. Slava agreed and Nazeli asked us to keep an eye out on you, Slava told us in the direction you were going and we just estimated where you would go from there. It made it easy since people were spreading stories about a giant crow monster being seen in one town. So we kept an eye out and eventually found you beating up some guys and we just kept an eye on you since then" said Adora.

"Wait did you knew where I was staying?" asked Krakow.

"Yeah we found you going into the attic of this one house and just stayed at a hotel down the street seeing what you would do next" said Kalina.

"Wow and I never noticed your presence, congrats. Also remind me to thank Nazeli for giving an order that helped me out, because I'm extremely tired right now" said Krakow.

"Yeah you look pretty bad, we gotta get you to Kiki as soon as possible" said Scarlet.

"Oh my God did you get shot?!" asked Leopard.

"Yeah booby trap did that, I'll explain everything on the way" said Scarlet.

Scarlet then turned into her Megalosaurus form.

"Hop on" said Scarlet.

Kalina then picked Krakow up and carried him as she went over to Scarlet.

"What are you doing?" asked Krakow.

"Shut up, you're injured and need to take it easy" said Kalina.


"No buts, I'm a fish-man I can carry you easily, so not another word" said Kalina.

Adora, Leopard, and Kalina (while holding Krakow) got on Scarlet and headed to the base in the woods where Slava and the rest were. They eventually got there and had Lafond C. Kiki treat Krakow for his wounds, Rashieka then made an area for Krakow so he can have his own space separate from everyone else so he can get some peace. After Krakow was treated, Kalina picked him up and carried him to his bed where she tucked him in.

"I still don't like that you're treating me like a child" said Krakow.

"Well too bad, you're injured and you'll do everything by yourself because you don't wanna feel a burden on others, so this is how you're being treated. I don't wanna see you doing anything until you're better, got it?" said Kalina.

"*sigh* okay" said Krakow.

"Good" said Kalina.

"So how long do we got until we raid the capital? sorry I lost track a bit" said Krakow.

"A week and a half" said Kalina.

"Okay that'll give me plenty of time to heal. I promise I'll take it easy until then" said Krakow.

"Good" said Kalina.

"Okay well I'm gonna get some sleep, do we have any night masks?" asked Krakow.

"Yes, I'll go get you one" said Kalina.

Kalina then goes to grab a night mask and gave it to Krakow.

"Thank you" said Krakow.

"You're welcome, if you need anything just yell okay, I'll be in the other room if you need me" said Kalina.

"Thanks will do" said Krakow.

Krakow then settled down and tried to get some sleep, although several hours later Krakow was awoken by Perz N. Leopard, sitting next to him and tapping his hand on Krakow's chest.

"Pets pwease" said Leopard.

"Not now, I'm trying to sleep" said Krakow.

Krakow then laid his head on the pillow again, only for Leopard to tap his hand on Krakow's chest again.

"Pets pwease" said Leopard.

"Look I'll give you pets when I'm fully healed okay?" said Krakow.

Leopard kept tapping his hand on Krakow.

"Pets pwease, right neow" said Leopard.

"Okay fine" said Krakow.

Krakow then rubbed Leopard's head, making Leopard purr, Kalina noticed this and picked up Leopard and took him away.

"Hey you know better, Krakow is trying to relax and feel better, he can't give you pets" said Kalina.

"But I want them right neow!" said Leopard.

"Don't be selfish, just let the captain rest" said Kalina.

"Pets pwease?" asked Leopard.

"Okay I'll pet you" said Kalina.

Leopard smiled as Kalina petted Leopard for a long period of time, while Krakow eventually went to sleep.

The Coup

A week and a half went by and Krakow's injuries were fully healed. Krakow was getting reading as Mag R. Falcon went down to speak with him.

"So you feeling better?" asked Falcon.

"Yeah I'm good. Also, remember a month a go when we were talking about what information you gathered from those Niemców soldiers?" asked Krakow.

"Yeah what about it?" asked Falcon.

"Well I wanna go over it before I address my speech, just so I don't forget anything, is that cool?" asked Krakow.

Falcon agreed and they both went over what information Falcon recovered from them. After some discussion, Krakow finally emerged from the underground base for the first time since he received treatment for his injuries, Krakow came out and called for a meeting, everyone gathered around for Krakow to give the next order. Slava used a transponder snail to connect with the ship so that everyone on board could listen as well.

"Hello everyone, I know I haven't met a lot of you due to me being away for a while, but I appreciate that you are all participating in this. I want to let you all know what I went through, I already told a few of you but I'll inform everyone of what happened. You see, I am also a Polaków who lived on this island a long time ago, I was kicked out of my house by the Niemców Nationalist soldiers and was forced to live in an area with a majority Ukraińcy population.

My aunt and uncle were killed off by a Niemców Nationalist soldier, my cousin was left an orphan and my parents took him in when we were forced to move. Things took a worse turn when the Ukraińcy people decided to brutally commit pogroms against the Polaków population, luckily me and my family were taken in by our Ukraińcy neighbors and we hid in their attic for several weeks. During that time my cousin wanted to get out and was tired of being stuck in there all the time, he made the decision to leave out when we were all asleep.

The following morning we noticed he was gone and couldn't find him anywhere, I looked outside to see his mutilated corpse in the streets, my family saw this and we were all filled with grief. A few weeks later, the neighbors who were sheltering us got us on a ship to leave this island, and we eventually landed in Alabasta and started our life there. Fast forward many years later and I am a captain of my own pirate crew, we needed supplies and stopped at the nearest island to collect them.

Little did I know, I was unaware that the island we stopped at was the same island I was born in where I had a 'wonderful' childhood. I noticed things haven't changed since I was a kid and decided to put an end to it, so I had around half of my crew to gather and train as many Polakóws that were hiding in the forest, and I'm glad to see so many were gathered here. So anyways, during the last month while you were all away, I had decided to find my cousins killer, it took a while but I finally found him.

He just happened to be the current leader of the Powstaniec Army, Taras. I managed to finally put an end to him and after this if all over, democracy will reign upon this land and you all will finally be free from both the Niemców Nationalist kingdom and the Powstaniec Army. Every member will be trialed for crimes against humanity, and will be served justice, but we should talk about the plan of how we're gonna accomplish this.

From information we gathered, there are internment camps about northwest of here to where people are being contained in inhumane conditions, dying from the conditions or being executed outright by the guards. There's also people being sent to a building within the camps that nobody knows what's going on inside them, but the prisoners who go inside are never seen again. Not even the other guards know what goes inside those walls, only authorized personal are allowed to go inside of that building.

What we're going to do is have Falcon check into the building and see what's going on inside, after we see what's going on inside that building, we will then plan our next course of action. Falcon, you and Scarlet will go out and see what's going on inside, Scarlet will give you transportation to and from there so you can go in and bring back the information you gathered. After that I will decide what the next course of action will be, any questions?" asked Krakow.

"Yes, how will they do all this?" asked Civilian 1.

"Good question, you see a good portion of my crew (including myself) have devil fruit abilities, Scarlet the lookout of our crew has an ancient Zoan devil fruit that allows her to turn into a Megalosaurus. She will give the spy of our crew who has a devil fruit ability to make others believe whatever he tells them despite it being utter bullshit. That's how they're gonna gain entrance and find out the information we need" said Krakow.

"Wait so why can't he just use his ability to convince others to what they're doing is wrong?" asked Civilian 2.

"I'll answer this Krakow, you see everyone, my devil fruit ability is kinda tricky. You see there's many factors that play into my devil fruit ability, first it depends on the type of person and how gullible they are or not, so it's always a risk taker for me. Plus I gotta maintain confidence for this to work, and the effects are not always be permanent, they can realize that what I said was bullshit after being corrected by someone who didn't listen to what I was telling that person. So it's a huge clusterfuck with my devil fruit abilities" said Falcon.

"Also Falcon will be going in with a transponder snail so we can listen in on everything, he will also have an earpiece so we can give him instructions while he's undercover. Now with all of that out of the way, let's get to it" said Krakow.

Scarlet and Falcon then headed towards the direction on the camp, when they got there Scarlet hid in the bushes while Falcon went up to the camp and spoke with the guards in front of the camp. Falcon had a transponder snail within his clothing while everyone else was back at the base listening in.

"Hello I came from the capital to report in to see how everything is going" said Falcon.

"Are you? huh didn't hear anything about this from HQ, did you" asked guard 1.

"I haven't heard anything about this" said guard 2.

"Look I gotta fill my report in by the end of the day, can we please get started with this?" asked Falcon.

"Okay, let me go get someone who can give you the tour" said guard 1.

A couple mins later the guard brought in an officer to talk to Falcon.

"Hello I understand that you're here from the capital?" asked the officer.

"Yes I'm here to do a personal report for the higher ups to make sure everything is going accordingly" said Falcon.

"May I ask your name?" asked the officer.

"My name isn't important, what is important is that you need to show me around so I can make sure that there doesn't need to be any terminations here" said Falcon.

"Oh okay, please step this way" said the officer.

"You're doing a fantastic job Falcon, keep it up" said Krakow.

The officer showed Falcon around, he showed him the inmates working inside the camps where they would be shoveling, hauling wood or other supplies, and even dispense bodies of other laborers in ditches. The prisoners were sick and malnourished, and had there were guards brandishing guns near them.

"Yeah we make sure they all work the full twelve hours a day with very little breaks, and no days off. I know we're proud of what we do here, hopefully the leader will come down here himself and see what we have accomplished all this time" said the officer.

"What's in that building?" asked Falcon.

"Only authorized personal are allowed in there, even I'm not allowed to go in" said the officer.

"Well I need to inspect everything so I need to enter that building" said Falcon.

"Okay, let me go ask for permission" said Krakow.

The officer went over and to the guard at the entrance of the building, the guard went inside and brought someone wearing a purple mask outside, the officer directed the purple masked person towards Falcon.

"May I help you?" asked the masked figure.

"Yeah I'm from the capital, I'm here to inspect everything to make sure everything is in tip top shape, and I would like to inspect what's in the building" said Falcon.

"Okay, come on in".

The purple masked figure escorted Falcon into the building to showed him what's inside, there was a small lobby with a hallway leading to many doors.

"Now I can't have you go inside the other rooms because its documented research and we want to keep it secured, but that doesn't matter because the most interesting room is the one we're allowed to go in".

"May I ask who you are?" asked Falcon.

"Oh yes, my name is Wolf Ludwig, the head scientist of the Niemców Nationalist kingdom, and what you're about to see is gonna be a treat".

"Why is that?" asked Falcon.

Ludwig then took him inside, when Falcon entered the room he saw that there were seats in the style of an opera house, with several scientists sitting in them taking notes. They were all looking through a huge glass with a room filled with sick and malnourished prisoners in pain.

"What is all this then?" asked Falcon.

"Well this is the experimentation room, we test subjects so that we can find cures for diseases or anything that would benefit the Niemców population of this glorious land. Here we're having subjects consume seawater and given them medicine to see what we have will work, usually drinking seawater dehydrates you, so we're experimenting with drugs that can make the body capable of drinking it. This is what we're doing at the moment, we have so many more experiments to conduct in the future" said Wolf Ludwig.

"Okay well thanks for the tour, I will take my leave and bring forth the good news to the capital" said Falcon.

"Okay well thank you for the visit" said Wolf Ludwig.

Falcon left the camp and when he got out of sight of the guards, he rushed into the bushes and went to Scarlet.

"Holy fucking shit" said Falcon.

"Why what's going on?" asked Scarlet.

"Falcon, Scarlet, get back here as soon as possible" said Krakow.

"Wait what's going on?" asked Scarlet.

"I'll explain it to you on the way" said Falcon.

Falcon and Scarlet eventually got back to Krakow and the others, Krakow was ready to give the next order.

"Okay there will be three groups; Group A, Group B, and Group C. Group A will be led by myself, and will consist of Lafond C. Kiki, Marley A. Queen, Lenca N. Maya, Gyatso Dawa, Perz N. Leopard, Kisoa Keliko, Keisha Scarlet, Blades Emerald, and Adora. Group B will be led by Nikola T. Slava, and will consist of Tewahedo Amira, Jacqueline, Abeer Rashieka, Okeanos O. Neptune, and Torres Cocoa. Group C will be led by Lily V. Nazeli, and will consist of Serpent O. Gorgon, Mag R. Falcon, Jovanka, Asmir, and Kalina.

Group A will take half of the recruits we gathered and head towards the capital building where I will fight my way through and take out Fred E. Rick. Group B will head to the internment camp to rescue all of the people who are being detained there, and to find anything else that might be useful information to use. Group C will look after both the ship and the prisoners aboard.

Now I know some of you are back at the ship, so let's all get to our positions, split the recruits for Groups A and B, and we'll put our plan into action. Remember, we are fighting to put an end to the meshugas that's been going on these past two decades, it all ends today. If any of you wanna back out of this, we will not judge you, so if anyone doesn't wanna do this then you can follow my crewmates towards my ship where you can remain there until this is all over, now let's move to the next step and get in position" said Krakow.

Some time has passed as the groups got in position, a few people decided to drop out and head towards the ship with the few Na Zdrowie Pirates that were heading that way, but the majority of the people decided to stay and fight with the rest of the crew. They all then went to complete their respected missions. Group B headed towards the camps, and surrounded the camp while hiding in the bushes, they all got into positions, and were waiting for Slava's signal.

"Okay Cocoa, just take out one of the guards and we'll follow" said Slava.

Cocoa aimed carefully and then took out one guard in a tower.

"NOW!" said Slava.

At that moment everyone started firing at the guard of the camp, most of the guards were taken out right away due to the surprise attack, the prisoners were trying to hide during the onslaught while the pirates and recruits were taking out the personnel.

Jacqueline used her devil fruit ability to cover herself in Rubidium and ignites in flames, and due to her being a rabbit Humink, she charged at the gates at full force and broke them down. Her body protected her from the bullets while she used her abilities to make daggers and stretch them to reach guards who are several feet away from her. Abeer Rashieka used her devil fruit abilities to whirl her arms in a circular motion to dig into the ground, and make a tunnel within the camp so that prisoners could escape. The pirates and recruits took out the guards who barley any problems, After the attack was practically over, Slava used a transponder snail to contact the ship.

"Nazeli here".

"Hey Nazeli, this is Slava, could you put Falcon on?"

"Sure one sec".

"Falcon here".

"Hey Falcon, this is Slava, where's that experimentation room you went into?".

"It's in that white building you see when you walk into the camp and it's down on the right".

"Okay thanks, also we're gonna send the prisoners to the ship so they can have somewhere safe to stay until this is all over, could you tell Nazeli that?".

"Sure thing".

After he hung up, Slava then ordered the rest of the crew to take the prisoners of the camp back to the ship.

"Hey what are you gonna do?" asked Amira.

"I should take a look at that experimentation room. Something tells me that there's more that meets the eye in that place" said Slava.

"Hold on let me go with you" said Amira.

"Why?" asked Slava.

Amira then used her devil fruit ability to cover herself in promethium.

"I don't wanna take the chance of someone being in there and putting a bullet in there, I'm going first" said Amira.

"Okay sure" said Slava.

Amira and Slava walked up to the building with Amira going first, she opened the door and had a bullet bounce off her metal coating. She discovered a purple masked figure holding a gun and trying to reload it, she ran up to the masked figure and knocked the gun out of his hand and punched him in the jaw, where he screamed out in pain. Amira stomped on the gun, breaking it while Slava held the figure down.

"Cooperate and we won't kill you" said Slava.

"What do you want to know?"

"Who are you" asked Slava.

"Wolf Ludwig".

"Okay and what is this place?".

"An experimentation room".

"For what?".

"To study things like how long can prisoners go without eating and drinking, and what are the effects of drinking saltwater, and other experiments".

Slava then smashed him to the ground and placed his foot on his head, applying huge amounts of pressure like Ludwig never felt before.

"Listen, I have a hunch that there's something more dark going on here, so you better tell me something that I'd wanna know or I'm just gonna use my devil fruit ability that allows me to crush anything no matter how strong it is and use it to crush the shit outta your head, and then find whatever you're hiding in here anyways. So save us the trouble and just tell us every single fucking thing you've done in this bitch".

"Okay, okay fine! Please just release me and let me get it ready".

Slava then took his foot off of Ludwig, allowing him to get up and showed them all the rooms within the building, majority of them were just rooms filled with documents. The other two rooms were different, the one room was a window to the experimentation room so that all the doctors could see into. The other room had a television with books shelves full of recording den den mushis sitting on them.

Ludwig then started hooking up the recording den den mushis and showing Slava and Amira what's been recorded on them. Each recording showed dates that are over two decades old on the bottom right hand corner, showing prisoners being ingested with a serum. The first showed a prisoner being injected with a serum that gave him fangs and fur, after a few minutes someone in the tape yelled "Failure!" then was killed by a barrage of machine gun fire.

"Holy fucking shit!" yelled Amira.

"What the fuck was that?" asked Slava.

"Experimentation" said Ludwig.

"Experimentations for what?" asked Slava.

"It's easier if you just watch the tapes, you won't believe me if I told you anyways" said Ludwig.

"Just skip to the last one, I don't wanna keep seeing people being killed" said Slava.

"...Very well" said Ludwig.

The final video appeared with the video tape of the prisoner being injected with a serum, turning him into a humanoid wolf with bat-like wings, and had razor sharp fangs. Some then yelled out "Success" then the creature was killed by a barrage of machine gun fire.

"What the fuck was that?!" asked Slava.

"...Around two decades ago we have theorized that it was possible for a Vamwolf serum to be created, although it wasn't completed until a month ago" said Ludwig.

"Why did you kill the prisoner who had the correct serum?!" asked Slava.

"Because it wasn't meant for any prisoner" said Ludwig.

"Who was it for?!" yelled Slava.

"Our glorious leader, he's taken it so he can be practically unstoppable" said Ludwig.

"We gotta call Krakow" said Slava.

Meanwhile at the capital a battle was going on between Group A and the soldiers at the capital. Krakow managed to burst his way in, and entered the head office where Fred E. Rick was at.

"It's over Rick" said Krakow.

"So naïve, well what do you expect from a Polaków" said Rick.

"Wait, how do you know I was a Polaków?" asked Krakow.

"Do you really think you're the first who's tried to kill me? also ninety-nine percent of the people who tried to kill me were Polakóws so I just assumed".

"Well this time you're not getting away from this one".

Krakow then turned into his Latawiec-hybrid form, brandishing his talon-like hands.

"Ah so you can also transform, I assume it's because of a devil fruit?"

"Wait what do you mean by 'also'?" asked Krakow.

Rick then turned into his full Vamwolf form and charged at Krakow, Krakow dodged Rick's claws but Rick used his claws again to hit Krakow, however Krakow managed to block Rick's claws and threw him aback against the wall with an air blast.

"Ah so that's your main ability?" said Rick.

Rick then used his body to slam into Krakow into the wall, and throw him to the floor, Rick was about to pounce on him when Krakow used another air blast on him, causing him to collide with the ceiling. Rick then slammed to the floor, Krakow was about to stab him in the back but Rick sliced Krakow's legs with his claws, causing Krakow to fall to the floor in pain. Rick crawled over to Krakow to stab him in the chest, however Krakow used another air blast to Rick's face, causing him to hit his head against the wall.

As they kept fighting, around the corner of the entrance was Fred E. Rick's right hand man Luitpold Dachau, who was waiting for a shot to be taken, however before he could take a shot he was stabbed in the head by Marley A. Queen. She then sat around the corner waiting for her moment.

Rick then transformed into a mist and using it to appear in his solid form at random times to take jabs at Krakow with his claws. Krakow then manipulated the air to create a whirlwind around him, keeping the mist from touching him, Rick then turned into a cloud of bats to tried to use the bat swarm to bite Krakow but Krakow used the same technique to keep the bats from touching him. Rick the turned back into his hybrid form, then slammed his body into Krakow and bashing him into the bookshelf in the room, causing it to fall on Krakow, Krakow then used an air blast to blow the bookshelf off of him.

Krakow then took the bookshelf and threw it at Rick, hitting him in the face, a loud smack could be heard from the impact, this followed Rick to get light headed. Krakow used this opportunity to stab Rick in the chest, causing Rick to shriek out in pain, Krakow then removed his claws out of Rick to stab him again. Rick dodged and back-fisted Krakow in his temple and then stabbed and dug his claws into Krakow's chest, while his claws were dug into Krakow he lifted Krakow up and slammed him into the floor.

Krakow then got up and traded blows with Rick and both inflicted cuts and bruises upon one another until both were exhausted, they both flew up into the air, dodging and occasionally landing a blow towards one another. Krakow then managed to impale Rick's right wing with his claws and slice it upwards, causing Rick to fall to the floor with a wing that was cut open. Krakow then flew on top of Rick, and was about to deliver the final blow to him when Rick stared into Krakow's eyes, hypnotizing him.

Krakow was aware that he was being controlled but couldn't move his body in the slightest, Rick then got up, went up towards Krakow and opened his mouth to give him the final blow and was about to kill Krakow. However he yelled out in pain as a silver dagger was stabbed into his back by Marley A. Queen, causing Krakow to snap out of his state, He then quickly hovered over the air and sliced Fred E. Rick's neck, he then got behing him to take the silver dagger out of his back so he can continue stabbing him. Rick dropped to the floor and Krakow used this opportunity slice the neck wound even deeper until it was enough to rip off his head, Krakow then dropped the head and fell onto the floor in exhaustion, some of the other cremates made their way to the head office to see what was going on.

"You okay handsome?" asked Adora.

"Holy fuck is this what a Vamwolf looks like" asked Dawa.

"Wait did you knew about him being a Vamwolf?" asked Krakow.

"Yeah Slava called us and told us what the head scientist told him, he said one of the experiments was using experimentation on the prisoners to perform the serum in the hopes of turning them into Vamwolfs. However when they finally found the right serum, they killed the prisoner anyway just so that one serum could be made so it could be used for Fred E. Rick. Since then thousands of prisoners in the last two decades were killed off just to make one person powerful" said Queen.

"So what's the next step" asked Scarlet.

"Is the head scientist alive?" asked Krakow.

"Yes he is" said Queen.

"Okay well tell Slava to have Group B collect all evidence off the prisoners being killed so that it could be used as evidence for the horrors that went on in the camps so that the head scientist and anyone involved get charged. Next, find the documents containing the formula to the Vamwolf serum and burn them, we can't let that knowledge get out. Then we find every Niemców Nationalist Party and Powstaniec Army members and take them into custody and create a nation free of tyranny and establish democracy within it. Let's find as many intellectuals who are qualified to run a country and were always against the Niemców Nationalist kingdom. Okay I think that's everything, now take me to Kiki, I have injuries that need attended to" said Krakow.

"Right boss" said Queen.

Queen and Dawa picked Krakow up and took him back to the ship with Kiki so he can be treated for his wounds, a month passed and Krakow was fully healed, a new government filled with an equal number of Polakóws, Niemcóws, and Ukraińcys were leading it. The new government bestowed ten million Beris to the Na Zdrowie Pirates for their selfless actions and being responsible for establishing democracy with the new nation of Imperium. Wolf Ludwig and the rest of the scientists of the Niemców Nationalist Party , the other members of the Niemców Nationalist Party, and the members Powstaniec Army were charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity, and were put to death immediately. The documents containing the information of the Vamwolf serum were all destroyed, so that no one could repeat this process.

Krakow went to say goodbye to his old neighbors and gave them one million Beris out of gratitude for helping him so much in his life. Krakow and the Na Zdrowie Pirates were then seen as heroes on the island and had statues of them made for their bravery. The island saw peace for the first time in many decades, all thanks to a captain and his crew who valued one another and would go to Hell and back to help people in need. Not too long after they left the island, Asmir sat Krakow down while he stood up and gave him a few words to say to Krakow and what he was doing on the island, Krakow was incredibly dreading what was about to come next.


"Not by myself, I had help from the other crewmates with dealing with the other bad guys" said Krakow.

"Really?! Did you ask for help with defeating Taras!? or even backup!? Because my memory tells me that you did that all by yourself and Scarlet, Kalina, and Leopard were the ones who took you back because you were so badly injured! Also when you faced Rick you did that all by yourself, and was almost done for if not for Queen's help, am I wrong?!" said Asmir.

"...No you're not wrong" said Krakow.

"Exactly! So it's perfectly clear that you were totally irresponsible with this whole mission and almost got yourself killed!" said Asmir.

"Yes but I did it because I needed to get stronger" said Krakow.

"Okay then you have one of us back you up just incase without having us to step in so you don't go out and do something stupid like this without any help just incase! Are we in an agreement!?" Said Asmir.

"Yeah" said Krakow,

"What was that?!" asked Asmir.

"I said yes!" said Krakow.

Asmir then calmed himself and looked at Krakow looking away, he then got down and hugged him.

"You had me and everyone else fucking scared, please don't do that again, promise?" asked Asmir.

"I promise" said Krakow.

"Good, you can go relax now, I know you're exhausted from all this, I'm sorry but I had to let you know how stressed everyone was when it came to you getting injured" said Asmir.

"Okay I'll be better next time" said Krakow.

Asmir smiled and walked away, Krakow went back to his room to take a long well-deserved nap.

Number of victims of the Genocide of Polakóws committed by the Niemców Nationalist Party - 15,500,000 victims.

Number of victims of the Genocide of Polakóws committed by the Powstaniec Army - 1,000,000 victims.