After opening a compartment in the Time Machine, Dr. Dracus discovers and unwanted guest. The man is fast asleep and wakes up soon enough with Gat puts a gun to his head. The man identifies himself as "Gebo", a thief from Monkey D. Luffy Jr.'s timeline who came along to attempt to steal their Time Machine, he realises he has made an error in admitting to it. Gat is not impressed with the man until he shows them his increditable Zipper Devil Fruit's abilties. Since the man is a hopeless baffoon, Gat keeps him around and makes him part of the crew so long as he entertains the crew.

A day passes and they soon realise Gebo is gone and with him their stolen supplies they had only just gained after their encouner with the Space Pirates. Angry, Gat personnelly goes after the thief. Several miles away, Gebo calms down, commenting on how lucky he was to meet a bunch of idiots. However at that moment Gat arrives, having follow a trail of things bandages that had come loose and left a long trail on the road. Gebo brags about having the skills to beat an alley cat in any match, but is taken down in one hit.

With their stolen supplies back, the crew raid Gebo's body for anything else he may have. Gebo manages to sneak away when news arrives that the Time Machine is repaired again. Vowing to kill that man when the crew finds out their money is gone, Gebo ecsapes a shot aimed at his head and disappears.