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There is Treachery Behind the Looking Glass
Date Started: January 19st, 2021


Date Finished: st, 2021


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The Circus's Secret

Inside any circus,no one knows who the clown is or what their history has been. All a person has cared is that the clown was to make them laugh,so that their lives were happy. But after the Circus performance,hasn't it been known that clowns would go back to their studio depressed and sad about their personal lives. Or perhaps angry in some position that they couldn't control?

Jack was seen writing in his personal diary that he kept in secret. He always wrote on it every night,writing of his recent adventures and killings and tortures and things he invented in his workshop. Today,he decided to write in the morning before he would leave his room. In the diary,he wrote his personal opinions and thoughts and actions of other people. He wrote about people he praised,people he despised,people he would love to have a handshake with,people he would love to beat em up with a crowbar to death.

Jack was seen writing the small,black journal with a pure white feather that was given to him as a gift. He cherished this gift of journal and feather ever since it was given to him. As behind that makeup of the clown Jack,was a man who wished to write. Of course as a pirate who has a persona to fill,he keeps the journal hidden from the rest of his crew,not wanting the crew to know of his hidden secrets.

Not many have been invited to Jack's room. Only person was Davida,whom is actually one of his best friends in the world despite how he treats her toward the crew. But even Davida doesn't know that Jack has this secret book he writes in. Most times,they're in the bed together having fun at night. But today she wasn't in bed with Jack,Jack was all by himself,alone,in his thoughts and the book.

Jack was seen intently writing into the journal until the clock in his room went off. Jack looks up a the clock that was just above the door that'll lead to the hallway. The clock showed 8 o'clock with the arms. Jack then was seen finishing the journal entry and then putting on his suit before he officially walked out of the room to get himself breakfast.

"Heya Mister J!!!" Davida was seen eating a breakfast of toasted crackers with cheese on them.

"You slept late today." Harley says drinking a sip of coffee.

"Yeah,thought some extra Z's can help me today!!!" Jack boasts with a smile.

"Well what is the plan today captain?" Ramone asks.

"Today......" Jack thinks for a moment,"We might do a raid on a poor monastery nearby!"

"Sounds like a perfect raid!!!" Davida says with excitement.

"We'll steal all kinds of things from those poor monks!!" Jack says with a smile and slamming his hand on a wooden table,"We'll steal gold! Jewels! Books! Anything those dumb monks can offer to us before we burn their monastery!!!"

"YES SIR!!!!" The crackerjack crew nodded and shouted back to Jack.

"You sons of bitches are the greatest guys ever!!!" Jack says with a smile,"It makes me wanna cry....." He says making a fake tear.

"Enough with the sentimentals." Vincent states,"If we're raiding today,we must prepare the ship."

"Indeed we must!!" Jack says,"And I will be making a new invention to help us rob all of the gold!! I must be off and make the creation!!!" He says storming back out of the kitchen.

"Sir!!! You forgot your breakfast!!!" Davida shouts at Jack,forgetting to eat some of breakfast.

"Oh right!!" Jack says grabbing the whole large plate of crackers and cheese and takes it with him.

"I'll go get more." Ramone says shaking his head and going back into the kitchen.

Mirrors reveal truth

Jack goes back into his room instead of going to his workshop and walks toward a mirror in his room. He places the plate of crackers on his bed and looks at himself. He looks at himself and thinks how handsome he looks with the white skin and green hair he loves. He enjoys the purple suit he wears all the time. He then thinks and then says,"Mirror Mirror on the Wall,who is the most handsome looking clown of them all?"

"I'm assuming you want that answer to be you." The mirror states back in a sentient voice,"This is a first time you've wanted me to talk in a while."

"It's cause I want you to shut the fuck up most of the time." Jack answers,"Now let me in."

"Oh you want to enter?" The mirror asks.

"Yes! I have business in there!" Jack says,"Plus I brought crackers!!!" He shows off the plate of crackers.

"Well in that case....." The mirror shows off a purplish portal that covered the mirror,"You may enter."

"Why thank you!" Jack says with a smile as he enters the Mirro-World that belongs to the individual he is meeting.

Jack enters the checkered purplish dimension that reveals multiple mirrors from all over the place. The Mirro World was expansive and endless as it was a dimension of its own. But in front of Jack was an expansively table that was horizontally in front of Jack. There were multiple empty seats except the one in the center of the table. There was a man stirring a cup of tea with purplish gloves. The man was sporting a slicked back hairstyle with a handlebar mustache and a well kept light beard. The man was wearing a dark purple jacket that had extended collars and coattails. He was also wearing some loose pinstriped pants. The man was seen picking up the cup of tea and sipping it. The man soon realizes Jack was in front of him as he was drinking. The man smiles and then says,"Welcome my son,it has been a minute."

"It indeed has." Jack says without a grin on his face and walks up to the table and sits down himself,"Brought some snacks as well." He places the large plate of crackers on the table.

"Indeed I see." Jack's dad states. Crack R. Barrel,the man who Jack is talking to,is the father of Jack and is the user of the Mira Mira no Mi,which means he has the powers of such as reflections and the mirro world. Barrel is a ruler of multiple islands thanks to the many mirrors that lead to the islands he rules. There are also mirrors that lead to allies and references of Barrel.

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