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Supernate versions of the Eleven Supernovas of the Grand Line, but for the MidWest Blue in the future.


Members include:

1. Monkey D. Luffy Jr. : Captain: New Straw Hat Pirates

2. Dr. Dracus : Doctor: Future Pirates

3. Master Water : Captain: Watertank Pirates

4. Mr. Big Pat : Captain: Off Air Pirates

5. Mr. Brain Freeze : Captain: Brain Pirates

6. Shanks : Captain: Unknown

7. Johnny Gat : Captain: Future Pirates

8. Sirius : Captain: Space Pirates

9. Tsumetai Shin: Captain: Chilly Pirates


1. Time Machine

Small Enemies

The enemies of the Thirteen Hypernova that is not very strong and dangerous.

Big Enemies

The enemies of the Thirteen Hypernova that is very strong and dangerous.

1. Eigth Warlords of the Blues

2. World Government

3. Marines

4. World Air Force

5. CPX

Thirteen Hypernova
Members: Monkey D. Luffy Jr. | Johnny Gat | Dr. Dracus | Master Water | Mr. Big Pat | Mr. Brain Freeze | Shanks | Tsumetai Shin | Sirius | Avon Byoant
Devil Fruit Based: Migaku Migaku no Mi | Mizu Mizu no Mi | Sanso Sanso No Mi | Kagami Kagami no Mi
Fighting Style Based: Saints Style
Technologies: Time Machine
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