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Tiger D. Alec, also known as "Pirate Bandit Alec" and commonly as the "Pirate Bandit", is both a Bandit and Pirate from the South Blue and is the founder, Captain and currently the only member of the Bandit Pirates. His lifelong dream is to become the Pirate King by finding the legendary treasure left behind by the late Gold Roger, in order to fulfill a promise to the two most important people in his life. He is a rookie Pirate who just recently went out to sea in search of his dream leaving his home Saver Island behind and becoming the first ever pirate bandit. He is the Main Character of the One Piece: World series.


Alec is a lean, muscular young man of average height with a slightly tan skin tone. He is a tall mid aged teenager with blonde spiky, messy hair and, round brown eyes. He wears a brown colored bandana which is his trademark with a skull of his Jolly Roger on it. He wears a white colored coat with rolled up sleeves and often left open except for the bottom, exposing his bare chest tucked under his pants with a large turtle neck. He wears a brown colored necklace found only on his home island Saver Island. He also wears brown colored, open finger gauntlet gloves with silver linings around it. He wears long jean pants and a brown colored belt connecting it with his shirt. He always carries a backpack with him even in a fight. On his back below his backpack he carries a sheathed knife with him.


Name Nickname Bounty
Alec "Pirate Bandit" Bsymbol.gif0
Having just started off his journey as a pirate, Alec currently does not have a bounty on him at the moment.

First Bounty:

Major Battles


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