The Toūn Toūn no Mi (トゥーントゥーンの実, Toon-Toon Fruit) is a Paramecia type devil fruit that allows a person to become a Cartoon Human (漫画人間, Manga Ningen).


The Toūn Toūn no Mi is a light blue, pear-shaped shaped fruit with a stem sprouting out of the top, with swirls that go in a curly "S" like-pattern.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The major strength of the fruit is that the user is able to take on the properties of a main character of a cartoon or comic book and become nigh-invincible if the need comes via the use of cartoon physics and the user's own imagination.

In order to make full use of the fruit's power the user must have a good understanding of how cartoons function and they must have an active imagination when it comes to creating and using techniques. The user would also need to have the same mindset as a child or author or the fruit's power won't work well, if at all.

If an opponent also knows how cartoons work the fruit's power can also be used against the user if they apply the right techniques and methods for fighting against a cartoon character. Other than that, the user is also affected by the same main weaknesses as other Devil Fruit users.


  • Hammerspace (ハンマースペース, Hanmāsupēsu): The user’s main ability. The user is able to produce a black, ink-like substance from their body that connects to a person dimension that is filled with weapons and other objects that are normally used and seen in cartoons and comics. If used properly, then the user can do almost anything that they can imagine.
    • X (エクス, Ekusu): After using Hammerspace and painting a large "X" on the ground a large anvil will fall on whoever or whatever is in the area of the mark.
      • Twin X (ツインエクス, Tsuin Ekusu): A kamikaze-type move. After painting an "X" on the front and back of his body, the user can summon two anvils that come from both directions and squash the user and whoever is else is between them.
      • Giant X (ジャイアントエクス, Jaianto Ekusu): An advanced version of the X technique, the user uses the intirty if the Hammerspace to cover a large area, normally the size of a town, and drops a giant anvil on the mark.
  • Black Road (ブラックロード, Burakku Rōdo): A teleportation technique that allows the user to move from place to place as long as there is a solid surface nearby. The user create a painting of a tunnel on a flat surface, like a wall, and can walk through it to wherever they want as long as they have been there before.
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