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Tobias Boreal
Japanese Name: -
Romanized Name: Tobias Boreal
English Name: Tobias Boreal
Occupations: Marine Vice Admiral
Japanese VA:
Age: 40+
Birthday: December 21
Height: 9'6
Bounty: Bsymbol
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Zo Zo no Mi, model: Mammoth
English Name: Elephant-Elephant Fruit, model: Mammoth




Ancient Zoan

  Tobias Boreal is a marine vice-admiral put in charge of one of the most distant and coldest regions of the grand line.  The world government and pirates alike have little interest in the desolate tundra, so Tobias is left to run things on his own whims.  His ship is one of few in the fleet that is an ice-breaking ship. He also possesses ancient zoan devil fruit abilities.


He is exceedingly tall and broad, 9.5 feet tall and as wide as a pillar.  He wears an over sized marine uniform befitting his rank as well as gloves, boots, and a large coat with fur trim. He wears a scarf and ushanka hat that obscure his face, but what little you can see of his face is a droopy expression and very square features.


Tobias is slow to anger and even slower at everything else.  He can often be seen taking care of all business at a glacial pace, often because his crew is too cold to do any of it for themselves, this speaks to his many skills and patience of others.  If a problem does arise he prefers to face it head on with brute force.

Powers and Devil Fruit

He has an abundance of raw physical strength that can stand on its own against other supernatural powers.  Because of his sluggish nature, Tobias prefers to be on the defensive and wait until his opponent slips up or are exhausted, this usually doesn't take long because of his advantage in the cold evironment.  As all vice-admirals are capable of some form of haki, Tobias specializes in Busoshuki to amplify his offense and defense even further.

Tobias Boreal possesses the power of the Zo Zo no Mi, model: Mammoth, an ancient zoan class devil fruit that allows him to transform into a woolly mammoth.  He found the fruit early in his career when he got lost in a snow storm, it had been frozen in ice and he ate it to survive.  The power of the woolly mammoth gives him an overall boost to power, the dense fur increases his defenses, the tusks can be used as weapons, and he gains a resistance to the cold that can stand against the logia abilities for ice and snow.  One could assume because of his stature and resistance to the cold, Tobias is actually in a constant mammoth hybrid state.  While Tobias is often very slow, his most powerful attack is to charge at the enemy in his full mammoth state. By combining his devil fruit abilities with his Busoshuki haki his mammoth tusks become pitch black and are capable of impaling any defense.

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