Part 1

Born in Kohaku Village in the East Blue Sea, Toby had a wonderful, but short life with his loved ones. He had a loving mother, a puppy friend, and a hunter for a father. One day, as he went out to bring his father home from hunting for dinner, Toby was attacked by a large wolf in the woods of his island. The wolf bit him in the neck, injuring him greatly, but he survived the attack.

However, shortly after recovering, Toby began to feel different. One day, without warning, he changed from a happy child, into a dangerous wolf himself! The island did have it's legends of wolves who turned people into their kind, but no one believed them nowadays. Terrified, but unable to control his actions, Toby attacked those closest to him, including a villager, his family and his puppy friend.

The day after the attack, the villagers found Toby's house covered in blood with the bodies of his family strewn about. They couldn't find Toby, but he had gone into the woods where he lived in self-exile, ashamed of what he had become

Years later, on a destined day, Toby would meet with new friends and a new family, and he would tell them everything that had happened to him. Even though, the stories of wolf spirits watching over him and training him were farfetched, Toby remained true to his story.