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The Tokei Tokei no Mi is a paramecia type devil fruit unique in that it both modifies the users body and grants supernatural powers. It is also known as the Clock-Clock fruit.

Strengths & Weaknesses

This fruit modifies the users body by transforming their insides into pieces of clockwork, which can also be manifested on the users body at there will. For example they can sprout gears, springs and pendulums from any surface on their body which can be used both offensively and defensively. Gears can be used as shields, springs on the arms and legs are for speed and mobility, and the pendulum as a handheld weapon.

The more impressive abilities though is this fruits power to manipulate the local time. Acting as a superior Slow-Slow Fruit in that the user can both slow down and speed up objects and their surroundings. Doing so the user can appear to dodge attacks (Matrix style) and move near instantaneously. The greatest feat though is the users ability to reverse time, but this comes at great cost. Because manipulating time relies on the users internal clockwork every use of their power exhausts them. Reversing time is even worse as it damage to their internal clockwork, a master of this fruit may only turn back at most one hour before taking lethal damage.

Standard devil fruit weaknesses apply.


If you think about it, Tokei Tokei almost sounds like "tick-tock."

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