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Tora with his sword

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Tora is one of the World Nobles, who is allowed to reside in  the Holy city of Mariejols. He is the son of Golem and brother of Alisha.


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LIke his father and sister, Tora takes his status very serious than all the others as decendants of the great kings. He views them as his father refers as 'glottens of wealth and weaklings', rather than relying on the government's protection should it ever fall he rather be trained by the strongest. Shows strong darinism view of the strongest ruling over the weak as how the true Tenryuubito should be.

Doesn't truly get along with many of the World Nobles or respects them in manner, in his child hood he would let his servants to beat them by his permission should they disrespect him or his family.



After the attack young Tora began his training to prove his worth to his father one day as the decendant of one of the 20 kings alongside his sister. Wanting his father to be proud of him, Tora continued to study and train to live up to his family's name no matter how long it takes. Although his father didn't take notice of some of his achievements he at first fears of losing faith when one day on a trip to one of the islands on a diplomatic cruise, he dismissed the suits like the rest of his family and learn about the country during his stay, when Tora stumbled upon a young noble boy demanding him to carry him and show respect, (unaware of Tora's nobility) however Tora dismissed him and carried on but got into a fight and won easily 

Alowing the use of the servents selected by his father to challenge him. Eventurally as Tora grew older he granted them freedom in full service in his family as their soldiers or gaurds known as Reapers, and even kill other nobles by his fathers' orders if they insult him or his family.




Tora shows great respect to his father as the head of the noble family and the true image of the Celestial Dragons. He wanted to be as strong as Golem and one day faace him over the right of leading the family as he would want. Even though he went through years of harsh training.

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