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Stregnths and weaknesses

the user can survive in water and even swim in it takes a lot of streangths for it to happen, and the user will tire out after about 20 to 30 minutes swimming, and will then pass out and drown. the user is still weak to sea prism stone, the user's clawed feet can break down a concrete wall.


Fully Transformed

The user is about 4.3ft in this form their body looks identical to a emperor penguin.

Partial Transformation:

The user's mouth forms into a beak and feathers erupt from their body, they keep there hands and their arms and they grow to 6ft and 5inches tall, the users feet get claws where the toe nails should be and the webbing and their feet turn orange.


Drill Peak.

The user starts spinning underwater and then uses their beak and armament haki to tear through either ships or any underweater enemy.

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