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Torres Cocoa is the sniper of the Na Zdrowie Pirates.


Cocoa is a dark skinned woman with short and ruffled black hair. She wears a white tube top, as well as white shorts and white detached pants that reach slightly past her knees.


Cocoa has a tomboyish personality, she loves fighting and using weapons. She also has a love for exercising and working out, as she loves lifting weights and getting healthier. Cocoa also has a sadistic side and a love for violence, she also has an attachment with her weapons, as she even sleeps while holding one of her rifles or her bow and arrow. She even tries her best to stay out of the water because she's afraid the water would damage her weapons, but will get in if one of her crewmates who has a devil fruit power is drowning.

She even gets depressed when one of her weapons if damaged because she has that deep of a connection with them. However, despite her attachment towards her weapons, she still doesn't put them above her crewmates since she sees them as more important. She will however put her weapons before strangers since she doesn't personally know them.

Abilities and Powers


Kenbunshoku Haki

Cocoa is proficient in Kenbunshoku Haki. She mainly uses it for shooting in serious situations.

Tools and Weapons

Cocoa has several weapons she loves using in battles; a sniper rifle, two revolvers, and a bow and arrow for quiet attacks. She also carries two hunting knives with her for in the need of hand to hand combat, although she rather use firearms or a bow and arrow.


Cocoa was born in a crime ridden neighborhood, while being raised by parents who were both drunks and drug addicts who cares about getting drunk and high more than their daughter. Her parents even hinted that she was a burden to them and would've been better off without her. Cocoa eventually dropped out of school and led a life of crime, where she would steal from others to make ends meet.

One day she broke into a gun shop and was trying to pick a safe lock when the owner was still in the store and held a gun to her head. She chuckled and told her how stupid she was for trying to rob a business that sells guns, Cocoa told her that she gives up and to call the authorities. But to her surprise, she actually wanted to make a deal with her, she told Cocoa that she won't call the police if she agrees to work at her shop and to give up on her life of crime.

Cocoa agreed but was gonna leave and never return to her store again, however the woman told her that if she decided not to show up that she's going to send the surveillance tape she has of her to the cops, and told her that she'll see her tomorrow at eight a.m. sharp, which annoyed Cocoa. Cocoa came in the next day to start her new job, she was agitated since she didn't want to do this but had not choice in the matter. The boss then taught Cocoa about guns, how to use them, and how to repair them, she didn't care at first but eventually developed an interest in firearms after a while.

Her boss even taught her how to fire guns and practiced several times a week perfecting her aim. Some time has passed and Cocoa asker her boss to why she gave her a chance and why she didn't call the police on the day she tried to rob her. Her boss then told her that she had a daughter who was also a troublemaker, her father died from a disease, which affected her deeply.

Her daughter joined a street gang and was eventually gunned down by a rival gang, the authorities didn't bother looking into her daughter's death since she was a criminal herself, which caused her to become consumed by grief. That happened only a year ago, and when she saw Cocoa trying to break into her safe, she got reminded of her daughter and she thought she could change Cocoa so that she doesn't go down the same path like her daughter did. Cocoa sympathized with her boss and thanked her for giving her this opportunity, since she no longer feels the need to commit anymore crimes.

Many years passed since that day, Cocoa kept up with her training with the help from her boss, and she eventually became an excellent shooter. Things went smoothly and she was making good money from her work, but she still wished she had something more in her life. One day Perun D. Krakow came into the store and was looking around, Cocoa asked him if he needed any help, Krakow asked which guns would be perfect for a pirate crew, Cocoa then gave a long monologue of the different guns that would be great for a crew.

Krakow couldn't keep up and just asked Cocoa if she's good with guns, which she said yes. Krakow then asked if she would like to join his crew since it'll be easier to have her on board instead of learning all the knowledge himself. Cocoa said she would liek to but declined as she told him that she gave up a life of crime years ago, although her boss came out and told her that she should go with him.

Cocoa was confused and asked her why? since she got her out of being in a life of crime so many years ago, and that she could be killed during it. Her boss told her that while pirates are considered criminals, but not all of them are bad people, she asked Krakow if they harm innocents, which Krakow said no and told her that they actually help a lot of people who are in need. Her boss wanted her to have a happy life and not just be some petty criminal, she also mentioned that the marines didn't bother looking into her daughters death because of how they felt about her.

Her boss told her that being part of a crew who does good is equivalent to being a non-corrupt marine lieutenant, they might die in battle but they're doing good for the world, if it happens to Cocoa she'd be sad but will be glad that she at least had a great life with her new friends. Her boss told her that she knows she feels a bit lonely for not having a lot of friends, and that she needs to spread her wings. Although she couldn't make that decision to go with him, and that she would have to make that decision for herself.

Cocoa said that she didn't wanna leave her alone in the shop and that she sees her more as a mother than her actual mother. Her boss informed her that if she did decide to leave, she would sell the shop and use the money to travel the world and meet new people. Cocoa was still uneasy but her boss assured her that she would be fine, and that she saw her as a surrogate daughter to her and wanted to see her happy.

Cocoa then hugged her and thanked her for the wonderful years they had together, and that she hoped to see her again one day. Her boss then gave her a transponder snail and a vivre card in case they ever wanted to meet up again. Cocoa then left the shop, went with Krakow, and met the rest of the Na Zdrowie Pirates, and became the ship's sniper.


  • If set in the real world, she would be from Cuba.
  • Her favorite color is bright turquoise.
  • Her favorite food is chicken.
  • She is the seventeenth member to join the Na Zdrowie Pirates.
  • She is considered an outcast due to her growing up with hardly anyone caring for her due to her neglectfully drunken and drug addicted parents, and for being a juvenile delinquent growing up.