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“The plan went just as I had expected..”
— Toshiro to the Shinto Brothers in Life Has Its Way!

Toshiro (冬獅郎 Toshiro?)[5], nicknamed Heavenly Toshiro (天 冬獅郎 Ten Toshiro?), is the Supreme King of the Dragon Pirates and a prominent Pirate in the New World. Toshiro has become regarded as one of the few candidates of becoming one of the Four Emperors, specifically following the death of Donk E. Kong.

Decades ago before the formation of his own crew, Toshiro served as an Apprentice on the legendary and infamous Bluebeard Pirates, where he would clash with Forseti on the deserted battleground known as Titan. Their clash would continue for months and it would end in a draw between the two.[6]

Around 15 years before the current day, Toshiro would have an encounter with Dulari. The two would clash and would eventually make an alliance between the two captains and their crews, learning the traditional fighitngstyle of the Kijin in the meanwhile.[7]

After his top commanders made a raid on Marineford, the two Commanders would be sent to Impel Down. This was done deliberately and they were told by Toshiro to recruit certain known Pirates if possible, Toshiro made a specific list of strong and legendary Pirates that he handpicked and would have liked to recruit under his name as a member of his crew. Toshiro told them a moment would come where they could escape, and during the Impel Down breakout the two Commanders would use the opportunity to escape together with the top members of the Dragon Pirates.[8]

After the news of his two commanders fleeing Impel Down came to Toshiro, he headed towards the land of the Giants to gain the powers of a god, the Natsukami. Toshiro would gain possession over the weapon and in the meantime successfully kidnap the Blacksmith responsible for it's creation, Gustavo. The latter would eventually be killed and his Devil Fruit would be stolen by Toshiro, making him a "Heavenly Giant" (天津巨人 Amatsu Kyojin?). The Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Shenlong is a Mythical-type Devil Fruit that allows Toshiro to take the form of a full Heavenly Dragon or Heavenly Dragon hybrid at will, bestowing him the unique ability to create and control rainbows.


Toshiro is very tall and musclar with tall legs. Toshiro wears a light blue buttoned up shirt and a pair of long black jeans with blue lines in the side from his pockets down to the end of his pants. He also wears a golden belt with a "D" as the belt buckle and a holsted gun on his right hip. Above his left knee he wears a brown attachment with a small pouch on it, and on his left ankle he wears another brown attachment with a small scabbard holding a golden knife in it. His shoes resembles a pair of black eagles with golden beaks, white wings. and thin white eyes. He also wears two black bracelets on his right arm.

Toshiro has large and bulky white hair that covers his entire back and goes beneath his hips, with two strands going down his cheeks and his torso with two golden pieces attached to them. Toshiro has a pair of golden colored goggles that he wears on his forehead. He also has two distinct scars on his face, one on his right cheek and another that goes across his nose. Toshiro has a pair of large grey horns that spikes out from his ears and curves going upwards with two golden rings on each horn. Toshiro also has sets of golden piercings on his ears, with one pair at the bottom of his ear, two at the top with one having a golden chain attached to it, and a pair in the middle of his ear. He also wears a couple of golden rings on his fingers with different markings on them.

His body is covered with scars, on his front, back, and arms from countless battles and punishments as a Slave from his past and a few tattoos around his body. On his left side of his chest he has a tattoo of Ancient Script. On his back he has the marking of the Celestial Dragons from his past as a Slave, he has now embraced himself and his past and surrounded it with 3 pairs of wings with 2 sets of small ones and a big pair with the tips going around his neck and shown in the front.

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Toshiro is a pale middle-aged man with blue eyes and an imposing figure due to his extreme height, dwarfing even the size of Giants. He was very large and musclar with tall legs. Toshiro wears a white tanktop and a pair of long black jeans with blue lines in the side from his pockets down to the end of his pants. He also wears a golden belt with a "D" as the belt buckle and a golden chain on his right hip. Above his left knee he wears a brown attachment with a small pouch on it, and above his right ankle he wears another brown attachment with a small scabbard holding a small golden knife in it. His shoes resembles a pair of white eagles with golden beaks, white wings. and thin white eyes.

His body is covered with scars, on his front, back, and arms from countless battles and punishments as a Slave from his past and a few tattoos around his body. On his left side of his chest he has a tattoo of Ancient Script with the top of it being visible. On his back he has the marking of the Celestial Dragons from his past as a Slave, he has now embraced himself and his past and surrounded it with 3 pairs of wings with 2 sets of small ones and a big pair with the tips going around his neck and shown in the front.

Toshiro has large and bulky white hair that goes beneath his hips with two strands going down his cheeks and his torso with two golden pieces attached to them. Toshiro has a pair of golden colored goggles that he wears on his forehead. He also has two distinct scars on his face, one on his right cheek and another that goes across his nose. Toshiro has a pair of large grey horns that spikes out from his ears and curves going upwards with two golden rings on each horn. Toshiro also has sets of golden piercings on his ears, with one pair at the bottom of his ear, two at the top with one having a golden chain attached to it, and a pair in the middle of his ear. He also wears a couple of golden rings on his fingers with different markings on them.

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As an Apprentice Pirates Toshiro wears a brown sleeveless west with a large fur collar around his neck and the Jolly Roger of the Bluebeard Pirates on his back, and a white sleeveless t-shirt underneath. He wears light blue belt with a golden "D" belt buckle. He also wears a pair of grey oversized pants and a pair of large dark blue boots, with a pair of white wings on each side of them.

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As a child, Toshiro is quite short. He wears a simple white t-shirt, dark grey pants, and black shoes. He also has a pair of golden goggles around his neck. He has white spiky hair and large grey horns. He notably also has a bandaid on his forehead. Alternatively he also wears a white kimono with golden linings and the simple of the Celestial Dragons on the left side of his chest. It is important to note that Toshiro would never smile in his youth.

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Toshiro is very deceptive, fighting against multiple individuals only to learn and gain from the instances in the process, with many of his opponents later on becoming an ally. Even in combat he doesn't shy away from using dirty tactics, such as having his commanders backstab his opponent in a battle. He also deceived the Marines by having his commanders sent to prison for years for the sole reason of gaining access to Impel Down in order to recruit new crewmates.

His hunger for power led him to fashion a very unusual way of recruiting only the best prisoners in Impel Down as comrades: he ordered his commanders to stay in prison until a prison break happened and they should only recruit the ones he wanted onto the crew. Despite his obvious malevolent nature, he is also genuinely compassionate and caring towards his crew's well-being and is willing to take assaults intended for his crew. He also has an extreme thirst for adventure, regularly traveling from place to place.

Toshiro, like others who carry the Will of D., has a strong belief in fate and the dreams of men, but unlike the others, is one of the only who truly seems to take it to heart. He has a carefree attitude, as well as a competitive and reckless nature to the point of persevering even if there may be grave consequences, and huge ambitions to follow his dream of finding knowledge and eliminated the Celestial Drragons. He doesn't fear death and instead embraces it if it comes and is willing to pay his own life for his goal. Furthermore, when backed into a corner, Toshiro has shown himself to be quite resourceful: Using many techniques learned from previous opponents. Just before his death, Gustavo noted that Toshiro was never able to obtain true freedom and dismissed Toshiro as being incapable of continuing the legacy of the likes of Roger.

Perhaps because of his strong belief in fate, Toshiro is highly amoral. He believes that there is no inherent "good" nor "evil" in the world, jeeringly mocking anyone who expresses such belief. He is also patient and conniving, having spent decades planning just to get his hands on the Devil Fruit he wanted, before killing Gustavo and continue his Piracy. Toshiro has stated that every plan of his so far has gone exactly as planned.

When reunited with his former Captain, he still displayed respect for his superiors during the event, referring to Rais as "Captain" and Gaston Maugard as his "Officer". He also doesn't seem to hold any grudges as he did not bear ill will towards Forseti during their initial confrontation.

He is often very calm, composed, and relaxed, but he can rarely be surprised and startled, such as when he encountered Forseti on Elbaf and they had their conversation. He is very politely sarcastic and mocking towards those around him, such as when he mocked Ryun for copying others and relying on others to gain power. Toshiro does show a sense of caution, as he refused to fight Forseti after his encounter with Gustavo and, as well as against his former Captain as he knows about his many powers, abilities, and strong defences.

Toshiro is a very patient and careful pirate, as stated by Bluebeard. Unlike other powerful pirates, he never gained renown and remained concealed, up to the point that he only makes his moves when he sees an opportunity to gain power and notoriety.

Many characters are given a distinct laugh. Toshiro follows this tradition by his laughter of "Toshi", contiuning with "Shi" (i.e., Toshishishishi!). However Toshiro is rarely heard laughing.


Dragon Pirates

“It'd be a shame if you died in here, captain. If you still want to wreak havoc on the seas, bear my name on your back and go wild as much as you like!”
— Toshiro to ? in Life Has Its Way!

Toshiro is determined to build his crew into the strongest group of Pirates ready for what he has declared to be the biggest all-out war against the World Government. Thus, he actively sought out strong and formidable Pirates to join his crew under his name. His highest members were recruited from level 6 of Impel Down, being already established dangerous individuals before their invitation into the crew. A great portion of the Dragon Pirates consists of former independent Pirates and Criminals who have given up their own goals in order to serve him achieve his goals, and after his goals has been achieved members of his crew will have their own goals and dreams fulfilled as promised by their Captain.

Toshiro has not demonstrated much concern for the well-being of his own crew, although he does seem to care about them to a small degree. He is invested in making his crew stronger by giving them Devil Fruit abilities and on rare occasions taught them to fight using certain techniques. Toshiro gets along well with all of his crewmates, and they look up to him with respect as their captain, whom they refer to as the “Supreme King”.

Shinto Brothers

Toshiro has known these two brothers for over 15 years, with the three of them meeting shortly after Toshiro's battle againt Dulari, before the Dragon Pirates were formed; it appears that their union marked the beginning of the crew's formation. Toshiro appeared to be interested in the brothers due to their physical strengths. The Shinto Brothers have been fiercely loyal to Toshiro ever since, believing in his declaration that he was the only one who could change the world for the better. With them eventually being gifted their Devil Fruit abilities by Toshiro, and becoming the greatest asset of the crew.

The two brothers are so loyal to Toshiro that they were willing to be imprisont in the lowest level of Impel Down for over a decade, so they could recruit strong and powerful individuals when the time was right and a breakout would happen. They are the sole reasoning for the threat that the Dragon Pirates hold and as such are highly respected by their Captain.


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Hodur is known for his ruthless behavior, his violent intentions, and his very goal oriented mentality. These traits has gained him the moniker of Hodur the Beserker, and is regarded as one of the strongest members of the Dragon Pirates, his role as a Dragon King only accentuates that truth. He possesses tremendous superhuman physical strength and prowess that has gained him the title of Unbreakable. Besides his indomitable physical abilities, Hodur is a brilliant mind and an incredibly skilled military strategist. Know for the creation of the drug BLOW, a powder that when inhaled grants the consumer superhuman strength comparable to that of Bloodbeard, the World's Strongest Man.


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Shenron is the most mysterious member of the crew, not much is known about the individual and even to many members of the Dragon Pirates he is a mystery. He is well known for his strengths and knowledge, and is the only Dragon King which is not a former Impel Down prisoner. While not being actively present during most encounters regarding the crew, he works in the shadows and is a key member of the crew in many ways than one.

Black Dragon

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Bluebeard Pirates

Of the Bluebeard Pirates, most relationships between Toshiro and the other crewmates remain unknown. However, it has been shown that he has a huge respect towards them. He had a close bond with Giles D. rais, as he was the one who saved him from slavery and invited him into his crew. Toshiro seems to be still acquainted with his former Captain, having met with him at the Abarat Archipelago at least once.[9]

Giles D. Rais

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Gaston Maugard

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Saint Roosevelt

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Shichiloh Dulari

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Celestial Dragons

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“See you on the battlefield Forseti
— Toshiro to Forseti in ?



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“The old Mirmir told me of my end, I just didn't think it would catch up to me this quick!”
— Gustavo to Toshiro in ?


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Toshiro talking to the wise Mimir.

Abilities and Powers


As a previous member of the Shichishokō, and one of the next in line for the position of Yonko, Toshiro is now recognized as one of the strongest Pirates in the New World.

Even before becoming a known Pirate, Toshiro was immensely powerful. Being an Apprentice Pirate on the Bluebeard Pirates, strong enough to face against the Vice-Admirals and many strong opponents. With many years of experience, training, and a newly aquired Devil Fruit, Toshiro has shown that he is not to be messed with.

Toshiro is on an equal level with the more experienced individuals such as Forseti, Dulari, and Bluetooth. Bluetooth acknowledges Toshiro as one of the very few powerful Pirates capable of fighting him. The Shinto Brothers also used their captains' name to convey to Impel Down prisoners the importance of his position and plans to them. It is also noted that he is one of few people to be on a similiar level of strength as Forseti.

As a former member of the Seven Princes, Toshiro's name alone commands great power, as his commanders proved. Their relationship with Toshiro was one of the many things that earned thme respect from the Impel Down inmates, and woul eventually by one of the many reasons for some inmates to join the crew.

Toshiro commands enough power to end the slavery at Tequila Wolf with just words. When he stated that there was to be no more slavery, no one stepped up to challenge him, even though the place was property of Celestial Dragons.



According to his commanders, one of Toshiro's greatest attributes is his leadership and charisma, having managed to earn the absolute trust and loyalty of the most talented and capable individuals from Impel Down all noted for having particularly high bounties and recruited them into his crew. The most prominent are his Dragon Kings. This made his crew extremely well balanced and impregnable, able to contend equally with the enormous military power of many other forces.

Tactical Skills

Toshiro has shown himself to be an expert planner and a master at orchestrating manipulative schemes.

Physical Abilities

Toshiro possesses immense physical strength as he was once noted as a rival to Forseti, a master Haki user with tremendous power that could overwhelm many in terms of brute force with immense ease. Even without a Devil Fruit, Toshiro can apply tremendous power to his battles, able to match Dulari, Forseti, and Gustavo, with the last being a gigantic man who could completely overpower giants and an entire army of powerful and skilled Marines. With his physical strength combined with Busoushoku Haki, Toshiro could defend against Forseti's darkness fist, which has extremely destructive offensive power.

Toshiro possesses an immense amount of endurance and tolerance to pain. Even after being smashed by Bluetooth's giant club he was still able to stand up and continue the battle, which eventually ended in his victory. He was also able to take powerful hits from the likes of Dulari, Ryun, Seireitou, and Bluebeard.

Despite his enormous size, Toshiro is extremely fast in combat and can move from one spot to another almost instantaneously.

Devil Fruit

Toshiro ate the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Shenlong, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a full serpentine God Dragon and a human-dragon hybrid at will. His full Beast Form is massive, roughly half the size of a small town, with extremely durable, white scales.

Toshiro is capable of moving through the air by creating special "rainbows" and using them as footholds. These "rainbows" can also be used to lift other objects, they are even capable of lifting an entire Pirate Fleet out of the sea. He can also release devastating blasts of similiar rainbow like flames from his mouth with massive destructive capabilities.

Toshiro has recently gained possesion of his Devil Fruit and because of this he hasn't fully mastered it's true potential.


Toshiro is one of the very small number of people in the world who can use all three types of Haki. He is also shown to possess great mastery of Haki and makes use of all three types.

Haoshoku Haki

Toshiro using Haoshoku Haki.

Toshiro can use Haoshoku Haki, making him one in several million people. His ability to use Haoshoku was first hinted at shortly after his introduction, with him using the intimidation factor of Haoshoku to frigthen Giants on Titan.[10]

Busoshoku Haki

Toshiro is an immensely powerful user of Busoshoku Haki, using it to imbue his hands and kanabo with it while preparing to attack his opponents, resulting in a lightning-like effect. He is capable of using the advanced application of his Busoshoku Haki to project it out from his kanabo, allowing him to strike opponents in front of him with devastating power without the need to make direct contact, and the attack power can be further increased if the kanabo is imbued with Haoshoku Haki. This was shown during his fight with Dulari where the duo's fists met in a powerful clash without even making contact. Three decades ago, he was shown clashing evenly with the Vice-Admiral Forseti who is a powerful Busoshoku Haki user.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Toshiro is also masterful in using Kenbunshoku Haki, able to sense the emotions and nature of others. He could also use it to sense the strength of others on a wide scale. It was first shown during his debut after both he and Forseti was located on Elbaf.[11]



Main article: Natsukami

Toshiro wields a large, black, spiked kanabo named Natsukami as his signature weapon, however he has recently gotten in possesion of his now iconic weapon. Toshiro has already mastered techniques with his kanabo despite its great size, weight, and the fact he only recently obtained it. Thanks to his massive strength and ability to imbue the club with Busoshoku Haki, Toshiro can perform incredibly powerful strikes by swinging it, allowing him to produce large shockwaves, severely injure foes, knock his opponents unconscious with a single hit, and send people flying off into the far distance.

It was crafted by the brilliantly gifted Weaponsmith, Gustavo, many years ago. Displaying it in his workshop until Toshiro came to claim it for his own. Toshiro being the first to wield it in actual combat.


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As a member of the Bluebeard Pirates, Toshiro was given a weapon from his Captain made by the Weaponsmith Gustavo. The Shinkukami was a small one-handed hammer which he eventually discarded after the events of God Valley.


Pandorium Codex

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Fighting Styles


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Mukijindō is the martial arts fighting style created and utilized by the Kijin. The fighting style was taught to Toshiro by Dulari during their initial encounter many years ago.

  • Seishuku Enbu (静粛円舞, Seishuku Enbu, literally meaning "Silent Waltz"): This technique is based around a motion that creates multiple afterimages of Toshiro's body through a varying cadence of steps to confuse the opponent in order to create decoys. The more advanced the user the more afterimages can be made, Toshiro currently being able to make upto 24 afterimages.
  • Tenrai Yari (天来槍, Tenrai Yari, literally meaning "Heavenly Spear"): Toshiro takes his Kanabo back before thrusting it forward, sending out a highly pressurized spear of compressed air.


Early Life

Mark of the Dragon

At a very young age, Toshiro was captured and forced to become a slave for the Celestial Dragons. This torture would go on for 10 whole years and created his eternal hatred towards the Celestial Dragons. Toshiro was branded with The Hoof of the Flying Dragon on his back, and as such he was seen as less than others and as a possesion of the World Nobles. He would later on surround the hoof with a set of six wings, to show that he was free from the bounds of the World Nobles and free to fly on his own.

Ever since his time as a slave, Toshiro has gained a hatred towards the Celestial Dragons that filled his motivations and actions for the future, with his final goal being to abolish the order of the Celestial Dragons. Toshiro gained the moniker of "Jupiter" in his yough, currently for unknown reasons.

Great Age of Pirates

Apprentice Pirate

After a decade of slavery Toshiro became an apprentice Pirate of the Bluebeard Pirates, being rescued from slavery by the Captain, Giles D. Rais, and “adopted” onto the crew. With these Pirates being feared among the seas, notably being recognised as one of the strongest crews to sail the seas before the Great Age of Piracy. With their Captain being known as the Unbreakable Shield, for his Devil Fruit abilities, being so powerful that when a strike from Redbeard hit Bluebeard’s barriers it did not even gain a scratch. Their crew was rivaling that of the Redbeard Pirates, and even the Roger Pirates. Being in conflict with both parties on many occasions. Where they eventually became allies with Redbeard’s forces. With the crew being closely related to the Redbeard Pirates, the Bluebeard Pirates would visit Elbaf a few times and during one such time Toshiro would hear about and meet the legendary weaponsmith Gustavo.

As a member of the Bluebeard Pirates Toshiro was present during the God Valley Incident. After the battle, Bluebeard would go into hiding in the Florian Triangle for unknown means with the rest of the crew, Toshiro being offered to go with them yet decided to stay and become a Captain himself. After the event, Toshiro’s part of it was hidden from the public and only the ones present at the time knew of his involvement. With the rest of the crew being presumed dead and Toshiro as the last remaining survivor.

Epic Clash of Giants

Toshiro would venture throughout the seas and eventually have a legendary clash against the Vice-Admiral Forseti, both knowing each other from the God Valley Incident. Their clash took place on the infamous battlefield of the ancient giants, the island of Titan. The two destroyed the already ravaged wasteland in the 3 months they had engaged each other. Their battle ended in a stalemate, with both of them going all out and having to withdraw for their battle to continue on another day. Their battle was the only fight Toshiro felt he had to go all out on, he learned a lot during the battle and would use what he learned to improve upon his fighting capabilities and to never underestimate his opponents again.

A Place To Call Home

After the former mentioned battle Toshiro would need some time to train and become stronger, at this time Toshiro would start to make a name for himself and as so he would need a secluded location to stay until his name was forgotten. He had heard of the dangerous seas known as the Florian Triangle, and the many ships that went missing in these seas and after remembering that he would go to the Florian Triangle in hopes of remaining undercover and unknown to the outside world. During this time he would find the Island Thriller Bark and make it his home, when he first arrived at the Island he thought it only was a kingdom, however after adventuring onto the Island he would discover that it is in fact a ship. Toshiro would use many years to repair the Island and would make it his home for a very long time.

It is still unknown to Toshiro who created and formerly owned Thriller Bark, however with the finds that Toshrio discored it was most likely owned by a Pirate. With a lot of treasure and gold on the Island.

Beginning of Knowledge

Toshiro would encounter a massive beastlike anglerfish, and be swallowed by it, only to find an Island located inside of it’s stomach. After his arrival, he stumbled upon his first sighting of a Poneglyph in many years. Whilst not being able to read the contents of the Ancient Script, he knew the importance of it as his former Captain had told stories about these mysterious Relics of the past. As such he would try to communicate with the strange creature, with him being successful and able to control it towards an Island for his safe arrival. However before he could leave with his newly found Poneglyph, he was told by the Anglerfish that it’s Esca had a rare type of gold in it and because of their newly found bond the Anglerfish allowed Toshiro to gain a small portion of it as a gift, later on becoming the D belt buckle Toshiro would wear. After gaining possession of his first Poneglyph, it would start his fascination with the ancient world and he would continue to locate these Poneglyphs.

Toshiro would take the Poneglyph to Elbaf, and have a meeting with the oracle Mimir, after asking about the true purpose of the Poneglyphs, Toshiro was met with an answer he did not expect. Being told that Mimir was there when they were written, and he notes that the reason for their creation was to ensure that their world would not be forgotten, that they knew of the Void Century’s coming, they noted down information for the future in a language the World Government did not understand. Information that would clear the mystery of the world, information that could destroy the rule of the Celestial Dragons. After furthering their conversation Toshiro showed Mimir the Poneglyph he had found and after Mimir read the contents he asked where and how Toshiro obtained it, hinting towards it containing some valuable information.

Revival of the Frozen One

Main article: Ice Age

Toshiro would learn about his ancient ancestry, learning that he was the descendent of a race of Ancient Giants. After gaining information that a secret base was located on the Land of Ice that was researching the ancient world Toshiro would venture towards the cold land and reach the Marine Base. After causing the revival of Bluetooth in hopes of learning more about the past and in hopes of him being taught the Ancient Language that the frozen giant used, Toshiro would make his way towards Bluetooth, only to notice the unexpected arrival of Rear-Admiral Quinn. Not wanting to get in trouble Toshiro would hide and begin to leave the base, only to find another Poneglyph which he wrote the contents of on a piece of paper in a hurry and left.

Clashing of Onis

Toshiro would stumble upon the Island of Fuji, and after venturing onto the Island he would encounter countless Kijin, who saw him as a threat, one such Kijin being Dulari. After a disagreement they would clash, with their battle lasting multiple days and on the last night of the fight they would acknowledge each other’s strengths, settle down and make an alliance between the two with a cup of sake. Bonding over the idea of Piracy and freedom. The day after their alliance was created, Toshiro was introduced to many other Kijin, with two brothers in particular following Toshiro around wherever he went, with Toshiro first hating their presence, he would quickly enjoy their company and would invite them onto his crew. Marking the beginning of the Dragon Pirates. While staying on Fuji, the inhabitants taught Toshiro their Martial Arts style, Mukijindō. Specifically being taught the basics by Dulari, and later on more advanced techniques by the Shinto Brothers.

In the same year the two brothers joined the crew. Toshiro would give the two Devil Fruits that would perfectly fit his future goals and plans for them to consume. The Mosquito Mosquito Fruit and the Death Death Fruit, with the latter being the one he obtained on the sailing Island of Thriller Bark.

The Plan Begins

The two brothers formerly mentioned, Aba and Preach, are purposely sent to Impel Down by setting up a raid on Marineford. The World Government left the World’s most dangerous Pirate and Criminals alike in one place, and Toshiro would use that to his advantage. Hoping the day would come that the two brothers would eventually break out of the prison and in during so recruit the strongest prisoners of Impel Down.

After sending his only crew members to Impel Down, Toshiro would locate a group of scholars and after sharing a similar interest he was directed by the scholars towards the Island of Ohara. After arriving at the Island, he was greeting kindly. A very different experience than what he was used to. After sharing his common interest as a scholar, and introducing himself as one as well. He was able to eventually be allowed into the massive library and studied much information during his time there. After talking to a group of scholars about the ancient Poneglyphs, and the existence of special red variants, Toshiro would research as much as he possibly could about them and he would find a paper that noted the location of one of the Red Poneglyphs. Learning of the true name of these Poneglyphs, the Road Poneglyphs. Being the foundation of achieving peace and becoming the most free man in the world.

After 5 years of searching for the Island his research had pointed to, he made it. The Island was very similar to Ohara, but on a much smaller scale. Being a tiny Island with a tree in the middle and the trunk of the tree being hollowed out to fit a Poneglyph. As he reached the Island, seeing the poneglyph still being there he took the poneglyph with him on his ship, being one step closer to true freedom.

War Arc

The Plan Continues

Over a decade of solitude and imprisonment, the two Shinto Brothers would finally have the opportunity to escape. Using the breakout caused by the White Fang, Grinnaway, and many other Pirates as their own opportunity to escape. Having a list of people to recruit they slowly made their way around level 6 of Impel Down to find the specific members Toshiro wanted on his crew, they would succeed in recruiting 4 of the most powerful prisoners of Impel Down, with the rest on the list either being dead, already escaped, or simply refused the offer as a whole. Using Marine outfits as a way to sneak out of the prison onto a Marine vessel to escape, they made their way towards the agreed meeting point, Titan. After finally meeting his new crew members, and seeing the old ones after a decade, they would discuss Toshiro’s plans in huge detail and they would put it into action immediately.

The God of Summer

With the group splitting up into smaller teams to achieve the mission Toshiro told them to do, Toshiro himself would venture towards Elbaf with his two Supreme Commanders in hopes of obtaining a weapon capable of mass destruction, with Toshiro only knowing one man who was able to create a weapon of such caliber, Gustavo. Gustavo was responsible for the creation of many legendary weapons, such as the ones carried by the Captains of the Great Warrior Pirates, Redbeards’s Mjölnir, and Donk E. Kong’s Ruji Bang. Being known as Elbaf’s Greatest Weaponsmith. As such Toshiro knew he was the right man for the job. During his arrival the Island was still under the long war between the Giants and the United Federation, and as such Gustavo was the one responsible for the many weapons used in said war. Toshiro was able to disguise himself as a normal civilian of the Island without being noticed by the Federation. When he entered Gustavo’s workshop, the Weaponsmith was shocked to see Toshiro after all those years, but after Toshiro explained his reasoning for his arrival, to gain a weapon of mass destruction, the Weaponsmith refused. Toshiro would not take a no for an answer, with the two clashing in the tiny workshop and Toshiro beginning to lose. Gustavo would suddenly feel extremely weak and Toshiro would reveal that he was merely the decoy, as Aba used his Mosquito abilities throughout the fight in order to slowly weaken Gustavo to the point of him collapsing, now with his true intentions revealed, wanting to take Gustavo as a hostage away from the war. While the Shinto Brothers were busy trying to get Gustavo onto the ship, Toshiro would attempt to pick up Gustavo’s blade to claim it as his own, only for the blade to barely move an inch. After realizing he was unable to lift the massive sword, he opted for a Kanabo that hung on the wall, not realizing that this weapon was smelted down and reforged by using the remnants of Redbeard’s Mjönir. While walking out of the workshop with his new weapon, he would be greeted by a familiar face. That of Forseti, the two talked for a bit, but since both of them had more important matters to attend to Toshiro left, holding up a peace sign as he walked away towards the shores of Elbaf.

Legendary Stare Off

During the long war on Elbaf, while Donk E. Kong was busy battling the Marines, Toshiro would adventure towards Elbaf to find the Weaponsmith Gustavo, to capture him and take one of his legendary weapons as his own. The two would battle and after the help of the Shinto Brothers they would overpower Gustavo and take him to their ship. While putting chains on Gustavo, Toshiro could sense the pressence of the Vice-Admiral Forseti and tell his men to go out the back to not get discovered by the Marines, while Toshiro would go out of the workshop and have an encounter with Forseti. Their stare off was intense and after a quick conversation between the two Toshiro would leave towards his ship and sail towards his base of operations.

Life Has Its Way!

Main article: Life Has Its Way!

Two Dragons Clash

Toshiro would eventually make his way to Wano, as he was originally going to Onigashima in order to investigate the giant skull on the Island, but what interested him the most was the aspect that the Kozuki family supposedly invented the Poneglyphs. At his visit in Wano he eventually met with Ryun, who at the time was the Daimyo of the Kibi Region, after clashing ideals they began in a battle, with Ryun using his weapons and Devil Fruit ability against Toshiro. Around the end of their fight, Toshiro would eventually use his full dragon form with Ryun copying it and doing so as well. With the clash between the two dragons, Ryun would use an ability to bend the rainbow light from his breath around his body to become invisible, shocking Toshiro in the process, leading to him stopping the fight and asking the Daimyo to teach him the ability to utilize that technique. Toshiro would eventually learn the technique and after some conversations they would become allies, drinking sake together and sharing information between the two. Toshiro would ask Ryun about the Kozuki family, being told that they used to rule Wano, however nowadays the family has been left forgotten in the past with only some remnants of the family lurking around the country. Toshiro, being disappointed with this information, asks about the giant skull outside of Wano. Being told by Ryun that it was even a mystery to him, despite being a high ranking member of Wano culture. As such the two would make their way towards the giant skull, flying above the country in their dragon forms towards Onigashima, Toshiro would note the size of the skull most likely being that of an Ancient Giant. He also notes that he is unable to estimate the age of the giant, as the lower jaw is missing and the two giant teeth on it’s lower jaws grow over time. The Island was barren, some buildings still standing outside of the skull it was clear not many used the Island as a place of living. However the two dragons would enter the skull by it’s eye sockets and land on the ground below, finding an abandoned castle inside the skull itself. After further investigation Toshiro would claim the place as his own, becoming his main base of operations for the time being, notifying his crew members of his findings over a Den Den Mushi. Ryun was shocked when Toshiro showed the device, as he is used to a smaller version of the creature.

Information of the Dead

Descendant of the Frozen One

Toshiro would visit the Land of Ice yet again, in hopes of finding the Marine Base and acquiring the Poneglyph located there. However, on his travels there he stumbled upon a massive icebreaker, tearing through the ice of the land with countless spotlights lighting the area. After noticing and recognizing the flag of the ship, that of the Jolly Roger of the Frost Pirates, he made his way towards the massive ship. Toshiro got close enough for a spotlight to notice him and immediately, every member of the crew jumped off the ship onto the ice, surrounding Toshiro, with the 1st Division Commander Quinn landing right in front of him. And as every member had made their way around Toshiro, a massive shadow loomed over them all, the giant Bluetooth stood tall on the ship, he quickly hanged on to the side of the massive ship, tilting the ship entirely from side to side as he released his grasp from it. The massive giant going in circles, asking who the stranger was, with Toshiro taking of the vile from his head revealing his two horns, he was immediately recognised as Toshiro and after revealing to Bluetooth that he was his descendant and he was the one who revived him from the ice so many years ago, Bluetooth tested his claims as one of his family members and swinged his massive club towards Toshiro, only for it to be blocked by his Kanabo. With the two weapons not even touching, showing both parties' Haoskoku Haki. The two battled for hours, with both of them using their respective weapons and Devil Fruits to their fullest potential. With Toshiro finally having enough and using a Devil Fruit enhancing Drug, known as the ACE-pills. This enhanced Toshiro’s golden breath and was able to completely solidify Bluetooth’s club in a mountain of gold. Now with Bluetooth having lost his weapon and Toshiro gaining the upper hand he was able to reason with Bluetooth and they would have a conversation with Toshiro sitting on the mountain of gold while Bluetooth sits on the deck of the massive icebreaker. They would eventually come to an agreement, with Bluetooth agreeing to teach Toshiro how to read the Ancient Script found on Poneglyphs. Becoming allies in the process.

Two Dragons Fly

Toshiro would use his alliance with Ryun to raid G-bases in order to gain valuable information upon Pirates and the like. They agreed to raid G-7 and G-10, with Toshiro going for G-7 and Ryun for G-10. Ryun copied Toshiro’s appearance and abilities to be able to easily raid the G-bases by using Toshiro’s mythical ability to turn invisible. Flying towards the two bases in their both Dragon forms, they would successfully raid the G-bases and confuse the public with the appearance of two Toshiros, scaring most people.

Dangerous Barriers

Toshiro would eventually hear rumors that members of the Bluebeard Pirates, his former crew, were still alive. As such he would venture towards the Florian Triangle and finally be able to enter the wall of fog that hindered his movement many years ago by seeing a group of Island Whales enter the wall. After following them he came to the Abarat Archipelago, a beautiful place to be sure. After some time in the Archipelago he would meet the Mogwai, a group similar to the Cipher Pol that works in the shadows and gathers information. When asked about Bluebeard’s whereabouts, they saw Toshiro as a threat and as such they clashed, with Toshiro becoming the victor of their battle. He would later on meet Bluebeard himself, his former Captain. With them first drinking together and talking about old times they would disagree and eventually fight, with Toshiro being overpowered during the battle and having to retreat, showing the massive strengths of the legendary Bluebeard.

Declaring Freedom And Finding His Home

He would take his Island of Thriller Bark out of the Florian Triangle towards Tequila Wolf, declaring freedom to the slaves of the bridge and stopping the meaningless project for good. Also declaring himself as a direct threat to the World Government and finally solidifying himself as an Emperor of the Sea.

Post War Arc


Bounty Gallery

Major Battles


“The plan went just as I had expected..”
— Toshiro to the Shinto Brothers in Life Has Its Way!

“See you on the battlefield Forseti
— Toshiro to Forseti in ?

“It'd be a shame if you died in here, captain. If you still want to wreak havoc on the seas, bear my name on your back and go wild as much as you like!”
— Toshiro to ? in Life Has Its Way!


  • The artwork used for the character was initialy drawn by Wiwisslestrange and later depictions by Silent Xebec.
  • The name Toshiro comes from the character Natsu Toshiro, a former scraped Yonko candidate during the initual 2020 Yonko apps.

Behind the Scenes

  • During the "race" for the 2022 Yonko position, two out of the six active admins withheld themselves from voting for the winner as they were heavily bias against Toshiro.[20]


  • Associated flower?

Toshiro's flower would be the North Pole Tulip

  • WWE Theme?

For his WWE Theme I could see him appearing to the ring with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in the background, as the title fits with Toshiro, his motives, and actions.

  • Song Theme?

That's Life, by Frank Sinatra. Classic, and catchy.

  • Car he'd drive Irl?

1965 ford mustang black, with red interior.

  • Favorite mythical Animal?

That would be a Dragon.

  • Which Kage?

Toshiro would mostly fit as the Raikage

  • Secondary df?

If given the ability to gain two dfs he would go for the Kumo Kumo no Mi, or the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi. Two extremely strong dfs that he would use for his advantage quite well.

  • What was your inspiration for this character?

The inspiration mostly came from Kaido, as they do have a lot of resemblance. The origins of the character is quite simple, as I initially didn't plan on making a Candidate, I had found the original artwork of the character and thought "Hm, that would be an amazing Yonko" and the rest is history. A lot of the naming conventions comes from other users actually, meaning they are based upon them. The name Toshiro directly taken from Fallen's former Yonko Candidate, Natsu Toshiro. And his weapon, Natsukami, is a reference to the same character and the user Kamiguru.

  • What was your drive to make Toshiro?

As I formerly stated I did not plan on creating Toshiro, however after the first rough draft of the character was created I liked the idea and kept working on it since. The idea to me was unique and I love the character so far.

  • What are the thoughts of his fellow princes?
    • Bluetooth: He sees Bluetooth as a worthy adversary and respects him as he is an Ancient Giant.
    • Dulari: Dulari is one of the earliest allies Toshiro gained as a Pirate, he admires her goals and strengths.
    • Jack: His view of the White Fang is quite interesting, as he was actually considered to become a member of Toshiro's crew and was at the top of the list of people the Shinto Brother's should invite into the crew in Impel Down. He sees Jack as a worthy opponent if they got in a fight.
    • Seiryuu: Him and Toshiro are very similiar, as they both have ties to the Void Century, their goals and characters are also extremely similiar. If I am not mistaken he also used to have a Dragon Devil Fruit, which is another similarity. So he sees Seiryuu with a great respect.
    • Shinzui: Toshiro in general has a huge respect to Redbeard, as such that carries over to Shinzui. He admires Shinzui's admirations and capabilities.
    • Lopt: Toshiro doesn't know much of Lopt, however as he also is a prince he considers him to be really strong and he is admires Lopt's position as a prince of Asgard.
  • Who’s been Toshiro’s greatest adversary?

So far Toshiro's greatest adversary is tied between two individuals, Forseti and his former captain *(It will be revealed who that is in his app)*. Those two battle are the only battles he has used all of his powers and strengths in, and he learned a lot during those two battles.

  • Who captured Toshiro?

I don't quite know what you specifically mean by that question, as Toshiro was never captured. You might have it mixed up with his commanders, as they were captured and put into Impel Down. Who captured them? I am not actually sure, maybe Fallen can answer that.

  • If born a girl, what would her name been?

Her name would be Natsuiro, a combination between Natsu and Toshiro.

  • Thoughts on each individual Yonko?
    • Kong: Kong is one of the strongest individuals Toshiro knows, he admires his former control of the White Sea and abilities as a Pirate. He would definitely visit Kong's resting place to pay his respects if he was able to.
    • Zelgius: Same as Kong, he admires Zelgius' strengths and abilities as a Pirate.
    • Dante: Toshiro admires Dante's ability to conquer many Islands and territories.
    • Eldritch: Unfortunately he is not quite familiar with Eldritch.
  • If from the real world, where would he be from?

Hard question to answer, I would say Russia would fit the most.

  • Thoughts on the fall of Kong?

An unexpexted situation he did not see coming, as he knows the capabilities of Kong and didn't expect him to be defeated. However it opened up a position that would allow him to gain more notoriety in the world as a Yonko.

  • Thoughts on the WG? Shichibukai?

That is an interesting question, despite being a Pirate Toshiro does not see the World Government as a hindrance or a threat, he sees them as a necessity in the world. Without someone in control of the world it would all be in chaos, however he does not want to be incontrol himself which is were he differs from some of his fellow princes. He doesn't particularly have any thoughts of the Shichibukai, as they are just Pirates affiliated with the World Government to him.

  • What is his drive and goal he wishes to achieve?

His main goal is to obtain information on the Celestial Dragons that would allow him to abolish their rule of the world, as they see everyone else as lesser then themselves and he himself was a slave for Celestial Dragons in his past. And in doing so he would want to achieve freedom, not for himself but for everyone across the world.

His way of obtaining this information is to gain Poneglyphs, Ancient Script and literature that has information of the Ancient World. Being a Scholar and a descendant of Ancient Giants this has so far been very successful. After he has obtained the information he wants, and used it to abolish the Celestial Dragon system he would help his crew and allies to achieve their dreams and goals.

  • If he never wanted to go for the Yonko title, what would he be doing instead?

Toshiro doesn't really "want" the Yonko title, it is something he obtains his way towards his actual goal. He isn't a Pirate only to become a Yonko, is what I mean. However gaining the title would be beneficial.

He would be doing what he has been doing for decades, undercovering information about the Ancient World as he is a Scholar and Archaeologist.

  • Favourite/least favourite food/drink?

His favourite food is Island Whale meat, and his least favourite food is Octopus. Favourite drink is Orange Juice, and least favourite is Sea Water.

  • Is Toshiro ready to meet the Thunder?

Not sure what specifically you mean by it, but sure lol.

  • What is the plan for him if he becomes yonko?

I have a lot planned but to summarize it he would be gaining territory and more members of his crew. And he will be preserving the knowledge that he has for future generations (Extremely hyped to flesh that out)

  • How is his appetite? He eat a lot? What's his diet usually?

It's decently normal, Toshiro is quite fit so his diet would be pretty healthy. He eats what is available for him to eat as his crew does not have a cook, as of now.

  • What his his ideal burger?

He probably has never tasted a burger before, but just a plain simple burger.

  • What his choice of drink?

Orange Juice, preferably. But mostly plain water, or alchohol of some kind if he is having a conversation with other Pirates.

  • His thoughts on the UF?

Interesting group of individuals, doesn't see them as a threat and not a group he would want to interfere with as he has more important matters to attent to.

  • How many Scars and or Tattoos does Toshiro have?

Countless of scars around his body, too many to count. Currently he has two Tattoos, one on his back of 3 pairs of wings souronding the marking of the Celestial Dragons that extent around his neck. One on his left side of his chest of Ancient Script. In the future he will gain more tattoos, why not reveal it here. He will gain a scale like tattoo on his left arm similiar to Kaido, and on his right shoulder he will gain a tattoo of Sun God Nika.

  • Does the man have kids?

He does not

  • Preferred way of death?

Natural death, growing old seeing his plans fulfilled. However his actual end has been planned, whether it might happen or not I am not too sure yet.

  • Last words?

Depends on the moment, we will see.

  • Secondary Df?

Already answered this question, the Kumo Kumo no Mi or the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi.

  • Opinion on the CD?

Eternal hatred towards the Celestial Dragons. He does not like them, as they use others for their own advantages in life and able to do anything they wish. This will be explained a lot more in his app. But basically he sees them as a pest of the world.

  • Will Toshiro and Forseti ever fight again?

I would like for them to have another showdown, maybe after they both have gained their respective positions. Yonko vs Admiral. Forseti is Toshiro's closest Marine rival.

  • Opinion on the Admiral candidates
    • Forseti: Sees him as a worthy adversary, and his closest rival in the Marines.
    • Senkaku: He admires his ability to be in control of countless Marines, and sees his activity as a threat.
    • Maëlys: He doesn't know much about her, unfortunately. But she is a threat to be sure.
    • Shinzui: He is confused about Shinzui's actions and plans as a whole. However he sees him as a possible future threat.
    • Prospero: Sees him as a threat, similiar to the other Admiral Candidates.
  • What's the reason behind his DF

His Devil Fruit has not yet been revealed, and there is a story reasoning for that. Originally I wanted to create a character similiar to Kaido, however that has now been changed. But it also has a more canon reasoning for the choice, which will be revealed later on.

  • Will he ever raid the holy land?

Really great question, yes. Yes he will : ) To go a little into details it will be the moment he would be considered as a Yonko, depending on if he gets the Yonko position or not it will happen sooner than later.

  • Thoughts on the Shichibukai?

I have already giving his thought upon the Shichibukai, he doesn't necessarily have any specific thoughts on the group.

  • Does he have investments in the Underworld?

Yes and no. He doesn't speciffically have a direct connection to the Underworld, however he has made a deal with a person who does do dealings in the Underworld.

  • What does he think of the Admirals?
    • Fermi: He sees Fermi as a massive threat, as he posseses an extremely powerful Devil Fruit and other powerful abilities.
    • Shisio: Whilst usually having a high respect even for Admirals, he sees Shisio as a drunk and irresponsible for the possesion that he posseses.
    • Diane (Why not): Toshiro has a massive respect for Diane, as she was able to climb the ranks of the Marines only using her skills as a swordsman and strengths.
  • Any Hints of what Toshiro’s Mythical Ability is?

"A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow"

  • Favorite food?

Already answered this question, Island Whale meat.

  • Who is Toshiro's biggest inspiration?

Good question, as an apprentice he saw up to Redbeard and Roger. Redbeard was able to amass an incredibly strong force over his time as a Pirate and rule over much of the seas. Roger was able to achieve freedom, by finding the One Piece. Freedom is what Toshiro seeks the most in the world and seeing Roger accomplish such a feat was inspiring.

  • If he were to exist an anime other than One Piece, what would it be?

I don't know actually. Don't think he would fit in any other series to be honest.

  • chakra afinity?

All of them : )

  • If he had a fate servant class what would it be

Don't know much of fate, but a quick google search later. I would say Beast, don't know much about it but there you go.


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