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Tsume Tsukamu is a Vice Admiral of the Marines, and Rein's friend. He ate the Gara Gara no Mi (Hilt Hilt Fruit), which allows him to create hilts on his body that he can use offensively with their sharp edge or defensively with his armor. His marine codename is Kuroyagi, or Black Goat. He is important in the New Generation Pirate storyline.


Tsukamu is known for looking exactly like Jolting Joruto Izan, but he's younger and has a different fruit. He has the same scar in the same place, but due to his first use of his fruit giving him a scar.


Tsukamu is nice and calm, but gets angry when his friend is hurt.

Named Devil Fruit Attacks

Gara Gara no Tsukisasu Fuusa

Tsukamu surrounds his body with sharp hilts that amplify his combat ability.

Gara Gara no Pisutoru

Tsukamu's spin off of Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Pistol, where he creates a hilt from his fist and causes huge amounts of damage.

Before Timeskip

Tsukamu makes his first appearance in the Paramount War, where he first strikes Galdino because he knows that Galdino has the Doru Doru no Mi, which can free Ace. He knocks him unconscious and then ends up fighting Luffy. Luffy starts with multiple Gomu Gomu no Pistol's in base form, but it doesn't work because Tsukamu is dodging these. He then goes into Gear Second and they start fighting. They go for blow to blow but Luffy finishes him off with his new move: Gomu Gomu no Jet Cage, which is a move where he stretches his neck around a foe and squeezes them. Luffy then attacks them very hard. This knocks him out cold and Vice Admiral Cancer is forced to carry him. Then, Absalom came in and knocked out Cancer without him knowing, leaving them both on the floor.

After Timeskip

Tsukamu makes his first appearance with the Gorosei, talking to them on a Den Den Mushi about Rein. Many chapters later, he is seen as a part of Rein's pseudo-crew of marines.

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