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Tsumetai Shin: Captain of the Chilly Pirates.


Tsumetai has pale-white hair that is curved into spikes, and his blue eyes contrast them. He wears a formal white robe, which covers his black pants. He has a green scarf attached to his waist, and he wears sandals with socks under them. Also, he carries a grey sword on his back. The IDIOT who post the image is more than IDIOT because its hitsugaya from bleach!!!!


Tsumetai gains his personality from his father, and he acts mainly like an adventurous little boy. He believes he is normally the strongest in a team, but he can be smart enough to admit when he is out-shone. Tactical in battle on rare occasions, Tsumetai’s intelligence can vary most of the time. With some of his mother's DNA in his bones, he does have a bit of style when it comes to showing off. He does know when it is time to give up, and although he is normally cocky in battle, he can be kind and sweet when he is out of battle. In fact, he could be considered a father-figure outside of battle, where he normally acts like a professional wrestler and flexes his muscles just to disprove wimpier opponents.



Daichi Daisuke (First Mate)

Jonesy (Second Mate)

Jiro Jumpingtail (Doctor)

Melody (Cook)

Harold Roaringblade (Navigator)

Tino (Musician)


Daichi Daisuke

Jiro Jumpingtail

Mera Shin

Gino Shin



Hiro Shin (Father)

Cardinal Shin (Mother)

Mera Shin (Older Brother)

Shina Shin (Older Sister)

Gino Shin (Little Brother)

Weapons and Powers

Tsumetai owns a blade he calls 'Hie', and he also has a shield called 'Hie Shin'.

Devil Fruit

Tsumetai ate the Retsu Retsu no Mi, AKA the Cold Cold Fruit.


Freezing Javelin: Tsumetai gathers up some of the water particles in the air, and he then forms and freezes the particles into the form of a javelin.

Blizzard Breath: After drinking ice-cold water, Tsumetai can gather it up into a breath that can freeze things.

Retsu Oni Dageki (Cold Demon Strike): So far his most powerful attack, Tsumetai forms a gigantic ice ball. Jumping up into the air, he begins to shape it in the form of a demon. Entering the suit, he goes into it and grabs two Freezing Javelins. Running at high speeds, Tsumetai quickly strikes the opponent.








  • Tsumetai Shin was born on December 15th, and his theme song is 'You're as Cold as Ice' by Foreigner.
  • Tsumetai hates the summer, and he normally makes his body tempature cold enough to survive through it.
  • His crew, the Chilly Pirates, have a previous member of the Thirteen Hypernova: Daichi Daisuke.
  • Tsumetai's bounty is 300,000,000 Belli.
  • The Chilly Pirates total bounty is 800,000,300 Belli.
  • Tsumetai's Seiyuu would be Daisuke Kishio (Luppi's seiyuu in Bleach) and his voice actor would be Dave Wittenburg.
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