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Tulip is an Arctic wolf mink of the Warrior Beast Tribe and is a member of the Kira Pirates as a nurse who works alongside Lula. She is the seventh official member to join the crew.


One main feature about Tulip that sets her apart from most minks is her alluring beauty. Tulip is a tall Arctic wolf mink with snow white fur, wolf ears, a wolf-like snout, and a large bushy tail. In her debut her thistle colored hair was shoulder length with part of her hair in a fringe covering her icy blue eyes.

When first meeting Kira in Marineford, Tulip wore a light blue dress that goes down to the middle of her thigh, and has a red medical cross on the left side of her chest. She also wore a small light blue nurse hat, and a pair of matching shoes.

After the events of the Paramount war and after the timeskip upon reuniting with Kira on Dressrosa, Tulip developed a curvaceous and well-endowed appearance and her hair now reaches to her mid back. Tulip wears a light purple open-necked cropped shirt revealing her cleavage and navel, a black skirt with two layers and knee length high heel boots.

In Zou, Tulip wore a sky blue flowing crop top, black shorts and black high heeled sandals.

In Whole Cake Island, Tulip wore a magenta and neon light blue skew neck asymmetrical thigh length dress with black heeled sandals along with a neon blue ribbon in her hair.

In the Wano Arc, Tulip wore a short wisteria and sky blue kimono and kunoichi sandals.

When Tulip activates her Sulong form on a full moon, her eyes turn red, her ears grow more pointed, her hair and tail grow considerably remaining snow white in color, and they both emit Electro sparks. The fur under her neck turns much thicker, and her claws become longer and sharper.


Tulip is known to have a bit of an outgoing and friendly personality but mainly has a serious look at all times. She is highly respectful towards those she encounters and is helpful towards anyone whom she deems has a good heart. Tulip is severely protective of her crew members and would go to great lengths to protect them. Tulip has a habit of licking people's faces of those she trusts and would often at times rub up on them as a way of putting her scent on them so she would know whom she trusts.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Tulip is a very powerful warrior and like all minks, Tulip can use Electro. She possesses very large amounts of stamina, which allows her to be active at all hours of the day. She also possesses considerable resistance to toxins and is physically strong.



  • Tulip likes any type of meat and she dislikes prunes.
  • If One Piece was set in the real world, Tulip would be from the country of Iceland.
  • If Tulip didn't become a pirate, she would have been a shamen.

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