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Twelve Deadly Fists are the name of several groups of powerful martial artists, the absolute greatest in the world.  It manifested in several different forms, at different points in timeThe original group was created by Rocks D. Sage, the greatest martial artist in the world, 52 years before the start of the story, and 50 years before the current storyline.  


Original Twelve Deadly Fists

The Original Twelve Deadly Fists were first formed by Rocks D. Sage roughly 55 years before the present day storyline.  He did this by traveling around the world as a pirate, and defeating the eleven greatest martial artists in the world, with the condition that they join his crew for loosing, with him taking the number one  position.  Each member is given an Epithet which ha something to do with their style of martial arts.  

Name Epithet Rank
Rocks D. Sage "Great Sage Fist 1
"Fire Fist" 2
"Lightning Fist" 3
"Wind Fight" 4
"Earth Fight" 5
"Water Fist" 6
"Light Fist" 7
"Darkness Fight" 8
"Super Sonic Fist" 9
"Slicing Fist" 10
"Strong Fist" 11
"Flowing Fist" 12

Ultra Twelve Deadly Fists

Original Twelve Deadly Fists Revived

Ultra Twelve Deadly Fists Revived

Neo Twelve Deadly Fists


  1. The 12 Deadly Fists are based on the organization the Eight Deadly Fists from the anime and manga series Kenichi:  The Mightiest Disciple.  
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