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Uchuu Z. Usotsuki is the Captain of The New Generation Pirates and eater of the Shou Shou no Mi, a Paramecia Type that allows him to manipulate the molecular structure of non-living objects and himself. He can manipulate the ground to create tremors and the air to create barriers. The limitation is they last until he is knocked out or asleep and he can't create water.


Usotsuki's pretty calm, liking his crew members and treating them with respect.


Usotsuki has black hair and stands at 13 feet. He is a Giant/Human Hybrid and weighs 211 pounds. The 28 year old's Blood Type is A.

Named Attacks

Sousa Saisei (English: Manipulation Regeneration)

Usotsuki touches himself and heals all of his injuries. It also gives a minor strength boost.

Denki Guraundo: Hari (English: Electrical Ground: Needles)

Usotsuki touches the ground and creates needles that rush towards the enemy.

Negai no Kabe (English: Wish Wall)

Usotsuki touches the air to create a wall that will explode on contact.

Denki Guraundo: Suiei no Shita De Supaiku (English: Sparking Under Swim)

Usotsuki turns the ground into mud which he can travel through and can electrify the mud at will.

Budounoki (English: Vine)

Usotsuki creates vines out of the earth to trap an enemy.


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