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Undisputed: The World's Strongest
Date Started: October 11th, 2021

Date Finished: th, 2021

Setting: Desalinate islands found in the Calm Belt

Characters Involved:



The Challenge of a Century

On the vast seas of the Calm Belt, the trademark ship of the Reaper Pirates can be seen sailing across the seas with ease. The captain of this massive and ominous ship, standing tall at the very base of it, Angrboda D. Seiryuu can be seen standing at the end of it. Coming from a battle with a previous monster, Seiryuu was all but geared to continue his conquest, until one day he received a letter that caused him to quickly shift his course into heading toward the Calm Belt. Angrboda Maneki appears just behind him with the letter in hand.

"It is still crazy that you were challenged by someone like that huh?" Maneki asked.

"Heh. You're telling me. Just when I was about to relax and take over another territory in the New World, I get one of that Esposito brat's lackyes to hand me something where another man dare challenges me as the World's Greatest Martial Artist. It is quite laughable as my skills have been known for centuries while this kid barely comes even a quarter close! It's no matter, this was something that was bound to happen anyway." Seiryuu said as he looks at his fists before tossing his scythe backwards. "For a challenge like this, I do not need any weapons. I never did."

"I've met this guy before, Elio Alonso, this man was strong enough to push back Fermi. That's not something anyone can brag about." Maneki said.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHA! So can I and I don't brag about it! And of course you told me this before. Ever since hearing that, I always wanted to face this man one-on-one! This shall be a show and I'll honor his loss with a death by my hands once I secure the title for myself!" Seiryuu said as he squeezed his fist so hard a trickle of blood came down from it.

Moments later, the ship will arrive at one of these islands as Seiryuu jumps down off of his ship.

"You best stay behind Maneki, I think things will start to get ugly!" Seiryuu said as he started to walk further onto the island.

"You got it!" Maneki said as she ordered the troops to steer the massive ship backwards.

"Now, that brat has to be around here somewhere. Heh, he has some nerve challenging me out of the blue like that." Seiryuu said with a big smirk on his face.

"Here I was thinking you had turned to a clump of ash and dust by now." Alonso announced, releasing himself from lotus position upon a plateau. He looked down and leapt off, landing perfectly on the floor. "Glad to see you actually decided to make it old man. I hope my invitation made you getting here easy."

"Heh. You could've at least offer me a luxurious cruise when you invite a guest! You have no honor! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed before his mood quickly shifted into a more serious tone. "I will say, you do have some nerve inviting one of that brat's scouts, let alone thinking you can challenge me. I've been studying the ways of martial arts long before you even knew how to throw your first punch. Only one of us can hold that title as World's Greatest Martial Artist, and that one is me!" Seiryuu declared as he pounded his fists together releasing a small shockwave upon impact.

"Haaaah" Alonso let out a dragged out sigh looking over at his opponent."You'd figure someone as old as yourself would've taught you at least some level of humility. But so be it," he then adjusted his stance and opened his palms, directing the back of his right hand at thean before him. "Shall we?"

"Trust me: When it comes to all of you upstarts, I don't need to show humility." Seiryuu said as he got into a fighting pose in a manner where most of the left size of his body is pointed forward with his left hand being a closed fist as he firmly grips the ground with his right foot. "Let's. I'll even let you have the first move! I'm that generous!"

"Why thank you," Alonso replied before taking a deep breath to fill his lungs and let out the air. By the time his lips closed, his body seemingly doing forward and he chased out toward Seriyuu. Each foot step he took left cracks on the floor. He appeared in front of Seriyuu and launched a Swift kick aimed at the Seriyuu's left knee!

"That all? Insta-Armor" Seiryuu stated as, in an instead, the area around his knee hardened with Haki that was a deep dark blue in color to hopefully intercept the attack. Knowing his foe isn't using his full strength, he was confident in his own power to block the attack and had hardened the muscles in his fist to prepare to swing at Alonso with. "Heh. Don't think for a second that you can outpace me with something like that! I'm thinking way ahead of you kid!" Seiryuu stated as his punch went flying fast toward Alonso as the punch was so fast and strong, it was punching the air itself. Even if Alonso dodged or blocked the attack, it will still leave a notable hole in the ground where the punch was about to land at.

"Sorry," Alonso replied as a sharp red flicker appeared in his eyes, twisting his hips ever so slightly, adjusting his kick so that the floor part of his foot is pointed at his foe's knee. While it was his haki that notified him, it wasn't future sight. Instead his haki is so finely tuned into his muscles, his body needed a small jolt of haki so it could program his muscles and body how to react. Since his foe didn't both moving his leg and only fortified it instead using his momentum and used that foot as a platform, tucking his arms in he pressed his weight into Seriyuu's knee, stepping upward . Because his body Was tucked in it evaded the lunch and by stepping up he could launch his free right leg and bring up a haki covered right knee aimed at Seriyuu's chin.

"Oh?" Seiryuu uttered as he allowed himself to get hit by the attack which knocks him upwards, but quickly rebounds as he appears to catch himself in midair and starts to spin around in a somersault fashion. He quickly uses this chance to use the momentum from Alonso's own attack as he hardened his leg with his Haki. He quickly comes spinning down as the intense force produced from this attack started to blow apart the area itself! "You may as well call me a pendumlim: No matter how many times you hit me, I'll always hit back harder kid!" Seiryuu declared as he made himself spin even faster to the point his spinning body appeared to resemble a large, dark blue ball.

Alonso's arms swayed back and forth in a very lazy fashion with his body following. Then as he got an idea of how to gauge the boy of Seriyuu's spin he responded by aiming a stomp downward to break apart from rock and kick the debris at full speed at his foe! The power broke through the wind force being created and was easily reaching Seriyuu.

"Heh, not bad!" Seiryuu shouted as he quickly hardened his body to avoid getting hurt too much by the debris as he quickly flips back to readjust himself. After dusting himself off a bit Seiryuu then stares at Alonso with seriousness. "Heh. You got balls trying to take it easy on me like this! That kind of attitude is going to end up with you being another soul harvested for The Reaper. What's the matter think I may throw out my back or something?!" Seiryuu said as he suddenly got into another fighting pose eager to attack until he hears his foe's response.

Alonso smirked, looking over at Seriyuu, "you are no martial least, not one I recognize yet." He said as he closed his eyes and places his hand in a prayer position, letting out a deep breath feeling a sensation traveling through his muscles. "Stop wasting my time old man." He remained in his position, toning anything not vital.

"Heh. Is that how it is huh? Fine." Seiryuu said as he throw off his robe and revealed that he had large iron braces around his wrists. Seiryuu then reveals the scars on his body from fighting a previous foe as he cracks his neck to both sides. "Sitting around like that isn't going to get you recognized as well either kiddo." He said sternly as he quickly got into a position where he has both of his arms behind his back preparing to launch them forward. "Kazumorochi: Ganguro - Tsuin Hebis!" Seiryuu shouted his he prepared to slam his fists toward Alonso as he, of course, coats them in Haki to increase the damage input.

"His movements, they're well trained indeed, he does love up to his words. Though..." Alonso thought to himself as he used his haki to examine and understand the movements that were being thrown at him. His intense understanding over the anatomy along with the countless years and styles he's spent learning martial arts have him a level of clairvoyance for martial prowess.

Alonso unprepared spontaneously sprang up and avoided the attack with a kick. "He used a technique that limits his options as he's attacking forward with both arms already pointed out. if I had the time I would've exploited his open sides." Alonso then landes on the floor looking over. "Oi, old man, that all you got?"

"Heh. Of course not. I still got a lot more moves to do kiddo. I am just making sure you are able to keep up! I don't want to disappoint myself if I killed you so suddenly!" Seiryuu states as he suddenly started to charge himself up as his muscles increase in size. "And yes, I am quite the talker am I? And I didn't read your mind, it was just all over your face!" Seiryuu shouted as he stomped forward in a flash similar in vain to Soru as he is right behind Alosno with both of his fists coated in Haki. "Kihonwaza!" Seiryuu shouted as he thrusted his fist forward at Alonso's back hoping to land a direct hit!

Alonso smirked as he tanked the attack, feeling himself being launched away before swinging his leg upward before planting it down! He then looked over at Seriyuu and stretched his arm. "Not bad, ha! I actually felt that!" He said as he began to stretch his legs out. "Damn, not too bad honestly, you hit pretty hard."

"Of course. I've been training myself for centuries! I haven't been sitting on my ass doing nothing compared to most of these runts these days. All the years training in the harshest of climates despite my heritage being naturally weak in the cold, years of moving around entire mountains themselves. I've even studied most other martial arts to see if I can do even better than they can do, and I have! Of course, I don't do this all for fun you know, the World Government has been a constant annoyance at my side and I've always been eager to best them myself. I've already conquered Jail Island you see and I don't plan on stopping there. This world will see me as the strongest martial artist and I will stop at nothing to do that!" Seiryuu said as he got into a forward stance. "Come on! If that little attack didn't already weaken you, then I'd advise you come at me if you can!"