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Unlikely Proposition
Date Started: June 1st, 2020

Date Finished: June 3rd, 2020

Setting: Olympus, G-77

Characters Involved:

Synopsis: Following a meeting with the Fleet Admiral, the Hero of the Marines, Sora Daisuke, appeared before the Yonko, Wukong with an unusual proposition. Upon accepting the terms, the two moved to an abandoned marine outpost in the West Blue to see who'd be victorious. After a brief yet climatic exchange, the pirate seized the win, however not without gambling away an island before he did. As per the term, the battle's outcome would released to the public, not knowing that such an act will start the Sky Wars.


Unlikely Proposition

Towering above the rest of the world, the Wukong Pirates remained unbothered as they enjoyed little resistance in their quest to colonize the white-seas. Their leader, Wukong himself, sat upon his throne as his distinguished subordinates relayed to him various updates in regards to his Sky Empire. Although, despite being physically present, his mind seemed to be elsewhere. Staring blankly at one subordinate after the next, every one of them noticed his disinterest, yet none commented. "It's going to rain today..." he interrupted one of them, letting off a rather joyous smirk.

"Rain?" the orca-fishman wondered what his captain could be referring to; they were in the skies. But just like the rest, Dick simply carried on with his report. "There was another small uprising in Zerzura but Noche managed to subdue it before any major commotion started." he relayed, attempting to gauge Wukong's thoughts on the matter. "I suggest we place troops there for the time-being to make sure something like this doesn't happen again..." But suddenly, his battle instinct lit up like a siren. He couldn't make it out but there was a looming threat that was somewhat familiar. "Cap-"

"Greeting evil-doers!" the Hero of the Marines suddenly appeared within Wukong Pirates' base with his hand held high, though such a position meant little. "Now now pirates, I didn't come here to claim your heads."

Almost immediately following the legendary Vice-Admiral's arrival, the Snake Empress and the Sea King directed their respective blade and fists the intruder's weak points, prepared to slaughter him if he made the slightest move.

"Kiwashi-sama..." Dick mumbled, startled that his idol and reason for joining the marines had suddenly emerged before him. He could help but feel a little shame for the path that he had chosen, especially when confronting the greatness that is the Warrior of the Sea. But his decision had already been made and now wasn't the time to question it.

"I've heard rumors of your greatness but appearing here by yourself, you must have a death-wissssshhhhh." Sakura hissed, holding her legendary blade at the throat blonde marine. At first glance, he wasn't all that. Not much taller than her, didn't seem to have the same dominating presence as her captain. In her blood-filled eyes, he was just another man she could kill in an instant. "Why shouldn't I kill you right now~ssss."

His eyes broke away from the massive ape to answer the cherry-blossom-haired woman. "Your words carry weight, you sure you can back it up?" Daisuke's tone suddenly shifted from the heroic tone to a more serious one. Although he didn't bare such a highly revered ability, upon gazing into the eyes of the woman, his malicious intent pierced her like a sea-stone bullet.

Death. There was no other way to describe it. Sakura was staring death and the eyes and one misstep could make that vision a reality. And yet, despite her witnessing such a gruesome ending first hand, she did not falter. Tightening her grip, she brought the blade closer to his neck. "Is that a challenge, Warrior of the Sea?"

"Welcome Hero!!!" Wukong cried out, his expression filled with joy and glee. Last time he laid eyes on the man, primate-ape watched as his former captain was slaughtered like an injured mutt by the hero standing before him. But neither the hero nor the pirate were the same men they were that day. Maintaining his welcoming expression, he instructed his subordinates to be at ease with a simple gesture of the hand. "Hero of the Marines Daisuke, come to bend the knee and serve under me?" Although many would see this as arrogant and misguided, dozens have left their inferior leaders to serve under him, one of them being the orca-fishman who idolized this same man.

Daisuke chuckled, his heroic tone returning once again. "I only serve justice, not ugly monkeys with gambling issues..." He slowly approached the massive mink. "But let's not turn this into a spitting competition. I have come here with a proposal, a game of sorts...."

Few Hours Ago

Within the halls of the Holy Land Mary Geoise, two of the most decorated marine officers, Fleet Admiral Heiwa and Kiwashi, navigated through the sacred halls following Heiwa's meeting with the Gorosei. "So what did those old bastards want from you this time..." Kiwashi asked his life-long friend. Even with his illustrious career, those monarchs refused to allow him to sit in on those meetings.

With a stern look on her face, Heiwa sucked her teeth as her mind was still occupied over the conversation, though it'd be better described as as a lecture, that took place only moments ago. But as quickly as the wind blew, her tense face relaxed and she pivoted her focus to Daisuke. "I require your thoughts..." she began, speaking ever so formally. "The Strongest Creature, Wukong, what do you make of him."

Although tempted to respond with his signature line, "No matter how great the threat, justice will always prevail." Daisuke knew the Fleet Admiral desired his honest assessment. "The Strongest Creature..." he pondered, compiling his thoughts on the matter. "Out of the four emperors, Wukong and his crew hold the greatest threat to the marines..." This was no understatement. With nearly unchallenged rule over the skies, they have the tactical advantage in any war with the ability to strike from above, they always have high ground. Furthermore, their alliance with the Giants of Elbaf provided them with the only military that could actually challenge the World Government. "I don't know much of the Mink himself, but I'm told his powers accurately depict his title."

Although the insight was helpful, Heiwa couldn't help but playfully comment on her subordinate's assessment. "Has the Hero finally met his match? Find out in the next issue of Sora, Warrior of the Sea." she snickered as the two of them turned to her office within the facility. Upon closing the door, her tone regressed back into a more formal timbre. "Do you think you can handle him?"

Daisuke rolled his eyes upon hearing such an insulting statement. "Are you asking honestly or are you just tryna to make me sound arrogant." It wasn't some World Government secret that the Hero of the Marines believed he could defeat any one in a single fight, one-on-one. "Am I being sent to play judge, jury and executioner?"

Heiwa simply gazed at into Kiwashi's eyes as silence filled the room. "They fancy us to institute a lasting presence in the white-seas. Sky Force has set-up multiple bases but because of the Wukong Pirates, they never last long."

"So those old-geezers want to send me up there to maintain a stronghold then?" Such a situation didn't sit well with the Hero. Beyond his public image, Kiwashi has always wished to maintain his vice-admiral status because of the liberties it provided him. "And I'm assuming send one of the Big Three isn't an option?"

The Fleet Admiral could sense Daisuke's disinterest in such a mission. "If you have an alternate idea then I'm all ears..."

"...a duel." Daisuke began, not breaking eye contact with Wukong as he spoke. "The Strongest Creature against the Hero of the Marines. First one to land a real blow wins..."

Wukong managed to keep a straight face for a moment until he let loose with a loud guffaw. "Gororororo!" his laugh echoed throughout the sky kingdom. Only a handful of beings had the balls to challenge him, and less had the abilities to back it up. His competitive nature already had him interested; the chance to defeat one his former captain's assailants was surely something worth committing to doing. However, despite how enticing the challenge was, he was equally as interested to see what they'd be wagering. "And if I granted you such an opportunity, what are the stakes?"

Seemed the intel was accurate, the God of the Skies was addicted to gambling and craved competition. "My higher ups want to assign me to the skies to dismantle your sky empire. Personally, while I'd like nothing more than to see your ugly mug on a stick, my place should and will always be in the blue-seas." Daisuke let off his signature smile as he finally announced his proposition. "Thus the stakes are simple. If I win, you let the Marines establish three bases within the skies. And in the unlikely event you win, I promise you won't ever see my gorgeous face up here again."

Wukong couldn't help but noticed that this way a win-win situation for the proclaimed hero. If he wins, he returns with three islands for the Marines to claim, allowing him to remain in the blue-sea. And if he loses, well, he remains in the blue-seas anyways, which is what he wants to begin with. Although, Wukong didn't particularly mind him not gaining anything in this exchange, except of course for the chance to disrespect the face of the marines, he did mind that Daisuke wasn't taking on any risk. The primate-mink stroked the fur along his face as he considered a counter arrangement. "In the next issue of Warrior of the Sea, I want the outcome to reflect this battle."

Daisuke struggled to maintain his confident smirk. "Creative bastard aint ya..." Although this was preferable to the actual battle going public; Marines dealing with Pirates, more specifically Yonko, didn't fit the image he had been building for the past couple of decades. Furthermore, a public defeat, even in a fictional context, would lead to a crack in the seemingly indestructible symbol of justice. But that only mattered if he lost, which he had no intention of allowing. "Fine by me..."

Wukong chuckled once again. "Gorororo!" His blood began to boil as the excitement of battle empowered him. "Let us get started then..."

Monkey and Eagle

Naturally, the battle wouldn't take place in the Yonko's base of operations. With the age advantage seemingly being in Wukong's favor, it'd only be fair to grant the Hero stage advantage. Thus the two left the white-seas and appeared along the abandoned marine base in the North Blue, G-77. The base was seemingly abandoned after suffering from a series of attacks long ago in which it was later replaced for a more advanced replacement. Therefore, the island was primarily covered in rubble; nothing of value nor life remained. Thus it was an optimal location for the two to host their brief bout.

Wukong quickly surveyed the area. The weather was pristine with few clouds in the sky and a radiating sun. Although it wasn't as barren as the the Giant's signature dueling locale, it was more than sufficient. Stand several feet apart, the massive mink towered over the famous marine with nearly a twenty feet difference in height. But such trivial things meant nothing in battles like these. Twirling his signature weapon, Ruyi Bang, along his left hand, Wukong slammed it along the ground, causing the earth beneath to shatter. "No shame in forfeiting now." Wukong snickered.

Unbeknownst to his opponent, Daisuke chose this location as it served as the first ever base he worked in as Marine. Although now all that remained were the memories from decades ago, it felt fitting to take down the World's strongest Creature in his place of origins. "It all comes full circle." he thought. Taking a deep breath, he could smell the pleasant ocean breeze from his past; it rejuvenated him. The energy and determination that motivated him decades were suddenly returned to him, the Hero of the Marines was pumped.

His signature smile was all the response needed to answer such a stupid comment. Now was no longer the time for talking. Taking on the dragon stance, he directed his open palms towards the massive mink. "One hit...easy enough." Composing himself, he calmed his mind. Unlike most combatants throughout the seas who were simply brawlers who lacked discipline, Daisuke had full control over his body, thoughts and motives. Thus, even if his opponent was the most skilled of users, if he planned on attempting to discern the Hero's movements through motive via haki, this battle would end quicker than either them expected it. And then, in an instant, Kiwashi disappeared.

With unquestioned mastery over Soru and Geppo, Kiwashi appeared airborne, behind the illustrious pirate. Not losing his form, Kiwashi had one arm in striking form and another in pullback, whilst maintaining his open palm fist. "Soraken: Air Palm!" His two arms alternated positions, his current striking arm launching a concentrated shockwave towards the primate's massive torso. However, this attack was not conjured through strength. Calling upon his devil fruit in conjunction with an advanced form of busoshoku, the concentrated airstrike would not only pierce Wukong's substantial body but was directed towards the mink at light speed.

Almost as if he lacked the speed to keep with the vice-admiral, Wukong remained completely stationary as the lethal attack pierced his body. "Let games begin..." Puncturing his physique, the shockwave left a palm imprint through his torso and continued onto the ground, causing earth too rupture. However, the paw gap designed to injure him, seemingly closed as white vapor unified his body. In that moment, dozens of clones that mimicked Wukong's appearance suddenly emerged, each of them in a different position while their eyes fixated on the target. "Gororororo!" they all laughed, mocking the vice-admiral for his fruitless attempt.

Although these clones seemed to be lacking in substance, they weren't just for show. As they guffawed, their bodies began to radiate unfathomable heat, rumbling. Then, like bombs, each of the clones began to detonate, releasing a pillar of lighting in their place. Such capabilities reminisced another fruit, however these towers of lightning were not shoddy imitations lacking in voltage. As the user of the Kumo Kumo no Mi, Wukong had the ability to produce real lightning; each pillar emitting over a billion volts of strong current electricity. And if the such an attack wasn't lethal enough, the conjuring of such massive strokes brought upon a loud cry of thunder; summoning massive shockwaves of sounds powerful enough to destroy one's eardrums.

Even though it seemed Wukong had conjured the wrath of god with minimal effort, such an attack was decisively summoned. Upon arriving on the scene, Wukong began twirling his legendary weapon. Although it seemed like the Yonko was only doing this to taunt his opponent, in actuality, he was accessing his unique fighting style, Art of Weather. With it, he called upon two distinct abilities. First, Mirage Tempo: Dustless Bewildering, which bent the light surrounding Wukong to grant him a form of invisibility. Simultaneously, he utilized Mirage Tempo: Cloud Cloneto summon an identical clone with the physiology of a cloud. While invisible, he utilized his fruit to summon a sea of thunder clouds that were transformed into clones via the latter technique. And then the rest is history.

Detecting the rumbles before the clones' imminent detonation, Daisuke quickly planted himself along the ground, extending his arms outward upon doing so. Utilizing his left leg as a pivot, he rotated his body rapidly while accessing his paw-powers to invoke a barrier to protect him from the array of attacks. The barrier conjured by Kiwashi's actions has been rightfully dubbed as an Absolute Defense, capable of protecting him from nearly any attacks directed towards him. However, by fiercely rotating, he turned his defense into offense.

As barrier continued to expand, similar to its summoner, it rotated, gathering the heat, electricity and thunder roars that attempted to pierce it. The unison of attacks transformed the defense into an expanding offensive paw-shape attack, capable of shredding anything the attempted to puncture it. Eventually reaching the overall size of the island, free of an immediate danger, Daisuke himself stopped spinning. Regressing back to his dragon stance, he waited. "No where to hide now, you fucking monkey." Despite the caliber of attack he just produced, the Hero of the Marines was fairly certain the Strongest Creature would manage to break through the defense. However, Daisuke would be able to notice the point of origin and react accordingly.

Wukong couldn't help but smile at the grandiose display. In most cases, the world's strongest combatant would rarely start the with such a large scale assault; given that most wouldn't be able to handle such a devastating display. But Daisuke wasn't most. The hero's ability to not only defend but then turn Wukong's attack against him was evidence to that fact. Thus, as the barrier engulfed the entire vicinity, Wukong revealed himself. "This old-geezer got some spunk!"

Standing along the ground, Wukong faced the barrier head-on. "But this is nothing..." With a simple twitch in his eye, Wukong challenged the obstruction with his will alone. The sheer magnitude of his essence had enough influence over his surrounding to not only stop the expansion of attack but also cease its churn. With no momentum to keep Wukong's attacks attached to it, the lethality of the barrier dispersed. "No matter how strong you think you are, you lack the qualities to truly have influence." His will continued to press onward, visibly compromising the structure of the barrier until it finally game in.


Powerful gust of wind flowed throughout the now cleared battlefield; neither wavered from their spot. With the impediment no longer present, Wukong concluded his act of dominance. "Again, no shame in forfeiting now..." Wukong commented, though this was to simply mock his opponent after displaying his own might. "Since you're the first in a while to provide me with some entertainment, I'll do you a solid as well..If you can move me from this spot then you get an island even when I win." Wukong's playful smile returned. "But then again..." Nearly a dozen clones appeared once again and they spoke in unison. "My graciousness does have bounds." Leaving the real Wukong behind, the twelve clones dashed towards the marine with laughter and glee.

Somewhat unusual for the hero, as he normally fights with an audience who judge his every action, Daisuke didn't bear his signature smile. Instead his face was rather stoic; a product of being completely in control of his agency. Wukong's insulting proposition seemed to have no influence over Daisuke's composure, though the marine was sure to make the pirate pay for such arrogant proposal.

As the clones dashed towards him, Daisuke slowed his breathing. "This battle will be over..." Arching his right arm back, he closed his left hand, which in turn, propelled him in front of the massive mink; this time with the speed provided to him with his fruit. " an instant." Upon appearing his in front the Yonko, his entire right arm, including his paw, turned pitch black. With extreme speed, his open palm attempted to simply touch the Yonko, seemingly ending both wagers.

Since Daisuke had such control over his being, Kong could not sense his intentions thus rendering his foresight abilities useless. However, there was a glaring issue with Kiwashi's stratagem. Not matter how close he appeared in front of Wukong, the action of striking him was not instantaneous, which provided the mink with an opportunity. With his first strike serving as evidence that he had no issues closing the distance with remarkable speed, Wukong was prepared in case the marine tried to avoid the clones, as he did.

First, in effort to keep up with decorated marine, Wukong called upon an ability unique to only the most seasoned of mink warriors. Utilizing the tribe's infamous ability, he casted an invisible yet thick layer of lightning armor around him, reminiscent to an exoskeleton. Although this defense could take on even the most powerful of strikes, a worthy substitute to Busoshoku, he didn't plan on using it to defend against the logic-defying powers of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi. Instead he called upon the supplementary benefits of the technique. Beyond the defenses, the technique adequately named Raijū stimulates the Wukong's nervous system, enhancing his speed and reaction time; thereby allowing him to react to the attack.

Given the situation, there wasn't much he could do to counter. Thus, instead of trying to block or divert the hero's attack, Wukong relied on his devil fruit powers and haki to handle the assault. Calling upon his logia transformation, he turned the targeted region, his torso, into clouds. However, he knew his opponent would try to attack his substantial body through koka. Consequently, Wukong called upon his usage of busoshoku haki, his greatest mastery of three, to overwhelm his opponent's. Although, he had no actual way of knowing if his mastery was superior to the historic marine, but it was a risk he was willing to take.

Fortunately, his gamble paid off. The moment Daisuke's pad-paw touched Wukong, a massive hole reminiscent to the one from earlier, appeared in his torso, revealing that his haki was superior, allowing him to retain his intangible physique. "Guess I'm just lucky..." the Yonko muttered, maintaining his beam. Avoiding defeat, in regards to the wager currently in place, Wukong turned his focus to offense.

Avoiding Wukong's clones and appearing in his immediate vicinity obviously had it merits; if his haki was superior the wager would've been over. However, every assault has its own risks, something Daisuke didn't seem to comprehend. Although the clones shared Wukong's appearance due to his control over the weather, their internal structure consisted entirely of clouds, something Wukong could manipulate freely. Referencing a technique introduced to him during his time in Skypeia, the clones left a trail of string clouds that would serve a web to catch the vice-admiral if he decided to invade. And like spider's prey, Kiwashi fell into Wukong's web.

With Kiwashi apprehended, the clones unveiled their true purpose. Their bodies rumbled similar to before and in the briefest of moments, their white cloud infrastructure morphed into thunder clouds. Unlike the doppelgängers from before which detonated into a pillar of lightning, these maintained their appearance and simply released the discharges through the strings attached to them; thereby tracking back to the vice-admiral. With the strings maintaining the strong current and the same amount of voltage as before, the shock should be enough to physically harm the marine, granting Wukong victory. The real Wukong, who still stood directly in front of the marine mocked the vice-admiral for making such a mistake. "Gororororo!"

Moving at such high-speed, Daisuke didn't feel the string entrap his physique. "Sturdy..." the hero noted, unable to simply break the strings with sheer force. However, this technique didn't fluster the vice-admiral even with imminent danger approaching. Throughout the years, Kiwashi has received briefings on some of the most dangerous devil fruits ever recorded; the Ito Ito no Mi among the discussed. Devising ways to avoid the strings of the string fruit, Kiwashi would call upon the same ideas to break free from these restraints.

First, Kiwahsi produced a layer of busoshoku around his skin to protect him as he called upon his primary method of escape. Utilizing another of the World Government's renowned six powers technique, Kami-e, Kiwashi slithered out of the restraints like a snake. Of course, he couldn't move given the fact he'd simply be caught in the web once again, he used his freedom to summon the same defense as before. Spinning in place, the paw-bubble appeared around his body to protect him the from strings of electricity. Similar to his opponent, Kiwashi's defense was more refined than the previous iteration. Rather than producing a massive bubble, this defense was just large enough to protect him. However given its size, it's able to spin far more fiercely than before, thus producing an insulating defense that'd further protect him from the heat and electricity.

With the cloud strings tightening along the barrier, Kiwashi knew exactly what he had to do. "Almighty Push!" he exclaimed, abruptly expanding the barrier to not only create an opening for him to escape the web, but also move Wukong from his spot. Given the close vicinity the primate mink was in relation to the vice-admiral along with the fact this barrier's constitution being far more formidable, the same tactic as before would not decimate the defense. Biding his time, the hero waited to for right moment to catapult into the skies in order to get a clear view of the battlefield. "That's one..." Kiwashi smiled, confident that his barrier caused the ape to move.

The ferocity of the the spinning barrier caused the strings to snap, ceasing the the current that attempted to grab ahold of the vice-admiral. The barrier in itself was no threat to Wukong, however, given his terrible habit of challenging himself and proposing unnecessary bets; he needed to face it or he'd lose an island. Freeing both hand by having his tail grab ahold of his staff, the Yonko embraced the spiraling bubble with great force. In order to maintain his place, Wukong channeled the static electricity to his feet to cling to the ground beneath him. "Ora!" he cried out, as surges of electricity scoured through the outer layer of the barrier. In conjunction with his colossal strength, Wukong managed to dissipate the barrier yet again. However, upon its collapse, a massive detonation of wind currents was released.

Instinctually calling upon his logia transformation, Wukong felt the winds attempt to knock him away. "Son of bitch..." he muttered, as the powerful gale that felt like a hurricane, no an explosion, attempted to blow his cloudy physique from the spot. Returning to his natural physique wasn't an option as his static charge would be rendered useless in these conditions. Therefore, in order to counteract the Kiwashi's desperate attempt win the secondary bet, he called upon another one of his skypeia cloud variants. Iron Clouds. Although still maintaining his intangibility, Wukong could augment his weight to hopefully endure the fierce blast.

As the breeze settled, it appeared Wukong managed to endure the blast. However, his face held a daunting expression as he looked downwards. "Grrrr..." Throughout the battle, Wukong was simply enjoying himself; setting challenges, taunting his opponent, sending clones and even hitting his pipe as the vice-admiral came at him. But the games were over. As much as Wukong loved playing games and watching others squirm, he despised losing far more. Play time is over time to step it up.

In the blink of eye, the massive primate suddenly appeared behind airborne vice-admiral. His speed mimicked that of the lightning logia due to his light conductive cloud physique and masterful control of raiju. Unlike before where he would've relayed some witty comment about the marine's inferiority, now he simply focused on attacking. With a thunderous roar, Kong's massive fist, coated in utter darkness, rained down like a comet, with only one target in mind.

Staying airborne through Geppo, Daisuke watched as the pirate attempted to stay his ground. "One island, two to go." he commented, as the explosive winds could even be felt from his distance. Though as the dust settled, utilizing his kenbunshoku to watch Wukong from through a form of telescope vision, from his angle it seemed Wukong did manage to tank the attack without moving. "That anim-" but before he could finish that comment, he could visibly see and sense Wukong's anger. Through the same sensory abilities, he instinctually turned with his open palms in the exact position he knew Wukong's first would inevitably attempt strike. Yet, the moment Wukong appeared, he recalled his inferior haki. "Shit!" Right before Wukong's punch reached him, Daisuke clapped the back of his hand against the other's paw-palm, propelling to the ground below.

But before he could compose himself, Kiwashi was seemingly surrounded by the clones of Wukong from earlier. "They withstood the blast?!?!" Dumbfounded by this revelation, for the briefest of moments, the hero of the marines lost his composure.

And Wukong had planned to cease the moment. Maintaining his blasphemous speed, the primate mink emerged once again with his mighty fist raining down; this collision seemed inevitable. Leaving a trail clouds in his wake, the once sunny skies grew dark and hazy, the temperature began to drop. The clones that surrounded the two of them were ready pursue their assailant if he chose to flee.

Although Daisuke could continue to play this cat-mouse, hero-villain chase game, he didn't particularly enjoy playing the villainous mouse. Thus instead of fleeing, Kiwashi regained his focus allowing for his Kenbunshoku Haki to take root once again. Unlike his opponent who is an unchallenged master at Busoshoku, Kiwashi has spent decades mastering and refining his control over Kenbunshoku. Through a variation of future sight, Kiwashi ran down the various options available to him, gauging how each of the clones and Wukong himself would react based on various alternatives. Baring witness to dozens of alternatives, Daisuke realized what he needed to do.

As Wukong's fist grew closer by the moment, Kiwashi summoned his own "clones" to deal with his opponent's. Through Soru, a dozen afterimages of the hero, each having their own intent as Daisuke knew his opponent was probably tracking him through it upon losing his composure, scattered with the hopes of drawing out the clones that were ready to prance on him. The real marine remained with Wukong, utilizing kami-e along with his advanced footwork to maneuver around the fist and rotate toward his back side where two he not only channeled as much busoshoku as possible; by minimizing the surface area and focusing on concentration, his finger oozed darkness. "Shigan: Touch of Death!" he targeted the kimono pressure point - regions that are susceptible to puncture even with godly durability. Kiwashi was certain that such an attack would pierce the Yonko's substantial body.

Watching as Daisuke rotated around him like the nimble little bastard he is, Wukong's anger suddenly subsided, welcoming his signature smirk yet again. "Game, Set Match..." he concluded, revealing his winning move. Before Wukong began his pursuit, he freed his fists by handing his Ruyi Bang to his tail. Through the extra appendage, he utilized his mirage tempo to cloak both his tail and staff. Wukong knew his opponent would try to use his smaller size to nimbly evade his strikes and try to attack a weak point. However, this tactic would not have been effective if he hadn't seen Kiwashi himself control and manipulate his intent. Being a quick study, Wukong picked up this skill on his own and implemented it, masking his intent.

With Daisuke planting himself behind him, Wukong's tail was within inches of the marine. Swinging the staff like a bat, Ruyi Bang collided with Daisuke's ribs, effectively ending the match. "You did alright geezer." Wukong muttered, before the marine was sent flying.

The combination of invisibility and masking intent were a lethal duo. Even with his foresight, with nothing to base his precognition on, Kiwashi could not have seen the attack attacking however. "Damn, I'm getting old.." he thought, accepting his defeat. However, there was no way he'd suffer any real damage from this attack. Instinctually, as he felt the form of the staff press along his ribs, he transferred his busoshoku to targeted region in unison with his masterful usage of Tekkai to tank the attack, although it did send him hurdling and left him with quite the bruise

Summersaulting, Daisuke landed nearly a mile away; his expression was somewhat blank due to the sea of emotions. Part of him was upset he had actually lost the bet, another complacent because the first strike doesn't guarantee victory in an actual fight and another even a little happy he was able to snub a sky island in defeat. His gazed upon titan mink who held such an arrogant look on his face. "The Strongest Creature..." Kong wasn't the first man Kiwashi faced holding such an illustrious moniker, a man Wukong himself knew quite well. "You might even be stronger than him..." Kiwashi noted, before seemingly disappearing from the island. "But probably not."

Wukong chuckled as the marine disappeared without saying a word. "I guess my people will talk to his people about the little territory I gifted them." the ape muttered, withdraw his pipe and taking a hit. As a pirate, a Yonko at that, he needn't keep his word. However, what'd be the fun in gambling if there were no stakes. "Better let that messenger pigeon know I whooped the Hero of the Marines." he snickered fading away as suddenly snow started to fall.

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