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Urako is one of the Three Kings of West Blue. He is the user of the Ningyo Ningyo no Mi, a Paramecia Type that allows Urako to create and control puppets and use sharp and unbreakable threads.


In terms of Design, he is 6'03 and weighs 199 pounds. He has grayish-brown hair and his blood type is AB.


Urako can use all of the Six Powers techniques, including the Rokugan.


With his puppets, he can use a never before seen sword style, known as 100 sword style. He can create puppets to hold swords while he uses 4 sword style.


He is capable of using Observation and Armament Haki.


Urako is the angriest of the Three Kings, seeming to get angry on the spot.


Konpanion (English: Companion)

Urako signature attack, where he creates a puppet.

Ningyo Shokan Akushon (English: Puppet Summoning Action)

This technique is a variation of Vice Admiral Raifu Rein's Shokan Akushon, but he summons puppets instead of action figures. This is his strongest attack.

After Timeskip

Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates encounter Urako guarding one of the three cube relics required to go to Frabara Island. They battle, and Urako defeats all of the Straw Hats except for Monkey D. Luffy who pulls out an epic Gatling Gun attack. Urako is defeated.


Urako vs. Straw Hat Pirates: Loss

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