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They are members of the long arm tribe meaning they have an extra set of elbows on each arm. They have since been exiled from their tribe and joined the Windfall Pirates. They joined during the crews recruitment mission and helped defeat the Landfall Pirates first mate, ~.


They are both very large, taller than average men, Ursa is quite portly while Tigra is more muscular. They both have devious expressions and usually have a large grin. Ursa has a double chin and a full head of hair while Tigra has a bald head and a goatee, and each seems to have a permanent black eye on the opposite eyes. One of them wears a blue T-shirt with extra-long sleeves and orange trousers with suspenders; the other wears the same thing but with the opposite color scheme.


Both rely on the other very much, they are quite codependent and don’t seem to know what to do without the other. While they are a great team who can accomplish a lot they don’t appear to be all that smart and often rely on the guidance of their fellow crew members. They snicker a lot to one another about inside jokes and don’t seem to understand that others don’t know why it’s funny.

Powers & Abilities

They may be the most experienced fighters among the whole crew and have overwhelming natural strength. They are proficient at hand to hand combat and because of their size, arm, length, and teamwork they have an extreme attack range.

Their best techniques include Tigra sitting on Ursa’s shoulders and with four arms can attack twice as much and from all angles. There other technique includes Tigra taking Ursa by the hand and swing him around for a large radius attack.


There’s potentially a third former member named Leo (making it lions, tigers, and bears) who would appear as a villain and be the cause of these characters exile.

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