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That is me.

Hello, you might remember me from such pages as Raifu Rein, Joruto Izan, and the Sticky Pirates. I am always available, so feel free to talk to me on my Talk page. I am a fan of anime such as Naruto Shippuden and My Hero Academia, but the fanon wiki sux and I'm always free for comments about me changing my pages. My characters have a sort of link to each other and they all follow different ideals and factions, such as Jack Baro, Ritoru Chikara, Donguri, and Kori Atama. I'm also the founder of One Piece Story Creation Wiki.

Favorite Pages:

Koka Koka no Mi - First Devil Fruit and first page, has gone through edits involving me knowing more about templates and such.

Raifu Rein - First Character Page, has gone through many edits, usually involving ideas I came up with.

Sticky Pirates - First and Only Pirate Crew, it is still being edited.

Ten Sacred Generals of The New World - First Group, members can be added with permission from me, so make sure to submit your character into the group!

Neh Neh no Mi - One of my favorite pages. Check it out!

Riku Di Cielo - Used as inspiration.

Tobi - Great page!

This article, 76qaBIXBY, is an article only to be used by Tylerelman.

Special Paramecia Category - Category created by me.

Least Favorite Pages:

Koori Koori no Mi - I don't like how it has no originality whatsoever.

Sokudo & Hyaku - Very bland.

Daiya D

aiya no Mi - It already exists.

Mizu Mizu no Mi, mizu mizu no mi, and Akua Akua no Mi - They manipulate water. Very unfair.

check out new generation pirates and create a member

I am also a good artist

here are some of my drawings-

Also boku no hero academia fanon wiki, it is no bueno and they ban everyone there

I draw cartoon characters.

The man.

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