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  • I live in The Netherlands
  • I was born on August 25
  • I am male

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One Piece

I started watching One Piece when they were around with the Enies Lobby Arc. At first I thought it would be quite a kiddy anime actually. And that I wouldn't like it, but then one site started a discussion about this one and my interest was raised. I watched the first episodes (Alvida + Buggy) and thought: "YES! Where have you been my entire life?" This was around the time that (as it seems) Zoro just beaten Kaku. Because they were mainly discussing about the Asura-move he used. Anyhow, I kept going and watched it, and when I finally was about the end of it, Franky joined (whoohoo, good timing I had :D). So basicly, I had fun with the entire story and all. So what made the switch from anime to manga? Basicly just me wanting more One Piece! So I read all through Thriller Bark and the Supernova's I couldn't believe what I was reading. So yeah, One Piece is and always will be, my favorite anime.


Naruto, what can I say about... well, Part 1 was nice (excluding the fillers) but Part 2 is just a stretch. It keeps stretching the entire story-line, with fillers when they are not even needed. The time I saw the first episode of Shippuuden I was quite happy. Because then I thought they could've gone through with Naruto fast without any fear of catching up with the manga that much. But this was proven wrong and Naruto Shippuuden was even slower when needed.


After 2 whole minutes, something FINALLY happened.

Just a few days ago when writing this, Shikamaru was playing Shogi with his father after Asuma died. That Shogi-match was the most boring part of entire Naruto series. Nothing happened except you see Shikamaru make a move, then his father, and this kept going for 2 whole minutes. Not that I care that much, but these entire 2 minutes were simply dead-time. Naruto is the king of dead-time. 75% of the episodes something finally happens. And it just bores me actually, I tried reading the manga hoping that then it gone a little faster. But reading the manga was essentially the most boring thing I've ever done. Decided to end reading it at the closure of the now current arc (Hidan + Kakuzu). Although I like the Akatsuki and all that, most of them disappoint me a little. But heck, the same and I admit now also happens with the Shichibukai of One Piece. They were supposed to be one of the strongest forces in the series. At least the Shichibukai has some super-tier characters like Kuma, Mihawk. With Naruto's Akatsuki, it seems that every character caught up with them. Which is a darn shame!

Now the question is, why I do watch it, it's quite simple and the same reason I also watch Bleach. I'm gonna stop watching new shows, but I wanna know how the shows I watched before how they end. At least Bleach is still entertaining. But so far, One Piece is the top-anime for me. Naruto and Bleach can't compare, and Naruto can't compare with Bleach. How this is one of the most popular anime out there is beyond me :(.


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Anime in General

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Super Smash Bros; Brawl

Alright, Super Smash Bros; Brawl. Let's write something about this shall we. To be honest, I'm not a good player at all in this game. The reason is, I don't practice all that much. However in my friend-area I'm "unbeatable if I truly play seriously" (half of the time I just run away, dodge, do a little attack then repeat the process until I'm done and then killing them). But I admit, I'm not spectacular like other people I see fighting, in fact... I haven't even got the most advanced things under my control. Even the Pikachu's Final Smash, which I can't even control for 1 bit!

Now of course, don't let that stop you, I'm more then happy to accept any challenge in this game, but don't expect an expert-player. My main however is Yoshi (tiers are for queers), Additional fighters of mine are Marth, Toon Link, Pikachu and Kirby/Donkey Kong (both just as well). There are some catches if you want to try me out though ;). The first I want your MSN or an appointment on a IRC channel on a specific channel. I like to talk after the match is done about it. With my rules, everything goes, so that means your rules (except don't give me that: no B-moves, as that is a stupid rule... allow me to demonstrate it with Capt.Falcon then xD).

DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

I am a HUGE DBZ fan, and DBZ BT3 is simply the best fighting game I played. (click for trailer). Still, although the anime is one of the oldest I know and been watching. The fighting is immense spectacular. If you have a PS2, this would be fun... if you have a WII, you can go WiFi and fight other people (except the lag will kill ya). Still, unlike SSB;B this game it seems doesn't have too much community (I blame the lag for this). Still, if anyone wanna have a go, give me a little message and I'm sure to accept. Same rules for SSB;B are also here. I want to contact you after the battles in a chatroom, so that we can have our little aftermatch. Also here, my main is Imperfect Cell. Ow yeah, unlike SSBB here are some rules:

  • No spamming (using the same move OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again)
  • No disconnecting if you lose (first time online dbz game of this caliber, so ehm... there are some flaws, just don't abuse them. If you are going to lose, LOSE! Not be a sissy and disconnect, let me see you die, I deserved it if I beat you, just as you deserve to see me die if I lose.
  • No Arale/SSJ4 Gogeta (both are too overpowered for their own good, one friend of mine I beat, he used the entire Ginyu Force and I only Arale, I whooped his ass. In this game, Arale is TOO good. The only legal way to obtain SSJ4 Gogeta is by fusing ingame. Arale is just a no-use unless you wanna pwn.)
  • Custom games, except if you aren't that far, but I like to battle custom games more.
  • PS: Krillin Voice Actor = Luffy's Voice Actor (2:07 in that trailer).


Lord of The Rings

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Other favorite movies

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