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Lindsay Lohan Phoenix

  • I live in California
  • I was born on February 8
  • My occupation is Fledgling Artist, wiki editor
  • I am Male

Well I might as Well start my user page on this wiki now for those of you either new to this wiki or who simply dont know who I am Im this wikis new Administrator for this wiki. Also Im the Creator of Battlestar Galactica Fanon Wiki a new Fanon wiki here on wikia. and mainly becides that a large contributor to Memory Gamma: The Star Trek Fanon Wiki and a frequent editor on Futurama Fanon.

The Reason for the User Name

Sigh...Well so one else asks about my user name I might as well place the reason why here so Im just going to simply copy and paste the section from my user page on Memory Gamma.

"Math is the Same in every country"

Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) Mean Girls

I dicided to begin this explanation with that quote (A simplified variation of Carl Sagan's Quote of "Mathematics are the Universal Language") to begin why I had made her my namesake. I had 1st heard about the film Mean Girls on TV, and at 1st I had the typical reaction of most young guys my age at the time "This sounds like another boring, typical, irritating Chick Flick. However after the 1st time I had watched it (a few years later) I found it quite interesting and after viewing it a few more times something happened. I had begun to realize that if they could make a teen movie not completely boring why cant that be the same for nearly everything else.

This 1st happened with a somewhat parody hybrid of Mean Girls and superhero film Sky High (which 1 day may be written on Superhero fanon wiki if I can find it). the story ideas began flowing (why does a superman like character doesnt absolutey need any gadgets?) well you get the idea. Anyway the ideas of why does all basic story elements absolutley have to fall into the same ol same ol cliches (supposedly advanced sci-fi tech looking like it came from the 1950's..Etc.) it began to fall in to other genres besides superheros. I was having ideas and concepts that really no one had even seemed to remotely think of before (or had in a far too complicated way). Basically a Imaginative Spark was lit (switched on really) by one movie but in reality 1 woman (who was still just a kid at the time) with more new films that I saw her in my creative thought was seemingly challenged (Why cant I make better stories/Concepts?). And obviously I cant give entire credit to only 1 person (without Star Trek: Voyager you wouldnt be reading any of this right now.) but without her I wouldnt be at the near creative peak I am now.

Also the main (and somewhat obvious) reason for not revealing the reason for the name is Embarassment. While I knew no 1 on this wiki would really insult me I had feared maybe some else would or might (You Named yourself after some drunk hooker!..Etc...Well you get the idea). Anyway I hope that this has cleared up any questions that any one had so as always. Thanks!

(Interesting postnote: Both Mean Girls & Star Trek are produced by paramount studios.)

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