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Hiya! It's Wolf :3 I'm a GIRL. 

My birthday is on September 26, I'm 14 years old.

I'm from South America and speak Spanish. So my English isn't that awesome... Sorry!

I love animals, canines and reptiles mostly.

I love music. I play the drums (mostly!), flute, piano, guitar. Haha! n_n"

About my other sites accounts... AquaLaguna (Not always using it), SakonRap, LupineSoul (Heck of a name, eh? ;3)

My favourite anime and manga is ONE PIECE! It's sooo wonderful, I just LOVE IT! 8D That's why I'm here, in first place... xD My dream? To meet Eiichiro Oda, of course! And to help Luffy become KING OF THE PIRATES, OH YEAH BABY!

My favourite characters, hmmm... That's a pretty hard question, it's like choosing my favourite family member! Dx

They are... -Inhales- Yosaku, Johnny, Kaku, Spandam, Zoro, Sanji, Luffy, Usopp, Sogeking (Who's behind the mask?), Nami, Robin, Franky (SUPPAH!), Robin, Pandaman (Sasa no ha! PANDA DROPPU!!!), Chopper, Bon-chan, Mr. 3, Inazuma, Calgara, Shura, Fuza, Smoker, Ryuma, Rachet, Shuraiya, Absalom, Arlong, Kuro... Am I missing someone? BUGGY! 8D Hmmm... WHITEBEARD! Ace too... Hmm... I'll post characters later; as soon as I remember... I like everyone, okay?!

I do not hate, only dislike few stuff. "Hate is a waste of heart and the heart is our biggest treasure". Besides, nothing deserves to be hated,so you'll probably not hear that word from me. xD

I like to draw animals... I draw on paper (Traditional art, according to deviantArt), not on computer.  n_n"

I love to Roleplay and to have fun, I dislike when people's characters do not interact with others while roleplaying. D: How about you?

If you want to Roleplay with me, I would love to do so!


I like jokes. A whoooolie lot! :)

Hmm, what else...

Oh yeah! I own a cat named Ace. Portcat D. Ace. xD.  His pelt is white and with many fiery orange spots stamped over his body.  His personality is fiery too. :k We rescued him along with her sister (Rest in peace ;- ;).

BY THE WAY I'm NOT completly alone on this Webpage! There's my friend, Amanedachi which showed me it. So stop laughing! I'll learn the basics from her... Thank you! :3

Aaah...! This introduction is getting pretty long, eh? x3

My favourite smileys are: xD owo n_n ._. ^w^ :D =D

...It's a pleasure to meet you all and to be here in this wikia!

You can count on me on /almost/ everything, so if help is needed, just howl for Wolf. ;3 

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