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About Me:

I am a fan of One Piece. If you could not have guessed that, then I feel for you. Another username you may find me use is Dega Vertigo.

I have not created any fanfiction for One Piece, only the occasional character for an assortment of defunct roleplays. What I choose to post up here is free for you use, but I OWN THEM. So please credit these characters/locations if you use them in a fanfic/roleplay. You do not have to ask, only credit.

RobinXChopper forever.



Dega Vertigo

Lady Davy

Lady Davy VI

Redon "Jumper" Lex

Rhodos "Sloth" Surcouf

Devil Fruit:

Kumo Kumo no Mi, model: Huntsman Spider

Kumo Kumo no Mi, model: Jumping Spider

Ome Ome No Mi

Suigin Suigin no Mi


No Man's Island

Pirate Crews:

Davy Pirates

Kumo Brother Pirates


The Locker

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