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I hate regulations

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my project. i want to make a video game about hip-hop and gangs in Canada. Welcome to CANA-D-A

that's me

Young Piece
K-dog in the time 2000 AOS.png
Young Piece
Age 17
Birthdate 16 July 1992
Height 5ft 7
Weight 152 lbs
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Futurama Fanon, Simpsons Fanon, One Piece Fanon, Family Guy Fanon, Naruto Fanon, Dragon Ball Fanon
Previous Affiliation None
Team Futurama Fanon, Simpsons Fanon, One Piece Fanon, Family Guy Fanon, Naruto Fanon, Dragon Ball Fanon
Previous Team None
Occupation High School Student, soon College Student
Previous Occupation(s) Pre-School Student

Lil King


Lil Shawty
Lil Shawty
Age unknown
Birthdate unknown
Height unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Previous Affiliation None
Team unknown
Previous Team None
Occupation unknown
Previous Occupation(s) unknown



My code is "Friendship, Loyalty and Respect!"

Time is money, so don't waste your time. Because it could be your last

Time goes fast, but the peoples are slow

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The Definition

  • Young Im young, not old like a Adult.
  • Piece My life is a small puzzle.


Classified - Up All Night

I love this song...thats the music that i listen to

Friend on wikia

What that I Love



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