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    " It's snowing! It's snowing!"

    Ever since Emily was young she was fascinated by the powdery snow falling from the sky. The cold never bothered her. Emily was so excited. With snow falling down she could do so many exciting things. She could build a snowman, a snow fort, even going sledding down a hill. But what Emily really wanted to do was play outside with her friends. Emily ran into Momo's room and jumped on top of Momo's bed.

    " What is it, Emily?" Momo giggled from how hyperactive Emily was.

    " Wake up. Wake up. It's snowing. Let's go outside and play," Emily said.

    " Go back to sleep, Emily," Momo smiled.

    Emily laid on Momo's back. She played on Momo trying to make a snow angel. Momo smiled at how silly Emily acted.

    " I can't sleep. The sky i…

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    Twenty years had passed since the Straw Hat pirates disbanded. In the desert plains of Alabasta, a land full of exotic desert creatures and nefarious grave robbers. In this desert land there lived a queen. Queen Vivi, thirty-eight years old. Once she was known as Princess Vivi until the passing of her father, yet his good honored name was remembered in the Halls of Alabasta: Cobra Nefertari.

    Since the years that passed her kingdom was on the brink of war. War. Clans, armies, and cults have been battling her for sorority. The rattling could still be heard outside. Her foot soldiers forbid Queen Vivi from leaving the outside, despite her objections. Vivi was going to fight for her people. Despite being a princess, Vivi never demanded …

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    Back in the restaurant Miya was watching all the injured people: Lucy, Faust, Kamiko, Margret, and Mutsu. Shi was doing his best to care for Nathan's crew. Miya spent her time near Mutsu. Mutsu, who was now conscious, smiled at Miya.

    " How are you doing, sis? Haven't seen you in years. You sure have gotten beautiful. How much do those breasts weigh now?"

    Miya grabbed Mutsu's hand. She squeezed his arm and twisted it. The white haired swordsman was already in so much pain that he howled.

    " Ow! Goddammit!"

    " Sorry," Miyu said. But Miyu wasn't really sorry. Mutsu had it coming the way he talked to her. Miyu then wrapped bandages around his right arm. " You seem better, Mutsu. When we were together you were always crying. I have thought you…

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    Momo's chest was on fire. His long legs ached. He'd been flying through the rooftops for almost as long as any human could manage.

    Open water. He must find open water-the only thing better than finding the open water was to get Hansel inside of it. There was only one possible route to safety: if he could lodged his pipe deep in Hansel's back; if he pushed him down on solid water, he would drown.

    " I hate fishmen! I hate fishmen!" Hansel sang at the top of his frilly voice jumping on top of buildings, a tune which gaffled Momo-to talk incessantly without a purpose, usually about inane or pointless topics; to banter.

    " Get back here and fight me like a man, you coward!" Momo shouted.

    " No, no, no, no, no!"

    Momo was close to Hansel. His kind…

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    The pink haired Marine ran furiously towards Jen. When she was near Jen she slashed her kukri knives at him. There was nothing Jen could do to defend himself. The pink haired Marine was too fast for him. Jen raised his arms over his face. The last thing he wanted to protect was his face.

    Jen was never severed. The pink haired Marine's kukri's never touched him. When he opened his eyes Faust's katana was connected with the Marine's kukri. Both their attacks were converged. Faust was glaring into the pink haired Marine's eyes as she growled back at him.

    " F-Faust?"

    Faust was fast. Almost as fast as the Marine. They both engaged in sword play. Faust's instincts took over. He ducked under the pink haired Marine's kukri and slashed his kat…

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