The captain of the cargo and his trusted crewmate with white hair were heading back to the port of Cocoyasi Village where they first set sail. After nearly having his supplies pillaged by pirates, the captain needed to return to report it to the Marines.

The captain could only smoke a pipe and sit in a lawn chair as the boat skirred through the ocean. The captains' first mate then appeared behind his captain with a treatise in his hands. The captain however didn't do anything but smoke; he knew the first mate was behind him.

" Captain, I have to report."

" What seems to be the problem?"

" I looked in the cargo and found three crates missing."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive, captain. Also, Flinch doesn't seem to be anywhere on this ship."

" I see." The captain stood up and continued to smoke on his pipe. " May I ask you to rally the troops. We're turning this boat around."


Razi could hardly keep up with Lucas's crewmate Jen. Despite Razi being athletic and having lots of agility, Jen was a lot faster. Jen was in fact like a gazelle running away from its hunter (Razi) and looking for a safe haven. Razi and Jen were journeying up a steep hill towards somewhere Jen wanted them to go.

" Hurry up, slowpoke!" Jen laughed making his way up the hill.

" Are you sure I should be here with you, Jen?" Razi asked dumbfounded about the coincidence. " Aren't I suppose to be some kind of prisoner? Your captains' prisoner?"

" Maybe so, but something about you tells me you've got enough audacity to not leave us."

" Hmmm." As he ran, Razi rubbed his chin and thought warily to himself; distracted from the trees on the hill and nearly smashing into one. " I guess you're right. Maybe I would listen to you."

" See, I know I can trust you. Now let's pick up the pace. I want to reach the top before I'm old and lazy."

Picking up the pace, running at a much more steady speed; Razi's legs covered in wolfs fur, Razi and Jen were able to reach the top in just two minutes. As they reached the top, Razi stared at the copse before him. Three trees nestled together, lustrous green bushes on the top, sylvan bark under the bushes, and a puddle of water surrounding the trees.

" This place is really neat, Jen. Do you come here often?"

" Yep. This is like my hideaway from my captain. I mostly come here when I have to do chores, the dishes or something." Seeing the turmoil in Razi's eyes, Jen chuckled to himself. His laugh was very rich and enlightening it warmed Razi's heart. " Don't get me wrong, I like doing errands for Captain Lucas, but sometimes I need to rest, you know. I feel I'll become obtuse if I work too long. Besides…" Jen signed as he looked at the copse and smiled. " I like being up here. It's soothing up here. It smells like dead corpses and burned blood. It's very odor calms me down whenever I've had a stressful day. "

" Really? If I ever smelled blood, I think I'd hide at the reek of the smell; I'd have to bury my face in the sand. "

" Ah, that is the difference between you and me, dear prisoner. I'm more of a sadist, I like smelling the corpses of dead things, but I think I like the smell of gun powder more. Is there anything you like that people would think is absurd, my young pirate friend."

" Well, I think I like burrowing my food inside a hole for a later basis and eating it when its raw. Most people wouldn't mind me eating it that way, except that dumb stiff Daniel."


" Achoo!" Daniel sneezed. Daniel then sniffed his nose as he too rubbed his nose hairs with his index finger.

" Are you okay, Daniel?" Momo asked. " Usually when you sneeze it's because someone's talking ill about you behind your back. So who do you suppose it is this time?"

" I don't know. All I know is it's someone I really don't like."


" So you're part of a pirate crew?"

" Yep. It's just me, a swordsman, and a tailor. Ooh, did I mention my tailor is a fishman."

" A fishman? Aren't they supposed to be cold towards humans and quarantine themselves from us?"

" Maybe, I don't know, but Momo's different than most of those icky fishman." Razi smiled as he pointed at the gray bandana with woolen flames wrapped around his forehead. " He's so caring. He made this for me."

" Really? A fishman who is caring to humans. If he's the caring creature you hope he is, then perhaps he'll come to rescue you, and I'll get the chance to meet him face-to-face. " Jen simpered walking over to the copse and kneeled down. In the water was a tulip floating above the surface. Jen kneeled down and took a whiff of the tulip. " Isn't the stench of nature beautiful, my dear boy? This tulip in particular smells like chestnuts that have been roasted under a roaring fire."

" Really?" Razi ran besides Jen and joined him smelling the tulip. Razi had the nose of a wolf, an enhanced small black nose that could whiff out stenches ten miles away, and could smell the chestnuts in the tulip, smiled. " You're right. It does smell like chestnuts. How do you think the tulips smell like that, Jen?"

" Some say it's the pollen as it changes over the seasons, but I really think it's the atmosphere that does it."

" Atmosphere?"

" Yes, can't you see? This whole place is quaint but has this exotic smell too it. It kinda smells like having a smorgasbord of food with those rich cuisines; the ones that languish and rot over time. But it's the possibility the food will rot that makes the best cuisine; ones that are finished quickly. "

" So, It's basically an it's good until the time runs out?"

" Wow, that's a nice way of interpreting it. And just like everything that's going to run out, Mr. Prisoner, it's best to savor it while it lasts." Jen dropped his tulip back into the water. Jen simpered as he dropped the tulip and turned around to walk back towards the shores of the beach. " Come along, prisoner. Don't want to keep my captain long."

"Okay. Wait for me, please."


" Give me one good reason why I shouldn't slit your throat?" Daniel exclaimed. Daniel was holding a small, strange looking cat statue—it first belonged to someone else, but Momo stole it from the cargo ship Razi, Daniel and Momo sailed in. " Stealing? How can you be stealing?"

" I thought you'd be happy to have something valuable with you, Daniel," Momo replied in a from the austere Daniel.

" Are you kidding me? How do I know you won't steal from ME when I'm sleeping; you stealing other people's things and all?"

" Umm, I'd never steal from a friend or a partner. My daddy once told me we should 'respect' our fellow 'friends' So I respect you and Razi, and will not steal from you."

" Right, and I'm supposed to take the word of some infamous fishman pirate who'd probably hit the gutter a very long time ago?"

" Really? Can I ask you something?" Daniel felt a jingling vibration from Momo's hands. Daniel turned his head to Momo to see how he had his two swords, red and purple, and they were jingling in his hands. " Are these yours?"

Daniel scoffed, pried the swords out of Momo's hands, said," Yoink." Daniel sheathed his two swords by his waist. Daniel chuckled to himself as he fiddled with the hilts of both swords. " That was classic, Momo. You should be very proud of yourself. But tell me, how were you able to steal my swords?"

" I used my webbed hands." Momo stretched his webbed hands out as they twitched. " My webbed hands are slippery and moist. I could rob you in a matter of seconds and you wouldn't know. But I promise I won't steal from a friend; you have my word."

" And I promise you I won't turn you into prairie dog meat; you have my word."

" Do you want to seal it with a hug?"

" Sure."

Daniel and Momo both gaily held each other close and hugged each other behind their back. Daniel and Momo were both smiling, hugging, and patting each other's back—they shared a strong affinity in friendship together.

Watching the two from afar was a mysterious figure watching Daniel and Momo with a pair of binoculars. The person hide behind a shrub of bushes, looking through with a pair of binoculars, and a blue slug known as a Den Den Mushi in his hands.


" Commander, I report two okama's close by."

" Are you sure they're okama's."

" I'm pretty sure. They sound girlish, they wear ghetto clothes, and they hug each other."

" Yep, that does sound like Okama's. Stay right where you are. I'll send some men to dispatch of them."

" Right away, sir."



Four figures sat by a roaring fire—their bodies covered by the darkness, so their body anatomies were hidden.

" I say we test this unstable NHC10 on these trespassers , commander. We didn't take it from that Punk Hazard place for nothing," Flinch the boxer said in the shadows.

" No, I say we try opium on them. It's the drug we've been hired to sell that we failed to sell today, so not using it would be pointless," Yoh the traitorous member of Lucas's crew said.

" Let's not forget one of us is a doctor, and I say we shouldn't waste such valuable drugs on two okama's," a stern voice said.

" What does it matter to you, doctor ?" The last person in the quadruple group said in the shadows said in a casual tone. " We've got plenty of vials from all those ships we've raided. But I agree. We can't waste NHC10 or any of the other drugs we've been salvaging, but I have another solution."

" What is your solution, Umbrage?"

" We still have those serums that we're examined to be extra potent." In the shadows, strong white fanged teeth glistened out. " I think our honoured guests should witness firsthand what our junkies can do."


Tied together by crosses, bleeding, hemorrhage from the drugs that were inhaled into their brain tissues, three weary souls were being treated as test subjects. From the shadows came the shadowy outline of a man with a sterilized needle in his hand. Two of the three souls were too haggard to move a muscle or feel fear from the needle, but one person still gawked in fear,

" No, please, not that! NO!"


" Okay, so I'm thinking of three women who are known to have seen Monkey D. Luffy that are still alive: Princess Vivi, Keimi the mermaid, and Marguerite an Amazon that once worked for the now deceased Boa Hancock. If you had to kiss one, hug one, marry one; which one would it be?"

Daniel was undecided. Daniel scoffed as he swayed his unlit cigar in his mouth with his tongue. " Gee, I don't know. I hate all girls entirely. But from what my aunt told me, Vivi has blue hair, Keimi has green hair, and Marguerite has blond hair; not that I care about them. I'd hug the blue hair, kiss the blond hair, and marry the green hair. Why are we even playing this game in the first place, Momo?"

" Just trying to make time go by faster. We've been searching this island for a whole hour and haven't found any traces of Razi."

" Can we at least play a different game. The idea of caressing a woman makes me want to vomit."

" Okay. How about Truth or Dare?"

" No."

" I Spy?"

" No."

" Ooh, how about we hop instead of walking?"

" Don't you have any games that don't involve walking?"

" But we need to keep moving. We still found no traces of Razi anywhere."

" It's nighttime and I'm tired. We've been looking for him for seven hours straight, and I really need to rest." Daniel's knees went limp as he fell on the ground. Daniel started panting and rubbed sweat off his face. Momo tried helping Daniel up, but the silver-haired swordsman pointed his red sword at Momo's neck and stopped him from moving. " Disturb me now and I'll slit your throat, Momo."

" Eeeeek! Please don't slit my throat, Daniel." Momo backed away from Daniel while he was in his dark state. Daniel noticed this, stared at him and smiled tranquilly.

" Hey." Daniel pulled out an unlit cigar and tossed it to Momo. Momo caught the small cigar and looked at it closely with his narrow eyes. " Keep that as a memo. No matter what, we're still part of a crew. And both you and me have all been doing it for a whole day, but I feel this is just the rocky start to a beautiful friendship."

" Really? We're really friends?" Momo giddily said with his mouth wide open.

" Sure. You, me, and Razi are brothers in arms. We're like some three…what do they call them…aw well, it doesn't really matter. All that matters is— " Daniel instantly shuddered. His mouth reeked of a foul stench he felt in the air. Sniffing the air, Daniel first smelled mothballs and dust, but then his nose whiffed in what he believed to be sulfur from a dead corpse. " Oh no…"

" Daniel, are you feeling o—"

Daniel jumped up and pushed Momo to the ground. Daniel wielding both his swords pulled them out as he stared in both directions. " Shush. Keep it low. Something's watching us."

" W-what?"

Daniel heard the sound of growling in the distance. Daniel and Momo both looked in the distance and saw three pairs of amber eyes stared right into their eyes—three different growling noises heard.

" What the—"

" Hell?"

Three monstrous beings lurked out of the darkness. Three pigmented, furry beasts with sharp claws and sharp teeth scowling at Daniel and Momo. The creatures were hungry, ravenous and saw Daniel and Momo mainly as food.

Daniel and Momo grabbed each other, held each other closed, and shouted, " AHHHHHHH!"

" Momo."

" Yeah."

" If I die, please tell Razi…" Daniel's head boiled red, growling his teeth, shouted, " I'M GOING TO COME BACK AND KILL HIM!"


Lucas had her own dilemma she had to face. Even though she was unconscious, lying on the sand, the giant head of a Sea King tried to eat her. But Lucas in her cheery state simply pushed on the Sea Kings jaw and stopped him from pushing through.

" Fellas, fellas, I know I'm beautiful, but one at a time please."


Despite Razi and Jen being faster than most human beings they still had a long ways to go to reach the bottom—it was just like they were racing too their goals. Razi however wasn't as tired running as Jen was, even though Jen was ahead of him, Razi was having much more fun and simpered running.

" I feel like Monkey D. Luffy running to a fight."

Jen flinched at the name Monkey D. Luffy, and turned his head to Razi while still running, simpered as he smiled. " Ooh, are you a fan of the great pirate Monkey D. Luffy?"

" Yep. He's my idol. I base most of my ideals on Luffy's teachings except how goofy he was." Razi and Jen both chuckled together in unity as they both smiled. " I try to think things logically despite my own fanatics. But Monkey D. Luffy is the coolest pirate I've ever met. Did you know Roronoa Zoro was his first mate?"

" No. Tell me more."

" Really? Okay. Did you know he defeated a Shinobachi named Crocodile in the lost desert city of Alabasta? Sure, I too beat a Shinobachi, but from what I heard, Crocodile was so much stronger than the one I fac—" Razi nearly tripped on a wood stump protruding out of the ground. Razi however regained enough balance to continue moving at his own pace. " By the way, Jen, how much longer until we get back."

" Well you tell me. The time it takes to get to the copse was 15 minutes, we've been running for 7 minutes straight, how long do you think it'll take?"

" Let's see…" Razi raised both his fingers up and wiggled them around. " 7…15…minus…I'd say…6 minutes?"

" Eh, actually, no. It will take us eight minutes to get back. Wow, he sure is bad at math. I guess that's one of his fallacy's. I better try something else. Hey, Razi, what's 13 times 3?"

" 39."

" That's…correct. Now, if I had 100 beli, but I spend 40 beli, how many beli could I have?"

" Um…80?"

" No. What's 7 times 7?"

" 49?"

" Good. What's 13 times 9?"

" Eh…99?"

" No. It seems you have problems with over two digit numbers and don't understand the concepts of money. However, you certainly are no idiot, Razi."

"Really? Thanks for telling me, Jen. Hey Jen."

" Yes."

" I just want you to know, even though you and your crew are going to execute me, I'm glad I could have a friend like you."

" Yeah…me too."


Daniel and Momo were both in shambles. Three horrendous beasts with pigmented brown fur and sharp teeth were surrounding them and preparing to attack. Daniel and Momo tried to barricade by Daniel raising his swords up to cross-guard and Momo raising his metal pipe. Both Daniel and Momo leaned up to each other.

" It's going to be a helluva fight, Momo."

" That's what I've been hoping for."

From the shadows two of the three pigmented beings leaped up to Daniel and Momo and prepared to scratch them. Daniel however cross-guarded his swords as the claws came down and blocked the claws, sparks scraping out of his swords. Momo spinned his metal pipe in a spiral, spinning it around and around like it was a hypnosis spiral, it mystified the pigmented being and rendered it helpless too attack.

Daniel pushed the creature away, and then he slugged it in his face with his knuckles. His sword slipped in his hand and made a small gash on its head. Momo stopped spinning his metal pipe and whacked the other pigmented furry creature in its head, and leaving a small gash as well. Even though the creatures were hurt, small gashes with blood dripping from their heads, but the pain didn't last long. The wounds on their heads revitalized and resuscitated where the wounds sealed up on their own.

" Now that's just not fair, Momo."

" I agree. Is there any suggestions on how we can fight these things, Daniel?"

" Cut their fucking heads off!"

" My thoughts exactly."

Momo took his left hand off his metal pipe and reached into his mouth. A slight gurgling sound came from Momo as his hands moved in his mouth, touching his gums, but stopped after he reached his teeth. Daniel was squeamish at the sight of Momo squeezing his teeth, then gawked at Momo ripping his teeth out of his mouth.

" Momo, what the hell?"

" I'm going to use my omnipotent teeth. Just watch me tear their limbs out." One of the creatures slashed its claws at Momo's right arm. The claws in the creatures arms ripped through Momo's flesh and spilled blood out. The creature then dashed away from Momo as it licked the fishman's blood from its fingers.

" Okay, you asked for it!" Momo with great speed dashed towards the creature and prepared to whack him with his metal pipe, but the creature narrowly evaded Momo's metal pipe by jumping to the left. Momo however was just feigning the creature with his metal pipe and instead clenched its left arm with his discorded teeth.

The creature was ensnared—trapped by the ravenous teeth of the green-scaled sawshark fishman's teeth. The creature felt his teeth pierce through the carbon layers of his flesh and clasp around his arteries. Its brachial artery and radial artery were clenched, swollen by five of the 35,000 teeth; two on the brachial artery, three on the radial artery, and 34,995 on every other piece of flesh.

" Momo, take it easy!" Daniel shouted squeamish of Momo's brutality. " I wanted you to hurt them; not kill them."

" Oops. I guess you're right, Daniel." Momo removed his teeth clenching the beasts arm and pushed it to the ground. Momo then sheepishly rubbed the back of his head and weakly chuckled to himself. " I'm a fishman; not some kind of monster. Even I have my ethics. Hehehehe—"

One of the creatures came out from behind and gnawed Momo by his neck. It wasn't pain Momo felt feeling the sharp teeth of the beast piercing his neck but simple shock run cold in his veins. Momo tried pushing the creature off but his teeth were hooked on him like an anchor hitting the bottom of the sea.

" A-a-ah! Daniel…SAVE ME!"

" Hang on , buddy!" Daniel shouted running to Momo's aid. " I'm on my way!"

Daniel couldn't use the blade of his swords, the sharpness of them would cut through Momo's flesh, so Daniel sheathed his swords and prepared to fight the creature with his fists. Daniel lunged his fists at the creatures head after he came close to Momo, but the creature pulled Momo aside and made Daniel whop the fishman in his face.

In the aftermath, a red bruise mark was on his face, and Momo growled at Daniel," Watch where you're hitting!"

"Sorry," Daniel replied timidly and rubbing his head, chuckled. "My bad."

Momo had no choice but to ignore Daniel—he couldn't waste time if he wanted to get the horrendous creature out off of him. Momo continued to push and push on the creature, however its teeth were too plunged in his flesh for him to pry it out.

" You little MONSTER!"

" Momo, hold still." With quick reflexes, perfect precision, Daniel pulled both his swords up and poked them in the creatures eyes. The circumcision wasn't deep enough to reach its lens sack, but fainted scratched the pupils. The creature cried from the pain of Daniel's swords as he released Momo to wail his tears in his hands.

" Hey, hold it together, Momo. I'm sure it's not so bad you big ba—"


Momo smacked Daniel on the right side of his face. A giant red mark burned in his face as Daniel tried hiding his mark with his arms, crying.

" OI! What the hell was that for?"

" That's for acting too reckless. If you made even one little mistake, you could've made me blind!" Momo however soon forgot about Daniel and turned his attention on the pigmented creatures. They all were hunched over, moving on both their hands and legs, growling at Momo and Daniel.

" I think these may've once been humans."

" What makes you think that, Momo?"

" Well just look at their skins. You probably don't see it but there's a mixture of black in white in their pigmented skin."

" But they all look black."

" Not all. Only one of them is pure black, may've meant he was all black, but if you look closely at their arms then you'll see a dot that's pigmented pink, or white as you humans call it."

" You can see that?"

" Some of us fishmen have acute eyesight. I can see things 10 miles away as if it's right in my face. Anyways, now that we know these things are humans, what is your choice of action, Daniel."

Daniel smiled at Momo's choice of words, rubbed his chin, said, " Of course I have a plan, my fishman brother." Daniel however went into evasive answers, turned the other way and run away.

Daniel and Momo were in a rout. With the little options they had, Momo ran up to Daniel, grabbed him, and threw him over his shoulders as Daniel nested on his broad back. Momo ran with all his speed as Daniel smacked his head. "Run faster, you idiot! Their gaining on US!"

" Of course not, my young, naïve fishman brother. We're just doing a stellar tactful maneuver." The pigmented horrendous humans ran faster and faster as they were near Momo's backtail. Momo and Daniel couldn't help but scream from the creatures shrill breath. " But a stellar tactful maneuver at full speed!

" AHHHHHH!" Momo with Daniel on his back ran to the other end, but the creatures followed him. " AHHHHH!" Momo and Daniel on his back ran to the other end, but the creatures still followed them. " THIS IS RIDICULOUS!" Momo with Daniel on his back ran to the center of both ends, turned right, then ran into the forest. But, like the last two times, the creatures followed them.

" Run you scaly bastard!"

Momo ran at an increased speed. Momo's speed wasn't as fast as it would be in the ocean, his own sub terrain paradise, but Momo outmatched the pigmented creatures in speed. As he was running, an idea popped inside of Momo's head.

" Daniel."

" Yeah?"

" I have an idea."

Momo was far ahead of both pigmented creatures—the pigmented creatures could only keep up with him by following smokes of dust. As they followed the dust, crunched over and their hunchbacks raised up high, they could smell the scent of carbon monoxide released from Daniel's breath.

Shortly after following the stench, the creatures found Momo and Daniel lean back on the trail of dirt as if they were leaning against a wall. Both Daniel and Momo stuck their tongues out and wiggled two fingers near his head as if they were cat ears.

"Phbbt!" Daniel spat at the creatures as they flinched. " Come and get us, you freaky tarps!"

" Phbbt!" Momo also spat at the creatures. " Yeah, what he said!"

Feeling very ticked off by Daniel and Momo's taunting, the creatures charged towards the two. The creatures were moving at a speed so fast and so agilely on their feet—Daniel and Momo figured they had five seconds at beast. Daniel and Momo then waited until they were close enough to them, then both of them moved aside, the creatures ran straight through the forest; it was actually a carpet sewed to look like a forest.

" Well…" Daniel said as sweat dripped down his head.

" That was…easy," Momo said also sweat dropping.

All three creatures fell off a cliff and plunged into the roaring waterfall below. As the creatures were gone, Momo grabbed the carpet and yanked it down. He then rolled the carpet up, folded it till it was the size of a baseball, and shoved it into his mouth as he swallowed it down.

" Ack!" Daniel grimaced at the sight of Momo swallowing the rug. " Are you sure you should be eating that, Momo?"

" Sure. Why shouldn't I eat it, Daniel?"

" It just doesn't seem very hygienic. It's been in your mouth, knowing it has mothballs and dust, I can only imagine how disgusting it takes."

" Eh, I'm used to it. I once digested a whole ton of carbon and had to stop my body from ingesting it for one week. After that I had to barf it all out. "

" Ew. Can we stop talking about this? Let's just go look for Razi. I'm pretty sure he's around here somewhere."


Meanwhile, the dispute between the Sea King and the nearly unconscious Lucas took a turn for the worst. The Sea King had Lucas in his jaws, his jaws wide open and the only thing stopping Lucas from falling in was her legs spread out wide.

" Take it easy with me-hic-fellas," Lucas tipsily said as she was half-conscious. " If you spread me like that-hic-I think I'm going to faint."

" Wow, your captain really knows how to spread her legs," Razi said overwhelmed seeing the giant Sea King having her in its clutches and nearly swallowing her with its giant jaw.

" Yeah, she is very eccentric," Jen said also befuddled about Lucas being in the Sea King's mouth. " I think it's because she has to entertain for the crew."

" Really? How exactly does she entertain them?"

" I'd rather not talk about it now, Razi. Do you think we can work together to free my captain?"

" Sure. But I can take care of this thing by myself. Just sit back and watch me work."

Razi sauntered over to Lucas and the Sea King like a heroic knight preparing for battle. Razi walked, not transforming into his wolf form, came over to the Sea King and slugged his fist into the Sea Beasts head. The impact was severe, fractured its cheeks and made a large bump in his face, then pushed him aback. As the Sea King was gone, Razi extended his hand in a friendly gesture to pull Lucas up.

" It's okay, Lucas," Razi said as he smiled. " I'm here to help y—"

" Darling!" Lucas's legs spread out and wrapped around Razi's back. Lucas pulled Razi towards her with her legs, giggling out loud, she pulled Razi towards her and stuffed his face between her cleavage. " Darling, darling, darling!"

" Reni, dzwt mee ou ofe hereer ( Jen, get me out of here)," Razi stuttered frantically as his face was suffocated into Lucas's chest.

" Er, sorry, Razi, but I'd rather not get involved with Captain Lucas. She can be quite dangerous when she's disturbed."

However, Razi was eventually able to pry himself free of Lucas's grip. As he was out, Razi walked over to Jen and joined him side by side staring at the delusional Lucas.

" She's really drunk on her rump, Jen. Is there any way to wake her up?"

" I don't know. Usually when she's drunk, it's best to wait until she's sober. Unless you have an idea on how we can wake her, Razi?"

" I think I might have an idea." Razi ran over to Lucas's ship that was ported by the beach and climbed up the plank. He disappeared into the cargo hull, came out, and was carrying a bag of rice cookies in his hands. Razi ran down the plank and ran back to Jen's side.

" Wow, you really went to get me rice cookies?" Jen said awing the rice cookies in Razi's hands. " Gimme. I want on—"

Razi slapped Jen's hands away as he stuffed one cookie into his mouth, then he swallowed the cookie. " Hands off," Razi said with some cookies in his mouth. " These cookies are only for me. Their fuel for my brain."

" Ow! Sheesh. Did you have to hit me so hard, Razi?"

Razi wasn't paying attention to anything Jen was saying to him—his mouth was too full of cookies to speak. Razi stuffed five to ten cookies into his mouth every chance that he had. Soon, Razi ate nearly every cookie in the bag and started thinking while making crunch noises from his mouth.

" Hmm. I have to find a way to get her sober. Let's see…" An idea popped in Razi's head, a light bulb literally turning on in his head, Razi walked over to Lucas as he obeyed his own mind.

Razi lifted Lucas up by her legs and head, carried her over to the coast of the ocean, then threw her into the water. Lucas made a giant splash as her body fell into the water. Jen feared Lucas had drowned, was willing to kill Razi if she did, but Lucas then stood up as she sobered up.

" Piddle-piddle, pot-pot, these water just won't flush," Lucas said still tipsy and her cheeks tinted red. Lucas wobbled out of the water, her legs numb and her body weak, she made way too shore and walked past Jen and Razi.

" Wait, captain," Jen said as he grasped Lucas's right arm. " You're still tipsy from the alcohol. Maybe you should wait a little lon—"

" Nonsense!" Lucas replied slapping Jen's arm away. " I'm perfectly fine to walk. Now don't disturb me when I do my business, Jen!" Razi couldn't hide his snickering face; his arms covered most of his mouth.

" Well fork me," Razi thought, he replaced one verb to something a little more puerile. " Tis is just like a brother and sister arguing. It's so exciting." Jen tried grasping Lucas's arm again, but Lucas in her tipsy state slapped Jen across his cheek. Jen then burnished the red mark by rubbing it.

" Son of a biscuit," Jen said through the turmoil of his captain, sounding a little puerile like Razi. " If the captain hits this hard, then it's best to stay far away from her as possible." Jen saw Razi snickering under his breath, but ignored him from the dilemma of watching Lucas walk into the forest. " I hope none of the crew are in there. The captain has a side to her she didn't want anyone to know."


Daniel and Momo were concerned over Razi's safety and ventured through the woods of the mysterious island. Daniel took the lead, he felt like the alpha over Momo, and the two passed a green shrub without a second thought.

" Are you sure he's somewhere around here, Daniel?" Momo asked as they passed the shrub.

" Of course. I know exactly where I'm going," Daniel scoffed.

" Really? You've been saying that three times already."

" Hey, don't rush me. I'm just taking my sweet time."

" But I'm just a little concerned. If Razi were hear, I'm sure he'd say something like ' did we really? Oops. My bad' or something like that. And I'm sure he'd…"

Both Daniel and Momo were both forlorn. Momo rubbed his head and Daniel also rubbed his head. Both Daniel and Momo missed Razi, didn't want to admit it at first, but they both couldn't hide t heir sorrow.

" Dammit, I miss that stringy guy."

" He really is fun to be around. Even though he's our captain, supposed to be a big mean pirate, I just can't imagine going around without him."

" Lalalalalala," a voice singed out in the distance.

" Well speak of the devil," Daniel said, smiled.

" Could that be him, Daniel?"

" Well I ain't waiting to find out. Let's go, Momo."

Daniel and Momo both dashed to where the sound was coming from. Daniel took the lead as Momo followed behind. As they got closer to the location, a place surrounded by a wall of shrubs, Daniel could make out the hint vibration of water dripping from a waterfall.

As Daniel and Momo peeked in through the shrubs and saw a waterfall dripping from the rocks. Under the waterfall, Daniel and Momo saw the naked back of what they thought to be Razi. The person had short curves, dimples on the back, creamy skin, and hair hidden under the transparent water. The figure of "Razi" was starked naked of all clothes.

" What's Razi doing taking a bath?" Momo asked confused at how clean "Razi's" skin was.

" What's he even doing all the way out here?" Daniel also asked confused about seeing "Razi" bathing. " Something about Razi reminds me of…"

The figure of "Razi" turned around—they didn't see "Razi"—but what they did see was…


Daniel's voice was too loud. The stark naked captain Lucas heard Daniel, turned her body around and screamed at him and Momo; she was embarrassed to be seen.

" Eeeeeekkk! Peeping Toms!" Lucas ran to the side and pulled out her two cutlass guns hidden in bushes by the waterfall. Lucas glared at Daniel and Momo as she pointed her two cutlass guns at them. "Die!"


Daniel and Momo both took shelter behind the trees. Loud bang sounds were heard from both of Lucas's guns as they hit the trees Daniel and Momo hide behind and bounced off. The sound of bullets echoed everywhere in the woods, was an earful for both Daniel and Momo, but they continued to hide behind the trees.

" How'd you drag me into this, Momo?" Daniel asked after a bullet narrowly scraped the side of his head.

" Me?" Momo said with a frown on his face. " You're the one who led me here, Daniel. If anything it's your fault"

" Now, now, fighting isn't going to do us any good. Let's just try to think of a way out of this, Momo."

After firing twenty more bullets, each one hitting the trees instead of Momo or Daniel, Lucas finally ran out of bullets to fire. Without bullets, Lucas put her clothes on, still pointing her guns at Daniel and Momo as she backed away from the water fall, then made way into the woods.

" Everyone, help! Crew, there's perverted strangers in the woods!"

" Great, now we'll never find Razi, Daniel."

" What are you looking at me for, fishman? You're the one who's big and scary. I'm pretty sure she was just spooked by you."

" Me? Why are you blaming me, snow hair? You're much scarier looking than me."

" Let's just follow her. If Razi's still alive, she'll lead us right to him."


Jen and Razi were both lounging around as they waited for Lucas too return. Jen and Razi both had two bottles of booze in their hands. Both silently slurped on their booze bottles while staring out at the forest.

" Doesn't it seem strange to leave your captain alone, Jen?" Razi asked having a small slurp of his bottle.

" I guess," Jen shrugged taking another sip from his bottle. " But our captain needs to be alone from time to time. She is a girl after all."

" How'd a girl get to be captain of your crew anyways?"

" She's the only child of Nightclaw's first captain. Ergo, she's the only one of us qualified to lead us." Jen soon dropped his bottle and stared gloomily off into the distance. " But to tell you the truth, it's really quite depressing being a pirate on her crew."

" Really? How so is that?"

" It's because Nightclaw follows the same route. We raid rich people's rich, rob them of their beli's, then sail back to this island to bury it. But I have my own goal I want to achieve. I want to do something with my life. You could almost say it's my…dream."

" Really? What's this dream you're trying to achieve, Jen?"

" No, no, please don't make me say it, Razi. Just thinking about this dream is a headache enough on me behalf." Jen took another sip from his bottle of booze. After taking a sip, Jen turned his head to Razi and smiled. " Is there anything that you've ever dreamed about, Razi?"

" Yep. Ever since I was young, I wanted to make a bucket list of all the things to do before I die. And I plan on following them in order." Razi leaned down and scribbled letters into the sand. Razi made a list with his fingers and labeled them from top to bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4,5. Razi pointed his finger at the 1. " First I want to get a pirate ship." Razi then pointed his finger at 2. " Then I'd like to get a powerful pet who'll stay by my side." Razi then pointed his finger at 3. " After I have a pet, I want to have a crew of up to 10 pirates." Razi then pointed his finger at 4. " Next I'll become King of the Pirates." Razi finally pointed his finger at 5. " Next I want an heir who'll become my successor and become King of the Pirates for me."

" Ooh, so you want a wife, eh?"

" Why would I need a wife?"

" Huh? Razi, do you know where babies come from?"

" Sure I do. When we turn into adults, in an island far away, birds swoop in and deliver babies from roots of branches,"

" Eh, who told you that? That is not in the least bit true."

" Phoenix Fire. He took care of me when I was young. He taught me how to read, talk, run, and even gave me my Devil Fruit."

" You've eaten a Devil Fruit?"

" Yep. Phoenix Fire told me I might need it in time, and told me it will protect me."

" Wow, he sounds like a very sincere father."

" Phoenix Fire's not my father; he told me he wasn't when I first met him. Phoenix Fire said my real father was an infamous pirate and he'd want me to become a King of the Pirates. But he never told me the name of my father."

" HELP!" Lucas shouted in the woods. " Men, Jen, help me!"

Lucas then emerged from the woods with her clothes covered in dirt, twigs and parts of her clothes teared away. Lucas had both her cutlasses in her hands, her face drenched with sweat, and panting hoarsely through her mouth.

" Captain!" Jen shouted, his face concerned over Lucas's safety. " Captain, come here!"

" Help me! There's perverted intruders in the forest!"

" What?" Both Razi and Jen shouted in unison.

" Hold on there, captain!" Jen stood up, raised both his fists up and jeered at the forest. " I'll kill those perverts!"

" Stop eating that much food. You'll get fat—oops, I'm sorry, it's fat-er," a voice of someone said in the forest.

" My weight happens to be appropriate for a fishman yet sexy," another, more jarring, voice said in the forest.

From the forest Daniel and Momo walked out. Daniel was laughing at Momo as the sawshark fishman was munching down on a handful of logs.

Razi couldn't believe his blunder, but he actually had to face his two crewmates. " Oh no, what are they doing here?"

" YOU!" Lucas shouted pointing a finger at Daniel. " You're trespassing on my fathers sacred island! You will leave immediately!"

" W-what?" Both Daniel and Momo said in unison as they turned to the infuriated face of Lucas.

" It's that she-devil who took Razi!" Momo shouted pointing a finger at Lucas.

" Somebody ought to teach this stupid captain girl a lesson!" Daniel also shouted.

Daniel, Momo, Lucas, Jen and Razi all walked together to fight in their turmoil states. Daniel unsheathed both his purple and red swords and spinned them around as if protecting his body. Momo pulled his metal rod out, then spinned it in a spiral covering his scaly body. Lucas snarled at them and pointed her two guns at both Daniel and Momo; one on Daniel and the other on Momo. Jen didn't pull out any weapons, but he bawled both his fists up like a boxer.

" I'll take solace watching you two fall," Lucas sneered gripping her fingers near the guns triggers.

" You're going down, you stupid girl," Daniel sneered pointing both his purple and red swords at Lucas and Jen; one at Lucas and the other on at Jen.

" I'd rather die than let you have your way with my captain, you filthy rookie pirates!" Jen growled with his fists bawled up.

" Please, please, let's not get violent just yet," Momo sneered holding the end of his pipe. " I still have a ton of moves I'd like to try."

All four walked towards each other, but were stopped when Razi stepped in between them. " Crew, Miss Lucas, stop."

" Razi!" Both Daniel and Momo shouted together, hugged Razi by his sides and sandwich hugged him. " Your alive!"

" A-a-ac-ack!" Razi groaned from being squished by both Daniel and Momo.

" Holy, Razi, tis the crew you've been telling me about?"

Razi pushed Daniel and Momo beside, smiled, said, "Yep, my trusty crew of three! Hee-hee."

Lucas still had her eyes fixated on Daniel and Momo, but Jen laughed it off. Jen joined in the embrace, walked over to Daniel and hugged him tightly. "That's great! Your crew actually came to rescue you!"

"Seems kinda sad too me!" The sound of Yoh laughed in a devious voice.

Razi, Daniel, Momo, Jen and Lucas turned their heads right and saw Yoh standing beside them under the moonlight. However, Yoh wasn't alone as three shadows lurked behind him. From behind, Flinch walked out and smiled snidely.

" Hey!" Daniel shouted pointing a finger at Flinch. " Your that guy that jacked me!"

" Hee-hee," Flinch laughed snidely. " So what if I am? What are you going to do about it, snowflake?"

" What else?" Daniel pulled both his swords up and pointed them at Flinch. " I'm going to chop you into mincemeat!"

Daniel dashed towards Flinch with both his swords raised up. Daniel was furious, his face was infuriated, he swinged his swords around his body. However, as Daniel was 20 feet from Flinch, blood spurted from his right arm.

" Gah!" Daniel shouted, small drops of blood gushed from his mouth. " What is this? It feels like a sharp cut me?" Daniel had a quick glimpse of the spot he was cut and saw a gash of a cut mark on his right shoulder. " It even looks like a sword mark. But how can he hit me when he's so far from me?"

" Daniel!" Razi shouted, he appeared behind Daniel and squeezed him around his waist. " Hang on, Daniel. I've got you."

Razi disappeared, reappeared back by Lucas, Jen and Momo with Daniel in his hands. Because he needed to use so much speed, Razi had his wolf ears sprouted out of his head and a tail out of his rump.

Daniel however pushed on Razi, pushed him on his face, shouted, " Get off me! I can take care of myself!"

"Sheesh," Razi pouted. " You can at least be thankful for me saving you, Daniel."

" This is the end for you, captain!" Yoh heckled. " For too long I've been suffering! First it was that quack of a captain, then it was you the heir to his lifeline, your all just a bunch of quacks!"

" Don't you dare say that about my father!" Lucas shouted back. " He may not have been a great pirate, but you're not even half the man he was! And as long as his blood is in me…" Lucas raised both her guns up at Yoh's heart, smiled. " I will fight you too the end."

" Ooh, it's not me you'll be fighting, captain! I'm afraid your real opponent is behind you!"

Razi's wolf ears then twitched at the sound of footsteps lurking behind them. Razi turned his head around and saw what looked like Lucas's entire crew lurking towards them. There was something odd with her crew, their skin were pale, their eyes were white, and they seemed soulless. Lucas however didn't notice the same calamity Razi felt as she just stared at them.

" Men, Yoh has betrayed us! If we all work together, we ca—"

Lucas was caught off. One of her crewmates, a big bulky one swished a cutlass at her and cut her right arm off. Lucas could only watch her arm; it flew before her eyes and landed motionlessly on the ground under her feet.

" OI!" Razi shouted.

" OI!" Daniel shouted.

" OI!" Momo shouted.

" OI!" Jen shouted.

" W-wh-why…" Lucas stuttered to say. Even though Lucas was tough, could stand the pain of having her arm cut off, a different kind of pain went through her that made her cry.

" Hahahahaha!" Flinch laughed out loud. " Man, what a riot! Can you see her face? She's like (making a pose that looks like he's crying) 'why did my crewmates attack little O me?' ( returning standing up, laughing) She's such a stupid girl! Hahahahah—"


Out of nowhere came the fast, wolf-bodied pirate Razi. Razi with his hands, looking like wolf paws, bonked Flinch on his head. After bonking his head, Razi away from him and joined the group, growled.

" Don't you ever mock another pirate again! Lucas was crying, and you just laughed at her! You sicken me!"

" Ha, you really think I care what she feels, idiot?" Yoh retorted, heckling. " It doesn't matter what she feels. Soon she'll be dead, and I'll be the one who'll be in charge. Hahahaha—"

" I'm afraid your wrong about that, Yoh," Jen said in a stern voice. Everyone looked at Jen and saw how he had three bottles of beer and the gun Lucas dropped in his other hand.

Daniel noticed Jen, saw him carrying the three bottles of booze, gasped. " Oh no. That alcohol's highly flammable! No, he wouldn't, would he. If he does…"

" Captain, please forgive me!" Jen threw all three bottles of alcohol in the air. As the alcohol was falling down, Jen raised Lucas's cutlass gun up, shouted, "Blazing Shotgun!"

A bullet burning with flames was unleashed from Lucas's gun held by Jen. The flaming bullet collided against the three alcohol bullets, and with the little time they had to escape, the bottles exploded…


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