" I've had it up too my kiester with Razi!" Daniel shouted out loud. " I've only know the bugger for one day, and already he's almost gotten me killed on multiple occasions! Now he strands me here while he and that traitorous fishman Momo go scampering off!"


" Daniel, we must separate," Razi smiled as he, Daniel and Momo ran into the forest of the island with Razi and Jen carrying an injured Lucas with her arm cut off with them.

" Huh? What for? Why would you want to disband us when there's people trying to kill us?"

" I just have a feeling. And when I have a feeling about something, it's best I follow it." Razi then removed his bandana and wrapped it around his mouth. Mimicking a ninja, he then made hand signs with his arms. " We have to be fast and stealth. We have to be like a ninja."

" Ooh, aye, ninja, ooh," Momo said repeating Razi; he clapped both his hands together and made hand signs. " Follow Razi-sensei; we must. We go our separate paths; we must."

" Ooh, so says the great fish-ninja, ooh. We leave you on your own, ooh, Daniel."

Flashback End

" Ninja, ninja, ninja. What a bunch of idiots! I'll kill them the next time I see them!"

"Ehem," the sound of a voice coughed. Daniel turned his head to the sound and saw the obscene face of Flinch cackling at him. For some reason Flinch had his hands behind his back. " So, it's you who I'll be facing, eh, snowflake?"

" You! Your one of those bastards that attacked me!"

" That's where you're wrong!" Flinch cackled smugly as he kept his hands behind his back. " It was just me that cut you! And I must tell you, it was exhilarating. The sound of my blade going through your appendages and your arteries was such a joy. Now all I'm missing is some carnage."

" You fiend! I'm going to cut you in half!" Daniel unsheathed both his swords, took them out, then twirled them around his body as he glared his eyes at Flinch. Flinch however just tittered at the sight of Daniel. " What's so funny, you damn punk?"

" Oh, it's nothing. I just enjoy watching rookie swordsman try their hardest to win, even though they're just going to die. Come at me, you pathetic swordsman!"

" You can just die! Zan Style Boulder Slash!"

Daniel kept both his katana's by his hips as he dashed towards Flinch. However, just as Daniel was closing in on Flinch, Daniel was cut in his right arm as blood gushed out of him. The pain Daniel felt was severe and caused him to cringe his body back as to stop himself from moving.

" Damn! How does he do that? Did he eat some kind of Devil Fruit or something?" But as Daniel got a closer gander at Flinch, noticing where his arm was holding, he saw a strange type of sword behind his back. The sword was nearly two metres large, the size of an ordinary human being, and had dozens of tiles lodged inside of it. " No, it's just your sword!"

" Ha, correct." Flinch removed his sword and held it out for Daniel to see. The sword was made of a gold-like metal, its double edge was symmetry; two curve patterns that looked like serpents, but lodged in it were different laminas of black metal. " This swords unlike ordinary swords. It can curve, bend, and even stretch. And unlike most swords, it's made of the tips of 30 other swords."

" That goes sound pretty cool," Daniel smirked, he still shuddered as blood continued to gush out of his scabbed right arm, but stood up and raised both his twin swords. " Maybe I'll let you keep it." Daniel posed for his attack pulling both his swords back. " As your tombstone! Ahhhhh!"

Daniel once again dashed towards Flinch. Flinch just smirked and swished his sword as his sword would attack. Unlike Daniel's previous encounters, Daniel could foresee the swords attack as thirty tips of swords separated and curved as it almost resembled a snake's tail lashing at him.

" That's not going to work on me this time, idiot!" Daniel lurched his body back and narrowly dodged the thirty sword tips. A small gash however was scabbed on Daniel's left cheek, not deep enough to permanently wound him, as small drops of blood just dripped out.

" Zan Style Rotating Hurricane Blades!"

Daniel spinned his body around as both his swords clashed towards Flinch, but Flinch blocked him by bringing his sword back to him and using it as a shield. Small sparks scraped from Daniel's sword, and then he quickly pushed himself back when Flinch nearly sliced into his body.

Flinch smirked after Daniel blocked his attack. " I beseech to you, you rookie swordsman. You're not as clueless as I once thought. But I'd suggest you surrender before you get too hurt. You wouldn't want to have an accident, would you?"

" Fuck you."

With great movement, great swiftness of his arms, Daniel parried his twin swords at Flinch. But as he did, his blades were ricocheted from Flinch blocking with the tiles of his sword. Daniel's veins popped out of his head and his cheeks were tinted red from anger. Flinch continued to be calm, assertive, small tiles of his sword effortlessly blocked all of Daniel's homecoming attacks.

" This is a fun game! Hahahahaha!"

Daniel fruitlessly tried to leg sweep Flinch from under his feet, but Flinch's feat of curving his blade ricocheted all of Daniel's attacks. " This is ridiculous. How can I even land a blow on this guy?" Then Daniel jumped back right before the swords could slice into him.

" Ooh, look at the little swordsman squirm." In a flash, Flinch sliced Daniel in his left shoulder as blood gushed out of him. " It's almost a pity watching you go." Daniel groveled from the pain inflicted to him, then he gasp as he applied pressure to his cut arm. " I just love seeing the sight of blood from an open wound. Makes me feel so alive."

Tiny drops of blood were dripping from the right side of Flinch's sword. Leaning down, Flinch looked at the blood and licked it with his tongue. Daniel grimaced at Flinch as he found it disgusting how he thoughtlessly licked the blood clean.

" This guy's some kind of demented psycho," Daniel thought watching Flinch wiggle his tongue while his lips were smothered in blood. " Just what does he think he's doing?"

" Mmmmmmm." Flinch muttered licking the blood off his lips. " I just love the taste of blood. It's so invigorating. I can almost feel it circulating through veins, and my own drool get swallowed by my pores." Flinch then jeered at Daniel. Using only his right arm, Flinch vibrated his sword. The appearance was resembled a cyclone as only the rim of gold-like metal was seen. " Your swordsmanship is too sloppy. The problem with you ordinary swordsman is you can only do short-range attacks. But my sword can cut through three yards of practically anything! Cyclone Slash!"

Flinch slashed his sword in the air. As he did, the sword stretched, detached, where thirty tiles of vibrating blades throttled straight for Daniel. Daniel rolled out of the way before the sword could slice him, but the tips curved and headed back for Daniel.

" Like I'm going to die from a man in a jogging suit."

Daniel cross-guarded his two swords and ricocheted Flinch's sword away. Daniel then crawled backwards to escape from Flinch's curving sword. As he was escaping, Flinch jeered at him; he licked his blood free metal sword.

" Fu fu, look at the little swordsman shake. I almost feel sorry for you. It's not your fault you just happened to stumble on our shipment of drugs. But now you've become too much of a nuisance to stay alive."

" Y-you monster!" Daniel shouted, tears dripped from his eyes.

" That's right. Fear me. Fear me, you mauling swordsman. You are responsible for your own inescapable death." Flinch spinned his sword in circle. As he spinned his sword, all thirty tiles spread out. After Daniel braced for cover, hide behind a nearby tree, Flinch pulled his sword back, smirked. "Cyclone Chop!"

Flinch finally pulled his sword all the way back and lashed it towards where Daniel was hiding. The vibrating tiles of Daniel's sword ripped through the trees like breakable glass. However, none of the trees Flinch shred apart was the one Daniel hide behind. Flinch could almost make out the sound of Daniel laughing in the aftermath of his attack.

" That was quite some shortcoming for you, Mr. Jogger. So tell me, what business do you and your friends have trying to contraband ships in other people's ships?"

" Oh, I could tell you…" Flinch vibrated his sword incredible speed and precision, then pulled it back, smiled. " When your dead! Cyclone Slash! "

Flinch slashed his sword in the air. As he did, the sword stretched, detached, where thirty tiles of vibrating blades throttled straight for Daniel. However, instead of running away from the attack, Daniel leaped out from behind the trees and ran straight into the swords path.

" Here I go!"

Daniel jumped in the direction of where the sword was headed and let it pierce through his chest. A bloodcurdling sound was heard, blood dripping out of Daniel's mouth, as he then was plowed into the tree he once hide behind. Daniel's body then grew limp, motionless, as his limbs grew weak and eventually collapsed.

" Ha, moron!" Flinch laughed. " Guess you're too stupid to even keep yourself alive. But I am a man of my word, so I'll live up to your expectations. As you probably already know, I am not a pirate. I was once a sailor on a merchants ship, living a carefree life, and having a meddle pension. But then after everything looked swell for me, I fell off the railings of the ship and nearly drowned."

Flinch, reminiscing about his past, walked up to Daniel and clasped his hands on his dead skin, laughed. " But out of nowhere, this man in a red suit swoops in, literally swoops in; it was the strangest thing I've ever seen, and saves me. Saves me—something that red nose, drunkard captains never done before. And after he saved me, he gave me the tools to finish my life's work. He didn't ask me to help him sell drugs, oh no, he was just too fond of himself for that. But that idiot doctor promised him he'd give him something most precious to him."

Flinch, in spite of his anger, he then slapped Daniel multiple times across his face. After slapping him twenty times in his face, stopped, smiled." He never told me what, but he made me return to my miserable post as a sailor on a cargo ship. The only difference was the Doctor would give him the drugs, he'd give them to me, then I'd inform Yoh where we're taking them too. But Yoh got too careless because of that bitch-captain, trying to kill her, so now our whole operation is a bus. But it doesn't matter to me now, since your dead!"

" So…your nothing but a pawn in this whole operation?" Daniel said, made Flinch flinch in surprise. Daniel then smiled triumphantly after he grasped his arms around Flinch's neck. "Thanks for the info, dummy. Now it's time for you to die!"

Daniel stuck both his swords out and jabbed them into Flinch's chest. Blood squirted out of Flinch's chest after being stabbed. Daniel sighed in relief after he triumphantly stabbed his swords into Flinch's chest, smiled.

" Glad that's over. Now I can look for Momo and Ra—"

To Daniel's shock, Flinch was still alive and he grasped Daniel by his hair. Flinch tugged Daniel's hair as Daniel gawked. Flinch's eyes mysteriously turned an eerie red color and he grinned wickedly.

" Too bad. But I'm afraid this is the end of the line for you, you rookie swordsman."

Flinch choked Daniel. Daniel gasped, he had his swords lodged in Flinch's chest, but for some strange reason Flinch was unharmed and smiling wickedly. Vein's popped out of Flinch's head, he growled, but couldn't escape Flinch's grasp.

" It's amazing how squeamish you are," Flinch smirked squeezing Daniel's neck. " I enjoy seeing the pain in others. It's such a relaxing sedating feeling on me."

" Damn you…" Daniel raised both his legs up and pushed off. He pushed Flinch off of him, freeing his swords lodged in his chest, then roundhouse kicked him in the face. But as Daniel kicked Flinch, he felt the bones in his legs crack up instead.

" Ahhhhhh!" Daniel cried as he held his leg that was cracked.

" Ha, didn't expect that, did you?" Flinch laughed watching Daniel grieve in pain. " But I must admit, you were an admirable opponent. Anyone who can survive more than one strike from my swords has some amazing feats. Perhaps they should mention your nobility in your tombstone!"

" Fuck you!"

Daniel grasped the hilt of his red katana tightly. With one swish throw, Daniel threw his sword at Flinch and it impelled straight into Flinch's head. Daniel believed Flinch was now dead, the tip of his sword was impelled into his head, but then he saw Flinch smirk at him.

" I don't know what's worse," Flinch callously smirked, the blade was still embedded in his head. " Your skills with your sword or how your brain works. Both of them are insignificant in my eyes, you sorry excuse for a swordsman."

" B-bu-but…how? You should be dead! That should've pierced straight through your brain!"

" Maybe, if it had touched my skull. But you weren't even able to break through my first layer."

" What…?"

" If you haven't noticed yet, I'm not like an ordinary human being!"

" So…you've eaten a Devil Fruit?"

" Pffffft! No. Why would I want the disgusting taste of those putrid fruits in my mouth? Besides, I have made a much greater discovery." Flinch pried Daniel's sword out of his head, leaving a hole wound in his forehead, then stabbed his sword directly into his stomach. As he did, the sword bounced off Flinch's body like he was made of metal.

" B-but that's impossible!" Daniel gasped seeing Flinch unharmed. " My swords are unbreakable! Is your body made of metal or something?"

" Wrong. My body is made entirely out of bones. So, do you know that the human body has over 206 bones embedded inside their bodies, well, I have over 3000 bones inside of me."

" What? But how can that be possible?

" It's really quite simple to understand, snowflake. Remember that work I've been working towards? I've actually been working towards dissection. I've been dissecting the bones of humans and rodents alike, and mending the bones so they join with mine."

" But how is that possible? Wouldn't you have to replace organs and flesh to do something as atrocious as that?"

" Normally, yes. But unlike some surgeons, the ones that get paid the big beli, I've learned how to join my bones so they'll just cover my vital organs: my heart, my brain, my lungs, glands, thorax, arteries, -they're all covered by over 200 bones." Flinch reached his hand out and pulled Daniel's katana blade out of his head. He then threw it at Daniel as the white haired swordsman caught it with his hands. " Here. I think even a rookie like you deserves' to wield his sword before he dies."

" Yeah…" Daniel paused spinning his sword, checking it's weight, smiled. " Like that's going to happen. Let's just see if you really are all bite and less bark."

Daniel dashed towards Flinch with both his katana's raised out. Daniel reached Flinch, jabbed his swords directly into his chest as he impelled him, but couldn't get past the armor of his bones as he lodged both his swords directly into his chest.

" Your attacks are so…:" Flinch reacted by grabbing Daniel's right arm and squeezing him. " Pointless."

Flinch pushed Daniel back. As the white haired swordsman was pushed back, Flinch twirled his golden sword. " Cyclone Pierre!"

Half of the tiles in Flinch's sword separated as they spinned like drills towards Daniel. Daniel ironically couldn't move a muscle. All fifteen drills impelled into Daniel—five in the legs, five in the arms, and five in the chest.

" Gah!" Daniel cried from being drilled through his chest. Blood dripped out his body as he was jabbed. " Damn this guy. I keep trying to get close to him, but he keeps hitting me with that damn sword. If only I could…wait, he said they were made of thirty separate tiles, but maybe their interconnected together. So, I know how to stop the sword, but how can I deal with his hard body?"

" What's the matter? Trying to figure out how you're going to get past my armor?" Flinch laughed wickedly as if he read the mind of Daniel. "Well you might as well forget about it. There are no flaws in my perfect design. Hahahahahaha!"

" I know he's lying. He's got to have just one kind of weakness. But what can it be?"

" Cyclone Slash!"

Flinch lashed his sword in the air. For the third time, the sword stretched, detached, and the thirty tiles of vibrating blades throttled straight towards Daniel. Daniel's leg were limp, he couldn't move, and payed for it by being slashed across his chest.

" Acccccck!" Daniel gawked at the feeling of sharp metal slicing his skin. " I feel so…cold. I feel like I'm going to die. Daddy? Daddy, can you hear me? Daddy, I tried my best, but I'm not as strong as you."

" Hahahahahah! I love this! Bleed through your pores! Bleed, die! Give me the thrill of watching you die!"

" If I'm going to die…why does it have to be from this moron? Why does everything have to be so…hard?"

Flinch raised his sword over his head and lashed it around. It was the final strike—Daniel too limp and bleeding to move, and Flinch had his sword slinked above his head.

" I want power. I want it so badly. Even if this is my last moment alive, I want the power to stay alive."

" Prepare to die, rookie swordsman!"

Flinch lashed his sword directly towards Daniel as it throttled towards him. Daniel hoarsely panted from his mouth, watching the sword slither towards him, smiled.

" It's now or never." Daniel skidded out of the way and raised his two katana's over his head. Just as the sword was about to slice Daniel in half, Daniel struck both his swords in the center of the swords tiles and stopped it from moving, smirked. " You almost had me there. It's a good thing your brain isn't as big as your mouth."

" What? How were you able to stop my sword from moving? You should be able to do that!"

" Let me be the first to say how ingenious and redundant your 'weapon' is. It's true your sword can stretch far, but didn't it ever cross your mind how that may also be its weakness? Since it's made of tiles, it's easy to stick something inside of it. In which case I used my lucky red."

Flinch then growled as he shaked his fists at Daniel. " I hate YOU! So what if you've stopped my sword; it's not like you can hold it in forever. Soon I'll get my weapon free. And since you can't harm me, there's nothing you can do about it."

" That's where your wrong, you rookie swordsman. It's true your bodies strong, but I just have a feeling your whole infrastructure isn't all it's cracked up to be."

" Ha. So I have some kind of weakness, do I? Well, what a cliché that would be, Mr. Swordsman. Too bad there's no way you can prove it."

" Sure there is," Daniel smirked pulling his purple katana sword out. " I'm going to show it too you personally. And to settle the deal, I'll even use my trump move. White Tiger-Silver Fang Slash!"

Flinch was surprised—he could almost make out the sound of a tiger roaring—it emitted from his purple blade. Daniel held the blade with both his hands, then disappeared, reappeared alongside Flinch's right side. In an instant, white light glowed from Daniel's sword and sliced Flinch on his right waist.

" Ack!" It was then a small skull popped out of Flinch's right waist. " No!" Flinch reached for the skull, but it was caught by Daniel by having the skull land on his katana's back blade.

" I'm sorry, but is this really so important to you?" Daniel smiled snidely.

" No, my sacrum!" Flinch shouted.

" Ooh, the sacrum. I had my suspicions. Usually the sacrum is a bone used to hold the pelvis together, but by the way you walked, I didn't see you moving it much. Guess it's the bone that joined them all together."

" Give it back!"

Daniel however didn't listen to him. He threw the bone in the air and sliced it in half with his sword. After slicing the sword in half, Flinch collapsed from his dislocated bone. Scared, cowering, Flinch couldn't move a bone as Daniel limply, still bleeding through his body, walked up towards Flinch.

" This is the-ack-end for you-ack-you rookie pirate."

" Wait!" Flinch cried, waving his hands. " This is just all just a misunderstanding. That whole 'killing' you thing was just a big joke. You understand jokes, don't you, big guy?"

Daniel frowned, quickly replied, said, " No." Daniel turned his sword around and banged its hilt at Flinch's head. After jabbing him, Daniel walked back, picked his red katana up, and then collapsed on the ground. " Since he's made out of impenetrable bones, I can't kill him. Oh well. I'm too tired from that fighting anyways."

Daniel yawned while he rubbed his eyes. After blinking his eyes four times, he closed them and snored soundly. " I just hope Razi and Momo are still safe in this exotic jungle. I may need them once again."


" Woohoo!" Razi laughed as he ran through the forest. Then while running, he moved his hands around like a ninja while he was still wearing his bandana like a ninja mask. " Ooh, I am a ninja. Thee who face's me will feel my ninja fury. I am Razi, and I'm the captain of the Ninja Pira—"

" Shut up!" Jen shouted with a look of pure evil on his face, then he dashed towards Razi and slapped him across his face. A red hand print appeared on the right side of Razi's face.

" Ow!" Razi groaned while he rubbed his head. " Jen, why'd you slap me?"

" I'm sorry, Razi, but I just can't go along with your antics right now. My poor captain just lost an arm and is losing a lot of blood."

Razi who was dumbfounded rubbed his head. Razi didn't understand Jen or what went through his mind, but he was seldom to understand what other's thought; he couldn't even understand what went through his own crewmates. Jen then stopped running and Razi stopped as well. Jen sat his captain Lucas down, who until they stopped was being carried behind his back, and laid her gently on the ground.

" It's a good thing you were able to save her arm, Jen." Razi said as he stared down at Lucas.

" No, you're the one who needs to be thanked," Jen replied as he thoroughly checked Lucas's hands for a pulse. " If you didn't charge in when you did, using that Devil Fruit power and all, her arm would've burned into ashes. For that I thank you, Razi."

" Aw shucks," Razi smiled while rubbing his head. "You don't have to call me a genius or anything."

" Don't worry," Jen smirked still checking Lucas's pulse. " There's literally no chance of that ever happening."

After checking all of Lucas's vital parts, Jen leaned his head close to her heart to check for a heartbeat, then he pressed his sweaty palms against her cheeks as he swayed his arm left and right.

" Wow, you're really into this, Jen," Razi said while awing Jen's medical techniques. " Are you the doctor of her crew?"

" Nope. My skills are solely on navigation. I just studied a little from books and healing my own wounds." After talking, Jen raised Lucas's severed arm and dropped it near her cut off spot. " Now all I need to do is stich this back together."

Jen took off his white shirt. While his shirt was off, he pulled through his cotton shirt, pulling away strings from the fabric, then took a needle from his pants and looped it inside his knotted hole.

" Will you be able to mend her arm back together, Jen?"

" I don't know. It's not really about muscles but more on her nerves. If I do reattach her arm, as ridiculous as that sounds, I have to make sure her peripheral nervous system will have the stimulus to still move it. Guess I have no other choice."

Jen took out one of Lucas's guns and pointed it at her arm. A clicking sound was heard as he prepared to fire, but steadied himself and ceased his fire after Razi appeared in front of him.

" No, Jen, don't do it!"

" What, don't shot her with these painkillers so she doesn't feel any pain when I operate? Really, Razi, you can be such a nuisance."

" So you're not trying to end the life of your captain because you can't help her?"

" Of course not. Why'd you ever think I'd do that?"

" Phew. That's a relief. "

Razi walked away from Jen. As he did, Jen fired a bullet directly into her arm. White smoke puffed out of the gun as it flew overhead Lucas. As if on instincts, Lucas in her nearly unconscious state whiffed in the powdery smoke.

" Is there anything you'd need from me, Jen?" Razi asked out of concern for Jen.

" Yes. Can you give me a bucket with water in it?"

" Are you going to wipe the sweat off her body?"

" Something like that."

Wolf ears sprouted from Razi's head as he ran into the forest. He returned awhile later with a heavy bucket with water inside. Razi set the bucket down and wiped his head from the sweat on his face. As he did, Jen collapsed out of nowhere.

" Ah!" Razi gasped seeing Jen fall. " Jen!" Razi lifted Jen's limp less body up and shaked him with both his hands. " Please don't die on me, Jen! Jen!"

" Auggghhhh!" Jen groaned waking up from his unconscious. " L-L-Lucas?" Jen then got a closer look at Razi as he awakened. Jen got a closer look at Razi and smiled weakly. " Oh, it's you, Razi."

" Jen, what just happened to you?"

" Oh, it was nothing. I was just using my powers."

" Your powers?" As Razi looked at Jen he then took a closer look at the bucket of water. The water was boiling, bubbles popping out of the surface, as Razi could smell the transparent smoke in the air, pondered. " I know Jen did this somehow. Maybe he has a Devil Fruit that allows him to control fire? If he does, that would explain how he was able to survive the explosion he caused. Then again, every one of us made it out alive. Maybe…" Razi wretched as he headaches inside his mind. After feeling the pain, Razi raised his hands up and clutched them near his head. " Gah! Thinking is making my brain hurt! Make it go away!"

Jen ignored Razi bickering to himself and stuck his needle inside the boiling water. The metal of Jen's needle was boiling red, then he took the needle out of the water and examined it closely, smiled.

" Perfect. I was able to sterilize it."

" What are you going to do now, Jen?" Razi asked as his brain no longer hurt.

" There's only one thing left for me to do, Razi." Jen held both his hands out and smacked them into the water. Razi shuddered at the sight of watching Jen placing his hands in the boiling water, but Jen just smiled broadly. " There. Now I just have to wait a little longer."

" You idiot!" Razi shouted as he raised both his arms up and leered at Jen. " You're going to burn your arms off! Take them out now!"

" No, not yet. I have to make sure my hands are completely bacteria free before I start the operation. If I goof up, then I'll be risking Lucas's life more than I'll be saving hers."

Razi then became quiet. He took a closer look at Jen and saw how he was grinning at the strange predicament, even hearing the sound of laughing from Jen's mouth. Razi looked at Jen's arms, looked at his own arms, smiled.

" He's got guts. I need guts. When he's done with this…I'm going to ask him to join my crew."

Jen finally took his hands out of the boiling water. His hands were burned red, the scalding hot water burned through his skin, but Jen wiggled them around like he'd normally did, smiled. " Time to perform."

Lucas was listening in at the time. Her ears were deafened from the painkillers and she felt drowsy. She could however hear one sentence from her crewmember Jen before he completely drifted off into sleep:

" Relax, everything will be over soon. I promise you, Lucas."

-Lucas's Dream—

In Lucas's dream, she was a young girl again; 10 yrs old and not yet fully ripened. She was standing on the edge of a cliff with her father and staring at the bright blue sea below. Lucas's father was well-toned, tanned, wore white stretch pants, belts around his chest, a tall hat, and curly black hair. One of her father's most prominent feature was his long nose.

" We're pirates, Lucas," Lucas's father said staring out into the sea. " We steal, we take, and we never give back."

" Huh?" Young Lucas said in a surprised voice.

" We may steal, but we only steal from the rich. We too are poor and that's why stealing from people poor would be insulting for us. And be sure to never tell a lie, Lucas."

" But daddy, people always tell me you tell lies all the time."

" Er, that's not important. What matters is how you live your life. You and your brother. Remember you're both my pirate offspring's. You are not meant to be liked, you are not meant to be hated, you are simply to be understood. Promise me you'll follow in my footsteps and become a proud pirate like me."

" I promise, daddy."

" Good. Now, if your were to say ever to get married…" Lucas's father pulled out a dark purple kimomo bedazzled with small sparkles, smiled. " You are to wear this. It was worn by your mother, your grandmother who you've not had the privilege to meet, and I'd like you to wear it."

" Ewwww! Who wants to dress like a girl?" Little Lucas stormed off while her father laughed merrily behind her back. " Stupid father!"


" There," Jen said triumphantly as he finished stitching and mended Lucas's severed arm back into her elbow. " That should do it."

" Is she really fixed, Jen?" Razi asked while he awed watching Jen finish.

" Not yet. The bones are realigned, but the nerves are another thing. She'll need some time before she can adjust. It's best we keep her as far away from action as possible."

" …big brother…" Lucas said while she was still sleeping, both Jen and Razi flinched.

" Oh dear, it looks like she's waking up. She still needs time to recover, so she'll have to lay off stress for a while" Jen then turned to Razi and pat his back with his right shoulder. " Razi, I'll need you to scout out and look for some water. She's going to need something to keep her body cool."

" But are you sure you can rely on me to leave you, Jen?" Razi said dumbfounded. " Aren't I suppose to be executed by you?"

" Now don't you worry about a thing, Razi. As far as I'm concerned, you're now a free man. Now why don't you be a dear and get me some water, please."

"Okae dokey," Razi saluted Jen by placing a hand on his head. " I'll be back. And I'll get you the best water on this island. Just you wait and see, Jen."

Wolf ears sprouted out of Razi's head as he ran away. Jen, who found it humorous how naïve Razi was, smiled. " He sure is a lively one. Maybe if we were under different circumstances, he could've been my captain. Maybe… we could have our own adventures together."

Jen turned around to check up on his captain Lucas. But as he turned around, he was chopped in his chest by a giant axe.

" Gah!" Jen cried after being struck. " W-what?"

Jen then looked up to see the shady figure of the man who struck him. Adjusting his eyes, the shadows of the figure faded and the devious smile of Yoh the traitorous pirate stood above him, smirking. In his left hand was the unconscious body of Lucas and in his right hand was a giant axe stained with his blood.

" Well, hello there, Jen," Yoh smirked as he pointed his giant axe at Jen. " Before I kill you, decapitate your head, I'll give you the chance to lick my feet."

" Lucas!" Lucas was too deep in her subconscious to hear what Jen was saying. " Lucas, captain , please wake up!" Yoh simply scoffed as he then raised his giant axe above his head, steadying his grip, then chopped it down. " LUCAS!"


Momo was a happy fishman. Skipping through the forest, in the tree tops, and jumping forward one branch at a time, and laughing while he had a red cloth wrapped around his face; he like Razi pretended to be a ninja.

" I'm Momo the ninja fishman!" Momo laughed as he jumped from branch to branch. " I'm not a kid fishman, I'm not some felon who steals, and I'm certainly not a bad guy. I'm just Momo. A ninja fishman of…sheesh, what was the name of Razi's pirate crew?"

Momo continued to skip merrily from branch to branch. With every branch, Momo yelped out a joyous tune. Some of them almost sounding like he was singing, but most sounding " Aye, aye" like he was a ninja. However, his singing ended after he heard a sound…


A blurry object zoomed from behind and nearly sliced through Momo's stomach, but the fishman ducked before it came into contact with him. As he ducked, Momo's legs hooked onto the top of his branch and he hanged himself upside down as he stared at what was behind him.

" What the hell? First there's that trying to rescue Razi fiasco, now I'm nearly killed. Being a pirate is harder than I thought."

Behind Momo was another blurry object moving. The object looked like a human, sidestepping swiftly from tree branch to tree branch and moved himself closer to Momo. As the object grew closer, Razi distanced himself further and further from it.

" I've got to get out of here! I've got to get to find Daniel, Razi, and get out of here right away!"

Momo dashed through the tree branches and jumped from tree to tree. But behind him there was still the blurry object chasing him from behind. Out of nowhere came another blurry object that too would've cut Momo in half, but he somersaulted out of the way.

After jumping from branch to branch, Momo finally found an open glade in the forest. Momo leaped off the branches of the trees and landed on the ground. No sooner did he land however, he felt a strange vibe where someone else was landing with him.

" Oh great. I bet who's ever following me looks like a freak."

Momo turned his head around looked into the eyes of the person following him. The person had his face concealed behind long bandages. Both the person's eyes however were seen through the bandages. He looked like a doctor, weared white pants and a long white lab coat, a purple vest with gold trims underneath the coat, and a long red sash tied around his waist. The man's beady looked like they were staring into Momo's eyes.

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" Your probably wondering what business I have with a confrontation with you, fishman," the man said as his voice was electronically distorted; a charade masculine voice.

" Not really," Momo shrugged.

" As you probably already know, my naïve fishman, I am the Doctor." The man placed both his hands on his hips and laughed through his bandages. " I'm the greatest doctor in the world!"

" I'm sorry, but nothing about you rings a bell."

" Of course it doesn't, you sea urchin eating fishman!" The doctor scoffed at Momo, then he rubbed his head filled with bandages. " Tsk. You have to be kidding me. Why am I stuck with the fishman? I was hoping to get the chance to dissect an actual human, but I'm stuck with a disgusting specimen like you. Ugh!"

Momo sweat dropped feeling the cold breath of the Doctor against his scaly neck. " Look, I'm kind of in a rush here, so it would be great if you just turned around and walked away."

" Stupid!" The Doctor laughed holding his hands against his bandages and feeling the rough surface. " So what if your fishman body is inadequate! I'll just make the best of what I can with your tainted meat and move onto different sapid materials. So says I, the Doctor."

The Doctor took out a small ring knife from his bandages. The Doctor moved his ring blade around, swayed it, then to Momo's surprise he cut his own left arm off. The arm fell on the ground as no blood oozed out of him.

" W-what?" Momo said as he was nauseous seeing the arm on the ground. " How could you just chop your own arm off? Are you vulgar or something."

" Not in the least, my stupid fishman. Just sit back and watch."

Doctor's severed limbs then started to twitch. From the hole of the severed area sprouted a giant claw connected to an arm. The claw and arm were grotesque, tanned dark brown, hairy, with multiple scars on the arm and black nails on the claw. Doctor swiped his claw at Momo who was speechless.

" W-what? How can you do that?"

" It's because I've eaten a Devil Fruit. The name of that fruit was the Yōkai Yōkai no Mi (Demon Demon Fruit). My blood is infested with tiny eggs nestled inside. All it takes is a little air and the eggs will grow and merged to make hideous, useful human parts. The anatomy of it goes to wherever I'm cut. And if I'm not mistaken, this happens to be a dragons arm." The doctor held his arm out as it faced Momo, smiled. " So take this! Yōkai Yōkai Burning Palm!"

Doctor's entire arm burned red with flames. A giant fireball was formed between the Doctor's arm and it was fired at Momo. However, just before the fireball made contact, Momo took out his metal pipe and spinned it around in circles. The flames dispelled against the surface of Momo's pipe as the sawshark fishman smirked.

" Looks like your fruit isn't as good as you thought, eh, Doctor?"

" Ha! You think I care that you stopped one measly attack? Just watch this!"

Doctor raised his ring shaped blade up, then he cut off his own legs. Instead of falling, new feet sprouted out of the wounds of his legs. The legs were hock-jointed—a cross between a horse and Pterosaur with spikes protruding out the fibula. Doctor smirked at his new legs and snidely raised the right one up.

" How can you keep doing that?" Momo asked as he was frightened by Doctor's new feet.

" Very simple, my naïve fishman. In case you haven't noticed, body parts wouldn't just grow if I put a cut in my arm. The fruit feeds on stimuli created from my pain. The best kind of pain for me is the ones that are quick!"

Instead of being afraid, Momo then smirked at the doctor. " Pretty cool. But I'm sure even something like that has to have some kind of weakness."

" It does," Doctor smirked. As he kept talking, he spinned his human wrist around in circles and continued to smirk. " When I fall asleep, my demon parts will fade and I'll grow back a replacement for my cut part."

" Isn't it strange how you can grow back something when you cut it off?"

" Hm, maybe. But it works well for me because the parts that come out get stronger and stronger each time. Soon I'll have the body of the strongest animals on the planet."

" Or you'll die. That power you have is dangerous. If you keep using it, it'll eventually consume you."

" Oh, and what makes you think that's going to happen, you fishman. You and your brethren are nothing but urchin eating sea dwellers that feed on humans."

" That's a lie! We fishmen don't eat humans! We just don't like to associate ourselves form them."

" So you fishmen are seldom to face human interaction?" Doctor's face then grew more wicked and more malevolent as he stared into Momo's eyes and chuckled to himself. That's rich. And here you are travelling with humans? Ha. Your not a fishman. Your nothing but a beggar."'

" What?" Momo retorted while snarling his sharp teeth.

" You heard me. People should all learn to take care of yourselves. And you, a fishman who are bred to hate humans shouldn't have the right to travel with them. You and those two stupid pirates."

" Grrrrrrrrrr." Momo ran towards Doctor at his top speed while carrying his metal pipe in his hand. Momo then jumped up and prepared to strike the Doctor. " DON'T YOU TALK ABOUT MY CAPTAIN AND FRIEND LIKE THAT! Haaaaaaaaaaa!"

Momo swung his pipe down and nearly whacked it into Doctor's face, but he moved with lightning speed and moved up behind Momo before his pipe smashed the ground. Momo tried turning his body around, but Doctor's cold dragons' claw already touched his back. Momo could only shudder at the hot touch of the dragon claws heat.

" Nice try, fishman."


A small yet powerful fireball was fired from Doctor's palm as it scorched into Momo's back. Momo collapsed from the force, but couldn't touch the ground as the dragon claw replacing Doctor's hand smacked him into the air and pushed him into the troposphere.

" Don't worry, fishman, I'm not going to let you fall by yourself!" Doctor with lightning speed disappeared, reappeared being Momo in the troposphere and placed his hand on Momo's back. " I'm going to push you down myself! Yōkai Yōkai Burning Palm!"

A small fireball was shot out from Doctor's hand as it scorched Momo's back and made him plummet faster towards the ground. When Momo finally touched the ground, he made the ground shake and created a small crater in the ground.

" Piece of cake," Doctor smiled as he disappeared from the air and reappeared in the crater next to Momo. Doctor could see Momo was having difficulty breathing, but spat at Momo kicked him with the chafe of his new legs. " Such pathetic creatures. I wonder why my sister would sacrifice her life for such weak-minded bei—"

With quick reflexes, Momo grabbed Doctor's bandages around his neck and pulled him down to him. Momo then snarled as his eyes were now bright red. Momo was in his berserk mode.

" Banzaai, you shit doctor!"

Momo snapped his head up and chomped on Doctor's right arm—the arm that wasn't a dragon's. But as he bite the arm, he felt his teeth bite into metal and flinched. After flinching, he saw Doctor's arm replaced with a metal one, a gauge on it, with three spikes protruding out of both sides, and was made of a silver type of metal.

Doctor smirked as Momo continued trying to bite his hand. " Nice try, you stupid fishman. I'll admit, it was a great feat recovering from my attack so quickly, but does you nothing facing m—"

Momo went into a frenzy, took his mouth out of Doctor's arm and bite all parts of his body: legs and arms. Momo then pushed away as he still snarled his teeth with his red eyes glaring at Doctor.

" What was that?" Doctor said nonchantly. " All that effort and I don't even feel a thing?" Doctor felt a twinge in his knees. Doctor looked at his knees and his hands to see four small teeth biting down on him. The teeth were obviously from Momo, and sharp teeth glistened from his mouth as Doctor looked at him, scoffed. " Trying to handicap me with these things? I'm afraid that's not going to wo—"

Momo chomped his teeth together. As he did, the teeth also chomped into Doctor's demon parts. His dragon claw, metal arm, and hybrid feet were all immobilized by the teeth and Doctor shuddered.

Momo raised his fist up, pulled it back ,yelled, " THE ONLY ONE WHO'S STUPID IS YOU!"

Momo punched Doctor in his face. Doctor was pushed aback by the force of Momo's fist, flew into the air, and then he crashed against a tree. Doctor's eyes looked closed, but his demon parts were still around; he indicated they'd only go when he sleeped.

" Take that, you shit of a doctor! Nobody makes fun of me or my friends! Capeesh!"

" Hahahahahaha!" Doctor laughed. Out of nowhere, the Doctor's bandages slithered out and pried all four of Momo's teeth from his body. " That was an interesting trick you did there, fishy. Ooh, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about that punch. It makes me so happy."

" Great, a masochist." Momo thought as he sweatdropped. " This is going to be a pain."

" I was thinking of avoiding doing this. You should've just played dead, but now it's too late for that. With this new form, there's no way you can survive!" Doctor raised his metal arm and stabbed two holes in his back.

"Ooooiiii. This ought to be good."

From Doctor's back sprouted two crimson red bat-like wings. Doctor flapped his two wings and flew into the sky. First he flew into the troposphere, then into the stratosphere, and finally flew over the ozone layer. Momo could no longer see his bandaged body, but could hear him laugh:

" Hahahahaha! How are you supposed to fight me…if you can't touch me?

Momo was a troubled fishman. Due to Doctor being in the air, having wings on his back, it was nearly impossible for Momo to touch him. Momo could think of three things stopping him from fighting back—height, speed, and willpower—but he continued to fight against Doctor.

" There's got to be some way I can reach him," Momo thought as he strided through the glades to avoid Doctor's fire attacks. " Maybe…"

Momo noticed a patch of pebbles piled on top of each other. Momo ran, and ran, and ran as fast as he could to avoid small balls of flames hurtled from above and nearly scorched his scaly skin, but Momo rolled out of the way before the flames burned his skin.

Momo strided closer to the pebbles. He finally reached the pebbles as he ran up beside the pile and took one pebble out of it. Momo then spun his hand round and round while steadying his grip and focused his attention at the ozone above.

" Let's just see how far I can throw."

Momo finished spinning his hand around and flunged his small pebble where he thought Doctor was. But the pebble barely touched the clouds in the ozone layer as it stopped in the air and fell down into the ground. Momo braced himself for impact by hiding under a tree, but the rock hit a tree branch above where he was hiding and the branch's limb in spontaneously broke off and crashed on Momo's head.

" Ow," Momo mumbled nonchantly as he rubbed his head. " That hurt."

" Hahahahaha!" Doctor's heinous voice echoed from the sky above. " Is that the best you can do, fishy?"

" This guy is really starting to irate me."

A barrage of fireballs then hurtled from the sky and headed straight for Momo. Momo acted on instincts, which was a keener than most humans, nimbly tried dodging the hurtling fireballs. He started by somersaulting out of the way, followed by him ducking on the ground, rolling away, and raised his chest up as a fireball just rocketed through his back.

" This feels strange. It's like playing one of those dodgy games with those balls. But what did the kids call those?"

" Muwahahahahaha! It's time for you to die, fishy!"

Momo couldn't dodge the Doctor's next attack, primary because he was too busy leaning his body up, and was sliced through his chest as blood gushed out of his chest.

" OW!" Momo grieved as a small wound was cut open in his chest and blood was oozing out. " What was THAT? That really HURT!"

" I knew your primitive mind could not understand the vigor of pure genius, fishy!" Doctor snidely laughed while his body was hidden in the clouds. " My wings don't just let me fly. In case you didn't know, all bats have one sharp tooth used as a finger in their wings. Mine happen to be sharper than any kitchen knife in any household cabinet you are ever going to see, fishy."

Momo quickly examined his shirt, which was stained with blood from his wound, and ripped through the cloth of the shirt to find nothing more than a mere cut mark, sighed. " It's a good thing my exterior's more durable than a humans. I'd probably be dead meat right now if it wasn't."

" Hmmmm," Doctor muttered as his voice still echoed in the air. " Why don't I just initial my names on your chest? It will let people know who the genius was that killed a soon to be prostrate creature like you."

Doctor once again came out of nowhere and slashed his bat claws into Momo's skin. The claws made an open wound on Momo's right arm as the fishman wretched in agony. Then Doctor came again and scratched Momo's legs.

" Guah!" Momo cried after being cut in his legs by Doctor. " This guys too fast!

" Hahahahahaha! Take that, you wretched fishman! This is my domain! You and all your fishmen brethren should just serve under me!"

" Those words…that voice…" Momo was nearly sliced in half by Doctor's razor sharp wings, but he ducked under them just in time to save himself. " Mother…I'm sorry, but…I can't keep my promise to you…"


Young Momo swam merrily in the sea next to the mermaid clove with his mother and all the other mermaids and fishmen. Momo was searching for clams deep in the ocean, but could only find four pieces of litter—beer bottles, wet cigars, a wet towel, and a woman's bra—but nothing as valuable as clams.

" Momo, time to come back," Momo's mother called out to her son. " Let mommy see what you have there, Momo."

Momo kicked his webbed fishman feet and swam over to his mother who was standing on dry land. His mother wasn't the typical mermaid, which was fine by him since all the other mermaids were saucy, where she wore a shirt that read Joy rather than the clam shells and seaweed kelp all the other mermaids wore.

" I didn't find any clams or pearls for you, mommy."

" That's alright. I'm more interested in what you have in your hands."

" But it's all nothing but junk, mommy."

" Nonsense. Nothing is junk in my eyes. Just give me what you have and I'll make something nice for you, Momo." Momo gave his trash too his mother, and she shuddered at the sight of the pink bra. " Eh, this is kind of a jumbo bra. Eh, Momo, if you ever do grow up and make clothes for everyone, promise me you won't use this in your materials."

Momo's mother worked on the four pieces of trash—beer bottle, cigar, wet towel, and jumbo bra—and Momo observed how she worked. She started by ripping pieces of the cigar off. She then smashed the beer bottle into dozens of small pieces. Using scissors, which were encrusted with the shell of a crab, Momo's mother tore into the jumbo bra and took small pieces out. She ended her warmup by twisting the towel and letting water drip out of it. Everything was now in place; Momo's mother could work.

Momo sat idly by as his mother tailored something for him. Momo's mother was being indirect to Momo as he couldn't see what she was making, mostly because he could only see her back, but saw how happy his mother was. She giggled every second that she worked and it made Momo giggle too.

Momo's mother finally finished working on her art piece and showed it to Momo—it came to much surprise that piece of art was a small doll that looked exactly like Momo. The doll had needles making the dolls body, broken pieces of glass made to look like a crown, ripped pieces of the bra making up its clothes, and his eyes filled with the paper of the cigar. Momo trembled as he was athrilled with happiness and his mother gave the doll over to him.

Momo was crying tears of joy holding the doll and he made a sniveling face." Mommy…"

" Most humans don't have a monopoly on how precious every little trash is. Some might call us filthy, hording fish folk, but no matter what they say, we're just as precious to the world as anyone else. Never forget how important you can be, Momo."

Momo felt tranquil and happy. Momo's mother hugged Momo so tightly, her soft hands warming his cold blood, and it made the young fishman smile. But all the blood in his veins ran cold at the sound of another person:

" It's time for you to die, fishy!"

Momo was too shocked by the cold voice of the person to move as it had been his mother who saved him—she losing her life in the process. Momo's mother pushed Momo away. As Momo was falling back, a giant pair of metal claws ripped through her chest.

" Mommy!"

Momo fell in the sea. Momo's mother rolled over and fell on the dry land. Using what little strength she had after receiving her fatal wound, she rolled up next to Momo by the sea. It saddened Momo to see his mother, her intestines showing and bleeding from her open wound in her chest, still alive, crying.

" Momo…"

" Hahahahahaha! Take that, you wretched fish!" A sharp heinous voice laughed. This is now my domain! You and all your fishes should just serve under me!"

Momo had a glimpse of the man who fatally wounded his mother and gasped. The person in charge was neither a human nor a fish folk but a monster. The monster's entire body had razors protruding out of it, tall where his back had a slanted curve, and skin clammy and pale. Momo shuddered as he had a tail sticking out his tailbone with a giant razor on the tip, sharp razors for claws and feet, three razor blades protruding out his head, and ghostly white eyes.

The monster callously killed each and every fishman/mermaid that confronted him by lashing his sharp tail through their heads and decapitating them or firing razors from his body that fired into their heads. Every time Momo watched a fellow fishman villager fall, the monster's blades became stained with their blood, and he put his blood stained razors close to his face and licked them with his tongue.

"Mmmmmmm,"the razor bodied monster tittered as he licked the blood from his razors. There's nothing more delectable than the blood of a dumb animal race." The monsters face became elated with a wicked smile as he raised both his hands up as if to scare the fishmen—and it scared Momo looking at him." Fear ME! I am the Shichibukai Razor ! I'm here to kill EACH and every ONE of you fishes! Your all nothing but dinner to me!"

" You—"

Momo tried jumping out of the water and facing Razor, but Momo's mother clenched her arms on Momo before he could move. " Momo, you have to live. I've already chose how I'd live my life, but you still have a chance to get strong. But your not strong enough now. You have to run."

" Mothe—"

" Run, Momo, run! Promise me…promise me you'll live on to get stronger."

" Mother…" A single tear drop dripped from Momo's eyes as he sniffed through his nostrils. " I promise, mother. I'll get stronger so I can avenge you and everyone here. I'll make the name of our clan live on."

" Good…" Momo's mother kissed her sons forward as her life was draining. Momo was warmed by her lips, but it couldn't get rid of his turmoil. " Good-bye, Momo, my son."

The last thing Momo saw of her mother was her smiling face, then she was gone. His clove turned into a genocide. Momo could only hide his tears weeping from his eyes as he dove under the water. Momo kicked his webbed feet faster and faster to escape the gruesome Razor while he could still hear his fish folk screaming above him.

" I'll become strong. I'll become the strongest fishman and avenge everyone by killing that monster. I'll cherish your memory as I use it to help me train to become strong, mother."


Momo was thinking about his next moves. Trees around him burned into bark by flames from the fireballs or were sliced in half by Doctor's sharp wings as he swooped down and sliced them in half. Stress was building up on Momo's head as he thought of his next move.

" If I can't bring the doctor to me…maybe I can bring me to the doctor."


Meanwhile, Doctor soared high in the ozone layer and snidely laughed. "Things are goin' just smoothly. I can kill him right now and nobody'll give a damn. Looks like you have no ordeals for this, fishy— what?"

From clouds emerged Momo. Momo was infuriated, he was growling his sharp sawshark teeth, and growled.

" Check me out, you bastard!" Momo shouted while soaring towards Doctor. " I'm a flying fish!"

" NO! How is this possible!"

" Why don't you come down and see for yourself! Fishman Karate: Flying Fish Kick!"

Doctor could only brace himself as Momo raised his right leg up and prepared to kick him. Momo rocketed towards Doctor, but he went too fast and traveled past him. Doctor looked up and saw Momo falling down; still above him. Momo without wings would fall over fifty feet from the sky and fall too his death!

" Hahahahahaha!" Doctor laughed as Momo was falling to his death. " This is the end for you, you stupid fish—WHAT!"

Momo spinned his legs around. His legs gave Momo control of where he was going; he could move to where Doctor was. Doctor was too shocked by Momo's berserk eyes to move, staggered, and then Momo fell on top of him.

" B-but how? Your just a stupid fishman!"

" My name—" Momo kicked Doctor in his head. " Is—" Momo then punched both his arms into Doctor as they hurtled towards the ground. " Momo!"

Momo and Doctor were both falling too their deaths. While falling, Momo bite his sharp teeth into Doctor's wings and ripped them off. Momo then squeezed Doctor tight while they continued to fall.

Doctor soon could see the terrine of the island below the clouds, falling down there to their deaths, screamed, " NOT POSSIBLE!"

Doctor used both his legs to kick Momo off of him. Doctor soon fell on the top of a tree and Momo too fell on the top of a tree. Doctor and Momo both fell on tree branches, breaking them in the process, both breaking their backs in the process.

" Ack!" Momo moaned in agony. " That was rougher than I thought. But it was still worth it."

In the ground was Momo's metal pipe. Momo could still move his hands, crawled to the pipe, and was still smiling. Momo's body ached all over, he could feel his bones aching all over, but soon he reached his trusty metal pipe and pulled it out of the ground.

" Your more flexible than you look, dearest pipe," Momo said while stroking the side of his metal pipe. " Imaging something like you was able to launch me so high. Ma." Momo kissed the steel of his pipe and giggled.

" Sister!" Doctor cried in the woods besides Momo. " Sister…why'd you have to die? Sister…"

" Huh? Hey, are you okay?"

" Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" Momo heard the sound of fists hitting the soil. " Stupid! Forget about your stupid sister! She was an idiot! Wasting her life for a stupid fishman! Dammit! It's all his fault she died! That stupid razor horned Shichibukai!"

" Huh? Razor horned Shichibukai? He can't possibly mean—"

" Fuck her!" Doctor took three needles out. " Fuck fishmen!" Doctor jabbed the three needles in his head. " Fuck everyone!" The last thing Doctor took out was his ring-shaped blade. Doctor held the blade over his head while he continued to yell, " FUCK THEM ALL!"

Momo didn't believe it—the crying, the sudden change of attitude, the needles, and the blade—but he witnessed Doctor as he cut through his own body. Both his halves fell on the ground as Momo gawked at them.

" What the? Why'd he do that? Why would he kill himself like that?"

Momo however felt slightly apathetic about Doctor. But as Momo stared at the corpse of Momo, he felt a strange vibe tingling inside his head. Then, while still feeling that vibe, limbs of a green tentacle monster popped out of both halves. The halves mended together, molded, then two giant crab claws ripped out the skin.

" This can't be—what is going on?" Momo continued to shudder as he watched Doctor become more monstrous every second. Then Momo remembered the needles. " It must be something he induced in his bloodstream. But what did he use?"

All of Momo's thoughts were stalled by the hideous form of the new Doctor—what looked like an abomination—but was really Doctor. The creature had the legs of a crab with two giant pinchers on his front. The upper half of his body had the chest of a gorilla, short purple fur around him, two giant octopus tentacles for arms, and the face of a lion with a purple mane around his head and small, beady yellow eyes. The new Doctor was relaxed, looking his head back as his eyes stared off into the clouds, and he was smiling.

" I don't know why I was sad before," A dark voice said from the mouth of the grotesque creature. " I never knew I could feel so good. And I'm hungry. But what should I eat?" The two beady yellow eyes then noticed Momo who was still crippled from the fall; he smiled. " I know. I think I'll help myself to some fishman."

Momo was in deep trouble. Doctor, who went through a metamorphosis into a monster cross-gene, was trying to squeeze Momo to death with his giant crab claws. Momo was able to agilely jump out of the way from the first claw, but had to hold his hands up to block the second claw from crushing him.

" Why are you trying to fight me, fishy?" Doctor said in a tone that would chill any man's blood. " I thought you and I had become good friends. So why don't you be a good friend and let me eat you."

Momo was too busy trying not to be crushed under the weight of the giant crab claw. Just when he finally managed to keep his composure, the second claw struck him in his chest and pushed him towards the trees. Momo, whose body ached from his previous fall, made a loud, blood wrenching cry of pain.

" Guahhhhhhhh!" Momo couldn't because all bones in his body were broken. He could only wail tears from his eyes as Doctor's crab feet walked up to him. " You monster!"

" A monster?" Doctor said while he looked around the terrine. " Where? I don't see any monsters. All I see is a helpless little fishman like you. Now I could just kill you now." Doctor raised both his crab legs up and pressed them into Momo's chest as the fishman wrenched in pain. " But I'd rather see you suffer first."

Doctor raised his crab hind legs up as he then jabbed them straight into Momo's chest. Doctor then smacked Momo with his crab legs. Momo was sent flying back by the legs, smashing through trees in the process, as he landed on the cold, wet ground

" Whyyyyyyyy? This hurts so much."

" C'mere, you filthy fishman. I haven't finished with you just yet."

Doctor walked up to Momo once again as he jabbed his crab legs straight into Momo's chest, again. All the pain in Momo's chest became numb, so he didn't moan as Doctor continued crushing him.

" Youuuuuuuuu…." Momo growled through his teeth while being crushed. " You monster."

" I'm not a monster; you're a monster," Doctor retorted while he still pressed his legs against Momo's chest. " You and all your fishmen brethren impoverishing this perfect world." Doctor heinously smiled through his lion mouth as he pressed his legs deeper into Momo's chest. Blood trickled out from Momo's body as the legs ripped through his skin. " Just do us all a favor, and just die, fishy."

Doctor smacked Momo once again with his crab legs. Momo was sent flying back by the legs, smashing through trees in the process, as he landed on the cold, wet ground, again. Doctor walked closer to Momo with the same odious look on his face.

" Is this how I'm going to die?" Momo thought while his bones were broken and blood trickled from his chest. " It's funny. I always thought I'd die eating the most sugary food. " With what little strength he had, Momo chuckled at his own twisted humor" Guess I'll have to settle for the extracts of my own blood instead."

" I heard fishmen were a very proud race?" Doctor sneered while he moved to Momo When Doctor finally reached Momo, he picked him up by his neck and choked him by the neck. " It's almost a pity seeing one sooooooo—what's the word?—insignificant." " You're all nothing but paltry that belong in a gutter because your not worthy enough to be eaten."

" But I'm…I'm…" Momo tried to speak, but Doctor's arms were squeezing through his neck and crushed his windpipe.

" Huh? Are you trying to say something, fishy?" Doctor released his grip around Momo's neck, but kept him above the ground. " I'm all ears, fishy."

Doctor peered into Momo's eyes; saw the cold anger in them as he was intrigued. " I'm a living being just like you!

" The same as me? Ha. Don't even think we have the same authenticity, fishy."

" I understand. " Even though Doctor saw Momo's eyes still filled with hatred, Momo laughed to himself, then he stopped. "Your sense of reasoning has been clouded. You've become the very thing you've despised. A monster."

" What did you call me, fishy?"

Momo's cold eyes became more intimidating as his red pupils flared like flames. " I called you a monster! You're just blaming us fishmen to get rid of your own anguish of losing your sister. But you, her brother, should've been there to help her."

" Youuuuuuuuu!" Doctor opened his mouth up wide. Momo shuddered at the sight of his serrated teeth and his cold breath rubbing against him. " YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! YOU AND ALL YOUR SPECIES CAN GO TO HELL!"

For the third time, Doctor smashed his crab claws against Momo's body and pushed him backwards. Momo soared through the air and soared backwards, but instead of falling on the ground he fell over a ledge. Momo made a big splash as he fell into the same waterfall Lucas was bathing in.

Momo was under the water. With all his bones in his body broken, Momo couldn't get out of the water. The water burned under Momo's skin like flames as it burned throughout his body.

" Am I going to die here?" Momo thought while he was under the water. Momo's blood gushed out his wounds while it floated above his head. Momo shuddered seeing light through his transparent red blood, but cracked a smile. " I'd much rather die here than anywhere else. I am a fishman after all. And where would a fish be without water?"

" I see you, you filthy fishman!" Doctor's nightmarish voice echoed in the water. " It's lucky for you I can't swim 'cause of my Devil Fruit. But I yearn to see you drown in the abyss of hell, fishy. "

" Even though he's a creep, everything he's done is because of me." Momo closed his eyes as air was unleashed from his gills and he sighed. " I'm the one who killed his sister."


Young Momo washed up on the shores of an odd island. Tired, gasping, young Momo crawled through the sands of the shore.

" I must…" Momo staggered at the sharp pains in his back. But Momo tried shaking them away as adrenaline went through his veins "Survive."

Momo finally rose off the sandy grounds and stood on his feet. The young fishman tried walking past the sand and into the forest, but stopped when he saw someone standing between him and the forest. The man wore a white robe with black trimming. A small white mustache was on his lip and flat-top white hair, and he wore sandals. Momo, who was still traumatized seeing his mother die, bared his sharp teeth at the stranger.

" Calm down," the man said. " I'm not here to hurt you."

" Liar!" Momo shouted. " Your working for him, aren't you? Your working for that beast! You helped him kill my mother! Ahhhhhhhhh!"

Momo ran up towards the white haired man. But as Momo was about to punch the man, he sidestepped out of the way. The man than kicked Momo behind his bottom and pushed him away from him. The elderly man than shaked his head while he scraped sand on his sandals.

" Tsk. I can't fight a child. That would make me look too uncool. "

" Shut up!"

Momo turned around and ran back towards the elderly man. Momo went into a frenzy where he rapidly punched his scaly fists towards the elderly man. But even though Momo moved fast, snapping his teeth at him, the man just used his pinky finger to block Momo's fists, and flicked his index finger to push his head back from biting him.

" You must be famished to be hitting with such slow moves."

" Shut-your-mouth!"

Momo jumped on the man's fingers, then he used it to jump higher into the air. As Momo was falling back down, he rapidly tried punching the man in his face, but just tilted his head away from his fist. After blocking the one-hundredth punch, the man chopped his hands behind Momo's head.

" I understand you must've been through much carnage to be like this." The man caught Momo with both his arms as he carried him in his arms. " But I'm here to help you. And I promise you I'll take you in as my pupil, my young trainee."


Momo felt water splashed in his face. Momo awakened from his sleep to find himself in a tub surrounded by soap and bubbles. Momo also felt warm hands wrapped around his chest.

" Where…where am I?" Momo mumbled while he was being cleaned.

" Oh, so your finally awake, youngling?"

" Ahhhhhh!"

Momo covered his chest and he swam to the other end of the tub. Momo growled at the men, him being shirtless and having inverted man nipples with chest hair covering him, and smiling down at Momo.

" You sure took your sweet time," the white haired man smiled. " I was beginning to think you'd never wake up."

" Stay away from me! I'm a monster!"

" You're not a monster. You're just a child. "

" Stand back! I'll eat you if you get any closer."

" Really? You are really going to eat me? What a cliché that would be. I guess you could eat me. I am filled with lots of protein and nutrients that could make your body strong, but eating me would only last you a few days before you'll starve to death. Or maybe you could be a good boy, do everything that I tell you, and I'll give you something that will fill your stomach."

Momo started to tremble staring into the old man's eyes. Momo was so hungry, so famished, he wanted to go against his moral code and sink his teeth into the old man's skin. Momo started to shake, growl, then he gave in and swam back by the man's lap where the man scrubbed his back.

" Ah! Hey, stop rubbing me!"

" Stop moving your arms around and I won't be so rough. What, you've never taken a bath before? Geez, your even worse than a wet cat. "

After cleaning Momo with soapy water, he took the young fishman out and washed him with a towel. Momo squirmed while being rubbed. He screamed while being scrubbed, pushed his scaly arms on the old mans' face, but couldn't stop him.

The man finally finished rubbing Momo. Momo became wiped clean of the sand and dirty, cried, then covered his chest." There you are; nice and clean. "

" Your some kind of sick old man!"

" Sick old man? Is that the thanks for taking care of you? Maybe I won't give you your meal. Maybe I'll just eat it while you watch so you'll be much more thankful to me, fishy."

" No, no!" Momo let go of his flat, scaly male chest and stood up. Momo tried bargaining with the man by grabbing his arms and shaking him. " Please give me food, old man! I'll be a good boy."

" Well, if you promise to be a good boy, than okay. But from now on you should call me Leopol. Try to remember the name of your new teacher. "

" Teacher? What do you teach, old man…I mean, Leopol."

" You can just call me Master. I happen to know a lot about martial arts that I do. But I'm afraid it's late and you should be going off to bed."


Leopol took Momo into a small room with nothing but a fireplace, a futon, and a window to view out of. Leopol carried Momo to the futon and laid him on the futon. Leopol then tucked Momo under the sheets and rubbed his head.

" But I'm not tired, miste—Leopol."

" Nonsense. You have a busy day tomorrow." The door opened as a young girl walked inside. The girl had long, wavy, red hair that reaches down to her feet with a single strand pointing upward. She had large black eyes that appear to have no irises and a child build. She was wearing a frilly, pink layered robe with a red ribbon tied in bow around her neck. Around the chest were three blue diamond patterns with 2 blue triangles above. Each series of them were outlined in a hot pink. She also was wearing wing-like adornments around her ears and small hoop earrings. The girl carried a tray that had short bread, a glass of milk, and slices of cheese. " Emily, please give our esteemed trainee his meal."

" Yes sir, Mr. Leopol sir," The girl said cheerfully. She cheerfully placed the tray on Momo's futon as she smiled on him. " Enjoy your meal."

Momo blinked seeing the tray of food laid out for him. After much hesitation, Momo finally took one slice of cheese and shoved it in his mouth. " Mmmmmm. This is delicious. Did you make this, Master?"

" Nope. It was Emily who cooked it."

" The master couldn't cook to save his life," Emily said with a smile on her face.

" WHAT?" Leopol gawked hearing what Emily said. " That's…that's not true."

" Well it's delicious. I'm just glad it was made by someone so cute."

"Thanks. You look kind of gross."

" What? But my people would tell me I'm cute. "

" Well, you are, but in a gross kind of way. "

" Hey, where is everyone?" a boy yelled on the other side of the door. "I'm in a state of limbo here!"

The door was pushed open as a young boy walked inside. He was a slim young boy with straight dark hair. The bangs of his hair are particularly prominent, covering part of his forehead, with some smaller strands jutting outwards from the top of his head. He has large eyes and a small, mildly round was wearing a long, dark, sleeveless open jacket with lighter-colored edges, revealing part of his muscular chest and held closed around his waist by a light sash, tied by a knot on his left hip. His legs are covered by loose, light-colored pants reaching down below his knees, paired with low, dark laced boots. Around his neck is a light scarf adorned by a wavy motif. The boy angrily walked to Leopol as he stared Momo's master in his face, and glared at him.

" Can I help you, Giru?"

" Master, why's there a fishman with sleeping in your futon?"

" That fishman happens to be my new apprentice. He'll be living with us until he's strong enough to live on his own."

" Master, I can't allow that! First you bring that girl in here, now you bring in that…that…thing."

" You do realize I can still hear you?" Momo barked back.

" I can't allow him to stay here, Master."

" Adam, try to look into the goodness of your heart. This creature—no, this person has nowhere else to go and needs our help or he'll die."

" I know what your really trying to do, Master. This is all just to make up for you and your son. Your using me, Emily, and this fish to help you with your failure—"

Leopol slapped Giru across his face. Adam collapsed on the ground as he rubbed the part of his cheek where he was hit. Giru sniffed, cried, and sheepishly rubbed the part of his cheek where his bruise was. Leopol grabbed Giru's neck and lifted him off the ground.

" Don't you ever say anything like that again! I'm not trying to replace her with any of you!" Leopol then gently placed Giru back on the ground and rubbed his head. "You're my child. That's how I found you, and that's how I think of you." Leopol walked up to Emily and Momo and picked both of them up. Leopol hugged Giru, Emily, and Momo in one big hug. " There, one big happy family."

" Family…?" Momo brushed his head against Leopol's warm hands and smiled. " Family."


" Being with that old man made me so…happy." Momo closed his eyes even harder. " I just wish it could have stayed that way. But because of me…I cost Emily, Giru, and Master their lives."

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