It was a bright and pleasant for Momo as he woke up in his new home. Momo felt relaxed, refreshed, stretched his arms out and smiled.

" Ah, it's good to be alive," young Momo said while he was bathed in sunlight. " The only thing that's missing is some breakfast. Oh, I know, I'll go have some breakfast."

" Good morning," Emily said. She was standing by the door to Momo's room. " Did you have nice dreams, sleepyhead? Maybe some about me?"

" Huh? How long have you been standing there, Emily?"

" Just long enough to admire your sleeping face. By the way, you sure snore loud."

" Huh? I don't snore."

" Oh really?" Emily took out her very own pink Den Mushi snail. She slapped the back of the Den Mushi as it gaped its mouth open. " Zzzzzzzzzzz." " See that? That's you, snorey."

" Hmf! I still don't believe you. Now when are we having breakfast?"

" Sorry, apprentice, but breakfast isn't until after training."

" What? That sucks. Where is this training room anyways?"

Emily tittered while she held her hand over her mouth. " Follow me. I'll lead the way."


Giru was already in the training room dojo, and he was training. Giru grasped a long bo staff in his hands and thrusted it as he also thrusted his pelvis bone. Giru was grouchy and angry. He spinned his bo staff around as he kept thinking about his dilemma.

" How could the master allow an outsider in? I was suppose to be his number one pupil, so why does he trifle me with that fishman?"

Giru stopped thrusting his bo staff as he heard the sound of footsteps. Giru flit his eyes as he moue seeing Momo and Emily walking together.

" So this is really where you guys go to train?" Momo asked as he walked beside Emily.

" Well, Giru is the one who trains," Emily replied as she tittered. " I mostly just cook and help around with the house work." Emily smacked Momo's scaly, moist back as she was giggling out loud. " So I'm basically the maid around here, master."

" Well, well, if it isn't the fishman," Giru scoffed as he stopped practicing with his bo staff and jeered at Momo. " What's the matter, fishy? Did the poor net brain get lost looking for water?"

" Hey, watch who you call net brain, you dunderhead!"

Both Giru and Momo leaned in next to each other and growled in unison. " Grrrrrrrrrrr."

" Now now, let's not fuss while we're in the dojo, you two," Emily tittered at Momo and Giru.

" Don't talk sweet to us when we're fighting!"

" (speaking in a western accent) What if I talk like this, y'all?"

" Stupid!"—Giru

" Shut up!"—Momo

" (normal) Now now, if you two keep fighting about such dreary matters, you'll never finds yourselves a girlfriend." Emily held her hands behind her head and winked at Giru and Momo. Both their cheeks tinted red seeing her wink at them. " Let's not forget you have a beautiful girl like me to think about."

" Eww!" Giru and Momo unified in disgust.

" Don't be stupid, Emily!"—Giru

" Who would ever want to date a girl?"-Momo

" Tee-hee."

" Sorry I'm late," Leopol said as he just entered the dojo. " I was up late reading Acrostic poems. "

" You were really up late reading poems again, master?" Emily asked as she tittered. " You really should stop. Reading late isn't really good for the eyes."

" Ah, Emily. Blight is everyday night. Day is bright.. We—gosh, I can't think of any more words. "

" Honestly, master, what's the point of you trying to tell us poems?"

" Ooh, just you wait, Giru. One day I'll tell you a poem so gratifying, everyone will like it. Now let's get down to our training." Leopol threw a bo staff at Momo who caught it. " In this dojo, your allowed to use weapons. So go kill yourselves with your bo staff."

" Are you sure it's okay to be using weapons?" Momo asked as he studied his bo staff.

" Of course." Leopol smiled and rubbed his chin. " You wouldn't be a great martial artist like me if you can't use weapons."

" Uh, okay." A trickle of sweat dripped from Momo's head. " What a weird sensei."

Momo studied the bo staff where he squeezed it tightly. As he squeezed it, the bo staff soon broke in Momo's hands.

" Guah!" Leopol gawked seeing Momo with smashed pieces of bo staff in his hands. " That thing is expensive!"

" Haha!" Giru sneered seeing Momo nearly crying holding the smashed bo staff pieces. "Looks like the fishman can't do anything but smash things! Hahah—"


" This is no time to be laughing, chuckles." Leopol snuck behind Giru and bonked him on his head. A large bump came out of Giru's head as he fell down. Leopol then comforted the weeping Momo. Leopol rubbed Momo's head and smiled. " There's nothing to be glum about. There's nothing wrong with being too strong. Just remember your gentle side."

" But I-I broke your stick."

" It's a bo staff. And I do admit it is expensive and not up your alley. But I think I have something that could benefit you."

Leopol walked out, walked back in, and then he came back carrying a metal pipe. Leopol swayed his metal pipe back and forth, smiling, as he walked back to Momo and gave him the metal pipe.

" What is this, master?"

" It's a very special weapon. Here. I found this lying on the ground. I picked it up because I thought something like this might happen. You can't break it no matter how hard you squeezed it."

" Wow, thanks, master."

" Blah, blah, blah, that's all well and done, master," Giru said in a cold tone. " Now get ready to be trifled, you fishman."

" Tsk. As impatient as always I see, Giru. Your demeanor will never change if you always act so egotistic about everything." Leopol walked back and stood between Giru and Momo. The master of the dojo raised both his hands up. " Let the battle between Giru and Momo begin." Leopol swished both his hands.

" It's on, fishy! Hyaaaaaaaah!"

Giru spun his bo staff around as he then thrusted it into Momo's metal pipe. Sparks came out of Momo's staff on contact. After the first strike, Giru bombarded rapidly thrusted multiple more jabs with his bo staff, but they all were reflected by Momo's metal pipe.

" Grrrraaaaaa! This isn't fair! This stupid pipes made out of metal! It won't break!"

" Wow, you sure are weak, Giru," Momo blurted out as he continued blocking Giru's bo staff.

" I-am-not-weak!"

Giru continued thrusting his bo staff at Momo with much more fury, and Momo still retained his balance as he blocked Giru's attacks with his metal pipe. As Giru jabbed for the hundredth time, jabbing into Momo's metal pipe, his bo staff broke.

" Guah!" Leopol gawked again. " Those things are expensive!"

" Wow, it actually broke," Momo said in bewilderment. He then examined his metal pipe and didn't see a single dent on him. " This thing is really durable."

" This isn't over yet, fishy! I still have one more trick up my sleeve!"

Momo watched in amazement as Giru's body started glowing white. He was sparkling, glossy, and his whole body became covered in white—


Leopol snuck up behind Giru and bonked him on his head, again. A large bump popped out of Giru's head as his eyes twirled around. " Giru, didn't I say you were prohibited from using your Devil Fruit powers until you finished your training?"

" Yes…(groaning, aching in his mouth) master…"

" Then why were you trying to use it? Don't you remember what would happen if you did it without any forethought? You need to restrain yourself better." Leopol dropped Giru and kneeled down in front of Momo . Leopol smiled and rubbed Momo's head. " Hey, Momo, are you hungry? I know a great ramen shop we can go to."

" Tee-hee," Emily tittered. Emily now had an apron wrapped around her with a strawberry on it. " But be back soon. I'll have dinner ready for the two of you."

" Owwwwwwww."

" Oops. Make that the three of you."


" Mmmmmmmmm," Momo mumbled smoothly while he enjoyed a bowl of ramen. " This is the best soup I've ever eaten. Thanks for taking me here, master."

" Yep, it is an exquisite dish," Leopol said as he slurped his bowl of ramen. " It helps relieve tension from stress. It can also be purchased for a nominal fee. It's the perfect cup to a perfect day."

" Pardon me, sir," the owner of the ramen store interrupted. " I hate to interrupt you, but could you pay the bill, please."

" Um…." Leopol stammered. " Right…your bill…Eieeeeeeeeee."

A trickle of sweat dripped from Momo's face. " You did bring money, didn't you, master?"

A trickle of sweat dripped from the ramen owner's face. " Yes, you did bring money for your meal, didn't you?"

" Errrrrrrrrrr." Leopol grabbed Momo's hand and ran away from the shop. " RUN!"

" Hey, nobody eats from my shop for free!"


" AHHHHHHHHH!" Both Leopol and Momo yelled as they ran through the streets being chased by a mob of angry citizens.

" This is all your fault, Momo!"

" My fault? This is all your fault! You're the one who kept taking stealing fruit from every cart we passed by, master!"

" Well, whatever the case, we'll never outrun them like this. " Leopol grabbed Momo's head and threw him to the crowd. " Sorry, Momo. I'll make it up to you; I swear!"

" AHHHHHH!" Momo fell on the ground near the mob of angry citizens. The mob surrounded him as they all surrounded the small fishman and thrashed their pitchforks at him. " I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, MASTER!"


" Master, you jerk! You nearly killed me!" Momo yelled as he rapidly punched his fists at Leopol who was also rapidly punching his fists.

" Don't get snippy with me, pupil!" Leopol shouted as he too was rapidly punching his fists. " I was doing what felt right!"

Giru and Emily were both watching Momo and Leopol bombarding each other in the dojo. Emily tittered as Giru shrugged.

" They sure are lively today, Giru."

" It's only been the first day and already he's fighting against master." Giru clenched his fists as he glared at Momo. " That stupid fish."

Leopol then fell back and bended his legs. A small cracking noise was heard as Leopol grabbed his cracked leg. "Ah, my tibia! "

" Come on, master, stop kidding yourself," Momo said as sweat trickled from his head. " Stop trying to fake me out."

" Waaaaaaaaah!" Leopol cried holding his leg. " Waaaaaaah!"

" Geez, master, when did you become so sensitive?"

Leopol stopped crying and stared at Momo with a stern face." Acting class."


" But that's not important right now. I believe it's time for dinner. Emily, start cooking."


Leopol, Giru and Emily were all surprised. Leopol and Giru both gawked with their mouths both agape, but Emily only tittered seeing the young, bullheaded fishman. Momo already consumed twenty rich dishes, was already on his twenty first dish, and gulped it down in an instant.

Momo held his empty rice out, smiled, said, " More please."

" Guah!" Leopol and Giru both gawked as they comically fell down. Leopol was the first one to stand back up.

" Don't you think you had enough, youngling?"

" cuse me, but I'm still tired from all that running you made me do, master. "

" Fu fu, you need to slow down if you expect to savor the taste, husband," Emily tittered.

" Husband?"

" That's right. When you and me grow up, we're going to get married together."

" Ew! Who wants to be married to a girl? That is so creepy."

" That's not the words you should be saying to your future wife, husband."

" What's most bizarre is that I have to listen to this rubbish!" Giru shouted as he stood back up and slammed his hands on the table. He gawked at Momo, still eating another bowl of white rice, growled. " Don't you think you've eaten enough, fishboy!"

" Hmf. Whatever. I'll just go take a nap—"

" Hold it!" Leopol shouted. " You're not going anywhere!" Leopol pulled out a steel bucket with water and a sponge. " Now that you've eaten, you need to burn off some CALORIES! I want every nook and cranny to be cleaned! SCRUB THIS WHOLE DOJO!"

" Huh? Why do I have to clean?"

" We all have to do chores around here, fishboy," Giru said snidely as he laughed to himself. " Does the clueless fish know nothing about cleaning?"

" Give me that!" Momo swiped the bucket and scrub away from Leopol. " I'll clean this place better than you ever could! Just watch me!"


" Boy, all this cleaning is really exhausting," Momo said while he was running with his back bent and scrubbing the floors at the same time. " I'm just glad it's almost over."

Three minutes later, Momo finally finished scrubbing the entire floor, and he collapsed from being exhausted. His buns were sore, his arms ached, and he had a headache. Just then Emily walked up to him and tittered.

" Sleeping on the job? You sure are lazy." Emily took out a small plate with sardines on it. " Would you like some fish?"

" Certainly. I would love some—wait a minute. You're not trying to fool me into looking like a fish cannibal, are you?

" Heheheheh," Emily giggled as she threw the plate away. " Guilty. Everyone knows I have a sick sense of humour." Emily stopped giggling and took out a piece of loincloth with flowers sewed on it. " Say, do you know what would really help you relax?"

" No, what would help me relax?"

" Sewing. You should try it."

"Me, a fishman, sewing? Hmmmmmmm. Okay."

" That's great. And maybe while we're sewing, we could talk about how we'll be betrothed."


" Hhehehehehehe."


Momo and Emily both sat in the same room as they were sewing together. Momo was clumsy with his fingers, pricked his fingers a few times, but still tried sewing his tiny needle through the silk of a loincloth.

" Is this your first time sewing, Momo?" Emily said as she smiled.

" Not really," Momo retorted still clumsily sewing his needle through his loincloth. " My mother used to show me how to sew whenever she wanted to teach me something; she must've taught me thirty lessons already. But this is the first time I've ever done it with my own hands."

" Well you are doing alright for your first time. Make sure to tie your thread in a knot and pierce through the right side of the fabric. Precision should be easier the more you practice."

" Okay…precision…right side of fabric…and…" Done pierced his needle through the fabric of his loincloth, pulled it out, and ripped the thread out of his needle, then showed what he stitched on the cloth: MOM. " Done."

" Wow," Emily awed looking at what Momo stitched on the loincloth. " That's pretty good for your first time, husband. I would say you're a natural at it."

" Thanks. Please stop calling me your husband."

" Momo!" Leopol shouted as he grabbed Momo behind his neck. " What are you doing here? You should be working."

" What are you talking about, master. I finished my chores, so can't I—"

" Chores? Chores was only the warm up." Leopol dropped Momo's metal pipe in his hands, then he reached his hands behind his neck and pulled him away. " Now that you've been secreted with the painkillers known as chores, training for you won't be so tiring."

" Make sure not to rough him up too much, master," Emily tittered watching Momo getting dragged away. " We have a sewing practice tomorrow as well."

" Somebody please help ME!"

Leopol dragged Momo out of Emily's room and closed the door behind her. She was still giggling behind her arm as she heard the screams of Momo behind her door.

" Ooh, that Momo. He's still got a lot of training to do."


" Ooof! I'm so tired!" Momo exclaimed as he collapsed on the futon known as his bed. "That Giru and master sure are ruthless. They made me run 100 suicides, 200 push-ups, and whacked that stupid metal pipe 1000 times. I think I might've broken my pelvis bone if I had one."

Momo rubbed the sheets of his futon. The sheets were leathery soft, rubbed against Momo's scaly face, and relaxed his tired body. Momo faintly smiled while rubbing his head against the sheets as he rested his head on the pillow.

" I guess things here aren't so bad. Being here is like living with a real family. That Giru is like that prick brother I've never had, but that Emily is like the annoying little sister I've also never had. Maybe if I'm lucky… I can live with them forever 'n' ever."


Months went by in Leopol's dojo. Momo learned different types of new skills—martial arts, skills with his metal pipe, sewing, and even learning to slow down and enjoying his food a little more.

Momo was in the training dojo with Giru, both of them carrying long poles; Giru holding a bo staff and Momo holding a metal pipe, and Leopol allowing the fighting to take place.

" May the rematch between Giru and Momo begin."

" Let's do this, fishboy!" Giru sneered as he leaped up and thrusted his bo staff at Momo.

" Yeah, let's get it on, Giru!"

Giru and Momo both clashed their weapons together. Giru was thrusting his bo staff at Momo, but Momo quickly spinned his metal pipe around and stopped Giru's attack. While Giru was thrusting his bo staff, he used only one hand to jab, and tried punching Momo was his free hand.

" Didn't expect that, did you, fishboy!"

Momo countered Giru's hands by jumping back and lashing his loincloth at him. The loincloth wrapped around Giru's free arm and around Momo's free hand.

Momo pulled his metal pipe back, smiled, said, " This makes us even now, Giru."

Momo continued swinging his metal pipe at Giru. Giru however blocked it with his bo staff. Both Momo and Giru were rapidly thrashing their weapons around, clashing into each other, but just reflected off. Giru then tugged on his loincloth as it spinned both him and Momo around.

" How about we add a little excitement!"—Giru

" That's fine by me, Giru!"—Momo

Giru and Momo continued thrashing their poles around. Momo spinned them right, left, and continued thrashing his metal pipe. Giru spinned them left, right, and continued thrashing his bo staff. Both Giru and Momo pushed their weapons together at the same time and tried pushing the other back.

" You know you can't stop me, Momo! I'm the greatest martial artist in the world! No one can stop me! No one!"

It seemed like Giru was about to prevail. He was strong, he pushed his bo staff down and managed to collide it against Momo's metal pipe. Momo's loincloth started to rip apart as Giru continued pushed down on him. Just when Giru was about to crush Momo under his weight, Momo simpered and closed his eyes.

" You may become the greatest martial artist, Giru, but nothing will stop me from reaching my goals. Fishman Karate—"

Momo threw his metal pipe behind his back. But Momo grabbed the hilt while it was flying and soared away with it. As Giru was still wrapped around by Momo's loincloth, he soared away with him.

" Whaaaaaaaaaa!" Giru yelled while he was flying away with Momo.

Momo got on top of his metal pipe, ran to the other end, then kicked his feet on the end, yelled " Surf 'n' Turf!"

Momo's metal pipe was pushed to the ground with Giru pushed along with it as Momo's loincloth ripped in half. Giru hurtled towards the ground and crashed with the metal pipe pushed in his chest. Momo then landed on his feet and raised his metal pipe up.

" Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!" Leopol yelled as he also clapped his hands together. " That was an excellent performance, Momo."

" Master!" Giru shouted getting back on his feet. Giru then pointed at Momo. " Momo cheated!"

" Giru, there is no cheating in a life or death battle. Momo just made great use of his essentials. Now why don't you two make up and enjoy a nice bottle of prune juice."

" I don't want prune juice," Giru pouted.

" Okay. Than why don't we go out for some ramen ?"

" I don't want ramen."

" I want ramen!" Momo cheered waving his hands.

" I want ramen too!" Emily cheered waving her hands and standing by the entrance to the dojo

" Ooh, three against one; I win. We're going out for ramen!"

" Ramen! Ramen! Ramen!"


" Momo, how could you do this to me?" Leopol shouted while he carried Momo away from the ramen shop. Momo had a mouthful of vegetables in his mouth. " How could you steal?"

" Brarahoublaou," Momo mumbled with food lodged in his mouth.

" What?"

Momo swallowed all the food in his mouth. Momo could now speak clearly, said, " It's not my fault, sensei. You're the one who's always taken things from people."

" What, so now it's my fault you were stealing? It's one thing to steal from someone, but it's another thing to be caught in the act. "

" He shouldn't be stealing in the first place," Giru grunted walking beside Momo and Leopol. " But he does have a point. What kind of teacher steals in front of his kids."

" Sensei's been naughty," Emily tittered walking on the left of Leopol. " Hahahahhaha."

" Grrrrrrrrr! It's not my fault! You guys don't give me any money!"

" That's still no excuse to be stealing." Leopol dropped Momo. Momo rubbed his head and scampered away from Leopol. " Now let this be a lesson to you, Momo. The next time I catch you stealing, your going to get a spanking on your behind." Leopol held his hand over his mouth as he tittered behind it. " I sure showed him. I'm so macho."

Momo kept running and bumped into a casket. The people carrying the casket dropped the casket and the body slipped out. Momo stammered seeing the corpse in the coffin, his arms and legs severed from his body, clammy white skin, and his own disembowelled.

" A-a-a-a-a-a-ah." Momo stammered seeing the disembodied corpse of what looked like a dead marine. "He's…he's…"

" Hey, is that a fishman?" One of the people who was carrying a coffin said. Momo looked at that person and saw him to be a marine.

" Aren't fishman suppose to be quarantined from this island?" Another one of the marine's carrying the coffin said as he stared at Momo.

" Wherever it came from, we need to take it into custody before it—"

" Hey, stop, leave that young boy alone!" Leopol shouted while he was running to where Momo was standing. "That young boy there is my pupil!"

"Huh?" All marines said in unison.

" This young fishman really belongs to you, Leopol?"

" It's a good thing you caught up with him when you did. If you showed up a single second later, we don't know what we would have done to him."

" Hehehehehe. Guess it's a good thing I showed up when I did. By the way, what happened to your friend?"

" Him? We don't really know. We were sent to explore a massacre in an island not too far from here. Our jobs were to collect the bodies and bring them back to our captain who was going to incinerate them. But while we were looking, we noticed one of them had a tattoo of a blue crab with a small golden heart."

" The person who died was our buddy Roco. I don't know why anyone would want to kill him. He's the most gentile and considerate member of our elite. "

" This is how we found him. All scratched up and torn apart. I mean…just look at this…" One of the marines took out his small cutlass blade and ripped it through the marines' cloth. As his chest was exposed, there were multiple scars along his body with blood still dripping out his pores. " See this? This was all caused by just one man."

" One man?" Momo thought studying the injured marines chest. " Could it possibly be…"

" What we found was a carnage of dead friends. It was a genocide."

" But one of our friends, Lex, was still alive. You should've seen him. The poor bastard had his right arm cut off and he looked at us like we were some kind of ghouls."

" That does sound pretty awful," Emily said with her most concerned of faces. " Did he tell you who wiped out your squadron?"

" Yeah," Giru said smacking his hands together. " Whoever he is, I want a piece of hi—"

" Giru, that's enough! Now, was there any information on who this person's name was?"

" He never said. The poor guy was so scared he could hardly keep his frickin' eyes straight. But he did say one thing to us."

" What?" Momo said out loud while his whole body was shaking. " What was it he said?"

" He said..." All the marines' throats gulped something in their mouths down. " Razor. He saw something with a razor sharp body."

Momo's body became cold. Hearing what the marines said, remembering his past, Momo also gulped from his throat while he was sweating. " Razor? Is it really him?" Momo clenched his scaly hands while his eyes turned red from his berserk. " I'm going to find him, and I'm going to kill him. I will avenge you, mother." X_X_X_X Young Momo couldn't stand living under the roof of his master Leopol anymore. Momo wanted to chase after Razor, the vile creature who killed his mother, and his only choice in the matter was too leave Leopol, Emily, and Giru no matter how much it hurt the young, timorous fishman.

Momo had no choice but to load his duffel bag with everything he'd need—clothes, snacks, books, clothes, needles and thread—he couldn't burden Leopol, Emily and Giru any longer.

Momo finally finished packing his duffel bag and walked towards the entrance/exit door of Leopol's home. But as Momo was just about to leave, he heard the sound of footsteps echoing behind him. Momo turned around and saw his sewing friend Emily standing behind him. She was wearing pyjamas, pink with yellow ducks on them, and her eyes shimmered in the light.

" Momo, what are you doing up so late?" Emily said as she had morose eyes.

" Er, I just had problem sleeping and decided to take a walk outside to help me sleep," Momo lied clenching his teeth together. " Sorry if I disturbed your sleeping, Emily."

" Momo."

" Yes?"

" Why are you lying too me? In all this time I've known you, you've never liked the dark. You said it gives you nightmares. So why are you really going outside, Momo?"

" (sigh) I guess I can't fool you, Emily. Promise me you won't tell Master Leopol or Giru, but I'm actually trying to find a man I met before. I promise you I'll be back by morning."

" Oh really," Leopol retorted in the shadows behind Emily. Leopol and Giru then walked out of the shadows behind Emily. Both Leopol and Giru had their arms crossed, their faces were rigid, and glared into Momo's eyes. " And just who is this person you're looking for, Momo?"

" Uh, just someone I meet fishing," Momo lied as he sweat dropped looking at Master Leopol's glaring eyes. " He promised me he would teach me night fishing."

" Fishing, eh? I find that pretty hard to believe, Momo, since you yourself are a fish. So why would you even want to go fishing?"

" Uh…uh…." Momo stuttered and nearly bit his lips with his razor sharp teeth trying to come up with a lie for Master Leopol, but as he ran out of ideas, Momo just became enraged. " Just leave me alone!"

Momo turned around and tried opening the door. But just as Momo was about to open the door, Leopol appeared in his way. Master Leopol towered over Momo, his arms crossed and his eyes glaring down at him.

" You're not going anywhere, Momo. I'm not leaving until you tell me what's really bothering you."

Momo walked backwards trying to elude himself from Leopol's watchful eyes. But as he was walking back, he bumped into Emily. Unlike Leopol, her eyes were more concerned than angry, and hers twinkled under the light and froze Momo.

" Momo, please answer Master Leopol. And please tell us the truth."

No matter where Momo looked, there was nowhere to go; he was surrounded by Leopol, Emily and even Giru who had his eyes fixated on him. Momo felt scared, gulped, then sighed.

" Alright, I'll tell you. I'm looking for the beast that killed my mother and everyone in my village. He's around here somewhere. I want to find him and kill him."

Leopol seemed no longer angry with Momo. Leopol comforted Momo in his grief, rubbed his head gently, then he slapped him across his right cheek. A red hand mark appeared on Momo's face where he had been slapped.

" Yeow!" Momo cried and held his hands over where he'd been slapped. "Why'd you slap me? It really hurt!"

"Too get some sense in your thick skull. What was the first lesson I taught you about karate, Momo? It must always be used defensively; never for vengeance. The reason it's like that is no matter how much power you have, you'll never be able to toughen your body looking for violence. Only by protecting someone will you ever master the true art. I understand your pain, but you just can't—"

" No you don't! You don't have any idea what type of pain I'm in! Have you ever watched someone you lose, the people you care about die or even see your own home go into ruin? No, you have no idea what I'm feeling! The only way I'll find be happy is if I get my revenge!"

" Happiness? In the way you are, you wouldn't know the first thing about happiness. You're an irrational, angry, naïve little fishman. I know I shouldn't be saying this, I'm not your father and all, but I—"

" Then stop trying to act like you're my father! You're not my real father! You're just a lazy, old, weak man! Why would I ever want to be a child of yours?"

The room became quiet for Momo, Emily and Giru as Leopol tilted his head down and had a grim look of anguish on his face. Leopol staggered, shuddered, then he raised his head and glared at Momo with cold eyes.

" You're right. I'm not your father. If I was your father, I'd raise you to be a good, respectable man. But all I see in you is a young fishman just waiting to become a monster. If you really want to leave so badly, Momo, then just leave. But if you leave now, you'll no longer be a pupil of mine."

" Fine! I'm sick of you! I'm done with listening too you! Have fun living the rest of your life without me, old man!"

Momo stomped towards the door. Just as he reached the door, Leopol walked away from the door and let Momo through. Momo's hands shaked with anger twisting the doorknob. He soon opened the door and stomped out into the dark, cold outdoors leaving Emily, Giru and Leopol behind.

" Good riddance," Giru scoffed watching Momo stomp away from Leopol's home. " We don't need that fishman anyways. "

" Momo!" Emily shouted. She tried running outside to talk to Momo, but Leopol stopped her with his hands. " Master, let me go! Momo needs me!"

" I'm it's no use trying to talk to him in the state he's in now, Emily. The only thing we can do is watch him choose his own path."

" Master, he won't be able to stop this creature, will he?"

" I'm afraid it is as it's been writing, Emily. I see the shadow of death on him."

Seeing Momo stomp away, Leopol began to remember all the times he spent with the young fishman. (A/N: When you see the letters bold, like this, it indicates a flashback in someone's mind; just like in the One Piece series)

" You're the first fishman who's ever become my pupil. My trains pretty tough. Are you sure you can handle it, kid."

" I can! I'll do whatever it takes too become strong! Just you wait! I'll be stronger than you and everyone that tries to fight with m—"


" Ow! Why'd you hit me?"

" Tee-hee. Just seeing if your brains as big as your tedious mouth. You have to be aware of your surroundings, fishy, if you ever expect to get through with me. Hehehehehe."

Momo kicked dirt off the ground. The dirt flew back and went into Momo's eyes, but he only growled too relinquish his pain. But while he was growling, Momo thought about a similar event that happened between him and Leopol.

" Okay. I'm almost done sweeping the floors. Once I'm done sweeping the floor, I can finally get back to sewing with Emi—" Momo stopped sweeping the floors and saw a pile of dirt on the ground. " Huh? Where'd that come from."

" Hey, there's dirt on the ground, Momo." Leopol said in a more sarcastic than angry tone. " Why don't you clean it up. Hehehehehee."

" Grrrrrrrr. I know you're responsible for this, master. But I'll play along with your game." Momo dragged his feet over to the pile of dirt and sweeped it away by spinning his brush in circles. When the dirt was swept away, Momo sneered at Leopol. " There. How do you live that, mas—" Momo gawked seeing more dirt spread across the ground. Leopol was standing in front of Momo with a bowl of dirt. " Y-you've got to be kidding me."

" Hahahahaha. Look at all this dirt, Momo. Just try to clean it up. Hehehehehehe."

" Your on!"

Momo ran while dragging his feet. While running, he wiped the floor and walls clean of dirt; he had to stop to change from floor to wall. But no matter how much dirt Momo wiped, Leopol just tossed more dirt and laughed. Leopol could move faster as he had two brushes strapped to his feet.

" Your going to have to move faster if you ever expect to beat me, Momo. Hahahahaha."

" Oh yeah. Watch this." Momo took a piece of loincloth out and wrapped it around his right foot with a brush under it. Because both his feet didn't have brushes, Momo had to stand on one foot when sliding. " I'm coming to get ya, master. Hahahahaha!"

Momo slide through the halls on his one brush. Momo soon caught up with Leopol, chuckled, then they started racing to the dojo.

" I'm going to win!" Momo laughed while he overlapped Leopol.

" Oh no your not!" Leopol laughed overlapping Momo.

It became a stalemate where neither Momo nor Leopol could out race the other. The race soon ended after Momo and Leopol both slipped and flew into the dojo. Giru and Emily were both already in the dojo, Giru training with his bo staff and Emily knitting, soon Leopol landed on the ground and Momo crashed on top of him.

" Oof!" Leopol groaned after Momo crashed on him.

" Hehehehehehehe," Momo laughed sheepishly while rubbing his head. " Sorry 'bout that, master. Hehehehehe."

" Oh, don't worry about it, Momo." Leopol stood up and got on top of Momo. Momo then started tickling Momo in his scaly armpits and the young fishman started laughing. " I'm just going to tickle you. Tickle, tickle, tickle."

" Hahahahahaha!" Momo laughed trying to smack Leopol's hands away. " Stop it, master, that tickles! Hahahahahaha!"

" What a bunch of nitwits," Giru shrugged watching Leopol tickling Momo, then scoffed when Momo changed positions and started tickling Leopol. " Their all just a bunch of shrubs."

" But that Momo is such a rowdy little fishman," Emily tittered watching Momo tickling Leopol, then giggled when Leopol stood up and both he and Momo tickled the other. " I hope we never split apart."

" Hahahahahahha!" Both Momo and Leopol laughed together. " Hahahahaha."

Momo was gone. Leopol, Emily and even Giru watched the young fishman jump into the water and swim towards the next island. The only thing Leopol did was stare at the water with his hands behind his back and pondered to himself.

" My predictions are usually wrong one out of ninety-nine percent, but I don't want to leave everything on chance. If Momo doesn't forget the turmoil of his past and think about his future, he is going to die. And there's nothing me I can do to stop him."


In an island not too far away from Leopol's house, the neighbour island too the one the marines found their dead friends body, the monster Razor was having a man slaughter. Through his carnage, Razor killed most villagers—men, women, children—he didn't stop until his thirst for blood was lavished.

Razor stood on a pile of dead bodies surrounded in a pool of blood. Razor, who was splattered with blood all over the blades protruding out of his body, stuck his tongue out and licked the blood clean off.

" Mmmmmmmmm." Razor mumbled licking the blood off his body. " This is quite an exquisite meal. It's almost enticing too me. Oh how I live for more."

" There he is!" A man shouted near Razor.

Razor lifted his head away from his razor body and saw five marines standing before him. Two of the marines carried pistols and three carried katana's. Most people would run seeing five marines, but Razor, the vicious monster that he was, he laughed seeing them.

" It's about time you boys showed up. I was starting to think you'd never come."

" Lieutenant , we need to use a buster call and fast!" One of the marines holding a gun shouted to a marine who was holding a sword. " It might no our only chance of winn—"

" Nonsense, cadet!" The lieutenant shouted at the marine holding a gun. " We don't need them to stop this thing. We can just blast him away with our guns. Men—" All three marines obeyed their lieutenant and raised their guns up and pointed them at Razor. " Open FIRE!"

Bullets discharged from all three marine pistols. The bullets hit Razor, bouncing off of his skin, and landing on the ground. Not a wound or dent was seen in Razor's skin or even the metal out of his body. Razor smiled snidely as he swayed his tail side by side.

" Is that really all you can muster? Honestly, marines are just so pathetic."'

" Quiet! Men, unsheathe!" All the marines who used guns previously unsheathed their katana's and pulled them all out. The metal of the marines' katana's glistened in the moonlight. Razor's blades and the puddle of blood glowed bright red from the moonlight—Razor's blades splattered with blood. " Men—" All five marines raised their katana's up and charged at Razor, shouting, " Charge!"

" Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

All five marines charged towards Razor. Razor however just stood still and smiled snidely watching the marines running for him. Just when the marines were about to come close to reaching Razor, he whipped his tail at them. The blade on his tail killed four of the marines—the lieutenant still alive—and both Razor and the lieutenant saw the marines being cut in half.

" You marines are such foolish creatures," Razor scoffed as all the marines he cut in half fell down in eight pieces and piled on top of each other. " Didn't you know? My entire body is made out of weapons. Everything from knifes to axes are what made up my body. Only one percent of my body is still human, and that's my vulnerable area. But do you think for one second you can find it on your own, lieutenant?"

" Ahhhhhhhh!" The lieutenant shouted as he charged towards Razor again.

Razor didn't even want to fight back against the lieutenant. The lieutenant reached Razor and tried jabbing his katana into Razor's chest, but the weapon bodied monster just stood still and watched the lieutenant's katana bounce off his metal bodied. While he was attacking, a small vein popped out of the marines head and his face tinted red from anger.

" Ooh, I just love seeing the face of someone seeking revenge," Razor retorted profanely. " It reminds me of me when I was just as weak as you. Oh how I miss those days." Razor moved his arms and grabbed the lieutenant by his neck and held him up high. " Now this has been fun and all, but my mother, god rest her soul, told me never to play with my food. So I guess this is good-bye."

" Agghhhhhhh!" The lieutenant cried while he felt his neck by crushed by grinders from Razor's fingertips. " Y-you monster."

Razor just ignored the lieutenant and stuck his tail out to the marine. Razor soon slit the marines' throat and splattered the blade from his tail with his blood. The blade was strong enough to enter the marine's trachea, he squirmed in his last moments alive, then his body went limp, dead.

" I tried to warn you. But you stupid marines are too reckless." Razor dropped the marine lieutenants' dead corpse and raised the blade of his tail to his mouth and lick the blood clean. " Mmmmmmmm. Tasty. But I probably should've been a little more moderate. Now that I've killed every single villager, there's no one left for me to play with. Tsk. What a cliché."

" Hey!" A young boy shouted behind Razor. Razor noticed the young boy too be Momo as he spun his body around. Momo took out his metal pipe and pointed it at Razor, growled. " I'm going to kill YOU!"

" Goody, goody!" Razor giggled clapping his steel hands together. " A survivor! Someone for me to play with!"

" You fiend!" Momo growled clenching his hands on the back of his metal pipe. " You'll pay! You'll pay for your crimes! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Momo ran towards the heinous monster Razor. Momo's thoughts were transpiring. Momo reached Razor and thrusted the tip of his metal pipe against Razor. Momo's pipe banged against Razor's body, bouncing off, but Momo continued to jab at him. As he was jabbing, Momo's eyes turned red from him being berserk.

" Ha, nice try, fishy," Razor retorted snidely while Momo was thrusting his pipe at him. " My body's made entirely out of weapons. Do you want to see how?" Razor slashed his tail into his chest. A large wound opened up but Razor didn't even flinch. Razor reached into the hole of his large wound and pulled a metal axe out. " See? I ate a very rare Devil Fruit. My weapons like an alveoli cell inside a honeycomb that grows from the tiniest feeling of air. First they start off small, then they become big."

" I-jab-don't-jab-care!" Momo exclaimed still jabbing his metal pipe at Razor. After he realized his attempts were futile, Momo repositioned himself, hunched over, and raised his pipe under Razor's eyes. " If I can't hurt your chest, then maybe I'll jab you in your eyes. Yahhhhhhh!"

Momo thrusted his metal pipe towards Razor's eyes, but his weapon just bounced off just like his last attacks. " W-what?"

" Ha. You didn't really think I'd leave myself vulnerable in my eyes, did you? Whether you see it or not, there's a prism shaped piece of glass around my eyes. You could use a chainsaw if you wanted to cut through the glass, but you'll just break it because my glass is virtually indestructible. In fact, you could use a chainsaw on any parts and you wouldn't even sever a limb. Every part of my body is indestructible! Muwahahahahaha!"

" N-no…this can't be true—"

Momo was confused, shocked, he could then sense an incoming attack coming from Razor. Momo somersaulted backwards just before he was nearly sliced by Razor's tail.

" Hmf." Razor moaned seeing his attack miss. Razor then smiled with the same snide look he gave too the marines. " I'm impressed. Not many people are able to avoid my attacks. And the only ones who've done that are my fellow Shichibukai brothers, and one sister."

" You bastard!" Momo exclaimed standing up again. Momo's eyes were red, his teeth were growling and he spinned his metal pipe around." Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! BASTARD!" Even though Momo's eyes were berserk, tears dripped from his eyes. "You took my mother away from me. My beautiful mother was kind to everyone and wouldn't hurt a fly. And you just slaughtered her like she was nothing, you monster!"

" I don't know who you're referring too," Razor smirked. "I've killed so many people in my life; it's hard to keep track of all of them. But there are times I dream about when I killed them. And when I do dream about killing them, it's always a gentle lullaby that helps me sleep. Ooh, how I love watching people die."

Momo couldn't stand seeing Razor toy with him any longer. Momo raised his pipe like a javelin and charged too him faster than a horse. While running, Momo shouted, " Monster! Monster! Monster! MONSTE—"

Just when Momo was about to reach Razor, where he'd be sliced in half by Razor's fast, stealth tail, someone in the shadows dashed in, grabbed Momo, and dashed away from Razor with Momo in his hands. Razor, who had no one to face, frowned.

" Hmph. It really grinds my gears seeing people ignore me. Now just where would you be hiding, fishboy?" Razor heard a creaking sound in a rickety, old, huge wooden store. He thought it was held together by tooth picks and glue. Razor whipped his tail at the store and sliced it in half. The structure of the store collapsed, but he didn't see anyone. " So, you're not in there? What a pity. I might have to tear down every building if I don't find you soon, fishboy."


Momo couldn't speak as an ominous person's cold hands' rubbed the back of his scaly neck. Momo saw Leopol as the one who saved him—at least, he thought so, until he got a closer look at the person and saw him wearing a ninja attire—his whole body covered in silk black sheets, an obi sash around his waist, and pieces of paper and hawk feathers with black ink on the tip.

" M-master?" Momo stuttered looking into the same eyes of his master; the only part not covered in black sheets. " Master, is that you?"

The man didn't usher a word. He took out a piece of paper and hawk feather from his obi sash and used the feather to write on the paper. The man then stopped writing on the paper and showed it too Momo: ( A/N: The letter will be bold just like the flashback and will follow a letter format)

It's me, Momo

I'm wearing this too help me blend in with the shadows. And, it's not good for you to keep talking. The creature you're facing, he can hear you through the vibrations of your voice on his metal.

Now if you'll follow me, I'll lead you back home.

Momo wanted to yell, became fidgety, but couldn't as he'd make Razor aware of his position, said slowly, " (whispering) W-why are you even here? ( I'm not your pupil anymore. So just go home."

Leopol turned his head down to Momo, staring at him as if to say, " I'm here to help, so just shush"; then he slipped his head forward to get a better view of Razor. While he was watching Razor; he was also writing on another piece of paper. Leopol then showed the letter too Momo:

There is something you don't know, Momo. You're not destined to survive this fight. If we don't leave now, I'm certain you're going to die.

" Me…(pause) dead?"

" That's right," Giru said quietly as he appeared out of the shadows behind Leopol. Giru was angry, his arms were crossed, and he was glaring at Momo. " We had to have a vote on whether we were going to risk saving you or not. Master vouched for you, I of course wanted to just leave you, but Emily also vouched we go. She also wouldn't stop pestering the master too go. So why don't you just do us all a favor and come with us."

Momo had only two options: live or die. We could go back to Leopol's—live the rest of his life training and being happy—but would eventually forget the calm, peaceful face of his mother. But he could fight—no matter how slim it looked he would survive—no longer having a family or a home.

" You guys..." Momo's body was fidgety. Momo's hands become sweaty and he was trembling. He clenched his metal pipe in his, then growled through his sharp, jagged teeth. " You guys should just leave me alone! I don't care what you feel! I chose revenge over everything!"

Razor was just standing behind Momo. With great speed, Momo dashed away from Leopol and Giru and jumped towards Razor. Razor saw Momo too late, the fishman was already on his ground level, he pulled his metal pipe back and whacked it straight into Razor's right shin.

" Oh no!" Giru shouted seeing Momo hit Razor's shin with his metal pipe.

Leopol too was startled, took out another piece of paper, and wrote on it:

Oh no

" He saw us!" Giru shouted at his master Leopol with devil-like eyes and serrated teeth. " Stop writing!"

Razor was shocked. Unlike the previous attacks Momo did on him, blood dripped out of Razor's shin. Razor, who was once shocked by Momo's attack, smiled snidely.

" Congratulations, fishman. You've found my Achilles' heel. "

Razor fell over from the pain he felt in his shin. While he fell over, vulnerable too be attacked, Momo glared at Razor and raised his metal pipe over the monsters head, growled.

" You'll (pause) pay. Yaahhhhhhh!" Momo whacked his pipe down towards Razor. But before the pipe could touch him, Razor's tail whipped out and stabbed Momo straight through his chest. "Agh!" The blade soon lunged out of Momo and the fishman fell towards the ground. " Nooooooooo!"

Momo fell and crashed on the ground. Momo was stabbed in one of his bone narrows right beside his spleen. An ordinary human would've died instantly being struck there, but Momo's anatomy was constructed differently, though it didn't stop how he was immobilized and bleeding from his chest.

" It's a shame," Razor said snidely. " If you used a sword instead of that weak pipe, you could've sliced my foot off and I'd surely bleed to death. But I guess that doesn't matter to me now that you're about to die." Razor, who stood limply up because his right shin was injured, moved his tail up as he prepared to finish Momo with it, smiled. " Don't get me wrong, fishman. I had a lot of fun playing with you. I wish we could've played just a little longer, but I've got other things to do. Farewell then, fishman."

Momo wanted to run—he wanted to fight back against the merciless, villainous Razor—but the wound in his chest near his spleen left him incapacitated. The only thing could do was remorse while Razor laughed heinously from his mouth.

" You're my family—Giru, Emily and Momo. As long as you stay with me, I won't let anything bad happen to you. And I'll do it again and again because I love you all the same. So until the day you become strong, smart adults, please stay by my side. "

" Master was (pause) right." Momo thought while reminiscing. I-I was just so angry. Master, I'm sorry—"

" Momo! Nooooooooo!"

Emily jumped out from beside Momo and pushed him out of Razor's way. But as Momo was out of Razor's way, Emily was in the path of his tail. In just one second—one second where Momo was staring into Emily's eyes, her waist was cut in half by Razor's sharp tail.

" Emily!" " Emily!"

Seeing Emily fall with her body cut in half nearly brought tears to Momo's eyes. Without a second of hesitation, Momo quickly ran towards Emily and kneeled down as he held her top half in his arms—the saddest part was she was still alive.

" M-Momo?" Emily calmly said. Despite having her body cut off, she had a smile on her face and small tears dripping from her eyes. " You didn't get hurt, did you, Momo?"

" Forget about me!" Momo shouted. As he held Emily in his arms, tears dripped from his eyes. " What the hell were you thinking? I-I mean… just look at you."

" Momo."

" (crying) What?"

" I'm sorry I made you cry, Momo. Please don't be sad. Try to be happy."

" H-how can you say that? It should have been me! I-I should've been the one he cut, so why did you try to protect me? I'm just a monster! I'm nothing but a big, scary, scaly monster! Why would you do this for me?"

Emily at first didn't answer Momo. In her last moments of breath—last moments she got to stare, smile at Momo—Emily raised her fragile arms up and rubbed Momo's face. His face of course felt rough because of his scales, but Emily didn't seem to care.

" Your eyes…their so gentle. You have the same kind eyes my brother always had. Just like you, he always felt like he was different, but just like you he'd seek comfort being near me. In all the time I've been sewing with you like I would with my brother, Momo, it made me so happy." Emily slowly raised her head up and kissed Momo's left cheek. Momo may've been a fishman, may've had rough scales instead of smooth skin, but his cheeks tinted red from embarrassment and he blushed. " Thank you for everything you've done, Momo."

In an instant—Momo couldn't stop, change, but could only watch—Emily's spirit left her body and she died in Momo's arms. Momo may've been a fishman who couldn't feel the warmth of skin, but he could feel her skin become frigid, and the coldness made Momo cry.

" Emily…no. Emily, please…please don't leave me. Emily…" Momo raised Emily up as he hugged her tightly. " I'm sorry."

" Aww isn't that sweet." Razor said in a wicked voice. Momo could almost hear his tail swaying in his sadistic joy. " The fishman loves the human. But I guess it doesn't mean anything now. That girl is dead, and you trying to be the hero got her killed by me. But don't be so sad. It's not truly good-bye." Momo turned his head back, and then he saw Razor with his teeth clenched. " You can join her in the afterlife!"

Razor pulled his tail back and prepared stinging him with his long tail. Momo, even though he was about to be stabbed, he was too sad too move. While he was immobilized, crying, a shadow scurried behind Momo and stood between the sad fishman and the vile Razor.

" Flicker-Flicker Push!"

The person hiding behind the shadows flicked his fingers at Razor's most vital area; his shin. Razor was pushed far away by the man hiding behind the shadows. Razor was pushed into the air, flying high into the sky, but didn't scream.

" M-master?" Momo turned his body around, where he was still holding Emily's body, and he saw Master Leopol and Giru standing before him. " Master, it really is you. "

" That's right, it is me, Momo. Even though you might be said, it's that feat of bravery that helped me. By hitting his vital spot, I managed to use my Flicker-Flicker technique. It's a special kind of Rokushiki marital art that I've learned to master."

" That's right!" Giru shouted optimistically while raising both his arms up. " You're the best, master! You can stop this thing, right?"

Leopol however looked grim as he tilted his head down. " No, Giru, I can't."

" Huh? What do you mean?"

" I mean I'm not strong enough to stop him. I-I just don't have the strength too. I'm sorry, Giru."

" Hahaha. You're joking, right? You can actually stop this thing, right? You're supposed to be the greatest martial art fighter in the world. If you're not the strongest, then why am I taking lessons from you?"

" I'm sorry, Giru, but I just don't have the strength to win."

" You liar! You told me you could make me strong! I went under your wing just for the sake of becoming strong, then I was suppose to beat you and become the greatest martial artist in the world! But you failed me, you liar!"

Momo, Giru and Leopol then heard the sound of rustling off in the distance. Without a moment too lose, Giru dashed from away from Momo and Leopol and ran to where the noise was coming from. As he ran, Giru's body glowed bright white just like he did the first time he faced Momo. But then Leopol appeared in front of Giru and held his hand out too stop him from moving.

" Just what are you trying to do, Giru?"

" What does it look like? I'm going to beat this thing where you failed. I'm going to use my Devil Fruit power on it."

" You can't. The power of your Devil Fruit is stilly massively unstable. And you still haven't finished your training."

" Forget that! When I beat this thing, I'll be known forever as the greatest warrior in history. How do you like that, Leopo— " Leopol stopped Giru by holding his hands out and hugging the small, callow student." W-what are you doing?"

" I'm just showing you the love and affection your family spurned from you. You're my very first student—you've always been like a son to me—and yet I've never once hugged you like a father should. But I'm afraid I need you to do something for me, Giru."

" Huh? What could you possibly want me to do for you?"

Leopol raised his right hand up and prepared to karate chop Giru behind his neck. " I need you to be strong. I need you to live on. In time, you'll need to fight. But that is not today." Leopol chopped Giru behind his neck, and Giru was unconscious on contact.

" Master!" Momo shouted seeing Leopol knock Giru out. " Why did you do that?"

" I had to do it, Momo. If he used his Devil Fruit Powers, things would turn into a genocide. Now…" Leopol switched Giru's unconscious body with Emily's dead body; he made Momo hold Giru while he held Emily's top half. " I need you to get out of here, Momo."

" What? I'm not leaving you. You said so yourself that I'm no longer your pu—"

Leopol raised his hand in defense. Leopol shushed Momo, walked up to Momo, then he rubbed the young fishman's head. " No matter whether I'm your master or not, you'll always be my pupil. But you need to think things for yourself, Momo. "

" Master…"

" And as for you going…" Leopol prepared to flick his fingers; he pressed his index finger against his pinky and walked up to Momo, smiled. " I wasn't 'asking' you. Flicker-Flicker Push!"

Just like with Razor, Leopol flicked his fingers, but this time he did it on Momo's chest. And just like before but with different people, Momo with Giru were both pushed far away by Leopol. Leopol took sympathy on them and smiled watching them fly.

" Good-bye, you young child's. I wish I could've been with you just a little bit longer."

" It's time for you to die, old man!" Razor shouted from behind. Leopol turned his head around and saw the villainous Razor sauntering towards Leopol with a snide smile on his face. " I enjoy the scent of blood; really I do. And killing someone as old as you will give quite the scent. But are there any last words you'd like to say, oldy?"

Leopol took off his top clothes and exposed his chest. Leopol then clapped his hands together as his body glowed bright white. As he was glowing, Leopol smirked.

" I have something I'd like to tell you." Leopol held his hands out and small white balls glowed bright white. " Before I trained in the art of martial arts, I ate a Devil Fruit. The name of the Devil Fruit was Bomu Bomu no Mi Fruit ( Boom Boom Fruit). My entire body is a massive dynamite that's set to blow. "

" Ha. That's not going to scare me, oldy! Even if you do manage to blow up this entire village, it won't do anything against me. I'm not only made out of weapons but I'm also larva too them. I'll just grow back."

" I know I'm not strong enough to defeat you. But that doesn't mean I can't lesion you." Leopol slowly ran towards Razor. While he was running, he stretched both his arms out. " By the time you recover, I know two strong, noble fighters will come and put a stop to your rein of terror. And I know this because—" Leopol finally reached Razor, jumped up while his body was still glowing, smiled." Those fighters are my sons."

Leopol's eyes glowed with a red ultraviolet light. Red ultraviolet light glowed everywhere out of Leopol's skin. Leopol's body wasn't a dynamite, it was a bomb, about to explode, it went…



Back in the present, Momo of whom had been badly wounded and was bleeding blood everywhere from his body, finally returned to the reality of his dilemma.

" He called me his son. A human actually called a fishman like me his son. I-I made a vow after that fateful day. I promised myself I would never let anyone else close to me get hurt—Daniel and Razi. I promise the two of you, Razi, Daniel, I will get strong so I can protect both of you."

Through the turmoil of Momo's past and the pain of having water gushing against his blood, Momo felt something swelling up inside of him. Momo felt energized—he felt like his rage was giving him power—but with it he started going berserk.



Doctor in his obscene beast body had moved to the water where Momo was pushed into. Doctor had a deviant smile on his face as he thought about the five stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance—all of which he had but no longer felt content too after seeing Momo drown.

" And that takes care of you, fishy. Now I can finally get on with—what?" Doctor couldn't see himself as he was blinded by his rage, so he was surprised seeing the hideous, animalistic face of a purple-furred lion reflection in the water. " No! That can't be me! What happened to my face? Where is my beautiful face?"

Doctor trembled seeing his own reflection in the water; he found himself to be morbid and grotesque. But remembering his sister Emily and remembering her untimely death, Doctor growled from his jagged, serrated lion teeth.

" Damn them all! They're nothing but disgusting creatures anyways! They did this to me! And I'll make them all pa—"

Small bubbles soon floated out of the water. Dozens of bubbles were floating out, flying into the sky, then popping. Then underneath the water came the cold, scary eyes of the fishman Momo. His eyes were in full berserk—red, wide, glaring—and they seemed to be glaring at Doctor.

" I don't want to hurt you," A loud voice growled out from Momo's vocal chords. " But this senseless violence must end." A small whirlpool started to spin around Momo in the center of the water. As the water was spinning, small water droplets splashed out of the water and drizzled on Doctor. " Fishman Karate: Crasher Lake!"

Momo slammed his left arm on the surface of the water. As he did, the water at the other end was pushed up and a giant tidal wave roared towards Doctor. Doctor didn't' move. He was too shocked, angry, and was sucked in by the tidal wave, and then he was pushed by the massive wave underwater.

" Shit, my Devil Fruit weakness is catching up! I can't even move a muscle! Am I going to drown like this?"

Momo however had other plans for Doctor. The berserk fishman kicked his webbed feet into the water and pushed Doctor into the rocks below the waterfall. Doctor smashed into the rocks as he was weak, fell off the rock's surface and fell straight into the water. He made a giant splash while he falled.

Meanwhile, under the water Doctor was no longer angry. The water felt so peaceful and relaxed the once angry doctor. As he sank to the bottom of the water, where his body felt like it weighed 500 tons, he smiled thinking back to his sister.

" I am defeated. I now understand it wasn't the fishman's fault. Sister, though you are kind, your kindness was your undoing. I guess it's just up to you, Yoh and Umbrage. I know you'll fight your hardest. And for you, sister, I just want you to know…" Doctor closed his eyes and kept them shut to get a vivid image of his sister Emily smiling in his mind. " I'll be joining you soon enough. I want us to play together…just like we used too."


Lucas finally woke up after being out for so long. The first thing she felt was the pain of her recently stitched arm. Wrenching, gasping, Lucas applied pressure too her hand to stop any more pain.

" W-where am I?" Lucas thought out loud turning her head both ways too get a better view of the forest. " Jen? Jen, are you around here, Jen? Jen?"

" I'm afraid it's no use calling out for his help, captain," the snide voice of Yoh said somewhere nearby.

Lucas turned her head around. Behind her was the devious, ruthless smile of the traitorous pirate Yoh. He had both his hands behind his back, had his left leg over his right leg, and chuckled while clenching his teeth together.

" Yo-ack!" Lucas shouted after the pain in her arm started acting again. " Damn. If he tries to attack me, I'm a sitting duck. Stupid, useless arm." Lucas looked everywhere for Jen as he was the only member of her crew not being controlled. " Hey, where is Jen."

" Ooh, he's around her, captain. Or should I say ex-captain?" Yoh finally raised his arms out from behind his back and showed Lucas what was in his hands—she gasped in horror. Yoh had the severed, decapitated head of Jen in his arms. " Take a good look at this, Lucas. This is what will become of you. Muwahahahahaha!" Lucas's fear outweighed her pain. Seeing her beloved Nakama Jen's head, which was being held by the snide, ruthless Yoh, the trims of Lucas's eyes turned red as she mourned him and cried.

" J-Jen."

" Ha!" Yoh laughed snidely. " It's a funny thing with this one. Even when he was on the peak of death, he never stopped believing you'd come and rescue him. In fact, before he died, he kept yelling—" Yoh raised Jen's decapitated head beside his face and made a worried face like he was impersonating Jen. " Captain! Captain Lucas please save me!" Yoh's face returned to the snide, wicked smile and he raised Jen's head over his head. " Then, when he died, he said—" Yoh closed his eyes, opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. " Cappppptttttaiinnnnn—Ugggggghhhhhhh!"

" Y-you bastard!" Lucas exclaimed, though when she did she winced from the pain in her arms.

Lucas's mind couldn't overcome the feelings of grief in her mind—sorrow, loneliness, broken heart, forlorn suffering, desolation—and she couldn't stand seeing Yoh laugh at her Nakama's death and touching his head up and down like a basketball.

" Haha! That was such a riot!" Yoh caught Jen's head and stuffed it between his right arm under his elbows. Yoh sneered his teeth at Lucas as he walked slowly towards her. " You can continue sulking if you want, Lucas, but it's not going to bring him back. But what you can do is sit still for me. I finally understood why you rejected me." Yoh reached down and clamped his hands on Lucas's hair. With a small tug, Yoh pulled her head up. " It was because I was treating you like a lady. Apparently you're too tomboyish you've forgotten how a woman is treated. Well now I'm going to treat you like a man."

" B-bastard—"

Yoh ignored Lucas and kicked her in her stomach. Silhouette of the tree branches shadowed the misery in her face, but Lucas was coughing up blood every time Yoh kicked her. Lucas wanted to run, she just wanted to get away from Yoh with the severed head of her Nakama, but her debilitated injured arm wouldn't let her move. She could only bleed and cry about her sorrow.

" You're my bitch! (kick) And I'm going to train you to act just like a bitch should! (kick) I'll rectify you of everything you have with spunk (kick) , pugnacity (kick), and your own free thoughts so you'll be obedient too me—"


A bullet was shot from behind and charged straight into Yoh's back. When the bullet made contact, a small shock of electricity hit his back. Yoh was more confused than shocked. As Yoh turned his head around, he saw the body of Jen. What he saw wasn't the real Jen, but Jen without his head and holding one of Lucas's revolvers.

" Impossible!" Jen exclaimed seeing headless Jen with Lucas's guns. "You should be dead!"

" J-Jen…?" Lucas moaned while she was still on the ground, but smiled weakly seeing her Nakama's headless body. " Jen."

Yoh was less than pleased, reached down his back and pulled out a giant axe with a giant blade, shouted, " If cutting of your head won't kill you than I'll slice you into mincemeat!" Yoh ran slowly while stomping his feet on the ground and making loud echoing sounds. When Yoh was near Jen's body, he raised his axe over his head and then he chopped his axe down. " Die!"

Yoh missed his swing. Just before his axe could slice through the skin of Jen's body, an orange ball of light flew out of the hole on Jen's neck and Jen's body fell on the ground. Yoh didn't like missing. He huffed, puffed, and he swinged his axe around and yelling like a baboon while swinging it.

" Come on!" Yoh shouted swinging his axe around. " Show yourself! You can't hide yourself from me, whoever you are! I am going to slice you up—"

Out of nowhere, behind Yoh's back, a giant piece of bark flew out from behind and smacked him in his back. Yoh was ticked off as his head was red and his eyes became white. Turning around, Yoh sliced his giant axe at the bark, but a small orange ball of light flew out before his axe made contact.

Yoh blinked seeing the orange light, his lips became lisp, he muttered, " What the—"

Another piece of bark then flew out from behind and smacked into Yoh's back. Yoh sliced the bark in half, but another log flew out and smacked Yoh behind his back, again. A multitude of giant pieces of bark soon came out of different directions and smacked into Yoh in all sides.

" This is just—" A piece of bark smacked into Yoh's face and then fell down. " Getting—" A piece of bark smacked into Yoh's face and then fell down. " Ridiculous!"

Yoh was being bombarded by a barrage of bark. Yoh continued swinging his axe around, he was trying to find the source responsible for his vexation, but every time he sliced one piece of bark a small orange ball of light just flew out of the bark before he made contact.

" I know someone's responsible for this," Yoh thought as he was bombarded by bark. " But who can it be? Lucas is crying like a dog below my feet, all of her crew are under Doctors' drug, and Flinch, Doctor and Umbrage should've taken care of those pests she was with. The only one left is…Jen."

Everything became silent as pieces of bark stopped firing at Yoh. But as the bark finally stopped hitting him, Yoh could hear the sound of something rolling towards him. Below his feet, seen by the twilight of the moon, Yoh saw the head of Jen rolling towards him.

" No…it can't be…"

The head of Jen rolled too Yoh's feet. Yoh picked up Jen's head and raised it too his head. Jen's face looked pale, his hair seemed to be sparkling, but otherwise Jen seemed the same as when Yoh saw him with his head attached.

" This is just too spooky—"

" Boo!"

Even though he was just a head, Jen's eyes popped open and he laughed in Yoh's face. Yoh dropped the head and let it fall to the ground. While Jen's head was on the ground, he rolled backwards to his decapitated body and laughed from his mouth.

" J-Jen?" Lucas mumbled as she was confused. Jen then saw Lucas and the small puddle of blood she coughed up. Jen's head rolled to Lucas, stopped in her puddle of blood, and he smiled. " Is that really you, Jen?"

" Yep. And let me just point out it's nice to be on your blood, captain, but I'd appreciate it more if you could stand up."

" Impossible!" Yoh shouted behind Jen. " I cut your head off! You should be dead."

" Silly Yoh. You can't kill me. " All the animation in Jen's head went away and he closed his eyes as a small ball of orange light seeped out. Jen's headless body then walked in, grabbed Jen's head by its hair, and pulled him up as he placed it over his hole. A coating of orange light glowed from Jen's body, then Jen's head smirked. " You can't kill me because—" Jen ripped his shirt off. Under his shirt, two large holes were on his upper left and far right parts of his body. " I'm already dead."

" W-what?" Yoh and Lucas both stammered together.

" That's right. See, before I died, I ate a Devil Fruit. I believe the locals where I found it called it the Tamashii Tamashii no Mi Fruit ( Soul Soul Fruit). They also called me a Fukkatsu Ningen ( Reviving Human). Unlike Soul King, who you probably know as Brook from the Straw Hat Pirates, my soul isn't just something that lies in a persons' body; it's me entirely. My whole mind is really in that green, small smoke we call our souls."

" Y-you mean too tell me you're…immortal?" Yoh gawked as he stuttered in fear.

" Not really. Since my soul is me, if what I'm putting it in is destroyed before I can leave or my soul is destroyed when it leaves that vessel, I too will die."

" Heh. Too bad for you."

Yoh heard the sound of moaning off in the distance—almost like zombies were stepping towards him—but he smiled hearing their noises. From behind him Lucas's possessed crew walked in. They all avoided Yoh as they walked past him and headed towards Jen.

" Are you scared now, Jen?"

" Meh." Jen scoffed and smirked while he moved his head down. " I have no reason to be afraid of my own crew." Jen then clutched his hands together as he glared into Yoh's eyes. " But I hate you with every essence of my soul. I will fight you for Captain Lucas and everyone in her crew you hurt, you monster!"

" What a cliché. You're about to be killed by your own Nakama's, and yet you feel resentment towards me; a traitor. I can understand what your ordeal is, but I just don't understand you, Jen." Yoh smiled snidely while every member took out their weapons—axes, katana's, swords, taito's, chains, knives—and they all glared at Jen with their cold eyes. " And I don't have too. These men are going to end your miserable, soulless life. Men, attack!"

All of Lucas's crew charged at Jen with their weapons held up high. Jen however didn't try running forward or running back as his body was covered in an orange glow. A small orange ball of light seeped out of Jen's mouth, zoomed on the closet member who carried an axe, then the orange ball entered the axe-wielding members' mouth.

" Gulp."

The man's body then started to glow bright orange. Jen possessed the pirate inside his body. The man spun around, turned his face to the nearest member, and he whacked the dull side of his axe into his face. The axe-wielding pirate soon went into a frenzy where he continued whacking his axe in the sides of the pirates' faces.

" Your enemy has taking over his mind!" Yoh shouted to his group of pirates. " Get the one with the axe!"

The pirates did as Yoh told them and attacked Jen while he his soul was possessing the pirate wielding an axe. But while they were attacking the axe-wielding pirates, Jen's orange soul seeped out of the pirates mouth and entered through the mouth of a pirate holding a knife.

There was soon a brawl between Jen's soul and all of the pirates. One pirate punched the pirate with Jen's soul harboring inside of him, but Jen's soul seeped out and entered through the other pirates' soul. These actions were recapped, pirates attacked Jen but he controlled them, then a stronger pirate would fight him. But with every body Jen switched too, the previous one lost consciousness.

Lucas watched while in great pain, saw her Nakama Jen taking down the hordes of her own pirates, smiled. " You're really something, Jen. I'm surprised by how much you've grown. Not only can you win, but maybe one day you'll be stronger than me." It was then she noticed one of her revolvers lying on the ground, smiled. " But that days not today."

Jen finally switched to the pirate with a chain and giant rock attached to the end. Jen spinned his chain in circles, stretched the rock out around his body, and slamming it into other pirates' faces. The pirates all collapsed—they were unconscious; not dead—but Jen still had to get out of the other pirates body and move back to his original pale body—which he did.

All of Lucas's pirates were knocked out. Jen could hear the sound of their breath while they were silently breathing. But while all of Lucas's pirates were down, Jen, who had a knife cleaned from blood in his hands, walked up to the vile, traitorous pirate Yoh.

" H-hey…you're not still mad about me cutting off your head and all?" Yoh murmured staring at the red-trims of Jens' glaring eyes. "I-I was just kidding with you is all. I know you would survive, Jen. You seem like a good, docile, gentle boy." Jen stood in front of Yoh with his head impeding what he'd do with his knife. " So why don't we let bygones be bygones and just move on—"

Yoh quickly swinged his axe out and tried slicing it through Jen's body. His axe went to a stop, blood trickling out covering the axe, and Yoh laughed snidely. " Jokes on you, Jen. Haha! I'm going to kill you, then I'm going to kill that daughter of a liar and a tramp!"

Yoh pushed his axe down too add pressure and deepen the wound he inflicted on Jen. As he was pressing down, making gushes of blood ooze out, Yoh was smiling wickedly and chuckled to himself. It wasn't until he pushed as far as he could—losing all the numbness in his arms—he saw the blade of the axe turning around and actually cutting through Yoh's hands.

" You're small brain hampers your ability to actually swing a weapon, Yoh," Jen said inside of Yoh's giant axe. The axe pulled out and a small blood bleeding with blood was seen. " My soul allows me to control anything that's inanimate or that doesn't have a will of its own. With this axe you've been holding onto for so long, I'm the one who's going to slice you into mincemeat."

The wood in Yoh's axe turned around and nearly sliced through Yoh's head, but Yoh dropped his axe and jumped back before his axe could touch him. It wasn't over yet as the axe stood up, the metal head bending up and looking at Yoh, and the wood jumping towards him.

Irk and itch at Jen like a mouse when he sees a big cat. Yoh was scared, his mouth was lisp, and he crawled back while his own axe was jumping towards him. While it was jumping, Yoh started to sweat drop.

"" Stay back!" Yoh shouted . The axe spinned around and prepared to hack into Yoh. " Noooooooooo!"

"Blazing Shotgun!"

One of Lucas's bullets fired into Yoh's chest and a small explosion came out. The explosion scorched Yoh's chest, he yammered in pain, then he fell on the ground. Jen turned his head around and saw Lucas as she was holding one of her revolvers in her unstitched arm.

" Captain?" Jen asked while he was looking down at Lucas. " Why didn't you let me have my way with Yoh, captain? He committed treason and mutiny against our crew. He deserves to die—"

Lucas fired a warning shot besides Jen to shush him up. Lucas then dropped her gun. She used her free arm to push herself up and limply moved towards Jen. While walking, she breathed raspy and was sweating.

" Even-ack-scum like him-ack-doesn't deserve to die-ack-Jen." Lucas walked besides Jen's right side. Jen turned his head to the right and saw Lucas's smiling face. " You're-ack-different from-ack-him, Jen. You're strong, kind and noble."

" Umm, thank you, captain. That was really amazing shooting you did back there, captain."

" Well of course." Lucas stood triumphantly as she placed her unstitched hand on her waist and started laughing out loud. " I am the daughter of the greatest sharpshooter in all of the blue seas. I am the daughter of the great Sogeking. But I will remember him of the man my mother mentioned, who both looking out for me even when they're dead, Ussop the pirate."

" That's great to hear, captain. Now please excuse me." Jen stomped up to Yoh as he grabbed his scorched body by the collar and pulled him up. " Yoh, you're charged with mutiny and have committed treason against your captain. What do you have to say for yourself?"

But while Jen was squeezing Yoh by his neck, Yoh started laughing snidely. " I say you and your bitch of a captain is dead. You may've defeated me, and if by some miracle you're able to defeat Flinch and Doctor, you'll never be able to defeat Umbrage. His lust for blood is strong! You'll never be able to stop hi—"

" Shut up!" Lucas raised her revolver up and raised it at Yoh. She fired a small bullet from her gun and it went straight into Yoh's chest. When he was hit, Yoh felt tired, lethargic and closed his eyes as he snored soundly. " My tranquilizer bullets work like a charm. He should be out for a few hours. But while he's asleep, Jen, I need you to get a branch or a piece of rope and tie him out."

" Aye aye, captain."

Jen ran away from Lucas to look for a tree with a friable branch. As he looked for a branch, looking both ways, he noticed a pair of footsteps he believed were Razi's.

" Razi sure has been gone for a while. I hope he's alright. Could he actually have met—""

" Jen, over here!"

Jen flinched at the sound of Lucas's voice. Jen then ran too where Lucas was lying. Lucas was scared, she was sweating, and her fingers twitched at something ahead of her.

" What is it, captain?"

" Jen…l-lo-look…"

Jen looked down at where Lucas was pointing. It was his great horror and mystery that he saw the shadow of a tree. Only when he was looking at the shadow, gasping in the process, he saw what looked like knife marks on the shadow of the tree—the real tree itself was perfectly fine.

" Could this be…Umbrage?"


Razi was running around frantically. He was lost, worried, and didn't know where to go. Not too his prior knowledge, Razi was running around a tree over, and over, and over again.

" Which way too water?" Razi shouted frantically while running around the tree over, and over, and over again. "" East, West, South, No—Which way is North? Which way, which way?

While Razi was too busy frantically running around the tree frantically and squeezing his head, Umbrage, the last of the four, he was watching Razi in the shadows—his head poked out under the ground as the rest of his body was in the shadows.

" I think I just found my target."

" North! North! Nobody taught me which way is North!"

" Beating him shall be a cinch." X_X_X_X " Crap!" Razi shouted while he was scratching through the bark of a tree in his wolf form. " Which way is North?" Razi then went into a frenzy scratching the bark of the tree like it was his scratching post. " North (scratch)! North ( scratch)! North ( scratch)!"

Razi was having trouble finding the nearest stream. After searching under rocks, around trees, and even under the ground, Razi couldn't find even the smallest drop of water. Being the irrational, thick-headed person that he was, Razi felt comfort using his claws against something, but it eventually became tiring for him.

" I-ack-must-ack-get that water for-ack-Jen. I made a-ack-promise to-ack-him."

Razi leaned his body against the bark of the tree. Razi damaged the tree more than he thought so, and as he applied pressure to it, he pushed the tree down.

It was by coincidence—no, a miracle was the word Razi would use—behind the large stump of a tree was a small pond of water seeing at the end of the woods. Razi's eyes sparkled like stars seeing the pond of water, then without thought he sprinted through the trees and headed for the pond.

" Water here I come—"

Razi was ambushed by a strong, furry creature. Razi was pushed to the ground by the strange creature and he saw how the creature was pigmented. The creature was also ravenous, he was snarling his fangs and sticked his pitchfork of a tongue out, and he was choking Razi around his neck.

Razi however was just as ravenous as the creature. His mouth was the only part of his body that wasn't restrained, so Razi bit the creature on his neck. The creature howled in pain feeling Razi's serrated sharp teeth squeezing through his neck. While the pain of sharp metal was piercing through his body, Razi let go and ran for the pond of water.

" Got to get that water back to Jen. Got to get that water back to Jen."

Everything looked to be in the clear as Jen finally reached the pond of water. But as he was close to the pool, two of the same pigmented creatures jumped out of the woods and growled at Jen.

" Gorowrrr!" The two creatures shouted together in perfect sync

Razi was undaunted by the scary, razor sharp teethed creatures. Remembering how he promised himself he'd get Jen the water for his captain, living up to the bushido code a friend of his stepfather Phoenix Fire taught him, Razi jumped over the wolves using his strong, agile wolf legs and scurried towards the pond.

" Water here I come!" Razi shouted triumphantly as he unfolded the bandana Momo gave him around his head, dipped it into the water, then used his bandana as a sac to carry the water with. " Now all I have to do is get this back to Je—"

Both creatures jumped up behind Razi and pushed him into the pond. Though the water wasn't that deep, Razi's head plunged into the small depths of the water, and he couldn't move from his weakness in the sea. All Razi could do was hear the deranged, remorseless growls of the creatures above him.

" Wolf Wolf…" Razi thought about his attack because words couldn't come out of his mouth undersea. Above the surface, Razi's long, furry wolf tail was wrapped around one of the creature's legs. Razi's tail theoretically had a mind of its own, squeezed the creatures' leg, then it springed up. As the tail swinged up, Razi surfaced out of the water like a catapult, shouted, " Tail Whip!"

Razi whipped himself to the two creatures and crashed on top of both of them. They were both crushed by Razi's weight—actually, Razi wasn't that heavy—but his feet, with toenails as sharp as razors, scratched right through their eyes; that pushed them down.

Razi then found his bandana filled with water lying beside the two creatures. Razi pulled his toenails out of their eye sockets, ran up to his sac, then he grabbed his sac and made way back too Jen.

"Gorowrrr!" One of the creatures growled.

Razi turned around and saw the third and last creature growling at him. The creature's mouth dripped with drool salivating from Razi's sapid odor, it scraped its hind-legs against the dirt, and chomped in the air around Razi. Razi was still undaunted by the creature, blinked, then felt his sac in his arms and thought the creature was looking at it.

" My water!" Razi turned his back on the creature trying to hide the water in his arms. " This water is not for yo—"


The creature ignored Razi and ran towards him. The creature furiously slashed his claws at the hybrid wolf captain, but Razi ducked his body down and avoided being slashed at the last second. Razi with his keen senses could prophesize every move the creatures made—kick, claw, slash, kick—Razi dodged each of its attacks by jumping up, moved his right hand to stop the creatures right claw, moved his left hand to stop the creatures left paw, and leaned back to evade a spinning kick. But just when Razi thought he was safe, the creature grabbed Razi and bit his teeth right through his neck.

" A-ack!" Razi cried after the pigmented creature sank his razor sharp teeth into his neck.

Razi mewled like a little of wolf cubs when their parents leave them to go hunting. Razi could feel his blood going to his head, the sound of glee purring from the creatures' throat, but Razi continued holding his sac of water in his hands.

" Wolf-ack-Wolf…" Razi used his left hand to reach behind the creature's neck while he used his other hand to hold onto his sac of water. Razi's claws pushed deeper into the back of the creature's lurid, clammy head. Razi then used his profound strength to raise the creature above his head and growled like a demon holding him. " Reaver Claws!

Razi let go of the creature, turned around, and then he savagely slashed its body with his small, razor sharp claws. Everywhere around the creature besides his vital parts small slash wounds appeared. Blood gushed out of the wounds. The creature then fell on the ground and made a large thud when he hit the ground.

Razi was more concerned about his bandana with his sac of water than he was worried about the wounded creature. Razi checked his bandana to make sure water wasn't leaking out, then sighed in relief.

" What a relief. I can still give this water to Jen. I'm sure he's going to be so happy—"

Lights flashed on Razi from above. The light was so bright it made Razi's eyes squint as he held his arm over his eyes. Even though it was suppose to be dark under his arm, Razi could see the light gleaming in his eyes.

" How'd it get so—" Razi shuddered when he felt the wound from the teeth marks. " Ow!" Just out of curiosity, Razi touched the marks of the teeth marks again, flinched. " Ow!" Razi without thinking poked the wound multiple times his fingers. " Ow (poke)! Ow (poke)! Ow (poke)!"

" The teeth of the condemned hurt, don't they?" A person who was obscure said. " I'm surprised you were able to handle all of them by yourself. But now that you've been bitten, you've become weak. If your strong you live. If your weak you die. That's the very entity of life. "

Razi's eyes finally adjusted to the light. He took his hand off his face and looked for whoever was speaking to him. Though Razi's eyes could see even in the bright light, he couldn't find the person anywhere.

" Huh?" Razi tried blinking his eyes, but the light only made him squint his eyes. Razi had to move his left hand over his eyes to stop himself from squinting." I-I thought I heard someone. Guess It just might have been my imagination."

" Heard someone; yes. Your imagination; no."

Razi felt something cut into his back. Though it was only a small cut in his back, the pain made Razi shudder. There was three things Razi was feeling—pain, fear, bewilderment—all vanished quickly when he turned around and saw no one behind him.

" What the..."

Razi's confusion tampered with his acute senses. Because of that, he was weak to being stabbed behind his back again. Just like last time, the wound wasn't too deep, but Razi still felt fear lingering inside of him.

" What's going on…"

What appeared to be shadows of scythes emerged from the ground. The scythes towered over Razi, surrounding him, and they spinned around and all tried bisecting Razi in half. Razi however was quick with his mind and legs, moved left, right, back again and again avoiding being sliced in half by the scythes.

Razi still had problems. Because of the bright light overhead, Razi had a hard time predicting where the shadows were going. One of the scythes sliced through Razi's right arm, one slashed through his left arm, then his knees were sliced by two shadows. Blood trickled out of Razi's arms and legs and he collapsed from his spasm.

" It hurts…" Razi held his hands over his open wounds and mewled just like a baby wolf would. " The pain… it hurts so much."

" Funny," the voice of the concealed man said close by. " That's the exact same thing I thought when I first felt the sting of my own attack. But I had to learn from it so I could get stronger. If you're strong you live. If you're weak you die. There's no justice in this abject world."

The scythes turned around and were slicing at Razi. Even though Razi was handicapped, blood was trickling from his knees and tendons; Razi still had the strength to get up and move around, but had to hold his arms on his stomach in order to move. Even though he was bleeding, Razi still held his sac of water in his arms.

" I have to get this water back to Jen." Razi jumped over the shadow scythes and ran away from them. The scythes fell down and nearly sliced Razi, but as Razi had his head down, seeing the scythes from the way their shadows moved, he jumped out of harms' way. " I have to be there for my friends."

" Heh. So you're just going to run away?" The voice of the unseen man said. " That's alright by me, you mangy wolf. I know that you have two friends. Yes, a snowy-haired swordsman and a fishman holding a metal pipe. "

" Daniel….Momo…?" Razi stopped running, still holding his chest, and turned back to the shadows of scythes behind him. "Is he talking about my friends?"

" If you won't fight me, then I'll fight them.

Two dead bodies, a wannabe swordsman and a pipe holding fishman, I will kill them and take their weapons to put on my mantels."

" Daniel…Momo…" Razi clenched his fists and growled under his breath. Razi then raised his head up, his eyes swelled with tears, and his teeth glistening in the bright light. " Nobody talks like that about my Nakama's!"

Razi charged towards the shadows of scythes. Razi stopped for a second, the pain from his wounds made him shudder, but then he continued running towards the scythes with his claws extended. While he was running, Razi growled through his mouth.

" Wolf Wolf…" Razi's claws became sharper, thinner and extended even further out of his fingertips. Razi then jumped into the air and crossed both his claws together. While he was falling down, Razi slashed both his claws at the scythes. " X-Slash!"

Razi fell towards the ground and slashed through the shadows of the scythes. The shadows vanished as they were slashed, and the injured Razi continued to run. While he was running, Razi sniffed the air with his strong wolf nose for the scent of the hidden man, but to no avail was he able to find him.

" Come out and fight me, you coward!" Razi shouted, and then he shuddered from him exerting himself too much.

Razi knew about three talents of his Devil Fruit—able to transform into a wolf or a wolf hybrid, able to smell things 10 yards away or smell different odours normal people wouldn't smell, but his favourite was his ability to heal quickly—his wounds didn't bother him anymore and he stood perfectly still as he looked for the man hidden in the shadows.

" Where's your sense of honor? Come out and fight me like a man."

" Honor?" The man said far away. " What are you babbling about; honor?" As he was speaking, Razi's wolf ears perked up and throbbed. " Honor is nothing but a loaf ideal. There is no honor in this washed up little world."

Behind Razi his shadow started to move. His shadow protruded out of the ground, wolf ears, claws, and his face without eyes or mouth, and it grabbed Razi by his arms. Razi was stuck, tried shaking his arms to get him off, but was trapped by his own shadow.

" Grrrrrrrr." Razi growled while he was pinned down. " Let me go!" Razi pulled on the arms but he couldn't get himself free. The shadowy arms tightened around his arms and Razi gasped weakly out. " I-I have to protect Daniel and Momo. They're my only Nakama's."

" You do have unwavering eyes. Indeed your heart is full of lots of righteousness. But you're living in a fairy tale. There is no justice in this meddle world, there's no honor when it comes to fighting, and the only person who you can rely on is yourself. " Out of the ground came a large solidified shadow of a giant cleaver. The cleaver was floating over Razi and aimed directly for his chest. " Enjoy your last moments still breathing before I skewer you."

" Nooooo….please…"

" It's time for you to…" The sword fell from above and was about to fall right into Razi's heart. With his last moments seeing the sword, Razi heard the loud voice of the man screaming far away. " DIE!"

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