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Daniel and Momo were finally able to get out of bed. However, they still didn't have the strength to move on their own. Lucas's doctor had to carry them to her ship while they had their arms around his head.

" This is so humiliating," Daniel grunted while he moved with the doctor. " I'm a swordsman. How degrading is this?"

" It could be worse," Momo grunted while he was being carried with Daniel.

" How?"

" At least it's a stranger carrying us. If Razi saw us this weak, he'd never let it go."

" Okay, here we are," the doctor said as he dropped Daniel and Momo on the sand of the beach. " I'd like to carry you further, but you boys seem like you need to keep your pride. So I'll just give you this." The doctor threw a walking stick at Daniel, and Daniel gave out a weak " Ow". " Here. That should help you walk."

" You only gave us one," Daniel grumbled. " How are two people suppose to use one walking stick?"

" I don't know. I'm a doctor not a philamprothist. Our crew are on a very strict budget. "

" Fine. Momo, you grab the right and I'll grab the left. We'll help each other up."

" Hey, I want to grab the left."

" It doesn't matter. Just grab a something!"

"Fine, meanie."

Both Daniel and Momo's quadruped leg bones were both badly injured from the last battles they had. Without being able to use their legs, both Daniel and Momo grabbed the walking stick. As it turned out, Momo's hands were very slippery. Daniel slipped touching Momo's hands and crashed on his tendons. The pain Daniel felt…it was too invidiously unpleasant.

" I should've stayed in bed."

Instead of grabbing the walking stick, Daniel grabbed Momo's clothes. Momo moved with his walking stick towards Lucas's boat with Daniel dragging behind him. Only when they reached the shore, they did not see Lucas's boat, but a new kind of boat.

What they saw was a small clipper ship. Its size was 161. 3 ft 22.7 ft x 21 ft. The ship was made out of ordinary wood boards, the mast was seen in the center, no gun ports, the keel was seen in the shallow water, and in the front was a giant wolfs head. Razi sat on the wolf's head and smiled at both Daniel and Momo.

" Hey guys. Like the ship? It's our first pirate vessel. I think I'll call it the Golden Hope"

" Razi, where did you get that?" Daniel asked.

" Yeah, how'd you get something like that here? Did Lucas give it to you or something?"

" Not Lucas. The nice old man gave it to me. He says it's a present for me helping him find his crewmate Flinch. That's pretty nice of him, wouldn't you say? So what do you think?"

" It's small. And there are no guns on it. It's a piece of junk."

" I don't know about that, Daniel," Momo said. " Sure, the most it can carry is five people, but it's better than that raft we sailed on. So are we finally going to finally get off this island?"

" Please don't leave just yet," Lucas said. Daniel and Momo both turned around and saw Lucas and her whole crew standing behind them. " I haven't thanked you for saving me and my crew. Please let us thank you by letting you party with us."

" Your right," Razi said. "Tomorrow we leave. So tonight, we party."

" Hooray!"


Razi, Daniel, and Momo were having their very first party. At least Razi was the one having a party. Daniel and Momo were still heavily injured and couldn't even move their legs. They could only watch as Razi made a clown of himself.

Lucas's crew were able to get Razi to drink. After having five bottles, Razi was tipsy from the alcohol. However, he then started juggling the bottles. After thirty seconds of juggling empty bottles, he threw them in the air, and did a handstand. As the bottles fell on his feet he was able to juggle with them.

" This kid is so cool," one member of Lucas's crew said as he watched Razi juggle.

" He's so talented," another member of Lucas's crew said.

" How does he do that?"

" Wait, I'm not done yet. I'm taking things up a notch."

Razi jumped up, caught the bottles of alcohol, and then he threw them higher into the air. Razi jumped higher of the ground and transformed into his wolf hybrid form. Using only his tail, he wrapped around the bottles of alcohol, swinged his body around, and stepped on the bottles.

" What's he doing?" Daniel asked.

" I don't know," Momo said. " I've never seen him do anything like this before. "

" This is going to be good," Jen thought while he watched Razi. " I just know it."

After stepping on the bottles, Razi wrapped his wolf tail around each of the empty bottles. He shaked the bottles around, then he threw them higher into the air. While they were up above and Razi was falling down, he ripped his fingernails out.

" Wolf Wolf…" Razi blew the fingernails at the bottles. Surprisingly they moved as fast as a bullet, hit the bottles, and they all shattered on contact. " Nail Cannon!"

Small pieces of glass fell down from the sky above. The glasses were too small to scratch anyone and shinned beautifully in the sky. Everyone who watched the glass fall were speechless. Razi finally hit the ground, but used his tail as a trampoline to bounce up and landed on his feet.

" Tada!"

Everyone in Lucas's crew gave thundering applause after the glass landed on the ground. Even Daniel and Momo clapped, though it hurt them doing so. While Lucas was clapping for Razi, Jen walked behind her and tapped her shoulder.

" Captain Lucas."

Lucas turned around and smiled facing Jen, said, " Yes."

" Lucas, I'd like to resign from being a member of your crew."

" Huh? Whatever are you talking about, Jen?"

" After fighting with Razi, I realize I'm not meant to be on your crew. I just wanted to tell you I plan on using your life boats to leave, go to the nearest town, which is Logue Town, and I plan on getting my own crew. I hope you understand."

" I do. And I have something for you." Lucas pulled out her two revolvers and handed them to Jen. " Here. They'll work much better with you than they'll work with me."

" Your guns? I can't take these. These mean everything to you, Lucas."

" Don't worry about it." Lucas pulled out two revolvers that looked exactly the same as the one's Jen was holding. " See. It's not the guns that count, but it's the bullets you use. I wish you luck wherever you go, Jen. Now excuse me." Apparently, Lucas was also drunk. She walked up Razi, grabbed his arms, and pulled on them. " Dance with me, Razi. Let us dance the night away!"

" Huh? Wait, I don't think I should—"

Lucas didn't listen to Razi and pulled on his hand. Without thinking she spinned him around like he was her rag doll, whacked him a few times on the floor, then did a contra dance with him. A large bump popped out of Razi's head where Lucas had hit him.

" This girl is crazy," Daniel muttered as he looked at Lucas dance.

" Wahhhhhh!" Lucas's doctor cried beside Daniel. " I'm so happy. Lucas has been so stressed lately, I'm glad she's returned to her usual self."

" That's her usual self?"

" Excuse me," Doctor's voice said. Both Daniel and Momo turned to the left and saw Doctor and Flinch standing before them. " Hello. We're just here to say how sorry we are for how we behaved."

" Yes, I'm sorry for the cuts I gave you, white hair," Flinch said.

" My name is Daniel."

" Really? That's a pretty dumb name for a swordsman."

" Even dumber than Flinch?"

" Anyways, we both wanted to say how sorry we are, and we hope one day you can forgive us. Now I must leave for I must return to my village and settle things with my parents."

" And I must be leaving as well. I have a captain to look after."

" Forget that. Let's party together," Razi said, he sticked his head between Doctor and Flinch. Razi was smiling and rubbing their shoulder pads. "You'll feel better after you eat and drink something."

" But weren't we your enemies just yesterday?" Flinch asked.

" And I can't eat this food. I'm on a diet," Doctor said.

" Come on. Live a little. Everything's a lot more fun when you have friends to share them with. We're friends now, aren't we?"

" F-friends?" Both Doctor and Flinch said in unison.

" Yep. And as a friend, I say you should party."

Jen was the only one who wasn't partying. He was impressed with how Razi was able to get both Flinch and Doctor to join them partying. And while he was looking at them, he looked down at his revolvers and smiled.

" Thank you, Lucas. I promise the next time I see you on my journey to becoming captain, I'll make you smile."


Razi, Daniel, and Momo were loading crates with supplies Lucas gave them on their ship The Golden Hope. At least Daniel and Momo were loading. Razi was chuckling to himself and hanged upside down on the wolf head.

" Aren't you going to be helping us load, Razi?" Daniel asked as he was slightly irritated.

" Nope. Hahah—"

Razi stopped laughing. He saw both Lucas and Jen standing in front of him. Jen had a large green backpack on his back, the same one Usopp had when he left Syrup Village to join Luffy's crew, and they were both waving to them.

" I guess this is goodbye, Razi," Jen said as he waved goodbye. " I hope we can meet again when I sail the seas in hope of becoming a pirate captain."

" Why would you say something like that, Jen?" Razi asked.

" I-I don't know. It's just a simple farewell, ya know. I didn't think you'd take it so seriously."

" I mean, aren't you coming with us? You're a member of our crew, aren't you?"

" W-what? What are you talking about, Razi? We just met. I don't know if going for you is the best thing."

"Quit the sappy talk," Momo said with his arms crossed. " Come aboard. We need you more than you need us. So why don't you do us all a favor and join us."

" Guys…" Jen leaped with joy. He continued to leap with joy as he ran up to Razi's ship. " Yes! I'm finally a captain of my own crew!"

" Don't be stupid, Jen. I'm the captain."


Golden Hope sailed away with Razi, Daniel, Momo, and Jen. While they were sailing away, Lucas watched them on the shore. A tear rolled down her eyes as she remembered a precious moment of her past she had with Jen.


" Lucas, I'd like to introduce you to someone. His name is Jen. I found him scared out of his mind in an abandoned village with Luffy. Promise me you'll keep him company."

" Okay. Hi. My name is Lucas. And I will become a pirate captain just like my daddy when I grow up."

" It's nice to meet you, Lucas. When I grow up, I hope I can become your firstmate."

Flashback End

" Jen, good luck wherever you go."


Razi, Daniel, Momo, and Jen all had bottles of alcohol out. They banged their glasses together as they cheered at the same time.

" Well, cheers to Jen, and our boat and crew, and where we are headed," Razi said banging his glass with everyone else's.

" Cheers!"


On their first ship Golden Hope, it was a slow and boring day. Razi was doing a handstand and moved, nearly tripping, to the front of the ship and then he turned around and moved to the back of the ship. Daniel and Momo were having a sparring session where Daniel was swinging his swords at Momo while he blocked them with his metal pipe. And Jen was sitting on the railing writing a ledger on the ships' supplies, and had a map present under the ledger. Tied behind the boat was the raft Razi, Daniel, and Momo used to sail on.

" Come on, Momo!" Daniel shouted while he swinged his swords at Momo." Is this really the best you can do?"

" Ha, you haven't even seen me fight, Daniel," Momo laughed.

Daniel and Momo's sparling was relentless. Momo had to raise his metal pipe over his head to stop the swords from slicing through his head. Momo then spinned his pipe whacking into the swords, then he jabbed Daniel in his chest while he was caught off guard. Daniel gave a big " OI!" after he was jabbed. He then fought back by spinned around while swinging his swords, but he was kicked by Momo and fell over.

" Hey, no fair!" Daniel exclaimed. " You used a dirty trick! A real swordsman fights only with his swords."

" Well, I'm not a swordsman. You're the only swordsman on this crew. I'm a martial artist and one hell of a tailor if I might add."

Momo pulled out a bed sheet made by him. It was blue and had pictures of decorative fish all over it. Momo made a happy, joyous face while holding the bed sheet and rubbed his scaly face against it. It was trimmed with gold along the edges.

" I mean, just look at the fringes of this bed sheet. Could you imagine how cozy these would feel when you sleep with them?"

" I simply don't care. Now be ready. I'm about to take you down. Zan Style—"

" Hey Daniel!" Razi said as he poked his head between Razi and Momo. Daniel, who was about to swing his swords, nearly tripped on the floor. " Daniel, I'm hungry. Can you make me something to eat?"

" What? What do you want me to do? I can't cook. I only eat what I kill."

" Really? But I'm so hungry. Can't you make me anything, Momo?"

" Sorry, Razi, but the only food I eat are the ones I steal from other people."

" Bummer." Razi walked up to Jen and tapped his finger on his right shoulder. " What about you, Jen? Can you make me anything to eat?"

" I'm very busy right now, Razi," Jen said while he looked at the ledger. " Can't you just get something in the hull?"

" But the food there is stale and disgusting. I want something cooked. Can't you cook me anything?"

" Pfffffft. No. I never learned how to cook. Why would I need to cook; I'm dead. Unlike the living I don't need to eat or sleep. So no, I won't be making you anything, Razi."

" Your so mean!" Razi got into a fit and flailed his arms while he cried like a baby. " Meanie! Meanie! Meani—"

Razi stopped crying at the sound of cannon fire. Razi quickly grabbed Jen and pulled him off the railing as a cannonball passed him. Both Razi and Jen fell on the ground. After getting off the ground, Jen flamboyantly grabbed Razi and hugged his leg.

" Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Razi. If it weren't for you I'd be dead right now. I'm so grateful."

" Jen, cut it out! Let go of my leg."

Daniel and Momo ran past Razi and Jen and moved to the front where the fire was coming from. Daniel however collapsed because he was dehydrated from fighting against Momo. Momo grabbed Daniel while he was down and helped him to his feet.

" Hey, are you okay, Daniel?"

" So thirsty…"

" Try using your tongue to rub your lips. The saliva will help keep you salivated and will spread on your gums stopping you from feeling dehydrated."

" Really?" Daniel did as Momo said and used his tongue to wipe on his lips. As he did, he stared at Momo with a face saying " You're Right". " How did you know this would work, Momo?"

" Hey, just because I'm a fishman doesn't mean I don't get dehydrated from time to time. And I read about it in a book."

Daniel got back on his feet and ran with Momo to the front of Golden Hope. There they saw what looked like a ferry but had a marine flag on the top of the mast.

" The marines are attacking us? Why would they attack us? We aren't even on a pirate ship, you savvy."

" I want to fight the marines! I want to fight the marines!" Razi shouted, he ran to the front of the ship and jumped off. " Marines, here I com—"

Sadly, and yet to no one's surprise—Daniel, Momo, Jen—Razi fell into the water and couldn't swim because of his Devil Fruit. Daniel, Momo, and Jen sweat dropped watching Razi trying to stay above water by splashing his arms.

" Idiot," Daniel said. " Momo, you're the only one of us who can swim. Jump in and save our idiot captain."

" Why can't you just do it, Daniel? You didn't eat a Devil Fruit like Razi and Jen. Are you saying all you humans can't swim?"

" No, I just don't like the water. Now jump into the water and save him!"

Momo did as he was obliged and jumped into the water. However, instead of jumping into the water to save Razi, he smacked his fist on the water surface and created a giant tidal wave that sent Razi towards the marine vessel. Daniel and Jen's mouths both dropped to the floor at the sight of Razi heading towards the ship and saying " Weeeeeee".

" Momo, are you crazy?" Jen screamed while he watched Razi being sent towards the ferry. " We're suppose to be avoiding the marines! What are you doing sending Razi straight too them?"

" I was just following Razi's wishes. Before he fell in he kept shouting 'I want to fight the marines! I want to fight the marines!', so I gave him the chance to fight against the marines."

" You let him down, you oaf! Razi's going to get himself killed! Once the marines find out he's a pirate, they'll execute him. Marines show no mercy to anyone fighting against the law."


Razi grabbed the ledge of the railing after the tidal wave he was riding on crashed into it. Mustering all the strength he could he lifted himself up and stood on the railing. In front of him he could see the back of a man and assumed he was a marine.

" Take this, you marine! Kick!" Razi jumped in the air and kicked the man behind his head with his foot. The man fell down and landed on his face. " Yeah! Take that, you marin—"

" Heat Heat Pistolllll!"

The man hit Razi with his arm that immediately started to heat up. He punched Razi in his stomach and sent him flying back, but Razi changed into his wolf hybrid and wrapped his tail around the ledge and kept him from falling into the ground. He then swayed his body back and forth and hopped back on the ferry.

Razi finally got a good look at the man who turned out to be a teenager like him. He had brown hair, along with light brown eyes (Nami's colour) and slightly tanned skin. He had a scar shaped like a claw mark with an extra, slightly shorter, vertical scar crossing it at the right, across his left eye. He wore a straw hat and a red sleeveless vest. Finally, he wore blue pants, with blue cotton at the rim of the trouser leg, and sandals with them.

" Who the hell are you?" The teenager asked.

Razi blinked his eyes at the teenager, smiled, said, " Hehe. My name is Razi. What's your name?"

The teenager blinked his eyes at the teenager, smiled, said, " Hehe. My name is Volk. Monkey D. Volk. And it's very nice to meet you. Now then—"

Razi and Volk got into a rumble. Razi and Volk both jumped up at the same time and got into a fistfight. Razi punched Volk in his face, Volk punched Razi in his face, and then they both punched each other in their faces. Volk roundhouse kicked at Razi, but Razi caught his foot, spinned him around, and threw him towards the ground. Volk caught Razi's foot at the last second and they both fell down at the same time.

Razi and Volk both crashed on the ship at the same time and made a giant hole in the floor. They both then jumped out of the hole at the same time. Razi was in his wolf hybrid form and heat ignited from Volk's hands.

" Soru!" Volk shouted as he 'disappeared' from where he was standing.

Razi looked both ways trying to find Volk, but he appeared behind him and punched him behind his head. Razi replied by growling and slashed his claw at Volk, but Volk caught his hand before he slashed at him and pushed him back.

" Wolf Fury!"

With lighting speed, Razi in his wolf hybrid form disappeared, reappeared behind Volk, and he scratched at his shoulder where blood trickled out. Volk bite his lower lip, turned around, and his feet caught on fire.

"Rankyaku: Phoenix Kick!"

Razi double kicked the air, making a flaming blade of what he called a 'Phoenix Blade', which flies to hit the opponent. This usually never misses its target. Though it could not miss, Razi caught the blade and stopped it from cutting his head off.

" Wow, this is a pretty cool move," Razi smiled while he held the scorching blade in his hands. " I wish I could to something like this. " Razi raised the Phoenix Blade over his head and threw it into the air. While it was falling down towards him, his claws extended from his fingertips. " But I like my moves more. Wolf Claw!"

Razi sliced the blade in half with his claws and the flames disappeared in the air. After slicing through the blade, Razi's claws grew even bigger as Volk's fits ignited with more flames. Both Razi and Volk smiled broadly while they stared into each other's eyes.

" Let's end this right now," Razi said with a smile.

" Okay, " Volk replied with a smile.

" Reaver Claws!"

" Heat Heat Missile!"

Razi charged at Volk with his claws extended while Volk charged at Razi while his body was imbued with heat and was about to head-butt Razi like his head was a missile. Razi and Volk were both at each other's necks and about to clash when…

" Knock it off, you two!" Another man showed up between Volk and Razi and banged their heads together. Both Volk and Razi fell down at the same time. " You're going to get us kicked off the ship, Volk, you idiot!"

The man had light brown skin with bright blue eyes. He donned skinny jeans with a red and black checkered shirt, and carried two sledgehammers on his back. He walked to Razi and grabbed his collar as he lifted him off the ground.

" Now, do you mind telling me who you are?"


Five minutes and twelve boxes of bento later, Razi and Volk had became good friends. Both of them found cossack hat's in the hull of what Razi once thought was a marine ship was really just a ferry with a cannon. It turns out Volk was the one who fired the cannon. He got excited seeing it and fired it at what he thought was a pirate ship-Razi's ship.

" This is so much fun!" Razi laughed as he did a Hopak dance with Volk.

" Yeah, it is!" Volk laughed with Razi.

" Weeeeeeeeee!" Both Razi and Volk laughed in unison.

" Sorry to interrupt your peachy moment, but you never answered me who you are," the man carrying two sledgehammers said.

" Huh?" Razi said as he blinked his eyes. " Oh, my name is Razi. Just Razi. I'm a pirate with a crew of four: a swordsman, a tailor, a navigator, and me a captain." Razi gave the man a wide smile. " I'm going to become King of the Pirates."

" What?" Volk snapped and stopped doing his Hopak dance. " No way. I'm going to become King of the Pirates. Right now I may only have Del, but I'm going to get so many crewmates and beat anyone who stands in my way."

" No your not. I'm going to become King of the Pirates."

" I am."

" No, I am."

" You want to fight?"

" Oh, let's bring it on."

Razi and Volk was about to get into a fistfight. However, before they could do anything, Dell grabbed both of them by the back of their collars and lifted them above the ground. He was surprisingly strong as he was able to do it with hardly any effort. Dell banged both Razi and Volk's heads together, and threw them on the floor. He then pointed a finger at them.

" Listen here you little idiots. No one, and I mean no one should know that we're pirates. It will be the end of both of you, and it would be the end of me. But worst of all, it would be the end of me."

" Hold it right where you are," a strict voice said. Dell turned around and saw two marine males standing behind him; one black and one white. " I'm afraid I'm going to have to arrest the three of you," the black one said.

" You'll never catch me alive, marine scum!" Volk shouted. He jumped up and banged his fists together. " Heat Heat-"

Dell stopped Volk from using his Devil Fruit by holding his hand over his mouth. " Er, under what charges, officers?"

The dark-skinned officer raised his hand down and looked strictly into Dell's eyes. " You're arrested for..." both officers then took out two trays with rice balls on them. " Not having a piece of these delicious rice balls."

" Hahahaha." Both marines laughed whole heartedly at the expression on Dell's face.

" Yippee," said Razi who pushed Dell aside to get a piece of the rice ball. " I do love rice balls. Over the lips and through the gums. Lookout, stomach, here it co-"

" You're not getting MY riceballs!" Volk shouted as he pushed Razi away. Volk quickly grabbed every rice ball on the tray and gobbled them all down. " Mmmmmm. Those riceballs sure were good."

" You pig!" Razi shouted. " Those were suppose to be my ricebal..."

Razi noticed something as his mind drifted off into space. He noticed a middle age man carrying a briefcase. The man looked nervous. He sweated through his mustache and wiped the sweat off. Curious, Razi followed the man as he opened the deck door and walked into the hull.

" Something strange seems to be happening with that man. Time for this wolf to hunt."


A ransom was requested. The ransom requested 100,000 beli to be delivered to a mysterious kidnapper. The person who he kidnapped was the man's son. The man was just hoping this full ordeal would end right now.

" You're here. What a cliché," A dark voice said in the hull. " Where's my money?"

" Where's my son?" the man said to the dark voice. " I want to see my son."

" Patience, patience. All will be given when you give me the money. Unless..." A man walked towards the man with a Luger in his hands. The man was blonde, wore a trench coat, suspenders with knives tucked into them, red pants, and a bowler hat on his head. " You'd rather have a bullet go straight through your hea-"

" Kick!"

Razi jumped out over the worried father and kicked the kidnapper under his jaw. The man was pushed aback by Razi's feet and dropped his Luger on the ground. Razi then ran up to the kidnapper and grabbed him by his trench coat.

" Who do you think you are? How dare you harm this poor old man! Now tell me where his son is!"

" Ha. That's a riot. Sorry, kid, but the son is all the way on my ship. Me and my friends were just going to rob this old fuck of his money, then we were going to set this ferry on fire with a bomb we nestled inside. Look all you want, but there's no way to find I-"

" Shut up! Punch!"

Razi punched the kidnapper in his face as hard as he could. The kidnapper flew back and went right through the wall of the hull. Like a pebble he skipped across the lake until he was nowhere in sight. Razi then ran back up the stairs to tell Volk what he discovered.


" Volk. Hey, Volk. There's something I need to tell yo-"

It was to Razi's great surprise that Volk was in great pain. He had a massive stomach ache. He rolled on the ground and groaned as he held his hands on his stomach.

" The pain..."

" Volk, what happened to you?"

" It's the idiots own fault," said Dell as he stood behind Razi. The sight of him made Razi flinch.

" Ah! You scared me! Where were you?"

" Watching this idiot. The food he ate had parasites in them. Of course, the way he was eating he wouldn't have noticed."

" But it tasted so good..." Volk groaned while rubbing his aching stomach. " I-want-more..."

" Idiot. Now, was there anything you wanted to tell me-"

" Everybody, give me all your money!" A man shouted. Razi and Dell turned around and saw another man with a Luger pointing it at every one in the ferry. " Give me all your money!" The man pointed his gun at an old couple. His gun was pointed at the elder woman. " Give me all your money, old woma-"

" How dare you point a gun at my wife, you bastard!" The old man shouted. " I may be old, but I'll kill you with my bare hands-"

The kidnapper smacked the old man across his left cheek. The man fell to the ground. As he did, the vile man did the vulgar thing of kicking the old man while he laughed with glee.

" How do you like this, you little shit? Nobody messes with the Black Widow Pirates. Each of us have a bounty of five thousand beli's."

" Five thousand beli's? That doesn't seem like a lot. The scary pirates at least have a bounty of thirty thousand beli's. Like Monkey D. Luffy's starting bounty."

" Who dare barks tone with me, naïve?"

The kidnapper turned around and saw Razi standing behind him. Razi looked clueless in the person's eyes. He smiled deviously and pointed his Luger it at Razi.

" What did you say about me having a low bounty, punk? Someone as callus as you doesn't stand a chance against me. I'm going to put a bullet through your head to show you just how strong I am."

The man fired bullets from his gun. The bullets went straight towards Razi. What he didn't know was that Razi could see the bullets moving like they were in slow motion. He quickly tilted his body out of the bullets way. Not a single one touched him, then he sneaked up under the bullet and held it.

" This thing is too dangerous for a low bounty pirate to have. So let's fix that, okay." Razi grew his claws out and pierced it through the gun. It broke with all the holes inside of it. " There. Now you won't be doing any harm to anyone."

" Ah! You broke my gun, you idiot! I'm out of here!"

The bandit ran away. Connected to the ship was a thin piece of rope. He ran across the rope and headed to a small ship filled with bandits. But halfway between the rope and the ship, he turned around and looked at Razi.

" Oh yeah. And you have less than two minutes before this boat blows skyhigh. See ya, loser."

" A bomb?" One of the passengers screamed. " There's a bomb on this ship! Everyone on this ship is Doomed! Doomed!"

Every passenger on the ship frantically started running amock. Their screaming throbbed inside Dell's head as a red cruciform of anger appeared on his head. Another cruciform appeared on Dell's right hand as he grunted.

" Am I the only intelligent person on this ship?" Dell grunted under his breath.

" Stomach hurts..." Volk wailed. " Stomach hurts."

" Thought so. Guess I have no other choice. Jet Tor...nado!"

Dell started to spin around rapidly fast and created a vortex of wind, which attracted everyone's attention. As they all looked at Dell, he returned back to his original stature of grunting and standing firm.

" Hey, Delly guy, what is that?" Razi asked as he ticked Dell off by poking his head on Dell's shoulders.

" It's Dell. Just Dell. And that was my Jett Jett Fruit ( Jet Jet Fruit). It allows me to move fast. But only as fast as the wind itself can blow. My powers are sophisticated like the breeze of a tornado blowing away small houses, and yet it always reminds me of a gentle pad boat that rows in a gentle riv-"

" So, you're fast?"

" In laminas terms...yes, that is exactly it. Just seeing me move so fast should make anyone nostalgic. Now, what are we going to do about that bomb, Razi. Perhaps I can look around and find it."

" Let me help," a fellow passenger requested. Razi and Dell looked around and saw a priest. The priest wore spectacles, but took them off to show his piercing gray eyes. " Before I was a priest, I was an assassin. Killing low bounty pirates like them should be easy. But it will be more difficult without a weapon."

" No need to worry. I can help you with that." The old man who was assaulted came at the priest/assassin and gave him a katana in a scabbard. " I was planning on giving that to my grandson as a heirloom, but I feel you need it more than he does."

" Ah, thank you." The priest took the scabbard with the katana in it away from the old man. " This will make things much easier. But what about the bomb?"

" I can help you with that," an English man with a tall hat said. " In my travels I've diffused many bombs. There's always a dummy wire between two wires. Cutting one will shut the bomb down, but if you cut the other wire the bomb will go off immediately. If we all work together, we can do this."

" Hooray!" Every passenger on the ship cheered in unison.

" Nope." Razi said with a smile on his face. As he said it, everyone on the ship were silenced. " It's not like I don't appreciate your help, but I can accomplish these things by myself. Ta-ta."

Razi transformed into his wolf hybrid form. As he did all the marines gasped at the same time.

' H-He's...Wolf Fang Razi!"

Razi fell off the ferry. Everyone all sweat dropped from the sight of Razi, a person who ate a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, jumped into a river of water. However, Razi jumped back on the boat with the bomb in his hands.

" AH!" Dell shouted at the sight of the bomb. " You idiot! What are you doing?"

" Hehe. Lucas. Oh Lucas."

" I'm here, Razi," Lucas said as Golden Hope was sailing by the side of the boat. " Throw the bomb. Throw it high."

" Okay."

Razi spinned around with the bomb in his hands. He then threw the bomb into the sky. As he did, a bullet made out of fire was shot towards it and the bomb exploded in the air. The explosion looked like fireworks in the sky. Everyone " Oooooo'd" and " Awwwwwww'd" at the sight of the fireworks.

" Now, time to get their son back."

Razi ran up to the spot where the rope was. However, the rope had been cut off. Razi used his great strength to leap into the sky and landed towards the boat the bandit pirates were escaping in. The old man gave a giant " Hmph".

" Honestly, young people are such show offs."


Razi landed on the ship of the bandits. He was greeted by five bandits in total; four boys and one girl. The men all wore trench coats and bowler hats, but the female was something else. Something more gothic. She was a slender female who bandage-wrapped her form with a tattered dark kimono, disheveled grey hair, a studded choker, and narrow eyes; giving her a wicked; daunting appearance. In both her hands she carried a large scythe with a ball and chain at the end.

" Boss, that's the guy I was telling you about!" The man whom assaulted the old man shouted. " What do you want me to do with him, boss?"

" What do you think?" The woman replied with her scary, daunting eyes. " I want you to shot him in his eyes. I would love to do it myself, but I'm trying to conserve my chastity. And when you're done killing him, make sure he spills all his blood on the floor so that I may finally have my feast."

" On it. Boys, lock 'n' load!" All four bandits raised their Luger's up and pointed them at Razi. " Fire!"

Razi was running as fast as he could around the bandits ship. The bandits were firing bullets with their Lugar guns at Razi. Razi was in his wolf hybrid form. His tail was rolled up and tucked behind his back. Most people would be scared, but Razi laughed.

" This is so much fun! Weeeee!"

" Somebody kill this idiot!" One of the silver haired boss's bandits shouted. " Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!"

Razi was shot. He was shot on his right leg. Razi shuddered from the agonizing pain from being shot at. He then tripped with his right leg. He fell off the railing and fell into the ocean. All the bandits laughed at the sight of watching Razi fall.

" Ha. What a weakling," one of the bandits laughed.

" Yeah, he never even stood a chance," another one of the bandits laughed.

" And you know what else," a third bandit laughed. " He was a moron. You can tell by the goofy look on his face that he was a moron."

" Your the moron, morons," the boss of the bandits said behind their backs. " Don't just stand there looking like idiots. Make sure he's dead."

" B-But boss," the bandit that was on the ferry said. " He fell off. A-And he looked like a Devil Fruit user. He won't be able to swim."

" There's still a chance he might be alive. Unless you see a puddle of his blood in the water where you shot him, I will give each of you your punishments."

" Eeeek!" The four bandits gasped in unison at the scary face of their leader. " We'll find him. We'll find him."

All four bandits walked slowly to the edge of the railing where Razi fell off. They all gripped their Luger's tight in their hands. All four looked down and saw a puddle of blood. All four sighed in relief when they saw the puddle.

" Looks like he's really dead. Now the boss won't punish u-"

" Peek-a-boo!"

Razi's head came out of the porthole. His face startled the four bandits. The first bandit, the one who was on the ferry, he saw how Razi was able to survive. Before he fell into the water his tail went right into the porthole. He also noticed a bullet shell on the port hole. It was his guesstimate that the pointy eared boy used his claws to rip the bullet out of his flesh, and had some kind of strange recovering ability that sealed up the hole.

" Who is this kid?" The bandit thought while he watched Razi giggle at all four of them through the porthole. " He's tougher than he looks."

Using his tail, Razi springed up in the air and kicked two of the bandits under their chins with his feet. His paws scratched both their necks. Razi landed on his feet and did a limbo move as both bandits prepared to clobber him. Razi swished his tail under the bandit to the right, tripped him, and did a back flip behind him and punched him in his windpipe. The bandit lost conscious immediately.

" Hehehe," Razi giggled after punching the bandit in his neck. " This is fun."

" Fun?" The last bandit growled. " I'm going to wipe that smirk off your stupid face."

The bandit raised his Luger too Razi's face and pulled the trigger. However, Razi did another limbo move to dodge it, followed by using his tail to form a spring and springed into the air, and did a handstand as he landed where he jumped out of the bullet paths. When the bandit ran out of bullets, Razi kicked the bandit in his face.

" Yeah. I won. Now to find that poor man's boy."

The bandit leader was irritated. She felt like she was invisible to everyone. Razi ignored her, acting like he didn't even see her, and searched everywhere for the kidnapped boy. The bandit leader clenched her fists as she hated being ignored.

" Stupid men. I hate them all. I hear them. I her their voices in my head..."

" Vampire!"

" She's a devil!"

" Stay away from her. She'll kill you!"

" Their clueless. Men are the most clueless beings in the world. Nothing would make me happier to devour them all." From the bandit leaders' kimono two giant pairs of white wings emerged. The bandit flapped her wings and flew off the ground. She did however land back on the ground after realizing something. " I can't go yet. I want to see just how powerful this boy is."

" Found him!" Razi said triumphantly as he raised a small boy with small brown hair over his head. " I found him. I found him."

" The more men I kill the longer I live. At this rate, I'll enjoy a life of longevity. So I have nothing to fear."

The white haired bandit flapped her large wings and dashed towards Razi. She swinged her scythe barbarically as she tried to cut Razi in half. Razi, who had a special kind of Haki that could allow him to sense moving attacks, threw the boy into the air and dropped down on his belly. He got back up, jumped forward, and then he jumped up to catch the boy.

" I got you." Razi grabbed the boy and landed on the railings. As his feet touched wooden surface, Razi lifted the boy in front of his face and smiled. " Are you okay?"

" Yes," the boy smiled back at Razi. He then raised his right hand up motioning Razi to shake hands. " Shake hands. Shaking hands make us friends."

" Okay."

Razi like the boy wanted and shaked his tiny little hand. Both the boy and Razi laughed whole heartedly together as they shaked each others hands. The bandit leader watched their special moment, and she growled through her teeth.

" Men. They've all the same. They're all such hypocrites. One moment they give you a smiling face, and the next they try to kill you. How obscene."

A memory of a once guardian flashed before the bandits eyes." Don't worry. I'll take care of you. I may not seem very dependable, but I'll do everything to take care of you." Another memory flashed before her eyes. " Here you are. A real winged being. I'll let you have her for twenty thousand beli."

There was someone else she remembered. " You can live with me. I'll treat you like I'll treat one of my children." Another memory flashed before her mind. " Come on. You had it coming. The way you use body language on me, you can't expect me to just sit here and take it."

" Boss," one of the bandit leaders bandits groveled under the white haired bandits feet. All four of the bandits were groveling under her feet. " Please forgive us. We'll do anything for you." The bandit grabbed the leaders' feet and kissed it trying to suck up to her.

" How obscene." The leader kicked the bandit off of her feet. She glared at all four of the bandits, then she smiled. " Before I give you your punishment, let's play a little game."

" What kind of game, boss?" One of the bandits asked.

" Oh, I think you might already know it. It's called Rock-Paper-Scissors. The rules are simple. It is a hand game usually played by two people, where players simultaneously form one of three shapes with an outstretched hand. The Rock beats Scissors, the Scissors beat Paper and the Paper beats Rock; if both players throw the same shape, the game is tied. Get it. I'll start with you."

The bandit leader pointed at the bandit on the far right. She walked up to him and made symbols preparing to throw a shape. The bandit also started making shapes. When the game finished the leader had her hand on Paper and the bandit had his hand on Rock. The leader took out a bottle of alcohol and chugged it down.

" Boss, no. Can't we just play two out of thr-"

The leader didn't give her fellow bandit the time of day. Her scythe floated out of nowhere and landed in her left hand. She slashed her scythe at the man while still chugging a bottle of alcohol down her throat. Her scythe decapitated the man; sliced his head off and his head fell off.

" Ah!" The remaining three of the bandits gasped.

" We got to get out of her-"

The bandit on the ferry tried to get up, jump over the boat and swim away, but the leader appeared behind him with her scythe blade touching the back of his neck.

" Don't think you can escape me," the leader said while her blade touched the back of her subordinates' neck. " Don't even think you can compare yourself to my powers. I'm the last person you ever want to met."

" Hey!" Razi shouted. " You with the white hair! Hey!" The bandit leader finally looked her head up and looked at Razi. " Those men are part of your crew, aren't they? How can you kill your own crew?"

" Oh, I'm sorry, what are you blabbing about? I'm not in a crew with these idiots. I don't even know any of their names. They are all merely just tools I use to get my jobs done more swiftly."

" That's not true. A Nakama is not some tool you can just boss around! A Nakama is part of your soul. Killing them would be like destroying your own soul! Are you really trying to destroy yourself?"

The bandit leader was confused. She didn't know half of what Razi was saying. What she did understand was he didn't like it when she killed people. And seeing someone acting all heroically brought a large, wicked smile on her face.

" Oh, that reminds me. We never got to introduce ourselves. Hello, my name is Jane. And though I may look young, I'm really fifty-five years old. And when I'm done with you..." The blade of her scythe surged with purple electricity. " I'll create a carnage. I'll exterminate every able-body on that little ferry...one by one."

Jane continued the rest of the game of rock-paper-scissors with the rest of her bandits. She walked to the bandit on the side of her dead bandit follower. Finally, Jane took out a bottle of alchohol with her right hand and made signals with her left hand.

" Ah, I don't really want to play, bos-" Jane's scythe surged with electricity that scared the bandit " Ah, okay, okay, I'll play. I'll play."

Jane and her bandit both made signals with their hands simutaneously. Then the game stopped. The bandit had Paper and Jane had Scissors. Jane was victorious.

" Your dead."

The bandit shaked as Jane raised her scythe over her head and prepared to slash it at her weak bandit. The metal of her scythe surged with large amounts of purple electricity. The bandit could only scream as he was about to die.

" Nooooooo!"

The bandit was saved. Razi, who couldn't stand seeing a captain torture her crewmates anymore, dashed in and picked Razi off the ground and carried him away from Jane. Jane's scythe fell into the ground and made a hole in the floorboard.

" So, he saved him. How interesting. But knowing my bandits, it's the last mistake he's ever going make."

Razi ran with the bandit in both his arms. Clinging to his back was the boy he rescued. Little did Razi know something bad was about to happen to him as the bandit pulled his Luger out.

" I can't look needy in front of the boss. If I am to die, it will be of my own accord."

The bandit raised his gun to Razi's head and nearly shot a bullet through his neck. However, Razi sensed the forthcoming of the bullet being fired and dropped the bandit as he then jumped back while holding the boy with both his hands. He soon came too a stop.

" Are you okay?" Razi asked the boy out of concern.

" Yes," the boy replied with a smile on his face. " You saved me, mister. Thank you. Haha."

" Hahahaha." Razi laughed with the little boy.

Razi stopped laughing as his ears started to twitch. He turned around and saw the bandit standing with his gun in his hands. Razi thought the bandit was going to shot the gun at him, but he instead placed the muzzle in his mouth As he pressed the trigger a bullet went straight through the back of his neck where he died instantly.

" No!" Razi shouted at the bandit. " Why would you do something like that? You didn't have to do that!"

" I'm afraid you're the one who's mistaken, wolf boy," Jane said while she stood above her two grovelling bandits. " There are only two people in this world. One's who're strong that lead and the weak one's who serve the strong. The only thing the weak can do is serve the strong. If they can't live to do that, well, then they shouldn't live at all."

" What? That's not true! No one is weak! No one! Only through hard work can people really become strong. There is nothing that separates us!"

" Oh really? You sound pretty coy with yourself. Tell me, you must know how to do everything, right? You must be pretty smart, right."

" Nope." Razi gave Jane a wide smile. " I'm pretty stupid. Just ask every member of my crew-Daniel, Momo, and Jen. Hehehe"

" Really? Then you must be very strong?"

" Nope. I can't even open a pickle jar. Hehehe."

" Really? Then you must be pretty persuasive. People must follow your every command then."

" Nope. No one in my crew listens to me. It's like I'm invisible to them. Hehehehe."

" Well then. My first impression of you..." Purple electricty surged through every part of Jane's body as her eyes turned violent red. " YOU'RE WEAK AND UNWORTHY TO TALK TO ME! You're nothing but a simpleton who can't reason with anyone!" The anger on Jane's face faded away and a large smile appeared on her face. " I on the other hand are very diplomatic. So I'll have a challenge to determine which one of us is the strong and which one is weak."

" What kind of challenge?"

" A challenge like this."

Jane disappeared in a flash. She reapepared behind Razi, snatched the child from his back that cried when her cold hands touched him, and smacked a strange kind of purple crab shell on his back. The crab shell weighed heavily on Razi's back and he collasped under the pressure. Razi tried his hardest to stand up, only the shell pinned him down.

" What-ack-is-ack-this?" Razi groaned while trying to get up. As he groaned he noticed the small boy sitting besides Jane's bandits and crying. " Hey, why is he over there?"

" Because he is part of our wager. I still have two of my subordinates I have yet to punish, so I'll save the boy for last. The game will work where I'll continue to play rock-paper-scissors against them, kill whoever loses, only now he is part of the game. If he loses against me, well, he'll receive the same punishment. And when he loses..." Jane rubbed her lips with her tongue and smiled. " You have to kiss my feet and swear your alligance to me. I'll treat you like the dog you really are. Woof. Woof. Woof."

" Let him go, Jane!" Razi shouted. He then collasped on the floor as the crab shell on his back felt like it weighed fifty tons. " He's not old enough for something like this!"

" His life is yours to decide. In case you didn't know I'm a skypiean." The moment Jane mentioned "skypiean" two white antenna's sticked out of her head which apparently were hidden underneath her hair. " I hail from Skypiea." Two giant white wings came out of Jane's back. " I'm also the sister of a certain man named Gan Fall. And that thing on your back, well, it's an Impact Dial."

" Impact Dial? What's an Impact Dial?"

" Of course you humans would never know. An Impact Dial are strange, mysterious devices made from the remains of particular shellfish, which have the ability to store energy and matter. The shellfish remains are gathered from the shallows near the shore of the White-White Sea. That there is my Crab Ton Dial. When it's smacked on your back it can weigh up too four hundred pounds. If you're able to lift it off your back before I cut your friend in half I'll let you both leave with your lives."

" No."

" No? What are you talking about? This is the greatest off I can give you. What can you, a mere commoner, possibly want from me?"

" If I win...I want you to join my crew."

" What?" Both of Jane's bandits shouted together. " Is he serious?"

" Ha. So you want me to join your crew, eh?" Jane smirked. " Tell me, why would you want me to become part of your crew? I'm a murder, some call me a vampire because I always thirst for blood, and I'm unreliable. Why would you want someone like me in your crew?"

" Because deep down I believe not everyone was born to be evil. I feel if you join my crew and I teach you about kindness and caring about others...you might change your evil ways."

" By joining your pirate crew? Please. Don't make me laugh. Pirates are nothing but bandits like me. You steal, you pillage, and you all only care about yourselves. The offer is if you win you can leave with your brat. That is all you're going to get from me."

" I'll make you a member of my crew. Just you wait. I'll show you how you don't have to kill your own crew to look tough."

" Well, good luck trying. Let the games begin."

The game started with the bandit on the left. Just like the previous two games, Jane took out a bottle of alchohol in her kimono and chugged it down while her left hand made symbols. It occurred to everyone that she was an alchoholic. The bandit also made symbol's with his hands depicting where he would stop. The game stopped in exactly...three...two...one..."

" Stop!"

The results were in. Jane had Paper and her bandit had Paper. It was a draw. As a Draw it counted as a do over until one was victorious, only in her game a draw counted as a second chance. The bandit on the ferry shaked through his boots as he knew after him he was going to be playing against Jane, and would most likely lose. Razi at the time was still trying to stand up and even swished his tail trying to knock the shell off.

" Ha, I got Paper," the bandit laughed.

" And I got Scissors!" the bandit on the ferry laughed." That means you're a goner!"

" W-What?"

The bandit took out two knives. He delved his knives for the only solution. He chopped the knives at the other bandits' neck. Blood trickled out of the other bandits neck, his eyes turned ghostly white, and he collasped on the floor, dead. The bandit who killed him got excited. His mouth twitched when he looked into Jane's eyes.

" How did I do, boss? Did I do good? Tell me I did goo-"

Jane slapped her the bandit on the right side of his face. Her eyes now glowed bright red like the color of blood. She grabbed the bandits' neck and pulled him to her face.

" You perpetuous fool! It was not his time to die! I should kill you! Except..."

" Except what, boss?"

" Except I don't think you're worth the argument. Since you are inclined to your own acusations I will skip over you for now and move to the boy. You better hope the boy loses. Because if he doesn't..." The aura around Jane made the fellow bandit's face turn pale. Electricty surged through the metal of her scythe. " I'll make sure my scary face is the last thing you see."

" Noooooo! Agh!" Razi tried getting up and rushing towards the boy, but he still didn't have the strength. He collasped on the ground and continued pushing himself. " Please. I don't want to transform into my fourth form. I promised my brother and Phoenix Fire that I would never use it unless it was absolutely necessary. Please, don't make me use it."

" Ha. It's no use for a weakling like you to try to persuade me. You can only hope that your friend here can win."

The game between Jane and the small, crying boy continued afoot. Jane took out what was the umpteenth bottle of alchohol and chugged it in her mouth while she made the hand signals: Rock, Paper, and Scissors. The boy was hesitant to play her little charade, but finally gave in and made hand signals with Jane. Finally...the game came to an end. Jane: Scissors. The Boy: Rock.

" It looks like you win," Jane smiled. " Congragulations. What do you have to say now?"

" I want my daddy! Daddy, where are you? Dadd-"

Electricity surging from Jane's hands silenced the boy. Her eyes turned red as she looked down and glared into his eyes. " Shut your whining, worm! Take it from a survivor. You don't need parents. You're better off without them. Now enjoy your little victory while you still can."

Jane's last bandit's skin grew goosebumps as he shaked all over. Jane scared him on a cellular level. Jane took another bottle of alchohol out and chugged it down. Jane however was starting to get tipsy from all the other alchohol she ingested and dropped her bottle as it shattered when it hit the floor.

" Are you ready-hic-to make a die?" Jane said in her tipsy voice. Her right hand surged with electricty that sobbered her up. " I'm going to give you everything I've go-"

" Screw this game!" The bandit squealed. He stood up on the railing as he prepared to jump into the ocean. " I want to live!"

The bandit jumped off the railing and fell into the ocean. He paddled with all his might trying to get away from his crazed boss. However, little too his knowledge, he was playing right into Jane's hands. She fell off the railing as well, but her giant wings spread out and she floated above the water. Her right hand then surged with purple electricity.

" Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on you. Lighting Palm!"

Jane slammed her palm with lighting on top of the water. The moment she did the water conducted the electricity, and like being in a bathtub where a plugged in toaster is thrown inside, the bandit was shocked with electricity. He started shaking from the electricity, his brain and heart burning as they were turning black inside of him, and finally he stopped twitching as he was now dead. When he died, his body floated downstream away from Jane's boat.

" Good riddance. And now..."

Jane flapped her giant wings as she took into the sky. She floated above the ship, then used the wind current to glide down back on deck. Only one person remained-the boy Razi was trying to protect. Razi at the time was still fighting against the weight, but still wasn't strong enough to push it off. All he could do was watch in horror as the boy and Jane already started playing.

" Stop this! I'll transform into my fourth form! I swear!"

" Go ahead," Jane smirked. " I'm calling your bluff. You don't have this fourth form you keep blabbing about. I think it's all just a lie you're saying so I'll drop my guard. And for you, little boy, I have something you should see."

Jane reached her right hand into her kimono and pulled out another Impact Dial. The Impact Dial resembled a scorpin. She then closed her eyes and smacked the Impact Dial on her bandages around her chest. Jane's body became surrounded in bright white light. When the light faded the middle-aged man with a mustache was standing before him.

" It's me, your father. You won, my boy. You won."

" D-Daddy?" The boy stuttered at the sight of his father. " Is it really you, daddy?"

" Of course. You don't have to fight anymore, my boy. Just stop playing."

" I don't think I should, daddy. Something doesn't feel right."

" C'mon. Do it for your dad."

" Okay. I-I'll do it for you, daddy."

The boy stopped shaking his fists and landed on Paper since his hands were all flat. The image of his father faded and Jane's scary, devil-like face. Her hand stopped at Scissors. Even though she cheated to get her way...Jane was the victor.

" Awwww. It looks like I won't be joining your crew after all, weakling. I'll make you lick my feet right after I decapicate this young boy."

" B-But you c-cheated!" The boy stuttered while his face dripped with sweat from his fear. " That's not fair!"

" Welcome to real life, little boy. Like it or not there's no such thing as honestly in this era. Or any other era after this. And now..." Jane raised her scythe over her head. The boy wanted to run like the last bandit, but his feet wouldn't move. " It's time I end this little game once and for all-"

" NO!" Razi shouted with what was his loudest scream yet. Listening to it almost made Jane drop her scythe. Jane stopped with her punishment and looked at Razi as the boy looked with her. Razi's eyes turned red, his whole body was surrounded with fur, and a dark aura surrounded him. " No! No! No! No!"

Razi had newfound strength. He stood up, knocked the crab Impact Dial off, and continued to go through a strange kind of metamorphisis. Razi's entire body became surrounded with brown fur, four sharp fangs sticked out of his teeth, ten claws sticked out his fingertips, ten more serrated claws out his toenails, his face was now a wolf's, but his body looked human as it was also furry, and his eyes burned bright purple. For the first time ever...Razi morphed into his fourth transformation.

Razi had just undergone a strange transformation. Red eyes, hair standing on end, claws sharper than blades, all was him going through his fourth transformation. And Jane, scythe raised above her head, she was speechless at the sight of Razi's fourth form, but then she found it to be humourous.

" So, you were finally able to get that Impact Dial off, eh? Good for you." Jane raised the scythe down and walked over to Razi's monstrous form. She held both her hands up to Razi's face and rubbed his furry face. " It's too bad you weren't able to get it off a second sooner. I won. I had the chance to kill your boy friend. Now you're all min-"

Jane was stopped by Razi. He growled through his mouth and raised his right hand up as he prepared to scratch him on the left side of his face. Only before he could scratch her Jane's giant white wings came out, flaps them, and she dashed back away from Razi's giant claws. Jane stopped, glared into Razi's red eyes, and eradicated with purple electricity.

" How dare you try to scratch me, foul beast! What right do you have to lay your hands on a girl? Didn't your mother ever teach you any mannors?"

The color of Jane's skin changed. Her skin became creamy, but then it returned to its pale color. Razi ignored her color change and howled into the sky. Jane's ears twitched at the sound of his voice, but after thirty seconds nothing happened.

" I'm sorry but were you trying to do something? Why do wolves even do those things in the first pla-"

From behind something emerged. Jane quickly reacted by raising her scythe up and stopped its teeth from clapping on her. The animal that attacked her was a shark. A hammerhead shark with a short mouth yet having over one hundred teeth. What Jane didn't know was the shark was being controlled by Razi's howling voice.

" How dare you touch me! I am a skytopian! You subspecies have no right to lay your hands on me!" Jane's hands surged with electricty. She smacked the shark with her electric hands, zapping it, and sending it flying towards the ocean. It fell in and sparked the ocean with purple electricity. " Who's next on my agend-"

Razi in his mighty transformation came charging towards Jane. He attacked her with a frenzy of slashes from his claws. Jane however used the metal from her scythe as a shield and deflected Razi's slashes. She used her wings momentily to help her gain speed. She used her wings to block all Razi's attacks-left, right, left, right- never got a scratch on her, at least until Razi surprised her with his bright, scary red eyes and scratched her right arm.

Jane shuddered from blood gushing out of her open wound, grabbed her arm, exclaimed, " You filthy beast! Now I'm going to have to exfloiate myself from your germs! I'm going to kill you!"

Jane dashed at Razi with her scythe raised over her head. Jane was about to slash Razi's head off, scythe over her head, but Razi ripped his fingernails off and threw them to the ground. The fingernails grew from the ground until they became a wall of steel. The blade of Jane's scythe bounced off the wall as soon as it made contact.

" No!"

Jane went into a rampage. She swinged her scythe fiercely at the wall. As she did it, Razi regrew his fingernails, ripped them off again, and wrapped his tail around them as they grew into long, sharp blades. Razi swished his tail on the right side of the wall, and slashed Jane's knees. Just like her arm, Jane hemorphaged through her knees and shuddered.

" It hurts! It hurts so much!" Jane cried. She fell over and grabbed her bleeding legs. " Am I going to die? I don't want to die."

Razi regrew his nails in her stuper. He slashed his claws through the center of the wall and pushed it aside. The fourth, gigantic form of Razi walked towards Jane and growled through his mouth as he glared at her with his bright, scary red eyes. In a futile attempt to get him away, she slashed her scythe at him while it was surging with electricity.

" Die, wolf boy!"

Purple electricity surged out of the scythe's blade and zapped Razi. The static of the electricity made Razi's fur all fluffy. However, Razi still looked into her eyes with his beastily, braven eyes, unhazed. Razi growled through his teeth and sank his razor sharp teeth into Jane's left shoulder.

" Stop, big brother!" The little boy shouted. " Please, stop!"

When Razi heard the sound of the boy screaming he released Jane from his sharp teeth. He looked up and saw the boy leaning against the railing. He was scared of Razi as his face sweated with fear. What was worse was how he was crying. Razi growled at the boy and walked towards him. The only thing the boy looked like to him was substinents.

" Please...remember me."

Razi stood over the little boy. His sharp teeth daunted and tantalized him. Razi raised his claws up and prepared to slash him. However, he stopped when he saw the poor boys crying face. That face...somewhere in his mind he remembered it was happy and smiling.

" Shake hand."

Razi was gaining keen knowledge about the boy. Razi did what felt natural, reached his right hand up, said, " Shake..."

The boy stopped crying from the sound of Razi's voice. Then he felt something shaking his hand. It was Razi; the real Razi. The Razi with the smiling face but still had wolf ears perked up. Razi smiled at the boy. The boy also smiled as Razi shaked his hand. Both Razi and the boy laughed together. They were as happy as they could be.

" Friend," Razi said with a smile on his face.

" Friend," the boy said with a smile on his face.

Both Razi and the boy were attuned and happy friends. The next time they met each other...Razi new great things would become of them. Jane was still conscious and weeping through her eyes as her bleeding arms surged with electricity. She knew that no one was going to take care of her. No one ever cared about her. She was meant to be alone for the rest of her life.

" You don't have to hurt people to feel better about yourself, Jane. I'll care for you as long as I live."

" All men are liars just like all humans are scum. If I'm too die at least I'll be able to die with my pri-"

" Okay, you're coming with me."

Razi grabbed Jane by her stomach and lifted her off the ground. The moment Razi lifted her Jane's cheeks started to blush, then she got angry.

" What? What are you touching me for, you idiot?"

" I got the crab off my back, right? That means you now have to be a part of my crew. And what kind of captain would I be if I let my crewmates down?"

" I'm not a member of your crew! You should be following my bandit crew! Now take your filthy hands off me, you beast!"

" Nope. You're coming with me. And you're going to be my...hey, where's the boat?" The boat sailed away while Razi was gone. It only looked like a speck far off in the distance. " Ah-oh. How are we going to get back to the boat? Can you fly us there, Jane."

" Fly? What's flying?"

" Come on, you know. When you spread your wings out and fly into the sky."

" I don't know what you're talking about? What I do is called gliding. It's where I travel by allowing myself to fly with wind current. But there's not enough wind current to fly. Sorry, but you're hoope-"

Something felt different about the ship. It was sinking. Sinking into the water. Razi couldn't swim, Jane was bleeding through her arms and legs making her immobilized, and the boy was too small to swim. Without the ability to abandon ship, they could only await for them to drown. But before they did drown, Razi grabbed Jane and raised her above his head.

" W-What are you doing, you idiot? You're just going to make us sink faster!"

" Maybe so. But if it means I can save you, I'll hold you as high as I can. What kind of captain would I be if I can't protect my crewmates?"

Jane was surprised. Razi was the second person who ever was so nice to her. Jane was suppose to hate humans, even the one's who've eaten Devil Fruit's, but for some reason...she felt happy being held by him.

" What is this guy talking about? Even after everything I've done to him...he's thinking about saving me? No, no, this isn't right. All men are scoundrels. Any moment now he's going to let me go."

But Razi never let go of Jane for even a second. Eventually Jane's ship started thinking to the bottom. The boy grabbed onto Razi and climbed up his arms. Like he said, even though he was underwater and not breathing, Razi never let go of her. Jane started to having second doubts about him.

" He sure is stupid. Probably the stupidest human I've ever met. And yet... he's also the nicest human. How I envy him..."

Jane passed out in Razi's arms. From the way things were going Razi only had just thirty seconds of air left. Twenty-nine...twenty-eight...twenty-seven...his lungs felt as though they were about to explode. Bubbles blew out of his mouth, his eyes turned white, but Razi didn't stop keeping Jane above water. Eleven...Ten...Nine...

" Yo!" Volk shouted in the air. " Look out below!"

Something swooped down and grabbed Jane by her arms. Jane was pulled up with the little boy hugging Razi's arms and Razi pulled up with them. The person pulling them was Volk and Dell. Dell was vibrating his legs and they became a large tornado as Volk's arms were ignited with flames and acted as wings. It occured to Razi how their combination was Volk using his wings to fly and Dell flying above the sea.

" Volk!" Razi shouted happily as he looked up and saw Volk. " Your here! Your here!"

" The idiot just recovered," Dell said in his moody voice. " I gave him some medicine and the big baby recovered."

" Really? What kind of medicine did you give him, Dell Guy?"

" It's just Dell. And I gave him water. He stopped crying like a baby just like that."

" I'm here to rescue you," Volk said with a smile on his face. " I'm the son of Monkey D. Luffy after all. Give me five."

Volk and Razi both smacked each other's hands. But as they did...the fire from Volk's hands dispersed.

" Volk, you idiot!"

Without the fire to help them fly Razi, Jane, Dell, Volk, and the boy all fell towards the sea. Dell and Volk also couldn't swim as they all swallowed a Devil Fruit, too. The moment they fell into the sky it would be the end for them.

" Net!"

From the boat-Razi's boat-Jen fired a great big net. The net trapped Razi, Jane, Dell, Volk, and the boy and pulled them towards. All five fell towards the ground and hit the floorboard. Razi was the first to get up to see Daniel, Momo, and Jen standing side by side. Jen was wearing a pair of black sunglasses on his eyes.

" Razi, where the hell were you?" Daniel shouted. " You were gone for two hours! We were about to rage war against that marine ship, but then we find you falling from the sky. And who's the dame?"

" Hehehe. That's Jane. She's now part of our crew."

" What?" Daniel shouted. " We can't have a girl on this crew!"

" Aww. Why not?"

" Because I hate girls! I want her off right now!"

" Daniel, show a little compassion," Momo said to his white haired friend. " This here is a poor woman. And she's injured. Who in their right mind would hurt a poor woman?"

" I don't know. But the bitch is carrying a scythe for gods sake."

" Forget about that," Jen said flamboyantly. Small pink hearts glowed in his eyes. " She's so beautiful." Jen grabbed Jean's unconscious hand and raised it to his face. " I am the Sun and you're the Moon. My heart shines bright while I stare into You. Does a feather flock from your hair as I stare deeply into your eyes and my lips yearn to place a kiss on your li-"

" Cut the poetry crap up!" Daniel shouted. " It's not like she can actually hear you. And what about the the kid? What are we going to do with him? Are we going to make him travel with us?"

" Nope. I plan on returning him to his father."

" Really? And just how are you planning to do that? In case you haven't noticed this boat isn't really battle compatible."

" Don't worry about a thing," Dell smirked. " My brain is like an egg that is boiling. And I just hatched some great ideas."


The poor man waited for the return of his son. So did the priest/assassin, English gentlemen, and old man with his wife waited for Razi's return. The marines waited patiently as they had their guns at their ready and their cutlass swords as well.

" My son...my son..." The man muttered while anxiously waiting for him to show. " Please...be safe."

" I don't think the youngster is really going to show," the old man grunted, arms holded, losing all hope Razi would show.

" We must have hope," the priest/assassin said. " Without hope, what persona can we have on lif-"

" Stop talking," the Englishman said while holding a beef sandwich. " I'm trying to enjoy my meal."

" My boy...please...please come back to m-"

" Look up in the sky!" One of the marines shouted. " There's a tornado heading our way!"

" What?" One of the marines gasped. " Where?"

" Over there!"

There was a tornado thrashing towards them. But in the eye of the tornado there was both Razi and Volk quarreling out with each other. Both got into a fistfight, Razi punching Volk, Volk punching Razi, every second the tornado moved they were punching it out. On the bottom of the tornado was Dell creating the tornado while vibrating his hand. Underneath him was the fishman Momo who helped the tornado Dell was using move and kept Dell afloat.

" I have you trapped, pirate!" Dell shouted while he created the tornado with his hands. " Justice will prevai! Justice always prevail!"

It was Dell's idea that since the marines didn't know that he and Volk were pirates yet they were going to fake fighting to get Razi back on deck. Clinging to Razi's back was the boy. All Volk needed to do was use his move...

" Geppo Stomp!"

Volk was a master of every form of Rokushiki. He used Geppo to jump in the air; Geppo allowed him to jump even when he was in the air. Volk jumped and kicked Razi in his chest. Razi was sent flying towards the ship and was about to crash, but managed to use his tail to hook onto the porthole.

The marines stationed themselves on the railing. Guns were ready to fire. The first thing to climb up the railing was... the little boy.

" Hold your fire!" One of the marines shouted. " It's a kid."

" Danny!" The man shouted seeing his son.

" Dad!" The boy cried.

The boy Danny and his father were reunited. Danny ran straight towards his father and hugged him around his legs. Danny didn't want to let him go. Danny's father hugged his son as he too didn't want to let him go. As they were hugging Volk and Dell showed up.

" Your back!" One of the marines said joyously as he had no idea Volk and Dell were pirates. " And you saved the poor boy! You two are genuine heroes!"

" Shucks. We didn't really do much," Volk said as he rubbed his head sheepishly. " Hahaha."

" Talk about modest. We didn't even do anything. But now that everyone's happy, the rest of my plan will fall into place. That fishman is going to swim back with that wolf boy Razi right no-"

" Aw, you guys look so cute together!" Razi said. Dell sweatdropped at the sound of Razi's voice. He turned around and saw Razi standing, smiling before him. " Hi, my names Razi. I'm going to be the next King of the Pirates."

" No, I'm going to be the next-" Volk tried having an argument with Razi, but Dell shushed him by chuffing him with his hands.

" Zip it! We can't let them know we're pirates just yet."

" Raw, rhy rot( Aw, why not)?"

" Because, we're not strong enough for them just yet. Unless you can get more people on our crew I'm afraid we'll have to avoid marines."

" Hi, my names Danny," the little boy said as he waved to Razi. " Thanks for saving me. Maybe one day we can meet again."

" It's that Wolf Fang pirate!" A marine shouted. " He has a bounty of over 20, 000 beli's!"

" Let's get him!"

All marines opened fire at Razi. Razi however used his keen senses and unmatched sight to tilt his body out of the way of every bullet that was fired. Razi then accidentally tripped over the railing and fell into the ocean. Volk and Dell both gasped. However, Razi jumped above the water and waved to Dell and Volk.

" Bye Volk. Bye Delvy."


" Bye Razi. I hope we can see each other on the other side of the Grand Line. Hahaha."

" Hahaha."

" The pirate is getting away! Keep firing!"

All the marines ran to the side of the railing and looked down at the sea. Below they saw Razi sitting on the back of his fishman Nakama Momo and waving at the marines. Momo was swimming straight towards the Golden Hope.

" Their getting away!"

" Shot them!"

Instead of using guns the marines used cannons. Multiple cannon balls were fired at Razi and Momo. At the rate they were moving they were about to hit Momo square on.

" Hold on, Razi, Momo!" Daniel shouted at the top of his lungs. " I got your back!"

Daniel and Jen jumped off the deck of the Golden Hope and flew towards the cannon balls. Daniel thrusted his right sword out while he sticked the left one behind his head. Jen raised both his revolvers up and they burned with flames.

" Zan Style: Hornet's Barrage!"

" Torch!"

Daniel slashed his swords at the cannon balls with excellent swordsmanship. Five cannon balls came rushing towards him, but with great speed he sliced all of them in half, diced them, and let the crumbled remains fall into the ocean. Flames blew out of Jen's guns. The flames burned the rest of the cannon balls into smitherens. Daniel and Jen then fell from the sky and landed on Momo's back.

" Woah!" Momo shouted at the added weight of both Daniel and Jen. " You two are heavy! One more. All it takes is one more person on my back and I'll sink to the bottom."

Razi, Momo, Daniel, and Jen all reached the deck of Golden Hope. Razi and Jen were the first ones to get on the deck. The moment Daniel touched the deck he helped Momo to his feet.

" Thanks," Momo said as he rubbed the back of his head.

" No sweat. Anything for my bud. Now let's get the hell out of here!"

Jen took out a pair of black sunglasses placed them over his eyes. Jen took out his two revolvers. " Time to go. I'm going to bring the heat." Jens' revolvers burned with flames as he ran to the back. " Torch!"

Jen blew large flames out his guns. The guns gave Golden Hope speed. While Jen was giving speed, Razi ran to the wooden wolf head in the front and sat cross-legged on it, Jane remained unconscious on the ground, and Momo and Daniel stood on the back with their weapons raised. Cannon balls came rushing towards Daniel and Momo. Both Daniel and Momo smiled.

" You ready to play a little game of baseball, buddy?" Daniel smirked while crossing his swords.

" Always ready, Momo. Always ready."

" Good. Because I'm keeping score."

Daniel and Momo both jumped towards the cannon balls. Two cannon balls came rushing at Daniel, he swinged both his swords around in circles, and slashed the cannonballs in half. While he was doing that, Momo spinned his metal pipe around in circles and deflected every cannon ball heading his way.

" So how many do you've got, fishman?"

" Tweleve, snowflake."

" I've got fourteen. But who's keeping count?"

" Everybody, man your stations," said Jen while he blew flames out his gun. " It's going to be a bumpy ride."

The strength of the flames Jen blew out his guns increased. Using the flames to boost the speed of the ship, the Golden Hope sail past the ferry and headed for the nearest island. Razi, Daniel, Momo, Jen, and Jane escaped. They were on their way to LogueTown. While they were sailing, Razi ran to the back and waved to the ferry where Volk waved back at him.

" Bye, Razi," Volk waved. " I hope to see you again."

" Yeah, dido, Volk. Maybe we'll see each other on the other side of the Grand Line."

" Let's make a pack. One of us has to become King of the Pirates." Volk raised his pinky up to Razi. " Let's pinky swear."

" Okay." Razi raised his pinky up to Volk. " I swear. I'll become King of the Pirates."

" No, I'll become King of the-"

" Volk!" Dell ran up behind Volk and held his hands over his mouth. " What did I tell you? No one needs to know that we're pirates? Ssshhhhhhhh."

" Hey, did you two see some pirate with years drop by?" A marine said behind Dell and Volk. " I thought I saw you waving at them."

" What? No. H-He was waving at some fish swimming by. Weren't you, Volk?"

" Yeah...that's it. Hey, are you guys giving up chasing the pirate?"

" Yes."

" Hooray! I mean...that's too bad. So I guess they got away."

" Yes, but not for long. One of my marine buddies is calling the Admiral Five on his Den Den Mushi."

" What?" Dell gasped. " The Admiral Five? You've got to be kidding me. You're really sending those psychopaths after them?"

" The Admiral Five?" Volk asked. " Who are the Admiral Five?"

" What, you don't know? They're only the five strongest Admiral's in the marine core. Any pirate who's ever fought them ended up..." Dell slid his finger on his throat and made a sound through his mouth. " Just like that."

" I don't understand. What are you talking about, Dell? Are they going to pour them drinks?"

" No, you imbecile, their going to execute them. And when The Admiral Five kill someone...it's always a slow, agonizing death. Volk...they don't stand a chance against them."


Underneath the ground were marines preparing to execute prisoners. Prisoners were lined out for deathrow. Under the ground, lined up, and were moving towards a hot cauldron. One by one the prisoners were pushed into the cauldron and slowly boiled alive. The marines responsible for this were...the Admiral Five. However, one of the prisoners struggled to break free.

" Let me go! Let me go! I didn't do anything! I was framed!"

" Keep moving, prisoner. Dead man walking. Dead man walking."

" Nooooooo!"

" Stop!" A female marine shouted. The marine that was shouting was one of the five marine admirals Eiza. Eiza has long blue hair. She wears white marine clothes with a marine hat that had a black circle imprinted on it with long sleeves and a blue scarf on her neck. She also has a tattoo showing on her chest that looked like a butterfly. " You can't just throw your prisoners in boiling oil. I won't allow the prisoners lives to end this way."

" Thank you. Thank you for your kindnes-"

The marine Eiza's hands became covered in mist. A giant ice cube then appeared above the boiling oil and fell inside. " I want you to put ice in it. That will make their dying slower and much more painful. Well, get moving."

" Ah, yes, Eiza. You heard her, men. Get some ice in that boiling cauldron, now."

The men did as their marine officier said and ran away to get some ice. When they came back they carried more and more chunks of ice and dropped it inside the cauldron. When the ice dropped the dry ice into the heating oil, that boiled like an active volcano, the dry ice sublimated; turned into a gas of heat. Eiza waited five minutes for the cauldron to be prepared, and then she smiled.

" Now, throw in the prisoner.

" No, please! Noooooooo!"

The marine's carried the prisoner to the cauldron. He was kicking, screaming, but they ignored him and threw him in the boiling oil below. Eiza could hear the sound of the prisoner screaming, yelling, dying, and she found it to be the greatest melody she's ever listened to. Eiza turned around and walked away.

" Glad that's settled. Now, I better get to the council. There's apparently call about a new kind of pirates. This I just have to see. And when I find them..." Eiza's arms turned into ice. " I'm going to freeze them and keep them in my cellar. They'll make the perfect trophies."

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