A whole day passed since the battle on the ferry-Razi, Daniel, Momo, and Jen were all one step closer to achiving their was running around frantically for any piece of food he could find. The silver haired skytopian, Jane, lay snuggled up next to the railing. Before running Razi was amused to see her this way-she was once punching, kicking, or otherwise slicing everything. Razi turned his head to see Daniel sitting, his back against the mast of the ship, arms folded. At first glance the son of Captain Smoker looked as though he was awake, but as Razi listened closely, he could hear the man's slow, rhythmic breathing. Momo was sitting by the railing sewing while singing a funny little tune:

"Sew, sew, sew. All will be mended, all will be sewed. Sew, sew, sew. Beautiful clothes will be borned."

Nothing bad Razi wanted to say to Momo, but his singing...stinked. It was probably why he couldn't be the musician of their crew. And Jen was experimenting with his bullets. He had a solution in a glass vial and was swishing it back and forth in the vial. Touching the back of Jen's foot was a map. Jen was raising a black solution over the vial and moved it slowly to make sure not to much drop inside. If it did things could get disastrous.

" Okay...just one more drop. Just one more dro-"

" Jen!"

" Ah!"

Jen dropped too much of the black solution into the glass vial. The solution erupted with a fizzy solution and erupted in Jen's face. Even though Jen was basicallydead, his skin were literally dead, but the solution burned his tongue like molten lava.

" Ahhhhhhhhh!"

Jen ran around the deck screaming at the top of his lungs. Razi just stood dumbfoundly and watched Jen run around the deck. Jen was fast. He already ran around the ship for his eleventh lap. Jen ran up to the railing and jumped into the water, but Razi transformed into his wolf hybrid form and caught him with his tail before he fell into the water.

" Hahaha. Your funny, Jen. Were you really going to jump into the water?"

" YES AND IT'S YOUR FAULT!" Jen shouted at Razi.

" Hehehe. Sorry. Would you like me to let go of you, Jen?"

" No. Just get me back on deck and get me a glass of water. And please...try not to do anything stupid while I'm working, please."

" Hehehe. Don't worry about me, Jen. When have I done anything stupi-" Jen's leg accidentally slipped in Razi's tail. Jen screamed as he was about to fall into the water, but was caught by Razi's tail. " Hehehe. Sorry about that."

" You idiot!"

" Hey, whoever is shouting, shut up!" Daniel shouted in his sleep. " Some of us are trying to sleep."

" Yes, and others are trying to sew nice clothes for some idiot captain to wear," Momo also shouted. " By the speed that I'm sewing this I won't be able to finish this until after January. And we haven't even had Christmas yet."

" Ooh, Christmas, yay!" Razi laughed and clapped his hands together. " I'm so excited for Christmas! What I want is to be King of the Pirates, a Seven Pound Smoked Salmon, A hula-hupe. Oh, oh, and a strawhat like the one Monkey D. Luffy has. I want a strawhat!"

" Razi, sometimes you can be quite the twit," Jen said behind Razi's back.

" Ugh, my head," Jane exclaimed, indescreatly her eyes were still closed from her being asleep. Jane finally opened her eyes, still dizzy, and looked down way. " W-Where am I?" The first person Jane saw when her dizziness lifted was the smiling face of Razi. " You!" Jane got back up, scythe squeezed in her hands, and she held it over her head as she glared at Razi. It was then that Razi, Jen, Daniel, and Momo looked at Jane. " Stay away from me! Stay away or I'll kill you!"

" Hi," Razi waved to Jane. Jane was confused and blinked her eyes when Razi waved at her. " You sure like to sleep. But welcome to my ship The Golden Hope. And welcome to my crew."

" Crew?" Jane asked, she squeezed her scythe harder when asking. " What are you talking about, wolf boy? Why would I be a member of your crew?"

" Because you lost the wager, didn't you? I got the crab shell of my back, didn't I? That means you're now a member of my crew. And that means your now a part of our family. Hooray."

" Stop talking like that. I'm not a member of your crew. Take one step closer and I'll cut your head off."

" Listen, bitch, I don't like this as much as you do," Daniel exclaimed, he was still sitting by the mast. " But until I'm the captain of this crew I'm afraid you're going to have to do whatever the hell the screwball wants."

" No. No! I'll never become a member of your crew. I mean...I want to join a pirate crew but I don't want to join a crew filled with human men. I despise men from the depths of my heart. Men are callus, vulgar, indespicable imp's whose very touch will damn my soul. The only way to stop those imp's from their heinous crimes is by cutting off their heads."

" Look, bitch, I don't know what type of messed up childhood you went through that screwed you up this much, but nobody talks that way to me." Daniel unsheathed his purple and red katana's, and crossed them as he glared into Jane's eyes. " Or maybe your demeanor is from that wacky hairstyle. Did you dye your hair that way or was it just born like that? Either way, it looks stupid."

" My hair is my prodigee. It is a sign of wisdom that's been thrusted down upon me from my age. Speak all you want, bastard child, for I am your superior in every way. If you wish for us to do battle then I will comply, snowflake."

" Oh, you did not just say that, sugar hair. I will cut you down to siz-"

" Daniel!" Momo shouted as he stopped Daniel from charging at Jane. " That's enough! I will not permit you to harsh that poor woman any more."

" What? What are you talking about, Momo. It's the bitchs fault. She's a vixen. If we don't throw her overboard now she's going to destroy this whole ship."

" It will be you who destroys this crew if you keep picking fights with everybody. I urge you never to speak to miss... I'm sorry, what's your name, miss?"

" Jane. My name is Jane. And in case any of you don't know..." Two large white wings sticked out from the back of Jane's kimono. " I'm a skypien. I hail from Skypiea and I live a life of war."

" Hello there, Jane." Momo held a hand out for Jane and shaked her hand. As he shaked her hand Momo gave her a great big smile. " My name is Momo. And I would like to welcome you to our crew."

" And so would I!" Jen shouted flamboyantly. Jen ran straight up to Momo, pushed him out of the way, and grabbed Jane with his hands. " Hello, fair Jane, my name is Jen. Forgive me for staring but you're very beautiful."

" Ah, thanks," Jane said. A tick of sweat rolled down the back of her head. " Who exactly are you in this crew?"

" Why, I'm the navigator. Do you like poetry?"

" Not really."

" Good. Because I for one just love poetry. I yield to you if we be friends, rememberth me as I am, hence we may depart to the never lands. Take my kiss, take it as a sign of my complexion, and give with me a friend from our reflection."

" That's not poetry." Momo exclaimed. " That just rhymes. Now stop flirting on the poor lady and get back to your-"

Momo tried pulling Jen away from Jane, but when he pulled on Jen he pulled his right arm off. Momo gasped holding his arm. Jane gasped looking at Jen's arms. Daniel sighed. And Jen gasped when he saw his own arm ripped off.

" Ahhhhh! My arm! You pulled off my arm!"

" Ah!"-Jane

" Ah!"-Jen

" Ah!"-Momo

" Ah!"-Jane

" Ah!"-Jen

" Ah!"-Momo.

" You people are giving me migraines"-Daniel.

" Land ho!"

" What?"

" There's an island dead ahead."

The island Razi was pointing too was Loguetown. Everyone just stood where they were and watched Razi laugh at the sight of the island. However, all that laughing stopped when a stork flew on his head. The stork had a rubber band around its body with newspapers stuffed in and a small bag around its neck. The stork then started pecking Razi's head. Razi got angry with the stork and swiped at it.

" YOU STUPID BIRD! I'm going to catch you and have you for my sup-"

Momo sneaked up behind Razi and whacked him on the back of his head with his metal pipe. Razi's eyes spun around in circles when he was hit and the stork landed on Momo's arm.

" Lay off, idiot. This here is a News Coo. I ordered a subscription to their company for them to bring me newspapers. And so..." Momo took out a coin, gave it to the News Coo, then he took one of the newspapers and walked away with it. " If you need me, I'll be in the deck reading. When we reach the shore go on without me. "

Momo opened up a door on the floors of the ship and walked below. Soon Razi, Daniel, Jen, and Jane reached the port of Loguetown. Razi stuck his tongue out like a dog, Daniel got back up, cracked his neck and cracked his knuckles, Jen just finished writing something, and Jane crossed her arms.

" We're here!" Razi shouted happily. " We're really in the place where Gold Rogers was executed. Hooray!"

" Don't get too excited, Razi," Jen said. He pulled out a piece of paper and looked at it. " First we're going to need a strategy. We're going to need to stick together. Razi and I should travel together, so that means Daniel you'll need to-huh?" Jen looked everywhere but Razi, Daniel, and Jane had already left him. " Wait? Where is everyone? Why did they leave me alone?"


The council between the Admiral Five had begun. The council was suppose to have the Admiral Five present, but only one member, the ice sadist Eiza, appeared.

" Idiots," Eiza thought as she was starting to get pissed off. " How dare they. How much crummier can this this day b-"

" Peek-a-boo!"

From above came one of the Admiral Five, Hansel. Hansel has long, dark red hair, shark-like teeth, and red-framed glasses which are accessorized with a neck chain containing skulls. His typical attire consists of a suit, gloves, bow tie, and high-heeled ankle boots. Additionally, he has a red coat.

" Your late!" Eiza shouted at Hansel. " You better have a good reason or I'm going to tear your head off!"

" Oh, I was out on the prowl looking for men. They all thought I looked good. Wouldn't you say I look enticing?"

" That's it! I'm going to kill you!"

" Bring it on. I must warn you. I am a lady. At least on the inside I am."

Vapor surrounded Eiza's hands as she prepared to unleash a devastating ice attack. Hansel stuck his tongue out and raised both his fists up. Eiza and Hansel prepared to fight, however, they both quivered as they saw something staring at them.

" He's here," both Eiza and Hansel said in unison.

" Yes I am," one of the Admiral Five's said in unison.

The person of which appeared was ranked second scariest of the Admiral Five. He was a tall, thin, middle-aged man. He was wearing a grey haori with the marine symbol printed on it. He has long light gray hair tied in a ponytail and gray narrow eyes. He had bags under his eyes, giving him an exhausted look. His head was wrapped with bandages.

" Ah! Mutsu! Your here!"

" Yes, thanks for noticing. As for the rest of the Admiral Five, they all got lost. Tch. Figures. Since I'm the second ranked I'll be the one leading this investigation." A demonic visage appears behind his head and is frightening enough to scare even Eiza and Hansel into submission. " I trust there are no objections."

" No, no, we don't have any objections!" Both Eiza and Hansel shouted in unison. " We swear!"

" Good. As you know there is this pirate, the foster child of former Whitebeard pirate Marco, who has gotten quite the name for himself. I took the liberty of raising

his bounty. Have a look."

Mutsu took out a bounty poster from under his haori and threw it on the table. All heads leaned forward to see the bounty poster of Razi. The picture showed his hair

to be shorter, and his face half covered in shadows; blood staining his face.


Dead or Alive

"Wolf Fang" Razi

35, 000,000 Beli

" He doesn't look like much," Eiza said while she looked at the poster. " Why are we gathered for this kid?"

" My, he is quite the looker," Hansel said flamboyantly looking at Razi's wanted poster. " It's too bad he's a pirate. I might enjoy making him my pe-"

" Silence. I wasn't done speaking yet. Believe it or not this here boy has four pirates. One of them was a member of NightClaw. The leader, Gunslinger Lucas, is

daughter of one of the Straw Hat pirates. Her brother, the one that Straw Hat pirate adopted, he is now part of their crew."

" No way!" Both Eiza and Hansel said in unison.

" Is that why we're after him?" Eiza asked.

" It's not just him we're after. As you might know he has a brother."

Mutsu took out another bounty poster from under his haori and threw it on the table. All heads leaned forward to see the bounty poster of Razi's brother. The picture

showed him just smiling. Beside him were two girls, most likely his crewmates, who were both glaring at each other. It almost looked like they were fighting over his

brother. And underneath his feet were dozens of marines defeated by him.


Dead or Alive

" Iron Club" Himura

50,000,000 Beli

" These two are suppose to be brothers?" Hansel said as he looked at the picture. " It can't be. They don't look anyway alike."

" That's because their not real brothers, you idiot," Eiza remarked. " Marco must've adopted this guy as well. How many pirates are on his crew?"

" Including him? Three."

" Just three?" Eiza asked. " How can he possibly be a threat?"

" It's not him you need to worry about. It's those two crewmates of his. Both of them have a bounty of over 250,000,000 Beli."

" WHAT?!" Both Eiza and Hansel shouted together. " TWO HUNDRED 'N' FIFTY THOUSAND BELI!?"

" That's right. The one on the left is called Black Witch Kaho and the one on the right is called Oceania Yume. We believe his brother ate a Devil Fruit that releases

pheromones that enslave minds. How else could he persuade such powerful woman? My reports tell me they've also been spotted in Logue Town."

" But how are we supposed to capture them if their so powerful?" Eiza asked.

" Like I said, I'm not finished. There's also another pirate crew in Logue Town. Their crews name is...The Blood Pirates. We are going to use them against Iron Club

Himura's crew. By doing so we'll draw out Wolf Fang Razi and wipe them all out once-and-for-all."


Jen wandered the streets of Logue Town in search of Razi, Momo, and Jane-even though they basically left him. Logue Town was a large place, there was so many people,

and Jen couldn't help but stare at all the beautiful, buxom, and voluptuous girls that walked by him.

" S-So...gorgeous," Jen muttered when he looked at the faces, bosoms, and the butts that swayed behind him. " At a time like this I'm glad to be alive-"

An elder lady stopped Jen in his path. " Excuse me, would you like a place to stay? My inn is always available to weary travelers such as yourself."

" Umm, no thanks. I really don't need your hospitality. Now if you don't mind I really need to look for my friend."

" What's the hurry? My inn also has indoor hot springs. And we even have mixed baths."

" Uhhhhh." Jen's eyes lit up with small pink heart and his mouth agaped thinking of naked woman in hot springs. However, he remembered Razi and closed his mouth. " I'm

sorry but I really must be going. Besides, I'm not sure I can afford a hot spring."

" Oh, I get it. You're a bum, aren't you?"

" Huh? What are you talking about?"

" Don't try to act safe with me, buster. Your clothes are dirty. And your skins all clammy. You're a poor man, aren't you. Nothing but a dirty, filthy, moneyless bum."

" That really hurts."

" Excuse me, do you need a place to stay?" Another woman who owned a hotel asked. " Come here and you'll feel at home."

" Forget it, Shela. This man doesn't have any money. He's a bum."

" Is that so. Well, we don't need bums like you in my hotel. You're better off sleeping outside."

" You guys really know how to hurt a poor ol' guys' heart."

In his sorrow Jen saw Razi. Razi was laughing like his usual self, clueless, and ran into a tavern. Jen pushed straight through the elder ladies, ran up to the

entrance of the tavern, and he ran right inside. There he saw Razi on a barstool banging his fists against the wooden counter.

" Food! Food! Food!"

" Razi!" Jen shouted.

Razi turned his attention to Jen, smiled. " Hey Jen. Why are you here?"

" I was looking for you, you idiot. Now let's get out of here before-"

" Hello. Would you like anything today?"

" Too late."

A woman walked in behind the counter. Jen couldn't keep his eyes off of her. She was a slender yet shapely woman with fair-skin and brown eyes. She has waist-length

purple hair with shorter bangs in a hime-style. She wears the traditional attire of a miko that consists out of a purple hakama, a white haori with a sash-like belt,

wooden sandals and a white ribbon to partially hold her hair in place. Looking at her beautiful hair, Jen said the first word that popped in his head:

" Giggity."

" Hello. What would you like from us? It's always a priveledge to serve our consumers."

" Food! Food! Food!"

" Okay. Most people usually order beer here, but it would be a pleasure to serve for you. Oh, my name is Miya by the way."

" She's beautiful and kind. She's my kind of woman. What could possibly ruin this moment?"

" Who's your friend with the black hair? He kind of looks like a bum? Does he even have any money. If he doesn't then he can't eat here."

" Why are all girls being mean to me?"

" Help!" A girl screamed. A girl who also worked at the tavern was being heckled by two tall, drunk men. The girl was also fair-skin and had brown eyes. Her hair was

silver with short bangs in a bobcut. Her attire consisted of a maid uniform, a miniskirt, and black shoes. The girl had her cheeks squeezed by one of the drunk men,

but pulled away. " Please! Your harrasing me! I don't like it!"

" Come on, doll face," one of the drunk men laughed. " Just give us a kiss. And don't mind that my breath tastes like beer."

" Yeah, just give us a kiss," the other drunk man laughed. " And maybe we could do all kinds of other stuff if you just let us-"

" Stop! Please! Stop!"

" Do I sense fighting in here?" Miya asked. Miya still had a smill on her face, but closed her eyes as if hiding her Eyes That Will Kill You When They Stare At You. A

demonic visage appeared behind her head. It was frigtening enough to scare Jen into submission, but had an adverse effect on Razi. When Razi looked at it he laughed

and pointed at Miya. " I'm afraid the punishment for fighting in my tavern is death." Miya took out a katana with a black handle, flower-shaped guard, inside a black

sheath that was attached to her waist by a blue ribbon. " Now who wants to die first?"

" She's funny!" Razi laughed. " I want someone like her on my crew."

Miya however never got a chance to show the drunk gents what she was made of. Jen pulled out two small pellets from his pants and flicked them at both the drunk men.

Both of the pellets went right through their mouthes and were swallowed whole. The receptors in their skin responded to heat when the pellets fell into their stomachs.

Those receptors are pain fibers, technically known as polymodal nociceptors. Smoke came out of their throats as they were having an ambiguous neural response.

" You know, I don't like guys like you. When I see you guys harrasing a girl it just makes me mad. I threw some acid pellets inside your stomach. In twelve hours, when

you digest the pellets, you're both going to die."

" Nooooooooo! We're going to die!"

" Heh. Just kidding. those were just hot chili peppers I painted gray to look like pellets. But if you don't leave now..." Jen took out both his revolvers and pointed

them at both the men. " I might just start a fire."

" Nooooooo!"

Both men jolted as fast as they could out of the tavern. The moment they left Jen stuffed both his revolvers in his pants and Razi clapped his hands to him. Jen walked

to the silver haired girl, held her chin up with his fingers, and he stared deep in her brown eyes.

" Are you okay?"

" Eh, yes." The girl smiled at Jen. " Thanks for saving me."

" No prob. I just couldn't stand seeing you getting hurt. Does things like this happen to you a lot?"

" They do. People do wacked out things when they're drunk. I'm surprised they go after me since I'm a boy."

" Well, they can't help it when you look so...wait, did you just say your a...boy?"

" Yes. I took this job to help my family, and they needed someone cute to attract customers, so I took the job. Guess I got more than I bargained for, right?"

" I-I...I..."

" Hey, if you want to do something later with me later, please tell me." The boy reached his face forward and kissed Jen on the lips. Jen grimaced at the sight of his lips. The moment the boy took his lips off Jen he smiled. " I'll be waiting."

" That's enough talking now, Shi. Let's reward the good man properly." Miya grabbed Jen by his left ear, dragged him to a table, and threw him on a chair. She appeared shortly afterwards with a tower of food on a silver platter. " Here you go. I'll put this on your tab."

" You mean I have to pay?"

" Of course. Like my brother always said nothing in this world is free."

" Food!" Razi shouted as he ran to the table. Razi started grabbing food from the silver platter and shoved it in his mouth. Razi ate like a pig, swallowed everything without hesitation, then stopped. His face was covered with cream, pieces of meat, and noodles. Razi smiled when he licked everything off his face with his tongue. " Food! Food! Food! I like food. Especially meat."

" What are you some kind of animal? Eat with silverware. And for gods sake close your mouth when you eat. Looking at that food was disgusting."

"See Faust I told you that they didn't get rid of this bar" A voice with a slight chuckle said from outside the bar.

"I didn't say that they would get rid of it I said that they might change it up a bit since it's been here since we where kids" Another voice said as the bar door swung open "I wonder if Miya still works here"

Jen, Razi, Miya, and Shi looked at the door of the tavern and saw two people walk inside.

One was around twenty-two years of age and was standing at 5,10. He has a peculiar shade of aquamarine mixed with emerald, dark bags under his eyes, medium length white hair that covers most of his head while simultaneously sticking up and slightly to the left giving him a lazy bed head look.

He has thin aristocratic features with high cheekbones and a slender jaw along with pale skin. He is wearing a thick red designer coat with a white dress shirt hiddenunderneath and a black silk scarf wrapped around his neck, black dress pants are loose bordering on baggy, black expensive dress shoes and has a katana with a redhandle, flower-shaped guard, inside a black sheath and attached to his waist by a red ribbon.

The other person is around the same age as the first male and has dark skin, light green eyes , black wild hair that reaches his shoulders is wearing a black dress shirt, a ring on each thumb, a white waist coat, grey jeans which are tucked into black boots and the a strawhat on his head.

" These guys..." Jen thought as he stared at the dark skin and pale skin men. " Something about them doesn't feel right."


Eiza and Hansel were jumping on the buildings of Logue Town. Mutsu gave them the location of where they'd met their fourth member. As they were leaping from building to building Eiza bit her fingernails with her teeth. Her eyes were furious and she clenched her teeth on her fingernails like a rabid dog. Hansel noticed this and laughed.

" What's the matter, Eiza," Hansel asked in his teasing manner. " Still having boy troubles again?"

" That miserable bastard."

" Aha. So I'm dead on the money. What is it this time? Did he say something about your big bust?"

" He was a swine! He treated me like I was just an accessory. He insisted that he pay for everything and that in return I wear one piece dresses in front of him. He was nothing but a pork-belly pig without a care about anyone but himself."

" Ooh, he really pushed his luck with you, didn't he? Tell me, what did you do to him when he tried to have his way with you? And please don't spar any of the juicy details. I'm very appropriate."

" What do you think? I froze that miserable bastard. He'll thaw out in two hundred fortnights."

" Ha, you're so cold, Eiza."

" What did you suspect. I am the daughter of Kuzan Aokiji, aren't I? He may've resigned from his ranks but I will advance farther than he ever did. Any pirate that tries to get in my way I'll freeze them too their last breath. They all deserve to suffer!"

" Ha. That's the fiery spirit I like to see in you, girl. Now heads up. I see Lota up ahead."

Lota was one of the Admiral Five like Eiza, Hansel, and Mutsu. Her marine uniform was a white kimono-like shirt with one sleeve missing, and pink hair in a side ponytail with two daisy clips. She has small breasts that haven't grown by a single millimeter. She also had violet boots on her legs and bright brown eyes. Some say she is cheerful while others say she is violent. Her whole demeanor is delved into what people say to her. Lota watched Eiza and Hansel leap towards her, arms folded, and glared at both of them.

" It's about time you lazy bums got here," Lota said in her cold demeanor. " You two are so irresponsible."

" Like your one to talk, washboard," Eiza retorted. " At least we showed up to the council unlike you, washboard."

" Who are you calling a washboard?"

" You, flat chest. That's who."

" How dare you. At least Mutsu likes girls with small boobs."

" Mutsu? Mutsu only likes boys, didn't you here. Just ask Hansel."

" Well, I could tell you who his first date was, but I'm not the one to kiss and tell."

" I don't care. One of these days I'll make him turn from the way he is now. And when he and I become lovers, I am going to kill both of you two so you don't interfere with our love. Now, I trust you two understand the plan very well."

" Of course. Our spies have took pictures of every pirate on Wolf Fang's crew. Our plan is we find someone on his crew and we kidnap them. Then can the rest of our plan unfold. One question though. Should we take Hansel along with us? Unlike you and me, Lota, Hansel doesn't have a Devil Fruit."

" Oh, you needn't worry about me," Hansel said in a flamboyant tone. " I may not be the same as you two but that doesn't mean I'm anyway weaker. And besides, I always carry dangerous weapons around with me." Hansel took out a metal claw from his clothes and placed it over his left hand. He fiddled his fingers a little in his left hand, and then he laughed at its untamed glistening beauty. " With my intelligence there's no one who can hurt m-"

Before Hansel could finish his sentence he accidentally stabbed his metal claws through his head. Small drops of blood dripped out of Hansel's head at first, and then blood poured out of his head like rushing water.

" Ahhhhhhh!" Hansel screamed in his high-pitch girly voice. " I'm bleeding! Ahhhh!"

" You truly are a hopeless case," both Eiza and Lota said in unison.

" Do you even have a brain, Hansel?" Lota asked.

" Of course." Hansel took out another metal claw and slide it over his left hand. He raised both his metal claws too his head. " How else would I be able to think if I didn't have a brai-"

Hansel accidentally stabbed both his claws on the side of his head. The moment he did blood gushed out like running water on both sides of his head. Hansel screamed with his high-pitch voice just like before, and just like before Eiza and Lota just stared at him making a fool out of himself.

" Idiot."

" It's too risky for us to brag him along in battle," Eiza said.

" Indeed," Lota replied. " The moment we find one of Wolf Fang's crew members we should report them right back to Mutsu. He'll know what to do. He always knows just what to do."


Jane felt lonely. She wandered the streets of Logue Town trying to find something to help her forget losing her bandit crew at her own hands and decided to look for the nearest food market. The only problem was Jane was completely and utterly lost. Without any prior knowledge of Logue Town she easy got lost amongst a large crowd of people. Thinking about how she could not spread her wings, how she could not show so many men her true form, Jane was sad.

" Woe as me. Here I am with so much beli and yet I can't even find one measly shop. Maybe if that goofy boy was here he could use his nose to help me locate- no, no, take control of yourself, Jane. For your strength you're strong. Through everything you shall always overcome. Never ask men for help. They are vulgar, ravenous, shameless creatures." Jane felt her throat become dry. She sheepishly rubbed her throat feeling parched and then she sighed from her mouth. " What I would give for some sake right now. Some nice warm sake. I doubt they'll have any sake in a family place like this. Oh, I'd give anything just for that warm, tasty sake."

" Help!" A girl screamed behind Jane. Jane looked back and saw a young girl carrying grocery bags running. She was a woman with a petite figure, brown hair, pigtails, and wore a white shirt and orange jeans. The person she was running from was a man in his early twenties to late teens who was tall, had short cut black hair, a silver ring pierced in his left ear, a white coat, black jeans, black boats, and two steel tonfa's strapped on his back. " Please, sir, stay away from me!"

" Just give me a chance, darling," the man shouted whole heartedly while he was chasing the petite girl. " I can't help myself. You're exactly my type. Please be mine!"

" Ahhhhh! Somebody please save me!"

" Well, this is a strange turn of events. And I was starting to think things were getting boring."

The petite girl ran behind Jane and hide behind her. Jane could feel the goose bumps on her sweaty palms as she squeezed her. " Please, miss, please stop this man from following me."

The man who was chasing the petite girl ran straight up to Jane and grabbed her hands. The man leered into Jane's eyes, holding her hands, and Jane grimaced at the sight of the man's leering eyes.

" I didn't see it at first but you're actually pretty cute, my dear. Hi, I'm the captain of my own pirate crew. How would you like to be part of my crew, sugar pie?"

" Sugar pie?" Jane's head boiled with anger. She pulled her right fist back, looked at the man with red evil eyes, punched him right in his face and he fell right into the ground. " Keep your hands off me, you filthy man!"

The petite woman shuddered when Jane punched the poor man so hard he lost consciousness. She was dripping sweat from her body out of anxiety, but all that anxiety went away as Jane looked at her with a concerned face.

" Hey, are you okay? That man didn't hurt you or anything, did he?"

" Eh, no. He never hurt me."

" I see. And may I pray ask why he was after you in the first place?"

" I really don't know. One moment I was buying groceries for my friends and the next this guy was groping me all over. He asked me if I would be his girlfriend, but I told him my heart belonged to someone else. That's when he started chasing me."

" Yes, that I can imagine. Now, can I please see your groceries, please."

" Uh, sure. Here you go."

The petite girl handed her bag of groceries and gave them to Jane. Jane opened the bag and stared at the ingredients inside: stomach medicine, bread, lemongrass, candlenut, cardamom, beef, cumin, turmeric, and chocolate.

" You're a chef, are you not?"

" Yes. How did you know."

" Well, most girls your age don't carry such exquisite ingredients. You're cooking curry for these friends of yours, are you not?"

" Yes. How did you know I was cooking curry?"

" Call it a hunch. But what got me were the stomach medicine, bread, and chocolate. The stomach medicine actually helps improve the flavour of curry, bread is what people dip in curry, and chocolate also gives it that plentiful taste. Seeing someone who actually puts chocolate into curry, you must be very copious when it comes to cooking."

" Well, I wouldn't say I love it that much, but cooking always reminds me of when I worked at a bar with my sister Mary. My name is Lucy by the way. Lucy Redford."

" Yes, very nice to met you too, Lucy. My name is Jane. Jane Fall. There's so many things I'd like to ask yo-"

Jane stopped talking and froze like a statue. She felt someone's hands groping her chest. The person who was groping her was the same pervert who was chasing Lucy. He had a smug smile on his face, rubbed her chest, and as he did Jane felt him heavily breathing on the back of her neck.

" You know maybe I was rushing things a little too much. Why don't you and I go out for dinner some time, cutey pie."

Jane growled through her teeth. She punched the man in his face again, smashed his face on the ground, shouted, " Eat this!"

" Eh, don't you think you're being a little too violent on him?" Lucy said silently as she was frightened by Jane's ferocity. " You may give him permanent brain damage."

" Not like I care. Besides, all I gave him was a concussion. Now, whenever a boy does something to you that you don't like, don't ever feel like you don't need to give them a good punch to the face. It usually always works-"

Jane was groped again. The person who was groping her was the same man as before. Jane was more surprised than angry. It seemed like no matter how many times she punched him he would just keep getting up.

" Did you miss me, my dear?"

" What? You should be knocked out!"

" How can I sleep? Whenever I close my eyes all I think about is you. Please join my crew. Please, please, please-"

" Himura!" Another girl shouted.

The perverted man, Himura, he was daunted by that girl's voice. Jane was the first one to notice her as she was standing above them on someone else's home. She was a woman like Himura who was in her early twenties, has long blond hair with blue eyes. She is dressed in a black dress with a white underdress which shows her cleavage, wears a choker on her neck, and has long brown boots with black stockings. Because of her short skirt her panties could be easily shown. And around her legs were garter belts stuffed with numerous knives. Just by looking into her eyes...even Jane was scared of her.

" Yume!" Himura screamed when he saw his crewmate Yume glaring at him. Himura quickly let go of Jane and raised his hands defensively. " Yume, wait, I can explain everythin-"


" Ahhhhhhh!"

" Water Serpent's Tail!"

The furious woman Yume shaked both her hands around in circles. Her eyes burned bright red as she shaked her hands around. Before using her attack Yume jumped in the air, then the tail of what looked like a dragon made out of water came out. Yume smacked the tail at Himura and crushed him under its weight.

" She's really angry," Lucy thought when she watched Yume hit Himura with the water tail. " I would hate to face someone like her."

The tail soon vanished. Himura was shown underneath the tail, most of his bones were broken, and he groaned. Yume then grabbed Himura by his arms and lifted him off the ground.

" Come on. We need to find Kaho. She's worried sick about you."

" Stop!" Jane shouted. Yume stopped walking, Himura in one hand, and she stared Jane right in her eyes. " Hey, don't you have any pride? You must have lots of powers, don't you? So why are you following someone as weak as him? Tell me!"

Yume didn't say anything. She just stared at Jane, saw the anger in her eyes, and then she smirked. Without a word she ran away, Himura in her arms, and ran off into the distance. She soon left Jane and Lucy all alone.

" What kind of coward doesn't ask someone else's questions? If I ever met her again, I'll rip her eyes out with my cla-"

" Eh, excuse me, Jane," Lucy said trying to get her attention. " I was wondering... can you please stay by me. I don't really want to be alone around her. It's only until I catch up with my friends. Please."

" Mm-hmmmmm. I see. I understand. With all these dirty men running amock a fair girl like you needs someway to defend herself. I will temporarily be your lady in arms. But in exchange...can you please buy me some sake. I really need a drink to drown my sorrows."


" So, Miya, how have you been doing?" Nathan asked the bar owner who was also once like a mother to him.

" Fine now that I get to see you again, Nathan," said Miya, she was smiling." How's your swordsmanship been going?"

" Not as good as Faust but also not too shabby. And I owe it all to you, sensei."

" Please, I'm not your master. I just taught you what my brother taught me. For I am-"

" Food!" Razi shouted, waving his hands up and down hoping Miya would give him food. " Food! Food! Food!"

" Just a second. All your food will be on your friend's tab."

" Me?" Jen retorted. " Why do I have to pay?"

Miya ignored Jen's remark and served Razi food and drinks again. Razi didn't hesitate to grab the food and shove it down his mouth like an animal. Miya smiled at Razi, but then she held her hands over her mouth.

" Master, may I ask you something?" the white haired man Faust asked.

" You may."

" May you teach me more sword techniques? I feel I'll need to sharpen my sword skills before me, Nathan and every one of our friends reach the Grand Line."

" I see. I'm sorry to tell you this, Faust, but I can't teach you any more swordsmanship skills?"

" Huh? But why?"

" I have nothing left to teach you. The first time I met you your sword skills were just a little seed, but you managed to ripen into an apple."

" I understand. I'll do my best, sensei."

Miya noticed Jen and Razi, smiled, said, " You and your friend are pirates, aren't you?"

" Huh?" Jen gasped. " How did you know?"

" It was hard at first. My first clue was how you act. You two didn't seem to be brothers so what relationship would you possibly have? And then there were those guns. Those are the guns of a pirate are they not?"

" Wow. Your smart, beautiful, and kind. Just who exactly are you?"

" I'm just a simple bar owner. Now are any one of you the captain?"

" Ri Ram ( I am)," Razi mumbled with food in his mouth. Razi then swallowed the food and gave Miya one of his heart warming smiles. " My name is Razi and I'm the pirate of-"

" My name is Captain Jen," said Jen believing he was the captain. " And I'm the captain of the Jen Pirates."

" Don't be stupid, Jen. I'm the captain of this crew."

" No way. A person with brains should be the captain of this crew, and everyone knows I've got more brainpower than you, flea bag."

" I'm captain!"

" No, I'm captain!"

" Grrrrrrrrr!"

" Haha," Miya laughed. " You two are such a riot. Hey Nathan, do you remember that story you wanted me to tell you over and over again. The one you lived. You know, the one about the last king of the pirates."

" Yes. I remember it quite well. I was just a little boy back then, I barely took my first steps, but I remember the day Monkey D. Lufy was executed like it was yesterday. It was the day he gave me his straw hat."


Logue town. It was an Island everyone Pirate, Marine or simple villager no matter how old or young knew because it was the place first Pirate King Gold Roger or as he was really known as Gol D Roger was born and died.

And to day it was about to be the place where the second Pirate King Monkey D Luffy would die as well.

The whole entire town watched in respected silence, utter awe and slight fear as the 28-year-old Pirate King with wild black hair the reaches his upper back, fair skin, black eyes and a noticeable small scar under his right eye walked to the execution platform with two Marine officers walking along side him making sure he didn't try to escape.

Luffy stopped and glanced down at his sea stone cuffs that enabled him to use his devil fruit powers.

Man the Marines have gotten really strong in the last couple of years Luffy though as he tested the strength of the sea stone handcuffs with a small grin as they didn't shatter or at least crack.

"Keep Moving!" The Marine officer with a scruffy beard shouted as he slammed the butt of his rifle into Luffy's back making him stumble forward before he continued walking.

Brook and Franky the Musician and Shipwright of the Strawhats thought if Luffy was going to die he should die wearing his best outfit so he is wearing the same formal attire he wore when he defeated the golden lion Shiki.

A gust of wind blew his infamous strawhat of his head and in front of four ten year old children. Two boys and two girls.

One boy's eyes are a peculiar shade of aquamarine mixed with emerald that are only enhanced by the dark bag under his eyes, short spiky white hair that covers most of his head while simultaneously sticking up and slightly to the left giving him a lazy bed head look, pale skin and is wearing a dark purple shirt, grey shorts, brown boots and carrying a katana with a red handle, flower-shaped guard and inside a black sheath and wrapped around his body with a red ribbon.

The other boy who picked up the Strawhat has dark skin, light green eyes, black short wild hair that reaches his neck and is wearing a black shirt, dark brown shorts and brown sandals.

One girl as dark red hair that reaches her upper back, dark red eyes to match, fair skin and is wearing a dark black dress and shoes.

And the other girl has black hair tied into a long ponytail, light green eyes, dark skin and is wearing a dark blue shirt, black trousers and white shoes.

The four kids stared in utter awe at the Strawhat before the dark skinned boy picked it up.

"Uh Mister Pirate King you dropped your hat" The dark skin boy said nervously as he was talking to the Pirate King who walked back over to them bent down took his hat away from the boy before he shocked everyone when he put his strawhat on the young boy's head which was too big for him so it covered the upper half of his head but didn't hide the huge smile of joy on his face.

"Keep it I don't need it anymore where I'm going" Luffy said with a small chuckle before he walked to the execution platform with a confident grin on his face.

"Thank you Mister Pirate King!" The Dark skinned boy shouted before the other kids grinned at the fact their friend was wearing the infamous strawhat.

Luffy and the two Marine guards started to ascend the steps to the execution platform before he reached the top walked to the center and sat down cross legged before the two Marine officer pulled out their straight swords and held them in X formation in front of Luffy's head.

"Pirate King, Monkey D Luffy you and your crew have done multiply offensives to the world Government over the years and would gladly prosecute you all accordingly but since we cannot locate the rest of your crew we ask you to give up their location and in return you and your crew will be taken to Impel down and put in level five" One of the Marine officer said which made Luffy laugh and turn to face the Marine and stuck his tongue out which made the children laugh while everyone else sweat dropped at the fact the powerful Pirate King was acting like a kid during his own execution.

"You Marines must be completely Idiots if you think I'll give up my crew just because you ask" Luffy said with a grin which made the Marine officers glare at him before they raised their swords ready to end his life.

"Don't kill him yet he hasn't told us where he hid the treasure!" A middle age man shouted which made the Marine officers glare at him while everyone else began to murmur.

"Shut the hell up!" The Marine officers shouted as they were ordered not to let the same thing Gol D Roger did repeat itself.

"Where did you hide your treasure Pirate King!?" The middle-aged man shouted so his question question could ring through out the town square which made everyone including the four children hush their comments and small talk before they watched Luffy who lost the smile on his face and formed a small grin which the Marines saw.

"I said shut up or I'll throw you into a jail cell!" A Marine officer threatened as he pointed his sword at the middle-aged man while a large grin formed on Luffy's face.

"WHERE DID YOU HIDE ONE PIECE!" The middle-aged man shouted out which got a loud roar of agreement from everyone included the four children before everyone was chanting "One Piece!" over and over again which made the Luffy gain a large grin.

"You want my treasure?" Luffy asked the sea of villagers. His voice caused everyone to stop chanting and the two Marine officers to point their swords at his throat but that didn't faze him at all."Since you guys demand it you can have it. I had my fun finding and hiding it"

"Shut up you filthy Pirate!" The other Marine officer snarled as they raised their swords and swung it towards Luffy's neck but what shocked everyone was the Marine officers suddenly went flying back as something exploded against their chest.

"Thanks Usopp!" Luffy shouted as he glanced at a building a couple of miles away to see his crew who are wearing black cloaks "Where was I?" Luffy asked as he tilted his head to the said and gained a look of utter concentration which you could tell since he face was going red.

"You was telling us about the One Piece!" All the villagers shouted in annoyance while the kids laugh at Luffy's forgetfulness.

"Oh Yeah!" Luffy laughed "I left all my treasure in that one place!" Luffy announced with a loud shout and a fierce grin on his face. "Now all of you lot have to do is search the whole world for it!"

Both Marine officers grunted in pain and stood up before they glared at Luffy as they thrust their swords towards his chest.

"I'm sorry you guys!" Luffy shouted with a large smirk on his face as he stared at his Nakama who each had a different emotion on their face. Zoro had a hard look on his face, Sanji had a sad look in his eyes as he exhaled smoke, Usopp, Chopper, Nami, Brook and Franky were all crying their eyes out and Robin and a serious look on her face but a few tears swelling up in the corners of her eyes "But I died!"


The two Marine officer's swords pierced through Luffy's chest but more accurately his heart which made his whole body go limp while Blood dripped from the corners of his mouth. But the one thing that shocked everyone – even his Nakama was the large grin still on Luffy's dead face.

The sea of villagers cheered as they had found out the location of the Pirate King's treasure while two Marines officers glared at Luffy's dead corpse as they knew he had just ignited the spark of Piracy to the new Era just like the previous Pirate King did before him.

The Strawhats stared at their Captain's dead body before they got of the roof and went inside the Gol D Roger tavern to plan how they'll take their Captain's body back and the four children ran off back to their hideout.

Flashback End:

" Without their captain to guide them, the Straw Hats couldn't stay together. Eventually they all had to go their own separate ways. One by one they all started to fall. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."

" Hey Faust," Nathan said " When we became pirates, did you ever look at me and say my friend Nathan has finally grown up?"

" Sorry, Nathan, I'm still waiting for that day to happen."

" Har har. Who knew the tough swordsman had a sense of humor."

" It's Naken, is it?" Razi asked Nathan.

" What's Naken?"

" Your name. Is it Naken?"

" No, it's Nathan. Now what do you want?"

" Can we fight?"

" What? I'm sorry but your going to have to say that again."

" That's Monkey D. Luffy's hat, isn't it?"

" It sure is. It's my most precious treasure next to my Nakama's. I hold it dear to my heart. And I'd never give it to anyone, get it."

" I don't want your hat. I just want to fight you; the person with Monkey D. Luffy's hat. If I beat you, I'll be stronger than Monkey D. Luffy himself."

" First of all I'm nowhere near as strong as Monkey D. Luffy. Second, beating me won't be easy. I've eaten a Devil Fruit. The Chi Chi Fruit ( Blood Blood Fruit). Are you sure you want to go against a Devil Fruit User?"

" That's okay. I'm a Devil Fruit User Too."

" Oh really? What can you do?"

" I can transform."

" Okay, let's fight-"

" Now hold on one second," Miya said with a strange face. Both Razi and Nathan looked at Miya and saw an evil visage appear around her that frightened Nathan, but didn't do anything to Razi. " No fighting in the bar. If your going to do something as bullheaded as that, your going to do it outside."


Miya directed Razi and Nathan outside. While walking Nathan made cracking sounds with his knuckles, sticking his fingers together, pressing on them, and made a noise that sounded like cracking. Nathan also cracked his fingers just by wiggling them. He was stiff, probably due to long sailing without fighting, and was aching to move again.

" Okay, Razi, you go that way and Nathan you go that way," Miya said pointing Razi to the right and pointing Nathan to the left. " Remember, killing each other is strictly prohibitied. (keeping a straight face) If you kill anyone next to my pub, I'll take out my sword and cut your head off." A blood chilling visage showed itself out of Miya. The sight of it made Nathan, Jen, Shi, and even Faust the swordsman tremble. " You know I can do it, don't you, Nathan?"

" Yeah. Your crazy good. One time there was this riot on the street of fifty bandits, Miya beat all of them minute."

" One minute?" Jen asked. " Oh god. Did she kill them?"

" Not quite," Faust replied, arms crossed, and kicking the heel of his feet against the pub. " She just disarmed them and they ran away like frightened babies. Miya's sword is so sharp it can cut through anything."

" Hey, Naphan," said Razi growing impatient.

" It's Nathan," Nathan growled.

" Are we going to fight now?"

" Sure I guess. Let's figh-"

Razi dashed to Nathan before he could finish his sentence and punched him in his square jaw. Nathan could usualy foresee attacks like these from his opponents, but by talking he left himself completely defenceless. Nathan fell on the ground. He soon got back up. While Razi was punching his fists into the air the same as in a boxing match, Nathan was bleeding through his nose. Nathan let his blood drip on his hands, then he squeezed that hand.

" That wasn't very smart. Do you know why I call my ship the Blood Pirates or why my name is the Blood Pirate."

" I don't know. Why?"

" Because when I fight someone I make them bleed every drop of their blood. Chi Chi No Deadly Art!"

Nathan threw his few drops of his blood on the area surrounding Razi. Nathan sweated excessively as his attention was only on the blood. Razi's instincts told him to jump. Just before the blood rised up and pierced him like a growing tree with branches, Razi did backflips.

Razi finally stopped doing backflips and looked back at Nathan, blinked. " Hey, what was that all about-"

"Chi Chi No Pistol!"

Before Razi could sense it coming a bullet made out blood was fired from Nathan's fingertips. The bullet went straight into Razi's chest-or at least hit his chest since the bullet was made out of blood and just bounced off. The trauma of being shot made Razi grimace, then he got back on his feet and smiled.

" That was so awesome. Do it again. Do it again."

" Your one crazy bastard, aren't you? I thought you said you ate a Devil Fruit. Well, let me see it." Razi ignored Nathan and slipped his gloves on. Razi punched the air testing his gloves out. " Fine. If you aren't going to show me..." Nathan pulled out a small knife. He held his arm out and stabbed the knife into his arm. " Then there's no point carrying this battle on. Chi Chi No Bloody Rapier!"

Nathan's blood gushed out of his arm. For reasons beyond Razi's comprehension the blood twined together. The blood became a double bladed rapier inside Nathan's arm. Nathan reached for the hilt and pried the rapier out of his arm. A large wound was ripped open in Nathan's arms. Blood however spurted out of Nathan's arm, dripped over his wounds, where when the blood dissipatated his arm was completely healed.

Jen watching on the sideline couldn't belive his eyes. He was scared. Scared for Razi. " Are you sure this fight is a good idea? What if they start to get so rambunctious about this fight they get too extreme. One of them might even lose an arm."

" Relax. Nathan may not be the brightest person in the world, mostly because he's lazy and doesn't like to read which is why he needs a navigator to read maps, but he would never go so far fighting someone unless they threaten his Nakama."

" Nakama? How many members are on your crew?"

" Five right now. There's me; swordsman of the crew. Nathan who's the captain. Lucy our Bloody Butcher. Margaret our shipwright. and Kamiko our navigator."

" Well, where are they? Why aren't they with you?"

" Because we all wanted to do different things. Margaret went to the shipyard, Kamiko went to get some books, and Lucy's off getting supplies for dinner. We're suppose to have curry tonight. How many members are on your crew?"

" Er, four. Five if you count Jane, but I'm not sure if she wants to be a member of our crew. There's me, the captain of this crew, with skills in navigation and sniping. There's also Daniel who is our swordsman. Our tailor Momo who is not only the nicest one of us other than Razi but also a fishman."

" Fishman? You actually have a fishman on your crew? But I thought fishman despised humans."

" Momo doesn't. One time or another it seemed like he lived with humans. Do you see that bandana on Razi's head?"

" The black one? I see it perfectly."

" Razi told me Momo made it for him."

" W-What? A fishman made that. I heard fishman could be smarter than humans, but I don't think any of them would make their own clothes. I wonder. Maybe one day I should ask Nathan if he would like a fishman for a crewmate."

" No way. We're the human pirates with a fishman. And not only that, we have a skypien."

" S-Skypien? You are a crazy bunch of pirates."

Nathan dashed straight towards Razi, rapier in his right hand, then he jabbed his rapier straight towards Razi's chest. What he didn't anticipate was Razi's instincts. Razi easily ducked out of the path of the sword-left, right, center, pierre, down-and then he grabbed the rapier with his hands.

" Hey, let go of that!"

" You shouldn't be using weapons to fight. It's cheating." Razi clapped his hands against the rapier. Because of the seastone in his gloves the rapier exploded on contact. " There."

" Ah! What did you just do-"

Nathan was blindfolded by Razi from him wrapping his bandana around his head before he could say another word. Nathan was scared. Everything went black. Without his eyes there was no way he could fight. He could however feel something patting his hands.

" Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man. Bake me cake a cake as fast as you can."

Nathan felt something sharp slashing at him in a furry. His eyes returned to normal, though he was temporarily dazed from something gray glimmering in his eyes. As Nathan was about to counterattack, Razi hit him with something that pushed hiim to the ground.

" Oof!"

Nathan didn't even see what hit him. It wasn't Razi's hands or his feet, and whatever hit him was fuzzy like a tail. Nathan was pushed back by whatever hit him. This time his cheeks were bleeding from something cutting him as well as his nose bleeding.

" Are you okay? Maybe I was aggressive, wasn't I?" Razi smiled broadly at Nathan. " This is a great fight. I'm learning so much. Thank you-"

" Shut up! I don't want to hear another word from your mouth."

" Hmmm. Did I do something wrong?"

" You think your so strong, don't you? You think your better Luffy, don't you? You think by fighting me, the guy he gave his hat too, that you can gloat about it."

" What? That's not true. I don't think I'm better than Luffy. I just wanted to see how strong you were. I thought that maybe if we fought together we could be friends."

" Friends? Why would I want to be friends with you? So far I've been taking it easy because I thought we would have a great battle, but I guess there's no need for me to hold out any longer. Chi Chi No Bloody Scythes!"

Nathan cut his forearms with his knife. His blood glowed bright before he turned it into scythe blades. Nathan spinned around in circles. The scythe blades all flew straight towards Razi. Razi punched them with his fists, exploding them using his boxing gloves, but one blade cut him in his right shoulder.

" Guah!"

Razi howled in pain when he was cut by the blade. Nathan ran up ahead of Razi while his guard was down and punched him in his face. Nathan continued his brawl by punching Razi in his stomach, face, even in the shoulder where he was cut. While Razi was in great pain Nathan made a smooth sheet of his blood covering his hands to give his punches more power.

" Chi Chi No Bloody Fist!"

Nathan prepared to punch Razi with as much force as he was enbodied. But before his fists made contact Razi caught both of them with his hands. Razi wouldn't be able to do it with his cut shoulderpad, however, he recovered from it. Nathan noticed this and flinched.

" I thought I cut him there. Don't tell me his Devil Fruit allows him to recover faster from injuries. If that's the case...I'll need to finish him off right now."

Nathan jumped back away from Razi and jumped over Razi's head. While falling to the ground Nathan locked his blood covered hands together. He was about to smash them on top of Razi's head.

" Chi Chi No Falling Hammer!" Razi shielded himself from Nathan's attack just in time. He raised his hands over his head. The way Nathan fell was the same as a meteor hurtling towards Earth. Nathan fell into Razi's hands, pushing him into the ground, but managed to stand up despite how powerful he was.

" I-will-be-strong!" Nathan shouted. Newfound energy boasted the power of his fall. Nathan fell to the ground, hitting the ground creating a crater, he got back up, took out his knife, and stabbed Razi in his forehead. " I won't let someone like you who thinks being a pirate is all fun and games became King of the Pirate. Anyone who mocks Luffy doesn't deserve that title."

" I-will-not-lose!" Razi shouted back at Nathan. Blood trickled out of his head while his eyes never left Nathan's. " Being a pirate doesn't just have to do with hurting others. It's all about meeting people who share the same goals as you, people who will fight for you, find new places and letting the whole world no your not afraid to make a change. That's why Luffy gave you his strawhat. He thought you could make a difference."

Nathan froze. Time stopped around him. He remembered the face Luffy had when he gave him his hat. He looked so...happy. Even when he was going to die he still had the same happy, joyous face. Thinking about his past made his hands start to sweat. Nathan released his grip on his knife. It fell on his feet. The wound he gave Razi was gone as his skin returned to normal.

" I have been so...stupid. "

" Hey Faust, your captain doesn't look alright," Jen said on the sidelines. " Maybe we should help him."

" Let him be. Nathan's mind is like a maze. Once it starts it can't go back, and only goes until it reaches the end. I tell you, if it were me fighting I would have done things diligently and not let anything stand in my way."

" You sure act big and tough, Faust, but I haven't really saw you do any fighting. What is it exactly that you can do?"

" I'll show you. There's two rocks on the ground. Pick them up and throw them at me."

" Are you sure that's a good idea? I could hurt you."

" Just do it." Jen did as Faust asked. He picked up two rocks off the ground and threw them at Faust. Faust took out his sword. " Basilisk Fang!"

Faust held his sword in a reverse grip, then he disappeared. He soon reappeared to the left before disappearing again and reappearing next to the rocks. The rocks stopped moving. They just floated off the ground. Faust held his sword by the flower-guard and dropped it in his belt again. Two parallel horizontal slashes touched the rocks as they shattered into nothing but pebbles.

Jen was scared of Faust, got on his hands and knees, said, " Please don't hurt me!"

" Get off the ground. You look stupid like that. I assure you I'm not going to hurt you. I'm a pirate not a monster. Ooh, and it looks like Nathan's returning to his sanity."

" Excuse me, Navy, can we please continue on with our fight."

Nathan returned his attention back to the battle. Just like the last two times Razi mistaked his name he was angry. " It's Nathan you idiot! Nathan Darius! I'm going to become King of the Pirates!"

" No way. I'm going to become King of the Pirates. My name is Wolf Fang Razi."

" Well, Razi, let's decide this in one last attack. Chi Chi No Tiger Claws!" Nathan made sharp claws out of blood that covered his fingers. Nathan clawed the air testing them, then he raised his hands out, smiled. " I want to see it. That Devil Fruit. I want to see it now."

" Okay!" Razi finally transformed into his wolf hybrid. Pointy ears popped out of his head, claws grew from his fingertips, his bushy tail stuck out of his rear end, and he grew fangs out his mouth. " What do you think? Pretty cool, right?"

" So your a Zoan-type, eh? It's been a long time since I fought anyone like you. So let us...begin!"

Nathan and Razi both charged towards each other. Their claws raised up and their mouthes wide open. Just when it looked like they were going to crash, Razi flinched for a second, his ears twitching as if hearing something small, and he jumped on Nathan's head.

" Oof!"

Nathan fell on the ground. Razi landed back on the ground. He looked everywhere as if hearing something in the distance, then he turned his attention to Jen.

" Hey Jen, did you hear that?"

" Hear what, Razi?"

" Someone's crying."

" Crying? I don't hear anyone crying. Do you, Faust?"

" Nope. I don't hear anything except you two bickering."

" Yeah. If someone's really crying, why didn't you hear it before, Razi?"

" It's probably because I was in my human form most of the time. In my wolf form's I can hear almost one hundred times better. I got to go?"

" Go? Go where?"

" Where the noise is coming from of course. I want to see who is crying." Razi ran away from Faust and Jen. He ran past Nathan, turned around and waved at him. " Thanks for the fight. I think my fighting skills have improved because of it."

" I hate you," Nathan groaned with his head touching the dirt.

" I'll be back soon. Bye."

Razi transformed into his wolf form. He ran on his four legs into the town. With him gone everything became quiet. The only sound that could be heard was the soft laugh of Miya.

" That Razi. He certainly is a strange fellow."

" Do you think he's going to be alright, Jen?" Faust asked.

" Don't worry. He'll come way or the other."

Razi was gone. What Jen, Faust, Miya, Shi, and Nathan didn't realize was they were being watched-of course Nathan couldn't see that because his face was on the ground. In the shadows a man was watching them, his razor sharp and jagged teeth were the only thing visible, and so was his sharp claws. The man breathed while looking at Miya. His breath was loud, earful, and would made any persons blood stop immediately.

" So the little goofball is gone. Good. Now I can move onto the next phase of my plan."

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