Daniel checked every sword shop in town, but there was none there that sparked his interest. Daniel just roamed the streets of LogueTown looking around.

" My father told me he was here to witness the execution of Golden Rogers the King of the Pirates. He told me never pleased him more then to see that pirate cry, but all he did was smile the entire time. Maybe it was seeing people suffer is why my dad was a Marine."

" Excuse me, I have a proposition for ya."

Daniel turned to the face of the person calling to him. He was what seemed to be an old man; old man with black sideburns. He was short, not midget size but just a inches shorter than Daniel, wore a black yutaka with a red crane on it.

" What do you want, old man?"

" Just a little fortune telling."

" Fortune telling? Aw no. You phony male gypsy just want to rip me off. So no with your fortune telling."

" Relax. First time is free."

" That's nice. What, are you going to take out some of those cards and read me my fortune?"

" Cards? You insult me. Nothing can predict anything better than a crystal ball." The man did a handstand where a green ball made out of glass rolled out. The old man caught the ball with his hands. " Shall we begin?"

" Yar yar. Why don't you tell me the fortune where I grow old and die. Oho I forgot that ball there is a dud."

" This ball is certainly not a dud. I'll show you." The old man rubbed his crystal ball. With his fingers rubbing the surface it started to glow. " I sense you live with much misery."

" Uh-huh. Could you by any chance see that by the way I'm dressed or maybe the sound of my voice?"

" I sense you travel in a pair. Family? No, a family of friends."

" Friends? Look here, bud, I don't know if those sideburns of yours are messing with your brain but I don't have any friends."

" I see a man who is forthright about everything. A man-no beast who too some is hard on the outside but soft on the inside. A man whose seen the netherworld and has come back from it. A woman old from a world far above the sky. And I see another girl, one who has never been touched by a man, never even seen her own father before."

" Wait, that's five. I only know four people. This fortune telling mumbo jumbo isn't working."

" There are five more. Two boys; brothers. Not brothers of blood but brothers all the same. Three girls. I see you with a puppet on strings, your strong one with a gentle spirit, and a reaper of a double-blade with a reaper of one blade."

" Haha. You crack me up. Is there a guy with three heads too? Maybe a guy who can walk through walls."

" I don't think you should be laughing at your future. The last thing I can say for you is a friendly hand will save you from the hands of a corrupt man."

" Pffffft! First of all I'm going to die from smokin'. And secondly a swordsman would never let anyone save him."

" Heed my words, swordsman. You cannot run from your destiny. Here."

The old man handed him a something wrapped in Furoshiki cloth. Daniel grabbed the thing and pulled it away. What he found was a katana. It is a white-wood Shirasaya (a katana without a tsuba/guard), and had two little bells with red string on the grip.

" What's this?"

" They call it Yoko Rashien. It was a blade created by a blacksmith in the feudal era. But the moment he made it he passed away from an unknown illness. They say this blade is cursed, and all who've used it have lost their lives at the hands of the blade."

" A cursed blade?"

" Yes. But not one but he created seven blades just like this one. Hundreds who've held these blades have all lost their lives at the hands of their own blades."

" Cursed blades?"

" If you don't want it than all you have to do is give it back to me."

" I'll keep it. Even if this blade is said to be cursed I like it. It sounds like a sword I can tame-" A wagon pulled by horses came out of nowhere and nearly ran Daniel over, but he jumped out of the way. The next thing he did was swing his sword at the driver. " Idiot! Can you believe these-huh?"

The old man was gone. His crystal ball went with him. The only thing that proved he wasn't hallucinating the whole thing was the sword in his hands.

" Well that was...weird."

" Daniel! Hey!" Daniel looked around to see the sawshark fishman Momo waving at him.

" Momo? What are you doing here? I thought you were on the ship reading."

" I was. The paper was great. I learned so much from it. Like how we need to be careful. I hear there's a band of three pirates with a total bounty of five hundred 'n' fifty thousand beli's."

" Well. That certainly is high. What's the name of the captain? Captain Kidney?"

" Didn't you hear? There's a pirate with a bounty of fifty thousand berries with two female pirates who both have a bounty of two hundred 'n' fifty thousand beli's."

" What? I never heard of a captain with a lower bounty than his crewmates."

" Yeah. Sounds a little redundant to me."

" Eww, what's that thing?"A girl said after walking by Momo. " It's so hideous."

" Is that suppose to be human? No way. It's so repulsive."

" And he has a fin on his back and gills. Is he suppose to be some kind of fish."

" Gross. I bet he doesn't even have any parents. Who'd want to raise an ugly thing like him."

Sticks and stones will break your bones but words could never hurt you. But too Momo even words hurt. It hurt so much he felt like he was going to cry, and he just wanted to ram into a house. He was tormentedfrom everyone every day growing up without his mother or his master to comfort him-he was so sad with the way he looked he wanted to hide under a rock. The only person who could comfort him however was Daniel.

" Hey! Stop making fun of my friend! You hurt him and you hurt me, and if you hurt me I'll cut you where you stand!"

" Yipe! He's going to eat us alive!"

Everyone around Daniel scattered. Everyone that is except for Momo. The sawshark fishman remained silent trying not to ruin the moment. Daniel was the first person to stand up for him.

" Daniel...thanks for caring about me." " Don't flatter yourself ya big baby. I only did it because we're on the same crew and all and if one of us falls in the water you're the only one of us who can swim. That's all it is-"

Momo and Daniel both heard the sound of screaming somewhere in the streets. They also heard the sound of gunfire and laughing.

" What the hell is that?" Daniel said listening to the noise.

" I don't know, Daniel. But I want to check it out."

" Momo, wait. It isn't safe."

" Sorry; can't hear you."

" You can hear me. Your answering me! Wait!"


Momo was just as fast on land almost as fast as he was in water. Momo reached the scene of the crime way before Daniel could catch up to him. He saw what looked bloodthirsty fishman pirates wearing colorful pirate gear robbing a store. The fishmen pirates were holding people by wrapping them up in rope and taunting them with their sharp teeth and ugly faces.

" Cry all you want," a fishman with human red hair that looked like a shark fishman like Momo said snidely to a little girl crying from her fear. " No one can even touch us."

A man holding a broom ran at the shark fishman holding the little girl. But when the man was about to hit the shark fishman a torpedo fired at him. It wasn't really a torpedo that hit the man but another fishman. This fishman looked human but had green skin, webbed hands and webbed feet and his lips were gigantum. The shark fishman laughed snidely at the man.

" Serves you right. Never mess with a fishman, human. Though we don't eat humans we will kill you if you stand in our way. Oroc."

A fishman walked from the far left to the shark fishman. His head was big, spherical and had spikes sticking out, he had bright orange skin where the bottom of his head was demi-white, and his eyes were red.

" Yes, captain."

" Oroc, I need you to show these humans just how serious we are. Though I choose not to have my hands dirty I trust that shouldn't be a problem for you."

" No. No it's no trouble at all. What do you want me to do, captain."

" See that man mister Turp pushed to the ground? I want you to fire one of your quills right into this vertebrate's head. I want everyone to see him suffer. They must all know never to mess with us, Oroc."

" Yes captain. The most I can make him suffer is for five minutes. All shall fear us."

Oroc the blowfish fishman walked behind the man and raised one hand to his head as he looked into his eyes. The man was petrified of the fishman.


Oroc was whacked behind his head by a metal pipe. The person swinging it gave so much force that it pushed him straight back to his captain who moved out of the way and let him fall to the ground, arms crossed.

" What in the name of the All Blue?"

what the shark fishman saw was another fishman like him-a sawshark fishman holding a pipe. The pipe was smeared with blood on the tip where Oroc was hit and the fishman helped the human to his feet.

" Are you okay. Can you walk okay?"

" Ah!" The man screamed frightened of Momo's apperance.

" Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you. I don't care what those brothers of mine did. I would never hurt a human being in my life unless they threaten me."

" You there, give the human to me or be condemned to torture!" The shark fishman shouted.

" No. From one fishman to another please stop hurting this poor man. He's done nothing but try to protect his kind from our kinds aggression. If you have any heart left you'll leave this place at once."

" Our kind? What do you mean by our kind? Your not a fishman? No fishman would ever stoop to the level of a human. Your a traitor to your own kind. I suggest you give us the human otherwise I'll be forced to end your life just like I'll do to all these worthless humans."

" No...I won't let you lay a finger on him. I am a fishman; yes. But I'm also a gentleman. My master who was also somewhat of a gentleman despite his quirks told me that if you can walk, talk, or even look someone straight in the eyes and not attack them then you're all one of the same."

" I've had enough of this! I'm going to kill you! But I must warn you. My father was a pirate of the great Captain Arlong the fishman pirate and he taught me how to kill. When I'm done with you, you'll be able to meet him face-to-face."

Momo and the sawshark fishman prepared to brawl. Before they brawled Momo laid the man somewhere safe where he wouldn't get hurt in their battle. Momo then dropped his metal up and raised his dukes' up preparing to brawl.

Momo struck first. He was fast. He ran straight up to the shark fishman and prepared to punch him in his stomach, but the shark fishman blocked by holding his two webbed hands close was the shark fishman's turn to fight. He snapped his razor sharp teeth at his poor fishman brother. Momo was quick on his feet and backed away before the shark fishman could get a bite of him.

" I need to think of something fast or I'll have a big teeth mark in me for the rest of my life. Wait. I have to fight fire with fire."

Momo stopped backing up and started chomping at the shark fishman. Momo came on strong, made the big shark fishman back up, but the shark fishman jumped away from him.

" Finally, you show me your true colors, fishman. Doesn't it feel good to bite people? Makes you feel good doesn't it?"

" No, I hate it! I hate being a fishman! I feel so cold, people always treat me like I'm a monster, and I have to steal from others to survive."

" If you hate being treated like a monster so much than why don't you just join my crew. We're looking for fishmen like you."

" Yeah, I hate being a fishman. But you know what, I'm not alone. I'm on my own crew filled with humans. The fraility's of the human mind astound me. And that's why...I'LL NEVER LET YOU HURT THEM! My dream is to open a martial art school of lost causes like me!"

" Heh. Your a fool. Die!"

The shark fishman bombarded Momo with his giant webbed fists. Momo dodged right, then dodged left, and as he Momo found an opening he punched the fishman right in his torso.

" Guah!" The shark fishman spat blood from his mouth.

" Yes. I got him now." Momo pulled his right fist back preparing to punch him with all his might. Just when Momo was about to hit him a spike flew out going straight through his fist." Ah!"

Momo lost balance on his feet falling to the ground when the spike went through his hand. Momo shuddered from the cold quill in his arm. Momo tried grabbing the quill so that he could pull it out, but his heart stopped when something pressed against his head.

" Don't move a muscle." The shark fishman's blow fish crewmate Oroc was standing over him with his hand over his face. Momo's nostrils flared in disgust looking at him. " Nobody messes with my captain."

" Hahaha. Your completely alone in this world, you silly little fishman," the shark fishman laughed. I have over a dozen fishman here. Did you really thing that none of them would want to help me?"

" A-Ack..."

" Silly little fishman. But don't worry about the humans you seem to enjoy being around. I'll care-good-care-of-them-"

Something happened. The shark fishman could almot make out flames as his crewmate Oroc also heard it. That's when a small fireball came out and went straight into Oroc's chest.

" You leave that poor creature alone!"

When Oroc fell on the ground the shark fishman saw two girls. One was slightly taller than average woman in her mid-to-late twenties with dark red eyes, red lipstick, and straight, fiery red hair which stopped at her upper back. She was wearing a black and white striped jumper that reached her waist, grey shorts that barely reached her knees and dark red sandals. The other looked around 19 and is quite tall as she stands at 5,10. She has red curly hair that reaches her shoulders, light violet eyes that has a look of anger and slight sadness in them, has pale skin pale and is quite attractive. She is wearing a Denim skirt,a black blouse, a dark purple pendant and suede cowboy boots.

" So we have more victims. I'm going to cut the both of you into a million girl cutlets! Starting with you with the dolls. Turp, attack!"

The other fishman torpedoed towards both the curly red haired girl and the fiery red haired girl. The curly haired girl however walked beside the fishman and whacked her staff at the back of his neck.

" It's too bad you made threatened Margret. I usually like animals, but I will not stand for you making fun of my friends."

The fishman fell on the ground with a thud. The shark fishman's head swiveled as he growled at the two girls. The rest of his fishmen crew growled with him.

" Kill them! Kill them all!"

The rest of the fishman ran straight for both girls. The fiery red haired girl raised both her puppets up. Their small mouths opened as flames were breathed out. The words of the fishmen were bedraggled by the flames.

" Ah! Run! RUN!"

All the fishman ran away from the fiery haired girl and ran as fast as they could away from her. Only the shark fishman stayed where he was glaring at his fellow crewmates running.

" Come back here you cowards! Their just two girls!"

" We're not just any girls," the fiery haired girl with the puppets smirked. " We're pirates."

" Pirates?" Momo thought. " These two. I can't believe it."

" I hope your ready for us."

" No, he's my fight! I have to beat him!"

" Hmmm. I don't understand," the curly haired girl said. " Aren't you a fishman like him?"

" I'm nothing like him. I have a dream. A dream I live by. It's my dream to become the greatest martial artist in the world just like my master Leopol. So please let me fight him without your help."

" I don't know. What do you think, Margret?"

" It's his choice. Just like when our captain let you to choose if you wanted to join us. Let's give him a chance to fight."

" Maybe your right. But there is something we can help him with."

" Really? What's that?"

" Let's help him up."

" Okay."

The fiery girl and the curly girl grabbed Momo under his armpits and helped the fishman to his feet. One then pulled the quill out of his arm. Momo flinched when his quill was pulled out but stood back up ready to fight.

" I remember the last time I faced a fishman. I had to go berserk in order to beat him and nearly went against Daniel my only friend. But this time I have a move that just might work."

Momo and the shark fishman charged at each other at the same time. At first it seemed like they were going to ram right into each other. The shark fishman however opened his mouth preparing to eat him alive.

" This is where you say goodbye!"

" Fishman Karate..." Momo held his hand up to the shark fishman's neck and thrusted his palm at his chest. " Five Palm Thrust!"

Momo hit the shark fishman five times in the chest. The shark fishman was paralyzed from Momo's touch. So paralyzed it felt like his heart was about to explode.

Both girls watched as the shark fishman fell to the ground. Momo caught the shark fishman and held him up. Momo carried the fishman to the wall and leaned him against a wall.

" That's the first time I ever used that move. Thanks for giving me the chance to use it. I just hope when you wake up you'll learn to like humans just like me." Momo walked over to the people tied up. The one he moved to was the little girl. " It's okay now, kid. I'm here to help you-"

" Ah! he's going to eat me!"

" I don't want to hurt you. I just want to help you! Are you injured-"

" Ah!"

" Hey, that monster's trying to touch that poor girl!" Momo felt something sharp like a pitchfork poking his back. Behind him was a mob of angry villagers glaring at him. " Kill it! Kill the monster!"

" I'm not a monster. My name is Momo. Why are you yelling at me?" Tears sniveled from Momo's eyes as his eyes met with the villagers. " Stop it? Just leave me alone."

" Leave him alone!" Someone shouted. At first Momo thought it was Daniel arriving to save him. That's when he saw it was really the two girls. " That's not a fishman. He's human."

" Human?" One man in the mob asked. " Are you blind? This is nothing but a fishman."

" Anyone with eyes can see he's not an ordinary fishman." Human flinched. The curly girl touched his cheeks. " He's heart is a tub filled with benevolence. He has a kind heart and a good soul."

" Y-Your not scared of me?"

" Of course not. We saw what you did. You went against your own kind to protect a poor man. If that's not a nice guy than I don't know what is."

" T-Thank you-"

Something befalled on both the girls. Their bodies started twitching uncontrollably. They were bewitched. Their eyes turned bright red and they were shivering.

" Something's wrong! My arms...I can't control them!"

" Me too! Ah!"

The curly haired girl started charging at people and swinged her staff at them while the fiery haired girl jumped up and kicked them.

" NO! How is this...?"

Something wrong was happening to Momo as well. His body shaked uncontrollably. The last thing he saw before his eyes turned red was people running around and screaming. X_X_X_X

Razi's ears followed the voices ringing in his head. He no longer needed his sensitive wolf ears to hear the outcry. Sometimes when moving he would transform to his wolf form when people weren't around. When people were around he'd transform back into his human form. He could then hear a girls' voice ahead of him. Razi didn't know why but there was something different about her voice. It sounded pure and clear; not a single sound was in anger, and every note was crisp and beautiful.

" This's like the one me and my brother use to hear by the sea. Where is it coming from?"

Razi turned a corner. On the ground he saw two things: a girl and a snake. The girl was beautiful, at least that was how Razi saw it, but she was also suffering from hyperthermia. She was the same age as Razi. She has short, unruly blond hair, long slender legs, and a slim, curvaceous figure. She was dressed in a revealing bikini top and miniskirt made out of animal skin that greatly showed off her cleavage and longs legs, all of which were pale cold with small cuts everywhere, and a white cape almost identical to a Marine jacket. Her snake of whom was around her neck is blue and red stripped wrapped around her waist.

" Pain..." the girl cried rubbing her elbows against her thighs trying to heat herself up. " Pain..."

" Your hurt!" Razi shouted. " Don't worry. I'll help you-"

The snake hissed at Razi. It's wide gold eyes stared right into Razi's eyes. It sneered at the Zoan pirate captain. It hissed its fangs at Razi showing it was about to attack, but it settled down when the girl touched its head.

" Kaya, no. L-Leave him alone."

The snake became calm. The girl was from the Kuja clan. The Kuja clan were a tribe of all female fighters found on the island of Amazon Lily. Amazon Lily is a jungle island located within the Calm Belt. Due to the island's location, there is no wind or storm ever on Amazon Lily. The focal point of the island is a large mountain situated in the center. Like every snake born and raised in Amazon Lily they couldn't disobey their masters.

" Your hurt. Do you need medical attention. Aw man I wish I had a doctor on my crew. We need a doctor-"

The snake Kaya wrapped around Razi's waist. It then pulled the young pirate captain towards its master. Razi fell in her arms. He stared deep into her eyes. She was crying. Razi could also hear her heart. It was beating so slow, weakly that Razi feared it could shut down at any moment. She was dying. Anyone, even someone as thick headed as Razi could understand that. He had no other choice.

" Please forgive me."

Razi transformed into his half-wolf hybrid form. Razi was a man with many powers. His tongue was a remedy to cold and dead skin. Razi's entire body from his sweat glands produced heat. Razi licked every wound he saw over the door girls' arms. Something miraculous happened. Her skin started to recover, wounds started to heal, and her skin turned smooth, soft again.

" W-What?"

Razi stopped licking the blond girls arms. Something strange happened to her. Her wounds weren't gone, but for some reason she felt...warm. Her blood was circulating well again. She was completely healed.

" It's like what my brother Himura said." Razi smiled. Just a little spit and everything is all better." Razi raised his fingers under his nose and rubbed it still smiling at her.

" I feel so warm. Kaya, do you feel it too Kaya?" Her snake raised its face to the girl's face. It started licking her with its long tongue. The girl appeared very ticklish. Every time Kaya licked her nose she would laugh. " I love you too, Kaya. I love you too. " Kaya stopped licking the girl's face. " Thank you for saving me, mister-"

Razi was gone. He left the poor girl all alone. There was now a small hole in her heart. That hole was from her happiness with the kind, noble man. That happiness, once a beautiful pink, was burning with an angry gray color.

" Of course he would leave me. Everyone leaves me. It's just like everyone told me. Men are creatures never to be trusted. I never believed that. I always thought men could be kind, but now I don't know what to believe-"

The girl jumped when something fell to the ground. Her snake Kaya wrapped tighter around her waist, rattling its tail and hissing at whatever fell. When the smoke cleared Razi was standing before her. In his hands was dozens of apples. The girl's heart-turned from pink to gray- it burned pink again.

" Are you hungry?" Razi asked showing the apples. " I thought you might be hungry so I went to look for food. All I found were these apples I found in a barrel. But yum yum, they still taste good. Would you like some?"

The girl couldn't believe it. Never had anyone ever been so nice to her. She was a wimp. All those nice feelings burning inside her she blurted out with tears.

" Wahhhhhhh!"

" Uh, you had a bad childhood with apples?"

" W-Why are you being so nice to me?"

" Huh? What are you talking about?"

The girl rubbed her eyes with her hands still sniveling. " You saved my life. A worthless life like mine. Why would you do that?"

" What are you talking about? You were cold; I heated you up. You were hungry; I brought you food. I'm sure a pretty lady like you gets lots of things from guys like me."

" I'm p-pretty?"

" Don't you think your pretty? What's your name, pretty lady?"

" M-Margare."

" Margare? That's a very nice name. Here's your apples, Margare."

Razi handed Margare all the apples he had. Just like before she was crying, and just like before Razi flinched at her tears. Razi walked away from Margare. Margare just watch Razi walk away, turn around, smile and wave his hand at her. Her heart couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't deal with her virulent feelings anymore-the type that would kill her if they weren't let out.

" Wait!" Margare ran so fast her snake Kaya nearly fell off. Margare jumped on Razi just when he turned around and pushed him to the ground. She was on top and Razi was on the bottom. Her eyes lingered into his, her lips trembled, but Razi who was completely clueless at reading emotions just stared. " I think I understand now. I think you're the one. Please, please, don't leave me. " X_X_X_X

Jane and Lucy were in a bar. Lucy was silent. Jane, who she just met saying her from a pervert and dragged her along with her, was drinking heavily. All that alcohol would kill even the strongest of men, but it seemed to have no effect on her.

" Stupid men!" Jane would rant every time she took a sip. " They can all just die! Stupid men!"

" Uh, don't you think you've had a little too much," Lucy said. Jane glared at her with cold set eyes. Her eyes made Lucy tremble. " I'm just saying, don't you think your a little drunk?"

" Don't worry about me," Jane replied. " I once flew to a land where the entire air was made of alcohol. My metabolism is five times higher than any normal human. I could drink a river of alcohol and I would never get drunk."

" O-Ok."

Jane glared at Lucy a second time. This time she smiled. Jane's, who's face was flushed, raised her finger to Lucy's face and started rubbing her.

" You know your kind of cute. I beat all the men are after you. I mean..." Jane grabbed Lucy's chest as she started fondling with her breasts. Lucy's face flushed red as a tomato while Jane squeezed her. " If only I was born a male, then you and I could be together."

" She's wasted."

" Excuse me," said someone in the bar, Jane and Lucy both turned their heads around. Standing over them was a cheerful looking man with short brown hair, a white bandana, and an apron covering his clothes. " Hello. Do you-"

The man couldn't finish his sentence. Jane grabbed his right and as she pulled it too the table. Jane reached a knife out of her kimono, sticked it in the gap between the males' fingers, spreading them out wide.

" I'm curious. How long can a male hold before he says Uncle?"

Jane was playing a game called 5-Finger Fillet. In the game the person with the knife tries stabbing it between someone's fingers without cutting off any fingers. Jane started poking the space between the fingers very slowly.

Jane soon started to go faster. Purple electricity surged through the metal of her knife as she stabbed the knife through the gaps at the speed of lighting. Lucy couldn't stand watching Jane do this, shouted.

" Stop it!"

" As you wish."

Jane pulled the knife away from her victim. Jane laid the knife on her fingers. She wiggled her fingers moving the knife around. She grabbed the knife by the end and stabbed it into the bar table.

" What the hell?" The poor man shouted, he wept while rubbing his fingers in shame. " I was just wondering do you know where the bathroom is!"

The man ran away from Jane and Lucy, in tears, making his way towards the exit of the bar. Jane acted as if nothing had happened, like she just didn't toy with a poor man's masculinity, and just took another sip of her alcohol.

" That wasn't very nice, Jane," Lucy said, Jane acted like she couldn't hear her and just flipped her bottle upside down. " You could've hurt that poor man."

" Do you ever wonder about the flip side of things?" Jane asked trying to change the subject. " What if I wasn't born this way; something like that? What if I had a real family? How would things workout for me? Do you ever wonder about things like that, Lucy?"

" Urk, sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if how my life would be like if my parents hadn't died. I wonder what things would be like if I hadn't met Nathan? Sometimes I wonder if maybe I was just a little bit more honest with myself before would things workout differently?"

" Are you inaugurated with anyone, Lucy?"

" Y-Yes. It feels like I'm at war with the Marines with four other people. There's Faust. He looks scary but he's actually pretty sweet. There's Margret. She and Kamiko are like the sisters I've never had. Speaking of Kamiko, she's smart, maybe smarter than me, and she has much more power than me. Sometimes I feel kinda envious of her. Than there's Nathan. Sure he can be a dope. Sure sometimes he can be lazy, irrational, thick-headed, and sometimes he makes me so angry I just want to pull out all my hair. But out of all us on the crew...he has the biggest heart of any boy I've ever met."

" Ugh! All this mushy stuff is going to make me throw up. Miss, can I get another bottle of beer over here."

The bell ringed. Someone walked into the bar. As Lucy and Jane looked at her she was wearing the Marine attire with a Marine hat over her long beautiful hair. Her eyes were cold like Jane. As Jane and Lucy looked at her a cold chill ran down their spines.

" Who is she?"

" Eww. This beer is disgusting!" One of the customers shouted.

" No wonder. It's all hot!"

" Dammit! Why can't it just be cold?"

The Marine grabbed the beer from the man. She breathed on it. The inside of the beer bottle froze. The woman then gave it back to him. His hands shivered from how cold it was.

" She looks dangerous," Lucy whispered to Jane hoping the blue haired Marine wouldn't hear her. " We should just sneak out the front entrance as quietly as we can so she doesn't hear us."

" Rrgh!" Jane growled. " I'm through with running. I'm going to fight this Marine bitch!"

" No, you can't! She's too powerful."

" Lucy, I want you to do something for me."

" Huh? What?"

" I want you to get under this stool and stay there until I give you the all clear."

" What? I can't do that-"

Purple sparks surged out of Jane's body. " I'm not asking you. If you don't get down now, your going to die. I don't have control of my powers. Once I release them, I could kill everyone in this whole bar."

" Jane, don't!"

" Hey you, blue haired bitch!" The Marine looked at Jane. Their two cold eyes met. " Yeah you! I'm Jane! Some call me the Crazy Angel!" Two giant white wings spread out behind Jane's back. " I'm a bandit!"

" Hmph. You look more like a mediocre bandit to me. You dare challenge a Marine elite?"

" Bring it on." Both of Jane's hands surged with electricity. " I'm always ready for a fight!"

" She's lost it," Lucy thought. " She's really going to kill everyone."

Jane and the blue haired Marine's arms both were covered in their elements. Jane was covered in lighting and the Marine's arms were covered in ice. Both Jane and her attacks were unified, they raised their hands up at the same time ready to attack.

" Let this place be your tomb, bitch!"

" Feel the power of my Hie Hie fruit."

" Lightning Bomb!"

"Ice Block: Pheasant Beak!" X_X_X_X

Miya was sweeping the front door with her broom. It was a beautiful day in Logue Town. The air was fresh, there wasn't many people passing by, and she was in the

prescence of two happy young men-Jen and Faust.

Jen was raising his two revolver's up while Faust showed him his katana. They were having a bit of a disagreement.

" I'm telling you, Faust, guns are way better than swords," Jen said, he turned the barrel around taking out all the bullets, and then pointed his gun at Faust's face

" Bang. Your dead."

" That is an interesting theory," Faust said in his low voice from his cold demeanor. " But there are thing's swords can do that guns cannot do. For one, you can use a

sword as many time's as you wish."

" That's stupid. Swords break easily. All I have to do is hit your sword with a hammer, bang, it's cracked in half."

" Any brittle swords made by feeble black smith's break easily. A real sword never breaks. Two, direction. A bullet escaping from it's shell can only go straight, but

a sword can move in any direction."

" Yeah, but with a gun you can kill someone from far away, whereas with a sword you have to be upclose. Ergo, guns are more lethal than swords."

" Sword."

" Gun."

" Sword."

" Gun!"

" Sword."

" GUN!"

" Now boys, you wouldn't be fighting near my shop, would you," Miya smiled at the boy even though her voice was loud and scary. A demonic visage appeared behind her

back. Both Faust and Jen's blood became cold, even though Jen was dead. " Because if you're fighting, the punishment is-"

" Yeah, I know, Miya," Faust replied in a calm voice trying not to upstart Miya. " You'll cut our heads off."

" Of course. So you two play nice together. Oh, and I'll be heading to the store to get some groceries so watch the store please Faust."

" But Miya-"

The demonic visage appeared behind her back again as both Faust and Jen's blood both froze.

" Are you saying No to me, Faust?"

" Ahhh! It's not like that. I'm saying...can Jen watch the store with me?"

" Of course. He's a useless leech that sucks me of my food; the least he can do is watch my store."

" Why are girls being cold to me?"

" Take care."

Miyu walked away from the store. She walked slowly. The entire time she walked she had the same bright smile on her face. The smile creeped Jen out. After what seemed like an eternity Miyu finally disappeared into the mist.

" You know something Faust."

" What?"

" I think she's using me. I've only known her for one day and already she treats me like I'm her pet."

" I know the feeling. I wouldn't worry about her. As long as your on her good side nothing bad will happen."

" Good side? That's her good side? How do I not get on her bad side?"

" Just don't ask her how much she weigh's, don't pull pranks on her, do everything she asks you, and give her foot massages whenever you can. She likes people pampering her feet."

" So you know her, Faust?"

" Kinda. I wouldn't say I know her very well. I meet her when I was a kid. It was the day she stopped being in the Marine's."

" What?"

" Oh. I shouldn't have told you that."

" Marine's? Miyu was in the Marine's? Why didn't you tell me that earlier?"

" Because I don't know you. Don't get me wrong. I like you, Jen, but I don't trust you. It's just I don't trust anyone, even Nathan for that matter. Us pirates, it's every one for themselves."

" Hey Faust."

" Yes."

" I know I'm probably barking up the wrong tree, but do you have a father?"

" I don't know. I've never met him. All I do know is he's a swordsman like me. But he fought against Dracule Mihawk. I guess he must have lost because that was twenty-one years ago. They also said he met Roronoa Zoro there. To meet one of the nine Straw Hat's, that's a rare opportunity. What about


" What about me?"

" Have you ever meet your father?"

" Not quite. I was born in an orphanage run by a sweet caretaker. She had a heart of gold, most of the time, except for when you didn't listen to her. Then after that

I was raised inside a base. They cut open my appendages there, pulled out my organ's, and starved me for two hundred days and two hundred nights."

" Yeah, how did you manage to survive that?"

" Oh. They gave me a Devil Fruit," Jen said nonchalantly. " After that I escaped to my village hoping to return to the orphange, but I found it was burned down. I

could see skeletons of little kids inside. All the kids in the orphange, the one's I thought to be my brothers and sisters, they were all dead."

Jen felt Faust's hand smacked his left shoulder. He turned his head to the left and saw Faust looking at him. Tears dripped from Faust's eyes. It was strange looking

at Faust crying because since he met Daniel he believed a swordsman would never cry.

" That's terrible. How could anyone do something like that to someone? If only I was there...I would kill whoever did this to you."

" It's not so bad. Sure I was alone. Sure I had to move around for two weeks, hungry, starving, thinking I was going to die, but it wasn't all bad. I got to meet a

nice man named Usopp who took me in."

" No way. You met Sogeking?"

" No, his name was Usopp. He told me he was a pirate captain."

" Usopp was no pirate captain. He was the Sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates. You mean to tell me you were living with one of his crew?"

" I didn't think it was a big deal who he was. Anyways, Usopp raised me, took care of me, taught me how to fire a gun, and read to me all kinds of stories. After he

left his daughter became my captain. I was with her since she was a little girl. But I left her. I left her to be with Razi and his crew. Gee, she was so beautiful."

" Yes. If she was such a great captain than why did you leave her to be with Razi?"

" Well I-"

" Hi!" The loud voice of Razi shouted. Both Jen and Faust flinched at the sound of his voice. They both turned their heads around and saw Razi in his wolf hybrid form

walking up to them. " I'm back."

" There you are, Razi. Where were you? What did you find?"

" Nothing."

" Nothing? What do you mean nothing?"

" Nothing? It was just one of those things." Jen took his eyes off Razi for a second. Razi extended his claws out. Razi pulled his hand back and slashed his claws at Jen.

" Lookout!" Faust shouted. Faust grabbed his katana from his flower guard and clashed with Razi's claws. Razi growled through his mouth. " What are you doing? This is your crewmate! Say something!"

Razi smirked. Faust could see it. The person he was looking at wasn't Razi. The person, not Razi, his eyes glowed bright red. When he speaked the sound of a female's voice came out.

" Faust, why are you fighting me? We use to be best friends."

" What?"

" Don't you remember me? I was always a big sister to you. You may not remember me, but I'd never forget you. I have a score I still have to settle with you." X_X_X_X

" Dammit Momo! Leave me behind will ya? Why do I have to babysit you? Well even

fishmen get tired once and awhile. I should be catching up to him."

It wasn't entirely Momo's fault Daniel couldn't catch up with him. Daniel saw a man

carrying a cigar, so he decided to ask him where he got that cigar. After running for

miles he finally caught up with him. But the man told him there is no cigar shops

here. He got his on another island on the east blue. Daniel returned to the path of

finding Momo. As he walked he heard the sound of a flute. Daniel noticed how a red

frill man was playing a flute on a building.

" Why is he playing? He doesn't have a job? Ignore. Ignore all music."

Daniel ignored the red haired man. What he didn't know was the red haired man was

looking at him. Daniel turned a corner. On the left of the four corners was Momo. He

wasn't moving a muscle. His pipe was on the ground, his eyes were dreary, and his arms

were sweaty.

" Momo, there you are. Where were you? You could have waited for me-"

" Daniel, don't come any closer!" Momo shouted. His voice sounded more like a plea.

" What? Are you okay? I'm coming over-"

" No! Stay back! Don't come near me. I'm not safe."

" Momo, I'm sure whatever your going through it's not so bad." Daniel walked up to

Momo. Momo had the jitters. Daniel held a hand out to touch Momo's hand. " See. I'm

here to help you-"

Momo was possessed. He raised his pipe above his head. Daniel jumped back just as Momo

slammed his pipe on the ground. The ground was cracked open.

" What the hell? That rock could have been me?" What's wrong with you, Momo?"

Momo was being controlled. He ran to Daniel, twirling his pipe above his head, and

tried hitting Daniel with his pipe. Daniel blocked it with his new sword. Sparks

skidded off against the pipe.

" Momo, stop this right now! Whatever joke your trying to pull it's not funny!"

The girl with the puppets appeared behind Daniel. Like Momo she too had no control of

her body. The eyes of her puppets both glowed bright red. The puppets stretched out

and transformed into two giant saw blades.

Daniel could see the saw blades behind him. Daniel was fast. He kicked Momo in his

chest pushing the sawshark fishman down. Daniel slashed his blade into the first saw

blade. Daniel pushed the saw blade away and Daniel's sword glowed green before it

pushed the other saw blade on its own. Daniel felt used. He raised the blade to his


" I appreciate the help, Yoko Rashien, but I'm your master. You don't move until I make you.

Do you understand?" Daniel was silent. He was having a silent conversation with his

sword. Finally they reached an agreement. " Good."

Daniel sticked Yoko Rashien in his belt with his other swords. Daniel pulled his purple and

red katana's out. Daniel twirled both his katana's in circles as he moved towards

the puppett-girl.

What Daniel didn't see was the girl with the staff. She hit Daniel with her staff. She

jabbed her staff on Daniel's right cheek. The force pushed him back. She tried jabbing

him again, but Daniel blocked her staff with his sword.

" What the hell? Who are these girls? Why is Momo trying to kill me? Nothing

about this makes any sense."

Daniel kicked the girl with the staff away. She raised her staff over her head and

twirled it over her head. Fire blew out of her staff. The lambent flames created a

claw. The claw stretched out of the tip of her staff and swiped at Daniel.

Daniel jumped away from the claw. The puppets stretched out and wrapped around

Daniel's arms. They pulled him back and forth trying to rip his limbs off. Momo jumped

to Daniel's face and smacked him with his pipe.

" Oof!"

Daniel would have been dead if he didn't have prodigious endurance. Daniel was sent

flying into the wall of a building right on the table of family's dinner table. The

family of four gasped.

" Water..." Daniel mumbled. " Some one give me some water." The son gave Daniel his

glass of water. Daniel let the water drip through his mouth and down his throat. When

the water was gone Daniel was back on his feet. " Thanks, kid."

The hole created when Daniel was pushed through the wall grew bigger. From the hole

Momo jumped in twirling his metal pipe above his head. All people in the house but

Daniel screamed.

" Monster!" The father screamed. " Kill it! Kill IT!"

" If you don't shut off I'll cut off your arm," Daniel said. " Sorry I have to do

this, Momo. Tiger Style..." Daniel swinged his sword around. With every single a

brilliant vertical slash appeared. Finally, Daniel swinged his sword towards Momo "

Alabaster Claw!"

Daniel slashed his swords three times in a second. Momo raised his metal pipe to block

the sword. Momo's pipe was able to endure the blows, but Momo felt a push. He was

pushed out of the house. Daniel sticked his swords back in his belt and ran to the


" Banzaai!" The family cheered. They raised their hands up treating Daniel as if he

was a hero. " Banzaai!"

Daniel ignored them. He jumped through the hole and walked up to Momo. Daniel had his

swords sheathed for a reason. He wanted to reason with Momo. Get him out of his

barbaric side.

" I don't wish to continue with this onslaught with you, Momo. I think I get it. Your

trying to show how powerful you are. I get that, but why are you with these..." Daniel

growled at the mention of that word. " Girls?"

It was too late. When Daniel saw Momo's eyes again they were red. He remembered that

balefire. It was the same one he had when he almost killed a fishman like him. Daniel

was afraid. Afraid the Momo he knew was gone.

The girl with the two puppets and the girl with the staff appeared beside Momo. Like

Momo their eyes were red. Flames brew out of her puppets as a small fireball blew out

of the tip. " Okay, let me be honest. I know girls hotter than you two."

Both girls moved towards Daniel. They used their flames to intemidate him. Daniel

wasn't afraid. Instead of using his swords he was going to fight with his fists.

" Bring it on! I'm going to at least leave a scar on one of your pretty faces! No gag

intended, Momo."

Both girls moved towards Daniel. Their flames scorched the area. The flames were going

to burn through Daniel. But then it started to rain. The flames eroded from the

puppets and staff.

" Look out, pretty girls, here I come!"

Razi's brother Himura, his crewmate Yume, and another beautiful curvaceous woman

appeared. The other woman had long, bright-red hair and large, pupiless eyes. She wore

an elaborate, high-collared kimono with a menorah symbol on the back of the obi which

was tied around her waist. Her hair was arranged in buns with hair pins in them and

three clips in the front. She also wore a dark shade of red lipstick and had a

violet-coloured diamond mark on her forehead. She also wore tags with origamy written

on them in her hair decals.

" Yume, Kaho, you two take care of those two since their girls like you and I'll

handle the fishman."

" Yeah right," Yume said. " You just want to fight the fishman because you know he's

probably the easiest."

" You know I cannot hurt a woman. They are much more copacetic.I mean...just feel

these." Himura grabbed both the girls' chests and twisted them around making a

lecherous face. " Their both different sizes from one another. They give me kosher. I

like to call them Five and Eight."

Yume the yellow haired water master blew water out of her body. A small whirlpool was

spinning around as Himura spinned around with it. His eyes were twirling around. Yume

was clenching her fists as her face was wrinkled, but Kaho just stood quiet.

" Don't you think your being too harsh on captain?" Kaho said.

" No!" Yume shouted.

" Okay."

" Who are these clowns?" Daniel thought. " Their stupid, but their strong. Who are they?" X_X_X_X

Jane had the power to control electricity. She could conquer it, manipulate it and fire it at will. She created a large ball of electricity in her hands. Eiza, the Marine with the blue hair and the cap, her hands glowed blue. Ice grew out of her hand creating a giant pheasant ice statue. Both Jane and Eiza unleashed their attacks.

" I am a bandit leader!" Jane shouted. " I will not lose to the likes of you Marines!"

" But I'm not a Marine!" Eiza shouted. " I'm a Marine Elite!"

The pheasant and the ball of electricity clashed. Both powers were mutual. The statue of the pheasant started to crack. Jane's ball of electricity glimmered. Jane's ball of electricity sinked into the statue. The inside of the statue was glowing. Lucy braced for cover, the statue and the ball exploded.


The tavern was destroyed. Crumbled. The ground was covered in sand, the wood was burnt, and the mirrors were cracked. Lucy was still hiding behind a broken bar table. Mist was brewing all around her. The fog was so thick that Lucky couldn't see Eiza or Jane anywhere.

" Please be okay," Lucy thought. " Please be okay."

Lucy saw the shadow of a woman. Her hair was short and she was carrying a weapon. Lucy held her head up thinking it was Jane, but it was Eiza. The blue haired Marine appeared, a saber made out of ice in hand, turning her head in different directions. She had a crazed look on her face.

" Show yourself, you pirate!" Eiza shouted. " I want to see that sullen face of yours! I want to pluck your eyes out!"

Lucy tried getting a closer look at the blue haired Marine, but her foot slipped. She kicked a pebble. The pebble was rhymatic to the blue haired Marine. Lucy quickly hide back behind the table. She pleaded to herself hoping the Marine didn't see her. Lucy heard the Marine's footsteps. There was another sound Lucy didn't know what. Lucy took a small peek. She took out one of her knives, moved it under the table, looking at Eiza through the reflection. She saw how her hair was sticking up on one end, how she breathed monstrously cold breath-the breath of an ice dragon, and how when she walked the entire ground froze underneath her feet. She was a force to be reckoned with.

" Come out come out wherever you are, pirate." Lucy stood no chance against Eiza. She was the weakest of her crew, she barely had any fighting experience, and she was petrified. If Eiza touched her she'd incapitate her in ice and disembowel her head slit off. Eiza stopped. Behind her was the shadow of another woman. Eiza's wicked teeth expanded and she laughed. " There you are!"

Eiza slashed her saber at the shadow. When she swinged a long sword came out of the mist and blocked her swing. It was Jane. She used the blade of her grim reaper scythe to block the saber. Jane and Eiza both clashed heads together trying to intimidate the other. Jane was the first to scoff.

" If you want to talk you should speak up. I'm an old lady. And yet, I'll be sure to teach you young prune how strong we can be."

" Bring it, you old witch!"

Eiza and Jane both jumped back. The sight of Jane's weapon inflamed Lucy. The size, the curve, how steady she used it, one day she wanted to have a weapon just like hers. Eiza and Jane both slashed weapons together.

Eiza and Jane swinged down, up, their blades kept richoeting on contact, Jane laughed as Eiza growled through her teeth. Jane jumped back. Her giant wings spread out her back. She flew in the air. Jane glided to the left, glided to the right, and flew downward towards Eiza. Eiza smiled.

" Freeze!"

Freeze was the most basic of ice attacks. Both of Eiza's hands both glowed bright blue. Eiza blew a snow storm at Jane. The impact would've froze Jane to the point nothing would be able to thaw her out, but Jane covered her chest with her giant wings acting as a shield. Her wings were frozen.

" Oh no!" Lucy shouted. She quickly covered her mouth with her hand. She didn't want Eiza to see her. But it was too late. Eiza's eyes darted away from Jane and looked at Lucy.

" I know you. Your Demonic Chef Lucy, the chef of the Blood Pirates. Listen well, chef. Don't leave that spot. As soon as I'm done with this old hag your going to be the next one on my list."

" Who are you calling a hag?" While falling Jane spinned round 'n' round. She was using force to move her wings incased from the inside. Soon her wings broke through the ice and Jane glided through the sky once more. " I'm still above my prime."

Jane's feet touched the ground once more. Jane still had her scythe in hand. She spinned her scythe around her waist, around her arms, the blade looked like it touched Jane's arm a few times but didn't cut it off, and then thrusted her scythe at Eiza. Eiza felt empty with only one saber. She was a bit of a symmetry freak. She knew there was only one thing she could do.

" Cold Excalibur."

Eiza used her ice powers to create a new weapon. In her left hand was her ice saber but in her right hand was a sword made out of ice. Eiza showed her swordsmanship swinging her swords around. Eiza ran towards Jane with her swords crossed.

Jane swinged her scythe at Eiza. Eiza blocked Jane's blade with her swords crossed. Eiza moved Jane's scythe up and knocked the scythe out of Jane's hands. The scythe swinged out of Jane's hands and striked the ground beside the table Lucy was hiding behind. Eiza then swinged her double blades at Jane, but Jane did a backflip out of the way.

Jane was nimble. She landed on her feet. Jane still looked eager to fight. Without anything to fight with Eiza couldn't take her seriously. She laughed with those wicked, unhinged eyes of hers. " It's too bad. Now that you don't have a weapon all hope of beating me are lost, pirate. The difference in our strength is the same as the difference between heaven and earth."

" Huahahaha!" Jane laughed. " Hahahaha! I'm afraid you're mistaken, my dear. My weapon wasn't made to protect me from my opponents. It was made to protect my enemies from me. With my scythe they could all die quick and painless, but now your going to die a slow, painful death."

" What fataous manner are you making of me, pirate?"

" Oh I'm not a pirate, my young child. I'm a bandit. When I was a kid all I ever wanted to be was a chef. But no one would let someone like me become on. I was raped, tortured, people I loved were all murdered around me, and I had to watch them all suffer. As a skypien I'm poison. But as a bandit I'm whatever I want."

" Is this going anywhere?"

" Yes. As a chef I won't fight you with my hands. I'll only use my feet."

" Feet? I heard of a pirate who did that. His name was Black Leg Sanji; the chef of the Straw hat pirates. He fought with the Black Leg style of fighting. What type of style do you use?"

" Two. One's called I'll Hurt You So Please, Please Cry. And another I like to call the Lentävät Potkia style of fighting."

" Really. I'd like to see this style for myself." Eiza's hands both glowed blue. She prepared to use an ice move. She thrusted both her hands at Jane. A large bow made out of ice was made. It was giving Eiza the incitation for her next attack. " Cold Arrows!"

The caster, Eiza, fired multiple arrows from the bow and fired them at high speed towards Jane. Jane was quick. She ran to the right of the arrows, making her way around Eiza, traveling faster than the arrows. Without wings, without a weapon, Jane moved faster than a super spot-billed duck, a fast-footed riding bird. There was once a princess named Vivi who had one as a pet she named Carue. Carue's species were very fast. Yet if Jane was to have a race again one, she would be victorious.

" How did she get that fast?" Lucy thought. " I thought she didn't eat a Devil Fruit."

" You may be fast, but try running on ice." Eiza had enough of Jane's running. Her hands glowed bright blue as she touched the floor with her icy hands. " You might slip and break your skull. Cold Floor!"

Eiza slammed a hand on the floor, creating a slippery layer of ice over the floor. The ice spread over the floor. Jane slide through the floor towards Eiza. Eiza raised her two blades up.

" Far away you might be a hard target, but up close...up close your nothing. Prepare to die, pirate-"

Jane disppeared. It was unbelievable. Jane couldn't walk yet alone run on the ice floor. There was no way for her to escape Eiza's wrath. Eiza felt someone kick her behind her head. She couldn't believe it. Looking up she saw Jane standing over her.

" I'm a bandit, bitch."

Eiza swinged her swords at Jane. Jane jumped back. She then started running around her. Jane was trying to annoy Eiza. And it was working. Eiza clenched her hands on her ice swords. Both her swords shattered into small blocks of ice.

" Cold Axe!"

Eiza used her powers to mold a giant axe of ice. Eiza swinged the giant axe at Jane. But Jane disappeared from sight. Just like before she was nowhere in sight. Ice grew out of Eiza's hands. She was on her guard.

" How does she keep doing that? Is she using some kind of illusion power? No, that's not it. The only place she could be is..."

Eiza looked up. She saw Jane floating above her. Two giant white wings were sticking out her back. Jane glided down towards Eiza, doing somersaults, then thrusted both her legs at Eiza.

" Lentävät Potkia Somersault!"

Jane kicked Eiza in her face. Eiza fell on her back. She wasn't like her father. Her Devil Fruit wasn't a Logia. When Jane kicked her a large scratch wound opened up on her side of the face. Blood trickled out of her open wound.

Jane walked over to the table with her scythe next to it. She raised her reaper of blades out of the ground and walked towards Eiza. Eiza was still holding her hand over her cheek as Jane raised the blade over her body.

" Before I kill you is there anything

" Fuck you."

" Okay. Now you die."

Jane raised her scythe back and slashed it at Eiza. However, Lucy appeared before Jane. Her arms were held out. She was protecting Eiza. Jane couldn't bring herself to attack Lucy. Not after all that they've been through.

" Stop it, Jane!" Lucy shouted. " This is exactly what she wants. To make you look like a monster. Don't do it!"

" Get out of the way, Lucy! Get out before I cut your head off!"

" You won't! You can't just kill people because you feel the need to. It isn't right."

" Who cares? I'll kill anyone when I want whenever I want. Nobody cares what I do. I was born this way and I'll die this way!"

" I don't believe you! The Jane I know doesn't like to fight."

" Stop saying utter nonsense! I love to fight. It's in my bones. I want nothing more than to kill everyone every chance I get."

" Again, I don't believe you. I see it in your eyes. Every time you fight you cry. And it's still happening. Your crying. There's no need for you to fight. Just put your scythe down."

Jane froze. The scythe in her hands suddenly became very heavy. When Jane looked into Lucy's eyes she could see his eyes. Those eyes. They were the same eyes he gave her before he left her.


" I'm scared!"

" Your a big girl now, Jane. There's nothing to be afraid of. The monsters out there are scared of you now. That's why you'll be fine when I leave you."

" No, don't go! Please stay!"

" I can't. Their looking for strong men where I'm going. When I'm gone someone will need to protect the chapel. But when you get strong Jane I promise I'll come back for you."

" Really?"

" Really. Cross my heart."

Flashback End:

" Fine! I don't like fighting. The sight of blood makes me quench. But I have to keep fighting. Fighting is the only thing that keeps me alive! All those people that ever cared about me, their dead because I wasn't strong enough! Their all dead!"

" If that's true then you can't kill me. Because I care about you. To me your a dear friend. If you don't feel the same then just swing me down now."

" Fine, I will!" Jane raised her scythe behind her head. She was ready for one final strike. She expected Lucy to run at the sight of her blade. Lucy didn't move. She just stood perfectly still awaiting for Jane to slice her like she said. That moment didn't come. Jane couldn't hold herself any more. She threw her scythe on the ground and screamed. " God damn you, Lucy! Fine, do whatever you want."

Lucy smiled. It felt great how she won that argument. Lucy was just glad Jane didn't do the brash deed. " There. Now let's just walk away, Jan-"

Lucy was stabbed. Eiza was back on her knees. She stabbed an ice pike through Lucy's left temple. The pick went through Lucy's temporal bone, through her sphenoid bone, stabbing into her brain. Eiza stood back on her knees. Her wicked smile turned into a fierce growl. She was furious.

" The day I let a pirate scum like you save me will be the day I die! So die with her, pirate!"

Eiza pulled out another ice saber and slashed it at Jane. Jane blocked the saber with her wings. The tip of Eiza's saber went through her wings almost penetrating Jane's head. Jane flapped her wings breaking the saber in half. In her last move she pulled her left foot back.

" You call yourself a Marine? When I was your age the Marines were much more sincere. Striking a person when their backs are turned. Now, I pity you."

" Die! Pirate! Di-"

Jane's left foot surged with purple electricity. The conductivity of the electricity was highly potent. Jane kicked her leg into Eiza's chest. The electricity conducted from her foot travelled down her spine. Jane was furious.

" I just have one thing left to say to you." Jane smiled. With her next attack no one could survive. " Can you blush? Lentävät Potkia Scintillation!"

Jane's foot shinned brightly with electricity. The entire field exploded with the bright electricity. With her large wound Eiza was devoid from getting away. Eiza was pushed by her foot.

When the light faded Eiza was no where to be found. She vanished. Deep in Jane's heart she knew a Marine Admiral, the one's with Devil Fruit's, they wouldn't die so easily. She was there somewhere. Jane wanted to find Eiza and kill her, but more importantly she wanted to help Lucy. Even through all the fighting they were doing, she was still alive. X_X_X_X

Jen couldn't believe what he was seeing. The person who he was seeing wasn't Razi. It just couldn't be Razi. His brave, kind, and somewhat silly captain, was trying to kill Faust. Razi was suppose to be his friend-he fought for him and laughed with him-why would he want to hurt Faust?

" Razi...what happened to your bombastic personality?"

" Moon Style Lich Curse!" Faust shouted.

Faust spinned and sheathed his blade sending a circular cloud of dust outwards. When the dust hit Razi in the eyes Faust unsheathed his blade trying to slash Razi in the torso. However, Razi, who could sense attacks with his keen senses, jumped back before Faust could slash him.

" It's not nice to use dirty tricks in a fight," Razi said; his voice sounded like a female's. " What type of swordsman are you?"

" Moon Style Zombie Rush!"

Faust run at Razi and slashed a wave of force trying to knock Razi off balance. He would follow it up with dozens of quich slashes. What he didn't expect was Razi could sense the attacks before they hit him. Left, right, left, then slashed. Razi pulled out his small wolf claws and slashed Faust across the face.

Faust just barely avoided being scratched in the eyes and was instead scratched on his left cheek. Faust's blood dripped from Faust's cheeks and dripped over Razi's claws. Razi laughed. His laugh sounded female. Razi laughed one more time before his arms transformed into two giant machete's.

" It's too bad your a pirate," Razi laughed in his female voice. Razi raised his machete's over his head about to cut Faust into pieces; the sting of his claws left him immobilized. " Now it's time for you to die-"

Razi went to a halt. He heard gunfire close by. The gunfire was coming from his left. When he looked to the left he saw Jen with a revolver in his left hand. Smoke brewed out the gun. Jen wasn't afraid. He pointed the gun directly at Razi's face.

" Stay away from my friend, you crazy bitch!"

Razi stared blankly at Jen. He looked at the gun, looked at Faust, looked back into Jen's eyes, and then started laughing. His laughter confused Jen. How could anyone be laughing when there's a gun pointed at their heads? The person impersonating Razi was either really brave or really stupid.

" I'm not crazy. But I am a bitch." Razi stopped laughing. His form changed into something more hideous. Razi became a black furred werewolf with bright yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and a long wet tongue. On its face the were wolf was laughing at Jen. " See. A complete bitch!"

The werewolf, not Razi, was distracted long enough for Faust to push him or her off. The werewolf fell on the ground. Standing over that werewolf was Faust with his katana near his neck. Razi transformed. Instead of pointing his katana at Razi he was pointing his sword at himself; the person transformed into Faust. His body, his skin, even his nose were an exact repretation of him.

" Look at me," the person said in Faust's voice. " I'm hideous. I have dirty white skin, terrible eyes, and bad posture." Fake Faust laughed at the real Faust. Listening to the lies coming out the impostures mouth made his blood boil. " Maybe it's because I never knew my daddy."

" Stop it! Stop it now! You don't know anything about me!"

" Is that so? Hey, let's play a little game. It's called Learn Everything About Faust. The first one to say the must information about him wins. Get one wrong fact and the game's over. My turn. When you were young, you found yourself a sword."

" Stop it! I will not stand here and listen to your stupid game!"

" Sorry, that's not the way the game works. You can only talk when I get one fact wrong."

" I'll strike my sword into your throat! I swear!"

" I don't know. I think deep down you want to hear what I tell you. It will help you remember the good days. The days before you become a pirate. When you were young, you found yourself a sword. A katana I believe. The same sword your using now. Some called it the Reaper's Blade. They say when you grab that blade it will follow you wherever you go. And you had it all your life."

" I tried getting rid of it. I threw it in the sea, threw it in caves, smashed it, burned it, I did everything I could to get rid of it. But everytime I tried getting rid of it that sword would always show up by my bed the next morning. That stupid flower-guard."

" Because of that you didn't have any friends. That's because everyone was afraid of you."

" No...your wrong. No one was afraid of me! No one!"

" Cry about it all you will, but you can't fool me. I bet the only place you seeked comfort was the Matron. She would probably tell you ' your in no way different from the other kids' or ' even if people don't like you here right now, there will always be those who will love you for who you are. "

" She said...I was special because I was different. That one day this terrible sword was going to save people from dying."

" Until one day pirates came to that small little island of yours. You were told by that matron to hide in the basement while she went to find other children. She never returned. Aw, poor little Faust all by himself. You stayed in that little basement for two days. You were hungry, thirsty, and tired; unable to sleep because of the screams of the townsfolk. All that screaming turned your once brown hair white and haunting you to this day."

" Stop! Stop talking at once!"

" When you got out everything was destroyed. The villagers were gone, the pirates were gone, houses were pillaged, and even your matron was gone. They all left you behind. No one would spend their time next to you. Your evil. Everything about you is evil, just like all you pirates. "

" That's...That's..."

Faust was speechless. He was scared. Scared of thinking about his past. He knew somewhere in his what his mirror image was saying was true. Faust dropped his katana. Mirror Faust reached his hand behind Faust's neck. It was his way of comforting the poor white, scarecrow swordsman.

" That's it. Give in to your bosom, my bosom." Mirror Faust's left hand tranformed into a long, thin blade katana. The mirrored Faust was going to slit the throat of his own pirate counter-self with the blade. Faust was too daunted by his past to notice the blade. " Just lay your head back and rela-"

" Take this!"

Jen threw something towards Faust and his counterpart. When the mirrored Faust turned his head around he saw nothing but a small wooden ball rolling towards him. The fake faust was amused. Until suddenly air came out of the balls twines. The fake Faust gasped at the sight of the gas.

" Toxic nerve gas!"

Fake Faust pushed the real Faust away when he ran away from the gas. The fake Faust had both his hands over his mouth trying not to get a sniff of the gas. As fake Faust pranced back and forth, jumping around to move his legs, Jen ran through the smoke. He grabbed the hands of Faust and pulled him away from the gas. Faust didn't see Jen. His mind was trapped inside fragments of his past. Until Jen raised his eyes to his face and smacked him.

" Wake up!" Faust returned to reality. He felt Jen's hand bruise his cheek. Faust sheepishly rubbed his cheek while Jen stared at him. Faust didn't know why but as he looked into Jen's eyes he was crying. Faust, feeling perfect synchronization with Jen, also started crying down his black eyelids. " Don't let anything that bitch tell you control you. Forget about being an orphan! I was an orphan once! My parents both died when I was young and I was adopted by people who experimented on me. I never had a happy childhood. Until..." Jen clenched his hands and squinched his eyes closed. He wanted to hold his emotions inside of him, but he let them out. " Until I found people like me! People who care about me!"

" Nobody cares about me. She's right. Nobody wanted to be around me. My own parents didn't even want me. I don't matter to anyone." Faust kept crying. His tears kept dripping on his backhands. Jen could tell he was afraid of something. " I'm so scared to move on. Every time I go near someone I feel like their going to break me. That if I get to close to anyone their just going to tear me apart. "

" I know it's hard to understand me, but you can't let yourself be trapped in the past. It's like being trapped inside a dark cave. We don't know which way to go. But if we can only follow the light then we'll be free. We'll know which path to take." Jen's eyes opened up. He raised his fist mightly into the air and roared. " And my path is to fight with you, my friend! Because I'm a brave warrior of the sea!"

" Pee-you! What is this?" The smoke cleared up. And out of the smoke came a female Marine wearing a white kimono shirt and had pink hair as well small breasts . The Marine waved her arms around hoping to clear the air from the smoke " What's that ranchid smell?"

Jen smirked. He pulled out another wooden ball out his pockets. Jen shaked the ball while laughing at the pink haired Marine. " It's called a stink bomb. I made it out of garlic, rotten eggs, hairspray, rubber bands, and my own sweat. And trust me. It is ssssssstinky."

" You dare ruin my nose with your awful stink bomb? Do you have anything left to say before I rip you open from the inside out?"

" Do you even wear a brassiere? Your breasts look so itty-bitty."

" That's it!" The pink haired Marine's hands tranformed into new kinds of blades. Kukri's. A kukri was a knife with an inwardly curved edge. The pink haired Marine prepared to attack. " I will sever both your heads OFF!"

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