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Momo's chest was on fire. His long legs ached. He'd been flying through the rooftops for almost as long as any human could manage.

Open water. He must find open water-the only thing better than finding the open water was to get Hansel inside of it. There was only one possible route to safety: if he could lodged his pipe deep in Hansel's back; if he pushed him down on solid water, he would drown.

" I hate fishmen! I hate fishmen!" Hansel sang at the top of his frilly voice jumping on top of buildings, a tune which gaffled Momo-to talk incessantly without a purpose, usually about inane or pointless topics; to banter.

" Get back here and fight me like a man, you coward!" Momo shouted.

" No, no, no, no, no!"

Momo was close to Hansel. His kind had been decimated in the Shichbukai genocide, and his people have fallen.

Crazy kid. If she'd just walked by instead of getting in the way, defending that fishmen, then she'd be alive now. And Leopol would have a wife to come home to, and their baby would have a aunt. What a waste. What a terrible, terrible waste. A war for absolutely nothing except a corrupt ambition. Or a whole bunch of corrupt idiots.

" I hate fishmen! I hate fishmen!"

Hansel pulled two revolvers out of his pockets. He aimed them both at Momo, and fired! The first shot missed him, ricocheted off the ground hitting, nothing, but the second shot grazed his left ear. Momo didn't really have ears. He was a shark-fishman.

The shark's ear is made up of three semicircular canals, which primarily provide the shark with balance. Inside each canal are four sensory maculae, some of which are tasked with auditory function. These parts are lined with tiny hairs that help the shark detect vibrations in the water. The vibrations that the shark is trying to pick up include splashing and the sounds of an injured prey, creating different sound frequencies.

Momo looked, this time into the pain and away from Hansel. The scent of the ocean was strong in his nostril's. The third shout thudded into his shoulder. The force of the impact slammed him to his knees. His front legs buckled underneath his belly and he ran forward with his chin above the ground, until his balance gave out and he fell, panting, onto his flank. There he lay, heat rising from his jaws, fingers extended and scrabbling for a foothold as if he had not yet given up hope.

" Toodle-loo, fishman!" Momo hated Hansel. He hated him more than the assassin and the doctor, all Hansel gave him was malice and poison. At the root of the angry red channel was the bullet. He could feel the bullet had hacked through his body, the poison was spreading into his lungs.

Hansel jumped off the rooftops. Momo couldn't see him, but he could imagine the animated figure fell in a bear trap or a tank of piranha's, because he leaped to the roof and cried a great big " OUUCCHHHHH!" to the sea.

Getting back up would be another story. Momo couldn't just suck out his own venom, it was impossible. Momo could only try to stand; he had a pipe for balance. Momo's knees failed him and he collasped.

" I want...revenge," Momo thought.

His eyes closed.


He woke to the sound of his labored breathing. The air was brittle with a hazy cold. The burning pain had receded in his shoulder, but so too had all sensation of movement. He rolled over and tried to stand. But his ruined body was far from ready and he crashed before he was halfway righted.

" Why do you choose to die, you fool?"

The voice sent a wave of fear through his head. Instinctively, he growled, raising a bolt of agony in his chest. " Be silent," said the voice. There was a harshness in that bordered on cruel.

Momo widened his arc of vision. Just ahead, along the axix of his snout, was a fishman. It was sitting legs together, tilting its head down, and staring at him. It looked like a dumpy, elderly fishman-and yet its scene was completely wrong.

Momo tried standing up again.

No pipe.

His eyes turned crimson red, the color of blood, as his organs contorted with each other. Momo was strong! Momo was powerful! Momo was a Berserk! Momo was ocean...Momo was...death! Momo stood on his front legs, his eyes oscillating the same countenace of blood, chased after Hansil!

Momo needn't look far for Hansil, the gay, frilly man was still in the market, rubbing his tush where something had bitten him. He, however, turned instinctly around when he smelled the sea water in Momo's skin.

" Heh heh, that's a new look for you. But no matter!" Hansel took out metal claws and slide it over his left hand. He raised claws too his head. " With my superior brain I will be able to-"

Hansel accidentally stabbed his claws on the side of his head. The moment he did blood gushed out his head, like running water. Hansel screamed with his high-pitch voice just like with Eiza and Lota, and making a fool in front of everyone.

" We pay taxes for people like him to protect us?" Said a villager.

" Hahahaha!" Hansel laughed, but no one knew why because there were claws in his head. " You think you've won, you think all is well. I will see you in hell, fishman!"

This wasn't the same Momo...

This Momo was enraged. This Momo was angry. This Momo was violent. And this Momo was under some fishman's control. This Momo was going to kill.

Hansel pulled a small crab-shaped shell out of his pockets. It was an Impact Dial. A POOF, and the dial transformed into a rocket launcher. Hansel pressed both parts of the trigger and a rocket was fired towards Momo. Momo had to think light on his feet, especially since a cannon ball was fired at him. Even though he was a fishmen and had much more dexterity, a cannon through the heart would kill any living thing - especially a warm-heart fishman. Momo couldn't jump out of the way either. There were people behind him; he jumped and they could die. Momo became very fond of humans. He was no longer afraid of them as he once was. He had new found hope for them.

Then, Momo opened his jaws and caught the cannonball in it. Impossible? No, nothing was impossible for a fishman like Momo. Momo's ravenous hunger and serrated teeth caught the cannonball. The black sphere put up a great fight, but Momo was initiative. He tilted the cannonball over his head like a seal and spat it out. The cannonball was hurled from Momo's mouth and made a splash hitting the water. The only thing Momo heard now was the teetering of Hansel.

" It takes both brawn's and brains. We're not some single digit. We're time. Time, which shows so vacant, indivisible, and divine. Through time our brains can act as our muscles."

" Hmm...how transacted of you, fishman. Slick and slit. Let me show you something." Hansel reached his hands in the pockets in his red coat. Momo could see through he fabric of Hansel's coat. He pulled out a box. A small box with a Jolly Roger tattoo on it. Hansel pulled open the box, while smiling snidely at Momo. " We Marines have a very important gift called Kairoseki. Perhaps you've heard of it. Kairoseki, meaning Sea Watchtower Stone, is a substance that can cancel out Devil Fruit powers and weaken Devil Fruit users. We Marines use it for jail cells, handcuffs, weapons, and the bottoms of our battleships.

" Kairoseki however has another purpose. The sea is much to desolate for us normal Marine's to sail through. Kairoseki also affect creatures of the sea. The Sea Kings, they are classified in the world as a type "C" creature, which is the "Big Savage" group of creatures. They will attack anything that comes within reach of them and are savage predators. But when we smear Kairoseki over our vessels, the Sea Kings will be unaware of our vessels, thus will not attack it."

" I sailed to dozens of islands. Creating hard weapons for me to use, some of which has Kairoseki. But Kairoseki won't work on you because you didn't eat a stupid Devil Fruit and our much more vehement than most of the other losers I've thought. One of them was some hot shot pirate captain with a bounty of 5,000 beli thinking he was hot stuff. But with this little pet of mine..."

A centipede, three feet long and thick as a man's thumb. Its hard shell is gray. It has a hammer-head like a shark. In the flat face, a white vertical slit appears. Changes quickly to a horizontal position; opens enough to suggest a mouth. Hansel threw the centipede at Momo. The centipede spirals around his arm, glittering, its body moving in fluid waves. The blind head quests between his scaly fingers. Momo loses his shark never as the thing gaps wide as a shark.

" Get off of me!"

He tries to pull it off. The centipede locks its segments together and digs in with its body. It might as well be made of iron. Momo quickly crushed the centipede with his tough teeth. A gout of green acid spills over Momo's teeth. Smoke rises as the acid quickly burns a hole through Momo's teeth. While Momo cried in agony the centipede crawled into his right earlobe.

Momo had no other choice. If he waited any longer the acid would burn through his mouth. Momo reached his right hand in his mouth, gagged, and threw his teeth out. A new set of teeth instantly grew in its place; sawshark fishmen power.

The centipede crawled out of Momo's ear. The centipede saw Momo clenching his right fist in anger. Angry, the centipede fired a splash of acid at Momo. Momo writhed in pain. He is delirious with horror. The acid is burning through his right hand. A trickle of scarlet from the hole.

" Cut off my arm! Somebody please cut off my arm!"

He convulses. Spits blood. While Momo stumbled back grabbing his arm and screaming the white centipede climbed up Hansel's right arm. Hansel didn't do anything to stop it. The centipede crawled into Hansel's right earlobe. He laughed.

" As I said, he had a bounty of 5,000 beli thinking he was hot stuff. But with this little pet of mine..." The centipede crawled out of Hansel's head. The armored, acid white thing was feeding Hansel information...That came straight from Momo's brain. " All his knowledge became mine. Now all your secrets are mine as well, Momo." Hansel barred his teeth evilly thinking about how much pain he inflicted on the fishman Momo. Hansel was a ruthless marine, but he also had his priority's. He wasn't going to attack Momo will the acid was still leaking from his hand. The burning stopped and Momo got a closer look at his hand. Half of his palm space was burned through by a wide circle.

Momo tried swinging his pipe, but it failed. All the pain of the acid stung him. As Momo blew on his hand, trying to blow through the pain, he wondered if the pain would forever be permanent.

" Don't feel so vicious now, do you, Momo," Hansel smirked, his face looked like a shark after eating a buffet of krill.

" How do you know my name?" Momo whimpered, the pain coming back to him.

" Oh, sweet child, I know everything know. I know you like to sew, sing, and all your techniques. They're all stored inside my human database."

Momo didn't believe it; he chose not to believe it. How could anyone just copy everything about him? That would make the person a plagiarist. Well Momo had one thing that Hansel couldn't copy in his database. His pipe. Flexible and durable. Momo jabbed that pipe into the ground, moved his hand back, and flew towards Hansel. Momo opened his mouth and munched on Hansel's right arm. Momo crunched as fast and loud as he could. Nothing was happening. Momo's jaws were starting to get tired.

" Aw, but you gave it a good try," Hansel smirked. " So I'll give you the greatest reward I've ever given anyone. I will not kill you right now."

Hansel delivered a swift roundhouse kick to the right side of Momo's head. Something felt funny about Hansel's foot. It felt like iron had hit his head. Momo quickly got back on his feet.

" Boom."

Hansel wondered what was going on in Momo's head. Then he felt something wrapped around his arm. It was a cloth, one of Momo's clothes, dipped entirely in gasoline. A small match was making its way towards Hansel's cloth. He panicked.

" Oh crap."

An unbelievable fireball erupts skywards. An ocean of flames covers Hansel's body. In the center of the inferno Hansel struggles violently. His flesh fires and sizzles. He tears loose from the demented fire and collapses to the ground, charred in a mist. Momo crawls away from the intense heat and lies watching the motionless figure in the blaze.

Momo said very weakly, " I did it."

It would be a wonderful final image. Except...terminator staggers out of the blaze. Flakes of flesh were falling from him like burning leaves. His gleaming structure is revealed in all its intricacy. No longer a 'He', but an 'It'. It looks like Death rendered in steel. Hansel had a chrome right arm with hydraulic muscles and tendons of flexible cable. In the sockets one eyeball swiveled with a whir of tiny servos, glowing red now. His glasses were shattered against the floor. And his legs were the same chrome, hydraulic muscles, and tendons of flexible cable. The scariest part was Hansel still had that smirk on his face, even though the left side of his face was the only part with flesh.

" Amazing, isn't it, fishy," Hansel laughed even though Momo considered him more of a freak than him. " Some call me the One Million Beli Marine. I'm a cyborg. I'm part-human, part-machine, but I function the same way as a human."

" So...are you dead?" Momo asked.

" No, I'm most certainly not dead. I'm what you would call a cybernetic organism. Meaning, my body parts are still in tact, but physiological structure had faded. But this won't be a life-story about me, fishman. This'll be about you. Now that you know what I am, I don't need to hold back." Four hatches opened up on the side of Hansel's head. In the sockets were four small cannonballs. " Fire!"

The four cannonballs were fired from Hansel's sockets. the first one Momo jumped to the left away from. The second one Momo jumped to the right away from. But the third and the fourth one made a collision against Momo's stomach. Momo was hurled back, the cannonballs pushing into his stomach, but he snapped his neck and caught them in his teeth. Momo stopped. He then spat the cannonballs into the ocean.

" Hahahaha!" Hansel laughed. " You're a real flying fish now. Spotlight!" A small flare fired out of Hansel's head. The flare illuminated in the sky and covered Hansel. A jukebox also popped out of Hansel's head and started playing. " Let me tell you how it works, fishman. I'm the best, the best, best around. I'm the greatest marine there ever was. I do what I want." Hansel heard a BEAT coming from his jukebox and twirled around. " That's why..." the jukebox in Hansel's head sank back into his head. " I want something only you fishmen know about. Someplace only you can get too."

" What is that?" Momo asked.

" What I want is...Fukaboshi's trident." Fukaboshi? What would Hansel want with Fukaboshi's trident, Momo thought inquisitively. Hansel was neither a fishman nor was he human. Ergo, that trident would have no use for him. Momo played it cool. If Hansel thought he was an idiot than he wouldn't ask him anymore questions; that was a belief Momo was willing to bet his life on.

" Fukaboshi's trident?" Momo said. " I've never even heard of it -"

" Don't try to lie to me, fishman!" Hansel shouted. Hansel's chrome jaw was starting to peel away like dandriff. It occured to Momo how that skin he used was to stop the metal from rusting. " All fishmen heard of the tale of the three princes. Each were born from the royal sea lord Neptune. He was a shark fishman, like you, and the first son. After he, his father and his brothers were liberated by the Straw Hat Pirates, he allied himself with them against Hody Jones and his crew. When the Straw Hats arrived at Fishman Island, Fukaboshi seeks them out to deliver a message from Jinbe. However, after Madam Shyarly stated her prediction about Luffy destroying Fishman Island, the prince developed some doubts towards the pirates. Even though the pirates "took over" Ryugu Palace out of self-defense, Fukaboshi did not show any animosity towards them and comes into an agreement with Zoro and kept his promise in delivering Jinbe's message. After being saved and freed by the Straw Hats, Fukaboshi apologizes to Luffy for doubting him and they quickly become allies."

Playing dumb wasn't going to work. Hansel knew everything about him. From the moment the caterpillar crawled into his ear he shuddered. What else did Hansel know about? Did he know about his friends? Razi, Daniel, Jen; he knew them all only a short time but he loved all three of those knuckleheads.

" H-How do you know all of this?"

" Because your mother knew it and she told you. Whether you believe it or not you know all about the Prince of Ryugu Kingdom. If I can get my hands on his trident I'll be able to absorb all his strenth, his Haki, and his endurance. I can also unlock his memories."

" Y-You can do that...with just a piece of metal?"

Hansel acted like a prom queen putting his hands on his hips, turning his chrome head and laughing. " Sweetie, I'm made entirely out of metal. All I have to do is EAT that trident."

Momo had to say out of all the opponents he faced - fish man assassin, the doctor, and fishman pirates - he hated Hansel the most. " You'll be destroying a precious history of merfolk. I will not allow you to consume something worth a thousand tears of the Heart Pirates, you parasite!"

Because of people like Hansel fish men hated humans. Momo just wanted to go beserk so he could eat Hansel's face; bolts and nuts didn't seem too tasty.

" And who's going to stop me? You? You can't even move your right hand. How are you going to -"

Momo had it with Hansel. His anger was growing more beet red by the second. Momo pulled out his teeth and threw them at Hansel. He missed.

" Hey, don't throw teeth at me! That's unhygienic!"

Momo didn't listen to Hansel. His anger caused him to rip out more of his teeth and throw them at Hansel. Momo kept doing it until Hansel's feet were entrapped by sharp teeth snares.

" I may not be able to move my hands, but I can crack coconuts with my feet! Sea Speed Stomach Drop Kick!"

Supaiku darted forward and uses the momentum to deliver a savage side kick to Hansel's stomach! Hansel was hurled back but quickly recovered from the blow.

" That's the last time you make a fool out of me, fishy! Turbo Claws!"

For large knife-like probes stuck out of Hansel's metal hands. The claws spun around like a cyclone towards Supaiku, one touch and he would be the same as a bone less fish, thrown into a bender, where he would be feed to more fish. Supaiku had to think fast.

" Surface Splitter!"

Using a karate chop and jumping into the ocean, Momo split the ocean itself in order to send a shock wave at Hansel. Hansel was splashed from the ground and slid into a nearby home. But Hansel quickly got on his feet and twitched his stiff neck. The next thing Hansel did was pull out the same box he got his white caterpillar from.

" Okay, fishy. I've fought you long enough, but now I'm going to use my pets to kill you -"

" Spear Wave!"

Momo used on the water's surface. Momo heaves a spear-shaped burst of water with enough force to punch a hole in solid structures. He mustered up the spear and sent it straight to Hansel's box. A large hole was punched through the box as different micro sized creatures moved out.

" Babies! Look at what you did to my darlings!"

" Just to let you know, your 'babies' never really liked you. They've always been afraid of you."

" Silence! So I can't beat you near the sea. That's fine. We'll take this battle too the air!"

Hansel's feet transformed into two small rockets. Momo didn't like the look of this. Once, when he was fighting against the doctor, he moved so high in the sky he thought his lungs would burst. Hansel rocketed above the concrete. He grabbed Momo and carried the sawshark fishman and son of Arlong into the sky. Then...he let go. Both Momo and Hansel were falling fifty feet into either a solid concrete that might kill them or a pool of water that could still kill them but not as likely as the concrete.

" Are you crazy!" Momo shouted. " The fall will kill us both!"

" Correction, just you." Hansel shrunk in size. His body was transforming into something smaller. Something with wings. Finally, he transformed into a bird the size of a chicken, big beak, and the same red eyes." Now I'm a dodo. The extinct bird. Mwahahahaha!"

" You idiot. Dodo's can't fly."

" What?"

Hansel seemed to fall faster after realizing that. While Momo was still falling to two things - life or death - Hansel fell right through the water. Momo wiped the sweat off his head.

" Phew. It's a good thing I watch what I eat." Momo made the loudest, most disgusting sound ever. He regurgitated a rolled up bed sheet. Momo held both corners of the sheet, the center pushed up, and he sailed down towards the concrete. " Now I can rejoin Razi, Daniel, and the others."

Momo always wondered what life would be like if he was a flying fish. The experience was fantastic. No longer did he feel like an outcast now that he experienced the one thing most men dreamt about. Momo glided down and touched the surface of the concrete softly, too. Not a Hansel in site.

Hansel was under the water. The pressure of the water was pushing his chrome body to the bottom. Hansel was on life support system. Eventually that system would malfunction underwater and Hansel would only be brought up to be scrap metal. Probably in the future where Man invented a way to turn metal into working machines.

" I'm not finished yet." Hansel pulled a Devil Fruit out of a secret compartment in his stomach. The fruit was red, had swivels around it, and ferns growing out of the top. It was the Honolulu Honolulu fruit. " I chose to stay as a cyborg because I could never get older. All my officiers would grow old and die but I would stay my frilly, perfect beauty queen. You made me do this`.

`You made me.` X_X_X_X Momo was finally rid of that craze marine Hansel. Hansel, Momo had to give credit, even though he was loony, he did give Momo's heart a way of pumping faster. Momo turned around, walked away from the port to the town. In the dark silhouette, a tentacle popped out of the sea.

`` Huh?" Momo turned around thinking he would see Hansel pop out and demand for a rematch. He was wrong. All he saw was how peaceful and serene the ocean looked. " No. I just have to get back to everyone -"

A giant octopus tentacle came out of the sea and wrapped around Momo's stomach. Momo was pulled into the sea. He tried to struggle, twisted his arms back and forth, forthright, trying to squirm out of the tentacles, but his efforts were in vain. Momo was pulled down into the ocean where a creature of havoc was waiting for him.

The creature was a massive, boneless, octopus-like creature several hundred times larger than any ship. Unlike a regular octopus, it has a turtle-like head without a beak between the arms. And unlike an ordinary octopus the creature had large glasses over its eyes. Momo wasn't an idiot. This was a kraken, but there were no kraken's in this part of the Blue. Unless this wasn't an ordinary creature.

" " I'm hideous. "The creature smoke directly in Momo's head. Did it have some kind of telepathic power? No. The answer was Momo could just understand it because he too was a creature of the sea. The voice he was hearing, however, was undoubtedly the voice of Hansel. "I've become so hideous my mother won't be able to recognize me. I'm ghastly. And I'm terribly grim. What do you have to say to me now, Momo?"

" I say..."

Momo used his super speed underwater to move underneath Hansel. Momo smacked his pipe over and over again around the octopus' head, eyes twirling around as Momo did it, he was about to do something no human has ever done.

" You're talking to the wrong person about feeling ugly! Now say good-bye to that Devil Fruit!"

Momo smacked the back head of Hansel so hard his Devil Fruit came out. The transformation was fast. As soon as Hansel lost his fruit his body shrunk down and he became completely human. A nude human without any clothes. Momo wouldn't touch Hansel if they weren't under the water and Hansel was unconscious and if he didn't do it Hansel would drown. Momo grabbed nude Hansel and paddled towards the surface.

Momo resurfaced. He then threw Hansel's naked body out of the water as it rolled sunny side up in the hot sun. Momo was brazen about helping out a lost soul. Hansel, as evil as he was, didn't deserve too die, Momo thought. Momo's hand still stung from the hole in his hand. Would that hole ever recover? By the time Momo got back on shore Hansel was awake.

" I-I'm alive." Hansel was more brazen than Momo thought. He didn't care that he was naked. Hansel stroked his arm like the delicate flower he was inside. " And I'm a human again." Hansel crawled towards the water. As he peered down he saw his own reflection. Hansel was completely narcissistic and vain. As he looked at his reflection he made it clear how in love with himself he was." And I'm gorgeous! I'm the red flower I used to be! Oh, Bessy, I'm beauuuuuutiful."

" When you changed into an octopus you gained the organs you've lost," Momo replied. " And when I kicked that fruit out of you, all those organs adapted to your new body."

" Somebody's FABOULOUS! Thank you, thank you. How can I ever repay you -"

Momo punched Hansel between his eyes breaking his glasses. Momo had to be clear. He wanted to punch Hansel since the first time he met the bastard. Naked Hansel wasn't as strong as fully clothed Hansel, but maybe that was because fully clothed Hansel was a cyborg. The Hansel collapsed on the ground with blood from his head smeared over Momo's fist.

" If you ever threaten my friends again, you'll receive more than a broken nose!"


The fiery haired marine Lota was making her way towards a chapel. Her breaches were covered white from where she'd fallen. Church was a place for forgiveness. Lota walked in while people were listening to people singing at the front. Lota sat down. Behind her was a priest wearing brown garbs, thick rope, and beads and rosary around his neck. Lota closed her eyes and prayed.

" Forgive me, Father," Lota said to the priest, " for I have failed my objective. Three of our five admirals have been wiped out by a white haired woman, a white haired swordsman, and a fishmen. I cannot fight them on my own. Won't you please help me?"

The man behind her was obviously not a real priest. Priests don't carry weapons. Priests don't smile in delight when they hear the names of pirates. And underneath his hood was canine snarl, the same kind Razi had when he was in his wolf hybrid form, but his looked like vampires; two strong fangs and so sharp they could eat through a live shark.

" Lead the way." X_X_X_X Miya and Shi's once family restaurant transformed quickly into a refuge shelter for Razi and Nathan's crew. So far they were taking care of Lucy. Jen and Jane were there watching over Lucy Redford. Jen's head was reattached to his body. How, take a guess. Lucy slept in a futon inside the restaurant, Shi taking a close look at the wound Eiza inflicted into her.

" Thank you for letting us use your restaurant as a medical bay, Miya," Hen said. I wish we had a doctor on our crew, but we don't."

" It's quite alright," Miya said with a long smile and closed eyes. " I'll just put everything on your tab."

" What?"

After everything they've gone through Jen was hoping she'd just forget about the whole money thing. But apparently Miya had a tenacity to keep track of people who owed her money. And when Jen didn't answer her that same, scary visage came out of her. The visage was so scary, Jen's legs started shaking like Usopp's. Was it possible for that thing to eat him?

" You will pay your debt to me, won't you?"

" YES MA'AM! God she's scary."

Standing next to Miya was Shi. Shi too was scared of Miya. He knew that Miya wasn't a very patient and the last guy who put his hands on her put, a man whose wife took the kids away from him because he had a problem drinking, was scared so much he remained sober.

" Reaaaallly scary," Shi thought standing next to her.

Miya heard a familiar groan. Twelve years ago she would give that person stomach medicine and feed him curry. Faust, the man, was being dragged by Daniel as well as Mutsu. Daniel's back was sore and he was in the mood to slice 'n' dice.

" Daniel!" Jen called.

" Faust!" Miya called.

When Daniel reached the restaurant he dropped Faust and Mutsu like they were nothing but bags to him. Daniel closed his eyes, walked up to a barrel, dipped his hands in wine, and rubbed the wine against his eyes. Miya kneeled and searched Faust's poach. He has a fever, she thought as she felt his heart racing like a rabbits.

" What happened to him?" Miya said, panic in her voice.

" We were attacked by him," Daniel said. Daniel stopped rubbing his eyes with wine and gave Miya his full attention." I just brought him here out of sympathy. But I think we should just slit his throat and throw him into the water."

" Don't!" Miya screamed.

" What?" Jen and Daniel said together.

Miya didn't mean to say it out loud, she just really didn't want them to hurt Mutsu. Why Mutsu was important to her was her business. " I mean...it wouldn't be right to kill someone."

" But he almost killed me...us!" Daniel complained.

" Just listen to her, Daniel," Jen said. The navigator couldn't help be flirtatious and touched Miya's hands while he talked. " Just look at how gorgeous her hands are. If she touched me with those hands I could die happy." Like a fluffy pillow you just don't want to throw out Jen rubbed his cheeks against Miya's hands. The only thing she found about him was his cheeks were cold. That ended when Jen's stomach grumbled. " Umm...I think we should have something to eat. I'm starved."

" I thought dead guys don't get hungry," Daniel grunted.

" Hungry. Need food." Jen moaned.

" Oh, Jen! You haven't done a thing all day!" Miya said.

" I'm too weak to work, Miya. I haven't eaten since breakfast."

" Then this lunch is going to be just perfect for you, Jen. It's my lazy-boy 'no-chew' stew."

While Jen went on and on about how hungry he was Lucy woke up from her dream. Her eyes hadn't adjusted back to the light yet. She was just lucky to still be seeing things normally. Or maybe not. She saw Miya, and Daniel, but she mistook Jen for her dark skinned captain. She was delirious.

" Nathan..." Lucy said weakly. " Nathan..."

Lucy was speaking so loud she was sure Jen would come over and talk to her. He didn't. Jen kept his eyes on the lookout for pretty girls and he just didn't find Lucy that interesting. Who did she find? Jane. The white-haired antenna skypien walked up to her bed futon and spoke directly into her eyes.

" I'm not this Nathan boy," Jane said. " But I'm very glad you're alive. Sisters."

Lucy wasn't the only one to awaken from slumber. Soon Faust woke up. Unlike Lucy he was greeted by three faces. Two of them were unfamiliar while one of them was. He remembered Daniel from their spar together against Mutsu. He remembered Jen in the bar when he stepped in with Nathan. And of course he remembered Miya from his childhood.

" Where am I?"

Daniel was the first one to notice he was awake. Daniel found it funny. In a way he and him were doppelgangers - they both have white hair, are swordsman, talk like they've been biting nails, slim - but in a way they were both differently alike. Daniel walked to his doppelganger.

" Glad you're alive," Daniel said. " You were hit so hard I thought he broke your collarbone."

" Where's Nathan? Faust said.

" Oh, it's cool, bro," Jen said. " Nathan and Razi left together to find the spot where Monkey D. Luffy was executed. And some girl named Magare left with them."

" Guys!" Daniel was the first to recognize that voice. It was Momo's. Daniel and Jen turned around to see Momo running in carrying those two girls he was possessed with. " Come quick. Quick! These two need medical attention now!"

" Margret! Kamiko!" Faust shouted.

" Are these friends of yours, Faust?" Miya asked.

" Yes. Me and Nathan invited them on our crew."

" Did you? Well you two boys sure are recruiting a lot of girls. I hope your pirate crew doesn't transform into a brothel."

" Miya!"

" I'm just saying. Treat women like your caretakers. Men cannot live without their mates just like dragons can't live without their mates."

" Is that true?" Jen said. " Dragons can't survive without their mates?"

" No. But life without a mate would be a very lonely life."

" Hello," Jane said. Jen and Daniel looked at Jane. For once since they saw her she wasn't frowning upon them. In fact, she was smiling. The heartless demon named Death was smiling at them. " I've been thinking. Now that I lost all my men and no longer have a boat, I guess I wouldn't mind sailing with you four."

Was she serious. Death wanted to join their crew, even though she kept replying she'd never join them. Daniel must have wax in his ears. Jen must have had rats crawling through his mouth again. Jen was of course ecstatic for Jane to join, but Daniel grimaced at her with all his hatred of girls.

" Don't be stupid," Daniel shouted " I don't know why Razi decided you'd be on our crew, but not you. You're a monster. There is only one god and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death Not today."

" Hmph! So now you're some kind of hero," Jane said. " There are no heroes...in life, the monsters win."

" But a swordsman lives a thousand lives before he dies. Once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them again you."

" Well I've been thinking...maybe we should find this captain of yours, Razi."

" You want to help Razi?" Momo said.

" No, I want to help myself by helping Razi. Once the captain is on board the ship sails on. I'll be protected."

" I always knew your were a heartless bitch," Daniel growled. " But I never pictured you as a coward!"

" Both of you," Miya said. This is not going to help bring Razi and Nathan back."

" She's right," Jen said.

" Big surprise," Jane said sarcastically flicking her dishevel hair. " You're doing what a pretty women asks you."

" I'll go after Razi," Daniel said. " And I suggest you help us find him, too, Jane."

" I hate Razi."

" Come with me! I need your help!"

" You already have your fish, your fag, and your hag. I'm a moot point."

" So you're just gonna walk away?"

" I said I'd travel with you. This world is yours to look after. I'm not gonna hinder your cause, but I'm not gonna support it either."

" Coward. Real men help when people need them!"

" First, I'm a girl. Second, I wasn't born in this world. Three, save your idealism for your fairy tales."

It was hopeless. Jane was so thick headed everything Daniel said she'd find a way to repel them from her thoughts. Obviously Daniel was going to have to think of something tactiful. What did this girl like? She liked money, and booze, and kidnapping, and maybe...

" Well, I know of a certain sword that might interest you, maybe you've heard of it. It's called Yoko Rashien."

" You actually think one sword will interest me?"

" Think about it, in the aftermath when two strong pirates make a mess in Logue Town, swords will be the least of your problem."

" You know you're quite devious when you put your mind to it, Daniel."

So Daniel and Jane shook hands and journeyed after Razi. What they didn't see was a figure watching them in an alley. This figure was quivering in fear. X_X_X_X Razi, Nathan, and Magare reached the execution platform of Gol D. Rogers and Monkey D. Luffy. Even in front of a huge enemy army that he had no chance of winning against, Roger stood tall and would not run. In the final days of Roger's reign, he had attained more wealth, power, and fame than anyone could imagine. Though now known as the Pirate King, Roger was well-aware of his own mortality. As if seeing the end, he disbanded his crew in secret. Before his death, he told Rayleigh he would not immediately set up his execution in Loguetown. But as he was about to die, Roger yelled out his famous last words. The swords of the executioners fell and the greatest pirate of them all died. What was thought would be a warning to all and extinguish the hopes of all pirates, had failed. The last words of Gold Roger ignited the excitement of the world, and thus began "The Great Age of Pirates", the echoes of his influence resonate further into the current era, and shape most of the world after his death.

" Cool!" Razi awed. " This is really the place where Gold D. Rogers and Monkey D. Luffy were executed!"

Magare smiled. She enjoyed watching Razi make a little kid of himself. She expected Nathan to be just as excited, but the dark skinned pirate captain let out a long tired yawn. He was actually yawning? A moment ago he was just as ecstatic as Razi.

" What's the matter?" Magare asked. Her boa Kaya slithered down Magare's neck and hissed into Nathan's ear. " Are you bored?"

" No, I'm excited. This is an excited yawn."

" Hmm..."

Nathan and Magare looked back at Razi. The little boy was so jittery he was doing backflips up and down. His wolf tail popped out of his back and he swayed it furiously. Nathan and Magare gaped. If anyone saw Razi with a tail out his back they'd go nuts. But Razi's tail sank back into his pants. Nathan took a few steps towards Razi but stopped.

" It's strange," Nathan said.

" What?" Razi said.

" Standing here is getting me jitters."

" Why?"

" I don't know. It's just this spot. If I remember this is the spot where Monkey D. Luffy was stabbed. There was so much blood. It's why I named my crew the Blood Pirates. I named them that because I wanted to remember the blood of Luffy." Nathan patted his right hand against his straw hat. He grinned. " I also want to remember him giving me this hat. It's why I cornered you, Razi."

" You should be careful about cornering an animal like a wolf. We have a tendency to show our teeth." Razi opened his mouth. His teeth were glistening. They looked so sharp they could rip Nathan's head off. " See."

Magare looked at both Nathan and Razi. Both were pirate captains yet they were so different. But why did Razi show Nathan his teeth. She shrugged. " Razi, I'm making perfect sense you're just not keeping up!"

" Logic is panic's prey."

More and more people started to gather around the execution site. And more people started pointing at Nathan, Magare, and Razi. None of them had permission to be there.

" Hey, what are kids doing on that execution site?"

" Get off of there, you kids!"

" You're going to get into trouble! Get off!"

" Stupid kids!"

Nathan clenched his hands. The voices of those adults were worst than spears. Spears weren't a problem for Nathan, but words followed him everywhere he went.

" I hate adults," Nathan grunted.

" Why?" Razi asked.

" Because they're always telling you what to do, what not to do -"

" So do parents," Magare said.

" Parents are different. I'm talking about all adults. Adults think we're stupid just because we haven't been on this world as long as them."

" I'm not stupid!" Razi exclaimed. " Am I?"

" No, man, you're not stupid. If you're stupid than that makes me lazy. And if there's one thing I'm not it's lazy."

" Yeah," Magare said. " You're not stupid, Razi. You just don't see things the same way we do. "

" What if I said you were beautiful," Nathan said.

" What if I truly didn't care?" Magare said.

" What irony. Such beauty sprung up from such an ugly soil. Bloody Monster Nathan Darius."

How did one person know Nathan's name? Nathan turned his head around. Behind him he saw a priest. The priest was holding a bible and covered in brown robes. Underneath the hood of his robes Nathan could see him smiling.

" How does it feel to be the one pursued?"

The robes fell off the priest. A man appeared. He has slanted golden eyes, long flowing green hair. He wears a white sleeveless yutaka along with martial art pants and shoes.

" Who the hell are you?" Nathan asked.

" Name's Suzuka. I'm the last of the Five Admirals. And I'm going to arrest both of you."

" You're going to arrest us?"

Nathan stared at Suzuka. Because of his analyzation lenience, he is always injured in his fights, but manages to pull a trick out of his hat to decide the match. Nathan saw into this man. He is cruel, vindictive, and merciless. Nathan and Razi laughed together. Laughed at the idealism that he could actually arrest them. Magare didn't laugh. She was concerned.

" Guys..." Magare spoke so softly that neither Razi nor Nathan could hear them.

Razi and Nathan were still laughing. The two captain's hugged each other laughing so their ribs wouldn't split open. Magare didn't know what they found so funny? This was a serious matter.

" Guys!" Razi and Nathan stopped laughing; and they looked at Magare. " Don't you know who Suzuka is?"

" No," they both said together.

" Fifty years ago, Suzuka, along with his older brother Kairen, and Ran, his wildcat of a lover, built a dojo together and had several people attending. However all of this was ruined when a pirate named Wyrm of the Crushing Forge ha massacred all of Sukuza's pupils and colleagues, forcing Sukuza to become a marine to seek Wyrm out and get his revenge. For three months Suzuka disappeared, but returned the day the marines found Wyrm with a formed team; which included his brother and Ran. They killed Wyrm. But Suzuka hates all pirates. Ten years later Suzuka died in a battle against pirates, but he brought the whole ship down with him."

" I'm flattered that you've heard of me," Suzuka smirked, " but as you can see, the stories were incorrect."

" Okay, Razi, let me handle him." Nathan felt a crank in his neck. His neck was stiff. He cracked it just like Faust did when they entered Iron Town. " I'll take this one, Razi. Don't argue...I am not in the mood."

" Rely on impulse and even your thoughts can betray you," Suzuka said.

" Whatever, I was having fun with my new friends until you showed up. Now I want you to leave."

" Please, you can make the first move," Suzuka said.

" Why thank you," Nathan said. " Finally a marine who can be polite. Chi Chi No Bloody Fist!"

Nathan leaped over Suzuka with blood quickly forming around his right arm and a look of anger on his face. Nathan roared as he smashed his fist deep into Sukuza's left cheek making him grunt in pain as he crashed to the ground.

" I gotcha, you nerd!"

A large debris was falling towards Nathan out of nowhere. Nathan quickly jumped back before the debris fell on top of him. But when Nathan left Suzuka got back on his feet. He looked unharmed from Nathan's earlier attack.

" That was a nice attack. But now it's my turn. Petals and Thorns!"

Nathan wasn't scared at the sound of that. He sounded like a florist who was potting plants. Rose petals materialized in the palm of Suzuka's hands and then swirling around him. Razi and Magare were both confused about the petals. One of the petals touched Magare's fingers...

" Ow!"

Magare was bleeding. The whirlwind of petals were razor-sharp. Magare looked at her finger. A small vertical strike was in it and crimson came out. If one petal was sharp enough to Magare's finger, a whirlwind of petals would rip Nathan to shreds.

" Nathan, look out" Nathan was surrounded by razor-sharp plants. One rose petal cut through his right arm. Another cut his leg. No matter where Nathan turned a rose cut through him. Nathan had no where to turn and nowhere to run. Sukuza was about to use his powers to attack Nathan.

" Parrot Grass!"

Sukuza took out a leaf that transformed into a sword. A broadsword, covered in grass on the back blade, where the sharp pointed was covered in moss leaves. Sukuza jumped in the air and slammed his sword down. But Nathan was prepared for him. A dagger slipped out of his sleeves.

" Blood Reaper!"

Blood came out of Sukuza's fingertips and formed a sword with it. Nathan slashed his blood sword at Sukuza's grass sword. Nathan swinged his sword down, but Sukuza's sword transformed into a rose whip and he sweeped Nathan off his feet.

"Chi Chi No Tiger Claws!"

A badly bruised Nathan roared as his gauntlets jetted out sharp claws as he rushed towards the undamaged Sukuza and send a flurry swipes at him. Sukuza simply laughed with joy as he dodged, parried and countered Nathan's attacks which added more blood to the ground.

Nathan swung his right arm straight out and tried to cut Sukuza's chest but he dodged the attack and quickly swung his right leg upwards making his foot smash against Nathan's skull which left him open for a quick punch to the stomach which sent him off his feet and into a wall.

His blood gauntlets soon started to fall apart and turned back into blood that stained and ran down his arms.

" Now I know what you meant when you said Sukuza was dangerous," Razi said. " Nathan needs our help!"

" No!" Razi tried dashing in to help Nathan. Magare stopped him with her bow. " Nathan is the kind of boy who likes to fight strong opponents like you Razi. Just look at him." Nathan got back on his feet and charged at Sukuza, a blood sword emerging from his hands. Nathan laughed as he swung that sword towards Sukuza. " He's having the time of his life. Do you want to take that away from a captain?"

Sukuza swung his across Nathan's neck, but Nathan slid under Sukuza and jabbed his sword into his thigh. Sukuza howled in pain. Nathan transformed his hands into claws again. He raised the claws over Sukuza's head and sliced them in the back of his neck. Nathan was dubious about whether he should slice him again when he heard Sukuza laughing.

" I must admit, you're doing quite well for a poser."

" A what!" Nathan growled.

" A pirate poser. I see people like you every day. Pirates who think they have what it takes because they're inspired by dead pirates. Those kinds of things would make a hero out of you...if this was a fairy tale. But in real world the law always wins."

" Chi Chi no Bloody Gatling!"

Nathan ran to the other side of Sukuza. He then let loose lots of hardened blood bullets from his finger tips as he rapidly swung his arms from side to side. The wound on Sukuza's neck quicky recovered as Sukuza turned around unleashing an attack of his own.

" Death Ray!"

Sukuza unleashed a bullet of his own. His was large, darkened, and consumed the blood bullets Nathan unleashed. But it shrank as the bullets entered its void. Nathan quickly stopped firing when the ball was small enough; it went past Nathan and exploded, abolishing someone's house. Nathan formed a bloody sword as he charged at Sukuza. Nathan slashed across Sukuza's chest leaving his crimson mark. Magare and Razi gaped.

" Nathan...you won!" Razi screamed joyously.

" H-he actually beat a marine!" Magare said.

" Ha!" Nathan said. Sukuza collasped on the ground. Nathan's sword shrunk back into his arm. " What can I say?" Nathan flexed his biceps, grinning like a monkey, and scratched his head. " I just know how to fight people like him. Because I'm awesome!"

" And bashful," Magare thought.

Nathan was so busy gloating about his victory he didn't see the crimson blood vanishing inside Sukuza's stomach and the wound completely rehealing. Sukuza rose off the ground and pulled three leaves out of his yutaka. They transformed into dart-like weapons made of grass.

" Rose Darts!"

Sukuza threw his darts at Nathan. All of them went into Nathan's back. There were some kinds of toxins in them that completely paralyzed him. Nathan keeled over and heaved out a bag full of blood.

" Here's a little life lesson for when you're in limbo," Sukuza said. " When your opponent is down, off with his head. Which unfortunately is going to happen to you."

" How did you recover through that?" Nathan cried in pain.

" Growth Acceleration. I ate the Ueru Ueru fruit. It turned my entire body into one big plant. I'm able to speed up the rate of growth of plants. Here's another interesting thing." Sukuza led Nathan's direction to a flower vase. The stems from that vase elongated, grabbed Nathan's legs, and turned him upside down. Nathan couldn't move because of the toxins affecting his nervous system. " I can also control the plants I grow to do certain tasks." Sukuza pulled another leaf out of his yutaka then transformed it into a sword. Sukuza was Nathan's executioner. He raised the sword up about to decapicate Nathan's head off. " This is the end of the line for you, pirate -"

" Leave my friend alone! Wolf Shredder!"

Razi jumped over Sukuza's head. His hands transformed into sharp talons. In a flurry Razi sliced through Sukuza's leaf sword. The sword turned into little thistles of pieces. Razi's prominent ears were perked up, his tail was sticking out, his hands and feet turned into paws, and his teeth were sharp as swords. Razi was in his wolf hybrid form.

" So you're made of plants, huh? That's okay with me. I'll just rip every last leaf off!" Razi and Sukuza went into a fist fight. Razi punched Sukuza in his jaw bone, but Sukuza retaliated with a punch to Razi's right cheek bone. Razi jumped on Sukuza and continued punching him in the face. Sukuza grabbed Razi by his tail, pulled him off his chest and threw him to the ground. Sukuza almost punched Razi again... Razi weaved his claws straight into Sukuza's eyes, blinding him.

Razi knew Sukuza would recover from his injury very shortly. He used that time to help Nathan. Razi kneeled to Nathan's side and helped him to his feet.

" Are you okay, Nathan?"

" I don't need your help!" Nathan was so prideful he wanted to shake Razi's hand away. He felt the pain of the venom spreading through his veins. Razi grabbed Nathan's hand and helped him to his feet. " Thanks for helping me out back there, pal."

Razi smiled when Nathan showed him his gratitude. It showed his vindictiveness. Nathan even smiled at Razi. And using his blood manipulation pour, he poured his infective blood out. But Sukuza recovered from his injury.

" You know, every marine must have one weapon. Eiza's her sabers. Mutsu's sword of his. Lota transforming her arms into spears. Hansel's finger knives. But mine has always been the chakram. They move fast and can CUT through flesh like butter. Go!"

Sukuza pulled a leaf out of his yutaka. Using his powers he transformed it into a circular root. The blade was still sharp as an ordinary chakram. ZOOM! Sukuza threw the chakram towards Nathan and Razi.

" Razi, get down!"

Nathan grabbed Razi's wolf ears and pushed him to the ground. The chakram zoomed right past them. They were safe. But Magare wasn't. The chakram was heading straight towards her.

" Magare!"

The chakram was closing in on Magare. However, her pet boa Kaya caught the chakram in its mouth. Then it crushed the chakram in its mouth. Nathan and Razi blinked.

" Razi, did you see what I saw?" Nathan said. " Or do I have double vision."

" I saw Magare's snake crush Sukuza's weapon," Razi said.

" Good. Then I'm not hallucinating."

" I've been playing with you kids long enough. I'm going to show you an indigenous plant. When it has grown, it mutates into a creature that will respond to movement of heat and crushes them to death. Demon Bow Grass!"

Sukuza reached into his yutaka and threw them across the ground. The seeds quickly grew into plants. Monster plants. An extremely huge sentient sunflower with purple petals around the face, which is just a mouth with sharp teeth, two he leaps behind its head, and it uses vines as hands. The plants snarled at Razi, Nathan, and Magare.

" Ah!" Magare screamed. " These things are really scary!"

" They won't be for long. Chi Chi no Pistol!" Nathan raised his hand with the small piece of blood coming out of his hand at the flower demon. A sharp, hardened bullet of blood came out of Nathan's hand and hit the flower. But the blood was absorbed in its steam." What?"

" That's right. Keep feeding my plants blood. They live on it. The more blood you give them the stronger they'll become."

" What can I do?" Nathan thought." All of my attacks involve blood. But if blood makes them stronger..." Braches were swarming around Nathan like snakes. The branches had sharp teeth on them munching towards Nathan. Nathan trembled. If he used any of his blood attacks the plants would absorb them. " Ah!"

" Wolf Iron Weaver!"

Razi jumped towards the branch just before it munched through Nathan's flesh. Razi's claws glowed silver as he ripped through the branch. Razi slashed through the rest of them before they could eat Nathan.

" Are you okay now, Nathan?" Razi smiled. " Their gone - "

" Razi, look out!"

Razi missed one carnivorous plant. It snuck up behind Razi. Razi could see its rhizome. A strong arrow flew through the head of the plant before it dead.

" What?"

Razi and Nathan looked at Magare. She was using Kaya as a bow and firing from Kaya. Nathan and Razi were impressed.

" Magare, how did you do that?" Razi asked.

" We Kuja's were raised to fight with arrows. There's not a target I can't miss."

Nathan had to admit, hearing Magare say that was the hottest thing he'd heard today. He looked at Razi. Razi was ogling Magare. His eyes were stuck to her like glue. The only thing that broke Razi's concentration was his laughter.

" Oh, you've got a crush on her."

Nathan elbowed Razi in his rib. Sukuza pulled three seeds out of his yutaka. Sukuza tossed them up and down and caught them. An evil smirk spread on his face.

" Let me tell you three about another kind of plant. The tree responds to the memories of its victims, ensnaring the consciousness of the victim with hallucinations of the wickedness, and forces them to replay their fears a it feeds off of its victims' life force, never stopping until its host is dead. If, for some reason, the victim continues to struggle, then the tree will generate extra tendrils in order to restrain its victim as it feeds. "

" And you're telling us this why?" Nathan asked.

" Because I like to keep the crowd interested before I get to the scary parts. The Binding Fist of the Wood Spirit!"

Sukuza pulled a rose out. The rose transformed into a vine with thorns, growing around Sukuza as he wielded as a sword-like weapon. Rose whips manipulated and entangled around Sukuza's arm, creating a sharp piercing weapon.

" So you want to go back to sword fighting?" Nathan smirked. " That's okay with me." Nathan stabbed his knife into his right palm and twisted it. Blood trickled over Nathan's blade. Using his powers Nathan created his blood sword again. " Now who's ready for round two -"

" Hold it!" Nathan stopped. If Sukuza had something to say Nathan wanted to hear it." I'm not interested with a poser like you. Your ligaments are nothing new to me. I'm more interested in that little lady behind you."

" Magare?" Razi said.

" So that's her name. Magare. Our battle shall be legendary."

" No!" Razi jumped in front of Magare and covered her with his arms. Razi wasn't going to let Sukuza hurt her; Nathan saw it the same way he wouldn't let anyone hurt Lucy. " Magare doesn't want to fight. You can't tell her to fight you! Your battle is with us-"

" Razi!" Magare touched Razi's right shoulder. Razi froze. He could feel Magare's bra against his back. Razi was on a beach. It was so hot, Magare touching him with her soft hands, Razi was going to faint from a heat stroke." It's okay. I will fight him, by myself."

" Magare...you can't..." Razi looked at Magare eye to eye. Her eyes were twinkling in his eyes, like moonlight. " You can't fight him."

" Hmph!" Magare gently stroked Razi's right cheeks. Razi was so stupid, but he was also very nice. A single tear cascaded down her cheek. " Thanks for caring about me so much, Razi. I'm glad - no, I'm proud to know what it would feel to be your nakama. But...my people are watching me, and I want them to smile."

Magare pecked Razi's left cheek. Nathan was silent. He watched Magare walk past Razi, moved up to Sukuza, and raised her hands. Magare was a special Kuja with an incarnation.

" Spirits of my ancestors, here my cry. Bring back my form that cannot die. Live through my profound feelings of respect and platonic love towards my friends and family, and would never sacrifice their lives in order to achieve my own personal goals. Suicide is not the answer. Live again, inside me, and reappear!"

Kaya wrapped its tail around Magare's arms. It was a process of merging two separate beings into one, combining their attributes, from strength and speed to reflexes, intelligence and wisdom. When properly fused, the single being created has an astounding level of power.

Magare's was glowing. She was all white. Her body started to change. Her legs were in a transmutation into a snake tail. Two striped magneta tattoos appeared on her cheeks looked like fangs, her hair was more wayward, and her eyes turned gold.

" M-Magare?" Razi gasped. Razi looked at Nathan. There was a profoundness about her Razi didn't understand. He hoped Nathan did. " Nathan, what is she? Is she a...demon?"

" No," Nathan replied. " She's a lamia."

" L-Lamia?"

" Lamia's are half woman and half snakes. The first Lamia was the mistress of Zeus. Zeus cheated on his wife Hera and she found out. Outraged, Hera slaughtered all her children except Scylla. And transformed her into this monstrous demon. The lamia's would hunt for children of other single mothers and eat them. But it's strange. Until now I just thought their myths were crap. Now I know."

Magare glowed with a strong purple aura. An aura only Sukuza could see. Face-off. Sukuza was standing Magare. He was studying her weaknesses. But he couldn't find any.

" My, aren't you a sigh for sore eyes," Sukuza laughed. " The leader of the Admiral Five, me, never thought he would see something like you. You-are-gorgeous."

" Traitor," Magare said.

" It most certainly isn't pleasant being called a 'traitor' by creatures you've never met. And you..." Sukuza seeds around Razi and Nathan's feet. Those seeds quickly grew into trees. " You. Unless you want to be plant food, don't move, don't interfere. And what weapon will the young animosity use?"

Magare raised her tail to her face. Her tiny hands stroked the tail as she closed her eyes. Her cheeks brushed softly upon the scales. Her tail was a pillow.

" My tail. Some call my purple tail hideous because of the way it bulges, but it is my most precious weapon. It is beautiful; and you will feel how powerful it can be."

" Very well. Binding Fist Chop!" Sukuza used his powers to intertwine trees into his hands. He thrashed the tree towards Magare. Magare bounced up and down and jumped towards the tree. She did a backflip midair and smacked her tail into the tree. The sound of a cannon being fired was heard. The tree itself broke in half just like an axe chopped it down.

" She blocked that with her tail!" Nathan shouted.

Sukuza tried capturing Magare with his roots, but she was too fast. She slithered around Sukuza, watching every precise move he made. A bow and arrow magically appeared in her hands. Both were made of the hides' snakes had. Sukuza used his mighty powers to summon two topless trees. Sukuza chopped them together. The sound of hammers banging into nails echoed through Logue Town; Magare made it far away from Sukuza. She pulled the butt of her arrow back and fired. ZOOM! The arrow went straight into Sukuza's head.

" Impressive." Sukuza wasn't dead. All Magare did was titillate him. Sukuza pulled the arrow out of his head like a thorn and snapped it in half like a twig. " No one's ever hit me with something from that far away. You can walk the walk." Sukuza pulled two leaves out of his yutaka. Both leaves glowed green before they transformed into two chakrams. Sukuza held both chakrams in his hands." I'm curious though, what happens when you slice a snake-woman's tail off? Does it grow back like a lizards' tail? Only one way to find out."

Sukuza needed more movement before he could throw his chakrams. Sukuza moved as fast as a hurricane spinning around. His body became vague. Magare was sure attacking him like this would cause her to lose an arm or leg. Sukuza then threw the chakrams towards her. Magare gurgled something in her mouth. She heaved a giant drop of green liquids. The chakrams exploded into shattered pieces. Sukuza smirked.

" You can spit poison, you have speed, and you're good in archery. If you waited a little longer, and didn't piss me off with those enormous breasts, you could have been a marine."

Magare was embarrassed by Sukuza's last comment. She look at her breasts. They didn't look that big but that was probably because she was wearing a bra. " I'm not interested in joining you marines and I never will. My mother told me real men don't hide behind their toys. They give everything they have and fight."

Razi and Nathan were impressed. Magare was just a fountain of wisdom. Nathan walked slowly towards Razi and bumped his stomach.

" Razi, there's something I need to tell you," Nathan said.

" You're a woman. I know."

" What? No -"

" Couldn't fool me with those clothes."

" Do you know who you're talking too?"

" I'm talking to a lady. And who wants to transcend and be the Pirate Queen."

Razi made Nathan so made. He furiously smacked his hands against Razi's left arm. Razi tried slapping Nathan back. It was so lame. And it hurt Razi.

" Ow! That's not very ladylike."

Sukuza swings a branch at Magare and she blocks it with her tail. Magare does a flip and fires an arrow at him. Once. Twice. Three times. The arrows exploded in her head and chest. But none of her attacks worked.

" You're feisty fighter, snake-girl, but your tricks won't work against me."

" Really?" Magare asked. This time a smile spread on her face. " You should have a closer look at your hand?"

Take a closer look at his hand? Why? Sukuza did what he was told...he was scared out of his wits. His hand was burning off. Acid was spilled all over it and melting the leaves inside of him.

" This is not possible."

" You're rotten from the core. The mouth isn't the only place poison comes out. Like a snake shedding, I shed dead skin cells. And like the coral snake in the rain forest that is poisonous to eat, my cells have their own poison to them."

Sukuza tried smacking the poison out of his arm. But when he touched the poison I burned through his fingers. Sukuza was getting angry.

" You bitch!"

Sukuza threw a small seed in the air. It transformed into a tree branch. Magare was able to dodge the branch with her godlike speed. She then jabbed her tail into the branch and smacked it out of him.

" Sukuza, by the power of the Kuja, and my mother Marguerite whom you marines butchered with your trinkets, I will send you straight to hell -"

Magare was attacked. Lota appeared behind Sukuza and banged her with the side of her spear. Magare fell to the ground, pain burning through her face, and Lota was laughing above her.

" Hahahahaha!" Lota laughed. " You really thought you could defeat a Marine Admiral? Who do you think you are?"

In the face of adversity, Sukuza has the uncommon ability to shun all emotions and shine a blank state, thinking three to four steps ahead to clutch the pinch and seize control of the situation. Coupled with his vast intelligence, his detached emotional state is perhaps his greatest asset.

" Want to here another story about a plant I have? This is a special plant that can attach itself to its victim and drain them of their blood before blossoming into a beautiful flower once it has drained enough blood from its victim. I'm afraid I'm going to have to use the same thing against you?"

Sukuza smacked his hands against the ground. Under his fingers the seeds grew into long trees. The flower buds in the brands had long teeth. The flowers were moving towards Magare.

" Magare!"

Razi appeared in front of Magare. The teeth of the death plant went right into Razi's arms.

" Razi!"

Razi was losing blood fast. The blood and plasma travelled from Razi's arms into the buds. They glowed red in the shape of a crescent moon. Nathan watched in fear as his friend was losing his life.

" Razi!"

Most of Razi's blood, plasma, and bodily fluids were sucked out. Razi was losing consciousness. Magare, Nathan, they both looked at Razi. Nathan would never forget his face. He had a wild smile over his face. It was almost like he wanted it to happen.

" Freedom."


Daniel felt all kinds of pains - anger, depression, regression - none was more powerful than the pain he felt now. A cold wind travelled through his spinal cord and moved to his head. Jane, seeing Daniel's face all cold, touched his shoulder.

" What's wrong?" Jane asked.

" Razi is...dead."

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